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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  July 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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in the lehigh valley. and the suburbs and philadelphia as well. at the shore see sunshine today. temperatures warm into the 70s at the shore. break it down hour by hour with the future cast. show you when the storms are most likely in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your friday morning traffic. thanks, bill. already a few things going on this morning. one we have a crash on the new jersey turnpike northbound side. just around the inner drive we have that all closed. all lanes are closed right now near route 206 t. just near exit 7. northbound side of the new jersey turnpike are all blocked with that crash right now. speaking of all blocked. everything blocked on the vine. broad street and all traffic is being diverted. closed right now in between this point at broad street and schuylkill expressway this morning. also watching a crash in pottstown. a lot going on this morning on queen street. around south roland street. have updates through the rest of the morning. check back in with the new
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jersey turnpike when i come back. we are following the developing story overseas protesters hitting the site of hamburg germany. riot police and demonstrators clashed tonight. the setting for the highly anticipated meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. the two leaders come face-to-face for the first time. nbc 10 live in the digital operation center. what do we know about how both sides are preparing for this meeting. >> first time the two presidents have come face-to-face. happening 9:45 east coast time. just a handful of people in the room. two presidents, secretary of state rex tillerson, russia's foreign minister and two translators. the sit down will last about half an hour. discuss the conflict in the ukraine. sl biggest question is will
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president trump address the issue of moscow's metaling in the 2016 election. faces significant pressure to do so. in a letter they urged him to confront putin on the metaling saying it would be a dereliction of duty if the president does not. live look in the germany. merkel greeting leaders at the g20 summit. they are there, an annual meeting to discuss climate change, terrorism and will immigration. now, as you may expect, president trump has been tweeting about the summit so far. in one he said i look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with vladimir putin. much to discuss. that's from the president over in hamburg germany. back in another half hour with an update. for now reporting live in the digital operation center. thanks. 4:32. new overnight. investigating a deadly shooting in the parking lot of the
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community center. detectives early this morning are going over the crime scene between market and. the family of a teenager shot during a road rage incident last month says funeral services are open for all who would like to attend. beginning this morning at saint baptist church. life tribute service follows at 11. david desper charged with killing roberson. roberson's father said it was a hate crime. philadelphia police want your help to identify the attackers in this surveillance video who went after visitors in town for the fourth. group beat up two tourists and stole their cell phones. happened after midnight following the city's fourth of july festivities. then went into the crown fried chicken. one of the workers called an ambulance and spoke with the two men who were attacked. >> i went to pick up the guy.
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he was bleeding. they were really upset, you know. ive tell them, something happen a lot, but they were really scared. >> the victim's injuries include broken nose as well as cuts to the face and the eye. we now know when bill cosby's next trial will begin. judge set a november 6 trial date. last month declared mistrial in first sexual assault trial after the jury deadlocked. accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple employee. he maintains the encounter was consensual. following a developing story. new jersey transit has restored limited service. following a train derailment last night. nj transit said it happened just after 9:00 as the train was heading into the station. 180 passengers and crew were on board. nobody was hurt. new jersey transit is working with am track which owns the station to determine the exact cause. this comes just days before am track begins a massive repair
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project at penn station, which had been plagued recently by derailments, power failures and signal problems. our county by county coverage begins in berks county. local police station called in help from a bomb squad to blow up a device dropped off at the station. authorities say it was a jar containing a hazard substance. crews took it from the parking lot, took it to an empty field where it was safely destroyed. no one was hurt. federal officials are investigating a small plane crash in wane county, north eastern pennsylvania. one person died. the small aircraft went down just were 6:00 last night. half mile from the cherry ridge airport. defense lawyers in the vaughn correctional lawsuit are asking a judge to dismiss a case. filed by the family of
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lieutenant steven floyd killed during the hostage standoff in february. alleges former delaware governor jack markell and other officials ignored staffing concerns at the prison for years. the lawyers say the case should be thrown out tlchlt is no constitutional right to workplace safety. bargain hunters are snapping up poker tables, chairs, chandeliers and artwork at the old trump taj mahal. yesterday was the opening day of the 60 day sell e. being cleared out before it's transformed. you can swipe through photos of some of the most interesting items up for grabs. >> if you recently stayed at a certain high end hotel in philadelphia, you should keep an eye on your credit report. coming up, the data breach that could put your personal information at risk. plus a hot tip from uber. company making it years to take care of your drivers. board walk empire. still ahead, jersey town wins
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best board walk content by a landslide. foggy and dark view from cape may this morning. we will see sunshine and the fog will be disappearing. right now 71 degrees at 4:37. first alert forecast just ahead. this summer, journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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good morning. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with you here. already a busy morning. starting in galloway township. crash on route 30 eastbound. side just around ka loan avenue. westbound still open, but very slow. all of those lanes closed right there. watching the white horse pike in galloway. also watching another spot in jj. bordentown township.
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that's exit 7. that portion is closed with a crash as well. moving into northeast philadelphia. watch for a crash on woodhaven road westbound ramp to route 1 southbound. blocking that boulevard southbound ramp too. also seeing the vine and watching that closed right now. on broad street. seeing traffic diverted off. westbound and eastbound side closed until about 5:00 this morning. a bit foggy this morning. along with clouds overhead. there are showers in the area. showers just getting ready to move towards wilmington and philadelphia. the steadier rain is in the lehigh valley. showers just starting to exit parts of southern berks county right now. light showers into chester county. northern new castle county and delaware. swing into philadelphia this morning and swing through foggy spots too. look at coatesville.
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zero visibility. brought the visibility down to one mile in northeast philadelphia and mount holly. extends to south jersey. millville seeing one mile visibility. wildwood reporting zero visibility this morning. got fog to deal with. fog disappears once the temperature starts climbing. will be warmer today. some showers this morning and then we get a break and some breaks of sunshine. happens in the 80s this afternoon. suburbs a little dreary this morning. showers, isolated thunderstorm possible. more likely run into rain drops than seeing lightening and hearing thunder. fog will clear out. upper 70s at 2:00. the lehigh valley getting rain right now. 69 degrees with the rain. still some showers in the area. 8:00 and 10:00 and then we're drying out this afternoon with sunshine. boosting temperatures into the 80s. that's something that didn't happen yesterday. there's a chance of some showers this morning and right around
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lunchtime and in new jersey. not everybody is going to see those showers. you may get away without an umbrella during the day. go into the evening hours, sunny and 82 degrees at 4:00. a chance for showers developing during the even thing, at the shore, 75 degrees. then there's a chance of a shower during the morning. less likely in the afternoon. look at those temperatures in the afternoon. even on the beach, warming into the 80s today. delaware, into the 80s this afternoon. after some showers this morning, the chance of thunderstorms is not very high, but there will be showers around to start with and drying out this afternoon. then there's a possibility of some strong storms this evening. take a look at that with the future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 4:42 this friday. here's a look at stories we're working on for nbc news at 5. opening fire. new video captures the moment the new york city was attacked and killed. new details we're learning about
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the gunman. deer danger. local celebrity jumped into action to help a stuffed animal and ends up needing help herself. go behind the scenes to see what it takes to make the jumbotron move smoothly at citizens bank park and how you can get on the big screen.
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this morning, rain moving through the area. now to live look outside at the sports complex in south philly. fog out there early this morning. meteorologist bill henley is keeping an eye on the conditions where you live and he is back in just a minute with the neighborhood forecast. this morning a girl is in critical condition after nearly drowned at a campground in cape may county. pulled from a lake in dennis township yesterday. state troopers arrived. medics took the child to the hospital and transferred to children's hospital of philadelphia. her name has not been released.
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now to a follow-up on the child size coffin that was found on a philadelphia sidewalk earlier this week. a new jersey funeral home director told investigators an employee dumped the casket on clear field street in north philadelphia monday night not knowing an infant's internal organs were inside. police have been in touch with the family. the investigation continues. police are asking for your help to track down the man in this sketch. he's wanted for allegedly fondling himself and following a woman walking alone. the woman spotted the man behind a busy office park near route 73. told police he took off when she pulled out her cell phone. a federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing hearing for a former army major and his wife who were convicted of child endangerment. sentenced to probation and car lynn jackson to two years in prison. prosecutors argue those
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sentences are two lenient. they lived with their biological and adopted children. jury found them guilty of neglecting and abusing their adopted kids. city of philadelphia says it does not violate laws. trump administration is reviewing whether that's true or not. analyzing responses from philadelphia and nine other sanctuary cities. the cities have to prove they are complying with the law or risk losing federal grant money. federal judge ruling in california has put the government's power to cut off that grant money on hold, at least for now. arizona senator john mccain will be awarded this year's national constitution center liberty metal. honored for life of sacrifice and service to our country. 80-year-old served in the navy and pow during the war. joe biden will present the metal to mccain at the constitution center. comes days after mccain sent
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a moving video for wawa welcome america. recorded a special message for ralph. a prison of war with mccain in vietnam. presented him with the city's award for his service to the mi and veterans. if you would like to watch the award ceremony or other moments from the wawa welcome america festival, nbc coverage is on demand. 4:48 on this friday. t gigif, but we have to get you through the morning rush. a lot of stuff going on already. usually fridays are light, especially in the summer. we have a lot of things happening. bordentown there's a crash on the northbound side. on the inner drive around route 206. exit 7. all the inner drive lanes are closed right now. not seeing any big delays
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approaching the scene. just getting by the scene right now. the inner drive. watching out on galloway. traffic moving towards the shore area. right around the avenue. also watching the vine street expressway. closed here with construction. right now watching the broad street off-ramp. they're diverting all traffic off there. still see the police activity here. westbound and eastbound still closed at least for another ten minutes or so. there's also a crash on pottstown on queens street around south roland street. i'll keep you updated when i come back in ten minutes. about ten minutes before five. also have to contend with rain this morning. meteorologist bill henley told us yesterday, keep that umbrella with you because it's rain. sticking around for a little while. >> certainly had our share of rain yesterday. still going in some nieb neighborhoods. dry right now in wilmington.
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low clouds. rain drops on the way. really not very far away. temperatures in the 70s not going to change much this morning. 60s and low 70s warm though into the 80s. something didn't happen for most neighborhoods yesterday. west mount airy graduate hospital. all the temperatures right in the same territory thanks to the clouds still with us this morning. temperature climbs this morning into the middle 70s and then it's middle 80s this afternoon. very humid conditions you can see that moisture level quite high. comes down a little bit this afternoon. still a chance of showers as we go into this evening. right now, about to get some rain. the rain has moved into westchester. just some light rain showers. no heavy downpours there. the steadier heavier showers just outside of our area to the northwest. steady light rain in the allentown area. redding seeing the showers come to an end. there will be showers around this morning. hour by hour forecast.
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8 8:45. could see showers moving through. here comes more light rain from delaware and south jersey. go to late morning hours, those showers shift into new jersey and starts drying out from the west. that's cloud cover going to be on the move. get some sunshine this afternoon. this is when the temperatures will pop into the 80s. that's 4:00 in the afternoon. keep an eye on the left side of the screen. look at the storms that roll in. 7:00 this evening, rolling into lancaster county. possibility of showers and thunderstorms coming into our area and move through fairly quickly. 8:30 this evening. scattered showers and delaware and south jersey. threat will move into new jersey. just updated computer model showing possibility of storms later today. so keep the umbrella handy. that's what it comes down to. showers this morning and chance of evening thunderstorms. 87 degrees. we'll get sunshine in between the showers. and the chance of storms. tomorrow we'll see more sunshine. it's going to be a hotter day.
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90 degrees high temperature. chance of isolated showers in the afternoon. most areas i think will stay dry for saturday. then the beautiful day, that's going to be sunday. the humidity comes way down. see those morning temperatures drop into the 60s. 86 degrees in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine for sunday. monday will be a nice day too. just a bit warmer. near 9 o in the afternoon. here comes another round of thunderstorms in tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. not all day thursday. drying out next friday, saturday, and sunday. >> thanks for that. philadelphia wants to make sure kids get enough exercise during their summer vacation. mayor kenny helped launch the play philly program at a reck center. be at parks and camps over the next few weeks to help kids reach their goal of getting an hour of exercise every day. looking for something to do with the kids this weekend, adventure aquarium is holding a weekend long birthday bash for jennie the hippo. this is video from last year's
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party. you can join the fun. if you visit the awaquarium tod through sunday, includes hippo party games. >> okay. we're there. coming up. doctors and drug makers changing course because of the opioid crisis. >> coming up. break down a new report that traces the overdose epidemic over the last two decades. plus, giddy up. where you can meet the famous budweis budweiser horse this weekend.
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crash out in bordentown township. over in new jersey.
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a fatal accident scene right now. accident investigation underway. might be there for several hours. new jersey turnpike northbound side. inner drive is closed. trying to let the shoulder by right now just around route 206. exit 7. we're going to keep our eyes on this for you and more. my next update will be back when i come back at 5:00. chester county pharmaceutical company is pull ugh one of its drugs from the market due to opioid crisis. voluntarily stop selling painkiller, fda asked to pull the drug last month. first time the agency has tried to remove a drug from the market because of the potential abuse. meantime a new cdc report shows doctors cutting back on opioid prescriptions. not nearly enough. dropped 20%. the amount of opioid prescribed instead 2015 was still about three times as high as it was in 1999. coming up sunday morning, nbc 10 at issue. closer look at the opioid epidemic in pennsylvania and how
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the state is now going after more than just drug dealers. attorney general josh shapiro joins us to talk about a new investigation. sunday morning at 11:30 on nbc 10. security breach at luxury hotel change has put customers at risk. loews hotel started informing customers about the breach. happened between august of last year and this year. took place through a third-party company that handles the hotels credit card payments and payment information. lowes the hotel in center city philadelphia. security expert tells nbc 10 if your information was exposed, you should monitor your credit report for any unauthorized activity. three minutes before five. wildwood has a reason to celebrate. best board walk in new jersey competition. swept the competition with nearly half of the votes. readers said the boardwalk is best due to free beaches, amusement rides, water parks and restaurants. uber customers in our area
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can now tip drivers. the ride shares company added the option in 100 countries. riders will be able to add a tip at the end of the trip when rating their driver. we want to know what you think about this. about your uber tipping habits. do you tip? will this new feature make you more likely to tip. join this conversation on social media. families in the lehigh valley can visit with the bud wider clydsdale. help support local nonprofit groups. including the bethlehem police and eastern heritage day. kevin hart calling it one of the greatest honors of his career. >> all smiles yesterday. yesterday was kevin hart day in philadelphia. actor and comedian celebrated birthday with hundreds of fans in hometown.
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city unveiled a mural in his honor. a neighborhood where kevin hart grew up. >> there was a point in my life where i needed people to buy cheesesteaks for me at maxes and now when i go to max's, my face is on the side of the building which is unbelievable. hart posted on social media that the day was beyond special and kevin hart day will flefr hold a special place in his heart. i think for the neighbors there, he holds a special place in his heart. >> absolutely. they all came out to support him yesterday. now hear more of the stories we're following. face-to-face, just hours, president trump sits down for a high stakes meeting with rush president vladimir putin as the g20 summit gets underway. the final good-bye. >> under fire, new video captures the moment the new york city police officer is gunned down. what we're now learning about
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her killer. 5:00 a.m. this friday morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm rose mary conners. this morning we are tracking showers for your morning commute. be prepared. this comes after heavy rain moves through the area yesterday. water flowed over the roads in delaware. including this spot in townsend. more than five i remembnches of fell on local neighborhoods. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley to talk about the upcoming rain. there's more to come. >> not that heavy rain we saw yesterday. still seeing showers in the area. though it's dry right now looking across the delaware. there's rain starting to move into the area. already falling in the lehigh valley. allentown and easton getting some steady rain. now just moving past a few sprinkles, wilmington, delaware county into eastern


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