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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 3, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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the stock market shatters records as the president claims credit. yet thousands feel left behind with low wages. >> an nbc news exclusive. inside the white house situation room. pitting a frustrated commander in chief against his genals over america's military strategy in afghanistan. another body has been recovered overnight in a massive minneapolis school explosion where students were taking summer classes. sudden summer storms producing monsoon moisture. while dangerous triple digit temperatures are fueling wildfires in the pacific northwest. and a heart-stopping crash landing caught on camera. "early today" starts right now. good morning.
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i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. it is a market rally for the ages. the dow industrial average shattering records surpassing 22,000 for the very first time. wall street booming from greater than expected earnings for big businesses like apple and boeing. >> and coming along for the ride, 401(k)s and i.r.a.s hitting all time high balances as highing prices reach soaring heights. it's a different story on main street where the american worker is still in need of a raise and a paycheck as thousands line up across the country for the chance at a job. nbc's jo ling kent starts us off. >> reporter: the dow is now up 20% since president trump was elected. that's the story of one economy. while.americans feel like they're living in another. >> why are you here at amazon? >> i was originally working retail and it wasn't enough money. >> reporter: frustration shared in 12 states as thousands line up at amazon job fairs all hunting for work. like nearly half of americans
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clarence williamson doesn't have a single dollar in the stock market. his economic indicator his paycheck. >> i worked at the airport for probably the last five years. within the last five years, the wages at the airport nowhere near what they should be. >> reporter: he's talking about wage growth or the lack of it. because while the stock market hit new highs, gdp is growing and housing prices are at record levels, wages are only up by half a percentage point. >> decide to check in. >> reporter: that's why so many applied to amazon which aimed to hire 50,000 people and the hiring goes beyond retail. in colorado terry wants to grow his workforce by 10% but says foreign competition makes raising wages hard. >> i'm not just competing with the guy down the road. i'm competing with people 5,000 miles away who have a labor pool much larger than mine but also at a much lower price. >> reporter: for "early today," jo ling kent, nbc news, new jersey. >> back in washington a massive
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overhaul of the immigration system could come to pass if president trump has his way. after throwing his weight behind a new proposal from two gop senators that looks to change policy from coast to "washington post." the plan would/legal immigration by half over the next ten years as the administration eyes strict new conditions including an english speaking litmus test. it's causing a major uproar among immigration advocates and lawmakers. joining us from washington, tracie paulson. tell us how this proposal is received. >> reporter: we go from a lottery based system to what they're calling a merit based system where potential immigrants would get points based on their level of education, whether they have a job offer here in the united states, their hi-tech skills it could squeeze out millions of low wage workers that do jobs at restaurants and hotels and in construction all over the country. that's one part of it. as you mentioned the other part
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is slashing green cards available green cards by half. and that's part of the opposition. in fact, one key republican lindsey graham said he's surprised the president's backing this. >> i can't believe that somebody owns a hotel or restaurant wouldn't figure this out. here's what i think. they're changing the topic from russia. this immigration proposal is not going to go anywhere because it really would devastate the economy. >> reporter: now, democrats are calling it a nonstarter. we could hear more about this when the president rallies in west virginia tonight. >> tracie potts for us, thank you. two people are dead and several others wounded after a massive explosion blew part at a private christian academy in minneapolis. the blast happened in a utility area as students were playing basketball and soccer nearby. >> i felt like we got bombed. it was pretty big. it was a pretty big explosion. >> the contractors were working
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on the school's buildings at the time. investigators believe it was caused by a gas leak. the explosion killed ruth berg who was a receptionist at the school for 17 years. another body has been recovered but authorities have not released the identity. nine others were hospitalized and while five have been discharged, so far one victim remains in critical condition. dozens of children were rushed to the hospital in north carolina after a chemical spill at a local ymca. officials from the downtown did your happ y say it appears to be a chlorine leak around the pool. the facility was immediately closed as well as the streets around it. 40 children and three adults were treated at the hospital. police say all of them were released. fire officials say a mechanical issued a leak of chemicals used to clean the pool. it is unclear when they will reopen. the president has finally signed the russia sanctions bill overwhelmingly passed by kong greggs some six days after the u.s. senate sent the bill to his
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deck. he did sign it begrudgingly blasting the law as seriously flawed with unconstitutional provisions he says he may or may not enforce. >> senator mccain said i hope the president will be as vocal about russia's aggressive behavior as he was with his concerns about this legislation. he doesn't receive much love from russia either with medvedev trolling mr. trump claiming the u.s. establishment fully outwitnessed him and referring to the president as "nonsystemic player that has to be remove." >> got to feel for all the people out west. soaring temperatures there are creating dangerous conditions all along the coast. cities like asset, portland, oregon, they're seeing triple digit heat. millions are under heat advisories in those areas in an area where only about a third of homes have air conditioning. smoke from nearby wildfires also creating a haze around seattle as you can see there. >> meanwhile in california,
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severe storms are creating a monsoon-like condition with life-threatening wind and hail. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us now with a look at the day ahead. >> we almost set the record high temperature in salem, oregon. we were 1 degree shy. today portland gives it a shot. right now about 15 million people under excessive heat warnings. about 900 miles long from seattle to northern california. the strong ridge is in place. temperatures in olympia 98. walla walla 103. as far as the big cities go, portland, we expect you to be around 105 today. your all-time record high is 1037. maybe stopping crash
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it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil. footage of a plane crashing on highway 69 near bullard, texas. the cessna 150 plummeted to the ground shortly after taking off
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from tyler pounds regional airport. two men were injured in the crash. one was treat and released while the other remains in serious condition. authorities are investigating the cause. scary with the cars nearby. leading the news, president trump is now praising the white house after denying that he ever called it a dump. he reportedly bad mouthed his home for the past six months while chatting with members of the golf course in new jersey. according to he told them "the white house is a real dump." the president responded tweeting i love the white house, one of the most beautiful buildings homes i have ever seen. >> there's a new controversy over the bill that prompted the naacp to issue an unprecedented warning about missouri. the state senator who sponsored the legislation which makes it harder for people to sue over race discrimination owns a business which is being sued for race discrimination.
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ron allen has more for us and the travel advisory. >> very tough language. it urges people of color to exercise "extreme caution warning that race, gender and color based crimes have a long history in missouri." now getting a lot of attention also because next week marks the third anniversary of the michael brown killing in ferguson, missouri that ignited a national debate on issues of race and policing. in missouri, the issue is a new state law critics call the jim crow law because it raises the bar too high to prove discrimination in cases like housing or workplace disputes. here's a state representative who opposed the bill. >> the bill that will allow discrimination to run rampant in the workplace. we have actually roll back protects for our most vulnerable citizens. >> missouri's republican governor and other who's backed the bill hope it ends what they see as frivolous lawsuits. we need to prevent trial lawyers from killing good jobs, the governor has said. the law goes into effect later
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this month. opponents are likely looking to north carolina where a state law seen as unfairly targeting transgender community created a huge uproar. the state lost billions of dollars. it was repealed. other states have been called out by progressive groups for various immigration laws and now the latest battleground missouri. >> thank you very much for that. still ahead, an nbc news exclusive. dramatic confrontation in the situation room as president trump lashes out over afghanistan leaving top advisers stunned. >> first the latest quinnipiac poll has the president's an project rating sinking to just 33%. meanwhile republican senator john mccain who gave that thumbs down to repeal of obamacare last week has a favorability rating of 74%. among democrats. we'll be right back. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow?
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fast forwarding into thursday, >> a massachusetts woman convicted of involuntary voluntary manslaughter for ebb couraging her man to commit suicide faces up to 20 years in prison for her roll in his death. she will likely get little or no prison time. >> are you ready for some football? it is back. the dallas dow boys and arizona cardinals face off tonight in the hall of fame game in canton
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ohio. >> the four-day lollapalooza festival kicks off in grant park in chicago. >> chicago in the summer, perfect place for a music festival. >> now to an nbc news exclusive. president trump lashing out at his military advisers in afghanistan threatening to fire top command dperpz the revelation coming the same day two u.s. soldiers were killed in a suicide attack against a nato convoy in kandahar. chief white house correspondent halle jackson has the details. >> reporter: an exclusive look behind the closed doors of the situation room. at an increasingly frustrated presidentage taed with his military on afghanistan. even as he delays a decision on a new strategy in a fight his top generals describe as a stalemate. senior administration officials take nbc news inside that meeting two weeks ago where the president's key advisers surrounded him including secretary of defense jim mattis.
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those sources say the president lashed out suggesting mattis should fire the general in charge of afghanistan. venting "we aren't winning." influenced it seemed by a meeting he had had earlier with veterans of the afghan war. those same sources tell nbc news some in the room were taken aback by an analogy the president made referencing the renovation of a favorite new york restaurant led by an outside consultant to illustrate how those on the ground might make better decisions than those at higher lebs. >> his point was perhaps it would have been better if that owner had gone to the employees who are working in the restaurant rather than hired someone from the outside and waste aid lot of money. >> those fishes say the president seemed annoyed china, not the u.s., is making money mining rare minerals in afghanistan. sources tell nbc news the president left the meeting without deciding on a strategy and that his advisers left stunned. officials close to secretary mattis said when he returned to the pentagon after the meeting
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he was visibly angry and he wen for a long walk by himself to think it over. now questions of the president's confidence in his own team. hugh hewitt with the national security viszer. >> do you have confidence yourself in general nicholson? >> of course, i've known him for many years. i can't imagine a more capable commander on any mission. >> does secretary mattis, does the president? >> absolutely. >> the pentagon says mattis does have confidence in nicholson's leadership. the white house declined to comment on internal conversations but said no decision has been made. bottom line for america's longest war, the wait for a mu plan stretches on. halle jackson, nbc news, the white house. >> thank you. still to come, how would you like to live in the most beautiful house in the world? where to find it and how much it costs. plus, seven priests walk into a bar and they get kicked out. we'll tell you why here on "early today" next. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico.
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to say. >> they were truly forgiven i think. >> if you're in the market for a new home, more than 1 million of house international fans vote this had beachfront mansion in turks and caicos the most beautiful house in the world. it has an ocean facing deck. how about that, this property is litted for $11.5 million. >> looks like a resort. >> it does. >> pretty good when you consider the most expensive house in the world 200 million. that's a bargain. >> the stars of "will & grace" never lost touch when they went off the air 11 years ago. yesterday they returned for the first day of filming on set for their revival season kicking things off with a ribbon cutting. the cast members eric mccormack and sean hayes sealed the celebration with this. >>ivity just saying to my wife i wonder what it will be like to kiss a man again.
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it's just like riding a bike. >> and there you have it. so we've got a few months. they're starting production and just the excitement of having them step back on the set, i can't wait. there's going to be so much material. >> that was such a great show. i love how all the old shows are coming back, "will & grace," trl, "full house" came back. it's like the '90s all over again. >> it's a risk though because it could easily be a flop. "will & grace," jack and karen and me make it, the fact they're all there, i think it's going to be tough for them to go wrong. >> it's going to be good. just ahead, the latest travel nightmare. passengers stuck on a hot plane for six hours. plus, space enthusiasts listen up. nasa has posted a new dream job for you. we'll tell you all about it next. you're watching "early today." l. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage,
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reability after a dayca react. >> and they hope to put a stop to a construction project they call dangerous and they want you to weigh in. >> and internet gambling business around the world. coming up on 4:00 a.m. on this soupy kind of thursday, this is nbc news 10 today. i'm tracy davidson. >> just about 4:00 a.m. this morning. yesterday i was caught in a deluge, a deluge. >> bill told us what was coming. >> still, i need to pay attention more to bill. let's go to bill and find out about the first alert forecast.
3:59 am
>> well, we've got a break from the showers and thunderstorms but there's a good chance we'll see them return this afternoon. right now we're dealing with the thick fog mainly in pennsylvania in just a few spots in new jersey east and look at that view. the fog has gotten thick after the storms produced all that rain. zero visibility, and now in blue bell. as you go into new jersey, light fog right now in mount holly. it's a little bit thicker in northeast philadelphia. not an issue in philadelphia at the airport or wilmington at the airport. but the temperatures are still coming down right now, so we could see some more fog develop before it clears and this afternoon, good chance we're going to see more showers and thunderstorms popping up. a look at that and the timing when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica has your traffic. >> an accident this morning out in montgomery.
4:00 am
watch moving through the intersection there. the schuylkill expressway and this is gladwyne there. one lane getting by in between city line avenue and the blue route. we're dealing with this on the east and westbound sides. the vine closed in both directions for construction in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway for the next hour and heading over to new jersey in berlin, watch for a small closure around franklin avenue because of some downed wires in the area. >> thank you. this morning a daycare owner is behind bars after what's called a sickening betrayal of trust. >> he sexually assaulted two five-year-olds under his care. it happened in belle vista. is the daycare going to open today? >> reporter: well, yes, it is. and


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