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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  July 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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bill, the graphic behind you says it all. >> the temperatures have been hot the last couple days, but the first alert for today, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the temperatures and humidity will go higher. noon today to 8:00 tomorrow evening is when the temperatures will peak. the feels like temperatures will hit, head to the upper 90s and could top 100 degrees. this afternoon will be the hottest. it's going to be close, another hot one tomorrow. this hour, the temperatures are cooling down. the sun is up, not long enough to start the heating process. 68 degrees in some of the suburbs, 79 in philadelphia. look at the 70s for new jersey, delaware and the lehigh valley. the sun is just coming up in the lehigh valley. hot weather all around. lehigh valley, 90 degrees. at the shore, warm into the 90s. the hottest temperatures are going to be inland, 96 for new
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jersey and philadelphia. lehigh valley and the suburbs get into the mid-90s and 95 degrees this afternoon for delaware. if you are going to the shore, lots of sunshine. it reaches into the low 90s at the jersey shore with the humidity high enough to make it feel like 100 degrees. i'll break it down hour-by-hour and show how quickly the temperatures take off. jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> something to talk about right now, bill, we are watching the blue route where we have an accident scene involving several vehicles. northbound, you can see two lanes are getting by right now. the left shoulder is blocked and so is the left lane. really slow traffic moving. i did check in with the drive times for the blue route. this is just after route one. we are watching a few lanes blocked. considering this just happened and there's not an increase in the drive times yet, if this isn't cleared up in 20 minutes we are going to see big drive times and delays, too.
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i'll keep my eye on that. also the schuylkill expressway looking good in both directions. nothing big from the blue route to vine street expressway with speeds in the 60s. this crash on new jersey turnpike, northbound side around route 73, that's exit 4. it's 6:02. breaking overnight, a man stabbed a philadelphia mother to death and her daughter's exploue exboyfriend is behind the attack. katy, what do we know? >> reporter: the suspect, a few days ago had been dumped by his girlfriend. he was very upset. they believe he came to her home and stabbed her and her mother. what they found when they arrived at the housing authority complex was a gruesome scene. here on the 2700 block of daily terrace in philadelphia, they
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found two women severely stabbed. the older woman, the mom, was able to tell police who stabbed them. officers are looking for her 21-year-old daughter's exboyfriend. police drove one of the victims to the hospital. philadelphia is one of the only cities in the country where officers can do that. >> police have been doing a really good job when they see someone critical, whether they are shot, stabbed or involved in an accident. we have been rushing them to the nearest trauma center. we have been successful in saving lives. >> reporter: we are taking another live look at the scene where philadelphia investigators have been live on the scene. a surprising turn of events, the mother died an hour of arriving to the hospital. police hoped she would survive because when they first arrived, she was talking and conscious and able to relay a lot of good
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information. her daughter is not out of the woods, yet. she was in the hospital undergoing surgery. as far as the boyfriend, police know who they are looking for, a 25-year-old man, last known address in north philadelphia. throughout the morning, police have had investigators at that address, also combing the city looking for him. if you have information, call philadelphia police. live in south philly, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. now, the other big story, senator john mccain has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. how doctors made the discovery as messages of support pour in. we have more. >> this is an aggressive type of brain tumor, one that 20,000 people in the u.s. are diagnosed with each year. it digs roots into normal brain tissue. it was discovered by doctors doing a surgery to remove a blood clot from behind the
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senators left eye on friday. surgeons cut out all the visible tumor, which did happen with senator mccain. there isn't a cure and cancerous cell that is are not visible with lurk. >> very malignant. the median survival is about 14 months, although, we have a lot of experimental, therapeutic and the last several years, the survival has been creeping upwards. >> joe biden tweeted his support saying john and i have been friends for 40 years. he's gotten through so much difficulty with grace. he is strong and will beat this. >> mccain is recovering at his arizona home. i'm pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. our coverage continues at 6:30 with the message mccain's best friend has for the war hero. a local neurosurgeon explains
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the hope for patients with this deadly disease. police are looking for the killer who riddled with bullets. the victim was found facedown on the sidewalk in south philadelphia. he was shot multiple times with an assault rueful. in south jersey, police recovered a second body from a lake in vineland. right now, we are working to find out more about the investigation, what led up to those deaths. the men who admitted to shooting a police officer will hear a letter written by that officer when he is sentenced today. he pleaded guilty to the charge ifs may, a month before he was set to go to trial. he was shot seven times responding to a drug call. he has since recovered. today, o.j. simpson will find out if he will be released
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early from prison. he goes before the nevada parole board this afternoon. he was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery of sports memorabilia. if they can't agree, two other commissioners will be brought in to vote. simpson will need a simple majority to be granted parole. if denied, another trial will be in six months. if granted, he could be released in october. president trump is calling out his own attorney general. he revealed he never would have appointed jeff sessions had he known he would recuse himself from the russia investigation. >> frankly, i think is very unfair to the president. how do you take a job and recuse yourself? if he would have recused himself before, i would have said thanks, but i'm not going to take it. it's extremely unfair, that's a mild word, to the president. >> with sessions recusing
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himself, that paved the way for robert mueller. in the same interview, president trump warned mueller not to look into his family's finances. the president said he does not take money from russia. 6:08. a live look right now at camelback mountains in the poconos. the sun is just up there. 15-20 minutes or so. it is going to be dangerous heat today. let's check in with bill henley and the most accurate forecast. >> the sun is rising in philadelphia. there are scattered clouds. a live view from center city. a warm and muggy start. with the bright sunshine, the temperatures and high humidity are going to top what we endured. dangerous heat. at times, it's going to feel like 100 degrees. another steamy evening. the temperatures will stay elevated in the 80s this evening. during the evening hours, the humidity will be so high, it will feel like it's in the 90s, even into the middle evening
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hours. 79 in philadelphia. 77 in delaware and 71 in the suburbs. there are cooler neighborhoods, but most spots are in the 70s to start with. unionville, 71 degrees. millford township is 69 degrees. the rest of the neighborhoods reporting 70s. that's just to start with. now with the sun coming up rksz it is going to be a hot afternoon. it's been hot the last couple days, steamy on tuesday. wednesday, yesterday, wow, the humidity and the heat built up. it's going to go higher for today and still elevated for tomorrow. the heat builds over days. that's what we have seen. we are going to see that keep things hot into the weekend. doppler radar is clear this morning. we had pop-up showers and isolated thunderstorms the last couple days. that's a posz zibility today, too. that will bring temperatures down. mostly, it's going to be hot and humid and dry. 98 degrees is the feels like temperature at noontime in philadelphia. then 101 degrees at 4:00 this
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afternoon. a warm up for the suburbs. 97 is what it will feel like for 4:00. the feels like temperature, 95 degrees at noontime and climbing. delaware, humidity runs higher. by lunchtime, feels like 101 and up to 103 degrees for the feels like temperature at 4:00. a big warm up for new jersey, too, especially inland. even at the shore, the temperatures will be elevated and feel like 98 degrees at lunchtime and well into the afternoon. cooler weather is on the way. i'll show you when to expect it with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. flashing police lights on the blue route, not good. >> jessica can tell us exactly where. >> the northbound side of the blue route near broomall. looks like they moved up where part of the closure was. now it looks like they moved the cones back.
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either way, we can see the right lane getting by. slow getting by right now. i want to check in with the drive times. now, with the left lane blocked and left shoulder blocked, drive time hasn't budged. 95 to the schuylkill, a big stretch. only 15 minutes, speeds into the 60s. now, we are on stand by for an opening. that's scheduled for 6:20. take the betsy ross bridge for now as the alternate to get by. watch for this disabled vehicle. vai, back to you. >> thank you. tuition is going up at rutgers. up next, how much more students will have to pay for their education. >> bakery bandits. a thief is caught on camera. a creative way to help kids avoid the summer slide. how parents combine the kitchen and quality time to help kids keep their math skills sharp.
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15 minutes past 6:00 a.m. police are looking for a thief making off with bread delivered to a bakery in south philadelphia that was supposed to be picked up later. the theft happened tuesday morning on south 8th street. brothers, joe and vince, shared the pictures of the thief in action. if you have information, call police. rutgers announced they are raising tuition. they voted yesterday to raise tuition and fees by nearly 2%. tuition at the main campus will increase to more than 14,600 dlara year. rutgers camden will pay about $100 less than that. 6:15. now, tackling the summer slide. students lose two months of math
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skills during the summer break if they don't do educational activities. >> with that in mind, we have a sweet way to get your kids working with numbers. have them help you put together a meal for the family. they can measure out the ingredients. if you are doing half or double, that will get them thinking. we went to a cooking class in king of prussia to see what they are learning. srk working with measurements, dividing the recipes, keeping up on math, doing critical thinking, the same as in school and having a good time doing it. >> check out camps that focus specifically on math like robotics or space camps. if your kids are old enough to work, encourage them to look for a job where math and science skills are put to the test. our goal is to get students and teachers the supplies they need to succeed. through july 29th, you can make
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an impact donating money or supplies. go to for more information. 79 degrees outside. already steamy. let's see how the roads look. >> this scene was pretty bad a minute ago. it cleared out of the way super fast. the northbound side of the blue route around broomall, an ambulance on the scene, a fire truck on the scene, police officers on the scene. they all disappeared within the last ten minutes or so. right now, the northbound side is getting along nicely. no problems there. a disabled vehicle in abington. watch for lane restrictions there. take the betsy ross bridge for now as an alternate. watch for delays, they run behind schedule with the openings. for now, it looks like it's on time. we are watching construction on 422. the eastbound ramp to route 23
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is closed for the project. we are dealing with an eight-minute trip with speeds into the 60s. back to you. >> 6:18 right now. let's take a live look outside. see what the skies look like. the sun is coming up. steamy just about everywhere. let's find out from bill henley. >> this afternoon is going to feel like it's above 100 in wilmington and philadelphia. you can see the haze we have right now. a live view from center city. a hazy start and muggy morning. 77 right now in trenton. philadelphia, 79. 77 degrees in wilmington. low 70s in allentown. compared to yesterday at this time, one degree warmer in allentown. it's three degrees warmer in wilmington and philadelphia, mt. holly and trenton. a warmer start and more humidity. we are headed to dangerous heat levels this afternoon for the entire area except right along
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the coast. from noon to 8:00, that's the first alert for today, ends tomorrow for dangerous heat. that's when the feels like temperatures, the temperature plus the humidity makes it feel like 98 degrees to 104 degrees this afternoon. your body has a tough time staying cool in conditions like that. it can lead to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. stay in a cool spot, fipd shade and stay hydrated. you have heard it before, but today and tomorrow, we are going to see the worst of it. we could see, once again, pop-up cooling showers in a few neighborhoods. not going to be widespread rainfall this afternoon. for that, we have to wait for the weekend. showers around thunderstorms in the midwest. well, they are going to be here for saturday and sunday. most of the day saturday, though, a fewture look for today. we will be dry at 11:30 this afternooning. pop-up showers at 2:15 this afternoon. some isolated activity for delaware and south jersey,
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possibly reaching into philadelphia. not looking likely for the late afternoon and evening hours. this evening, it will clear out. this weekend is a different story. saturday morning at 10:30. see the clouds building. watch what happens for the afternoon hours. evening, a line of storms could bring downpours and keep things cooler for saturday and sunday for some neighborhoods. much of the area is going to see that elevated heat for dangerous, potentially dangerous conditions for today and tomorrow. still into the 90s for philadelphia. showers and thunderstorms later saturday and again on sunday. still a possibility on monday. look at that. the 90s break on monday and nice weather, beautiful weather for tuesday and wednesday and thursday. a bit warmer friday and saturday. >> that looks good next week. thanks, bill. it's easy to track the heat and summer storm that is pop up using the nbc 10 app, which is a free download. you can see when the storms are
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headed your way. a nightmare in the air is how a woman describes a recent flight. the social media fire storm that this picture is raising over airplane etiquette. you can tell us what you think about this one. plus, expanding access. the plan to ease restrictions on a drug anecdote that can save lives.
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6:24. if you plan to fly back from the u.s. to canada or mexico, you could face delays. the u.s. department of homeland security are looking at laptops. in march, authorities banned in cabin electronics because of concerns isis could hide bombs in laptops. staying in the air now with a story that's trending this morning. >> you need to tell what you say
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you think about this. you have heard of snakes in a plane, this is feet on a plane. this picture from the flight started like this. yes, two empty seats beside me, excellent. until this happened. >> uh-oh. >> oh, my gosh! >> kicks her shoes off and puts them on the armrest. she was moving up and down one of the window sheets. >> is it ever okay to take your planes off? >> it's a woman. >> if you take your shoes off, that's the next level. that's putting your feet. >> if it's a guy, it matters if it's a man or women's feet. >> you are less grossed out if it's a woman? >> i'm grossed out either way. no thank you. >> either way, i have a problem
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with it. >> i wonder if she drives with her feet, too. >> i don't want to know what else she does. we are going out of the sky and back to the roads. route 73, actually, this is a good drive. a few problems. look, totally empty. heading down the shore, no problems. atlantic city expressway looks good. everything can change quickly. for now, a check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> kick off your shoes, grab the flip-flops. going to be a hot one today. dangerous heat. we have a first alert. the sun is up, a few scattered clouds. the humidity is already up. 79 degrees at 6:26. your first alert forecast coming up. also ahead, a taxi ride takes a strange turn. a chain of event that is took a woman from passenger to driver and the mom caught in the middle.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, senator john mccain reveals he's been diagnosed with brain cancer. taxi cab chaos. a woman steals her ride and pulls an unsuspecting mom and baby into it. a plan that puts a life saving anecdote in the hands of anyone who wants it. a lot to cover this morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> ei'm tracy davidson. bill henley has the forecast. it's been hot and it is starting off more humid. we have issued a first alert for the dangerous heat for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware from noon today through tomorrow evening. that's when the temperatures will peak. the feels like temperatures, 98 to 104 degrees.
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right now, though, 60s for the suburbs, 79 in philadelphia. the sun is up. the temperatures will climb at 71 degrees in the lehigh valley. look at delaware, 77 degrees. mostly sunny skies. there will be some clouds starting to build up at 11:00 and a slight chance of an afternoon shower. 90 degrees by 11:00, it goes into the 90s. i have just updated this. it is going to hit 97 degrees in philadelphia. 94 for the suburbs and new jersey up to 96 degrees. if you are think you are going to find cooler weather at the shore, not by much. it is going to feel like it is around 100 degrees this afternoon. i'll break it down hour-by-hour and show how quickly the temperatures climb. first, let's see how the traffic is moving or if it's moving. jessica boyington has an update. >> it's moving, but slow. schuylkill expressway, watching this westbound side, moving
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toward the king of prussia area, big slowdowns from the boulevard and up. getting off the ramp, no delays there. we are watching a disabled vehicle on abington around ferry hill road. opening is scheduled for 6:20. clear on the betsy ross, your alternate. take that instead. the burlington bristol is clear, too. the turnpike looks good in both directions. now to breaking news we are following for you out of south philadelphia. a mother is dead and her 21-year-old daughter is in critical condition after a stabbing. police think it was the daughter's ex-boyfriend that is the attacker. police say they know who the ex-boyfriend is and they are searching for him. new from overnight, a woman goes from passenger to taxi driver. when philadelphia police say she
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jumped in the front seat and took off. >> she even stopped to pick up a fare. matt delucia is live with the details on what seems to be a wild night. matt, this is bizarre. >> reporter: police are calling this a very unusual situation they had to deal with overnight. the taxi driver was trying to do something nice for this woman and then in return, he gets his car stolen. this happened around midnight at broad and hunting park. he picked up fare, driving the woman to a casino when she wants to stop for water. he helped her out the door. with the driver's seat empty, the woman got in the car and took off. police caught up with her about a half hour later. the 65-year-old was inside, but not the only one in there. there was a 23-year-old woman and 10-month-old baby in the backseat. yes, the thief was picking up passengers. >> they just were being innocent. they thought they were getting a
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ride by a cab. they didn't realize the driver of the cab just stole the cab minutes before. an unusual job. a happy ending. >> reporter: the real cab driver was not injured. detectives were able to speak with him overnight. also, the mother who rode in that stolen cab is unclear if that thief, the person who stole the cab was intoxicated at the time. police did take her in for questioning at police headquarters. she is on arrest. >> matt, thank you. lawmakers are rallying around arizona senator john mccain after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. he had a blood clot removed last friday. they are reviewing treatment including chemotherapy and radiation. mccain spoke to senators by
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phone, including his friend lindsay gram. >> god knows how this ends, not me. i do know this, this disease has never had a more worthy opponent. >> they offered thoughts and prayers after the diagnosis was announced. senator mccain is scheduled to receive the philadelphia medal this act. it honors men and women who secure liberty. joe biden, who lost his son to the same type of cancer, is supposed to award him the honor. our coverage continues in ten minutes. we'll have a neurosurgeon with us. it's 6:35. 79 degrees outside. now to other top stories making headlines today. a south jersey mother is charged in the death of her 4-year-old daughter.
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last night, relatives and friends gathered to remember her where she died. investigators say when paramedics got there, they found the 4-year-old unresponsive with cuts and bruises to her face. police charged her mother with endangerment. in philadelphia, a 13-year-old boy last his leg while trying to jump on to a moving freight train. it happened on the tracks at 5:00 in the afternoon yesterday. at last check, the teenager was listed in critical condition. 6:36. it's down to 13 candidates, including former long-time d.a. abraham. yesterday, kathleen martin dropped out and urged support for deputy d.a. a board of judges will vote on the choice today. abraham told us why she wants the job. >> the office is in such dispair and disarray. the former d.a. tarnished the
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office. they need a champion to go back and help the office become what it used to be. >> the other candidates are vying to fill the seat for the next 5 1/2 months left vacant when seth williams confessed to a corruption charge. he is in jail, awaiting sentencing in october. judges will meet to vote at 4:00. have the nbc 10 app handy. delaware will make the drug that can reverse opioid overdoses avoulable to more people. the governor will sign a bill to expand it. pharmacists can dispense narcan. it's available in pharmacies in pennsylvania and new jersey. 6:36. we have issued a first aleft, not so much for this morning or later this morning, but this afternoon, it is going to get
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dangerous out there. >> bill said it's been hot, but today is different. bill? >> it's already warmer and muggier than yesterday. we are at 79 degrees in philadelphia. won't be long and we'll be in the 80s, then 90s by lunchtime. 92 degrees in philadelphia. with the elevated humidity, the feels like temperature at noontime, 99 degrees. it tops 10 degrees for feels like temperatures this afternoon. the suburbs, not a lot better. 73 degrees right now. 85 degrees at 10:00 and near 90 at lunchtime. it will feel like 95 degrees with the elevated humidity and 97, the feels like temperature for the suburbs. lehigh valley, 71 degrees right now. the cool weather won't last long, though. 89 degrees at lunchtime, then feels like 98 degrees with temperatures in the low 90s this afternoon. that's the lehigh valley. new jersey night see a pop-up shower. most of the day, hazy, hot and
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humid. 63 in a few neighborhoods, but not for long. it will blast through the 70s, 80s this afternoon. 94 at 2:00 feels like 100 degrees and feels like the triple digits at 4:00 this afternoon. the jersey shore, not much better. 70s now, into the 80s and 90s this afternoon at the shore. 101 is the feels like temperature with a higher humidity coming off the ocean at the shore. for delaware, you can see the hazy sunshine. a live view from the stadium. 77 degrees, up to 80 degrees at 10:00 this morning. it feels like it's topping 10 0 this afternoon. 102 degrees for the feels like temperature at 4:00 today. another hot one tomorrow. on track for the longest heat wave of the season. come saturday and sunday, the temperatures will be coming down in the 90s for philadelphia and then the heat wave breaks next week for everyone. a few neighborhoods will see the heat wave come to an end this
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weekend. i'll show you where with the weekend forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. a lending hand to commuters in south jersey. jessica boyington has you covered. what are you seeing? >> it looks good. not seeing huge delays. route 168, 12 minutes for the drive time. 38 to this point, they are into the high 60s. we are not seeing major problems on 295. typical, normal morning right now or lighter than normal on the northbound side, up toward the bridge. a five minute trip. speeds are up, too. we are not seeing problems there, either. we are already closed or back open on the tacony-palmyra. traffic is moving. i'll end with mass transit. septa, the train, 6713 is
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running two cars short. you are going to see overcrowding. they may bypass stations. i'll keep my eye on that. others are all on time. >> thanks. 20 minutes before 7:00. our coverage of john mccain's brain cancer diagnosis continues straight ahead with new hope for patients facing that disease. >> the treatment that could change the prognosis. also, an airline deal turned disastrous. a man's birthday surprise doesn't go as planned. still ahead, how the couple got their money back.
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just about 6:45. as you wake up this morning, we are learning senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. doctors discovered a blood clot
6:45 am
above his eye during routine testing. we now learn it is a rare type of cancer, glioblastoma. he faces weeks of treatment ahead. >> joining us is dr. donald o'rourke. thanks for being here. yesterday, you publish add ground breaking study on glioblastoma and a treatment. tell us about it. >> we are using the immune system. as you have heard, it has a growth pattern where the cell patterns integrate the brain. it's going to be an effective way to target the areas that can't be removed by surgery. >> dr. o'rourke, this is a new category of treatment. tell us about the hope it can provide patients. >> we are excited about using their own immune system. we remove the immean cells, isolate the t-cells and engineer
6:46 am
them to recognize a certain surface marker on the glioblastoma and administer them back to the patient to combat the disease. i think it has tremendous hope because it's using the pay she want's own immune system and the immune system has memory. it will be there to look for the altered proteins on the cells. we are extremely excited oobt the potential for this. >> let's talk about the awareness of the disease. a high profile person getting a diagnosis like this can really raise awareness. what should viewers know about glioblastoma? >> it's a deadly disease. we have such a long way to go. i would say that what we would like to do is raise awareness that we need tremendous support to do further research to optimize the treatments we have begun to develop. the work is beginning. it's very hopeful.
6:47 am
there's so much more that needs to be done. for federal agencies and individuals to support that work, that would be a real good opportunity at this point with senator mccain's illness. >> dr. o'rourke, we appreciate you waking up with us. >> you're welcome. the well wishing pouring in for the senator continues today. on the "today" show, coming up in about 15 minutes. now to nbc 10 responds. a deal on airline tickets turns out to be more costly than expected. >> when one of our viewers couldn't get a refund, he contacted harry hairston. >> reporter: planned to jet off on spirit airline. for a special trip to vegas with his wife. >> january is her birthday. that's what it was about. >> reporter: before heading to the airport, his wife checked on the flight status.
6:48 am
>> she called and the flight canceled. >> reporter: he contacted travelocity, the company he purchased the tickets through. they contacted spirit and they rebooked them to fly out the next day. dallas maveric davis tells us, everything was fine. >> things weren't so great after he got his credit card statement. they refunded the inexpensive flight that was canceled and charged him $300 more for the rebooked flight. davis tells us, he felt he was paying more for spirits mistake. he disputed the charge with his credit card company. spirit denied the claim telling the credit card company they needed more information from davis about the flight. >> they canceled it. >> reporter: davis says after four months of trying to get a refund, he decided to contact nbc responds. we contacted spirit.
6:49 am
they said they had to wait for chargeback process to be completed before they could reimburse davis. two days later, they refunded him $333.42 and gave him two $100 travel vouchers. harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> davis says he will use the money to take his wife to a 40th anniversary dinner. he will put the $200 in vouchers to south beach. let us know about it. the best way to reach us is on the screen. we will respond to you. 79 degrees already. it's going to be another hot one. hotter than it's been as we look at philly international. we talk to bill henley about the temperatures and the feels like temperatures. bill? >> the sun is out. the temperatures are going to climb. hazy and humid. if you are heading out right
6:50 am
now, you can feel the mugginess. a warm and muggy start and dangerous heat. higher temperatures and higher humidity. at times, it's going to feel like it's 100 degrees. so very steamy this evening. even though the temperatures are cooling into the 80s, it's going to feel like it's in the 90s. >> 70s right now. this is when people get out to exercise. it's going to be challenging because the temperatures started to climb. 71 in lehigh valley. 77 in delaware. 70s for south jersey. philadelphia, already seeing some numbers in the 80s. port richmond, 83 degrees. society hill, 80 degrees, that's to start with. not that much cooler in philadelphia, 79 degrees. feels like forecast, the last couple days, the heat has been building. we were in the 90s on tuesday. a lot hotter yesterday and the humidity bumped up. it goes higher for today. tomorrow it is still elevated. that's why we have a first alert for dangerous heat for
6:51 am
pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware from noon today until 8:00 tomorrow evening. it's going to be an extended period where the temperatures will peak in the upper 90s to 104 for feels like temperatures. the temperatures and the humidity combined. that can lead to heat exhaustion or heatstroke. it's a challenge for your body to stay cool on a day like this if you are in the sun. there's a chance we'll see spotty showers this afternoon. this evening, some of the showers could reach part of our area. possibility of thunderstorms. but, at 2:00 this afternoon, or 2:15, isolated showers, a cooling shower, may be brief, moves through the area. this evening, you can see the showers and thunderstorms just to the north of the lehigh valley. a better chance we'll see wet weather this weekend and that is going to bring an end to the heat wave for some. for the sup you shalls, for new jersey at the shore, and the
6:52 am
lehigh valley. the rest of the area is looking in temperatures in the 90s and steamy conditions saturday and sunday. it's after we get through this period we finally see the temperatures come down to normal. that doesn't happen until next week. tuesday, beautiful weather with temperatures in the 80s. humidity comes way down for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the temperatures start to warm up. this time, to normal levels friday and saturday. eight minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work on this thursday morning. >> jessica is looking at the vine street expressway. >> we are watching it around 8th street. i like this camera. we are not seeing delays in it. right here, you can see what's coming off the ben franklin bridge. trying to get to the vine street expressway. eastbound toward 95, here is westbound toward the schuylkill. not seeing many delays right now. speaking of the schuylkill, we'll check in with the drive times. eastbound, we are seeing less of a drive time right now.
6:53 am
less time to take you from the blue route to the vine, 24 minutes on the westbound side. speeds are dropping. we are in the high 20s on the westbound side. keeping your eye on the schuylkill, 6713 running two cars short with with light overcrowding. back to you. >> thank you. tonight, leave the kids at home so the adults can play with the legos. legoland discovery center is holding the first adult fan of lego night. grown ups get the chance to experience all ten lego play zones. they can build activities and meet a master builder. >> sounds fun. we are back with a look at the day's hop headlines. >> that includes the wild chain of events where a passenger stole a taxi cab.
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a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. arizona senator, john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. they found a tumor removing an associated blood clot. it's one of the most aggressive types of cancer. he's recovering at home in arizona and plans to have chemotherapy and radiation. police are searching for a man who stabbed a mother and daugt ner south philadelphia. the mother died and the 21-year-old daughter is in critical condition. investigators say the man is the daughter's ex-boyfriend and he was upset about the break up. philadelphia police have a 65-year-old woman in custody who stole a cab around midnight. she stopped to pick up a fare, a woman and her 10-month-old baby, who are both okay. police stopped the cab and the
6:58 am
real cab driver was not hurt. the south jersey police recovered two bodies from crystal lake in vineland. vineland police called in a dive team when a fisherman spotted something ten feet under the water. in delaware county, a man who shot a police officer last year will learn his punishment today. he shot the officer as he responded to a drug deal in progress. he survived despite being shot soechb times. o.j. simpson faces a parole board today. he's served nearly nine years for the armed robbery conviction cht. good morning, everyone. first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington here with you with one last check of the road.
6:59 am
inju girard avenue. speeds in the 30s. watching the garden state parkway, sunshine near the toll plaza. you can't see it in the cameras right now. both directions are clear and moving nicely on the northbound and southbound side. day three of temperatures in the 90s. the humidity and the heat will be higher for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. issued a first alert for potentially dangerous heat from noon today through tomorrow at 8:00 in the evening. it's going to be an extended period where peopltemperatures like 98 to 104. temperatures in the 70s, near 80 in philadelphia. look what happened this afternoon, into the 90s. 97 degrees. it's two degrees away from the record for the state. 96 in new jersey and delaware. even at the shore, it will reach into the 90s.
7:00 am
the high humidity will feel like it's closer to 100. >> thank you, bill. get your updates, weather and trarveg on the nbc 10 app. >> the "today" show starts now, thanks for watching. good morning. breaking overnight, senator john mccain diagnosed with a aggressive brain cancer related to the blood clot last week. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle behind him. >> this disease has no more worthy opponent. >> this morning, tough fight ahead for the man known as the maverick. knives out! president trump blasts his own attorney general for stepping away from the russia investigation. the bombshell new interview as trump's son and son-in-law to capitol hill to testify. one of the most watched in history, hours away is the


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