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tv   Today  NBC  August 15, 2017 7:00am-9:59am EDT

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for tomorrow. >> we'll have local jup dates throughout the morning. get news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching, have a great day. "today" starts now. good morning. breaking overnight. >> shame, shame, shame. >> protests rage as president trump returns to trump tower after vowing to pressure and condemning white supremacists name. protesters toppling this confederate statue. as tensions rise, reports of new tension inside the white house. is a key adviser on the outs? ready to fire. kim jong-un reviews plans to launch missiles at the u.s. territory of guam, as defense secretary mattis warns dire consequences. >> if they do that, it's game
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on. >> this morning, where the showdown could be headed. breaking his silence. scott peterson, speaking out for the first time in nearly 15 years, claiming he did not kill his wife, laci, and their unborn child. >> this morning one of the most notorious convicted murderers in his own words from death row. those stories, plus gert strengthens into a hurricane overnight. swift justice for taylor. and the silent song that's racing up the charts. [ silence ] today, tuesday, august 15th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> when you have a chance, you have to explain that silence of
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music thing to me. that's over my head. >> it's a busy morning. we want to start with the protests facing the president, after it took him two days to denounce the hate groups in the car attack in charlottesvillech virginia. we're going to start with kristen welker, outside trump tower in new york city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is president trump's first time waking up in trump tower since taking office. it wasn't exactly a warm welcome home, because of the hundreds of protesters lining the streets here. many fuming after they call inadequate response to the violent clashes in charlottesville overnight. hundreds of protesters lining the streets around trump tower, greeting him with boos and jeers. the uproar over president trump's response to charlottesville, not going away,
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despite following comments after intense preside. >> racism is evil. those that use violence, including the akkk, the neo-nazis, and other hate groups. >> reporter: pressed to explain why he didn't call out those groups over the weekend. >> they have been condemned. >> reporter: it was his initial response that caused widespread backlash. >> on many sides. >> reporter: this is not the ti refudiated hate groups. asked to rebuke david duke, mr. trump repeatedly deflected. >> i don't know what you're talking about with the white supremecy or
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>> reporter: while he said he condemned duke, there's other questionable moments since his election. including waiting a week, to speak out against uptick in racially-charged events. >> i'm so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it, if it helps. i will say this, and i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> reporter: as for thent latve are real for the president. the ceos of merck, under armour, and intel, announcing they're living the president's melania trumping council. each citing their commitment to diversity and equality. this sparking a new round of finger-pointing inside the west wing. and fresh speculation the top adviser, steve bannon, could soon be out. overnight, anthony scaramucci weighing in. >> is he going to be gone in a week? >> that's up to the president. >> what does the mooch think?
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>> itf it was up to me, he woul be gone. >> reporter: the president may have given his critics more fodder, by retweeting a right-wing conspiracy theorists overnight. mr. trump will hold an infrastructuinfrom structure event here at trump tower. as for the suspect in the deadly car attack, he remains behind bars this morning. and in the heated aftermath of the violence, a new movement against racism is under way. tom costello is in charlottesville with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where heather heyer died on saturday. we have seen decades of white nationalists events in this country. with charlottesville, we're seeing a public backlash against racial hatred and violence.
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in north carolina, anger reaching a boiling point overnight, as anti-hate demonstrators took to the streets. tearing down this confederate monument. it was another statue of robert e. lee that was at the heart of the weekend violence in charlottesville. on monday, the man accused of ramming his car into a crowd at that rally, appeared in court. 20-year-old james alex fields says he understands the charges against him. second-degree murder, malicious woulding, and hit and run. according to police records, he has had previous run-ins with the law. >> i don't really understand. >> reporter: accused of threatening his mother with a knife in 2011, when he was just 14. fields is now charged with killing 32-year-old heather heyer, who was protesting the white supremacists gathered in charlottesville.
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her father is standing up for her. >> she had more courage than i did. >> reporter: among the 19 people injured in the crash, natalie romero, a student at uva, who suffered a fractured skull. her mother in texas. >> we need to be strong. and these kind of crimes has to stop. >> reporter: james alex fields, now being held without band. and this photo of him standing with white nationalists, going viral. online, people have been banding together. exposing people who attended the white nationalist rally. making sure their neighbors and schools and employers know about their associations. peter said he received death threats and calls to be expels. >> you can call me naugzi, but wouldn't threaten anyone. >> reporter: saying in part, we
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remain firm in commitment of denouncing all forms of racism and bigotry. karl white was identified on twitter and quit his job. his former employer posting this letter saying, white no longer works at top dog. social media sites have been cracking down on neo-nazi and white supremacy groups, saying they will not host them. facebook is trying to crack down on any site, anybody who posts glorifying the events on saturday. turning to pete williams who has more on the response to this violence in charlottesville. pete, good morning. we know the suspect here is facing state charges. second-degree murder among them. what will the federal government charges be? >> they are looking at just the attack with the car on saturday.
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that's the focus of the question of civil rights investigation. did that violate civil rights nows that interfered with a federally protected activity. penalty, ing that charge, it th savannah. >> what happened in charlottesville will outline the showed. what are they saying about the groups. are they growing? are more people following them in the streets or online? what can you tell us? >> there's two factors of work. something of a surge in hate group numbers in response to the nationwide efforts to remove or rename the symbols of the con f confederacy. many did this a roof with the confederate flag after killing nine people in north
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ca groups feel emboldened to come out of the shadows, believing their message is no er how is it that the fed enforcement groups monitor these groups? and keep in mind, a lot of it is protected speech and activity. >>ice pay attention to the groups. they're out on the internet all the time. in hate sites. in rallies. but threats and plots are a different matter. last year, more than half of the domestic terror events were caused by hate groups. minor groups and police were often the targets. >> pete williams, thank you. there's a lot more to get to this morning, including breaking news overnight, in the north korea crisis, after reviewing his military's plans to attack guam. kim jong-un says he will wait and watch, before deciding to
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launch. andrea mitchell has more on this. andr andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. i've been talking to officials overnight. and they've been discounting those reports, that come jongki, has blinked, if you will, if the u.s. pulls back military forces. u.s. officials say that is a false hope of a speedy way out of this crisis. kim jong-un, north korea says, reviewing plans from his generals for a missile launch toward the u.s. territory of guam. a smiling kim saying he will make a decision about his threat to guam, if the yankees persist. and repeating his demand that is a nonstarter with the u.s., that it cancel joint military exercises with south korea. at the pentagon, defense secretary mattis warning, if they fire at guam, it's the same as firing at the united states. >> if they fire at the united states, it could escalate into war very quickly. yes, that's called war. if they do that, it's game on. >> and if they do fire a missile
7:12 am
at guam? >> we'll take it out. >> reporter: this as the chairman of the joint chiefs in beijing, on a four-day tour of the region. in south korea, cutting its economic lifeline to north korea. >> it will require china to do not only what they did at the united nations security council, to vote for sanctions, but to enforce sanctions. >> reporter: critics say trump is undercutting the move, by launching an investigation into trade practices. the president is choosing a bad time to deliver on a campaign promise to punish china over trade, when he needs china to help find a way out of this crisis with kim jong-un. and u.s. satellites were watching a mobile missile launcher. one if fires could not reach all of the way to guam. >> complicated.
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also breaking overnight, a tragic story from overseas. rescue workers have recovered 270 bodice ies after a mudslide free town. dozens of houses were covered in mud when a mountain collapsed on monday. one of the most deadly natural disasters in africa in years. they are urging residents to evacuate immediately, so military personnel and rescuers can search for survivors. history was made on west point. simone askcu, is loading the line at the military academy. she was named first captain at west point. as first captain, she is responsible for the overaull performance of the corps of cadets. taylor swift speaking out after a jury in denver ruled
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that a former radio deejay touched her inappropriate during a 2013 meet and greet. joe fryer is at the white house. or in l.a. good morning, joe. >> reporter: it was a clean sweep for taylor swift in court on monday. the pop superstar mouthing thank you to members of the jury, after she said she was assaulted by the former radio host. the deliberations taking just four hours. this morning, taylor swift is vowing to turn her courtroom win into something bigger. writing in a statement, my hope is to help those whose voices have also been heard. i will be making donations to organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves. the jury in the pop star's high-profile groping trial against a radio host, awarding her a single, symbolic dollar. >> it is immeasurable value in this ever-going fight to figure out where the lines are and what's right and what's wrong in
7:15 am
tolerance. and whose body is whose. >> reporter: the case hinged on this 2013 toto, where swift says david mueller groped her under her skirt. swift never reported the allegation to police. but her rep told mueller's station, kygo. two days later, he was fired. mueller filed a suit against swift and her team saying they cost him his career swift countersued for battery. this is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt. mueller maintained he never groped swift. saying his closed hand touched her rib cage. the pop star responding, i'm not going to let you or your client make me feel in any way this is my fault because it isn't. swift's fan stood by her over
7:16 am
the trial, using post-it notes to put the lyrics of her songs on windows. >> to have her stand up for women around the world is really cool and empowering. >> as for mueller's lawsuit, swift was dropped as a defendant by the judge on friday. then, the jury found her mother and radio promotions rep had not interfered with his contract, getting him fired. an attorney for mueller said his disapointed for his client, but respects the decision. mr. roker joins us, now, with a look at the things startn the tropics. hurricane gert forming. doesn't look like it is going to hit land directly. 75-mile-per-hour winds. moving to the north at 12 miles per hour. threads the needle between the coast of america and bermuda.
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the only effects we may see are basically some rip currents from jacksonville, all the way up into new england. and there's a chance for some tropical storm force winds, around bermuda. and we're watching this tropical disturbance. invest 91-l. we'll be watching this one closely, as we're getting into closely, as we're getting into the heart of the tropical storm ♪ closely, as we're getting into the heart of the tropical storm ♪ ♪ so many americans struggle with finances. starting today, state farm is here to help. giving us all the chance to simply sit down and learn. visit or talk to an agent.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. we have some showers this morning. a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day. and that's all going to limit our warm up today. up to 80 degrees in new jersey and the lehigh valley. 78 degrees with on and off showers in. at the shore, good chance we'll see some thunderstorms. a high of 78 degrees. not all day storms. we get some breaks in the rainfall during the day. and philadelphia hits 81 degrees this afternoon. showers ending this evening. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. >> invest 91-l. mortisha, i love when you talk weather. >> i don't know what you just said. scott peterson breaking his silence from death row. how the convicted murderer felt that police failed his family. we showed you how to get your glasses. now, everything else you need to know, as you get ready for that historic total eclipse.
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but first this, is "today" o nbc.n
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the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ good morning, 7:26 right now. i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> i'm tracking some showers and for good reason. look at the rain that's moving into the area. some rain showers, light showers moving through new castle county and into delaware county this morning. nothing heavy about this rain just yet. but look to the southwest and you can see what's to come. the chance of showers and thunderstorms on and off during the day today. and we'll finally clear out tonight. now let's check the roads and see where the backups are with traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> hardly moving on the expressway westbound side. looking at we're just stop and go right here. and also watching in lawrence
7:27 am
township with an overturned vehicle that's tying things up on the ramp to 95. but still open. new this morning, officials are looking for the cause of an apartment fire in northeast philadelphia. fire crews put out flames at the court apartments. two tenants and a firefighter went to the hospital for treatment. the red cross is offering help for dozens of people that are out of their homes this morning. a public hearing is scheduled for a marijuana dispensary in north philadelphia. one city councilwoman is opposed because the facility would be too close to a darecare center. the dispensary says it would create jobs and spark development. another update in 25 minutes. and tomorrow morning, protect ing your eyes during the solar eclipse as we countdown to the phenomenon in the sky. join us from 4:00 to k. i'm tracy davidson. "today" show continues next.
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we're back, now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 15th day of august, 2017. a lot of people working hard downstairs. and a lot of nice people outside. we're going to get to them in a couple minutes. >> a lot going on. let's goat to today's headlines. the president spent the night in trump tower for the first time since his inauguration. his arrival was met by demonstrat demonstrators, some that were specifically were shaming him for not mentioning the violence groups. kim jong-un has been said to be planning launching missiles near guam. and they called on the u.s.
7:31 am
cancel upcoming missile exercises with south korea. and a female stunt driver died in a crash on the set of "dead pool 2." ryan reynolds released a statement on twitter saying the crew is heartbroken, shocked and devastated. also this morning, we are hearing from one of the nation's most notorious death row inmates, scott peterson, who was convicted of killing his wife, laci, and unborn child. >> reporter: scott peterson is sitting on death row in san quentin. and that's where he made a phone call. it happened in june. and it's now coming up in a six-part series. and peterson covers a lot of xwru ground, including his reaction to the jury's convict. nearly 15 years after he was
7:32 am
convicted of killing his pregnant wife, laz laci, and un son. scott peterson breaking his silence, fetelling how he felt when the verdict was announced. >> i threw the chair i was sitting in. my vision was blurry. >> reporter: the statements are fetchered in a six-episode dock you series. it's the first time in more than a decade that peterson has sp e spoken publicly about the 2002 murders. speaking from san quentin's death row, peterson, proclaiming his innocence, saying he was blind sided by the decision. >> i was stoaggered by it. i had no idea it was coming. >> reporter: the disappearance of laci peterson, created a
7:33 am
media frenzy, along with a murder trial that gripped the nation. >> they wanted a bad guy in this case. >> reporter: laci vanished on christmas eve 2002. four months later, her body washed up on the shores of san francisco bay, a mile from where her baby was found a day before. scott peterson became the prime witness. while there was no evidence tying peterson to his wife's death, the jury didn't buy it. >> reporter: scott peterson was sentenced to die by lethal injecti injection. he is continuing to maintain his innocence, claiming investigators didn't look for other suspects. >> i was the last one to see laci that day. there's so many witnesses who saw her walk in the neighborhood after i left. the police failed to find my family. >> producers of that series say
7:34 am
this isn't a relitigation of the case. rather, they wanted to look back at a case that captivated so many people all around the ku country, guys. >> morgan, we appreciate that very much. mr. roker with a check of the weather. >> i'm going to walk back over here. >> that was dramatic. >> we try. everybody is into -- i hope you're into this eclipse. it's going to be kind of cool. we're looking at the places it could be at risk for totality. 10:00 a.m. mountain tans. madras, oregon, you could be look at haze and smoke. boise looks good. we have clouds through north plat. st. joseph, possible clouds and showers. we make our way into poarts of nashville, tennessee. colombia, south carolina, a chance for storms and right along charleston. a little bit of a hole there. you have some clouds and could
7:35 am
be some problems. safety issues, you want to make sure you don't look at the sun without protection. especially the glasses, you have to make sure they're certified. looking through your phone, you don't want to do it through your camera. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab an umbrella. we have some showers this morning. a a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day. that's awl going to limit our warm up today. up to 80 degrees in new jersey and the lehigh valley. 78 degrees in delaware. at the shore, a good chance we'll see some thunderstorms. a a high of 78 degrees. not all day storms. we have some breaks in it the rainfall during the day. in philadelphia it's 81 degrees this afternoon with showers ending this evening. have a great day. >> >> and you can get your eclipse forecast anytime you need it on the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al. thank you so much. up next,
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♪ tuesday morning. getting you ready for the can't-miss event of the year, next monday's total solar eclipse. the first time in the u.s. since 1979, the first that will stretch from sea to shining sea in 99 years. what's going to happen and how can you get the best look at it? mike masanino, the first person to tweet from space. the host of science channel's "great american eclipse." how did you fit in the space shuttle? you're a big dude, man? >> when it came time for my physical, i crouched down. >> eclipse 101. what is going to happen here? >> we're going to see a real cosmic event. in space, i was able to see the earth and look at the stars and the moon and the sun and have this experience. realize we're part of a cosmic ballet. we're going to get to see that proof here on earth.
7:41 am
the sun is here, you can see it on the left. the moon orbits around us. when a total eclipse happens every year and a half, everything lines up perfectly. the moon between and the sun casts a shadow. >> you hear people talk about this all the time, saying they're going to have their phones held up. experience the moment. that's why guys like you are so excited. >> just enjoy it and let the professionals take the video. you can watch it later. you can watch it on television later. >> what we're seeing is the path diagonally across the united states. we call it the path of totality. >> it's only coming across the united states. and in that region, that path, that's where the moon will perfectly block out the sun. the scientists will be able to study the sun. the bright sun will be blocked
7:42 am
out. >> very lucky people right in there. >> it will be like nighttime. birds will start tweeting, owls, crickets. >> dogs and cats will play together. >> i'm not sure about that. listen for the birds. >> let's talk about the path of totality. our new favorite thing to say. let's look closer. what will you see? >> the eclipse itself when it gets in totality will start over the specific. when it hits land, will it in oregon, travel across the united stat a ocean on the atlantic side after it comes over south carolina. and when you're in that path of totality, it will get dark. it will be just like night. >> really? >> it will be like a hole in the sky. we need good weather, al. it will be like a hole in the sky. the sun will be blocked and you'll see a ring of fire around the moon. >> what's so special about carbon dale, illinois. >> carbondale, illinois, is the winner as to who gets to look at
7:43 am
this the longest. >> but 2:40. >> there's other places that are lake 2:39. but the exact -- if you had a stopwatch, carbondale, illinois, wins to get a totally blocked so sun. >> how long do you have to see? >> about 2 1/2 minutes in totality. it will be like an afternoon event. a couple hours when it starts to eat away at the sun. when it covers it totally, that takes a while. >> that's the whole day. thank you, mike. so exciting. you can see more from mike on science channel's "great american eclipse" next monday night." . >> i have more on the event. if you're not in the path of totality. get in the car and drive. traffic will be busy. get going early if you want to get to carbondale, illinois.
7:44 am
we need you to pack the special eclipse glasses. make sure they're certify. otherwise, you can have serious damage to your eyes. if you feel like hopping into the car, no worries. if you don't feel like that, you can watch it live on nbc and obviously, if you are going to take pictures, matt lauer, some people like to have photo proof with it, here's what you do with your smartphone. you have to put the glasses over the lens because you can burn your phone out. do not zoom? . do not use a flash. and do not use auto focus. okay? they also say if you want a crisp image, you can attach a telephoto lens to a tripod. this baby is flying fast, at mach 2. nbc will have special coverage all day long, starting with al
7:45 am
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7:49 am
♪ welcome back, everybody. dylan is in the orange room for carson, talking about one of matt's favorite things. he loves this. >> i live for emojis. >> oh, yeah. >> don't we all? we have received this smiley face in an e-mail. we probably sent it ourselves. but according to a new study in "the journal of social logical science", researchers have determined that it makes the sender seem less competent and discourages people from responding with detailed information. one of the study's author says, in formal business letters, a smiley is not a smile.
7:50 am
social business users are weighing in. when i'm at work, i feel i need to add a smiley face to make sure they don't think i'm ann annoyed. are smiley faces appropriate in the work e-mail. 54% of you say yes. and 46% of you say no. some might think twice today before you put that in your work e-mail. what do you think? >> send the smiley face. >> exclamation points. >> if i were going to put a smiley face in a work e-mail, it's because lionel richie is here. i just looked and i thought, smiley face. and exclamation point. >> lionel's coming up, of coursel coursely. but a man recovers a painting that was worth $37 million. >> lionel, did you steal that
7:51 am
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7:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪
7:56 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson. just a couple minutes before 8:00. let's talk to meteorologist bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast that includes some rain. >> cape may is cloudy now. there we have a few rain drops on the lens. the first showers are moving into philadelphia. wilmington, south jersey and at the shore, cape may and the delaware beaches seeing light rain. more rain is on the way. a chancethunderstorms. the stuff that's moving towards d.c. is going to reach us later this morning and this amp. it will be on and off rainfall. we're starting off in the 60s and low 70s. warming into the low 80s this afternoon in philadelphia. just about the time you're heading out the door, let's check in with jessica boyington. >> we're seeing some of the slowdowns.
7:57 am
the westbound side dealing a little worst than eastbound. slow headed out. nothing reported there, so that's a good thing. moving from center city, average speeds into the 20s. back to you. a family of five is in the hospital after being hit by a car walking along atlantic avenue last night. we're told the victims have nonlife threatening injuries. the car did stop. we're working to get more information about the driver and the accident itself. police want to know if you have been stalked by this alleged peeping tom. he's accused of following a woman into a target and videotaping her in a fitting room as she changed. police are now getting a search warrant to analyze the data to see if there are more victims. another update in 25 minutes. tomorrow morning, protecting your eyes during the solar eclipse. join nbc 10 news today weekdays from 4:00 to 7:00. "today" show continues in a couple minute pfs thanks for watching.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, protests and politics. >> shame, shame, shame. >> demonstrators take to the streets outside trump tower to send a message to the president, just hours after he denounces the hate groups behind the deadly attacks in charlottesville. >> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name, are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups. >> this, as protests sea the na including durham, where protestershold confederate statue. and a remarkable journey back home. natalie brings us the story of a
8:01 am
world war ii vet with a promise several decades in the making for an emotional reunion. all morning long, the one and only lionel richie stops by our studio. today, tuesday, august 15th, 2017. >> it's tuesday. and we're going to have a dance-off. is hawaii in the house? north carolina? where is iowa? north carolina in the house? ♪ you're here for a special occasi occasi occasion. it's your on versery. where is your was? >> sleeping in. >> aspen's mom. aspen's bff. aspen's grandmas. and who do we have here? >> aspen.
8:02 am
>> iowa takes on nyc. ♪ good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today. "ni ." nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning. >> you might have seen olivia, who is doing a great job with our friend, charlie. it is olivia's birthday. happy birthday. let's get to our news at 8:00. no letup on the outrage unleashed by violence in virginia. gabe gutierrez is in charlottesville, virginia with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. it's a city that mourns its victims, 32-year-old heather heyer. trump ran into protests after taking a tougher stance condemning white supremacists.
8:03 am
his critics said it was too little, too late. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donneald trump has got to go. >> reporter: protests in new york city. to a courthouse in durham, north carolina, where protesters toppled a confederate statues. waves of unrest, of president trump delivered the message that many on both sides of the aisle wanted to hear sooner. >> race uchl is evil. and those who cause violence in its name, are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups. >> reporter: the president explicitly denouncing those groups, after his initial comments on saturday seemed to spread the blame. >> hatred, bigotry, on many sides. >> reporter: when the ceo of merck quit the leadership counsel, mr. trumpin minutes.
8:04 am
but his approach to charlottesville took twosparkin questions. >> can you say why you didn't condemn those hate groups over the weekend? >> they've been condemned. >> can we ask you a question. >> it doesn't bother me at all. >> reporter: james alex fields is being held without bail. in cord monday, he did not answer a plea to charges that include second-degree murder. police say he used his car to mow down a crowd of anti-hate demonstrators in charlottesville, including 34-year-old heather heyer. >> she was a strong woman who stood up what she believed in. >> reporter: the nationalists community came to charlottesville to defend our heritage. to stand for robert e. lee.
8:05 am
>> reporter: this, as police, who lost two troopers in a helicopter crash saturday, responded to allegations they didn't do enough to keep the peace. >> absolutely, i have regrets. >> what are your regrets? >> we lost three lives this weekend. it was a tragic, tragic weekend. >> reporter: virginia governorer t thery mcauliffe said his office will have an extensive review on how permits are given for rallies. texas a&m university just canceled a plans white nationalists rally that they planned to hold on 9/1 1. >> thank you. a top military officer arrived in beijing to discuss the alarming behavior of north korea. general joseph dunfor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff,
8:06 am
wants china to help reduce tensions in that region. kim jong-un reviewed plans for his missile launch toward his territory of guam. kim might delay a launch, if the u.s. halts defense missions with south korea. we have new details about tiger woods' dui arrest in may. a toxicology report says the golf legend had five different drugs in his system. kerry sanders has more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. we're learning more about tiger woods, the golfing great, and the cocktail of drugs that were in his system. it was back in may when we first saw this video. it was dash cam video, as well as body camera video, from the jupiter police department. they had come upon tiger woods sitting in a median. two flat tires. at times, incoherent.
8:07 am
at the time, he revealed he had vicodin and xanax in his system. also in his system was dilaudid, and thc. in florida, with a prescription, marijuana is legal. now, tiger woods has released a statement, saying recently, i had been trying on my own to treat my back pain and a sleep disorder, including insomeya. it was a mistake to do this without medical consist dance. i've continued to work with my doctors and they feel i have made significant progress. tiger woods with his attorney, entered into a pretrial diversion program. if he meets all of the requirements, he will have his record cleared. >> kerry, thank you. an interesting story.
8:08 am
a painting picked up at an estate sale is turned out to be a masterpiece worth a fortune. and its discovery brings detectives one step closer to solving a mystery that began three decades ago. jo ling kent has the story. >> reporter: this morning, after missing for 31 years, this priceless work of art is finally home. >> closure for an injustice that happened 30 years ago. >> reporter: the painting, stolen from the university of arizona museum of art, the day after thanksgiving in 1985. it was a classic heist. police believe someone cut if painting out of its frame, rolled it up and walked out the door. brian seastone was the detective on the case. there was no surveillance evidence of the theft. but police came up with two suspects. the trail went cold.
8:09 am
but when stolen art was discovered anywhere, seastone would ask -- >> is she there? and wasn't the case. >> reporter: fast forward 31 years to silver city, new mexico. antique store david van auker picked up a nice oil on canvas. >> cool mid century painting. >> he tossed the masterpiece into his truck with other finds. >> the painting got thrown on top. >> reporter: and people started asking. and auker goog ld it. >> we blew up the picture on our computer screen. and we started comparing. it was an exact match. >> reporter: he thought he would keep the painting for himself. he liked it. he paid $200. >> if i were buying it for resale, we would pay $100 for it. but we took it home to make the offer a little better.
8:10 am
>> reporter: its actual $137 million. the long lost painting is back at the museum, safe and sound. but what happened between, is a mystery, unsolved. jo ling kent. >> does he get a reward? >> i don't know. that's what we're wondering. he knew he did the right thing. it's his own reward. >> he didn't say finders keepers. you have another morning boost. >> we have lionel richie here. what's he famous for? he is famous for singing and dancing. le. i thought, we aren't having and when was the last time you slow danced? >> my wedding. >> was it? you did? >> yeah. >> say more about that. we're getting to something here. >> i think for some of us, we get busy with life. we have a challenge for you tomorrow.
8:11 am
go into your kitchen, go into your home, get your husband, your kid, your dog, do a little slow dance. put it on tape or video, and send it to us at we want to put it on the air tomorrow for our moorning boost. and you have to dance to a lionel richie song. we're going to air a couple of them. >> i like that idea. >> slow dancing only? or can you fast dance? >> you can. but you want to take mike in your arms. >> the seventh grade ugh daniels. >> i have two minutes. >> you might do a little dancing with lionel. >> it's in the stars. >> he's coming up in a little while. and we will also get to the bottom of this story. oprah is revealing why she never got married. and the coolest tech gear to get the kids as they go back to school. and a recipe that's sure to please your picky little eaters. first, these messages. turns out things aren't always what you think they are.
8:12 am
take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store, which is the same for everyone. even guinea pigs. it's only fair mr. biscuits. only fair. ♪ carmax music sting tand the alzheimer'sf association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. did any bag of dog or buy cat food at petsmart we give a meal to a pet in need? help us reach our goal of donating more than 60 million meals so hungry pets across the country get to eat. buy any bag, we give a meal to a pet in need. petsmart - for the love of pets.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ oreo thins. ♪ a thin twist on the oreo cookie you love. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] it is now 8:14. a good time to trend on a tuesday morning. >> is it my turn? >> it is your turn. >> i'm getting up in your business, people. i have a question. what do you like to wear when you sleep? some people like to wear regular pajamas. i prefer an oversized t-shirt. some sleep in the buff. what do you sleep in? >> t-shirt and boxers. >> t-shirt panties. >> wow. those big underwear. the big -- >> you don't know what granny panties are? >> no. >> savannah guthrie? >> p.j.s.
8:15 am
oversized p.j.s. >> just underwear. >> what about you? >> i do a t-shirt and underwear. here's the reason i ask. no one is doing it right. >> is there a method behind that madness? >> according to "the new york post" we're all doing it wrong. they say you should be sleeping naked. it can help regulate your temperature to get a better night's sleep. and a better night's sleep can prevent illnesses and diseases and things. the sleep expert says that sleeping naked can help decrease cortis cortisol, increase hormone growth and balance melatonin. why don't you sleep naked? >> i don't like to be naked, in general. it makes me feel naked. >> with kids, it's tough. >> that's why. if you have to get up in the middle of the night, unexpectedly, to grab a sheet or something. >> would you? >> i don't know. nothing i've never done.
8:16 am
>> here's what our viewers said. we asked twitter, go you sleep in the nude, 66% said no, they don't. >> it is interesting. >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> joel sleeps -- >> how does he sleep? >> he sleeps really well. >> don't try this at home, any other husbands that might be watching. >> joel, my man. >> come on, many now. >> words you wish you could take back. >> joel will have a good day at work.>> really awkward but interesting. >> should we switch? >> no. keep going. >> please. talk about a new song that's climbing the charts. and the reason behind it. take a listen to see why. that's it.
8:17 am
your volume -- i wanted to see how long i could keep it silent. it's titled "a, a, a, a, a very goreleoded and in the top 200 songs in the itune charts. it's at 95 because people are buying a silent song that was created to be the first song to play when you plug your phone into your car. so, instead of "ain't that a kick of the head," now, it gives you a chance to go and pick out your playlist. >> i'm happy your face is what it is right now. i don't get this. >> do you ever plug it in? the silence -- >> now, you think the radio is broken. >> it gives you a chance to pull up a playlist. >> it starts alphabetically.
8:18 am
>> you build a play list. >> when you first plug it into your car. >> not if you put a playlist. >> ain't that a kick in the head pops up for me. >> did you have to pay for that song in. >> it's 99 cents. >> and it comes with a pet rock. let's move on to oprah. opening up about her relationship with steadman graham. the two have been together for more than 30 years. at one point, they did consider getting married but never followed through. oprah opened up why she is glad they never married. we would not have stayed together. his interpretation of what it means to be a husband and what would mean for me to be a wife, would be traditional. and i would not have been able to fit into that. you can read oprah's full interview in "vogue." >> he also sleeps in the nude. >> did hoda tell you that?
8:19 am
and lawrence akins have welcomed a new addition to the fally. james akins on sunday night. and yesterday, t on instagram the first daughter willa gray -- me.ou're not going to blame >> bends over to give aid daa a kiss. thomas rhett will be performing in our studio next month. i messed times. >> the good news got through. >> it did. >> the first daughter, willard. you have a chance to give the "daly click." >> alex's dad has an extreme fear of heights. when he attempted to face that fear, she was there to catch it on camera. when they were visiting one of
8:20 am
ireland's famous forts, he was determined to get a look over the edge. he scooted on his stomach, saying i can't, before scooting on. he worked so hard to take in the view. and this video has been viewed more than 1 million times on love it. >> good for him. >> if you want to see this to t museum of broadcasting. >> our emmy submission. mr. roker? >> joel sleeps naked. >> so i heard.e looking at show thunderstorms firing up through the dakotas into nebraska, parts of iowa. a slow-moving system. going to develop over the rockies. strong storms overnight tonight, into tomorrow. especially the heaviest rain will be coming across the ohio
8:21 am
river valley. we'll be looking at a stationary front over the southeast. heavy rain again. new orleans down to one turbine running those pumps. they're going to be watching this closely. heavy rain down through louisiana, gulf coast. and the good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab the umbrella, we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day. that will all limit our day today. up to 80 degrees in new jersey and the lehigh valley. 7 degr 78 degrees with on and off showers. the high temperature is 78 degrees. not all day storms, however. we have breaks in the rainfall during the day. in philadelphia, it hits 81 degrees with showers ending this evening. have a great day. ck us out anywhere on "today" show radio, siriusxm are dancing on
8:22 am
ceiling of the studio this morning because the one, the only, lionel richie is here. >> love you so much. four-time grammy winner, touring with mariah carey. as if that didn't enough, he's a special announcement for us. he was watching "trending." you have the floor. >> i don't know what this show has come to. you know. butt-naked in the bed. what is going on here? i mean, nude is the only way to do it. nude is the only way to do it. >> is that the way you sleep? >> of course not. i have grandkids running around. what's wrong with you, pop-pop? are you out of your mind? >> hoda's boyfriend does. >> let's move on. >> how about that? and oprah's interpretation of the marriage thing. what? i saw your face? what? >> we needed you in "trending."
8:23 am
you would have been a good guest. >> i was in shock. continue. >> we have so much to talk to you about. one of them is a huge honor. the kennedy center is going to honor. okay? oscar, check. grammys, check. this is amazing. >> i must tell you. i've been watching this show forever. just, you know, it's a body of work. it's really -- it's not the gramm grammys. not the oscars. it's really the country. it's your country, saying we recognize you as a creator. and just -- when i got the news, i must tell you, it was blindsided me. >> we're so happy for you. there's controversy attached. norman lear was saying he was going to boycott part of the ceremony. gloria estefan says she will go but she wants to discuss immigrati immigration. where do you stand on that stuff? >> i have to play it by ear. i'm not really happy as to
8:24 am
what's going on right now, with the -- the controversies. and the weekly, daily, hourly. i think i'm going to wait it out and see where it's going to be, by that time. this is going to be in december. we may be in a whole -- >> other world. >> -- other world by that time. i'm going to wait it out. i understand norman's point of view. and i understand where we are as a country right now is going backwards. all we can do is sit here and hold our breaths. stay tuned for that. >> well, speaking of stay tuned, your vegas residency, is going to well. hoda has seen it. and i know you have a great announcement. >> i was famous. and then, she showed up for the interview. and i really got famous. >> everybody wants to see this show. >> starting in december. we start back in vegas in december. that's the announcement. >> you're adding more days.
8:25 am
>> adding more days. >> right. more people are dying to see this. one of the best things about this show, it is one massive sing-a long. >> you don't mind if we swing. >> it helps me. after this long, i've forgotten most of the lyrics for the second verse. it's so funny. i find myself on stage watching the crowd. the crowd -- once the crowd is on this show. "dancing on the ceiling" or just to be close to you. or easy like sunday morning. there's someone -- what i do now, i shoot the audience. ♪ easy easy like sunday morning ♪ >> oh, that was good. oh. i know you. >> savannah -- >> this is why i love you. >> detail. and detail. what happens is the crowd picks over. and i find myself going, really?
8:26 am
really? you're going to do that? that's where the excitement is. >> we love you. it's a great just about 8:30. i'm tracy davidson. we'll check the weather for starters with bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? we have a few showers, light showers are moving through the area right now. we have seen a few rain drops in philadelphia. you can see the wet weather moving through new jersey and parts of delaware, too. more showers and thunderstorms on the way here today. they are coming in from the southwest. it's all going to combine to keep temperatures slowly climbing. it's already 73 degrees in philadelphia. 71 degrees in new jersey. but still in the 60s in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. checking the roads, there's an issue on 95 to know before you head out. jessica boyington has details. >> believe it or not, we are doing better on 95 than earlier
8:27 am
because of this crash that was nes. blocking all of these right around 322, approaching the commodore barry bridge, we are seeing a lot of delays on the southbound side with this crash over to the shoulder. so watching 95 southbound, we are seeing delays there. and we are clear on the boulevard coming over the ben franklin bridge. back to you. officials are looking for the cause of an apartment fire in northeast philadelphia from overnight. it's at the canterbury apartments. a firefighter went to the hospital for treatment. and you can request tickets for the liberty medal ceremony. the page opens at noon. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. i'm tracy davidson. the "today" show continues in a few minutes. thanks for watching. whoooo.
8:28 am
8:29 am
going somewhere? here's some advice. tripadvisor now searches more... ...than 200 booking sites - to find the hotel you want and save you up to 30%. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] it is 8:30 on this tuesday morning. the is15th day of august, 2017. a little thick out here. >> a little soupy. >> humid. rain this morning. seems to have cleared off. we have a nice crowd. you know what that means? >> you know what that means? >> it is time to search our crowd for people. people near and far. they spent a lot of time getting here. these ladies had the longest journey. mother/daughter here. mom and i hiked 30 days on the appalachian trail to get here. is that right? >> it is. >> why was it important to get here? >> we love the "today" show.
8:31 am
someone hiked for 30 days. >> we carried our house on our back. >> i think we should hike over there and say hi. >> good morning. >> that was so sweet. i can't believe that. >> thank you so much. was it fun? >> yeah. >> it was a challenge. it was fun when we were done. >> congratulations. >> linda and monica. >> it was fun, but we're done. i get it. coming up, jean chatzky's here. she has money lessons to teach your teens. jean has some recommendations. natalie has one of the best stories of the day. about a promise that was made in world war ii, just fulfilled more than 70 years later. if you have picky eaters at home, listen up. we're going to make a meal that's secretly fancy.
8:32 am
a check of the weather? >> by the way, charlie looking good. ynl why he's happy today? it's olivia's birthday today. i think charlie is baking you a cake. >> is he? >> he's that good. that's how good charlie is. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather's concerned. we're looking at temperatures starting to warm up a bit. for some folks, august has been on the cool side. new york city day, umm erupper . heat and humidity building up down through the south. charleston will feel like 104. 106 in houston. as we move on into the latter part of the week. it forms up, d.c., jacksonville, on into memphis, new orleans. and dallas, as well. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's ha pp good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab the umbrella. we have some showers, a chance
8:33 am
of showers and thunderstorms during the day. that will all limit our warm up today. up to 80 degrees in new jersey and the lehigh valley. 78 degrees with on and off showers in delaware. at the shore, a good chance to see some thunderstorms with a high temperature of 78 degrees. not all day storms, however. you'll get some breaks in the rainfall during the day. in philadelphia, it's 81 degrees this afternoon with showers ending this evening. have a great day. >> don't forget, get that weather anytime you need it. check out our friends on the weather channel on cable. trying to get everybody on in here. savannah? >> al, thank you. day, two of our special series, "kids and money." we focused on the lessons you should teach your little ones. this morning, middle and high school kids. jean chatzky is back with us. yesterday, we said you can start as young as 3. but this is where the action is. middle schoolers and high
8:34 am
schoolers. >> absolutely. this is where materialism starts to kick in, especially among your teenagers. you got to be careful of this. there's interesting research that comes out of the university of missouri. it says, if you are rewarding your kids with things, or things like grades or you're showing affection for not being there. or you take away phones or video games as punishment, all those lead to more materialism. you want to stay away from that. >> it's giving the wrong message. you want to teach them about money. they have to have some money. and how much do you -- do you give it for chores? >> having money and understanding that money is a limited resource is the best way to go. i'm not a big believer in money for chores. i like allowance for allowance sake. come up with a list of things you have paid for in the past in a you know your kids want that you're no longer going to pay
8:35 am
for. make them el kate theallocate t resources. there's some research that shows in a kids who get an allowance understand credit is not unlimited, which is a really important lesson in the future. >> you start saying, i'm going to give you an allowance. but you have to pay for x, y and z. the question is how much? >> this is a national survey that's ongoing from you start with $9, $10, per week. it goes up from there. by the time the kids are driving and paying for gas, the numbers get bigger. if you think about, what am i going to put on that list? school lunches, extra school supplies. >> middle school. >> there's a bake sale. pay for it yourself. video games and entertainment. but let the list that you come up with, drive the amount that
8:36 am
you're going to give your kids. if they're driving and you expect them to fill up the car, you have to give them more money. you can allow them to set up their budget for clothes, for gifts for their friends. >> are you agiving cash? >> cash for middle school. once your kids are in high school, you can set up linked accounts with your bank account. and give them an electronic account. they will get on venmo. you can watch what's happening. you schedule the transfers accordingly. there's other lessons that you can factor into things. even like your back-to-school shopping. you make a list. you look at what you got at home first. >> key thing about the bank account. you put the money on, do not get the overdraft protection. >> absolutely not. it is much better to allow your kids to go to a checkout and
8:37 am
find they don't have the money for something. it's a little embarrassing. they'll do it one time. they'll never do it again. >> otherwise, you get a $35 fee or something. >> and it's chronic. people who overdraw do it again and again. >> jean, thank you so much. we're going to tackle money matters for the college age set tomorrow. still ahead, an emotional promise made more than 70 years ago coming full-circle. natalie has an incredible story for us. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
dude, you were right, these wait...what? the gold fish, man! you said i should buy some. no! i said you should buy gold fish, the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery... with top prizes of $25,000. ooohh.... are there really...? 25,000 of them? yeah. want more changes to win? go to and enter your non-winning tickets for the gold fish second-chance drawing with $10,000 prizes. we're back with a beautiful story, a remarkable reunion seven decades in the making. gn natalie is in los angeles with that story. hey, natalie. >> reporter: back in 1944, when an american combat marine ended up with a family heirloom belonging to a japanese soldier.
8:40 am
and it's come full circle for that marine's journey to give it back. a moment of healing for a grieving family. more than 70 years after battling the japanese army in world war ii, marine veteran marvin strombo returned a flag he found on the body of a japanese soldier to grateful relatives. >> i made a promise that i would return it to the family. >> reporter: now strombo fought in the south pacific. >> some wanted to be in the first ones in. and just about gave our lives for it. >> reporter: the memories of the painful days, still fresh in his mind. >> he was ahead of me. and he turned around and started shooting. and there was five japanese warriors there.
8:41 am
ambushing. but we got by that. epha close call, strombo came across the body of a dead japanese soldier. inside his uniform, a white japanese flag. >> he had it tucked into his coat. i barely saw it. i knew it was sacred to him, it was special. but then, i realized that if i didn't, somebody else would. and it might be lost forever. so, i reached over and took it. and i kind of made a promise that i would return it. >> reporter: through a wks to american and japanese veterans together, he learned the man's name. and heg he carried off to war had been signed by 180 members of h incl
8:42 am
members of his family. seven of those villagers are still alive,is brother and two sisters. his family never knew the circumstances of his death until strombo made the 10,000-mile oc. >> i never owned a flag. i'm glad i got it back to you finally. it's been a lon >> reporter: for strombo, it feels like destiny, a promise he made seven decade s ago, finall fulfilled. >> and the younger brother said, today, of the emotional event, it's like the war has finally ended and my brother has come out of limbo. the oban society, the group that brought these former enemies together, say they get thousands and thousands of people,
8:43 am
veterans who have returned the spoils of war back to japan that call them yearly but never goat the chance to do that. >> that's a wonderful story. coming up next, back-to-school tech, to deal with everything from homework to lunch. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
this morning on back-to-school today, some gadgets to make your kids' lives and your life easier in the process mario has must-haves for every age. >> good morning. >> you have great ideas. what is osmo? >> an award-winning, created by google engineers. teaching your kids how to do coding and music and programming. on the fun, on the ipad, you
8:46 am
have cubes that are tactile that you have. and i'm going to make the guy move. >> it plugs into the ipad. >> it plugs in. you hit play. you see the monster here start to move. what that's teaching them are the steps of programming and code. >> it comes as a kit? >> 19 different coding blocks. all things you can do with that. >> this is amazing. lunchboxes have come a long way from when i carried one for school. >> it has two temperature zones. what you have is the ability to have cold fruits and vegetables. and insulated thermos for hot foods. >> you put the apple sauce in the wrong trump chemperature zo. interactive globe? >> not just any interactive globe.
8:47 am
oregon smartglobe has been doing this for a long time. it can teach you history and facts across the world. 4,000-plus facts. you can take the pen and touch india and it will start to tell you all the history, the music, the songs, the flag, the capital. >> you got a couple of different headphones on the list. >> the buddy phones are really great because parents are worried about volume. volume-limiting headphones. >> they can only go up a certain decibel level. >> great for the young kids. the older kids, what's trendy is wearing the headphones. i'm wearing a set of the wraps is what they're called. simple name, called wraps. they come in different colors and styles. the idea is you can carry it on your wrist. >> that's a smart idea.
8:48 am
a couple of different laptops that are great for younger and older. >> starting at $179, matt. we used to do the segments when $500 was the least expensive. these are chrome books by acor. acor has a line of chrome books, that look to do things that are different. this is a convertible acor. y you can use it with four different display modes. >> touchscreen. >> complete touchscreen. boots up like inthat. >> they are pretty durable. >> they can drop from a desk down to the floor and withstand that. acer has chromebooks that are excellent. >> got to keep the morning hot chocolate warm. >> this is a usb warmer. they've said, you have to have the long nights at college or long nights studying, you have
8:49 am
to hook it up to your laptop and keep that coffee warm. >> we've sat down to write that essay and we've come up blank. >> this is called essay dog. they know how to write a story. short videos. four steps. if you get through four simple steps, by answering questions that are in preformatted boxes. >> helps you jump-start the process. >> you have your essay. it's done. >> it's still your work. they're not giving you the es y essay. they're giving you a way to spur your imagination. >> finally, amazon. >> a student membership. a lot of people don't know this. you get a six-month trial with that. free two-day shipliping. college kids that are away, that need stuff shipped to them, amazon prime is a great opportunity for them. >> good you got it all in.
8:50 am
if you think this segment is kid and parent friendly, wait until you see where we go from here. kid-friendly meals that will please the pickiest of eaters. first, this is "today" on nbc. every year south jersey sends more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
8:51 am
"today food" is brought to you by oreo thins. try oreo thins. a thin twist on the oreo cookie you love.
8:52 am
>> all right. we're back with "today food." kid-approved. if you're stumped for dinners your families can eat. daniel has great ideas. to prove it, we have four children with us. they're ready to judge and taste today's meal. and give it the thumbs um for daniel or the thumbs down. they are wyatt cooks, gavin collucci, is a carnivore. and kayla will also try anything. and mia is 9. a picky eater. trying new food makes her nervous. our judges start tasting, let's get cooking. fish sticks. but you're throwing some vegetables in there. >> a very unusual fish stick. i'm doing a pea pure. i put the pea into the milk.
8:53 am
a cup of milk, two cups of peas. >> and for us, these are local peas. >> freshly shelled peas, like that. those peas are from the hudson valley. then, the peas get cooked tender. and then, blend like this. that will be used into the plate with the carrots. the carrots, cooked with orange juice. >> why do you do that? >> a fruitiness to it. and a little bit of -- break off a little sweetness. it's fruity. and it's healthy to put vitamins together. >> does that caramelize as you cook it? >> absolutely. you can put a little orange zest inside. it gives a little more orange flavor to that. so, the carrots get braised slowly, very tender. i have flounder.
8:54 am
flounder from long island. carrots from new jersey. peas, from here. >> all local. >> and the fish, the good thing with flounder or sole or any flat fish, is there's no bones. they get cut like this. i have a little bit of rice flour. it's gluten-free. a little bit of eggs here. >> what are those? >> this these are rice fliks. you can buy that in the market, where it's dry rice flakes. >> you only did one side of that. how come? >> it's not thick enough to do two sides. it works better if one side is crispy and the other is made like this. >> throw it in the pan with the rice flakes side down. >> and cook it mostly on the rice flake. it gets nice and crispy like that. and that's kind of delicate. >> that should take only a couple of minutes. >> exactly.
8:55 am
that's quick. that's the advantage of this kind of fish. it's fresh and quick. on the plate after, i have my pea pure here. maybe we put a little here like that. of course, when you cook for kids, it's important not to mix the food too much. so, bring it in. i would rather keep things a little separated. >> okay. you're going to plate those fish sticks right in the middle of that. as you do that, let me ask our tasters. guys? thumbs up or thumbs down for the fish sticks? for the fish sticks. up? up? not so much. not so much. why don't you like those? >> i'm going to give you -- no. >> thumbs up for the bacon. how about for the peas and carrots? are they tasty? 2-2. you got to make up your minds.
8:56 am
>> i like the bacon. after all this, they want the bacon. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's just about 9:00 a.m. on this tuesday. let's go to bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. hi, bill. we have showers moving through from philadelphia. the showers extend to the jersey shore. there's more rain on the way with the possibility of downpours. so far, the thunderstorm
8:57 am
activity is missing us completely well offshore. there's a chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms today, especially later this morning and this afternoon. vai? thank you, bill. we'll get a check on the vine street expressway with jessica boyington in the first-alert traffic center. >> we are watching the vine slow on the westbound side. the cameras are near 24th street showing this eastbound to 95 looking good. also watching a crash out on lincoln drive between kelly drive and gypsy lane with lanes blocked there. that ends up being a busy spot. earlier we had a crash from 322 on the southbound side, now drive times only 11 minutes. speeds are up there into the 30s. back to you. happening today, a public hearing is scheduled for a proposed medical dispensary in north philadelphia. one city councilwoman says the facility would be too close to a day care center. a dispensary official says this would create new jobs and spark
8:58 am
more development. and jim cawley says he will head the fund-raising operations for temple university. he's a trustee there as well. and students will spend 20% less time taking statewide tests. the psas have been shortened or moved for students 3-8. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have more news and weather coming up. back to the "today" show.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," oprah getting personal. revealing her seven aha moments everyone should live by. and find out why working out only on the weekends could be better for your health. and schoocool back-to-schoo fashion that send your kid to the head of the class. see what we just did? ming up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey. it's tuesday morning. august 15th, 2017. there's an order. you're listening to "move your body." >> i don't think she meant it to be that mean. >> no? >> finger-pointing. i thought it was more happy. like, dance. >> move your body. >> still a little too
9:01 am
aggressive. welcome back. >> thank you. >> we see al every 17 days. >> hold on a sec. you've been off a little bit. you've been off a little bit. >> sheinelle's not off that much. and i'm here if you're off. >> there you go. i've been here when you haven't been. >> really? hmm. >> yeah. >> we mean that as a compliment. >> you don't want me. >> you two have been fighting all morning. >> like we're married. >> it's all love. >> i guess you are my tv wife. >> what does that leave me then? >> then, it gets weird. >> al and the girls. >> like "sister wives." >> the annoying sister. can we talk about your bon voyage dinner you had. >> leila is getting ready to go to college. we had friends and family up. had nice, fun little courtney cooked. she went crazy. made soft shell crab and buns.
9:02 am
she made the countries. >> i love them. >> they're really good. >> bao buns. >> they're like a squishy, soft bun, with delicious meats inside. >> or pork or veggies. >> it was an asian-themmed dinner. >> yes. we had a good time. pepper, i -- you know, we live -- >> the dog. >> our dog, decided -- she wanted to go on a boat ride. >> she wanted to go on a boat ride. so, we went on a boat ride. she has a little -- got this inflatable boat. >> is this for -- >> here's what i'm confused about. just the physics behind this picture. going one way but her hair is blowing the other way. >> i don't know. it's going -- we're going forward. and the hair is -- >> her hair is going way from her face. >> probably. hold on. >> watch. this is leaning forward.
9:03 am
>> it's kind of blowing around. >> that is awesome. >> that's so cool. >> she just started it off. >> you're her photographer. >> she's so beautiful. >> that's a frameable picture. >> she's a good girl. >> that's so sweet. she gets to go on jet skis by herself. >> that's right. >> she hot-wired the boat. we're going to go to food. i made avocado post. >> here's the thing with avocado toast. >> that's a full avocado. >> where is the extra avocado? >> why aren't we -- >> that comes up with intention. >> put a little shopping bag and olive oil. and red pepper flakes. and we have bread. bread here. and the coffee. >> i was going to get oatmeal and put it in a cup. >> you went all-out for dinner. >> okay. let me tell you about my favorite meal. now that the kids aren't here.
9:04 am
my husband said, i'm ready for the kids to get back. he goes, i'm hungry. i'm not cooking. the kids are gone for 15 days. that's 15 days -- >> he can cook. >> exactly. to eat whatever i want. one of my favorite meals. >> this is a delicacy. pearl couscous, with red pepper. black beans. >> what restaurant did you get that from? >> cvs. >> the drugstore. >> i automatically got in line. and this lady said, oh, no. when you turn the bin, there's that area with the celly sticks. >> what cvs are you shopping at? >> it he's like a walgreens or duane reed. >> i know what a drugstore is. >> a lot of people don't have cvs. we didn't have them in wichita. it is the best meal ever.
9:05 am
sometimes they sell out. >> when i think of buying food, i go to a place where people are going in that are sick. next, i'm going to go to an emergency room and go to the ig. >> low standards? i love how she tried to defend me by saying low standards. this is what we're going to do. i'm going to go to cvs and get some of the couscous, that is so good. you get some fancy kind and we'll put it on a plate. we're going to have a taste test. >> that would be fun. i guarantee you -- >> cvs is a lovely drugstore. >> it's only 140 calories. >> i'm not eating food from cvs. >> good for you. good for you. >> you won't even try it. >> no. >> i will try something you want me to try. >> no, i won't. all right. so -- >> you missed it.
9:06 am
we were at a wedding the other day. and she had a little one too many drinks. and she let me drink from her drink. >> it was one or two glasses -- >> did you drink out of the same glass? >> i did. >> and lived to tell about it. >> wow. >> do you realize what just happened? >> i said, can i taste that? it was a fun, fancy drink. and i said, can i taste that? she said, sure, here you go. wait. >> are you sure? >> i was like, girl. >> how many drinks had you had? >> not even. >> like a glass of wine. >> just a moscato. >> that's all it takes. >> can we get back? >> i'm not changing the subject. >> can i bring some for you guys? >> i'm not eating it. >> i'm not here tomorrow. >> what is the chunky couscous -- >> it didn't start out as chucky. >> israeli? is there cheese on it? orso on
9:07 am
delta flight. >> have you flown delta recently? capers with spicy shrimp. >> i like capers. >> pillows of salty deliciousness. >> you're into pillows. >> i'm into pillowy things. >> i had my divine meal from cvs, dylan had a food i had never heard of. >> i made chicken piccata with the capers. nice pan-seared chicken. lemon and white wine. >> for dessert. >> it looks very much like a b cobbler. >> until you see the inside. do we have a picture of it on the fork? we don't have that one. if you were to see it, it's very cakey. >> does it have a topping like a cobbler? >> a crumble on top. not like a crisp.
9:08 am
there's no oatmeal in it. >> like a pie? >> like a coffee cake. >> can you make it for america? >> in blueberry season, we're at the end of it, but the blueberries are so big and juicy. it's a blueberry coffee cake. >> almost like an aha moment. in fact, oprah -- oprah recently opened up to "vogue" magazine. >> this is good. >> she had a number of aha moments revealin ining greatwa f advice. don't take failure to heart. focus on what you have instead of what you don't have. failure is how you learn. >> it's not fun. >> every scientific advance, it was borne out of failure. >> that's true. here's another one. she says, do the work assen ean
9:09 am
offering. when it happens, it happens. >> you don't expect anything. >> more advice. she says set aside your fears and do whatever it is you want to do. that's hard to set aside your fears to do stuff. >> this next one is very, i think, appropriate. wrapping up her hit talk show, know when it's time to call it quits. that's very important. >> how about this one. set aside your fears and do whatever it is. did i miss that one? >> don't repeat what somebody else said. >> this is it. >> or stick to the prompter. >> this is me and reporting. i talk about reporting. it's not always about you. really, the other person. >> the last one, don't get the couscous at a drugstore. okay. up next, could exercise on the weekends be better for your health than exercising they say glory awaits at the finish
9:10 am
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♪ we are back with more of "today's take." so, if you're the type of person to only get exercise in during the weekend, we got good news for you. do you exercise during the week and the weekend? >> i'm like an exercise through the day kind of person. if i'm watching tv and i feel like -- i'll do some squats or lunges. >> dylan taught me something. she has an 18-pack. her abs. she says, you said you keep your stomach in all the time. >> my dad taught me -- if you hit me in the stomach. you can always punch me in the stomach. >> i'm not going to do that. >> you don't have to do it hard. >> it's okay. i'm not going to do that. >> you do it. >> you can always punch me in the stomach.
9:14 am
you can't explain to him them how it feels. >> my dad told me if you keep your stomach tight all the time, it's like built-in exercise. >> the new study says working out on the weekend has similar health benefits to working out during the week. it's only working out the same time. >> you have to work out a lot. >> you should get 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. i would like to spread it out. >> i was telling the crew this morning. i have mom guilt over it. i feel like if i go away to exercise, it's time i should be with them. that's probably -- it's just the truth. >> as they're getting -- as they're getting older, they're going to have more activities. and so, you know -- >> they're at school. that's when i try to find the time. >> here we go. gira girard. >> one, two. all right. >> pretty good. >> you talked about your favorite meal on the plane. how about adding a fun activity
9:15 am
to go with your meal? a toilet paper race on a plane. check out this video. southwest airlines flight attendants decide to do a toilet paper roll race with all of the passengers. pass it from one side. and the other side, doing it down the other side. >> okay. >> that's funny. >> do you like it -- dylan, you were not a big fan of the flight attendants making fun for you. >> my problem is, when i'm on a plane, i'm usually -- what are we doing? >> do it all out of studio? >> when i'm on a plane, i'm usually tired. i can't wait to get in my seat and sleep. when there's activity going on, it's all of the time i could be sleepling. and i have to pay attention to the activity. >> and you feel rude -- sometimes you get on and they make jokes? >> yes. >> i feel like -- >> oh. sheinelle lost. she broke it. >> i broke it?
9:16 am
>> you pulled too hard. >> look at this, guys. you can see the whole crew. >> that was nice. >> like a bonding experience. >> start on this end. >> that's my thing. i'm with you, dylan. we're happy people. when we get on the flight. >> i tend to fall asleep right away. >> do you talk to the americper next to you, al? >> not a head nod? >> i say hello when we start. >> do they recognize you? >> they don't know who i am. >> come on. that's ridiculous. >> hey. we're t.p.'ing the studio. it's like halloween. twinge everybody down here. >> don't pull too hard. we're going to rip. i hope nobody has to go to the bathroom. >> thank you. normally, i would say something like that. let's show you what's happening as far as weather is concerned for today. >> what are you doing? >> looking at wet weather around
9:17 am
the gulf. also showers and thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic states. wet weather making its way through the northern plains. for today, the heat continues through the gulf coast, southwest on into the southeast and looking at showers wet weather making its way down throh the good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab an umbrella. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day. and that's all going to limit our warm up today. up to 80 degrees in new jersey and the lehigh valley. 78 degrees with on and off showers in delaware. at the shore, a good chance we'll see some showers with a high temperature of 78 degrees. not all day storms, however. you get some breaks in the rainfall throughout the day. in philadelphia, it's 81 degrees this afternoon. the showers ending this evening. have a great day. >> it's mischief night in the
9:18 am
studio. >> i love it. >> all right. can you do this? national relaxation day. show you how to relax your mind and your body. >> really? >> using toilet paper, after these messages. ( ♪ ) a dog's big life is measured in wags. and when you feed your dog nature's recipe, you fuel the wag with our 35-year history of premium recipes like chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin. ( ♪ ) (bark) the bigger the life, the bigger the wag. nature's recipe. fuel the wag. they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. wait, fruit of the loom makes breathable underwear? yeah, they have tiny holes to let the air through but... yessss. i love them.
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cranberry pineapple 100% juice. lrich matte lipstick.s new color riche matte. 16 shades pulse with lush comfort. non-drying. never flat. it's addictive. matte addiction. new color riche matte. from l'oreal paris. right. in. your. stomach! watch this!... >>yikes, that ice cream was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose.
9:21 am
lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. mom doesn't know we have him. so we're using fresh step with the power of febreze to eliminate litter box odors for 10 days. guaranteed. victory is ours, mr. kitty! fresh step. with the power of febreze. put down your smartphone. put away your long to-do list. it's national relaxation day. time for a little r&r. >> and here to help you -- i can't do this. refreshed and renewed, is emily fletcher, a mindfulness expert and founder of zeba meditation. and victoria kirby, the beauty editor of "red book" magazine. i feel like we just walked into a spa. you have the aroma stuff in
9:22 am
here. >> let's start with our minds. how do we relax our minds? >> i'm going to share one of our favorite techniques to relax the mind and the body. >> can they do it at home with us? >> we might look a little silly. are you willing to look silly with me? >> ahave you seen our show? >> take the thumb and the ring finger. close your nostril with the thumb. inhale through the left. and switch sides. closing your left nostril with the ring finger. you got it. this balances the left and the right of the brain. inhaling through the right. really good. switching sides. exhale to the left. >> can i add something? >> yes. >> my mind wanders, like right now. how do you not do that? >> this is actually the number one disconception around meditation. people have to clear their minds. we medicate to get good at life, not medication.
9:23 am
the mind thinks involuntarily, sxwrus like t just like the heartbeats, involuntarily. i want to give you a little scent to wake you up to host the rest of the show. like a smelling salt. >> that smells great. >> victoria, what about our bodies? >> lots of relaxing things over here for the body. so, first, we got this fantastic -- would you like to come over here. check them out. >> got a smelling stick. that was amazing. >> the smelling stick. a couple masks going on here. the jell undereye masks from elf. they are soothing and help to depuff. they have licorice to brighten. it feels so good. it's nice and cooling on the skin. >> can you reuse them?
9:24 am
no. you get three sets for 8 bucks. >> it's like a facial for a raccoon. >> okay. we have sheet masks. these are all the rage right now. they are at cvs. >> i like that place. >> what is great about sheet masks, they influse the indwre d ingredients. and you don't have to be at home. when you need a midday refresh. you spritz this on. it has the most amazing scent. rosemary, mint. >> how do you feel? good? she's like, mm. >> for people trying to get a good night's sleep. >> yes. that's so important. we have this bath from the body shop. you do this before you go to bed. green tea. and the citrus scent helps to calm anxiety. and lush body lotion.
9:25 am
sleepy. the name says it all. infused with lavender. it helps induce sleep. it helps induce sleep. >> ♪ it helps induce sleep. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ find your child's class supply list at select "add all items" and ship them home. on tuesday afternoon, linda discovered the chex mix™ combination of one corn chex, one rye chip, and two pretzel pieces. then she won $27,000 on scratchers. coincidence? yes, but now she calls it money mix and we're okay with that. pick your mix with chex mix™. i love you, droolius caesar, but sometimes you stink.
9:26 am
febreze car vent clip cleans away odors for up to 30 days. because the things you love can stink. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's about 9:30. let's go to bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. not much of a beach day, but people are out enjoying a few clouds and showers. we are seeing the light rain from wilmington to odessa and dover. we are looking at light rain in cape may. and a good downpour crossing delaware bay. could see some heavy downpours with developing thunderstorms. so far, no thunder and lightning. no big warm up either. it's now up to 73 degrees in philadelphia and delaware, 71 in new jersey and at the shore, 76 degrees. we'll get a check on the traffic with jessica boyington. >> we are watching 95 near girard avenue.
9:27 am
it's not looking too bad. we are seeing an increase in drive times still. it's about 12 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine. about 18 minutes there with speeds down into the 40s. but slow to center city. everyone is still moving. in cheltenham, watch for an accident there. and the new jersey governor's candidate forum is restricted to members of the southern new jersey commerce. and this weekend telemundo 62 will help to clear the shelters. we'll introduce you to one cat rescued off the streets. meet duke who hunts for mice and greets customers at the philadelphia brewing company in kensington. one of the owners said to go to a shelter to look for a pet and possibly a good worker like duke. on saturday, adopting fees will be waived at 50 shelters at animal centers across the area. you can find the one closest to you. i'm vai sikahema. you can get the latest news and
9:28 am
weather on the nbc 10 app. back to the "today" show. see you at the top of the hour.
9:29 am
9:30 am
in an effort to get more ridiculous, you know how it is. you're sitting at the pool or beach all day. and you're starving. you want to eat healthy. but there aren't really a lot of options. >> actually, i don't. today is about smart summer snacking. in a game we're calling sink or swim. here to choose food that won't sink your diet is joy bauer. >> this is a crazy hilarious segment. i'm going to ask you a bunch of questions. and you have to answer by giving us the slimmest, lightest in calorie choice. >> okay. >> our first question, we have our hot and sassy cabana producers helping us out. which is the lighter option? a turkey leg or a slice of
9:31 am
cheese pizza. >> i'm going turkey leg. >> i'm going cheese pizza. >> al would have it right. a lot of people think the turkey leg, but there's so much fat and skin marbled within, it's about 1,000 calories. the pizza, if it's plain cheese, it will be just about 500. >> i had a couple slices the other day. >> you're at 1,000. swoop out the lighter snack. is it a cone with sprinkles? or a blaglazed doughnut. al said ice cream cone and al said doughnut. the key was a soft serve ice cream cone. it whips in a lot of air, and is lower in calories. and sprinkles only add about 100
9:32 am
calories. the doughnut is heavier. question three. >> where are we finding these things? >> is it going to be a hot pretzel? or a large soft pretzel? or a popsicle stick? >> the at least amount of calories. >> i'm going with the popsicle. >> both would be right. the hot pretzel, even though it's baked, a lot think it's the healthier option. but it's like eating seven slices of white prebread. no redeeming factors here. but only between 40 and 80 calories. not one this big, though. >> i was going to say. >> now, you have your nets again. you're going to scoop out the lighter option. is it going to be a hot dog with a medium french fries? or a burger on a bun? >> i'm going burger. >> burger. >> you guys both nailed it.
9:33 am
>> hot dogs are not good for you. >> hot dogs are 60% fat. we have a lot of bad research with people that eat hot dogs. a burger on a bun is only about 4,500 calories. our last question, our volunteer pool workers are back for the last time. >> did you go to store first? >> would you go with a cookie? or an ice cream sandwich? >> ice cream sandwich. >> cook ie. >> this is 150 calories. not chipwich. this cookie is jumbo. >> is it really that size? hold on. >> no. like a bakery version one, that's going to have a lot of butter and sugar. >> i thought we were talking like chips ahoy.
9:34 am
>> that would have won. those are only about 50 calories a pop. >> i like that. the ice cream sandwich is to real size. coming up next, send your kids out to the classroom let's see, there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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9:38 am
a new school year means new clothes. when it comes to their style, kids want to look cute and cool and comfortable. >> here's some back-to-school fashion that will get an a-plus from parents and kids. amy, good morning. >> we're so excited for this one. >> this is the most adorable segment. >> first, our little letterman, a ally's son, joaquin. >> letterman style is not only for college kids. the jacket and the pants are $23 as a set. with the retro '70s shirt, new from boonedash. a lot of fun boutique clothes. >> ellie, she's our director's daughter. those shoes are so cute.
9:39 am
>> there's a huge forest animal movement. she has a little deer doe on her back. >> can we see? >> want to turn around to show us your little deer? and her graphic t-shirt. lots of graphic t-shirts. all of the separates are under $10. >> really? >> that's awesome. thank you, guys. >> looking adorable. our next group, a trio, all wearing comfortable layered works. our first look, we have sarah's son, henry. >> henry, one of my favorite brands. this is pink chicken. the buttondown and the pants from hannah anderson. a supersoft t-shirt. so soft, you could sleep in it. we love that. and the boots, faux leather, from tom. next up, anna and rowen are wearing a brand called orchestra, originally from france, just came over to the
9:40 am
u.s. she has a romper from summer. pair that up with a windbreaker and tights, she is ready to go. and rowen also wearing orchestra, supersoft tee from hannah anderson. these are fleece jeans. really comfortable. >> when they go to gym. they have on the cute outfits. >> you need something you can move and groove in. and he's actually -- he doesn't love jeans. he likes the pants. >> thank you, guys. >> our next group, we have a darling -- look at sofia. i was next to her in hair and makeup. isn't she adorable? >> anna, was her sibling in the previous group, too. she is showing us how to do a l luxe and be comfortable. the vest, the dress and the necklace come together for $43.
9:41 am
i love a vest. it's great for the in-between weather we have in the fall. not too hot. not too cool. team that with leggings to keep her warm. and the boots are from a brand by uggs. it's a more affordable brand. >> are the price of the boots? >> around $65. but that's a lot more reasonable than the normal uggs brand. >> and jamarry, how cute are you? >> a lot of asian invasion on the clothes. look for embellishments on the bombers. these are performance fit jeans for boys. really comfortable. lots of stretch. really fantastic. the backpack is from society 6. they just launched last week. all independent artists, all individually designed. you have to check out the website. very fabulous backpacks. the next two backpacks you see
9:42 am
are by that brand. >> thank you, guys. final group, middle schoolers. we have, amy, your daughter, fio fiona. >> this is at leisure update. and the sporty movement with the logos is popular. we have the really butter-soft hoodies that the teens must have. and the joggers. look for prints and patterns. the cammo is a must-have. the backpack by society 6. and the zoom bracelets are emoji bracelets. and charlie, kick box is a fun box that comes to six to eight separates in the box. if you buy the box, it's $98. if you buy the box, they give a box to a child in need. this is an example of the separates you can get. the plaid buttondown to the joggers. he is not a sweats kind of guy.
9:43 am
but loved these pants and shoes by keds, the champion denims. >> i want this outfit. it looks so comfy. can we see all our kids? >> what a group we have here, with all our producers and everybody. >> so adorable. amy, thank you so much. as we look at the cute kids, al, do the weather. as we look for today, severe storm plus the plains. flooding in the central mississippi river valley. afternoon storm plus the gulf. showers in the northeast. tomorrow, we continue with that flood threat. now moves into the upper mississippi river valley. heat continues in texas. out west, temperatures cool down. 76 in seattle. same temperatures in los angeles. high rip currents due to hurricane gert from the florida all the way up into new england. goat's what's good morning, i'm
9:44 am
meteorologist bill henley. grab the umbrella. you have a chance of showers that is going to limit our warm up today. up to 80 degrees in new jersey and the lehigh valley. 78 degrees with on and off showers in dielaware. at the shore, a good chance for thunderstorms, 78 degrees. not all-day storms, you'll get breaks throughout the day. in philadelphia, 81 degree this is afternoon with showers ending this evening. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. ther. coming up next, hitting the road for a labor day getaway? hours of fun to keep your kids entertained in the backseat. after these messages. at petsmart, we love all pets like this little guy, sam. he eats blue wilderness. it's protein-rich, grain-free and made with more meat to satisfy the wolf spirit that lives in every dog. right now, buy one select blue wilderness bag at petsmart and get 2 free cans or tubs. because every dog still has a little wolf in them.
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9:49 am
>> we found some children to try out some fun, backseat entertainment, from liz vaccariello, editor in chief. >> we're going to start under 5. >> yeah. under the 5 crowd. the book i'm going to recommend is "carson crosses canada." it's a wonderful water color picture book. it helps the toddler or preschooler understand the concept of road trip. carson sees the waterfall, a prairie, and the ocean. >> a podcast. >> if you get sick in the car, and you don't want a book, a podcast is storynory. they have wonderful kid voices, fairy tales and poems. >> my kids like games. >> i love this persiversion of building game.
9:50 am
they are flexible and easy to build. great for toddler fingers in the backseat. what parents love is the building board in a keeps all of the creations on a platform and not flying around the car. >> i don't think our car is has ever been so quiet. are you guys okay there? >> sofia is going to town with the travel bricks. >> he got to his destination. >> older kids, ages 5 to 10. >> "gone fishing" is a novel in verse. we chose this one because kids don't often read aloud. this gets them in the swing of things. you can read about building your tent and making s'mores. the child can read it to the younger sibling in the backseat. our podcast is dream big.
9:51 am
this is hosted by emma and her mother. she teaches that you can be whatever you want to be. >> aspirational. >> you can be whatever you want to be. >> and a good, old game. >> good, old game. i think we have a fan of a fidgets back there. a fidget spinner meets a r s s s cube. you have the brain teasing element until the topside is white and the bottom side is blue. hours and hours of quiet backseat entertainment. yes. >> you just drive. >> we'll probably get you that. how about ten-plus. >> we're going to get mom and dad. we have a boxcar children's book. the first in a new five-volume series of new adventures. our kids are being encouraged by
9:52 am
a secret society, to return artifacts to people's homes. we love there's historic references in the book. and it's boxcar children. it's a crowd-pleaser. >> our podcast? >> our podcast, we're all about brains on. all about science. they have kid scientists. and national public radio reporters are hosting this, that have legit answers to some of those back-of-the-car questions. why is the ocean salty? and how does a plane stay alot of? >> since we're traveling, you have a geography game. >> this is an app for ios or android. it's called stack the states. in tetris form, you learn about the state capitals and flag. >> and bonus movies? >> "homeward bound" michael j. fox. and "diary of a whimpy kid" dvd
9:53 am
about a road trip. >> we never heard, are we there yet? the september issue of "parents" magazine is on stands now. how are we doing? back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. whoooo.
9:54 am
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♪ so, ladies, what's coming up? >> nice of you to show up. >> guess who we have. lionel richie. >> so great. >> channing tatum. >> wow. >> and julie from "difficult people." >> not difficult. i love her. >> did you love being on that show? >> i did. i had a ball with
9:56 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just about 10:00 this morning, we'll go to first-alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? we are starting to see heavy downpours. right now gray skies in easton. the skies are scattered in the suburbs. and the lehigh valley is mainly dry. a steady rainfall for much of delaware and south jersey. look at the downpours coming into central kent county. there's a chance to see thunderstorms this morning and this afternoon.
9:57 am
the temperatures have warmed up a little bit. not much, now 74 in philadelphia and delaware. all right, thank you, bill. jessica boyington has first-alert traffic looking at route 422. >> route 422 near trooper road i'm watching here through the work zone, too. so you can see in both directions eastbound and westbound, we do have lane restrictions with some construction projects underway. and upper gwynedd near samantha court there is a crash. back to you. and new this morning, officials are looking for the cause of an apartment fire in northeast philadelphia. fire crews put out flames at the canterbury court apartments. two firefighters went to the hospital for treatment. and parking will be banned at the pagoda later this month. they will prohibit parking between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. people living nearby complained about noise and crime near the pagoda. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update coming up in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest
9:58 am
news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. i'm vai sikahema.
9:59 am
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get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. usually you warn us. >> hi, everybody! welcome. we're happy you're with us toy. s booze day tuesday. august 15th. hoda's favorite day. >> no. >> spanky tuesday. >> i can't stand spanky tuesday. >> let's listen to this. let's go for a while. ♪ >> mr. lionel richie. one of his all-time hits. i loved everything he did with the commodores and upset when he left and on to a solo career and i loved everything -- >> he's done since. >> a brilliant musician.


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