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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 8, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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tried to lure a girl into his car. and flooding returns. check out the watt they are a collected yesterday. it's 5:30. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. you just saw the video from margate. a lot of rain fell there yesterday. let's go to bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? that's a live view from easton. we have seen a few sprinkles in easton, but the rain is still falling at the new jersey shore. beach avenue is getting a few showers in cape may and cape may courthouse. and lewis to the south, southern delaware, steadier rainfall this morning. but to the north, just a few scattered showers in the area. they won't last. you can see the clouds are breaking farther to the northwest. that's what we will see during the day today. but we're starting off with a few sprinkles or light showers in the area.
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68 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in new jersey. and 64 degrees in the suburbs. 60s all around us, but this afternoon we'll wind up warmer than yesterday as we start to see the sunshine. up to 80 degrees in the lehigh valley. the upper 70s for the suburbs. lingering showers at the shore, 78 degrees later today. we'll break it down hour by hour to show you what the day looks like when i'll back in a few minutes. but first, jessica boyington has a look at traffic. we are on 95 this morning with cameras near girard avenue looking good. southbound right here from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, a 13-minute trip to center city. speeds are still up and into the 60s. no problems there. and watch for some construction on delaware avenue. we have seen some delays a little later on in the morning commute, but we are watching some the lanes blocked. and here's the white horse pike near route 30 near cross keys road moving through berlin, no problems here. but just a few cars out the door
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there. we'll end with drive times for the blue route. 14 minutes in both directions right now. northbound and southbound from 95 to the schuylkill are seeing speeds into the 60s. we are following breaking news this morning, homicide detectives are on the scene of a fatal fire in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. one man died in the fire on east clementine street around 10:30 in the fire that started last night. he was found on the second floor. and another man jumped out of the window. a firefighter was treated for heat-related issues. matt delucia is making calls to investigators about the fire. and we'll have a live report in the next half hour with updated information. police, parents and kids are on alert in camden county this morning. >> the search is on for the man accused of trying to lure a young girl into his car. randy gyllenhaal is live with
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more information on this story. >> reporter: the suspect pulled up next to the young girl on her bike and told her that her parents sent him to pick her up and take her home. he had his window down. the girl rode her bike a good distance away and called police. now we have this sketch from authorities just released last night. the man is described as around 40 years old with dark hair and glasses. the girl told police he had noticeable wrinkles on his nose and near his eyes. police found the surveillance image of the suspect's car, a likely 2003 gold hyundai elantra. they noted the suspect had hairy arms and wore a silver ring on his left hand. police are asking that anybody who recognizes either that detailed sketch of the suspect or the surveillance image of his car to give a call to police.
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we're live for "nbc 10 news," i'm randy gyllenhaal. and police say someone is breaking into shops and restaurants through the roofs. the burglar destroyed three roof of the air conditioners trying to get into benny's bar in bustleton last tuesday. the owner noticed something wrong with the air-conditioning the next day. >> it's upsetting someone tried to break in in the middle of the night. it's scary. >> the thief didn't get inside his restaurant but investigators say the burglar was successful at least twice in other shops in the area. police are advising owners to make sure their alarms are activated and surveillance equipment they have is working properly. a new study shows pennsylvania is among the states where the cdc may have understated how bad the opioid epidemic really is. the study revealing the findings just after the report was issued.
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and pennsylvania had the 32nd worst rating for opioid deaths. but when you factor in the deaths not ranked in the report, they skyrocket to seventh in the nation. and pennsylvania jumps from 20th to 4th. and a terrifying attack bay group of bikers and police are investigating this as a hate crime. mohommad and his family were heading home from the airport when several started to pound on his sister's minivan. mohommad was punched when he got out of his vehicle and called indian. >> they shattered the windows on both sides. they tried to grab my wife and hit her, too. and they broke the side mirror. and then they just took off. >> police are investigating this as a racially motivated attack. police in atlantic county need your help to track down a dirt bike rider who hit a woman. this happened along main street
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in pleasantville on saturday. the woman just walked out of the store when a man on a dirt bike plowed her down on the sidewalk. the rider ditched the bike and took off running. >> this is akin to us as taking out a firearm and shoot be somebody that happens to be standing on the sidewalk that has nothing to do with the business you're conducting. >> authorities say the dirt bike dragged the victim more than 75 feet and left her with serious head injuries. they are working with the prosecutor's office on a more aggressive crackdown on illegal dirt bikes. and officials in margate say they could begin pumping water from the nearly built dunes today. the water accumulated there during yesterday's storms. margate has had to close beaches when the water became contaminated with bacteria. the dune project is ordered to be shut down until friday. the judge wants solutions on how to fix the drainage issues. well, the rock icon begins a series of concerts in philadelphia tonight.
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♪ >> roger waters is bringing his tour to the wells fargo center performing tonight, tomorrow night and friday night. 5:37. we're still looking at clouds in this view here at the nbc 10 studios. a mostly cloudy morning and a few sprinkles in the area. the steadier, heavier rain has moved to the south. that's where you'll find the showers and thunderstorms out of the picture for us. but there are lingering showers in delaware and cape may county and reaching for atlantic city. most of the area is dry other than the one line of light showers moving through the suburbs or to philadelphia. so we have a few more rain drops before we get to see some sunshine. and we will see some sunshine today. 68 degrees right now, mostly cloudy skies in philadelphia. the clouds will start to break this morning. and the temperatures climb to around 80 degrees this afternoon.
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but what you'll see during the day is winds shift to a northerly wind. that's dry air moving in. so we're starting off with clouds and a few sprinkles in the suburbs. but with breaks of sunshine and the northerly winds, the humidity comes down as the temperature goes up, 75 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon in the lehigh valley. the clouds are already starting to break. we'll get some sunshine. the 60s this morning. the 70s this afternoon. right near 80 degrees later today with the same wind out of the northwest blowing. and it will reach well into new jersey, eventually to the shore. inland areas, 62 degrees right now. still a few sprinkles possible this morning, but the steady rain is done for most of new jersey. 74 degrees at lunchtime with some sunshine. the upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. the jersey shore is seeing rain this morning, especially to the south in cape may. the rain showers will shut off, but the clouds will linger for most of the day. some breaks of sunshine and temperatures will climb, but you'll see them with
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northwesterly winds. in delaware, 68 degrees. the steadier showers are to the south in delaware, to the north, it is just cloudy right now. you maw sy see a sprinkle with little more sunshine coming through at 10:00. then the upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. still some clouds around this afternoon, but not all day cloud cover. the temperatures are cool for this time of the year. the normal or average high is 86 degrees in the low 80s. and again tomorrow, a little warmer on thursday. then you can see temperatures take a dip as wet weather comes in on friday. there's a chance to see showers this weekend, too. look at that with the weekend forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. all right, thank you, bill. 5:39 right now. let's get a check on area bridges. >> first-alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered heading out the door. >> so far so good. we'll start out with the platte bridge. and yesterday morning for the
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morning commute we dealt with a closure on the platt bridge because of a crash. right now we are doing much better in both directions. here's the eastbound side and the westbound, no problems on the platt. and we'll check in with the tacony-palmyra and the betsy ross, no problems right now. they are both clear. here is the admiral wilson boulevard. right blind here, that's actually the ben franklin bridge toll plaza for those in new jersey trying to get up and over the bend. in philly, no problems. the schuylkill expressway is still in the green, 12 minutes moving into center city. 13 minutes on 95 southbound to the vine. no problems currently on the blue route. back to you. jessica boyington, thank you. new details about the movie made about joe paterno. we're still waiting on a release and the name. but up next, we'll tell you about what the legend of the joe paterno statue has people
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talking about and asking questions about. and outdoor fun that turned into an emergency. the outdoor first that happened at bethlehem's musikfest.
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it is 5:45. afghanistan and the philippines are where dozens of marines are headed to help with enforcement detection. strikes will likely be conducted by armed drones. the military operation could become official today. we'll keep you posted. and the remains of a victim
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of the september 11th attacks have been identified. the victim is a male about the 1,641st person identified in ongoing efforts to identify all 2,753 victims. the name of the man is being with held at the request of his family. his i.d. was detected from dna found in 2001. this is the newest identification since march of 2015. and the trump administration is looking to test train conductors for sleep and nia tests. the federal railroad administration said instead that would make the screenings voluntary. they proposed this requirement in march 2016.
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the trump administration said the rules in place are sufficient. experts say that tactic doesn't always catch the problem. >> the voluntary method has been effective, but in other instances it has not, like drug and alcohol testing. >> one person died in that crash and another 114 were injured. and opening statements are expected today in the case of pitting taylor swift against a former deejay. she says the radio host groped her in 2013. david mueller denied the allegations and is suing the pop superstar for $3 million saying he lost his job after the alleged incident. so he sued and swift counter-sued claiming sexual assault. the trial is expected to last nine days and she could be expected to testify. happening tonight at home, two local communities will help people get to know the police officers who patrol their neighborhoods. one night out event will be held in darby township and the other
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in montgomery county. families can watch demonstrations by s.w.a.t. members and meet with first responders. the new movie about joe paterno has people talking this morning. there are questions about why the iconic statue of the football coach has been changed for the movie. now take a look the statue on the left is the original removed from beaver stadium five years ago. the one on the right is the movie version statue showing a stern face with paterno and slumped shoulders. this is about paterno's life after the jerry sandusky scandal broke. it's still untitled and should be released next year. it's not clear why the statue was changed for the movie, but it could be a glimpse of a copyright issue. the statue was removed from the campus after the scandal came out in 2012. we want to know what you think about the joe paterno statue. reach out to us on social media
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and join the conversation. >> it will be interested to hear what people say and if they plan to see the movie. and this year people are talking about morning the singers at musikfest. >> on friday a woman went into labor in front of the french fry booth. they helped the couple get to their car to drive to the hospital. >> there's always something you hear about, you know, as far as something crazy happening. but somebody giving birth is probably the first i have heard. >> yeah, musikfest organizers say they have had weddings and engagements, but this is the first baby. we would love to hear from the family. >> did the french fry lead to the small fry? or was that a condense? >> maybe the couple got married last year and came back for the baby this year? i'll pass on the fries, by the way. >> very cute. >> i like her dedication. it's like she's ready to go into
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labor but at the concert. i'm taking it to the very end. maybe she still got the concert in. >> tough mama. we're going to get sunshine in today. we have clouds and a few showers in the area, but it's not going to last. the clouds are thinning out as you can see in this view from center city. thick clouds on the horizon. a few breaks to bring more and more sunshine as the sun comes up this morning. that will lead to a warmer day. the 60s across the board. and in south jersey, at this time yesterday we were in the low 70s. not so this morning. 67 in audubon. 66 now in robinsville. florence, 68 degrees. temperatures warm into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. look what happens today, the temperature steadily goes up with clouds clearing. we'll get 80 degrees at 4:00. as the temperature is going up, the humidity, the moisture level will be dropping. so the air will be drying out.
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and you can thank the northwesterly winds for that. this morning we still have a few sprinkles just getting closer to philadelphia right now moving through some of the suburbs. you are seeing a few light rain drops but nothing heavy about the rain. and it's not heavy at the shore either. cape may is getting light rainfall. and that is also in southern delaware. the stronger storms are farther to the south and will stay to our south. that's a cold front that came through, so we'll be drying out and clearing out throughout the day. once it clears out, nice and clear far to the west. but the next chance for showers won't come until the very end of the workweek. and yes, for the weekend there's a chance we'll see some showers. we have some sunshine breaking through the clouds on saturday, but there is a chance of a shower on saturday. more likely rain will be coming into the picture on sunday. still warmer with the showers into the low 80s for philadelphia, the suburbs and at the shore. up to 80 degrees on sunday. wet weather takes a break for part of next week as well. we'll look at that with the
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ten-day on 10 in the next half hour. thank you. we'll get you to work on this tuesday morning. nine minutes before 6:00, if you take 42, we'll start there. >> we'll look at i-76 over in jersey. we'll look at 42. jessica? >> we're afternowatching that n atlantic city expressway. this is the northbound side here moving up to that area. heading up to philadelphia and 295, not yet, you can see more volume gathering there. but heading out the door, no problems. this is where it turns into the atlantic city expressway. no problems there. we are watching for a crash on the boulevard northbound side near sea street with a delay moving by there. but everything is still open. that's a good thing. there's a crash in upper moreland near the route 611 ramp. watch for that moving through. and 95 looks good, too. the 95 drive times are moving ten minutes in both directions north and southbound from 295 to 495. speeds are also into the 60s. vai, back to you.
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thank you. today 500 fans will be given to philadelphia senior citizens in need. they partnered with walmart to give the fans to help seniors beat the heat. the people getting the fans have already been identified. this is the 12th year for this event. more than 6,000 fans have been given out so far. well, two days and counting before the birds preseason officially starts. up next, what wentz says is one of the job's biggest perks. and google says women are at fault for inequality.
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and time for a look at stories county by county across our area. >> and the funeral director accused of forgery is accused of i.d. theft and fraudulent business practices. he formed certificates using the
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names of real doctors in the area. he was arrested back in april for forgery that led investigators to discover more crimes. and a montgomery county woman is accused of stealing a million dollars from a consulting firm in east norrerton. the v.a. said she issued payments to contractors but the money was deposited into her bank account. and the governor james jay florio center for public service will be named after him. and chris christie signed a bill to make the garden state the official slogan. that's one of dozens of bills that christie signed yesterday. and we begin in chester county here, we're getting a first look at the future great valley community center in malvern. the 40,000-square-foot facility will have a fitness center, an
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elevated track and much more. they plan to start the project this fall. we are a few days from kickoff to the eagles preseason. the birds will be flying to the midwest to take on the packers at historic lambeau field thursday night. nbc 10 is your official station. and the philadelphia eagles is the only place to see every single preseason game. a lot of clambering there for carson wentz. you can see him in this training camp where fans everywhere want to see carson, and at grautogra just catching a glimpse of the quarterback. he said that interacting with fans is one of the biggest perks of the job. >> it's so cool. just being with the fans, kind of every day there's a different group out here that sometimes is underprivileged or different things are happening in their
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lives. and just to see the joy we can bring them as players, we are out here at camp and tired, but coming out here brings a smile to our faces. >> wentz wagon. >> nbc 10 is the all-access pass and the only place to watch thursday's preseason game live from green bay's lambeau field. we'll have the coverage start at 7:00 p.m. we'll have the birds game at 8:00 p.m. followed by the newscast at 11:00. and the sixers are hosting a basketball clinic. this is the community center for day one of the clinic. every one of the attendants took home a free pair of nike shoes and their own jersey, how cool is that? the mystery is solved. >> take a look at how this all started. a blogger spotted this van in arlington, virginia. it looks like no one is behind
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the wheel. and you probably have heard of companies like google testing for driverless cars, but that's not what happened here. a reporter for nbc in washington actually uncovered the real truth. check this out. the driver is wearing a costume that looks like the speed of his van. >> i get it. >> the headrest is part of his head. and the virginia tech transportation institute is doing a study on real world reactions to driverless cars. we're going to have to get used to that. >> we are going to have to get used to that. but that looks weird. >> it does. now for more of the stories we are following for you on "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. >> deadly house fire. questions swirl where one person is found dead and several others hurt. and a rush of bullets. a police shoot-out sends gunfire flying within inches of a teen's head. and gender gap blame game. a google employee says women are at fault for pay inequality. this morning the company's response.
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we have a lot of people talking about that this morning. it's 6:00 a.m., i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we'll go right to meteorologist bill henley. the most accurate forecast for you. hey, bill. good morning. there are a few showers in the suburbs, but we have seen some steadier rain in cape may this morning and farther to the south in southern delaware. just light stuff. nothing heavy like yesterday. you can see the light rainstorms are about to taper off in cape may to the cape may courthouse. and to the south, that's where the steadier rain is. in the meantime, we have a few sprinkles moving through the suburbs and starting to move into philadelphia. we are not completely done with the wet weather yet. the suburbs at 64 degrees. a few sprinkles in king of prussia. but we'll get some sunshine and start to see the sun break through the clouds this morning. 67 degrees at 9:00. by noontime, 73 degrees. and then close to 80 degrees for


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