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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  July 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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was working when he saw a homeless man picking up trash in his bare feet. approached the man and asked him what size he wears of shoes. turns out they wear the same ties size. now for more stories we're following for you on nbc 10. breaking this morning, flood threat. heavy rains creating a danger for the morning commute. stranding drivers and closing roads. the neighborhoods where the problems the worst ahead in your first alert forecast. >> this is crazy. >> the rescue on the water. water spout. at the jersey shore, forced a mother and daughter to jump to safety during a canoe trip. shot on the chest. little boy is hit when a stray bullet comes flying into his home in a delaware county city facing a deadly rise in violence. we have a lot to get to. issued that first alert at 6:00
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a.m. >> let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood and reason for issuing the first alert. multiple rounds of drenching rain overnight. strong thunderstorms that rolled through. severe weather is out of the picture, but now flooding is occurring. philadelphia the suburbs, south jersey, northern delaware until 9:00 this morning. you may run into flooded streets and highways. rising creeks and streams lead to more flooding this morning. not everybody is going to see the flooding. just about everybody saw the drenching rain that came through overnight. heavy downpours out of the picture. drying out in wilmington and philadelphia. it's what is already on the ground that's led to flash flood warning until 9:00 this morning. pennsylvania and south jersey and until 6:15. about another 15 minutes there. waters will be receding. we're not done with the showers and thunderstorms. another round of showers moving into berks county right now.
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swing through the lehigh valley first thing this morning. then a chance of more storms later today. not quite like what we went through last night. more spotty later today. 68 in the suburbs. 72 in philadelphia. low 70s for delaware and new jersey. we will get some breaks of sunshine. that will send the temperatures to near 90 degrees in new jersey and at the shore up to 86 degrees. chance of showers. just 79 degrees this afternoon for the lehigh valley. mostly cloudy skies there. 90 degrees in philadelphia with a chance of more late day showers and thunderstorms. break down the day for each part of our area hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. first, see how the traffic is dealing with floodwaters this morning. jessica boyington has been on top of it mpk. we've definitely seen better days than this so far. you can see the two vehicles involved right over here. that's actually just some crew helping clean up the space. earlier we had a jackknifed tractor-trailer blocking all the lanes of the southbound side and
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still blocked even though the tractor-trailer seems to have been taken out of the way. massive delays on 95 southbound. diverting the traffic off around the vine street expressway. portion of that closure right there. moving down the vine westbound. if you have to get around that, which you will have though, they'll divert you off that anyway. take the schuylkill eastbound. head back down to 95 southbound that way. coming the opposite way on the schuylkill. watch for a crash on the westbound side around south street. starting to zee some delays there. moving up from south philly into the center city area. also watch pg hamilton township for a down tree on route 29 northbound around route 129. now the right lane blocked there. traffic getting by. vai, back to you. >> thank you. team coverage of the flood threat. and impact it's having on the morning commute continues to nbc 10 matt delucia. live in camden. one of the many reports we've heard about cars being stuck in high water this morning. matt, tell us more.
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>> reporter: the good news is the rain has moved out of this particular area where we are in camden. starting to see floodwaters recede. just behind me here, at tulip and you see there's a car there about a half our ago, that car was submerged under water. take a look at video we have for you. you see the car under water. see rescues. in this case, not a rescue involved, but over in chesters earlier this morning. a rescue there. been driving throughout the area. just over by the brook lawn circle. that has cleared up. seeing improvement here as we get to morning rush and roads reopen. take another live look here back in camden at master street and tulip street. the road has reopened here. right by morgan street. 676. so again we have been going throughout the area. really have been seeing people just trying to navigate floodwaters and sometimes you get that standing water, you
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don't know how deep it is. in this situation here, you can see it stalled out that vehicle there. some cases might have to be rescued from it like we saw earlier this morning. heading out on the roads this morning, just be careful. if you see any of that standing water or puddles along the side of the road. live in camden, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> saw the reason why you don't drive through standing water like that. when severe weather hits your neighborhood, count on the nbc 10 app to get you through it. live interactive radar to see when the last of the rain will move through our area. happening today, lawmakers look ahead for another health care vote. >> first son-in-law jared kushner answer questions from the staff of a senate intelligence committee. want to know about his meeting with a russian lawyer and lobbyist during a 2016 campaign.
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kushner will not testify under oath. just the past few minutes. kushner released a statement. it details four contacts with russians during the campaign and the transition and denies collusion. you can count on complete live coverage coming up at 7:00 on the "today" show. meantime, president trump focus on health care today. meeting with people that the white house refers to as victims of obamacare. the president is calling on the senate to follow the house in passing a repeal and replace bill. this week the senate is expected to vote on republican health care bill. still not clear whether the measure will be repeal and replace the affordable care act or simple le repeal it. repeal it with a two year delay giving lawmakers more time to agree on a replacement plan. today officials from governor tom wolf's a administration discuss how people would be affected of the repeal act.
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family impacted by the aca will participa participate. happening today. history made when the new district attorney is sworn in. first african-american woman to serve as top prosecutor. selected last week to finish out the terms of seth williams. williams resigned last month when he pleaded guilty to corruption charges. florida man is due in court today to face charges after nine people died from being crammed in a hot truck in texas. police are calling it a tragic case of human trafficking. early sunday morning, police found the tractor trailer full of people in a parking lot of a san antonio walmart. eight people inside were already dead. another died at the hospital. officials say nearly 20 others in the trailer were in bad shape suffering from the effects of extreme heat. back here at home, 11-year-old boy is the latest victim of a wave of violence in chester delaware county. neighbors in the city say
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they are fed up. child in the home when he was wounded in the chest by a stray bullet. list instead stable conditions. it was part of the burst of gunfire saturday night along township line road. we got reaction from neighbors. totally shocked when i found out it was him. i was praying so hard. >> he's a great kid. neighborhood kid. all the kids play with him. everybody is concerned. >> so far there are no arrests in that case. police did make an arrest in another shooting death over the weekend. new jersey state fire officials update us today on this fire burning in new jersey. the fire in warden state forest started thursday. now 100% contained. not spreading or threatening homes. still burning. >> it's going down. it's twisting. this is crazy. >> one way of putting it.
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check out the rotation on that. turned up tense moments for mother and daughter on a canoe. rescue crewing from township took these pictures after pulling the two from a muddy ditch. mom and daughter jump ud out of canoe to avoid tipping over after the water spout came within feet of them. monday morning and we've got severe weather this morning. >> moved through. now focused on flooding and what could happen later today. >> things are looking better right now. view of ocean city new jersey. see breaks in the clouds. the shore is not done with showers. chance we'll see more showers this afternoon at the shore. easton is about to get more rainfall. those showers and potentially thunderstorms are moving in from the west. look at the lain. that's just the west of potsville. allentown is dry right now. as is redding. you can see the rain is moving into berks county already.
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not done with the rain just yet. heavy downpour, drenching rain overnight. now moved offshore. it's what's already on the ground. some of the heaviest totals in northern new castle delaware that heavy rainfall is producing flooding and floosh flood warnings in effect for parts of the area. this is a look at how much rain we picked up overnight. doppler estimated rainfall totals picking up more than five and a half inches of rain just to the north of wilmington. look at chester county in the suburbs and delaware and south jersey. tremendous rainfall overnight leading to the flooding this morning. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. toeshlly get another hot day today with breaks of sunshine near 90 degrees this afternoon. these low 70s won't last long. just because it's hot doesn't mean we're done with the storm. chance of more latd day storms. breaks of sunshine. 83 in wilmington. still a chance of scattered
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showers. not expecting big storms this morning. 2:00 this afternoon, scattered showers. mostly cloudy skies in new jersey. close and in the upper 80s for philadelphia. topping out near 90 degrees this afternoon. this evening, look at the cooling showers. potential thunderstorms for the lehigh valley. that's at 7:00 this evening. later in the evening, still possibility at 9:00 as storms move out. see clearing skies start overnight. temperatures cooling too. that will lead too much nicer weather over the next few days. look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. let's get an update on the situation at 95. >> jessica boyington has an update. we still have 95 closed downright now just around the ben franklin bridge. saw movement about 20 minutes ago. looked like they took some cars or looks like they took the tractor-trailer away from the scene.
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closed on the southbound side. that's important for you if you need to head out the door in the next couple of minutes. heading to 95 southbound not going to be able to get past this point. moving past the vine street expressway. diverting all traffic on the vine right now. not huge backups on the vine yet. that's a good thing. starting to see backups on the schuylkill. head this direction and have to head schuylkill eastbound to get to 95 southbound again and move past south philly like that you are going to see delays. also watch for the crash. we are seeing westbound delays towards the city too. thank you. real estate is a booming business in philadelphia right now. straight ahead. what's fueling the growth and the neighborhoods on the rise. plus, behind the scenes at the ballpark. young fans once in a lifetime experience at a time he needed it most.
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real estate boom underway in philadelphia. happening because the companies are shifting the way they recruit. >> new approach to put philadelphia on the map. >> philadelphia is one of the top cities where millennials are choosing to live. the work is following them here. there's an energy in philadelphia those in real estate have not seen for a while. population of greater center city has ballooned by more than 25% recently. according to real estate certifies and research for jones. companies want to be where prospective employees live. so they're moving in our expanding thepgss.
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take for instance comcast. building a second tower downtown. food giant arrow mark is moving new headquarters. and right across from them, right across the schuylkill, chemical company smc recently moved into a larger headquarters there in university city. it's almost a case that is made for companies to be here to be able to attract that talent because they recognize that they can't get young educated workers to go to suburban locations. >> here's a look at neighborhoods in philadelphia experiencing the most growth, according to city's deputy commerce director, new homes, apartment buildings and businesses are popping up. one of the original areas to see this development is the navy yard. told the city is planning a second hotel for the navy yard after the first was a success plus the city is looking into the possibility of lifting some of the legal restrictions right now that don't allow people to live at the navy yard.
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stay tuned. >> wow. a lot going on. 6:17. 72 degrees. looking at the flooding that's causing -- caused accidents on the road. ponding, people have gotten stuck in the high waters. >>over turned tractor-trailer southbound lanes of 95 basically underneath the ben franklin bridge. let's get to jessica and find out more. we've been watching this all morning. had a lot of problems. looked like they took part of it out of the way. either way, we're still closed. around the southbound side and ben franklin bridge right in here, that southbound side we were watching -- are watching all of the lanes still shutdown. diverting traffic through center city and having it on the westbound vine street expressway. we're not seeing massive delays there yet. starting to see schuylkill delays. back up a little bit the 95 delay is massive right now approaching the scene. traffic is crawling. once you get to vine street expressway, head down to schuylkill eastbound. that will take you back down to south philly. also watching the schuylkill
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westbound around south street for a crash there. delays there on the schuylkill too. gloucester township. watch for down wires. earlier transformer fire. northbound ramp to the 42 freeway. that ramp is closed right now. moving through gloucester. and also in hamilton township, downed tree. route 29 northbound right around route 129. that is not all closed. right lane is blocked. anoth a lot going on this morning. issued first alert for flooding until 9:00. rains that moved through. they were heavy at times. bill has been talking about reduced visibility. i don't know what that camera is supposed to show us. showed reduced visibility for sure. >> that's the view. when you get a camera that high and get low clouds. the camera shot will go in and out. starting to reduce in that live view. the ground view, looks a lot
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better in spring city pennsylvania. we have seen some areas of fog, but it's not a big issue this morning. the drenching rain that moved through south philadelphia, more than two inches of rain on the ground. the rain had ended. the water is starting to dry out. near wilmington, more than five inches of rain fell. not done with the rain just yet. big storms we had major night. push off to northeast. look at wet weather moving towards the lehigh valley and into berks county right now. downpour that's producing rain of about two-thirds of an inch an hour. moderate shower moving into berks county at this time. those showers will move through the lehigh valley and some suburbs. as the heavy rain overnight that is producing flooding and a flash flood warning until 9:00 this morning. and into delaware county. and chester county as well. why i've issued a first alert for flooding in the area.
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9:00 this morning. run into some flooded streets and highways. jessica boyington has been reporting on it all morning long from the first alert traffic center. rising creeks and steams could lead to more flooding in the short-term. not going to be an all-day flood threat. not all-day cloud cover either. keeping things cool right now in the 60s and low 70s. some neighborhoods will climb to upper 80s in south jersey with some breaks of sunshine. pretty good warmup. considering 69 right now. 71 in voorhees. lumberton. we'll climb into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. it will be a bit steamy. feel like it's in the 90s today. hour by hour forecast shows 11:30 see nice breaks of sunshine. mostly cloudy in delaware with some breaks in the clouds and south jersey. still a chance of a late morning shower and northern burlington county and mercer county. then some o spotty showers this amp. 2:30 this afternoon.
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chance will be in new jersey as well. late this afternoon, there will be breaks of sunshine. keep an eye on the sky. download the nbc 10 app. track showers yourself if you're on the go. this evening, we may see a shower or thunderstorm pop up. there is that possibility of strong thunderstorm later today. as we go into the later evening hours and overnight tonight, finally get dry air moving in. going to make nicer weather after today. 90 degrees this afternoon. storms possible this afternoon. i don't think they're going to be as widespread as what we had yesterday andover night overnig tool meant to help fight the opioid epidemic is getting backlash this morning. still ahead, help to plan a crisis sparking a debate over
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good morning. jessica boyington with you right now. watching breaking news. because 95 is still shutdown. on the southbound side. just around the ben franklin bridge. rights now looking live at 95 around castor avenue. somewhere right after the betsy ross bridge. backed up past that point. all that traffic being diverted off. going to help you get around that when i come back. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast mpl. got a drenching major night. live view from the kimmel center. we will see more showers and there's a potential we'll see flooding in the area this morning. fist alert for flooding is in effect.  hour by hour forecast just ahead right now 72 degrees as we come
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this morning the outcome that is causing an uproar. nbc 10 first alert weather. weather is also causing an uproar. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. i'm vai sick hem. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's start with bill henley. multiple rounds of heavy rainfall overnight.
6:31 am
suburbs, south jersey and northern delaware. until 9:00 this morning. rainfall producing flooded streets and highways. rising creeks and streams could lead to more flooding this morning. the drenching rain came through the storms overnight. storms are now out of the picture for us. we will see dryi ing conditions see the area. see very heavy rain. flash flood watch warning is still in effect. into delaware county and pennsylvania. parts of chester county as well. add to it. more rain moving into the area. pretty good rainfall coming down in western berks county. these showers will swing through the lehigh valley and some of the northern suburbs first thing this morning. won't be an all-day rain. it will swing through. get breaks of sunshine. see a good warmup for most neighborhoods today. 71 degrees with clouds. dries out right now in new jersey. three mile an hour wind. view from king of prussia this morning. breaks of sunshine and 80
6:32 am
degrees at lunchtime. near 90 this afternoon. we're still watching 95 this morning. we have it shutdown on the southbound side. right heere watching around castor avenue. this is betsy ross bridge. the only reason it's moving right now is because they're letting traffic off on the vine street expressway. traffic is allowed to move very slowly. right now watching around the ben franklin bridge for the closure here. huge delays behind it. diverting traffic on the vine street expressway westbound. once you get to vine westbound, also watch around 22nd street. disabled vehicle there. that's going to cause you a little bit of a slowdown too. get around all of this, you have to get to schuylkill. take the vine street expressway westbound to the schuylkill
6:33 am
eastbound. that will take you back down to the bottom of or at least half that closure to get that's between water front complex and transportation center due to flooding in the area there too. new castle watching flooding here. route 40 around apple bee road. thank you. when severe weather hits your neighborhood or your route to work, count on the first alert weather team and nbc app to get you through it. use live interactive radar to see when the last of the rain will move through your area. breaking right now. learning new details about jared kushner's meeting with the russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign. just released a statement detailing what he plans to say before the intelligence committee today. he calls the meeting with the
6:34 am
lawyer a waste of time. denies reports that she suggested a secret back channel for communications with the russian ambassador. in that statement, kushner also says he only had four contacts with russia during the campaign and presidential transition and none of them were improper. when he answers questions this morning, he will not be testifying under oath. count on complete live coverage coming up on the "today" show. 6:34. just a few hours from now, philadelphia make history when it swears in a new district attorney. kelley hodge first african-american woman to serve as top prosecutor. finish seth williams the family wants the new interim da to bring charges against the person who shot her and her boyfriend. happened on july 16.
6:35 am
the couple got into an argument with the neighbor who we're not identifying because he has not been charged. he told police he felt threatened when they started climbing his fence during that argument. he grabbed his gun, shot the couple and then called police. nothing has happened since. the da seat has been open since seth williams resigned as part of a plea deal on federal bribery charges last month. the family of both victims are now hinging their hopes on kelley hodge who will be sworn in today at noon. that swearing in is open to the public. reporting live outside of city hall, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 6:35. new from overnight, american red cross helping people driven out of their apartment building by a fire on 52nd street. the fire at the park side apartments broke out just before midnight. crews put it out quickly. no one was hurt. happening today, the man accused of killing his girlfriend in ocean city will make his first court appearance.
6:36 am
paul klein faces first degree murder charges. autopsy results reveal his girlfriend was strangled. body found saturday at the wesley inboarding house. we now know an electrical problem caused the house fire that killed a montgomery couple over the weekend. both in the late 90s. died in the fire early sunday morning. neighbors smelled smoke and called 911. it was already too late when firefighters arrived. flames spread quickly and husband and wife were found dead in bedroom and bathroom. >> i'm sad. you never want to see tragedy especially when it's on your street. >> the couple lived in the home since the 50s. investigators are not sure if the smoke detectives were working at the time. the house next door was also damaged by smoke and heat. in new jersey, a possible new tool to fight the opioid crisis. one lawmaker wants to allow police to look at the state's
6:37 am
prescription drug database without a court order. that would help target doctors who may be writing illegal prescriptions. other states have taken similar steps. governor christie opposes that move. new this morning, delaware state police looking for a man who exposed himself inside a pharmacy. take a look at these pictures. the man seen here was acting strangely and lingering inside t the walgreens store. a short time later exposed himself to a female employee. ran from the store. if you know who he is, police are asking you to contact them. 72 degrees. 6:37. heavy rain in some parts. >> over an extended period of time. it was about 12 hours. we saw round and round of storms. first rounds have moved out. now seeing more move into the easton area. no thunderstorms just yet. potential for lehigh valley. rest of the area, looking at
6:38 am
cloudy skies. some breaks of sunshine. wilmington and northern new castle delaware picked up more than five inches of rain. quite a bit of rain in south philadelphia too. starting to dry out. mostly cloudy over citizens bank park. rainfall moving into berks county this morning. heavier downpour is just to the north. just to the northwest of redding this morning. that's a drenching rain. a moderate shower. starting to see the rain as well. swing through the lehigh valley and some of the northern suburbs into upper montgomery and bucks county. likely stay dry in the short terms. for philadelphia and wilmington, washington township. this is where some very heavy rainfall fell overnight. in fact, the doppler estimated rainfall if you take everything that came through with all those waives of storms and add it up. amounts to more than five inches
6:39 am
of rain. impressive totals. parts of gloucester county picked up more than four inches of rain. close to two inches in south philadelphia. that is leading to flooding this morning. jessica boyington has been spotting a lot of spots. we're going to see some tough travel first thing this morning. during the morning, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. see lingering clouds. still a chance of showers at 9:00 this morning. go into the lumnchtime area. warm up nicely. still lingering clouds this afternoon and evening see a chance of more showers and possibility of isolated thunderstorms. not widespread heavy downpours we saw last night. could be a heavy downpour, gusty winds and storms later today. look at those temperatures near 90 degrees this afternoon, but, there's a much nicer weather ahead after we get past today and tonight. you may have noticed it with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen when i come back
6:40 am
ten day on ten come back and show you how long that nice weather lasts. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 10:00 a.m. busy monday with the weather and traffic. looks like jessica looking at 676. >> get an update on that. watching the vine street expressway. 22nd street off-ramp. right now is blocked off. you can see flashing lights there. police activity. that's because of this. right here. jackknifed tractor trailer completely blocking the side of that. afternoon closed for a while with construction. just reopened. now today dealing with a jackknifed tractor trailer there. not that we need help doing that. it's approaching the schuylkill. diverting off, also seeing that have a little bit of delay and extra traffic there because all that 95 southbound traffic because 95 is still shutdown around the ben franklin bridge. all that trsk being diverted that way. to get to the vine westbound is a little bit slow. massive delays on 95 right now.
6:41 am
if you have to get to 95 southbound you're going to be detoured around the scene here. right now still going to be one of your best bets. head that direction get to the schuylkill eastbound that will take you back to south philly that way. 6:41. man versus shark. >> yes. who do you think wins? we got pulled into this one. we'll have the answer for you up next. why this matchup between michael phelps and the great white didn't end up what we thought it would be.
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2017 philadelphia eagles are just about to fly. >> birds training kampb opens up later this morning. nova care complex in philadelphia. head coach doug peterson begin second year in charge. quarterbacks and rookies. nbc 10 is your official eagle station. catch all four of the birds preseason games right here. starting on august 10. happening today, tokyo marking exactly three years away from the started of the 2020 summer olympic games. will be japan's first summer olympics since 1964. scheduled today to mark the milestone. but first, the 2018 winter olympic games. >> less than 200 days away. work is well underway at the various sporting venues. doesn't look or feel like winter here in south korea, but don't let that fool you. experts say the work is already underway in several skating,
6:46 am
skiing and other outdoor olympic venues. actually ahead of schedule. rare for the olympics. already athletes training. finishing touches aren't quite ready and no actually snow yet. >> broadcast 2018 winter olympics live across all time zones starting february 9, 2018. now if you tuned in last night to watch olympic swimmer michael phelps race a great white shark, you might have been disappointed. >> viewers found out it would all be a simulation. watch this. with the fin, phelps came close, but lost by two seconds. now twitter was of course abuzz with the fact that shark wasn't
6:47 am
real. cool, but wasn't really. one tweet reading so turns out michael phelps is only racing a simulation of a shark. if he wins, next he goes up against mario cart. mocked the idea of human racing shark. gasp, the great white won, shock. >> great pro motion leading up to shark week. >> still very cool. a lot of people looking forward to shark week. tonight at 11, ted greenburg goes on shark hunt to find out where they're swimming in our area. they have been swimming in our area. >> we like ted an awful lot. hope he comes back safely. we're about 12, 13 minutes now before the top of the hour and beginning of the "today" show. savannah and carson are with us with a preview. high guys. >> hi. both coming up.
6:48 am
new twist in the russia investigation as the president's son-in-law gets set to talk to lawmakers. this morning, a first look at what he'll say with contact with russian officials and controversial meeting with russian attorney. >> also ahead, would you even notice something suspicious happenings right in front of you. >> inside look at revealing new princess diana documentary. all that and excitement of american ninja warrior live on plaza. got it coming up. right here on today. >> try the course carson. >> you know, in this weather, i don't think that's going to be my excuse. >> would have been sunny though. >> no problem. >> you hear nicely. go out there and weather like this. all right. see you in a little bit. >> thank you. 6:48. 72 degrees outside. look at those clouds. >> beautiful. that's the comcast tower. we're going to be moving into
6:49 am
sometime next year. ok paying 12, 13, 14. these are the upper floors here. see the clouds. bill, going to be more rain coming in later. >> already had tremendous rainfall. why i've issued first alert for our area for the pennsylvania area. for philadelphia and the suburbs. for south jersey and northern delaware. seeing very heavy rain. flooding curing until 9:00 this morning. count on seeing flooded streets and highways. rising creeks and streams lead to flooding as well. look at the rain on the rink at penn's landing. skies improving. seeing ocean city new jersey. not a very good view there. okay. that's spring city pennsylvania. there we go. see a little bit of fog though in the wake of those showers and thunderstorms. now we have this. more wet weather moving into berks county. pretty good rain coming down. almost inch and a third an hour. moving to lehigh valley this morning. those showers will miss the area that saw the heaviest rainfall
6:50 am
overnight. flood warning still in effect. flash flooding for northern delaware, northern new castle county. chester county as well, but we won't see an all-day rainfall. first alert for this morning will be out of here for this afternoon. we will see some sunshine to warm the temperatures from the low 70s into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees for philadelphia. cooler air will stay with cloudy skies and chance of more showers in the lehigh valley. hour by hour forecast shows a noontime breaks of sunshine, but still a chance of some spotty lighter showers during the early afternoon hours. you could see thunderstorms develop during the late afternoon hours. not going to be anything like what we saw late yesterday. or overnight. then overnight tonight, we'll get clearing skies. going to make for much nicer day tomorrow. 90 degrees this afternoon. chance of showers and thunderstorms later today. then turning less humid for tomorrow. things clear out and cool down.
6:51 am
beautiful weather for wednesday. cooler in the morning. 82 degrees in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. bit warmer on thursday. then a chance of more showers and thunderstorms on friday. drying out this weekend. for saturday and sunday and into monday warming trend which will have us near 90 degrees with a chance of more storms on tuesday and into the very low 90s next wednesday. thank you, bill. about nine minutes before 7:00 a.m. get a check of the roads out there. >> challenging morning already. get you updated. >> watching the vine right now. from the westbound side cameras around the 22nd street off-ramp. this ramp has been closed for quite some time with construction. just opened sometime last week. now blocked right now. tractor-trailer here off to the side. police activity too. seeflashing lights. blocking some of that is making westbound delays because traffic has to bypass is scene right
6:52 am
now. watching 95 all morning. closed around the ben franklin bridge. diverting traffic off through the vine street expressway and had to go around to get to schuylkill eastbound. for now, starting to let cars through the area. we are seeing pretty big 95 delays. at least getting better there. also watching new jersey transit. river line service is currently suspended due to flooding. a lot of problems with the rain this morning. different closures all morning long. we're again still watching mass transit for you. check back in with the vine and 95 drive time when i come back in five minutes. >> thank you, jessica. young south jersey philly's fan got full major league experience at yesterday's game. >> got a special behind the scenes tour of citizens bank park. courtesy of the umpires. first stop was fully stocked shelf of snacks that the umps eat before each game.
6:53 am
then to dugout. the tour was a welcome break from the hospital. >> came into the locker room with us. took a lot of pictures. hung out. see what we do before the game. got to hang out in the philly's dugout. got to play with the inflatables ask a good time. we got to put a smile on his face. >> very nice. a little hesitant when it cam to the inflatables. he did love the vip treatment. >> next, we're right back with look at top headlines that we're following with you this morning. includes breaking news in washington where president trump's son-in-law just revealed interaction with russians. have that straight ahead.
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breaking news. getting details from the statement. president trump's jared kushner is providing to congressional committee. says the june 26 meeting with a russian lawyer was such a, quote, waste of time he asked his assistant to call him out of the meeting. he also said he only had four contacts with russians during the campaign and presidential transition, none of them were improper. kelley hodge will make philadelphia history today sworn in as interim defense attorney. first african-american woman to serve as city's top prosecutor. board of judges selected hemorrhage last week to finish off the tomorrow of seth williams who pleaded guilty to corruption charges. make first court appearance today. paul klein faces first degree murder charges. reveal his girlfriend was strangled. body was found saturday. today, new jersey state fire
6:58 am
officials will update us on this fire that is still burning in south jersey. the fire in the warden state forest started on thursday. fire is not quite out, but it is 100% contained. meaning it's not spreading or threatening any homes. good morning, everyone.  jessica boyington with you with of course more breaking news for today. had a lot going on this morning. for now, we're going to start with the vine street expressway. our camera here zoomed in on a jackknifed tractor-trailer stuck at the top of 22nd street on-ramp. right now blocked causing delays on the westbound vine street expressway. update on jj transit earlier. seeing service delay and cancellation there in between water front complex and transportation center. due to flooding right now. back in service. watch for residual delays there. also checking in with 95. we are reopen.
6:59 am
closed all morning long around the ben franklin bridge. tremendous rainfall came through overnight last night. dumping inches of rain in delaware, south jersey and into the suburbs. those showers and thunderstorms are now out of the picture. another heavy downpour moving through berks county towards the lehigh valley. not done with the wet weather yet. it's missing that rainfall is missing the area that saw the heaviest rain overnight. northern new castle into delaware and chester countys seeing some heavy rainfall or the results of heavy rainfall. flash flood warning in effect until 9:00 this morning. we are seeing breaks of sunshine. we'll get sunshine. pretty good warmup this afternoon. 68 degrees right now in the suburbs. low 70s for the rest of the area. this mpb, near 90 degrees for philadelphia and for new jersey while the lehigh valley mostly cloudy skies and a chance of showers and thunderstorms. high of 80 degrees.
7:00 am
89 degrees for delaware. with a chance of more late day showers and thunderstorms. >> thank you, bill. keep you updated throughout the morning on the nbc 10 app. >> today show starts right now. good morning. breaking overnight, nothing to hide. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner, strongly denies he colluded with russia during the presidential campaign. but acknowledges four meetings with russians before inaugurati inauguration. his stament released just hours before he heads to capitol hill, where he is expected to face a grilling today. tragedy in texas. a truck driver now in custody, set to be charged in a horrific case of human smuggling. >> they were hot to the touch. >> 39 people discovered in the back of a cramp, overheated tractor-trailer. what did he see? a key witness steps forward in that deadly police shooting of a


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