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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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driving in west goshen, she and another driver tried to merge into the same lane. investigators believe that's when she was shot. search for the teenager's killer stretches across three states. >> who shoots somebody in her head, just a baby. just pulled up to the side of her and shot her. >> reporter: while the parents are grieving, police are working overtime to catch the driver depicted in the sketch. 20 to 40 years old with blond hair and light-colored eyes. shot and killed bianca roberson of west chester, ready to start college in the fall at jacksonville university. >> criminal justice and -- no regards to her life at all. just destroyed this family. destroyed us. >> reporter: 5:30 on the root
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100 merge with 202 south where two lanes become one. road rage driver playing a game of cat and mouse in a red pick-up truck, bianca in green sedan. jocking for position, trying to merge. shot bianca in the head. parents tell me a bright light has gone out. >> people just gravitated to her. loved her. >> i'm lost without her. >> yeah. me too. she was a good girl. >> reporter: police also tell us driver was seen speeding off from the area. last seen going toward paye oli pike. friends of bianca have started a gofundme page for funeral expenses and will hold a vigil in the neighborhood. rosemary connors, nbc10 news. turn now to kickoff to the
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holiday weekend. people hitting roads for holiday fun. no matter where you're headed or if you're sticking closer to home, nbc10 is keeping you in the know. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your holiday forecast but begin with cydney long in atlanta city where thousands of people will relax this weekend. >> reporter: you can bet on that. way too many ways to relax and enjoy in atlantic city and other shore points this weekend. plenty to show of what's new. but first if you plan on being on the beach, especially after the lifeguards go home, asking you to follow old-school advice and don't let your guard down. it's time to take a break, plunge at water park, surf lesson or hand dipped ice cream. all the jersey shore has to offer this holiday weekend and
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beach patrols are fully staffed for your safety. >> red means stop. red flag, probably area you shouldn't be swimming in. >> reporter: rip currents extreme in recent weeks. scaled back to moderate but using atvs to keep up with the current. >> wasn't a lot of swimmers but kids had fun in the sand. >> reporter: grateful for time off and safety reminder. for many it's about family. >> with the kids because they're going to casino. >> you're the designated babysitter? >> basically. >> boardwalk, new jersey pass time. >> reporter: it's all about pink in atlantic city, promoting pink's upcoming concert july 12th, two mile ribbon a history-making event. goal to raise awareness and money to knock out melanoma.
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phillips seafood celebrates grand opening of seafood shack. >> wanted it back. fresh seafood on the boardwalk. >> reporter: let's not forget absolute favorite for the fourth of july holiday, fireworks happen three times in atlanta city. saturday night trop can that show. then tuesday. and fireworks show and spectacular event off shore. cydney long, nbc10 news. plenty to do in delaware over the long weekend. winderness canoe trips are busy. giving a ride up brandywine river and lot of people swim in the river see historical sites.
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selling a lot of ice cream. >> head to the shore, pretty excited. >> many delawareans spend time at neighborhood pool. this westminster pool looks good. holiday forecast. hot summer day right now. chance of severe weather in less than 24 hours. check in with glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more on that. >> we issue first alerts to give you heads up about significant weather coming. first alert out for severe storms most of the area except close to the beaches. 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. not raining whole time but line of storms will be progressing through the area during that time. localized wind damage, brief downpours and lot of lightning.
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got some lightning and heavy rain right now in parts of our area. poconos, lehigh valley and into berks county. some of these showers pretty heavy and capable of perhaps producing a little small hail headed right toward linn and up towards the poconos. more to the west there and way more back in the ohio valley. that's the stuff we're talking about for tomorrow. hour by hour showing those storms staying pretty much north of the philadelphia area tonight. activities outdoors are okay unless in upper bucks or montgomery or farther to the north. tomorrow time out the storms and give you rest of the holiday forecast in a few minutes. and this is where it's all going down for wawa welcome america. live look along the ben franklin parkway. gearing up for july fourth and
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you can too. enjoy family run leading up to the fireworks. day two of wawa welcome america. people all across the city enjoying free events like at penn museum. families got to learn about electronic music and instruments along with arts and crafts in the park. >> expensive for a family our size to get into museums. >> fun way to see the history. >> get nbc10 app for all the free events. if you're in mood for movie, "lego batman" will be playing. our coverage continues in a few minutes with an in-depth look at history for wawa welcome america. veteran shares his story of perseverance. white house continues to deal with criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the
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aisle following president trump's twitter tie read samed at msnbc hosts. they fired back. called mika brzezinski crazy and low iq and referred to coanchor and fiance joe scarborough as a psycho, addressed the comments on their show saying unhealthy i obsession with their program doesn't serve his mental health or the country well. >> talk about leadership style on "meet the press," what's working and what's not and how affecting trump's administration. >> i shake my head. got to be harder for him to reskrut people. having a terrible time filling positions. told by senator from wyoming, we're just not getting names. >> watch this sunday morning at
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10:30, after nbc10 news today weekend. crime of opportunity or something planned? either way philadelphia police need your help to catch a pharmacy thief. thief sees the employee is occupied and reaches behind the counter for a deposit envelope full of cash. strolls out casually. a vague description of the vehicle, silver suv with a sun roof. police want to find a man firing a gun out of vehicle. driving a white cadillac with damage on the front driver's side. no registration sticker. robbery attempt at wawa king of prussia. police want your help. robber hops out and sneaks up on the victim. demanded a victim and beat him up. here's a sketch.
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light blue dodge or chrysler van with malfunctioning turn signal. spent 14 months as prisoner of war. special honor for veteran, he heroism is celebrated for independence day. ♪
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part of the wawa welcome america festival is remembering american history. this weekend a veteran will be honored at festival for his service to the country. shot down and captured during the vietnam war and even spent time in the same prison where senator john mccain was held. erin coleman spoke to the veteran about his heroism and independence. >> it's a date on the calendar raffl will never forget. >> i remember that day as unexpectedly interesting day. war was still raging. all of this surface-to-air missile sites. all the radar activated and got hit by a s.a.m. hit behind us. little choice but eject which we
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did. >> spent 14 months as p.o.w., most of the time at hanoi hilton in north vietnam. >> pretty strong. >> beaten, interrogated, survived on a little food and water. >> 405 days. '72 to '73. some days are bad. good day, you don't hear the guards' keys jingling, coming in for interrogation. >> wife knew he was alive after chance encounter with another p.o.w. >> i met john mccain. remembered my name and that i was from philly. he tracked down my family and called her. i saw my husband in hanoi. i'm john mccain. she didn't know whoe was.
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he's really skinny, still ugly. probably see him in a month or so. >> p.o.w.s knew something was happening. treated a little better. march of '73, taken to the airport. >> looked like guys in american military uniforms. first thing you say, even turned those guys. turns out read your name and literally repatriated. once made it to the water, then we celebrated. >> received several military awards including the purple heart, silver and bronze star. mission now to help fellow veterans at alma mater. >> school has been supportive. students seem to appreciate what we do. >> on this independence day, freedom and special thank you to all veterans and to ralphgalati, the magic award.
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>> i'll accept it greatly. >> will be presented with the award during the city's celebration of freedom on the fourth of july. begins at 10:00 on independence mall followed by united states of america's independence day parade. both broadcast live only on nbc10. pretty hot outside today but not a bad afternoon for outdoor meal and seen a stroll for some people. not many as earlier this afternoon. gorgeous day in cape may. beaches sure to be packed for the holiday weekend as it heats up. check in with first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. quiet on the beach but we know it's going to change. >> right. it's dinnertime, kind of chilly and not saturday yet. just wait. first alert severe thunderstorms for most of the areas except the
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beaches tomorrow. 3:00 to 9:00 p.m., localized wind damage possible. most likely in areas of yellow, north and west of the philadelphia area. lehigh valley, berks county and poconos. little bit less of a risk in philadelphia area. do have showers and thunderstorms right now not associated with what we're talking about tomorrow. this is coming in through the poconos and also the northern portion of the lehigh valley. north of allentown for the moment but likely to slide down in next hours. this is tomorrow. through the day we're going to find thunderstorms building up. very warm. extremely humid. think today was humid, wait until tomorrow. later in the day a potential line of storms. develops into a line.
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lucky to have gusty winds with it. downpours but not going to last all day or evening. plan around it. 7:00 or 8:00 at night through philadelphia and then weakens going east. that's good news. then as with we go into next week, beautiful weather sunday and into monday, a chance of showers, but tuesday is looking really good. overall the holiday weekend, not bad. deal with the thunderstorms on saturday but sunday is dry, hot, not quite as humid as saturday. for philly pops, a chance of a shower as weak system comes through. we'll update that over the next couple of days. that's the biggest question. not much of a question about wawa welcome america, that's looking great for tuesday. parade at 81 degrees. concert at 86. fireworks at 80, all three look
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nice and dry. i'm danny pommells from csn. hear from prospect nick williams in major league debut tonight and markelle fultz, coming up next in sports.
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oh, the weekend is here. happy friday to you. i'm danny pommells from csn. phillies made a move many fans waiting for. howie kendrick headed to the disabled list, welcome
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outfielder nick williams. on the field earlier this evening. hitting .280 for lehigh valley iron pigs this season. said williams wasn't far away. just needed final touch. elated williams on finally getting to the show. >> felt like kid in toys "r" us or chucky chooez for birthday. jaw hurting from smiling. it's every kid's dream. >> williams in the lineup tonight. left field and bat sixth. hard wood, sixers continue summer league mini camp in camden practice facility. first summer league in utah, you can see an comcast network. chance to see this gentleman, number one overall pick markelle fultz is expected to play. joel embiid from the corner, doing what he does best.
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enjoying himself on the court. fultz is still trying to absorb all the information he can. >> talked to coach today about coming in early for next practice. i'm trying to learn as much as i can to be as best prepared as i want to be. be the best player i can possibly be. >> one other sixers note. according to multiple reports sign sharp shooter to a deal. selected the turkish guard with final first-round pick in last year's draft. nolan patrick had abdominal surgery and expected to miss four to six weeks. flyers will gien goldy brian elliott when free agency opens tonight or tomorrow. veteran starter for calgary flames.
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released beckham today and jordan hicks injured hand but not serious. and -- looking to buy the team. that's it from sports. csn. be right back. oose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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don't miss your chance to win big during wawa welcome america festivities. here are the prizes. three night all inclusive getaway from apple vacations and cancun. great place right? >> been there. >> wawa coffee for a year. taping of "america's got talent" live in l.a. and budweiser made in america. head to or download our app. announce the winner during the concert fourth of july. lot of free events to check out.
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"lego batman" is playing in north philly 8:00 tonight. holiday weekend is here. live look at ben franklin parkway. lot of events for wawa welcome america happening in our area and right where you're looking. live look at cape may. beautiful evening. people getting ready for the holiday weekend and beach won't look anything like that on sunday. saturday maybe with the rain be quiet. >> even there, take most of the day. going to be dry. can still go to the beach tomorrow and all day sunday. most of the weekend is good. could be severe thunderstorms parts of the area late tomorrow and into the evening. sunday is dry but hot. monday chance of showers late in the day. that's thing we'll have to update. tammie will look at latest tonight. tuesday, fourth of july, looks
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good. then getting wet again. >> start driving to cape may, i could get there by 11:00 news right? see you at 11:00. breaking news tonight. hospital shooting rampage. horrifying moments when a doctor dressed in a lab coat opens fire inside his former workplace. several people shot including fellow doctors. freeway crash landing caught on camera. a plane plunges on to a major interstate on this busy holiday weekend. firing back. the msnbc host targeted in a crude tweet storm by president trump respond suggesting the white house threaten tabloid blackmail. tonight the president's reaction. road rage manhunt. a recent high school graduate gunned down at the wheel. the other driver still at large. tonight the victim's family speaks out. and venus' crash lawsuit. new troubles for the tennis superstar after


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