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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  July 30, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now, searching for a suspect. police are looking for this man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting in delaware county. get in gear. right now, hundreds of riders are ready to roll in a 65-mile trek from philadelphia to atlantic city. and it's all in the name of honoring local fallen heroes. we are talking football fever this morning. eagles training camp in full swing, and today, fans have a to check out the team at an open practice. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10s today. i'm rosemary connors. 7:00 on this sunday, as you can expect, a lot happening. let's start with the tour de shore. happening now, hundreds of bike riders getting ready to start a 65-mile journey that begins in philadelphia and ends in atlantic city. this is a live look at center city around 20th and walnut streets where the annual tour de shore is about to take off.
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this is the 30th year for the event thats money for fallen first responders, law enforcement and others in need. the ben franklin bridge is closed right now. it will open back up to drivers at 8:00. we'll check back in on the race in a short while. right now, let's get to meteorologist krystal klei who has a pleasant sunday forecast for us. this weather will cooperate for all the events. >> great conditions. a little cooler than it's been for our morning hours. this is the 24 hour change map. compared to yesterday morning when it was also rainy, we're 11 degrees cooler in vineland. dover, the same. 10 degrees cooler in allentown and 4 degrees cooler in philadelphia. atlantic city is 12 degrees cooler than just yesterday. here are the actual temperatures. a lot of us near the upper 50s to 60 degrees. coatesville checking in at 61. it might be a crisp start this morning, but in the afternoon, we'll make a return to the 80s.
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this is going to be a gorgeous summer day and cooler than average with low 80s instead of upper 80s. on the radar and satellite view, nothing to track out there. another good sign the riders going from philly to atlantic city. conditions will be great for those riders today. look at the temperature track. we're going mid 70s 10:00 a.m. to the low 80s in the afternoon. not talking 90s, not talking feels-like temperatures in the triple digits in the 80s with dew points nice and low, which means moisture is limited and it will not feel humid. we'll look at the changing temperatures coming up. new this morning in philadelphia, a driver is under arrest in a hit-and-run that sent a bicycle rider to the hospital. nbc 10 was on the scene at broad and lombard streets where police say a driver in a sedan with new york plates hit the driver at around 2:30 and kept going.
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police caught up with the driver a few blocks away. the victim is in stable condition. >> the search is on for a gunman wanted in a deadly shooting just outside of a row of apartments in delaware county. police tell us the victim appeared to be targeted in this case. detectives want you to take a good look at the alleged shooter captured on security video. the image shows him running from the scene on haverford road in haverford township last night. the victim was shot several times while on his way to visit a friend at the apartment. witnesses say the gunman cursed at them when he ran off. >> heard gunshots, came downstairs. found the victim in the doorway. >> they pulled out a guy on a stretcher. they were pounding on his chest. >> he may have been targeted for some reason, may know the shooter. we dobt think it's a random shooting by any stretch. >> officers say the shooter disappears through an alley while running toward eagle road. in philadelphia, center city
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homeless shelter is coping with the death of a man killed during breakfast. the sunday breakfast mission was a crime scene yesterday an a man was stabbed to death. police tell us they did recover a weapon and take one man into custody, but no word if he's been charged. >> now to an update on a tragic fire we first told you about yesterday morning. a family in camden is grieving after the fire claimed the life of a 4-year-old girl. she died after the flames ripped through two row homes. ten other people were hurt. her grandmother spoke exclusively to nc 10. she told us the 4-year-old was sleeping downs on the couch when the blaze broke out. >> they told me they found her in the doorway. she was trying to get out. >> early indications show nothing suspicious about this fire. investigators also say the smoke detectors inside that home were
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working. an applebee's restaurant employee continues to recover after he was robbed and shot in newark yesterday. the victim is already out of the hospital. police tell us two men approached the worker's car and then shot him. they ran away from the scene. right now,ers are watching restaurant surveillance video to try to track down the robbers. five teens, including a 13-year-old, are facing charges for allegedly breaking into two homes in new castle county. the two oldest suspects are 19-year-old hunter foelts and 18-year-oldi edwin santiago rooesz. the two older men are being held in the youth correctional institution. the three other teens were released to their family. >> 7:05 on this sunday. something tells me the eagles fans already up this morning because they're going to get an opportunity today to get their first look at the team in person. practice is open for the public.
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just one of two open practices the eagles will hold alt training camp. drew, it looks like they have opened up the parking lot. >> the lots just opened a few minutes ago, and the fans are here. they already lined up down there at the security gates. we have seen lot of uniforms. these fans have been excited for months for this. it was supposed to happen yesterday, but because of a rain-out, they're holding it today. the eagles didn't get the day off. we have video of them at the novacare complex yesterday, but the fans are excited to interact with the players. and the players as well, we saw a tweets from carson wentz saying he can't wait to see all the crazy fans out there today. a full lineup of entertainment. there's going to be autographs, stuff for the family to do just before the practice begins at 10:00 this morning, and then they'll be honoring the veterans, all happening after the practice. a full day of free fun down
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here. we spoke to the first person in line. listen to how excited he is for this. >> you know, when they go green, we can never stop going green, so that's the philadelphia eagles green out here. we're here. we go eagles. we're going to be here to support them. i'm excited to be here. >> so if he's excited, so are a lot of other people. we're expecting a huge crowd. it's free, packing is free. you want to get here before 10:30 because there is a phillies game this afternoon, so there's going to be a lot of action happening in south philadelphia. a lot of people excited to see the eagles back. live in south philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. >> the eagles begin the preseason one week from thursday when they visit the bay packers at lambeau field. you can watch all the action at 8:00 that night right here on nbc 10. pregame coverage starts at 7:00, thursday, august 10th, only on
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nc 10. >> 7:07 on this sunday. the white house is regrouping after this week's health care setback and staff shakeup. coming up, we'll break down the new developments with "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. we'll talk to him later this hour. plus, flooding aftermath, while some folks down the shore say yesterday's high waters are complicating a controversial beach project. >> emily: i want to live on my own but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets?
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>> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
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all right. a live view outside philadelphia. bright, sunny sky. clear and blue. we're not tracking any clouds moving through today. we keep with the sunshine, center city with the start of tour de shore. right now, temperatures in the 60s. as we go to the shore around noon, i had to look up how long it would take a rider, but around noon is apparently when people will be getting to atlantic city. 77 will be the temperature. winds only 11 miles per hour. perfect conditions for the riders today. eagles training, we just heard drew saying people are already getting out there. as we go through the next several hours, 66 through 8:00. 72 through 10:00 a.m., and 1:00, 79 the forecast temperature. we're sunny in philadelphia as well. very nice to be out for straining. in the lehigh valley, 58. 75 by lunch time, and low 80s this afternoon with winds light, sunny skies everywhere. looks perfect for outdoor events on sunday.
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as we move forward, 90s. we'll get to the ten-day coming up. the first major u.s. city has passed a ban on texting and walking. coming up, where police will soon be on the lookout for texters in the crosswalk. plus, gearing up. right now, more than 2,000 bike riders are pedaling from philadelphia to atlantic city as part of the annual tour de shore. we'll check in with the organizers behind the event.
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tomorrow in new york, jury deliberations will begin in the martin shkreli striel. the former biotech ceo conned investors. his lawyer argues no one should
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feel sorry for the alleged victims because they all made money on the deal. dr. luke wants lady gog got to testify in his lawsuit against kesha. kesha sued dr. luke in 2014. dr. luke countersues accusing her of defamation. last year, she dropped her claims, but the defamation case continues. the lawyers want her to testify about text messages she got from kesha. >> honolulu is the first city to ban people from using their phones while crossing the street. the first violation can cost you $15 to $35. if you do it again, it could cost you $75 to $99. happening right now, bike riders are on a 65-mile trek from philadelphia to atlantic city as part of the irish pub
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tour de shore. the 30th year for the event that raises money for the irish pub children's foundation which benefits families of fallen first responders and other local children in need. here's a live look now over the ben franklin bridge where you can see those bicyclists heading over from old city into south jersey. the bridge is closed because of the event until about 8:00 this morning. once those bicycle riders pass over the bridge, they'll be making their way to atlantic city. joining us now to talk more about the event from the irish pub children's foundation is michelle gallagher. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. so michelle, the race began just a few moments ago. tell us more about the event and describe for us the role that law enforcement plays not only in the fund-raising but also participating in the ride. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. they have a team of riders that, you know, start here in
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philadelphia. race all the way to atlantic city. also, we have support along the way, followinglife of the bikers, making sure everyone is safe. just raising money as well as our youth police alliance, which is our officers go into schools and they do art and music and dance with the children. and we've been -- it's our new initiative and we're very excited about it. >> as we mentioned, the bike ride also raises money for the families of fallen law enforcement, fallen first responders in our area. i know you work closely with them. tell us the reaction when they see this kind of support out there, the hundreds of bike riders who up on a sunday morning to make the 65-mile trek. >> it's humbling. you know, it's amazing seeing the reactions. they're very humbled, very
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appreciative, and you know, it's really exciting. and we raised over $1 million this tour de shore, and it's amazing and exciting to see how this ride has come along in 30 years. >> michelle, thank you so much for joining us this morning and thank you for the work you're doing. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. >> have a great day. tomorrow, in philadelphia, city officials will be holding a birthday celebration for franklin square. the party will mark the 11th anniversary of the revitalization of the park. free birthday cake will be served while supplies last and ben franklin himself will make an appearance. the weather is very nice for the party, just as it should today, too. let's look at the pennsylvania suburbs. our temperatures, in the 50s this morning.
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early morning jog, the dog walk, very brisk outside. it feels good, though. 57 right now in unionville. and you're sitting at 61 right now, we're at 58 in warrington. bedminst bedminster, 60. later today, we'll see low 80s for highs. that's actually still a little lower than average for this time of year. on our radar and satellite map, we had that storm center pass by us to the south yesterday. you can see all the clouds, moisture now well to the southeast of us. still, though, that flow is coming in from the north, which is helping it bring in cooler and drier air. we will not have rain in the forecast today or the next couple days to come. high temperatures at the shore for our shore. right in the upper 70s today. 77 for rehoebth beach. take a look at our conditions. uv index, 8 today. that means put on the sunscreen if you're going to be outside.
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you'll feel the effects of the sun. surf is high, seven to nine feet, and rip current risk is high. talk about what rip current is. this is what a rip current would look like if we were overhead at the shore. a quick moving current of water out away from the shoreline that will then pull and wrap around. it's going to quickly want to drag you out. let's talk about the easiest way to get out of a rip current. first off, do not fight it. don't swim against that tug out to sea. instead, swim parallel to the shore. meaning you're swimming outward instead of against that pull that you just saw in the previous map. if you can't escape, float or tread and scream out for help. this is why we say on high rip current days, be at the shore, but if you're in the water, be in an area with a lifeguard. we're looking at temperatures that are going to stay below average. 83 in philadelphia, and 82 in the suburbs.
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by tomorrow, temperatures pick back up, flirting with 90s over much of the area. coming up, closing up shop. the end is near for several jcpenney scores in our area. plus, joining the fight. how philadelphia firefighters are coming together to help a little girl battling cancer.
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a look ahead at the week on wall street. here's morgan brennan. >> fem fatail versus emojis and looking for jobs in the week ahead. charlize thuroan facing emojis. they're trying to defeat dunkirk. watch for specific numbers on monday. will apple give hints on the
7:25 am
specs and rollout of the next iphone. investors will lee looking for the next sign. plenty of other big names announcing earnings this week. auto sales expected to be down again in july. analysts calling for a 5% decline from year ago levels. investors will have to wait until friday for the big economic release of the week. july's unemployment report will shown whether monthly job canes can stay above 200,000 and whether it will show faster signs of growth. amazon is holding a jobs fair nationwide on wednesday to fill 50,000 open positions. it's part of amazon's plan to add more than 100,000 full-time jobs by next january. get all of your business news on cnbc. more business news tomorrow. three jcpenney stores in our area will close for good. stores at philadelphia mills in
7:26 am
northeast philly, king of prussia at at the willow grove mall will all go out of business as part of a nationwide closer of more than 100 stores. a total of 5,000 positions will need to find a nigh place to work. 7:26 right now on this sunday. this morning, eagles fans are getting their first taste of football season. i'm not talking about the crisp weather, although it does feel like football weather. no, the eagles having their first open practice. drew smith is live outside the linc for us. >> the crowds are already here, and there's a morning full of fun and interactive stuff to do with the eagles. >> rosemary said it feels like football weather, with clear blue skies, low humidity, and temperatures lower than average for sunday. a much better day than yesterday. we'll talk about it coming up.
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right now, wanted for questioning. police are looking for this man in connection a deadly shooting in delaware county. >> we are getting our first look at the birds this morning. eagles fans will be pouring into south philly to check out the team. we're live with a preview. >> sunny sunday. finally, right? look at the clear blue skies. we're getting a nice start to the second half of our weekend. we'll break it down for you neighborhood by neighborhood in moments in the first alert forecast. what a difference a day makes, right? good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. it's just before 7:30 on this sunday. we really do have a great day on tap. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the clear, dry conditions. krystal, fill us in. >> our forecast looks perfect. we were talking about it before the show. one of a few perfect summer
7:30 am
days. right now, temperatures more like fall. northeast philadelphia at 63. 61 in trenton. we do still have some 50s. we're at 57 right now in pottstown and reading. 58 in allentown, and atlantic city at 59. look at the marina. 65 degrees. not bad at all. these temperatures will move up to about the low 80s. but they will not make it to the upper 80s that is average for this time of year. really nice conditions all day long. with these clear skies. right now, well opshore. you can see them from the shoreline, but that's about it. everyone else is going see blue overhead. no rain to track today because all of the surrounding area is dry as can be as well. on top of that, humidity, super low today. going to feel very good day long. 64, the current temperature now. bounces up to 72 degrees by 10:00 a.m., and we'll push that higher. 1:00, 79 degrees. the winds out of the north keeping us cool. things change in the days to
7:31 am
come, back to 90s in some spots. we'll look more closely at that coming up. >> thanks for that. we'll see you shortly. >> this morning, the search is on for the gunman wanted in a deadly shooting outside of an apartment building in delaware county. we're hearing from police that the victim appears to be targeted. investigators want you to take a good look at the shooter captured on the security video. the image shows him running from the scene on haverford road in haverford township last night. investigators say the gunman shot the victim several times while the victim was on his way to visit a friend at the apartment. witnesses say the gunman cursed at them as he ran off. >> heard two shots fired, yelling of some kind, males yelling. then placed a call to 911. >> we don't think it's a random shooting by any stretch. >> officers say the gunman disappeared through an alley while running towards eagle road. let's head to north philly where police there are investigating a triple shooting. this happened around 7:30 last
7:32 am
night on north 21st street. officers tell us they took someone into custody and they did recover a weapon at the scene. two of the victims are in stable condition. no word yet on the condition of the third victim. a bucks county couple is facing cruelty charges. this after officials removed a horse and other animals from the couple's home. the couple was required to feed and care for the animals, but authorities tell us that the conditions at their farm continued to decline. the spca is now caring for the couple's pig, three horses, and six chickens. this is what the flooding looked like at the height of the storm in margate this weekend. this is the scene along ventnor avenue early yesterday morning. the heavy rain swamped the streets. yesterday's deluge was not confined to the streets of margate. the rain dumped buckets of water near the newly constructed sand dunes. neighbors tell us the water was knee high in some spots. to get to the beach in the afternoon, you either had to wade through it, raising health
7:33 am
concerns, or take a long detour around it. the dune construction in margate is abunpopular project the city tried to fight in court. some neighbors say their worst fears have been realized. >> i would describe it as a mess created by that were not very thoughtful about what they were doing. we had a beautiful beach here, and it's been ruined. and not only has it been ruined in terms of the views but they created a dangerous situation for all the families in margate. >> state environmental officials say the sand is saturated. it will take time to drain. they're working with the army corps of engineers to address it. >> 7:33 on this sunday. happening now, the annual tour de shore from philadelphia to atlantic city is under way. you're looking alt the start of the tour at 20th and walnut streets in center city. the 65-mile ride will take the bicyclists to the atlantic city boardwalk. mun raised will go to families of fallen police officers and firefighters. quick traffic note, because of
7:34 am
the annual irish pub tour de shore, the ben franklin bridge will be closed until about 8:00 this morning. >> eagles fans will be at the linc today as the birds hold their first of two practices open to the public this summer. a rare opportunity for the fans to get a look at the team in training camp and as the season draws near. drew smith is live at lincoln financial field with a preview for us. drew. >> the fans are up early. i want to show you the parking lot. they just opened up another parking lot. cars are stretched down the street, and just beyond that, a lot of fans already in the security line. they're not opening the gates until 8:30, but a lot of people excited to take part in the military appreciation day at the open training camp practice. the lineup includes eagles alumni autographs, cheer practices for the kids and also a zoo and wildlife show, all happening before the eagles take the field at 10:00 this morning. that's going to run into the
7:35 am
afternoon. this is not a ticketed event. it's free for everybody. we have already caught some young fans excited to see the eagles for the first time this year. >> this is our first time here. and they have become their budding eagles fans. this is what he wanted to do for his birthday, so we looked into it. it's a free event, thought we would give it a try. i think it's awesome that the eagles offer this free to the public for these two days, this week and next week. we're going to try our best to get in there, see what we can see and we'll probably be back in the future. >> parking is free, entry into the stadium is free as well. you just want to make sure you get here before 10:30. security note, you have to have these clear plastic bags if you want to bring something into the stadium. best just to leave the bags at home. if you bring it in, make sure you have the clear backs. >> good advice. the eagles begin the preseason one week from thursday when they visit the green bay
7:36 am
packers at lambeau field. you can watch it at 8:00 that night on nbc 10. the pregame coverage starts at 7:00, thursday, august 10th, only on nbc 10. , south philly sports complex going to be real busy today. the phils once again take on the braves at zns bank park. first pitch is scheduled for 1:35 this afternoon. the phils beat atlanta in extra innings last night. ty kelly came through with a walk-off single in the 11th to give philly the win, 4-3 is the final. 7:36 right now on this sunday. coming up, terror plot foiled. australian authorities say they stopped what could have been a tragedy in the sky. who police have in custody and what investigators say they planned today do. also ahead, coming to the rescue. how philadelphia firefighters are helping one of their own and a little girl living with cancer. my daughter is...
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fighting back against cancer. yesterday, philadelphia firefighters held a fund-raiser for one of their own. bill finnegan, whose youngest daughter is fighting a rare form of the disease. 11-month-old beatrice will receive chemo for the next 19 weeks. her parents say it's no surprise they're getting help from their
7:40 am
firefighting family. >> you see them do awesome things like this all the time and they're always taking care of each other. it's fabulous and wonderful. and it's a whole lot of love. >> beatrice is undergoing treatment. firefighters were hoping to raise at least $10,000 last night to help cover the cost of those treatments. this week, we ask you to help us support our schools, and you responded. yesterday was the last day for you to drop off school supplies in atlantic city and northeast philadelphia. donations of backpacks, notebooks, crayons and more lined our tables. at national wholesale liquidators. we had an excited bunch collecting supplies for our local schools. our nbc 10 and tell amund volunteers even played music getting people pumped up. i feel like you're supposed to give back to anybody in need, no matter who it is. >> giving supplies to kiz makes
7:41 am
me feel good. i really do enjoy it. >> everyone who donated for the initiative in northeast philadelphia received a swag bag in return as a thank you from us for donating. >> 7:41 this sunday. the trump administration is regrouping after this week's health care setback and another high-profile staff shakeup. coming up in minutes, we'll break down the developments with "meet the press" muderator chuck. >> and not much to talk about because we're looking sunny. clear skies. look at the sun reflecting off the delaware river. we'll talk how long the sunny conditions last on the extended ten day on 10 forecast. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
7:42 am
when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
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almost quarter to 8:00 on this sunday. here are this morning's headlines. police are looking for this man, they say he shot and killed another man outside an apartment building in haverford township, delaware county last night. investigators believe the victim was tarkted. authorities in australia have foiled a terror plot. they arrested four men in sydney this weekend. the country's prime minister said the plot appeared to be a, quote, elaborate conspiracy.
7:45 am
eagles fans will get their first chance this year to see the team practice in person. the birds will hold one of two open practices at lincoln financial field today. the event is free for all fans. and we'll start with a couple live camera views. these in pennsylvania. plenty of sunshine out there, that's what we'll be seeing all day long. a nice forecast for us. that's not just berks county, all the way down to the shore, the same thing. sunny overhead, a much better and drier view of cape may than yesterday. by the end, we had rain reports of 5 inches over parts of cape may and atlantic counties. atlantic county, close to 6 inches in some spots. not the case today. no rain. temperatures mostly now in the 60s. we're at 62, upper township, and 61, summer's point. atlantic city at 65.
7:46 am
water temperature currently at 73. do remember, though, there's a high risk for rip currents today, which means better to be on the shore than the water and always be near a lifeguard. let's go to the delaware temperatures. 64 in marshallton, and 69 in glasgow. 67 for rainy point. farther south, 60s as well. looking at felton, 61 degrees. lewis beach, up to 68 right now. upper 70s later on today there. on the radar and satellite, a wide view showing off because there's really nothing for us to track outside, not just for us, but to the north, to the west, to the south, all looking much better, much more clear. now that that big cold front has sloughed across the area. when a cold front moves in, it often sweeps out all the moisture. we have low humidity today. forecast highs, 83, center city. low 80s, lehigh valley and burks township.
7:47 am
83 for trenton. kind of consistent. a lot of us around 82, 83. new jersey and delaware. rehoboth beach at 77, and cape may, 79 degrees with all that 9 in place. and even better yet, the winds coming in from the north which is helping keep the dry and cool air over us. that's lower than average temperatures. also today, the winds will be lower than yesterday light to breezy. 5 to miles per hour. 9 is the average in millville we go from our sunday morning to our sunday evening. not a lot to talk about on the board. how long can we keep this going? now we're monday morning. your commute, clear as can be. monday afternoon, a few spot clouds but mostly sunny, still no rain. tuesday morning, clear as well. and that lasts right on through tuesday afternoon and evening, too. mostly sunny, no rain. we have a stretch of at least
7:48 am
three days with dry conditions in the forecast. there's a look. neighborhood by neighborhood, the forecast high temperature. the low 80s compared to tomorrow where we get to the upper 80s. we do start to warm things up. 89 on monday for philadelphia, and 87 in the lehigh valley. we'll get to the ten-day in a few minutes. >> the white house shakeup truly takes effect tomorrow when john kelly takes over from reince priebus as chief of staff. priebus resigned last week after serving just six months. it was the shortest stint ever for a white house chief of staff. last week, new communications director anthony scaramucci made disparaging remarks about him, using vulgar language in an interview. kelly moves over from heading homeland security, as nicolle wallace explains, kelly's combat experience may bring new structure to president trump's team if he's given enough authority. >> if the president's behavior goes unchanged, then it suggests that no staff change can improve
7:49 am
things for his white house. >> kelly is in line with the president's positions on terrorism and immigration. in philadelphia this weekend, supporters of obamacare are not resting even after the push to repeal the law failed in congress this past week. activists held a rally yesterday just outside of pennsylvania pat toomey's officer in old city. they have been doing this periodically throughout the summer. they call on republicans to reject any effort to repeal the foordable care act. >> yesterday in burlington, cory booker held a public discussion on health care. the democrat says he's pleased that the senate rejected the aca repeal bill. >> we have a lot of work to do, but i think if anything from listening to the voices of new jersey today, literally, a young man saying his father died before the affordable care act because he couldn't get preventative care and support for his cancer. that can never come back to the united states of america.
7:50 am
>> three gop senators crossed party lines to vote down the bill to repeal obamacare. obamacare and the failure to repeal it will be one of the top issues on "meet the press" this morning. joining me now for a preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> we'll get to obamacare and the fact it didn't get repealed in a moment, but first, let's talk about the shakeup. another high-profile staff shakeup in the white house. john kelly in as chief of. reince priebus out. you'll sit down with the president's former campaign manager, corey lewandowski. what can we expect from kelly in terms of his leadership stipe? is this somebody who can steady the ship? >> he's got all the skills and tools to do that. all the skills in the world to do that. a retired four-star general. even his short stint in the department of homeland security as a manager and leader there, he's gotten high marks. people who have works for him for years are very loyal to him.
7:51 am
there's no doubt he has the ability to turn an organization around, instill some discipline. but ultimately, he can't succeed if the president doesn't give him that authority. does he make the rest of the white house staff report to john kelly? does he allow everything to run through the chief of staff, as it works in most white houses? or does he continue to sort of have this structure where everything is centered in the oval office? and if he gives kelly some room there, even for a short period of time, he has an opportunity to create a system there that might actually work better for the president. but history says differently. he went through three campaign managers on the campaign. he's on his second chief of staff, so history says donald trump isn't comfortable ceding authority to somebody else for long stretches of time. i think short term, he'll give some -- pay some deference to
7:52 am
the former four-star general, but long term, i'm skeptical. >> we'll have to see how it plays out. speaking of health care reform, obviously another big issue you'll talk about thus morning. you'll talk to health secretary tom price. where do he, the president, and the gop go from here after the praumshed repeal of obamacare failed in the senate this week? >> i think that's an open question the president is still tweeting this morning and yesterday, trying to get senate republicans to come back and try one more time, do anything. there's a bill out there that has nothing to do with repeal and replace that would basically change obamacare from being a federally administered policy to a more state-based administered policy. maybe there are the votes for that. who knows. some bi0 work to repair obamacare is out there. but what about the president and what about hh? are they now motivated to do what they can to make this all work, or are they interested in trying to undermine it in order
7:53 am
to force a change down the road? that's among the questions i have for the hhs secretary this morning. >> as always, chuck, thanks for being with us. >> thanks. chuck will be talking about the new developments in the latest shakeups in the white house on "meet the press" this morning. that comes your way at 10:30 right here.
7:54 am
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a quick check of stories and events we're following for you today. right now, the annual tour de shore cycling event is rolling on from philadelphia to atlantic city. this is a live look over the ben franklin bridge which is appears is the lanes heading from philly to south jersey. they're still closed. they will reopen at 8:00 to drivers. nbc 10 was at 20th and walnut streets in center city for the start of the tour. that happened in the last hour. started in center city, made their way over the ben franklin and into new jersey. deanna durraante is one of the participants. they're making the 65-mile trek to the atlantic city boardwalk to the irish pub there to raise money for families of fallen police officers and firefighters. >> nascar fans are revved up and ready to go for the overton 400 at pocono raceway today. you're looking at the truck races at the tricky triangle yesterday. today's event will be bittersweet for friends. the last race here for dale
7:57 am
earnhardt, jr. who is retiring at the end of the season. >> also today, the finale of the exponential music festival in camden. gates will open at 11:30. nearly a dozen bands are on the bill today at the concert. fun fact, i was a work studies student at the station when i was at college in penn, and i helped to do the grunt work for that concert every year, so to speak. but it's a great festival. and a lot of great events today. the worth is going to cooperate. >> absolutely right. beautiful conditions. looking down broad street in center city. you can see the sun lit road. here are the conditions for today. 83, nice, low humidity. we're mostly sunny monday and tuesday, too. thursday, we start kicking off thunderstorms again. >> here we go. by grunt work, i mean i got to watch the concert, got to meet
7:58 am
cool bands. that's going to do it for us on this sunday. we'll be back for another hour of news and weather.
7:59 am
8:00 am
john kelly will do a faun s fantastic job. >> a disappointing moment. >> it is hurtful. >> just something no parent would want to go through. >> champion for the year right there. good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i am willie geist. it is great to be back with you after we made way last week for jordan spieth and the open championship and we have a lot to catch up on after an extraordinary week in washington. a failed health care bill, brutal infighting within the trump administration, and the president's twitter attacks on his own attorney general. now president trump has a new chief of staff, a four star marine general who's ready


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