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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  July 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right around 90 degrees. chance we'll see more showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour to show you how your day will progress when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. to start, we do have breaking news. watching the schuylkill. here's the camera around the vine street expressway. right around 30th street station zoomed in on that point. earlier crash. earlier closing the eastbound side and westbound side. right now allowing cars to creep by on the eastbound side, but the westbound side still is closed right now. have to get this out of the way. right now a lot of volume and backup. police activity still on the scene there. schuylkill expressway westbound still dealing with problems. here's 95 on the southbound side. blocked all lanes right now on the ben franklin bridge. again, the southbound side. that will be the traffic moving i guess you could saw more towards the philadelphia international airport right now. past the ben franklin bridge. all lanes currently blocked as
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we try to get this crash out of the way. northbound is open. end on a good note. see part of the westbound schuylkill closure here. vine street expressway is open. that would be a good way to get through center city if you want to t to bypass that portion of westbound. southbound closure on schuylkill and wn closure on 95. 11-year-old boy the latest victim in a wave of violence. >> neighbors tell us they are fed up. he was in his home when he was wounded in his chest by a stray bullet. part of a burst of gunfire saturday night along township line road. got reaction from neighbors. >> totally shocked when i found out it was him. i was praying so hard. >> he's a great kid. neighborhood kid. all the kids play with him. everybody is concerned. >> so far no arrests in that case. police did make an arrest in
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another shooting death over the weekend. number of homicide in chester this year stand at 20. double this time last year. new overnight, american red cross some people driven out of that you are apartment building by a fire. on the scene on 52nd street in philadelphia. the fire broke out just before midnight. crews put it out within minutes. no one was hurt. happening today philadelphia's history will be made when the new interim da takes the oath of office. sworn in at noon today. first african-american woman to serve as philadelphia's top prosecutor. city's board of judges selected her last week to finish out the terms of seth williams. seth williams resigned last month when he pleaded guilty to corruption charges. happening today. new jersey has a new governor just for the day. lead as a fill in. both out of state at the
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conference of republican governors. today officials from tom wolf's administration will discuss how consumers will be affect bid the appeal of reform act. family impacted by the aca will also participate in the discussion. opponents argue it could lead up to 32 million people without health insurance by the year 2026. washington this week, the senate is expected to vote on republican health care bill. not clear whether the measure will repeal and replace the affordable care act or simply repeal it. one possibility is to repeal with the two year delay giving lawmakers more time to agree on replacement plan. in may, the house passed its version of the bill to repeal and replace the aca. happening today, a man accused of killing his goich in ocean city will make his first court appearance. faces first degree murder charges. autopsy results show his girlfriend was strangled.
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her body was found saturday at the wesley inboarding house. today bucks county discuss this man is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and dumping her body along ben salem. last week told a judge he was high on meth at the time of the murder. update us today on this fire still burning in south jersey. the fire first started on thursday. still burning, but is now 100% contained. we now know an electrical problem caused the house fire that killed a montgomery couple over the weekend. both in their late 90s and died in the fire early sunday morning. neighbor smelled smoke and called 911. it was too late when
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firefighters got there. flames spread quickly. >> their whole life was devotion to their family. it's extraordinary. >> you never want to see tragedy. especially on your street. >> the couple lived in the home since the 50s. investigators are not sure if the smoke detectives were working ats the time. the house next door was also damaged by smoke and heat. 4:35. pharmacy flasher. question investigators say this suspect had for a local store worker and the search to find him. walking a mile in his shoes. what a worker gave up to help a stranger in need. plus high hopes. training camp begins today for the eagles. coach and players feel goo about this upcoming season. 4:35. 27 degrees and we are looking at rain that has moved out of the area. the heavy stuff moving out. the flooding threat remains.
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heavy rain is leaving our area. lead to some flooding this morning. just clearing trenton and offshore of ship bottom. light rain coming to an end in atlantic city. the rain that fell overnight. doppler estimated rainfall. tremendous downpour. showing 5.5 inches on ground. close to 2 inches on the ground in delaware county and parts of south jersey. 2.5 inches in part of chester county. that can lead to flooding this
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morning. watch out if you're hitting the roads. some streets have pockets. some flooded areas. won't last long. be out of here later this morning. see the water recede. temperatures have cooled down to the 70s. going to be a warm day today. some neighborhoods hit 80s and 90s this afternoon. 71 degrees right now in west mount airy. graduate hospital at 71. 72 at the airport. the showers threat decreases this morning. still a few showers possible at 9 clo:00 this morning. mainly dry at 80s in wilmington. 80 in philadelphia at 9:00 in the morning. upper 80s by lunchtime. breaks of sunshine. really start to heat things up. may still see all few spotty showers in the area. greater chast is going to come later in the day. more showers and possibly strong pop-up thunderstorms. 3:00. few showers. 90 degrees in philadelphia. near 90 inwomenington.
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3:00 hour, just few showers. 7:00 this evening. could see some heavier downpours. especially in the lehigh valley. storms could produce more heavy rainfall and will gusty winds as well. show you when the storm threat will finally move out and finally some nice weather will arrive with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> stay with the nbc 10 app to track the storms and flood threat. get the forecast right down to your neighborhood and instant alerts on your phone. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. watching the roads. the schuylkill dealing with problems from a little bit earlier this morning. right now we are seeing both directions looking like they're closed. earlier they were letting one car at a time go by on the eastbound side.
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then the westbound side was just shutdown. watching pretty big delay there is. and also watching the close sure on 95. southbound side jackknifed tractor trailer around ben franklin bridge. big delay approaching the scene. everything shutdown there. right before the bridge area if you are trying to head in that direction or move towards the airport. detoured around the scene there. southbound side of 95. blocked too. also watching some flooding over in cherry hill new jersey. route 70 is closed instead both directions right now around kings highway. again both east and westbound side. route 73 is an option still. white horse pike is an option. might not take you long because there's a lot of traffic still. eye on this stuff. updates when i come back in ten. 4:41. right no to monday morning. here's a look at stories we're working on. deadly case of human trafficking. dozens of people found crammed instead a truck. what we now know about the driver taken into custody.
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ready for questioning. the first son in the hot seat today. expected to give answers about his meeting with a russian lawyer and lobbyist before the presidential election. changes the culture of comey con. empowerment at the popular convention. úú@@úpúú@@@@úúú@
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water spout turned up tense moments for this mother and
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daughter in the canoe. rescue crews took these photos after pulling these two from the muddy ditch. jumped out of the canoe to avoid tipping over after the water spout came within feet of them. quarter to five. coming up this morning on nbc 10 today, it's no secret the city of philadelphia is changing. if you see the skyline recently, you know big development is underway from east to market. from university city. there are pockets in the city where new projects are taking over. many have the same theme. live, work, play. young people don't want to travel far for their job or dinner reservation and because this new concentration of workers is growing in center city. companies are choosing to move downtown over traditional suburban sights. next hour, tell you how that's putting philadelphia on the map. live in the digital operation center, katy zachry nbc 10 news.
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new this morning. looking for a man who exposed himself inside a pharmacy. >> take a look at pictures. state police say the man seen here acting strangely and lingering in a millville walgreens. short time later exposed himself o to an employee. ran from the store. if you know who he is, please contact them. new this morning. bucks county district attorney is thanking members of the community following the killing spree that took four young lives. here's an excerpt of the letter from da matt wine traub. just as first responders persevered through the heat and dust and rain and mud. you all stayed with was on our course to find these boys and bring them home to their families. outpours of support in the form of food and drinks as well as thoughts and prayers sustained us around the clock. prosecutors say cosmo dinardo and his does sean kratz lured four young men to sell them marijuana earlier this month. the men were shot and killed. bodies found buried on the
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property. cousins are now both in can you tell us -- custody charged with the murders. flames tore through the restaurant last night. flames shooting through the roof of the building. crews still on the scene. there are no reports of anyone hurt. new jersey now has a tougher dui law in the books. friday governor christie signed a bill requiring three years in prison for anyone convicted of killing someone while driving drunk or impaired. before the new law, some got off with lesser sentences because of legal technicalities. in washington today, south jersey congressman will lead a discussion of heroin addiction treatment for children. mcarthur co-chaired the task force on the opioid epidemic. happening today, renovations begin on one of the oldest buildings in the city. douglas house dates back to 1760.
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accessible restrooms and a ramp added. george washington used the home during the american revolution. listed on the national register of historic places. a picture is worth a thousand words. >> kind social security number a wo . >> kindness is the word to describe this. a homeless man picking up trash in his bear feet. man approached the guy. asked him what size shoe he wears. turns out they were the same size. man took off his shoes. got down on his knee and put the shoes on the homeless man. about 12 minutes before 5:00 a.m. this morning, issued a first alert. >> severe storms rolled through overnight. now concerned about flash flooding. >> the flood threat is with us from 7:00 this morning. look at the rain on the ground in south philadelphia. citizens bank park.
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a real day. those storms are on the move. quickly move offshore. just passing toms river right now. still some light rain falling in burlington county and into atlantic county. some parts of philadelphia still seeing rain as well. not heavy rain just adding to what's already on the ground. you can see ben salem and morristown getting some rain as well as center city. starting to dry out. heavy downpours overnight is going to lead to some flooding. philadelphia, suburbs, south jersey. northern delaware flood threat until 7:00 this morning. heavy downpours will lead to some areas of flooding. flooding streets and highways are a possibility. creeks on the rise in some streams may see some flooding as well this morning. not so much later today. 68 degrees right now. 72 degrees in philadelphia. south jersey most of the neighborhood are right in the low 70s.
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69 degrees. 71 in voorhees. 73 in floornsrence. we'll get sunshine and chance of afternoon showers and evening showers will be around. not going to be as widespread as what we had yesterday and overnight last night. chestnut hill. 84 degrees this afternoon. up to 87 for lansdale. the chance of late day showers and thunderstorms for new jersey and even at the shore see showers this morning. and then a chance of afternoon shower. won't be an all-day rain at the shore or delaware either. near 90 degrees in wilmington this afternoon. keep an eye on the sky. rain taper off this morning. get a break from showers and thunderstorms for most of the day. after 7:00. the flood threat should disappear. late this afternoon, start to see some more showers. and possibly thunderstorms develop. they move out overnight. and less humid conditions come in for tuesday mplts look at the temperature drop from 90 today to 83 tomorrow.
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really nice ahead for wednesday too. humidity down. cooler morning. 65 degrees and low 80s. temperatures start climbing come thursday. 85 the high. upper 80s with a chance of more showers and thunderstorms on friday. weekend though we're looking good with temperatures close to where they should be this time of year. middle to upper 80s for saturday and sunday. little bit warmer, upper 80s for monday and tuesday. 90 degrees next wednesday. >> all right. bill. thanks. nine minutes before five. significant issues on the roads this morning. watching 76. just around the southbound side of 95. ben franklin bridge. all lanes blocked. see the tractor trailer here. loonk v all the southbound side. all the lanes of the zsouthboun side are closed. either way you see flashing
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lights. police activity on the scene. 95 southbound right now is shutdown. we're also watching the schuylkill. now earlier we had both directions closed east and westbound. just around 30th street. in this general area here. then the eastbound side opened back up letting one car get by at a time. now the westbound side is back open. not open all the way. we still have lane blocks there. still seeing slow downs here. eastbound side back to normal. right now westbound so if you're moving towards center city, you're going to see a slowdown there. part of 95 southbound delay. part of that closure too. moving to new jersey. flooding in cherry hill. closing a portion of route 70. both directions east and westbound. right now detoured around because of that flooding around kings highway. right around route 47 we're closed in that area because of flooding too. today homeless children and kids and low income families from across the area getting a
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generous gift. >> more than 270,000 diaper given out to local human service agencies. comes from a nonprofit organization that collects items for children from birth to age of 12. experts say more than 5 million kids below the age of three live in poor or low income families. this reminder that nbc 10 are supporting our schools to get students and teachers the supplies they need to succeed. now through saturday, you can make an impact in local classrooms by donating money or supplies to support projects. teachers want to bring kids -- the projects the teachers want to bring to kids this year. donate today on or the nbc 10 app. several dogs up for adoption now have a home. yesterday fish town hops hosted a pspca adoption event.
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hops and hounds. nbc 10 and telemundo are committed to clearing the shelters. join us august 19 as we help find loving homes for animals in need. most shelters will wave the adoption fees. more than 50,000 pets found forever homes in the last year alone. taking to the field. eagles training camp begins in hours. talks about the team's talent and what safe jenkins says is the key to success. special moment at the ballpark.
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♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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plan your trip to the finger lakes at jackknife tractor trailer. all lanes blocked.
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also seeing issues because of the whetheather this morning. a lot of different smots with flooding. eagles training camp opens a little bit later this morning. >> i guess football season is here. head coach doug peterson will begin his second season in charge. eagles first full squad practice is thursday. 2017 bird have more talent than the packers super bowl team he was on 20 years ago. asked safety malcolm jenkins about that. >> you don't get awards for being talented. i wholeheartedly believe in the talent we have on this team. i'm very focused on trying to keep our team locked in on what matters and that's just the day-to-day grind. i believe we'll have some success and the way with handle that success is going to determine or season.
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>> coach peterson, putting a lot of pressure on this young squad here. nbc 10 official eagle station. catch all four of the birds' preseason games starting august 10. young south jersey philly's fan got the full major league experience. >> this is jake duffey. got a behind the scenes tour of citizens bank park. courtesy of the umpire. first stop was fully stocked shelf of snacks the you weres heat before the game. battles cystic fibrosus and kidney disease. the tour was a welcome break from the hospital. >> came into the locker room with us. took a lot of pictures. hung out. see what we do before the game. got to hang out in the philly's dugout. we got to put a smile on his face. just what it's about. >> little hesitant when it came to the inflatables. what are they. >> they're big. >> he loved the vip treatment. tour was set up by the you weum
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>> that's good. now for more stories we're following right now on nbc 10 at 5:00 a.m. flood threat. rush of rain is creating a danger of flash flooding and leaving a mess on the roads. stranding drivers. what you need to know to get to work safely. rash of violence. 11-year-old caught up in a crime that has a community on edge. bringing business in with a boom. the new way philadelphia is attracting new talent. we've issued a first alert for this morning because of the threat for flooding. from the heavy rain from overnight. downpours like this have been going on since last night. this morning, we've already gotten two reports of water rescues. problems on the roads. flooding on the roads. a lot to get too.
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good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate fabd weather alert. first alert for our area for this morning for philadelphia, suburbs, south jersey and northern delaware to 9:00 this morning. just extended it. going to take time for water to find lowest point. that's why we're seeing rising waters. lead to flooded streets and already has. pockets on the highways. flooded areas will be difficult to pass if not impossible to pass. rising creeks and streams what we're seeing right now. flood threat this morning, especially delicate in parts of the suburbs into northern delaware and south jersey. this is where a flood warning is in effect. flash flood warning until #:00 this morning. some areas picked up more than 7 inches of rain. multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms overnight. not going to b


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