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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  July 8, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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forecast. a beautiful shot at ocean city. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary are connors. it is 5:30. we can see clearly now, the rain is gone. krystal klei has the details for us. >> that's right, we are drying out. we will have spot shower yous possible in the afternoon hours, but overall the weekend forecast looks a lot better than what we have been seeing the last few days. and if i want too give you givet here than we will be seeing into the workweek. weekend is some of the best days. right now we are looking at pretty much clear conditions. a few scattered clouds out there. i don't expect to track much if any rain in the morning hours because the surrounding areas are pretty dry, too. as for temperatures, not a bad start but you can tell it's a little humid. 72 in philadelphia. 70 in dover and 66 coatesville. check out the water
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temperatures, 71 degrees currently. i'm trying to decide which day i should gee to the shore after i get off work because it looks like a good shore weekend draft. today it will be hot and humid with spot showers possible, but this is not the kind of rain that will cancel any plans. moving forward, we'll be cooler and let humid for your sunday. and then it is a wet workweek as we get in to the extended long forecast. so we are tracking as we move forward quite a few changes on that extended forecast. coming up, we'll take a closer look at that, talk more about your highs neighborhood by neighborhood and i'll let you know how long we might see rain duringing the workweek. the g-20 summit continues right now in hamburg, germany with president trump meeting with more world leaders this morning. but much of the attention is still focused on the president's meeting with russian president vladimir putin. randy gyllenhaal is live with details on what they discussed and who president trump is meeting with today.
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>> on this final day a big schedule for president trump. high level meetings with the leaders of japan and china, but it was yesterday's meeting that caught a lot of headlines. i want to show you video we just got in from today, president trump meeting with a key american ally, british prime minister theresa may. trump promising to visit london, but it was yesterday's meeting with vladimir putin that still grabbing headlines this morning. that long awaited handshake. they did come to an agreement on a cease-fire in syria. and behind closed door, they spoke for two hours, disagreeing on north korea on and a lot of con flikting information coming out about whether president trump agrees russia interfered in the 2016 election. rex tillerson the secretary of state did say that president trump pressed putin on that issue. that a listen. >> the president opened the meeting with president putin by raising the concerns of the american people regarding russian interference in the 2016
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election. they had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject. >> russian's foreign minister did say that trump accepted putin's denial that russia had nothing do with the interference. meantime the g-20 continues annual mid a number of protests. the president expected back on american soil sometime later this evening. live in the digital operation center, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. montgomery county family is searching for answers this morning after a 16-year-old boy was gunned down in norristown. police say two teens were shot on dhan strechain street. one teen survived, jordan scott did not. last night there was a vigil at the site of the killing. investigators have not identified the shooter and they are not commenting on a possible motive, but a family friend tells us he believes scott was targeted following a dispute on social media. we're learning moore abore
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deadly hit and run. kevin dotton was hit and his body was found lying on the side of the road hours later around 10:00 yesterday morning. police are still searching for the driver in this case. down the shore, officers are investigating a report of a school bus caught on camera speeding down the street. >> kids are standing up in the back of the bus and we're getting close to approaching almost 70 miles an hour here. this is ridiculous. >> the driver in the car says he recorded the bus in lakewood ocean county last week. he claims it was going nearly 70 miles per hour with the students on board. you heard him right there. he sent this video to a local radio station and to the police. a similar incident happened in lakewood last fall, a driver caught another cool bus swerving in to the wrong lane to get ahead of a tractor trailer. no students were on this bus at the time. the bus driver in this case from this video was fired. state workers in new jersey
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furloughed during the shutdown last a week are still waiting to find out if they will get paid. the state says only some workers will qualify for unemployment. those who do qualify must apply online by today. lawmakers say a bill will need to be passed in order for everyone to get paid. meantime democratic lawmaker is introducing another bill that would close the governor's beach house during any government shutdown. there is another bill that would allow the public to rent the mansion. you will remember governor chris christie and his family enjoyed island beach state park last weekend while the beach was closed to everyone else. someone made a sand castle mocking his infamous trip. cats with colds. we'll explain why they are up for adoption. and plus a pop-up shop that celebrating the felines is next. plus what is better are than water ice on a hot summer day? a philadelphia businessman is hoping his version of the sweet treat can help turn around a troubled neighborhood.
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we're talking a pretty nice day ahead of us. we have a chance of spot showers in the afternoon. that will be short lived activity. otherwise we will be hot and humid today. we're at 72 right now, being winds at 8 miles per hour. but as we go through the day, we'll pick up a breeze mostly from the west and southwest. temperature of 83 by your lunchtime. as we get into the afternoon, around 4:00, we may be at 787, but the official high will be 90 in philadelphia with the higher humidity, it may feel more like the low 90s out there for our high temperatures today. which means if you will be out and about staying hydrated, wearing the light clothing probably the best options for you. philadelphia to delaware, looks like our live camera is a little bright here. but 69 is where we're at right
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now. same deal, we'll make it to the low 80s at your lunch hour and then we should see upper 80s to right near 90 for the forecast high with the breeze picking up from the southwest about 15 miles per hour. now we'll hop over to the jersey shore where actually today things will be very nice. we go to the mid-80s in the afternoon. nice mix of clouds and sun and mostly dry. a spot shower late in 20 tto th is possible, but otherwise not a worry along the jersey shore. let's look at the hour by hour. so this morning 9:00 a.m., could see a little isolated shower over berks county or the lehigh valley. not sure i buy that, but in the afternoon you see a few spot showers picking up around 3:00 p.m. near the i-95 corridor from wilmington to trenton cutting through you philadelphia. from 3:00 through 7:00, same deal. spotty in nature and mostly light activity. we'll talk more about the steady to heavy rain that may come during you the workweek coming
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up. it is christmas for cat lovers this weekend. kitty delphia continues today. it's dedicated to all things feline. the events features adoptable cats, daily raffles and even appearances by famous cats with thousands of followers on instragram. who knew? proceeds from this event will support paws, a no kill shelter. you can bring home a new cat at half the price from the spc are a. but it will have a cold. the shelter is filled to capacity. adoption fees will be cut in half and the she would iter will provide medication and instructions. and then later this morning, we'll have our clear the shelters adoption segment. you can see the pet that is up for adoption this morning at 7:45 right here on "nbc 10 news today." let's talk a little bit of sports. phillies opened a series with the padres.
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plus an escalation in the war of words between joel embiid. that's next.
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shear a live look at the comcast building,s sun starting to come up. it will be a hot humid saturday, but guess what? we're already getting into our second week of july approaching that second week of july. 72 at this hour. krystal klei will be tracking the hot humid weather out there, a chance of showers through the week. that is all ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. if you are thinking about buying a home in delaware, this
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may be the time to act. a new tax increase will make that next deal a lot more expensive. starting august 1st, transfer tax will go up to 4% making it the highest in the country. delaware lawmakers improved the increase to help fix the budget shortfall. pickup basketball games are on tout at a park in the lehigh valley. officials took down three of the four basketball rims at andre reed park. players can use the one hoop that is left, but not enough to play a full game. officials removed the rims after neighbors complained about late night games with people blasting music and riding dirt bikes. there will be a meeting this tuesday to try to find a compromise to keep the noise down. one possible solution? detachable or lockable rims that cannot be used at night. today a west philadelphia businessman is hoping to use water ice to bring some change to his neighborhood. the ribbon will be cut today on a new water ice store on 60th street, an area that struggles with crime.
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but as brandon hudson shows us, neighbors hope that the new business will be a turning pibt for t point for the community. >> reporter: on the eefr of his grand opening, he invited us into his water ice shop. when you walk in, you realize it's about more than the popular frozen treat. moore uses a banner with his story of inspiration and exposed brick wall to pay tribute. >> honoring bricks that helped me along the way. >> reporter: what started as a cart and a dream 22 years ago is now a shop two streets away from his childhood home in west philadelphia. >> being an exam pl for mlpleex model. >> reporter: it's a place known for violent crime. nbc 10 found in the past three months, police reported ten deadly weapon assaults and four robberies in a five block stretch. in january 2016, an officer was ambushed in a shooting a few feet from where are moore's shop will be.
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but it doesn't phase moore who showed us a diagram illustrating how he says entrepreneurship will reduce crime. >> we reclaim our community. >> reporter: and now the 43-year-old is teaching responsibility to young kids in the neighborhood. >> i'm happy because i know it will help my area. >> reporter: he's also a trailblazer for future business. philadelphia council woman jane blackwell will honor him with a resolution at his ribbon cutting tomorrow. >> people are coming to me because of his interest in the community who also want to invest on 60th street. >> reporter: this west philly, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. a three day festival in university city aims to help african-americans be more successful financially. the black economic empowerment festival kicked off last night. doctor watkins is hosting the event. there will be films, meetings and classes all at the international house philadelphia in university city this weekend. 5:46 on this saturday.
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and if you are looking to make plans outside today shouldn't be too bad. just a passing shower here and there. tomorrow is what we're looking for. krystal klei fills us in. >> yeah, both days aren't bad, but tomorrow is the pick of the weekend. let's start with a live view in spring city, pennsylvania. the sun is up, lighting up the clouds a bit. we'll see partly cloudy conditions with just some spot showers possible in the afternoon. so from spring city to ocean city, another gorgeous shot clear as can be overhead over our ocean city camera right now. and what we're look at is that today the shore looks pretty good with. our saturday checklist, grab the sunglasses and sunscreen because we will be seeing some sun breaking through the clouds. sometimes people think position it's a little cloudy, i don't have to worry about the sunscreen. not true. still put it on. light clothes a good idea, too, because it will be hot and humid. so you will notice the stickiness in the air. but we also have to have the umbrella on hand because we may see a passing shower especially later in the afternoon into the
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early evening. but you go not need to stay indoors because of this, this is not a washout kind of forecast. in faskt it will be super spotty in nature. so a lot of what you do, you may not run into any rain. here is the wide view you of our area right now, we're clear as can be. notice we have spot storms well to the north of us. we may see a little bit of action move in in the afternoon and that's why we're saying keep the umbrella handy as a backup. but on the three day outlook, it's mostly dry for a us. in philadelphia today, 90 the forecast high. tomorrow looks a little better because we will be a tad cooler, 86, and we'll be less humid with sunny conditions. can't complain about that. monday a mix of clouds and sun, back to 89, back to increased level of humidity. and we may see a spot shower pass by in the afternoon. for for the suburbs, 88, a dip too many and then back up on monday. lehigh valley, 86 is our
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forecast high. 86 at the shore and 90 in delaware. we get to the low to mid-80s on your sunday, but sunny as can be. and then we ingo to your monday here. again, i think a spot shower passing by can't be ruled out for your monday afternoon. kind of like what we're looking at today. so today and monday, very similar forecast. let's go to the shore cast. going to the beach, 84. cape may at 89. a southwest flow, so we're seeing onshore flow for some areas keeping us a little cooler if the wind changes farther south, but for the most part, very nice low to mid-80s. and water65 to 72. and here is the good new, rip current risk is low. still a good idea to swim where there are lifeguards, but looking like a safer experience. we'll talk more about your forecast as we move forward. we're talking workweek rain with your 10 day on 10 coming up in the next half hour.
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happy saturday. phillies opened a series with the padres last night. they just dropped three of four to the pirates. a 3-2 game in the seventh, padres on top until this hit changes that. it scores williams to tie the game at three. same score in the ninth, padres with runners on the corners. austin hedges who had two home runs in the game last this to center. but it allows the score and gives padres the lead. and that is it, they will hold on to win. the war of words between embiid and lavar ball escalated yesterday. and here's what has lavar so hot and bothered.
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>> [ bleep ]. >> that wasn't the first time the two had crossed paths. embiid tweeted that ben sim smo should dunk on his son. and ball responded friday to tmz. >> the reason he said that, he got three words.cabulary is limited. you have to use cuss words when you don't have no intellect. he's into the intnot intel gint. i got three words for him. can't play at all. shoot, that's four. >> what will happen when you play the 76ers? >> guess what, he won't even be on the court probably. >> stay tuned at that saga continues. flyers opened up their development camp yesterday. also a chance for fans to see some of the guys that they have read about.
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like the winger. and patrick is just happy to finally be healthy. >> i think this is the first time in a while that i'm 100% healt healthy. that injury was bugging myself and i didn't get to top my game at all. so when i knew it had to be done, i got it done three days after and i'm excited to get back on the ice next week. >> that is your look at sports. i'm danny bomb medicals, csn. preventing road rage. a week after a deadly incident, a new crackdown went into if he could. we'll look at the steps that you can take to avoid aggressive drivers. and pennsylvania is one of the states hit hard by the opioid abuse epidemic and now the state is going after more than just the drug dealers. attorney general will join us to tell us about a new investigation are. and countdown to a total eclipse. this summer see how people are getting ready for a sight that hasn't been seen coast to coast
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in nearly a century coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press."
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adventure aquarium is holding a weekend birthday barb
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for jen bash for jenny the hippo. this is video from last year. you can join in the party if you visited aquarium today or tomorrow. festivities include a birthday cake, probably one for jenny and then presumably some for people. there will be giant birthday cards and hippo party games. the budweiser clydesdales made their way down main street in a small parade. today and tomorrow, you can visit them at the bethlehem ice ring rink. thousands of families in the philadelphia area will be eating fresh produce today thanks to toyota. toyota donated 40,000 pounds of food to help fight hunger in our area. it's hep important this time of year because school is out and kids will not be getting free
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breakfast and lunches. talk about a big win, a group of new jersey fishermen will split millions of dollars because of the fish they hauled in. take a look. the mercer county men caught this 236-pound tuna during a furnishing tournament in maryland last summer. originally somebody else was given the grand prize, but the tournament now says he broke the rules. so the new jersey fishermen will get paid about nearly $2.8 million for this fish. that is more than $11,000 per pound. food for thought. 5:57 on this saturday. and we are following the g-20 summit meeting over in hamburg. more are high level meetings are expected today. of course what is dominating headlines? president trump and his meeting with vladimir putin. randy gyllenhaal is following it all. >> yeah, meetings today with leaders of japan, britain and china, but it is that meeting with vladimir putin that is making headlines. coming up next, what was discussed and what president trump said.
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and take a live view over our center city. we're with at 72. looks nice to start. today will be hot, humid and we use with see some spotty showers pass by as well. here is a live look over boathouse row. with ♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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. more high level meetings is on tap as the g-20 summit continues in hamburg, germany. president trump meets with key u.s. allies. robust discussion, that is how rex tillerson is describing the sitdown with vladimir putin. they came away agreeing on one aspe aspect. and community in montgomery county mourning the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy while police search for his killer. what we are learning from his family about why he may have been killed. thanks for being with us. i'mmary connors. krystal klei is tracking another hot and humid day. today looks pretty good with. some spotty showers, but


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