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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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initial reaction to the deadly charlottesville violence. minutes ago he defended the white nationalists who carried flaminging torches calling them peaceful protesters and he laid some blame on the club-wielding alt-left who did not have a permit to be there. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm keith jones, and he wrapped up the press conference and it was a loud event with the president and the reporters shouting. >> you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say it, but i will say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. >> again, the white nationalists gathered in charlottesville with plans to the take down a confederate statute. and today, the president discussed the statuc statue and
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importance of it. >> and you had people there planning to take down to them a very, very important statue and renaming of the park from robert e. lee to the another name. and george washington was a slave owner, and was george washington a slave owner, and so now will george washington going to be losing the status? are we going to be takeing down statues to george washington? how about thomas jefferson, what do you think of thomas jefferson, you like him? okay. good. are we going to be take down the statue, because he was a major slave owner. >> and president trump initially criticized the violence on many sides rather than singling out the white supremist, and many viewed that as an inadequate response. yesterday, he stepped back into the front of the microphone to condemn the groups tied to them, but then he reversread the
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statement. >> the aep frank center released a strong statement a moment ago and said how much more proof does america need after today's presidential fright show. president trump is a sympathizer of the neo-nazi white supremist, and if that does not make him anti-semitic, and full of hate for other oppressed peoples, what does? end quote. and social media is buzzing after the president's comments and lots of people are posting strong reaction. nbc 10 want nose whs to know wh think. you can chime in and look for the picture of the president at the top of the page. and so we will have more on the fallout of the business counsel with lester holt at 6:30, and again, that is right here on nbc 10. now, to more breaking news. within the last hour, police released new information about the suspect accused of dousing city vehicles with gasoline.
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the philadelphia police say that the man you see here covered with a sheeting a baby stroller is involved in the crime. and police are hoping this is going to lead them to their man. we have more on the breaking details here with deanna durante. >> and not just the information they are putting out there, but a major reward 15, $000 put up by the fraternal order of police and the philadelphia firefighters union and the atf hoping that you can name the man in the video that you are about to see. he seems to be no stranger to the neighborhood. look at this man and in his faded jeans can and white sneakers and in fact, he covers his face with the shirt avoiding a residential camera. >> we are asking the public to lo lookt ta clothing worn and specifically the pants he is wearing and the faded nature down by the bottom of ttoof the calfs and also the way he leaves and returns and the broken gait.
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>> they say that he doused police cars in the station six time times. first time he is spotted is just after 4:00 p.m. he soaked a sheet in gasoline and tried to ignite it, but it did not and not for lack of trying. then later in the video, you can see him walking with a stroller. >> and so we see late ear female, and we don't know if that is the owner tof stroller or who that woman is. >> reporter: police want to know the woman's face, too, and then they say the next time, the sneakers were gone and the missing shirt was also gone soaked in fuel. now, again, this man and his identity is not known at this point, but police tell us that that building had problems with the locks for some time, and those repairs have been made, but that is another reason why
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they believe that this guy may have been local to the neighborhood around the 12th district of the philadelphia police department. if you know anything, call police. reporting live outside of the police station, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. and going outside did not stop these people on a rainy gray tuesday to get outside. it was business as usual with the soggy weather. and now a live look at the wilmington blue rock stadium -- well, actually, it is traffic on i-95 moving along despite the wet roads. >> and over at cape may, it is a cool chilly day but not stopping people to be out, there and they said they are on vacation, and i'm going be on vacation. a look at that philadelphia skyline and good news that the rain is starting to clear out. >> that is good, and the first alert of crystal klein joining us. and what do you see for the rest of the night? >> well, we are starting to see the rain moving out, and
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including those in the cape may ear yashs a areas not stopping those from going out sooside. you will see the pockets there, but going north, you will see the spot showers lingering and those will start to the thin as we go overnight, but that is going to allow for the fog to go overnight, and into the earlier morning hours tomorrow. and a close look at the spot showers, and we have one more round to go through philly and then all done with the showers. and you can go to another hour or two before this is all out, and some pockets here with the steady rain falling, and for the most part, the spotty thunderstorms have come to a close. this is rain that is moving on out. this is the time of from the current time to 6:30 and pretty much everything is off shore except for the jersey shore, and from 6:30 overnight, everything is gone. notice the gray color which is some of the fog forming overnight.
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when you have cool skies and cool steady air and not to move around the moisture of the surface, you can more easily form the fog. potential lingering through the south in the morning and in the morning commute some fog lingering, but then that will thin out as we heat up it up. and here we are, 78 in philadelphia, and 77 in wilmington, and 73 in coatesville, and it is has been a cool day below average for us, and i will bet not using the words for that other than hot and sticky and steamy. and then coming up we will take a look at the up coming temperatures. >> all you have to do so tap the free nbc 10 app to get more details on the weather. >> and under the new contract, philly cops will get a raise of 3% for the next three years and lit cost the city about $45
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million. the police officers have been working without a contract since june 30th. the contract was decided by a panel of three ashtrrbitratorar and man who was with discovered on christian street with a gunshot wound to the head, aed right nond right now, don't have a suspect or motive. and a family was hit by a car after they were walking on clemens avenue, and the driver did stop, and hoping that the family will be okay. three people, including a firefighter were injured in canterburyens of other resident forced to the evacuate. right now firefighters are looking for the cause and a new are report shedding a light on the cost of president trump's transgender military ban. it estimates that it would cost
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the government $960 million. and the report says that the cost replaced the nearly 15,000 transgender service members would be 100 times greater than having to provide transition-related care to the trans members. two local airports are about to get the much needed work, and the department of transportation announced more than $162 million in airport infrastructure grant, and morristown municipal airport is being awarded $1 million for runway repairs and $3 million to trenton mercer for taxi way repair. sfwhoo a still ahead, dow you have unclaimed property? what you need the to know so you won't be scammed. coming up, a local 9-year-old boy wants to help keep you safe, and he has taken a stand on traffic issues and the city has approved his plan.
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>> and a neighbors fighting back against a proposed dispensary, and the developments of the meeting today and what happens next. overcoming injury. will the eagles play wide receiver alshon jeffery in the preseason home opener against the bills. that is next at 5:00.
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nbc 10 is the official home of the philadelphia eagles. as we approach the preseason home opener, there are questions who will take the field. >> will a alshon jeffery the wide receiver be sidelined by inju injury? we have john clarke joining with us the story. what are you seeing, john? skwlel wx we didn't see him in the first game, but the fans can't wait to see the bird's big signing, and we are expecting him to make the eagles' debut thursday night. that is alshon and the eagle's number one receiver and maybe the best since t. the o. and that long. the eagles feel so good about the receivers now they have traded away the leading receiver jordan matthews. the birds have just been taking it slow with alshon as he heals. >> i am working through that and
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leaning towards him playing, yes. he feels comfortable, and we have talked and it, and so, you now, i am comfortable with him coming. >> and it is a long time coming with him and i am not sure how much, but hopefully he does and he can start to get the chemistry and the relationship out on the field, and in live situations. >> and we are also looking forward to the debut of the new starting cornerback, ronald darby who came over in the trade with jordan matthews, and he won't play, because he has a chip fracture in the sternum, and we will have the story of nels nelsoning nelson agholor. a new nelson agholor. and make sure that you tune in for the kickoff at 7:00 and the pregame at 6:00 p.m. and now, it is time to go
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back the school and time for the parents to open up the checkbooks. they project for back to school spendinging to reach $86.6 billion and that is a 10% increase. we stopped by the best buy store in king of prussia and they they the customers are looking for smart technology that will move with them when they are on the go >> younger, you can see the tablets and the cell phones and the a all in ones, and it is great because you can see the technology improving and getting b better and better. >> the retailers are expecting spending on electronics to top 8.8 billion this year. >> te clips is days ago and the must-have eitem is a pair of glasses to watch the solar event safely. check out the line here waiting for a free pair of eclipse glasses at a mall in alabama. lines wrapped around the building and experts warned that looking directly at the sun during the eclipse at any point can have seriouses consequence, and we can't stress it enough.
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the eclipse viewing parties are popping up, and you can watch it at the bucks county community college in new township monday and also at the library in bristolborrow. and our area will be seeing an 80% eclipse. for everything that you need to know about the solar eclipse from the safe ways to view it and the best way to snap picture s of it, tap the nbc 10 app. is a gloomy afternoon in roxborough, and the umbrellas are up. we caught people out and about on ridge avenue despite the rainy after noon. you still have to get the errands done. and this is out along the shore, and definitely people are not out there, but maybe a in a couple of days when it is better. >> right now, hurricane gert is hovering over the east coast of the united states causing some potentially dangerous conditions in the wa waters off of the jersey shore. glenn hurricane schwartz is monitoring the impact. and krystal klei has the
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foreca forecast. this is finally moving out. >> yes, and days worth of spotty thunderstorms and storms that were picked up, and finally, we will see the green moving off shore indicating that it taking the rain wit. we have the blanket of clouds overhead, and scattered showers across the southern half of the viewing area. we will look at where the are rain is moving right now, and we can zoom into parts of kent koun i ti and parts of cumberland county, and kent county with more than an inch of rain that has fallen and so this is a gool -- good deal of rain that has fallen. and so if we are pulling this out, you can see the back edge of the thick cloud coverage and once the the drier air moves in that is going to allow the forecast tomorrow with sunshine in it. temperatures today way lower. the average high is 86 and we stayed in the 70s for the most part. 77 in society hill and 77 at the airport and 77 at fox chase,
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ands or thedaand torsdale, you are 78, and it is so humid out there, and you can feel the moisture in it, and i hate to the say it, but it is something sticking around for the next few days. the temperatures will be cranking up with more sunshine in the forecast. 90 in fair moupt, and shwanksville, and also in allentown, and same deal, 88 for the high tomorrow. 8 # 7 in robbinsville, and the new jersey shore, mid 80s there and warmer conditions. 84 in avalon and wildwood, and in delaware and newark, 8 the highs. and some of us are doing to be flirting with the 90 degree marks but it is going to be feeling like mid-90s and bringing back the feels like forecast. t today uncomfortable, but wednesday, thursday and friday, the steamy range due to the fact that we will be seeing the temperatures hovering in the mid-80s and 90s and the high
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humidity sticking around and that is go oing to mean a sticky forecast for the eagles and the bills game. and if you get there early, it is 86 and 83 for the start time, and 10:00, it is 79 degrees with a chance of some storms in the forecast. now, we have got something else to talk about, and we mentioned it a moment ago, hurricane gert churning up the waters out, there and that means, glenn, some issues for the shore. >> that is right. the longer the hurricane is out there, and the bigger it is, and the stronger it is, the worse the conditions get at the coast. this is what we consider a minimal hurricane, and the max wind winds are about 80 miles per hour. it is not that far off of the coast. but it is looking to turn to the right. this front is causing it to turn, so it is not going to be coming up the coast, but wa what happens is as it moves to northeast, everything is sp
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spinning around, and it is churning up the ocean, and it is going to push the water towards the coastline. so even if you have a track the like that, you are talk ing abot extra high waves, swells and the rip currents get more intense. so there is at least a moderate risk of the rip currents. this is for tomorrow. conditions will be improving as we head towards the weekend as gert moves out towards the north atlantic. so it is a temporary issue, and it is just for tomorrow. >> some big news for local immigrant students, and to today, the mexican consulate of philadelphia announced the launch of the ime scholarship program. the nationwide program to help students since 2005 aimed to help those looking to further their higher education now in the united states. . >> it is such an important step for me to continue my education, and especially for all of the struggles that my parents have
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gone through and for me to continue, and it is like for me to be able to represent them in a way that they couldn't in education. >> all students from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware were awarded more than $30,000. 4 million low income households have high speed interact access thanks to internet essentials. the program sponsored by comcast offers service to seniors and free access to xfinity hot spots. comcast is the parent company for nbc 10. and for more information on the program tap the nbc 10 app. survivor story. she spent near ly a month stranded in the woods. >> how she survived by eating wild mushrooms and who finally tra tracked her down. plus the price two pit bulls had to pay for saving kids from a poisonous snake. >> an iconic piece of american history targeted by vandals and the monument in washington, d.c., understood going a cleanup
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n next at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. costco is being forced to pay up for selling tiffany engagement rings that were not made by tiffany at all. a federal judge said that tiffany is entitled to $19.3 million, and cost ko argued that it is using tiffany as a generic
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term to describe a ring setting and cost ko -- costco does plan to the appeal the ruling. and now, a couple is signing up for items to be is sent to their eitems free, and they stoe enough items from lowe's to fill a 18-foot trailer and they sold the items on facebook for less than half of the original price. >> children's hospital is hoping to cut down on the number of repeat teen pregnancies around and the pilot program going to be funded by the march of dimes grant. and the it is going to offer counselinging and contraception to new teen moms. two delaware families are celebrating the first night of home yo homeownership. these photos were take then at the ceremony and with ttwo new were built with delaware township, and another on north queens street and they replace a pair of once vacant properties.
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someone vandalized the lincoln memorial with spray paint, and you can see the damage on the pillar in washington. the graffiti was found at 4:30 and although the complete message is unclear, it begins with a expletive, and another marker was found directing visitors to the smithsonian institution. tempers are flaring over the proposed medical marijuana dispensary in northern philadelphia. >> and the neighbors are notk backing down, and what happens next to the case. >> i will have to tell all of my friends at school that i was on the news and that i actually made a news. >> call him a road safety crusader, and all new at 5:00 a delaware boy is on a mission to keep you safe. and local leaders just gave his plan a thumb's up. a check cashing burglary caught on camera. and when the crook could not get the atm open, he found another
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way to get the money. >> that is one of the worst places on earth. >> something that has south jersey veterans concerned all new at 6:00.
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[ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares. nbc 10 breaking news. >> i only tell you this, there are two sides to the story, and i thought that what took place was a horrible moment for our country. a horrible moment. but there are two sides to the country. >> and we continue the follow
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the breaking news. president trump pointing blame at both sides for the violence in charlottesville, and he made these comments moments ago from trump tower in new york city. again, white nationalists gathered in charlottesville to remove a confederate statue, and then a driver slammed into the group of counter protesters leaving one dead a dozen hurt. our complete coverage continues on "nbc nightly news" and continue with in depth fallout of the president's comments on the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt right after nbc 10 news at 6:00. and now to a developing story in philadelphia. people in mount airy turned out in big number s s to oppose a b medical marijuana dispensary that may open up in their backyard >> the state officials have approved the dispensary that is set to open, but the zoninging board may still stand in the way. >> and george spencer has been
5:31 pm
tracking the developments all day and he is live at the dispensary location in mount airy tonight, and george? >> yes, keith. the neighbors hoping for the final decision today they did not get it, because the zoning board delayed the decision until next month. the greenish building is at the epicenter of the dispensary dispute and steps away from the neighbors who are pushing back hard. you are one of the very closest homes. >> yes, yes. i get to see a lot from here. >> and for denise tutt, this site is personal, because she worries that medical marijuana dispensary across the street is going the drastically change the place she has called home for three decades. >> i hope it does not. >> reporter: and she not a alone. residents have packed this zoning board. >> my child is not irrelevant. >> reporter: voicing concerns about are traffic and safety and all-cash business and crowds of outsiders on the street. >> they show us no respect. they did not come to the comm e
5:32 pm
community to talk to us, and i live within three blocks of it. >> reporter: the zoning board is considering a use permit for this proposed dispensary site, but the owners of the the center said that the state required a philly location and they won't let them move elsewhere. >> we did not originally anticipate opening up in philadelphia and then the department of health made ate requirement to open, and we had a short time frame. >> reporter: for the neighbors who live nearby quality of life linger. >> children have a bus stop here and here. >> reporter: even as the city's zoning board may be all that stands in the dispensary's way. >> we ant to be a good neighbor, and neighbor this did not start out well, but we hope that it will end well. >> attorneys for dispensary tried to keep today the's hearing narrowly focused on the permitting issue, but for neighbors, a number of other topics came up and so that
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testimony around this cona r controversial permit is continued to september 19th. tonight in mount airy, i'm george spencer for nbc 10 news >> and back to the weather now, and scattered showers across the region and a live look at the first alert radar. >> here is the view outside and you can see the conditions in south philadelphia right there on the left side of the screen and then on the right, quality skies over camden and it is gray everywhere. gloomy picture near the philadelphia museum of art and you can barely see it with the fountain out front and the skies will clear up this evening. >> be careful driving out there now. and krystal klei is the most accurate weather forecaster in your neighborhood, a tnd the ra is finally getting out of here? >> yes. and that camera view that you saw that was hard to see through is low clouds, because we have at love moisture in the atmosphere. even though the rain is moving ow, the moisture that led to the humid conditions is not exiting
5:34 pm
yet. there are the showers, and you can see the scattered rain falling over philadelphia and new castle county and the bulk of the kocounty is falling sout and cumberland and cape may and these counties are not surprised by rain, because it is the most saturated rekrecently with the periods of heavy rain and more than a inch fallover in stations like in dover. this is moving out in the next couple of hours or so, and most of it around 6:30 and that is a good sign for the people tired of seeing the rain throughout the day. and this is the hour by hour, and this is the radar at 6:30 and the lingering rain along the shore, and for most of us the rain is coming to tend. you can see the overnight, and the clouds are going to move off and you will have a light gray lingering color, and that is indicative of the fog, and when you have low winds and the clearing skies to allow for the fog to develop when you have ra rain and wet ground behind, and
5:35 pm
that is the issue as we go into the morning commute, and you may run into the fog. these are the headlines tomorrow morning, and impossible fog in the commute, and hot and humid condition, and then possible storms in time for the eagles game with more coming up. stay with us. >> and so you can see when the rain moves in and out of the neighborhood. sign up for the nbc 10 first alert weather alerts and they can be sent directly to your home. and now, details about a shoot shooting outside of a northeast philadelphia target. they say that the suspect has turned himself into officers. tyrell wright now faces attempted murder charges. the shooting started with a fight outside of this area friday. one man was hit in the back, but he is expected to be okay. take a good look at this man, because he is wanted for trying to pry open and atm inside of the cash checking store at fern rock.
5:36 pm
it happened saturday at 4:30 in the morning. when he could not get the atm open, he walked into the main office and stole $260. here is a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county. in burlington county, this couple forced a 17-year-old girl into prostitution. now sh now, they have been charged with human trafficking. the official says that the teen was forced to snort crystal meth and lured her with the promise of a babysitting job. in delaware, the office of unclaimed property wants residents to be aware of an unline scam and asks the people to pay a fee to get missing money, and the money could be leftover bank accounts or cashed check, and the officials say to never provide the bank information if you are contacted. the new plan for education savings account could help hundreds of thousands of pennsylvania students pay for the private school, but at the same time, it could take away money meant for public schools a. group of state lawmakers is
5:37 pm
pushing for bill. according to news works, esa would allow students to use private money to pay for the b public tuition, and der the plan, the money allotted for b public schools would be deducted from the state funds, and that money made available to the parents to cover costs of tuition, books and other costs. and she was rescued after several weeks after having to the eat berries and mushrooms. >> and one local boy wants to make an intersection safer and local leaders approved the plan. >> and dogs are called man's best friend, but in one case, two pit bulls are lifesavers and how they saved two kids playing in a yard. >> and this morning, nbc 10 has the first look at the day's news and weather and traffic. and tomorrow, we will talk about
5:38 pm
how to the protect your eyes from the solar eclipse, and we are counting down to the phenomenon in the sky. join us at 4:00 a.m. for all of the day's news, weather and traffic.
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this is nbc 10 news. imagine spending a month stranded in the woods, and it happened to the an alabama woman. tonight, she is back at home recovering, and 25-year-old lisa harrist got lost after running
5:41 pm
away from two men who burg laized a nearby hunting camp. she survived by drinking water out of a brook and eating wild b berries and mushrooms. on the weekend, someone spotted her on the side of a wooded road. >> the will to the live is strong. when you have a will to live and survive, it is a miracle. i mean, it is basically a miracle. we want to make sure that the health was in the best shape, and in the days to come, we will get some answers. >> and her family says that despite losing 50 pounds, she is now resting and recovering from that ordeal. >> a florida family has their dogs to thank after an unwelcomed visitor greeted their kids. slayer and his partner paco are hailed heroes. boat of the dogs were rushed to an emergency clinic with severe reactions after they fended off a dangerous snake. a copperhead had slithered into the yard where the two kids were playing and that is when the two dogs were jumping into the
5:42 pm
action. >> they don't ask for anything. all they want is your love. so sit is hard to see them in need and not to be able to do a whole lot for them. >> both were given the anti-venom, but slayer was bitten twice in the face and he is in a lot of pain, and paco was bitten in the elbow and he is back home doing fine. great for those the dogs. and with telemundo 62, we are gearing up to clear the shelters, and including a dog that was found in a trash can. and how you can take part in a nationwide adoption plan this weekend. and we will talk about the fog to expect tomorrow, and as they clear and the temperatures rise for your wednesday coming up. >> and coming up, new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the statue fights and the fight to remove confederate are monuments in the
5:43 pm
south is stemming from a statue of a different era here in philadelphia.
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5:45 pm
the pit bull that you are about to see is left to die in a trash bag in a philadelphia park last year, but cranberry got a second at life. she was adopted and never meets a strange rer that she was not like. and cranberry is one of the reasons that nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up to clear the shelters this weekend. there are many pets in need of a good home, and steve fisher is going to tell us how cranberry is also raising awareness about animal abuse. >> reporter: here in the play date for cranberry the pit bull. >> well, she has blossomed into
5:46 pm
a great dog. >> she has come a long way, and whatever was in the past that we don't know about, she has put that away apparently, and she just happy to be alive. >> and not long ago, she nearly lost her life. >> this poor girl was not just starved, but she was torture and abused. >> this is a pg chur of how she was found in a philadelphia park alone, emaciate and left to the die. seven months ago she was adopted by jimmy huntly. >> she is a happy and healthy dog and lovings everyone she meets. >> and they have been busy traveling to meet even the governor. >> it would have been a felony to do what they did to her. she s is going to be an advocat for the shelter system, and also for pit bulls here in philadelphia. >> and not by choice, but circumstance, cranberry has become the poster dog for animal abuse. >> there is a misconception of
5:47 pm
folks who are in the are rescue game that those dogs are broken and that there is something wrong with them, and that they are aggressive and that is not tr true. >> cranberry is not the only one, but there are many animals who need a second chance at life. >> anything is possible if this dog can be starved, tortured and abu abused for at least three months, and here she is today. she a beacon of light. >> so help us to clear the shelters on saturday. adoption fees are waived at nearly 50 rescues and shelters and the number is at 49. and to the find the one closest to your home go to the #clear the shelters and hope you find your forever friend. talking about the weather with a few scattered showers, and moving across the first alert weather, and moving out, and the gray skies and taking a live look at the cape may beach down at the jersey shore. some people still out there enjoying this tuesday. though, as you can tell with a
5:48 pm
little bit of the rain, too, and light drizzle in newark as well. you can see this video on main street, and driving along the roads and the wipers getting a workout. you can see with the first meteorologist krystal klei and some of the areas are starting to clear? >> yes, keith. we have some of the clouds overhead, but that is going to break down as we go overnight, and replace it with fog in the morning. perfect picture weather here not yet. and what we are looking at though is the scattered showers that are starting to break apart here, and you will see more spots of green and the coverage of green, and notice that the only just a little bit of the spot of red and orange and falling over cumberland county. everywhere else is faring better currently, and all of this is moving off to the east. in the next few hours most of it should dry as the grounds will be wet. if you are pulling out the picture wider, you will see the break to come. you will have a braeak in the clouds and allow warmer weather in and not quite yet though.
5:49 pm
the rain is moving through 7:00 p.m., and from 7:00 to the overnight hours and while the clouds are move ought, you will see the gray color take over, and this is going to indicate the low clouds that are in the form of fog that is going to be coming over the area, and then lingering into the early morning hours. so you early morning commuters you may run into the fog in the southern zones before it thins o out. and oh, it will rise for the wednesday. the high of 90 degrees. we have not said that in a while. the 90s returning to the board. with the high humidity expected, it is going to be feeling more like mid-90s in the afternoon. thursday, the clouds moving in, and we could see an isolated storm moving in, and 86 for the forecast and by friday, 88, and better chance of the thunderstorms developing for friday. tomorrow in the clear, and 89 in the suburbs and you will see 8 8 in the lehigh valley, and you will see some of the showers
5:50 pm
coming to return through friday and the new jersey forecast, 90 tomorrow, and 84 up to the jersey shore, and 88 in delaware tomorrow. same deal, thursday increase in the clouds and friday with the thunderstorms returning to the forecast and unfortunately, all three days will be on the humid side and steamy weather ahead for us over the next few days. shifting gears, talking tropics. hurricane gert is spinning out here over the atlantic, and this is off the coast of the carolinas, and it is going to be stag off coast, but even though it is out to the sea, it is a hurricane and churning the waters up. today, w sw today, we have a moderate to current risk, and that is going to continue tomorrow as gert passes out to the sea. that means that you have to check with the local beach officials and make sure that there is a lifeguard present, because of the currents. and also a small craft advisory. and tomorrow morning, we will look for the max eclipse viewing at 75% at a 2:44 and right now, the forecast is sunny and in the
5:51 pm
mid-80s and so that should be good viewing weather for the eclipse. a big win for the delaware boy and his community as well. he took a stand on the traffic concerns and his plan to make the streets safer is becoming a reality. and coming up new at 6:00, the new fight in the bill cosby case. his move to stay out of court next week next at 6:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. welcome back. lester holt is going to join us now for the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what is coming up on the "nbc nightly news." hi, lester. >> keith and jacqueline, ahead for us is the the big story of the president in this afternoon a wild news conference and angrily defending his statement about the charlottesville protests, and we will hear what he has he had to say and complete reaction on the "nbc nightly news." back to you in philly. >> busy day and we will look forward to that recap, lest er. see you then. >> okay. you can call him a road safety crusader, the kid in delaware saw the problem in delaware and he is doing something about it. the 9-year-old is worried about the drivers and the pedestrians at an intersection near his house. >> he comes up with a plan that
5:55 pm
was just discussed at a city hall meeting. nbc 10 bureau reporter tim furlong has the latest from newark at 5:00. >> reporter: neighbors near the busy church at the casho mills intersection. >> all day and all night long people are flying through the stop sign. >> reporter: they know how nuts the intersection can be. >> two accidents and one has happened near the tree. >> reporter: joey lives right next tot the spot, and literally right next to the spot. this 9-year-old may be the one to fix the spot. >> i just had an inspiration. >> reporter: while visiting his grandparents he saw where the words "stop toahead" might work ahead. >> i remembered my letter writing skills from school and i wrote a letter. >> reporter: joey wrote a letter to the mayor and even a kid-level cost am sis and got a letter back, and the mom was
5:56 pm
surprised. >> somebody listened in city government in newark, delaware. >> it was not just a letter, but an idea to come back to flush out the idea. >> and so i would like to first thank our special guest here. >> it turns out the city did not blow out the idea as a cutesy idea, but they had done research and heard about joey's idea to paint the street, and then the traffic committee did what joey did what they hoped to do. >> all in favor? >> reporter: they said yes, and the road will be paint and bikers an drivers and pedestrians will be safer. >> congratulations the letter works. >> i tell him that i am so proud of you, because the point is that you don't have to be a grown-up in order to make a change in your own world. >> in newark, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, president trump blaming both sides for the deadly violence in charlottesville.
5:57 pm
>> and you have -- you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. >> all new at 6:00, we are getting the instant reaction to the president's comments that have social media buzzing tonight. and plus, the fight to the tear down this statue in philadelphia and how the spread of taking down statues is taking place right here in philadelphia. >> and the clouds are out, and humidity is coming in to replace them the. and how hot is it going to get? we will have that on your first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> there are two sides of a story and i thought that what took place is a horrible moment for the country, but there are two sides to the country. >> and breaking news, president trump doubling down on the initial reaction to the deadly violence in charlottesville. in a news conference this afternoon, he made it clear that both sides share the blame for this weekend's mayhem. good evening, i'm jacqueline london and a once again, the president compared the actions to the torch-wielding white nationalists groups to those who showed up to protest them. we will bring you live coverage of the president's comment, and we are getting instant reaction, but we begin with keith jones live in the breaking newscenter with a full recap of what the
6:00 pm
president said. >> both the president and the reporters were shouting, and the president lashed out about the criticism that he received from his are response to charlottesville, and he went on to blame both sides for the conflict. >> you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group and the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say that. but i will say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit, and they were very, very violent. >> white nationalists gathered in charlottesville this weekend to protest plans to take down a confederate statue, and the president also discussed the statue and the importance to the people who scheduled the weekend's rally. >> you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of to them a very, very important statue, and the renaming of a park from robert e. lee to another name. >> and so -- [ inaudible ]. >> george


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