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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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avoid floodwaters. evacuate if you do see the water rising very quickly. turn around, do not drown, and be sure you download the free nbc 10 app for more weather updates. hour-by-hour forecast, starting at 6:00 p.m., notice we are starting to see a clearing by later tonight. 11:00 p.m. we are seeing mostly clear to clear skies. we certainly like it around here. by early tomorrow morning for your sunday, it looks like a sunny sunday in the forecast. i also want to mention a marine forecast that has been issued, a gale warning until sunday 2:00 a.m. for the jersey shore and delaware shore. we are talking about sustained wind speeds and frequent gusts, anywhere between 39 and 54 miles per hour. so that is very dangerous. in addition, we have a small craft advisory for the upper delaware bay, and that's because we're talking about sustained wind speeds ranging between 21 and 38 miles per hour or frequent gusts ranging between 21 and 38 miles per hour.
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we are also talking about waves that could potentially be four feet and higher. now, current winds right now, notice they're coming out of the northeast, very strong for toms river at 20 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds for wildwood 15 miles per hour. atlantic city, 12 for you. dover, 14 mile per hour wind speeds. again, a northeasterly influence. current temperature right now, 77 degrees in philadelphia, well when low the average of 87. allentown currently at 78 degrees. coatsville, 72 for you. wilmington a pair of 7s. mount holly 72 is your current temperature. dover at 73, and dover at 76 degrees. a little cooler for atlantic city, current temperature for you 73 degrees. the 10-day forecast looks like this. temperatures climbing tomorrow, below average, 83 degrees. notice by tuesday we climb into the 90s. 92 on wednesday and keeping it in the 90s by thursday.
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so looks like we will be tracking another heat wave for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. beyond that, temperatures start to dip a little bit into the 80s. it looks like we could see some thunderstorms by friday into the following saturday, possibly some showers. it gets a little cooler for the following saturday, so keep in mind for today we do have temperatures that are below average. by tomorrow we climb into the 80s. overnight lows for tonight mainly in the 60s, but at least we climb back into the 90s by tuesday if you like hot conditions with lots of sunshine. back to you. to promote this weekend's nascar race in the poke knows, the nbc snow cone truck took a pit stop. folks were treated to free snow cones and prizes. the overton 400 kicks off tomorrow at 3:00. what is ahead in sports? >> i will tell you, the weather put a halt to the eagles' practice at the link, however the birds hit the field with some important eyes watching. plus, the phillies made two
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trades last night while you were sleeping. we will get reaction from a new-lit clubhouse coming up next. >> this portion of nbc 10 news brought to you by tgi fridays. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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♪ >> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hello, i'm john boruk from csn. the phillies and braves coming your way in over a half hour on nbc 10. it will be a philly's team with a different look. the trade deadline is on monday, and trading kendricks to the nationals for a minor leaguer. later friday night, pitcher hellickson was sent to the other beltway team, the orioles, for a minor league pitcher. today the clubhouse reacted to the moves.
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>> everybody knew certain guys would get traded eventually, of course it is sad to see them go because we played this whole season with them and, you know, even hellickson last season. so been around him a lot and know, you know, have become friends with him. you know, it is sad to see him go, but i wish all the best of luck for them. >> you know what i mean, so really lost two good people, three good pieces, but we have to keep going, keep playing better and do what we've been doing the last couple of days, you know. >> to football now. the eagles had planned today's workout in front of their adoring fans at lincoln financial field, but thanks to the weather the open practice at the link was moved to sunday and the eagles returned to the nova care complex. eagles chairman jeffrey luri watching practice which was held outdoors. at practice, lane johnson and his long hair wig for a second straight day. carson wentz putting in the work
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and putting it in where he needed. everybody took notice. >> today was a very good way for the whole offense. you know, i mean we had a few snafus here and there but it was a good day. i thought in the pass game particular we executed well, probably as -- you know, it is only one practice so i'm not getting too excited, but that's probably as well as we have executed in the passing game since i've been here. >> and perhaps the reason why, wentz got some extra work in at practice today because backup nick foles missed today's workout with elbow swelling. the team is calling it a flexor strain. a reminder, the practice is now set for tomorrow. the doors open to fans at 8:30 and the practice will begin at 10:00. should be a fun day for eagles' fans. a study from if jama revealed this week 99% of the deceased nfl players had traces of cte in their brain.
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the concern over concussions and head injuries in the sport grows every season, and the latest player to voice their concerns, steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger who did not rule out retiring after this season. he said he feels healthy and thinks about seeing his kids grow up and his wife would be fine if he decided to call it quits. however, big ben has not committed to anything beyond this season because he says it would be cheating the team. >> football this afternoon, down in baltimore taking on the bring gads. the philly guys putting a hurting on the home team. one of many tuesdays, 70 tv 21 with final. the soul will begin another playoff run in a couple of weeks. that will do it for sports. i'm john boruk from csn. let's send it back to you. >> thanks, john. the 30th annual irish public tour to shore will take over streets from center city to atlantic city tomorrow morning. the ben franklin bridge will be closed tomorrow morning from
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6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. the bicyclists will make the 65-mile ride to raise money for the families of fallen police officers and firefighters. erika back with us to talk more about our weather. you know, in addition to the rain, it was so much cooler out there today. >> lots cooler because temperatures for telephone climbed to 77 degrees, 10 degrees below average, lauren. >> so it is spring. >> right, exactly. i felt like should bundle up this morning. the good news is we climb by tomorrow. we are still seeing showers especially over parts of delaware and the jersey shore. atlantic city over five inches and we're getting more rain. we're not done yet. the good news is it certainly clears by later tonight, and then look at this. sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. >> we certainly like that stretch right there considering how soggy it was for today. temperatures for tomorrow however, lauren, will be climbing to 83. it still will be below average, anti-that warm yet. 87 on monday.
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90 on tuesday. we're tracking the potential for another heat wave tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so what do you think about that? >> those 70s though, that was just a temporary reprieve. >> i know, exactly. so 77 for today was great. in fact, 83 for tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and low dew points so not muggy at all. we certainly like that. but i mean we're talking about the next potential heat wave tuesday, wednesday and thursday. of course, that means we have to keep everybody informed on what to do in those situations because today the biggest concern was flooding. so things like turn around, don't drown, by tuesday, wednesday and thursday it is stay hydrated, stay indoors with an air conditioned area. by thursday into friday it looks like we could be seeing some thunderstorms and it cools down by the following weekend, but -- >> let's look at some sunshine. >> don't let your guard down. i know you will watch it for us. >> that's "nbc 10 news" for now. we continue to follow breaking news in ardmore, one person was
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shot on haverford road. we have a crew there and will bring you updates on that on the nbc 10 app and, of course, "nbc 10 news at 11:00." for erika, john and all of us, i'm lauren mayk. nbc 10 nightly news is next. head to the nbc app for updates. >> closed captioning on nbc 10 brought to you by ford fusion. striking in looks, equally impactful in function. only at your local ford score.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening, we begin with new, dangerous provocations from north korea.
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two missile launches by the country this month, the latest yesterday, have sparked what appears to be an arms race. rival south korea saying the latest launch of a missile which could reach the u.s., may trigger fundamental change in the security of the entire region. our correspondent is in seoul tonight with the very latest. >> reporter: tonight, striking new images released by north korea. allegedly showing the intercontinental ballistic missile that could put major u.s. cities in striking range. cameras in northern japan capturing video of the missile. falling into the sea just 230 miles off the coast. the videos have not been independently verified by nbc news. the late night launch was supervised by kim jung-unwho called the missile test a serious warning that the weapons could hit the entire u.s. mainland. as people in the streets of pyongyang cheered the second successful launch in three weeks, there is
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new urgency that north korea can soon deliver a nuclear warhead to the u.s. >> kim jung-un, is dangerous because he is unpredictable. his technology in developing this missile cyst temperatucyst -- system which might hit the u.s., mainland, is advancing. and we don't appear to have a strategy to deal with him. and, he is taking advantage of that. >> reporter: the crisis is now triggering an arms build-up in asia, with south korea confirming talks with the u.s. for stronger missiles. the president ordered rapid deployment of the u.s. missile defense system here that was suspended in may. japan may also boost its missile defenses and consider preemptive strikes. and the u.s. has been testing missile interceptors in alaska with more launches planned for this weekend. experts concede, missile defense is not foolproof.
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and the trump administration has had no diplomatic progress in stopping or even slowing the regime. the arms build-up here suggests south korea is nervous about its alliance with the u.s. though more arms are sure to infuriate china. so there is instability across the region and no clear u.s. strategy to deal with it. jose. >> thank you very much. australian counterterrorism police raided four homes in sydney suburb tuesday. taking one man in custody. the prime minister says it is part of an ongoing terror investigation and is calling this a major operation. he said raids related to a bomb plot aimed at bringing down an airplane. australia has been on heightened alert for attacks by home grown militants since 2014. >> president trump took to twitter again today, faulting fellow republicans for their failure to pass a health care bill this week. meanwhile, there is more tonight on the latest white house shake-up. the departure of chief
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of staff, reince preibus, we get the latest from kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: under new management. the builder president is remodeling his senior team. installing a new chief of staff beginning monday. the reality tv president gave his choice rave reviews. >> one of our real stars. truly one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. >> john kelly switches chairs in the cabinet room. going from homeland security secretary -- >> a long way to facilitate the improve the legal movement of people and progress across our borders. >> reporter: to oval office gatekeeper. spent his teens as a cadet in military school but did not serve, has chosen generals for key roles. after 45 years in marine uniform and four stars on his shoulder, kelly said
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in april he wanted no part of politics. >> my biggest fear at the time was to be offered another full time job. particularly in the government. reince preibus leaves after serving fewer days than any white house chief of staff in history. a tenure hobbled by failure to deliver on health care reform and staff infooighting so vicious that anthony scaramucci remains in favor despite bashing reince preibus with vulgar language. >> i think it is an annoying distraction that it is not, not right for people to talk about, especially employees of the west wing. >> kelly's combat experience instead of political connections, may bring new structure to the president's team. if he is given enough authority. >> reporter: if the president's behavior goes unchanged then it suggests no staff change can improve things for his white house. >> reporter: and the shake-up shows the president wants to surround himself with advisers trained in the military and business worlds. with his new chief of staff and new communications
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director. and not more veterans from republican politics. today, hitting his own party on twitter saying senate republicans would be "total quitters" if they do not vote again to overhaul the health care law. jose. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thank you. an emergency unfolding tonight in the outer banks of north carolina where a power failure forced evacuation of tens of thousands of people at the height of summer tourist season. nbc's correspondent has more tonight. >> reporter: the timing couldn't be worse. at the height of the summer tourism season, parts of north carolina's outer banks without power. after construction crews accidentally cut a transmission line thursday while working on a bridge. mandatory evacuations are now in place for at least 50,000 visitors. everyone except residents, being ordered off two islands. >> we slept in the parking lot last night in the camper, waiting for, so we can get on the 7:00 ferry this morning. >> reporter: for now, relying on portable generators until power
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is restored. businesses on the outer bank whose rely on summer tourism to get them through the rest of the year are worried. >> it is like a -- having a hurricane without the tumultuous side of it. >> i really feel for the people that run the business here, i am just, on vacation, and you know, and granted they're trying to survive through the season. so i really feel for those folks. >> reporter: meanwhile, crews are working on fixing the transmission line which could take days or even weeks. maya ro copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine
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the more interesting way to get your protein. as the trump administration cracks down on undocumented immigrants living in the united states, the complexity of the issue highlighted this past week by the case of one woman who has lived here for decades. when she faced imminent deportation and family separation she decided to seek refuge in a church in connecticut. we get more from nbc's morgan ratford. >> can you show it to me? >> reporter: for 40 days, this woman has worn an ankle monitor like a criminal. >> it is embarrassing. >> for more than a week this connecticut room in the church was the family refuge. 9-year-old, haley is the youngest of her four kids all born in the u.s. she was there when immigration officials told her mom to leave the country. >> do you remember that day? >> yep. june 20th, seven days before my birthday. say like you were like me, or younger, or, any age, even the age
6:52 pm
you are today, you were getting separated by your mother or father how would you feel? >> reporter: undocumented, haley's mom fled to the u.s. in 1993. seeking political asylum amid unrest in guatemala. her application was denied. but she continued to work as a housekeeper. so she paid taxes and in accordance with i.c.e. rules checked in with immigration every year to keep her deportation at bay. that is until last month. >> i don't know what changed. >> reporter: you feel look you did everything right? >> i made my life here. i have my kids here. >> reporter: there are at least a dozen other cases of undocumented immigrants, currently taking refuge in u.s. churches. customs agents typically don't carry out raids. many of the people who are seeking sanctuary in churches or trying to avoid deportation, i'm sure, are fine people. they have been hard working people. but that's not the way our legal immigration system works. >> reporter: despite a record number of
6:53 pm
deportations under president obama, officials say his administration often exercised discretion in cases like nuri's where families could be torn apart. since president trump took office the number of deportations has dropped slightly. but undocumented immigrant arrests have gone up. >> in the trump administration, some individuals who may have been allowed informal discretion in the past now have become priorities for deportation. >> reporter: the community rallied behind her. and this week, immigration officials gave haley's mom a temporary reprieve. >> oh, my god. you snow -- you know? yeah, i'm happy. >> reporter: buying time for one family. >> right. >> reporter: to hopefully face their future together. it's unclear how long nuri will be allowed to remain here under the temporary reprieve. her lawyers are firing paperwork for permanent stay since her ultimate goal ties live here in the united states with her children, jose. >> she has four of them? >> she has four.
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nbc's correspondent explai explains. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: when beethoven fills the hall -- ♪ ♪ -- it's easy to forget this orchestra is composed of children. >> i get a rush of feelings like this is what i want to do when i grow up. ♪ >> reporter: you will hear 15-year-old vivian trejo on the french horn. the students of youth orchestra of los angeles, yola. famed conductor gustavo dudamel launched into worldwide stardom through a similar program. >> and i was one of them, am one of them. ♪ >> reporter: yola provides free instruments and hundreds of hours of instruction for 800 children from l.a.'s most underserved neighborhoods.
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>> the concept of inclusion, especially for disadvantaged children is so important when, when, when you share that with them. classical music takes them a world away from their daily lives. ♪ the free program a ticket to a place few have dreamed of. japan and the super bowl. halftime with cold play. ♪ oh >> it has helped me become a better person, more responsible, it has opened so many doors. >> reporter: for 16-year-old john gonzalez, the most meaningful stage is disney hall where proud parents fill the seats. students hitting all the right notes. ♪ nightly news" for this saturday. i'm jose diaz-balart reporting from new
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york. thank you for the privilege of your time. good night.
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down the first base line! ♪ >> it is finally cleared out here in the delaware valley. it's time to play a little corn hole and head out to the ballpark for the baseball game. have an adult beverage or two as the phils take on the atlanta braves in game two of the four-game series. >> i am tom mccarthy with mike schmidt and ben davis. the phillies offense has come to


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