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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  July 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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after weeks of buildup. president trump and vladimir putin are set to come face-to-face today. g20 summit in germany. trouble on the tracks. new jersey transwarning passengers to pack their patience and expect delaying this morning. it warning passengers to pack their patience and expect delaying this morning. saying good-bye. family makes an unusual decision about who can attend. good morning. nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm rosemary conners. watching the rain still hanging around. meteorologist bill henley tracking it all for us with the most accurate forecast in the region. clouds, rain, and some fog. the rain has been steady and light in the easting area this morning. see the showers move accident past redding and allentown. few sprinkles in philadelphia. heaviest rain is just outside the area. potsville seen some. just for the northwest this morning.
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po pots most of what we're seeing so far is light rain. clouds across the board. philadelphia, 72 degrees. the rain falling and a light rainfall steady rainfall actually in the lehigh valley. light rainfall has exited most of delaware to start with. still a chance we'll see some showers this morning in delaware before sunshine breaks through. and takes us to the upper 80s this afternoon. 86 degrees in philadelphia. at the shore a chance of some showers. fog this morning will disappear and get sunshine this afternoon. break it down hour by hour to show you when you're most likely to see sunshine in your neighborhood in ten minutes. first, jbs has your first alert traffic. >> watching a few things this morning. watching a crash on the northbound side of the turnpike. on the inner drive right around route 206 exit 7. now this accident scene was fatal. right in this general area. you can see that right in here.
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accident investigation underway. they've said that earlier this morning it may be closed for several hours. keeping my eyes on that. watching the garden state parkway too. right around the cape may toll plaza. not a lot of cars on the road. have to get on the shore to start your weekend. really out in new castle watching a vehicle fire on route one. work zone. see some of those off-ramps closed with ongoing construction. watch for delays there. end with disabled vehicle. right around thomas road. tracey, back to you. now from chaos in germany. flames lit up the sky in ham burg. protesters flooded the street in g20 summit. demonstrations continued into the morning. world leaders including president trump walk ed into th summit one at a time this morning. it is now underway. gathering is being overshadowed by a much anticipated meeting
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between president trump and vladimir putin. nbc katy zachary live in digital operation. >> reporter: this is the first time the two have met. sources close to the meeting say it should last about a half hour or so. only be about a handful of people in the room. set for 9:45 this morning our time. president sit down with top diplomats and two translators. topics on the table for discussion includes the conflict in ukraine. terrorism, and the kremlin support for syria and iran. the question remains, will president trump confront vladimir putin about russia's metaling in the election. it will be a dereliction of duty if the president does not. highly anticipated meeting with no clear position whether russia did interfere. >> vladimir putin was listening to every word he said. he knows now it's like hey, it's okay. we're not really blaming you for
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this. >> he's taken away the option of bringing it up and making a firm stance to putin right there. tensions remain high over the sit down meeting. things escalating on the streets of hamburg. this is the latest protest that erupted in the streets today. they have been violent. police and activists both have been injured. g20 summit world meeting of the leaders from the richest countries to talk about climate change and terrorism. 6:04. now to breaking news we're following from overseas. five story apartment block collapsed earlier today in southern italy. see it there. authorities working to find six or seven people believed to be buried in the rubble. see people digging by hand. there are reports that crews are doing reconstruction work at the building prior to the collapse.
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6:04. philadelphia police investigating a deadly shooting in the parking lot of the salvation army community center. detectives were on the scene investigating between market and arch street in west philly. where the victim was found shot in the head. police say he had his wallet. they do not believe robbery was the motive. funeral services today open for all who would like to attend. bianca roberson's viewing begins at 8 this morning. a life tribute service begins at 11:00. david desper charged with killing roberson in what authorities call a road rage incident. roberson's father says it was a hate crime. new jersey transit has resumed regular service out of penn station following a train derailment last night. delays of 15 minutes. keep that in mind. happened after nine last night. train heading into penn station.
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nobody was hurt. monday am track begins a massive repair project at penn station plagued by recent derailment, power failures and signal problem. >> a girl in critical condition after she nearly drowned at a campground in cape may county. four-year-old pulled from a lake yesterday. she wasn't breathing. when state troopers arrived. took the child to the hospital. she was transferred to children's hospital of philadelphia. her name has not been released. follow up on the child size coffin that was found on philadelphia sidewalk earlier this week. here's what we learned. new jersey funeral home director told investigators an employee dumped the kaskt not knowing that an infant internal organs were inside in a bag. casket no that an infant internal organs were inside in a bag. police have been in touch with the child's family and the
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investigation continues. venus williams battles on the tennis court at wimbledon today, her attorneys will be battles in a courtroom in a case involving a deadly car accident. according to police, williams was hit by another car last month. she was at fault because the other driver haed t ehad the right-of-way. an elderly passenger later died. breaking down at news conference when she was asked about the accident. federal judge in hawaii has denied effort by the state to limit president trump's travel ban. hawaii argued the ban should not exclude visa's for grandparents and other close family members with relatives in the u.s. supreme court is the proper venue to rule on that matter. supreme court decided last month the administration could begin enforcing parts of the executive order with limited travel from six majority muslim countries. new memorial now stands in
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dallas in honor of five police officers who were killed one year ago today. the monument called the dallas circle of heros memorial was unveiled yesterday. four police officers and one transit officer were ambushed following a peaceful rally against police violence. single deadliest day for law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks. 72 degrees this friday. we're taking a live look at penn's landing. little wet out there on the roller rink. that's all right. eventually it will dry out. let's find out when it will dry out. bill henley has that for us. it's going to be dry this afternoon. foggy and damp this morning. puddles left over from a few showers this morning. penn's landing, clouds overhead. other neighborhoods seeing thick fog this morning. afternoon sunshine. fog will disappear. showers take a break and warm into the 80s today. still a chance of some neighborhoods see thunderstorms
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this evening. not everybody, however. fog, that's pretty widespread. still holding zero visibility in coatesville. pottstown down to 1 mile visibility. ahead of philadelphia international. south jersey different stories. zero vinlt wildwood and one mile visibility for millville and mount holly. standby for a foggy start. little bit of rain to start with. not much in the way of rain in philadelphia just yet. showers to the north and west are going to be swinging in from the north and west. that's light rain that's in allentown and redding. see that line of heavier showers. trending towards berks county rights now. showers could bring some localized flooding into the lehigh valley and berks county. less likely for the rest of the area. this shows a quick move to chose showers by noontime. heavier showers now in new jersey. drying out for berks county and still a few showers to the allentown area. this afternoon, here comes the sunshine. the temperatures warm into the 80s today, but one more chance
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for showers moving in through the west for the lehigh valley. berks county, into lancaster county. that's at 7:30 this evening. move to the east. there's a chance we'll see showers in wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, a possibility they'll be falling apart. by tomorrow, most of the showers are gone. few rain drops in each of these forecasts, isolated shower possible. most of the day saturday will be dry. hot one for philadelphia. 90 degrees and big turn around in temperatures. humidity comes way down for sunday. sunday is going to be gorgeous. show you how long that lasts with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> if it's going be gorgeous, we'll stick around for it. >> ten after 6:00. make sure you fete to work on time. starting off in berks county. 78 westbound we do have a closure.
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tractor trailer accident involved there. right around route 863. exit 45. all lanes blocked right now. the traffic is having a hard time getting by the scene and being detoured around for right now. also watching route 1. the boulevard looks good here. around 1th street. both directions clear. crash on gwynedd. right around church road and end here with new castle delaware with the vehicle fire delays on 95 northbound. just past route 141. >> thanks jess. >> still ahead no stunt. coming up at 6:45. mtv star called for help when hi wife got stuck in a sticky situation in chester county. missing something? police find a boat left on the highway. now trying to track down this driver. taking you blind the scenes of the ballpark this morning. what it takes to keep the philly's field in tiptop shape.
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we found out it's a lot more involved than just cutting the grass. matt delucia has the details. >> reporter: if you ever wondered what it takes to keep the dirt perfect and grass in tiptop shape. let's find out. >> we're managing two different types of grass out here. >> inside citizens bank park the most important thing aside from the ballplayers is the field they play on. >> i've been here since we opened this place in 04. i know what it's going to do most days. >> knows pretty much everything about this field. keeping it pristine is his job. >> help from his crew and
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high-tech gadgets. >> we have two sensors at each location. one in the profile and one at six inches. the yellow numbers are all the two inch. greens are all the six. >> sub air system was installed last year using pipes under the field it can literally blow air out to give the grass more oxygen and suck water in to drain the rain. >> in goes a long way to giving us a lot of tools to make things a little bit more predictable in what we're doing on a daily basis. >> 21st century way of doing things. >> yes, it's the technology, if you use it correctly can be a big asset to you. >> under the grand stands, there's a big garage with a variety of lawn mowers. >> these are a greens mower on steroids. we use these primarily on the infield and skirt on the dugout. >> gear like this simple device that paints the foul lines. >> it's funny. it's about as basic as it gets, but it's very effective. >> always watching the weather
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and every blade of grass with the utmost respect. field of dreams. in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> don't you want your lawn looking picture perfect like that. >> matt said did you ever wonder what it takes. i said no i wondered if they would come to my front yard and do it. >> the rain helped a lot. >> it did. this morning as you're heading into work. you may need your windshield wipers going. >> traffic is okay. i don't have a yard. i live in center city. i don't need to worry about it. that's my excuse. watching the admiral wilson boulevard. going start somewhere easy and get a nice start here. this is the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. we're not having any problems right now. i wanted to touch up on berks county this crash, tractor trailer accident. blocking all of the lanes on 78th westbound side.
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just around route 863. checked in. it's closed. allowing a car or two to squeeze by on the right-hand shoulder. exit 45. big westbound delays approaching the scene there. closed earlier. out in bordentown township. had a fatal accident scene here around route 206 at exit 7. now here's the schuylkill and checking in with the drive times here. everything looks good still for the most part. eastbound very light. 13 minutes right now from the blue route to vine. speeds also into the high 50s. >> thanks. 6:18. 72 degrees outside. take a live look outside. going be a wet morning. take a look at new jersey. brighter things are to come, right bill. yes, we will see sunshine. look at the fog dropped. live view from ocean city new jersey. ing to will disappear during the day. low clouds over wilmington.
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little bit of light rainfall in wilmington. steadier rainfall has been further north and west. few showers moved through citizens bank park. ball game this evening against the padres. looks like it's going to be warm. look at the sunshine coming through. mid game down to 78 degrees in the ninth inning. slight change of evening shower. 68 degrees for the suburbs. lehigh valley at 69. low 70s for most of new jersey. not much variation in the temperature. 71 in piles grove. washington township and 70 degrees. hope well township. that's the clouds keeping the temperatures very uniform across the area. no showers at the shore. inland find light rain showers just moving through philadelphia. and into new jersey. the heavier downpours have been just outside our area. see them in the lehigh valley and further north and west. east brunswick has seen some
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heavy downpours. some of the heavier showers are starting to move into lehigh and north hampton county. could lead to localized flooding. by tomorrow morning, we are dry. start the weekend with some sunshine, but during the afternoon, there is a chance of a lingering shower. future cast shows 4:00 in the afternoon. isolated shower barely showing up. don't be surprised if you see a few rain drops on saturday. most of the day is going to be dry. sunday especially beautiful. still need umbrella for today. 86 degrees. showers this morning. chance of shower and thunderstorm this evening. slight chance of shower possible on saturday. 90 the high temperature. temperatures come down. humidity drops. beautiful day on sunday. 66 in the morning. 86 in the afternoon.
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chance of showers and thunderstorms that will continue wednesday and possibly into thursday. staying dry. 6:21. pop singer kesha is making a powerful comeback this morning. ♪ her emotionally charged ball lod. changing how you uber. new option at the end of your ride.
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6:24. security breach at luxury hotel chain has put credit card numbers security pass codes at risk. loews hotel started to inform customers about the breach that happened between august of last year and this year. the breach took place to a
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third-party company that handles the hotels credit card payments and reservation information. lowes does have a hotel in center city. security expert tells nbc 10 if your information was exposed, you should monitor your credit report for any unauthori unauthorizedtivi unauthorizedtiviunauthorized activity. bargain hunters. hey, get a great deal down there. yesterday was the opening day of 60 day sale. building being cleared out before it's transformed into a hard rock hotel and casino. swipe threw the most interesting items up for grabs on the nbc app. >> expanding, taking over the chelsea. carl icahn built the hotel back in may. next month open the property at the chelsea tower at tropicana. plan is to link the 20 story
6:26 am
hotel to the casino flu a skyway bridge. clouds this morning. and some showers too. you can see the rain drops on the lens of the camera looking past citizens bank park. for the game this evening, see sunshine. in between you'll get to use your umbrella. 6:26. neighborhood forecast coming up. also ahead, unwelcome greeting. you of young people launch attack on two tourists that came to philadelphia to celebrate the july 4th holiday. plus this, later a father finds a cost effective way to fulfill daughter's birthday wish. couldn't afford going to disney world so he brought it home instead. that's straight ahead.
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right now on nbc 10 news
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today. historic encounter and russian president meet face-to-face. tourists attacked. two teens give visitors a nasty welcome to the city of brotherly love. maritime mystery. boat sparks intrigue. where the driver left it high and dry. rainy start in parts of the area. steadiest rain has been in the lehigh valley. easton this morning. you see the cloudsov over head. this is light rain right now. moderate shower. heaviest stuff has been off to north and west. lehigh valley seeing steadier rain. sweeping in from the west approaching lebanon moving into
6:31 am
extreme western berks county this morning. showers this morning will take a break finally this afternoon. some will still swing through philadelphia. seen a few light showers this morning. keep that umbrella happy this morning. likely to see more rain before we get the sunshine this afternoon. the showers this morning take a break this afternoon. even a warm day at the shore too. fog this morning. cape may up to 82 degrees this morning. break it down hour by hour. show you when the sunshine is likely for your neighborhood, but first it's friday morning. get an update on the traffic with jessica boyington. watching 422. cameras just around trooper road. trooper road isn't backed up
6:32 am
yet. the traffic that's moving towards the schuylkill, nine minute trip from 29 to that point and speeds there still into the high 50s. we are still watching that for you. just for any increase in delays. actually wisen burg township where there's a crash on the westbound side. involving a tractor trailer around route 863. exit 45. earlier all lanes closed. the working lanes are still closed. allowing one car at a time to kweez by squeeze by to the shoulder. watching it all morning. fatal accident scene. may be there a while. northbound drive on the turnpike. around route 206. this just in, the handshake has happened. according to spokesperson for the kremlin. president trump and russian president putin have met in passing at the g20 summit. much anticipated is tsit down i
6:33 am
still a few hours away. there will only by a handful of people in the room. two will likely discuss the conflict in ukraine. terrorism and support for syria and iran. biggest question is whether trump will confront putin about the metaling in the 2016 election. president tweeted i look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with vladimir putin. much to discuss. summit is drawing large protest. here is a live look from hamburg where thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets overnight. try to control the apgry crowd major night. police are looking for your help to identify attackers who beat up tourists on the fourth of july. two men. ages 18-23. no word on where they're from.
6:34 am
attack happened after midnight following the fourth of july fes tif -- festivities. one of the workers saw the two men attacked outside and called an ambulance. >> i go outside to pick up the guy. he kept bleeding. he was really upset, you know. i say. i tell them something happen a lot, but they were really scared. the victim's injuries include a broken nose as well as cuts to the face and eye. federal court has order add new sentencing hearing for former army major and wife convicted of child endangerment. sentenced to probation and two years in prison. prosecutors argued it was too lenie lenient. jury found them guilty of neglecting and abusing their adopted kids. >> we now know when bill cosby's next trial will begin in montgomery county.
6:35 am
yesterday a judge set a november 6 trial date. last month declare add mistrial in first sex assault trial after the jury cannot reach a unanimous decision. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple employee. our county by county coverage begins in berks county. called in help from the bomb squad to blowup a device dropped at the station. the redding bomb squad detonated the device someone left at the fleetwood police station yesterday. a jar containing a hazardous substance. took it to an empty field where it was safely destroyed. no one was hurt. authorities now say it was flying debris that actually killed a utility worker who died following a house explosion near lancaster this week. the victim is one of three utility workers called to a home sunday to investigate a natural
6:36 am
gas smell when the last happened. the other workers are expected to be okay. federal investigators trying to fig your what caused that blast. poconos, authorities charged the truck driver who hit a bus in the deadly crash over two years ago. faces several charges including vehicular homicide. tractor trailer closed into john coming traffic and into the path of a bus carrying italian tourists. two tourists were killed along with the bus driver. let's head to bucks county. authorities have charged a teacher with having sex with a student. taught at north rock high school. police say they learned he was in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student at the school. bond set at $100,000. fast food chain expanding to the state. they have restaurants scattered from alabama to pennsylvania. planning to open 15-20 locations
6:37 am
around wilmington. newark and dover. wildwood has reason to celebrate. won the best boardwalk in new jersey competition by the blog things to do in new jersey. swept the competition with nearly half of all the votes. readers said the boardwalk is the best because of the free beaches, amusement park and restaura restaurants. >> not the best beach day today. >> maybe one day of the weekend will be fantastic. bill henley has the details for us. i wouldn't write today off yet. see improving conditions at the shore. improving conditions for entire area, but right no if you're heading out, it's damp and foggy. low clouds and some fog looking across the battleship new jersey. we have seen some rain showers this morning. not everybody is getting the rain. we're all going to see sunshine this afternoon. so even though it may not be a great morning at the shore, even inland the afternoon will see a real turn around. there is a chance we'll see a
6:38 am
few more showers possibly some thunderstorms in a few neighborhoods. most areas miss out on that. fog this morning. thickest in the suburbs. coatesville since we've been on the air has been hit with zero visibility. fog is light in pottstown. down to a mile visibility there. millville and wildwood seeing zero visibility. airport in atlantic city shouldn't be having any issues. ten mile visibility there. as far as rain there g a few showers. haddonfield getting light showers. steadier rain is further north and west. been right on the edge of the lehigh valley and will berks county. the heavier more moderate showers moving just to the north of lebanon. slow moving shower activity. this could lead to some isolated flooding. some localized flooding this morning. not going to be around all day. 9:00 this morning. showers move into the suburbs.
6:39 am
even delaware and south jersey will be seeing some rain. a few showers may reach the shore. most of those are going to wait until the noontime hour. by then, we're drying out and redding and allentown. pottstown, 80 degrees at lunchtime. mostly cloudy. could see isolated shower. as we go to afternoon, here comes the sunshine. 2:00 break or two or sunshine. 5:00 this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny skies in south jersey. 89 degrees in pottstown and wilmington. that next line of showers, that's a possibility for this evening. moving through the suburbs into delaware and south jersey. that's at 8:00 this evening. it may swing through the ballpark. that's a possibility. i still think they'll get the game in. we're drying out by 10:00 this evening. that's your day today. look at the weekend forecast and beyond with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> the weekend. we're almost there. get through today. which means we got to get you to work. let's check the roads.
6:40 am
jessica boyington keeping an eye on the trouble out there. watching a really busy morning so far. starting out in new castle. delaware. vehicle fire. at least a cleanup of that now. big delays here on the northbound side near route 41. seeing northbound delays. southbound looks okay. here's 42 freeway. looks like they're moving the camera around here. right near route 41. right over here. also on and off ramps okay. and actually the northbound side of the 42 freeway looks good so far. not seeing the delay towards philadelphia. not all roads in new jersey are looking that great. fatal accident scene all morning long on the northbound side of the inner drive. those lanes are blocked up around the inner drive. route 206. exit 7. end here in berks county. wisenburg township. westbound side of 78 right around route 863 blocked with a tractor trailer crash. near exit 45. allowing one car at a time to
6:41 am
sneak through over the shoulder. mtv star, bam margera is known for putting himself in unusual situations. it was his wife who found herself in one yesterday in chester county. >> bam took the pictures to prove it. calling for help next. so hands down. this guy is in the running for dad of the year. next, the cost effective way people filmed his daughter's disney world dream.
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drivers. added the option in 100 regions. include the philadelphia, lehigh valley and jersey shore. add a tip at the end of trip when rating driver. chester county pharmaceutical company is pulling drugs from the market. endoe international announced it will voluntarily stop selling pain painkiller. asked to pull the drug last month. first time the agency has tried to remove a drug from the market because of potential abuse. meantime new cdc report shows doctors cutting back on opioid prescriptions, but not nearly enough. number dropped 20% between 2010 and 2015. still the amount of opioids prescribed in 2015 was about three times as high as it was in 1999. coming up on sunday morning. you're taking a closer look at the opioid epidemic in pennsylvania. how the state is going after more than just the drug dealers.
6:46 am
that's sunday morning at 11:30 only on nbc 10. 6:46. now to top stories trending this morning. pop star kesha has released a new single since suing her producer. >> she talks about the controversy in a song titled praying ♪ this song is described as a new beginning for kesha following long legal battle. filed a lawsuit in 2014 alleging her producer sexually and verbally abused her. the producer has never been charged and denies her claims. you can check the nbc 10 twitter feed to watch the full music video. >> now to this story, bam margera is known for getting into interesting situations on mtv show. last night was i his wife that found herself in something of a
6:47 am
mess. >> mo posted his wife trying to rescue a deer. the animal got stuck in the mud a. pond near their house in east bradford township. she got stuck trying to get the deer out. fire department got called in. fortunately they were able to rescue the deer and nicole and they're doing just fine. >> can't make that one up. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. we say good morning to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. hey guys. >> hi, nice to see you both. coming up on a friday, of course, all eyes on this highly anticipated meeting between trump and vladimir putin. they're preparing to sit down for the very first time hours from now. talk to a former u.s. ambassador to russia who has been in the room with putin. get his perspective and live at the g20 summit. also ahead, retail titans, qvc and home shopping network sho joining forces. what that merger could mean. happy savannah versery.
6:48 am
celebrating five years of savannah today. look back on great moments as we get start instead just a couple of minutes here on today. >> congratulations. we'll be raising a glass to you here in philly too. >> thanks ladies. >> see you at seven. >> see you in a bit. >> all right. now to this. police in central jersey trying to solve let's call this an unusual mystery. >> want to know who left a big boat on a busy highway. take a look at this. 37 foot power boat just sitting on u.s. one. police sent out a tweet to try to find the owner. is this yours? it's been hauled away. police are still searching for the owner. if you know someone missing a boat: where did i leave the boat. police have it now. it looks like a pretty nice boat too. i wouldn't want to leave that there. >> i'll watch it for this weekend. i'll take it out.
6:49 am
>> i'm sorry. i didn't see any signs that said no boat parking. i apologize. what a big misunderstanding. there's goes my boating weekend. decedent boating weekend too. showers this morning and some more showers on the way. some fog too. notice improving conditions. view across the delaware, across the battleship new jersey. cloudy one. with light fog there you can see the low clouds there in the nbc 10 studios and at the shore. couple views of ocean city. see some light fog here. fog will be clearing out as the temperatures climb and we will see it warm into the 80s even on the beach today. the rest of the area will warm to 80s too. that goes for wilmington. now low clouds. see a few light rain showers in wilmington. steadier rain not in philadelphia just yet. see this dry on broad street. live view from the kimmel center this morning. rain has been holding off and lehigh valley and berks county. see a few showers in
6:50 am
pennsylvania suburbs and delaware and philadelphia too. the temperatures are holding pretty steady. very uniform. only separated by a degree or two. 70 degrees in somerton. starting off in 70s. warm to 80s after the temperatures don't go anywhere to start with. that's the clouds lingering. once we get breaks of sunshine. that will happen this afternoon. that's when the temperatures bump into the 80s today. 85 degrees by 7:00 this evening. doesn't mean we're done with the showers. this morning see the showers are just on the edge of the lehigh valley and berks county. the heavier showers, more moderate showers are right along the border with berks county and into north hampton and lehigh counties too. there is a possibility to localize flooding as those showers move through. they will move through. look at this nice break. that's our afternoon. we'll see some sunshine. there's one more round of showers and thunderstorms that
6:51 am
could come through this evening. you see them moving towards cleveland right now. just past detroit. that's possibility for parts of the area this evening. this weekend, things will be drying out. there's an isolated shower possibility for saturday. i think most neighborhoods stay dry on saturday. will be warm in the afternoon. heating up to 90s in philadelphia. upper 80s in new jersey. suburbs. then on sunday a real turn around. humidity comes down. going to be cooler. a gorgeous day on sunday. so grab the umbrella. still need it today. showers this morning. get the sunshine this afternoon. slight chance of shower on saturday. more likely going to stay dry. 90 degrees high temperature. here comes beautiful weather for sunday. into monday too. 66 in the morning. still warmer in the afternoon. humidity will still be in check on monday. comes racing back into the area on tuesday. look at that heat, 92 high temperature. chance of showers and thunderstorms. tuesday and wednesday. they'll be heading out on wednesday. that will set the stage for warm whether and dry weather saturday
6:52 am
and sunday. >> looking good. thanks for that, bill. friday morning. you know it's a friday in the summer when you're on 76. 95 you get a little less congestion. >> yes. that's usually the case on fridays. you've had a busy morning already. >> busy morning. not because of volume. 95 right around cottman avenue is where we're watching the start. small drive time. 19 minutes right now on the woodhaven road to vine street expressway. moving to center city right there. average speeds down to 40s. everything still moving. 95 in a different area. new castle isn't doing so hot. vehicle fire. 95 northbound just around route 141. traffic is sort of getting by the scene, but slowly. out in morristown township. new castle has been blocked.
6:53 am
fatal accident scene. adventure aquarium holding a weekend long birthday bash for jennie the hippo. visit the akwwarquariuaquarium. now for families in lehigh valley visit the budweiser clydesdale this weekend. be at the bethlehem ice rink. admission is free. donations will be accepted. to help support nonprofits. philly week is now underway. >> tonight is salsa night at the smith commons in northern liberty. yesterday. got a prove of what you'll be hearing the entire weekend. >> and sounds good. >> the festival introduces everyone to the sounds of salsa and the artists who create it. yesterday organizers presented
6:54 am
lifetime achievement awards to performers who helped bring salsa to a wider audience. join sister station for 36th annual hispanic fiesta on penn's landing this weekend. something else happening. live entertainment. crash. beer garden. happening sunday from 2 in the afternoon to 8 in the evening. now inexpensive, not key cheap to take a trip with the family to florida. we get that. the family decided to bring disney world to her daughter for her birth. >> got really creative. watch this. doesn't that just make you say he's the greatest dad ever. he recreated a disney world ride right in their living room. queued up the video. loaded daughter into the blue tub. moved her around. judging by the giggles and smiles. she loved it. she's holding on. just like a roller coaster.
6:55 am
>> the video went viral and they've got a trip to florida next year. >> next we're back with a weekend forecast.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
foggy conditions in berlin. no big delays or problems there, but watching that fog. checking in with the bridges. scheduled for opening over the tacony pal maya. burlington bristol is currently clear. watching a crash on the westbound side of 78. closing all lanes with one car or so squeezing by into the
6:59 am
shoulder. right around route 863. also watching out in new castle delaware. vehicle fire on 95 northbound just around 141. we'll end here on bordentown township. fatal accident scene. northbound inner drive just around route 206. getting a soaking this morning in berks county and lehigh valley. some heavier downpour. some localized flooding is possible. these showers will swing through the area this morning. then finally see sun. right now fog and 68 degrees. 72 degrees in philadelphia. rain is coming down in the lehigh valley. we have seen a few showers in delaware. this afternoon, standby. we've got sunshine. you'll need an umbrella this morning. temperatures in the 80s today. improving conditions this weekend. after a chance of showers this evening, we'll be clearing out with just a slight chance of shower on saturday and gorgeous weather sunday. sunday will be absolutely -- i'm
7:00 am
calling in sick on sunday. >> you don't work on sunday. >> oh, yeah. >> i do. >> she does. >> thanks for watching. good morning. it's on. two of the most powerful and controversial men in the world, president trump and russian president vladimir putin, meeting one-on-one for the very first time, just hours from now. so much to discuss. but will russia's meddling in the u.s. election be in the aga agen agenda? outside, protesters clash with police. we're live in hamburg. more trouble in the skies. a frightening scene playing out on a delta flight. a first-class passenger accused of assaulting a flight attendant. the plane forced to turnaround as other passengers struggle to subdue


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