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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  July 1, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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government shutdown, new jersey pulls the plug on nonessential services after lawmakers fail to pass a budget. this morning we're following the breaking news of what is next in the garden state. police in chester county hunt for a killer as a community comes together to mourn a young woman who died in a road rage shooting. there are more fireworks on tap tonight as wawa welcome america heads into the holiday weekend. we have you covered with a preview of the events happening. good morning. thanks for being with mary conn. we want to get over to new jersey, but first let's start with the weekend weather. we have issued a first alert for
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the storms rolling through later on today. krystal klei has the details. >> yeah, i don't want everyone to think that the whole weekend is ruined, but today will be the worst of the next four days because of this first alert. for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware aside from the shore and the delaware beaches where it looks like the likelihood of stronger storms is a bit lower. the focus is the afternoon to early evening hours. about 3:00 to 9:00 on our saturday. then things should start to improve as we go overnight. and realistically once the line is past your area, things will improve quite quickly. so if you're in the lehigh valley, this will come a bit earlier. we're expecting wind damage, brief downpours or intense lightning. meaning that if you have afternoon plans, you need to have a prep to take them indoors at least for a period of time. let's take a look at our radar.
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right now nothing to track besides scattered clouds. some moisture is building in the clouds, not just rain making to the surface. but otherwise we're looking farther to our west. there is a cold front to our west and we've seen this before this time of year, we have heat, we have moisture, and then you get a cold front passing through and it just fires off storms already starting to approach parts of right now western pennsylvania, but follow the arrows and it is heading our direction. that means if you are going to penns landing, you may need to take this indoors because we have the possibility of thunderstorms here in the mid-80s around 6:00, low 80s at 8:00. and then in the evening time for the fireworks, things look a little better, 79 at 10:00 p.m. we'll talk more about all the fourth of july events going on coming up. and now to breaking news, the state government of new jersey is officially shut down. chris christie gave the odd
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after lawmakers failed to meet a deadline of midnight for a passings budget. christie has called for a special session for later this morning. the sticking point is an overhaul of new jersey's largest health insurer, verizon through cross blue shield. democrat-led assembly does not want it. during the shutdown, all essential services will keep running, but it could impact people's plans for the july 4th holiday weekend and potentially beyond. drew smith is at the motor vehicle commission office in cherry hill. >> reporter: yeah, and this isn't a place people normally want to come to, but it's a place you have to do renew your license. and this morning it's not an option. the regularly scheduled opening hour for 8:00 will come and go without anyone dock here because state employees are now furloughed. state lawmakers worked right up against this midnight deadline, but just could not reach an
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agreeme agreement. the senate saying this was avoidable and the governor managed to question the sanity of the members of the assembly holding out on this bill. so if you're visiting here or if you live here, all new jersey state parks, recreation areas, forests and historic sites are closed. if you're driving, you will not be able to use some highway rest areas. also travel and tourism centers will be closed as will motor vehicle commission agencies and inspection senators. >> a lot of beach traffic at like 4:00, 4:30, if they're not here, they won't be at my place obviously. and there are five thriving restaurants down here that depend on this. >> reporter: so the timing could not be worse for those shore businesses which are expecting a huge fourth of july weekend if they are near those state parks which are closed, there could be a big impact there. in atlantic city, the casinos
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will be open. the last time new jersey shut down its government in 2006, that was an issue, but this time those casinos will be open. new jersey transit also running and you can call the state police for help. we're live in cherry hill, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. there is also breaking news on a budget impasse in delaware. lawmakers there blew through a midnight deadline, they are trying to pass a temporary measure to get the state through the weekend. the governor says he will call lawmakers in to session and every day after that until there is an agreement. the general with assembly is plit over how to pay down a $400 million shortfall. pennsylvania does have a new budget for fiscal year 20128 bu lawmakers still have to figure out how to pay for it. governor wolf assumes it, but it is unclear if he will sign it before a funding solution is worked out. new this morning, a man is
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under arrest following a shooting in the overbrook section of philadelphia. that is where a 19-year-old man was shot along wood crest avenue just after midnight. he's in stable condition. here is the story. police say the 60-year-old suspect confronted the victim when he thouts he may have been breaking in to his car. at this point no charges have been filed. >> what happened just is unspeakable. >> the grieving continues for a teen murdered in an apparently case of road rake. this morning the manhunt is on for her killing as the investigation is drawing national attention. ♪ >> loved ones and friends of bianca roberson tried to comfort i've other ateach other at a vi night. the teen was gunned down while driving home from a college shopping spree on wednesday. she would have been a fresh in
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an in the fall. yesterday police released this sketch of the driver they believe shot roberson. >> we have been receiving hundreds of phone calls and hundreds of e-mails for which we are following up on every one of them. >> police are looking for a fadesed red pickup truck. crime stoppers have issued a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. questiwe have a reminder foa riders. fare increases go into effect today. you can find a complete breakdown by visiting our website or tapping the free nbc 10 app. today is the third day of the wawa welcome america festival. there are free events all across the city including here at penns landing all lit up even at this hour. is this one of the featured viewing areas for this evening's fireworks smartphone the show will be choreographed show to
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the songs ev s of artists from area. ♪ and the philadelphia orchestra rang in the fourth of july holiday weekend with a concert at penns landing last night. and they got a taste of the fourth with fireworks display. and how about a drink with one of our founding fathers? ben franklin greeted guests at the stolely red white and blue happy hour in center city last night. it was one several happy hour locations. tonight you can head to the red white and brew fest at sugar house casino. here is a free wawa welcome america event that you can enjoy today. ♪
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we are under a first alert
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for the possibility ever storms. it will be most organized in the afternoon. we will see spotty rain late morning hours. we'll be around 80 at 11:00, and then upper 80s. but because it will be hot and humid, it will feel more like the 90s outside and that possibility evof thunderstorms will be in the afternoon hours. in the suburbs, 78 at 11:00 a.m. and then it will increase into the mid-80s. mid-80s at well for the lehigh valley for high temperatures. hot, humid, stormy. that is today. it makes it sound like the whole day is ruined. it really isn't, but you need to be aware of the forecast. the app is the best way for you to stay up-to-date. in dell k80 in new jersey, and s along the jersey shore. in the afternoon, that again will be the best potential for us to see thunderstorms driving across the area to about the
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evening hours by the time to makes to the shore. but by then, i think it will weaken to more a spot shower moving through. here is the hour by hour forecast. we start this morning and then we go throughout your morning hours. 10:30, you see the spotty storm potential starting to develop. this is more isolated in nature. but in the afternoon, we go from spotty storms to a line of storms around 4:00 a.m. and that will start to move through philadelphia 6:00 to 7 on:00. we'll talk more about the storm potential and the better forecast in the days to come. and coming up, a deadly hospital rampage, we're learning new details about the doctor who opened fire inside the new york hospital where he used to work. [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers,
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. disgruntled and rob matt tick, that is how former colleagues are describing the doctor who went on a shooting ram pinlg. one person is dead, six others are injured. investigators say they found the suspect dead after he turned the gun on himself. according to authorities, dr. henry bell lo had also trited t set himself on fire, but sprinklers doused the flames. bello hid an assault rifle under a lab dote and then opened fire on two floors. the hospital was quickly locked down while staff worked to keep the patients safe. >> scary. i thought i could be like what happened in orlando. killed in the bathroom. >> the staff at our hospital, we're proud, they acted very heroically, often at risking their own lives to save others. >> law enforcement officials say
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bello was allowed to resign from the hospital amid sexual harassment allegations two years as go. let's tart withstart with t. we clohave the clouds in place just spots of green that are picking up. i don't think this is much of rain making it to the ground, but just moisture as we go through the sky. and that is something that you need when you have the possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms. that will be in the forecast particularly the afternoon hours. so just a heads up because i know there are a lot of things going on outdoors, you may have barbecue plans, something like that, you need to know that today you need to have plans to go indoors at least for a period of time while a line of storms passes. and possibly as we see spot storms late in the morning. so here are temperatures across the board. we're at 78 in philadelphia, 74 at the jersey shore. also 78 in delaware and upper
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60s for us in the suburbs and lehigh valley. in the philadelphia neighborhoods, most of us are in the 70s. 77 manayunk and 76 in parkside. 80 actually port richmond. fox xhchase at 78. we already have warm air to start so easy to get into the upper 80s this afternoon. and because of the humidity so high, it will feel like the low to mid-90s out there. so not the most comfortable day when it comes to the temperatures. one of those days where if you do have plans outside, make sure that you are staying hydrated, hiding out in the air conditioning and shade. and again like i was mentioning, prepare yourself for the possibility of thunderstorms to roll through. this is something that you will have to take indoors at least for a period of time as the storms pass. 88 degrees in center city, mid-80s in the suburbs and low mid-80s as well in the lehigh valley. all the icons indicating that possibility of storms because this is a line that cuts through much of the area.
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but it will be a lower chance for parts of new jersey and the shore where you see temperatures are mostly in the upper 80s through new jersey and delaware and upper 70s to low 80s in cape may. let's talk more about the temperatures particularly if you're going out to the shore. your saturday/sunday forecast, you see that we stay right near the upper 70s to low 80s from cape may to atlantic city with the possibility of thunderstorms. but tomorrow, more of a nice mix of clouds and sun, still right around the low 80s to mid-80s at are a lrehoboth beach and drier. this is a different computer model, but still showing the possibility of spot storms developing late morning hours and then the better potential that line of thunderstorms with a front that will pass this evening. so about 4:00 i think we'll start to see the line approaching burks county. 6:00 through 7:00, the line will be approaching philadelphia area. and then notice the model wants to start breaking it apart over the shore. so a better chance of drying
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this thing out as we go into the afternoon and lose some of the strength. we'll talk more about the rest of the fourth of july forecast coming up. wawa welcome america is in full swing. and there is free family fun this afternoon. the go forth and learn event continues dance performances, enter active game for the kids. it's from arer 2:00 to 4:00 thi afternoon. don't miss your chance to win big guduring festivities. here are the prizes. wawa coffee for a year, a patio set, trip to watch a taping of america's got talent in l.a., and a pair of two day passes from live nation to budweiser made in america. there are several ways to enter to win. just head to or download our free nbc 10 app. we'll announce the winner during the concert on tuesday night.
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former philadelphia district attorney seth williams who pleaded guilty this week to bribery was still on the job after his in-tidictment and throughout his trial, but was he actually working? our investigators found out what he was doing on your dime. jooifrngs
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. a former philadelphia district attorney seth williams is in a jail cell. he pleaded guilty to bribery and resigned from the office on thursday. for weeks williams was in and out of a courtroom while taxpayers still paid him to do a job. before the trial started, the nbc 10 investigators did weeks of surveillance to find out when williams was actually in the office. investigative reporter mitch blocker walks us through what he learned. >> reporter: june 1st, his parking spot sits empty. inside resemgs staception staff seen him. >> is the district attorney in the office? he's not? >> reporter: for weeks the investigators watched the office. >> wondering if seth williams is in the office. >> reporter: asking a similar question each day. you haven't are seen him? have you seen him at all later in the afternoon? not lately? we also e-mail asking if he's in
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the office and what events are on williams' public schedule. every office we're told the office doesn't comment on or release the district attorney's schedule because of security concerns. so for full two weeks, we check every morning and some afternoons and never see seth williams. we never see the $31,000 ford taxpayers without bought to dri around and we don't see the philadelphia police officer taxpayers pay more than $64,000 per year to protect him. since his indictment in late march, the only time we can show you seth williams in his office is april 11th when i posthe pos had picture. he was a no show at the budget hearing. instead the first assistant asked for the money to keep the office running. about whether he's here or not, our investigation shows that legally seth williams can't do the job he was elected to because he has surrendered his
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law license. >> you're the district attorney, you need to be an attorney. >> reporter: the executive director of the district attorneys association tells us without a law license, a district attorney can't make any legal decisions. less than two weeks after being indicted, williams voluntarily surrendered his law you license while fighting the charges. >> does he need to come into the office in order to be effective? >> well, certainly to some degree any leader needs to kind of have an in-person presence. >> reporter: the philadelphia district attorney makes $175,572 a year. in the time we watched the office, taxpayers paid seth williams more than $6700. the first time we see him is june 14th when he shows up for a court date. >> mr. williams, when was the lasts time you were in your office? >> reporter: only his lawyer responds to our questions. why are you still clesktiollect public paycheck? >> because he's not guilty. >> reporter: that ends up not
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being true. williams took a plea deal admitting to one bribery charge. he resigns from office and is cuffed in the court r50678. but during our hunt, our questions seemed to get williams' attention a day after we ask asked him the last time he was in the office for the first time we see him there. in fact the next day, too, we see him leaving just before 10:30 in the morning. >> it's a complete waste of money. >> reporter: outside the office, taxpayers are following his case. >> he's not doing any work, he should not be getting paid. >> we're still paying for a detail to protect him. where was the protection for the city? >> reporter: the district attorney he's office says since the indictment, the office has reviewed more than 8,000 cases. the office communications direct director confirmed the first assistant has made all charging decisions. we don't know what role if any seth williams plays and get few answers when asking him. >> does the public need to be paying for your ride? >> reporter: thursday he took his last free steps for years.
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the next time we'll see him is during his october sentencing. for the investigators, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. kathleen martin did not return mitch's interview requests to talk about how the office was running. she between speak once the trial ended thanking the 650 adas for their commitment to justice and getting through this time in the office's history. 5:27. we're following breaking news out of new jersey. a government shutdown, no budget either means new jersey has cut some services. this all ahead of the holiday weekend. drew smith is live in cherry hill for us. >> reporter: and a lot of state workers waking up on furlough this morning. plus if you're heading to the shore, we'll show you what is open and what is closed. and take a look at our radar, we're tracking a line of storms starting to form out to the west heading our way. coming up, we'll take a look at when the line may pass through areas like boathouse rowa.
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breaking news in new jersey, a budget impasse and government shutdown, motor vehicle offices and state parks are among the nonessential services that are closed. we are live with the details. we want everybody to come down to the shore. look at this. you can't find it anywhere better. >> you don't have to tell me twice. the jersey shore has the welcome mat. we'll tell you whether the storms could impact the fun at the beach and across the area today. ♪ this is one of the best events of the weekend and there is more music plus fireworks on tap tonight as the with what with a o wawa welcome celebration rolls in. good morning.


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