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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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priebus who was topped out last week. kelly is a retired general. the white house says anthony scaramucci felt it was best to give kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. kelly attended his first cabinet meeting as chief of staff. his promotion as scaramucci's departure are the latest. earlier today the president insisted there is no chaos in the white house. >> we are doing very well. we have a tremendous base. we have a tremendous group of support. the country is optimistic and i think the general would just add to it. >> this morning the president tweeted highest stock market ever, best economic numbers in years. unemployment lowest in 17 years. and don't forget sean spicer is still on the job at the white house. here is video of spicer just an hour ago at the white house.
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of course, spicer was out just as scaramucci came in agreeing to stay on for a few weeks. an nbc reporter asked spicer if he was still leaving as planned, spicer smiled and walked away. anthony scaramucci is the shortest serving communications director in white house history. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the search for a murderer on the main line. residents of a normally quiet community living in fear until police find their suspect. >> i was shocked. >> it freaked me out. >> investigators have increased the reward to $5,000 for any information leading to the arrest of this suspect. police haven't dealt with a deadly shooting in more than a decade. >> now the search has expanded across three counties. the deadly shooting happened in broad day light saturday night.
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just before that investigators say the gunman fired shots at a car about three miles away. steven fisher is live there. >> we know people who live there cannot rest easy until this guy is caught. >> reporter: the victim here 29 years old. police tell us he went to grab a pizza and walked to his friends house. before he got to the front door he was shot and killed. right now police are searching for the shooter and people still having a hard time wrapping their heads around how this could happen. >> reporter: police say this picture was taken from a restaurant surveillance camera right after 29-year-old john le was shot and killed while walking to a friend's house. >> for someone to do something like that unprovoked or whatever is cause for concern. >> reporter: leftover caution tape and bullet hole serve as
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reminder that the peace and quiet this town once knew is gone. >> right next door to you definitely shakes you up. >> reporter: making this the first murder here in 13 years. >> it freaked me out. >> reporter: police say 45 minutes before le was killed the same man in the red hoodie fired 17 shots. nobody was injured. those victims recognize the man in these photos and contacted police. >> it's very concerning. he i guess opened fire on a bunch of people and then ended up here. seems like he set out to kill somebody. >> reporter: a $5,000 reward is being offered to anyone who provides police with information. >> we know somebody out there knows this guy. they will recognize him. >> reporter: and john le is a local guy graduating from lauren mary high school. if you have any information give them a call.
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>> have the nbc 10 app with you on your smart phone. we will send you breaking news alerts on this story and other major news as it happens. turning to our weather. beautiful day to hit the beach. a live look at the beach in cape may where people are enjoying the sunshine. >> plenty of sunshine here in center city. you need sunglasses. we saw people enjoying the weather today. the weather doesn't get much better than this for the end of july. >> get ready for the return of more heat and humidity. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking conditions in your most accurate forecast. >> we are going to be seeing temperature go up a little bit, the humidity go up a little. we are not going to be getting into the dangerous territory this week. it's a beautiful looking sky this in easton a few puffy cumulus clouds and that is it. across the northwest suburbs
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right outside our station. the puffy cumulus clouds. we have beautiful weather out here. it is warm. it is 88 degrees. then the average high is 87. 88 in northeast philly and wilmington. 89 in allen town. that's the warm spot. very nice 75 degrees. so we have pleasant weather ahead. it is getting hotter. we are close to the 90 degree mark. it's not a long lasting heat wave. it's not an extreme or dangerous heat wave but it could be another one temperatures tonight not going down a whole lot. low temperature around 70 degrees makes it a pretty warm night. humidity is not up there until the next couple of days. we'll see how high that humidity is coming and when storms will be coming back, too, with the
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forecast in a few minutes. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with dangerous dunes. >> large ponds in the middle of the beach after this weekend's rain. residents had been warning for years that the dunes were a disaster just waiting to happen. residents fought for years to stop the projects arguing the bulk heads were sufficient. a judge ruled against them and the flooding rains made their worst fears a reality. >> reporter: for sabrina and her cousin. >> crowding around and trying to find. >> the summer before fourth grade will be memorable. instead of fighting. it's usually a parking lot the newly designed dunes -- so far stay put just beyond their
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balcony. >> it's all polluted and has chemicals in it cht nobody really has anything to do with the beach. >> reporter: this is what it looked like sunday. today the water is not budging. >> we notified them this morning that we are not happy. >> reporter: the mayor stands with the residents who predicted this mess. together they lost a court battle to stop the project. it is aware of the ponding issue and will discuss it with the army corps of engineers. with the fear of mosquitos, harsh chemicals or disease in the days old he is taking action. >> we are having water tested for bacteria as we speak. people are angry and have every right to be. we are doing what we can. just want to share that we are doing everything we can do. this mom is limiting play time in the water and ocean for now. >> doesn't seem clean to me
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because there are trucks out in front of the beach. >> i feel sad because i can't swim in the water and it is usually where i play. >> reporter: so it's not exactly the summer ocasus that vacationers or taxpayers had been hoping for. i just spoke by phone they say they are not at a point where they are ready to admit that this is a problem or mistake but the rain that fell was extraordinary. he wants to stop the bull dozers in action and we will have more on that coming up at 5:30. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. two police officers and another driver were hurt after their two cars crashed in west philadelphia. the two cars collided around 1:00. police say officers were responding to a call when the crash happened. we have details in the case of a teenage girl hit by a stray
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bullet. we learned she is out of the hospital. she was found shot in the chest early this morning. police say two groups of gun men fired at each other. so far no one has been arrested. the search is on for the cause of a rowhouse fire. that smoke right there poured from the homes. no one was hurt. three of the homes were damaged. >> lawmakers approved a bill. the three day shutdown closed state parks and motor vehicle offices. it also spawned outrage aimed at governor chris christie. christie was photographed lounging on a state beach that he ordered closed hours earlier. the governor has a house on that public beach. the assembly approved another bill that would force the house to close in the event of another shutdown.
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today we are learning more about a new plan to revamp the nation's health care system created by democrats and republicans working together. the bipartisan effort involves members of the house who want to make changes to obamacare before insurance companies set premiums for next year. the senate has not been able to pass its own legislation. nbc 10 broke this story last night at 11:00. she will break down the details as what our local lawmakers are proposing. now to the escalating tensions with north korea. president trump addressed the situation today. >> we will handle north korea. it will be handled. >> there you heard it. the president saying the situation will be handled but didn't elaborate. the u.s. flew two supersonic bombers. the show of force followed north korea's latest intercontinental
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ballistic missile test. vice president mike pence says america wants to improve relations with moscow. on sunday russia's president vladimir putin ordered 755 u.s. diplomats and staff out of the country. that was in response to sanctions imposed by the u.s. with tears streaming down his face army medic received honor of medal today. this is president donald trump's first time presenting the medal. he saved the lives of ten of his fellow soldiers. five men saved were at the ceremony today. he pointed them out saluting j arizona getting treatment for his brain tumor. he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. he will undergo radiation in phoenix. here at home it kicks off a
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month long cleanup in philadelphia in an area known for drug activity. it's what's called the tracks. it is a three quarter mile stretch that has raised safety concerns for neighbors for years. look at that mess. it agreed to clean up the vegetation and get rid of a large amount of drug paraphernalia. the railroad says it will be working side by side to rebuild the area. nbc 10 covered the tracks extensively in our award winning special generation addicted. we spoke with those dealing with drug addictions and they say it is hot bed for drug activity. officials tell us this neighborhood should not have to be defined by the crimes. >> a lot of people don't deserve to be classified as in this particular neighborhood it is hopeless. >> human services will also be available for those looking for help with their addiction. the cleanup is expected to cost
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hundreds of thousands of dollars. a body washed up is a swimmer who vanished sunday. her body was found late last night. police identified the victim as 23-year-old zuzana oravcova. oravcova disappeared while swimming with a friend. the friend told police they both got caught in the high surf. florida is in a state of emergency all because of tropical storm emily. >> storm made landfall around 11:00 this morning near tampa bringing rain, flooding and tornado warnings. here is a look at some of the damage. part of the roof at a resort blew off. no one hurt here related to this storm. and here is a live look at orlando. you can see dark skies and wet roads there. storm is expected to move out of florida by tuesday. service is suspended on a stretch of new jersey transit atlantic city rail line.
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it shut down for two weeks because of this accident. we first told you friday a truck slammed into a rail bridge near the transit center. crews will spend the next two a montgomery county man pleaded guilty a year after he was arrested at the holland tunnel in a car packed with guns. he could face up to ten years in jail. his lawyer will ask for probation. he says he was headed to new york city to rescue a girl from a drug den. friends say the man became an anti-drug crusader after his daughter died of an overdose. a flight crew responded a drone. pilots on the united plane were getting ready to land when they noticed the drone about two miles from the airport. they kept an eye on it. it is illegal to fly a drone within five miles of an airport without getting permission from air traffic control. authorities are searching
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for one of 12 inmates who escaped from a jail in alabama. they have been able to recapture the other 11. it is unclear how the inmates escaped. at least two were locked up on attempted murder charges. cory booker spoke with farm workers wanting to know about challenges they face with immigration policies, pay and working conditions. we asked him what he learned from today's meeting. >> i think that we have to be aware that immigrants in our community make considerable contributions in terms of doing work and paying taxes. we need to make sure that we have a vision for immigration reform that is inclusive and makes our country better and stronger. >> today the senator met with veterans and patients at a salem county hospital to talk about health care reform. it's the end of the road for three j.c. penney stores in our area. they will shut down for good at
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closing time tonight. the three are among 138 stores closing as part of company down sizing. the three closures in our area impact about 5,000 jobs. now to a heavenly work of art. >> on hand for today's blessing and dedication of pennsylvania's first homeless jesus statue. it will be housed at the st. john's hospice. the statue is a daily reminder about the connection to serving the homeless. >> he told us whenever we see someone in need we see him so the statue reminds us of the connection between the poor and the presence of god. >> the statue was commissioned and is one of more than 50 in cities around the world. taking a live look down broad street from our campus camera. sun is out peeking through the
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building. it is gorgeous out there. >> temperatures in the high 80s. not too humid. we understand that will change a little bit. >> going to take a couple of days and happen gradually. it's going to start getting hotter. we are not talking about extreme heat this week. 88 degrees with low humidity right now. feels pretty comfortable and pretty close to that. the rest is warmer in allen town than it is elsewhere. at the shore ocean temperature is 75. we have a bit of aland breeze. that means it is in the 80s even at the beaches. 82 in cape may point. 86 in summers point. 82 degrees. that is just a beautiful forecast. as far as the humidity is concerned yesterday and today about as nice as it gets for the middle of summer. next couple of days starts getting more uncomfortable.
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you can call steamy on wednesday. it's not even oppressive let alone dangerous. we have nothing to speak of on radar and satellite. one little shower in ocean county. a couple in the mountains in west virginia. next significant system is way out in the middle of the country. that is going to take a while. we can use a break from the rain. we have had over five inches of rain in philadelphia. over eight in allen town. atlantic city over ten inches of rain. more than six inches above normal. the shore area got pounded friday night and into saturday morning. sla atlantic city it over five inches of rain. we are okay in the rain department tomorrow. on wednesday as the heat and humidity build at least some isolated showers build up, as well. not everybody is going to get
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rained on, but it does look like at least we get a chance. and then over the next few days wednesday and into thursday we are talking about a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm with a temperature near the 90 degree mark across much of the area. lehigh valley may be cooler wednesday. at the jersey shore it is generally on the dry side i think over the next few days and more comfortable. so this is why people go to the shore in the middle of the summer. beautiful weather as we go through the next several days. we did mention that there was that tropical storm emily that formed just off the florida west coast. it's already inland. it is already weakened but is expected to reintensify into a tropical storm. it does not look like it has a real shot of coming up the east
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coast but it is something you will be hearing about and churning up the ocean as we get towards the middle of the week as it gets a little closer depending on how strong it gets. an eagles cornerback is going green. >> we are not just taubilking at a uniform change. the motivation behind his weekly trip to the barbershop. hackers hit hbo. how the cyber attack could compromise episodes of one of the most popular television series. and state fair tragedy. what is really to blame for this fire ball accident? and here is a look at the closing bell on wall street on this monday. the dow was up. nasdaq and s&p 500 both down.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> watch group of police officers pull two people from burning car just before it burst into flames. this was in minneapolis. other drivers were cheering and honking as that rescue played out and minutes later you saw that car was engulfed in flames. the owner of the ride that malfunctioned at the ohio state fair killing a rider says there was an issue with the ride itself. >> amusements of america says there is no evidence that operator error played a role in the accident. 18-year-old tyler was killed when thrown from the ride. others were injured. all rides reopened yesterday besides the one that malfunctioned. the biggest calorie busters that could stretch your waist line. >> talking about your favorite
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we are following breaking news this afternoon. another sudden departure from the white house after just six days on the job communications director anthony scaramucci resigned. in an interview a few days ago he let loose of a foul mouth
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description of then chief of staff reince priebus. scaramucci said it was best to give new chief of staff kelly a clean slate. >> wants general kelly to be able to operate fully while at the same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: anthony scaramucci is the shortest serving communications director in white house history. on capitol hill lawmakers are coming together to revamp health care. >> they call them selveathize problem solvers. the committee wants to make changes to obamacare before insurance companies set premiums. lauren mayk joining us to describe. >> what makes this notable is that it is not all one party. this group was quietly working while we were all watching the sparks fly in the senate. they have an idea. part fix, part repeal and part
4:30 pm
stabilize the market. >> republicans have tried. the last effort ending in the senate with the vote from one of their own. now a new approach to health care. >> the only way to create something that is durable and has volume from everyone is to have republicans and democrats both see the value in the health care system. >> reporter: part of a caucus of republicans and democrats called problem solvers that are putting out a new plan aiming to stabilize the market by having congress oversee payments and makes changes to obamacare like raising threshold of when employers have to offer insurance from 50 to 500 employees. >> i think this was intended, the whole point is if we anchor
4:31 pm
this from the middle it is not too far reaching and addresses problems we have you have centrist republicans and democrats. >> congress evans is a democratic not part of the caucus but says he supports the idea of working together. >> do you think democrats are ready to vote for things that are going to change the affordable care act? are you ready for that? >> it depends on what you are talking about. the number one issue is to ensure that people have coverage and that it's affordable. >> congressman evans warned if small business owners don't offer insurance that could cost the government more. he says everything should be on the table for discussion. there is more to this problem solvers plan including a fund for states to help lower premiums and repealing the medical deviece tax. to our first alert weather. looks like a nice night for baseball. the blue rocks will hit the
4:32 pm
field around 6:30 tonight. hardly feels like the last day of july. >> we will be warming back up just in time to start august. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking those changes in your most accurate weather forecast. >> we are going to be going up temperature up a couple of degrees, humidity up a little bit. we are still seeing pictures like this. skyline is looking nice. and no rain. and that's kind of what we are expecting tomorrow except a little bit more with the heat and humidity. 88 in philadelphia. this time tomorrow should be about 90. 89 in allentown. may be into the low 90s. wilmington is 88. tremendous amounts of rain from central delaware to the shore friday night and into saturday. it was a good bit of flooding. but things have quieted down and
4:33 pm
we do not need anymore rain for a while. feels like has gone up but not going up into the oppressive or dangerous zone. it's been beautiful the last couple of days. you will notice probably the humidity especially by wednesday. as we go through the day tomorrow it's feeling like it's 90 degrees. not higher than that. and in the pa suburbs probably feels like upper 80s even at the jersey shore. look at all of that sunshine during the day tomorrow. we will see when the showers and thunderstorms will return with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. here is a look at other stories we are following. in montgomery county one man is dead after an argument turned into a stabbing. this happened on high street. officers rushed to the scene and found the man stabbed several times. he died at the hospital. they are still looking for the person who did it.
4:34 pm
four new firefighters this afternoon. they transferred from atlantic city where the fire department faces a lot of uncertainty. seven firefighters retired this year. boost in pay for substitute teachers. northwestern lehigh school districts boosted rates for regular substitutes. the rate is now $120 for those who work 21 days for the north hampton district the rate is $110 a day. the greenwood avenue farmers market is hosting water fest. there were educational games, water themed activities and a giant water slide. philadelphia's franklin square turned 11 years old today. >> mid day party included free birthday cake and a carousel ride. we learned about new accounts planned at the square including a culture camp, free movies and a labor day celebration.
4:35 pm
the latest target of a cyber attack could impact one of the most popular television series. >> what was stolen from hbo that is now being leaked online. plus germs at the doctor's office. the dirtiest offender may come as a shock. we'll explain next. beware of what you pack in your bags. airport workers caught red handed. what tipped police off.
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this is nbc 10 news. your child's dentist might be checking for more than just cavities. pediatricians are urging dentists to screen for signs of abuse or neglect because studies show infections in or around the mouth could mean a child is mistreated. bite marks inside the mouth can be sign of physical or sexual
4:39 pm
abuse. you go to the doctor and use a stethoscope. >> that procedure could make you sick. a study found doctors need to do a better job of keeping their stethoscope clean. the study found they rarely disinfect between patients. they say contaminated stethoscopes can spread bacteria after just one exam. the heat and humidity is returning just in time for august. >> so is the threat for more rain. >> we sure don't need that. those uncomfortable conditions comes the return of rain. i will track when you can expect those showers in your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. up and down the aisle, why southwest airlines can hire this guy as next customer service ambassador. a major mile phone for veteran who is breaking records in the skies and helping those in need at the same time. ♪
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this is nbc 10 news. now to some of the most gut busting restaurant dishes around. a consumer advocacy group released annual extreme eating awards featuring some of the largest calorie bombs available. let's take a look. we will show you the buffalo wild wings cheese curd bacon burger and fries. there is the bacon and the cheese. there are the fries. we are looking at 1,900 calories or more here or roughly five burger king bacon double cheeseburgers. appetizer category. this is dave&busters carnivore pizza 12 inch served pizza style
4:44 pm
made up of just under 2,000 calories or equivalent of half stick of burger melted over three quarter pounders with cheese. this is i-hop's cheese burger omelet. toss in a side of pancakes and you have 2,000 calories. so the restaurant association said it led effort for national standard for menu labelling. you will find the 2017 extreme eating awards on i think i never can imagine you -- >> apparently winter isn't coming quickly enough for some hbo is the latest target of a cyber attack. scripts from "game of thrones"
4:45 pm
are being leaked online. the network released a statement confirming the hack. hbo has always struggled to keep the content from being leaked. during season five those were leaked online before the season premiered. does it feel like every time you fly the seats seem tighter and tighter? a federal judge agreed and is ordering faa to take a second look at policies and forcing to explain why. passengers in philadelphia national airport sound off on shrinking seats and whether it's a safetyiú hazard. the video we see people on planes with people fighting or being kicked off. this will make you smile. >> the mother of this little guy posted this adorable video earlier this month reading my son on the campaign trail attempting to win the hearts of airline passengers in hopes of becoming the next southwest
4:46 pm
ambassador. he is making flying friendly skies friendlier with one fist bump at a time. there you go. >> how cute is he? we need more of that on planes now. >> we definitely do. he has the job. let's go back to our weather and take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art from one of our cameras on top the comcast center. bright blue skies and pretty comfortable. that is about to change over the next couple of days. >> let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz and i'm loving this weather. as i look later in the week not so much. >> we don't get long stretches of weather like this in the middle of summer. two days worth, that's pretty good. and we are not going to be getting into dangerous levels as we go through this week. that is pretty good, too. 88 degrees in philadelphia now. we are at least that in some
4:47 pm
parts of the area. allentown up to 89. pasuburbs 86 degrees and it's just going to be clear all the way in through this evening. beautiful evening out there. king of prussia. want to go out to the mall. and in delaware we have warm conditions but not extreme. 89 in harmony hills. 88 in middletown. farther south in delaware and even in parts of kent county got clobbered with rain friday night and into early saturday and may need a chance to dry out. 87 in renten. 84 in milton. 80 in lewis. beautiful weather at the delaware beaches. they got slammed with heavy rain, too. the temperatures for us near 90. for the next three days we are not talking about near 100. we are talking about closer to 90. humidity going up slowly.
4:48 pm
and the rain will be isolated. afternoon thunderstorms pretty much starting on wednesday. so i have it in the forecast at least in the chance category. you see the chance right at the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood. i don't think we will be seeing anything widespread until towards the end of the week and very beginning of the weekend. we have fair skies right now. some showers in northwestern pennsylvania. keep an eye on those and then the main area is in the middle of the country. as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow looks dry. on wednesday the humidity is starting to come up. so a few showers start popping up. this computer model is showing you the general area of showers developing. don't want to make it seem like everybody is getting rain on wednesday. you see a little more moisture coming in from the ocean. humidity will be going up. on thursday afternoon a similar
4:49 pm
story with temperatures going well into the 80s to near 90 degrees and then just those isolated showers. now, as we go into the rest of the week we just want to give you an idea, we are talking about three days very close to 90 degrees in philly. friday may not quite get there. we are certainly not going to get there at the jersey shore. it's one of those patterns where it is ideal weather for the shore, lesser chances of getting any kind of showers or storms. nothing tropical threatening us. so beginning of august it's pretty good. >> i can't believe how fast the summer is going by. everyone is saying that already. >> i've only gone to the shore a couple times. >> you need more time off. >> my father lives there. i should be visiting my father more often. >> he has been calling a lot wondering where you are. green hair don't care. we take you inside the
4:50 pm
barbershop with the eagle making headlines for his most memorable hair. keeping officers on the street. the push to reverse planned layoffs in one local police department at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> julie ertz. >> a stunning victory for team usa women's soccer thanks to julie ertz. game-winning goal to beat brazil. you might her husband tight end for the philadelphia eagles. an off day for the eagles which means a chance for players
4:54 pm
to get caught up on things away from the field, important things like haircuts. >> only our nbc 10 cameras were there as jalenmills was in northwest philly getting a fresh cut. john clark has the story. ♪ >> what's up? >> when you came to this city, where did you start to get the idea of painting your hair green? >> you always hear eagles fans bleed green. two little boys had green mohawks. that blew my mind. >> someone on your team that you would like to see with the green hair if you can pick anybody? >> carson wentz. >> wow. he is from north dakota. you don't see anybody in north dakota with green hair.
4:55 pm
>> has to keep the red beard. >> about to go green? >> me? >> put a little green up there. >> i'm going to give you like the malcolm response. >> i have not done this for anybody else. >> that better not be blue for cowboys. >> it's green. >> that looks nice. >> is this revenge? >> that's it. >> wow. >> man, we did it now. should i go on air like this today? >> just like that. >> that's great. >> that's awesome.
4:56 pm
i don't know if it is still in his hair. we will have to find out and have much more on the trip to the barber in the preseason kickoff special. >> i think john clark needs to keep the green. it looks good on him. we are working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> we are staying on top of the latest white house shakeup. communication director out. here at home a 7-month-old baby abandoned in a hotel room. what else police found near the child as police search for the mother. and it has been a nice, sunny dry day. we are looking at pretty good conditions into tomorrow. the humidity is going up and so are the temperatures. we will rack it out coming up. train track littered with heroin and opioids. the city of philadelphia taking action. why this effort is unlike any we have seen before. ♪
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cleaning up the trash. philadelphia often a hot bed for dangerous drugs. why the cleanup is unlike any we have seen before. murder on the main line. the search to find a suspected killer. >> what we have learned about chris christie's standoff with a baseball fan. > . >> another chakup at the white house. six days after anthony
5:00 pm
scaramucci named communications director he is out. good evening. >> this all comes hours after president trump tweeted there is no chaos in the white house. >> jim rosen field is live with the latest blow to the administration. >> scaramucci made history. the shortest serving white house communications director ever. his ouster comes the same day general john kelly is sworn in as chief of staff. scaramucci said he felt it was best to give kelly a clean slate. scaramucci short tenure was rocked when a profanity laden tirade about two of the president's top advisers made headlines. >> the president felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession. >> hours before this shakeup became front and


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