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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 16, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a 9-year-old takes action in his neighborhood in hopes saving lives. it's 5:30. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> and let's get right to bill henley for the forecast. visibility low in a lot of places. >> yeah, really thick fog. and now that the skies are starting to brighten, we're getting a better view of it. this is avalon. you can just barely make out the pier. it's from the shore, many neighborhoods in between the shore and the lehigh valley. look at easton this morning, socked in with widespread zero advi visibili visibility. no many mornings you see it like this. and it's going going back and forth between zero in wilmington and one mile in millville, back
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down to zero in dover. atlantic city reporting zero visibility. so may lead to airport delays. blu temperature but temperatures warm up and then the fog disappears. and then we have sunshine and a warm afternoon. 88 degrees in philadelphia, upper 80s for new jersey and at the shore, the sun will shine, that fog disappear, up to 83 today. i'll break it down hour by hour, show you how quick i will the temperatures climb in your region when i'm back in ten minutes. 78 around lehigh street, seeing reduced visibility still here with the fog. but at least the drive times and roads are still pretty clear. watching route 202 as well, look at these drive times here. we're green. 10 minutes southbound. speeds in the 60s.
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so no major problems reported there. the new jersey turnpike looks good. this is near the delaware memorial bridge. so traffic is moving. into delaware, so from new jersey, not seeing this i delays. and no problems on mass transit. i'll have updates in about ten minutes. i think there is blame on both sides. >> sparking outrage, vaeks pouring in this morning to those remarks from president trump. >> it is one of a few statements he made yesterday on the violence in charlottesville. >> and now members of his own party are demanding he rethink his stance. the president says trouble makers were among the anti-hate protesters and defended his
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position. >> you had a group on would one that was bad and the other side that was also very violence and nobody wants to say that, but i'll say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. >> a senior white house official tells nbc news that the president was not supposed to take any questions, but you simply, quote, went rogue. in tweet after tweet, democrats and republicans are sounding off about their shock and disagreement over the president's remarks. pamela osborne joining us from the digital operation center. and us more about the local lawmakers. >> outraged and disgusted, that is one reaction from cory booker who also tweeted, quote, there is no question who he is, the critical question is who are we. we cannot surrender america to trump. we must fight. lawmakers from both sides of the
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aisle have take issue with the president's remarks at trump tower yesterday. the president of the united states said there were two sides to the charlottesville story, that it was unfair to suggest that all the torch wielding marchers at the rally were neo-nazis. he said there was blame on both sides. senator tom carter added that those of us elected to serve have a great responsibility to show leadership in trying times. potus failure to do so is beyond shamef shameful. paul ryan tweeted we must be clear, white supremacy is repull son and there can be no moral m ambigui ambiguity. and marco rubio went after the president in a series of tweets saying the organizers of the events are 100% to blame for the deadly violence that broke out. i'll have more on that at 6:30.
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pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. the business world is having mixed reaction to the president's response. yesterday a fifth business leader dropped out of the manufacturing job be council. but the ceo of campbell's soup is taking a different approach. denise morrison on says the company condemns the violence and racist ideology seen in charlottesville, but says that it's important to have a voice on issues affecting its industry and employees. her decision has led critics to push for a boycott of campbell's products. and a $15,000 reward is on the table if you can help philadelphia police find an attempted arson suspect. investigators say the man in this video tried to set several city owned cars on fire at a garage under the 12th district police station. the building houses police, firefighter and city workers. they say he oaked a sheet in flammable liquids and set it on vehicles, but he was not able to light it. >> we're asking the public to look at the clothing worn, if you look at specifically the
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pants he's wearing, the faded nature down at the bottom by his cavs and also as he leaves the parking garage and returns back and forth to the gate and how he walks. . >> police think the suspect knew the area based on his famili familiarity with the building. a second defense attorney wants off bill cosby's legal team. paperwork was filed yesterday. the lead attorney has position asked to be taken off the case. a request filed yesterday to delay the pretrial hearing addressing in a request and giving cosby more time to prepare a lemm team. typically a new legal team has to be in place before the old one can be dismissed. cosby is set for retrial in november on charges he sexually assaulted a woman in his montgomery county home more than a decade ago ge. the first trial ended in a mistrial. rude giuliani is up and walking after emergency knee surgery. he fell over the weekend.
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he says he suffered for years from catcher's knee from playing a lot of bbft of baseball as a . people in new jersey came together to honor the memory of a penn state sophomore who died during a pledge party. the piazza memorial foundation hosted a golf tournament to help children in need. hundreds of golfers competed in the rain yesterday for the event. organizers were hoping to raise more than $100,000 for the foundation which helps children who need prosthetic devices. piazza's father says it was one of his passions. >> this is a real special day. and not supposed to be a sad day, it's supposed to be a happy day. so i know i don't sound like it right now, but i'm just very moved by everything being here. >> piazza was 19 when he died after falling down a staircase pe beta theta pi fraternity. beta that i ta
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b beta theta pi and 18 members have been charged in the case. coming up on 5:38. the temperatures have been cooling down. the rain is gone, but we're seeing a lot of fog in our area. not in center city. 71 degrees right now. sunshine will be bright, temperatures warming into the 80s by lunchtime. we're seeing thick fog in the suburbs, 6 degrees right now, still in the 60s with lingering fog in the early morning hours. at 8:00, 69 degrees. but once the temperatures start to warm up nicely, the follow disappears and we'll have a great view of blue sky overhead and a pretty good warm-up, too. there is your dense fog this morning. the lehigh valley as zero visibility in many neighborhoods. still likely going to be pockets of fog at 8:00, but we'll start to see the sun break through. by noontime, 80. 85 at 4:00 this afternoon. new jersey, foggy to start with in many neighborhoods, down to zero visibility in some. 62 degrees right now, the temperature still falling, sun
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is into the up for another half hour. once it is up, the temperature starts climbing, fog disappear, 82 at noontime, 86 at 4:00. partly cloudy later today. a slight chance of a pop-up shower in interior new jersey. some spots of fog at the shore, but once it starts to warm up into the upper 70s at 10:00, the fog will be gone, temperatures will climb into the 80s. a rip current risk is high today. waves will be potentially life threatening this afternoon. delaware, you will see sunshine break through the fog. middle 80s this afternoon. wind out of the northwest, a light wind, but it will stoort bring thumidity down. so showers out of the picture dayton, but we will get wet weather before the weekend starts. a look at that in ten minutes. vine street expressway is
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open? >> yeah, moving through center city, the vine around 8th looks good. again, this is 8th street off-ramp, this is eastbound. westbound toward the school kuy, you're good there, too. and in hammonton, some construction, emergency construction in the ac express way westbound side near route 73. that is exit 31. right shoulder and right lane are blocked. and hamilton township 295, you can barely seat road see the r. visibility there really poor. and 95 through delaware, both directions look good about that 10 minutes north and south from 295 to 495. speeds into the mid-60s. 20 before 6:00. wait until you hear this numb. well, you see the number.
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if you want a chance at being a multimillionaire, you need to get a powerball take kicket. >> the jackpot is now $430 million. if someone hits all the numbers and takes the cash option, that would be $273 million and you don't have to stay up late for the drawings either. we'll have the wins nuning numb tomorrow morning. one kid's push too get drivers to pump the brakes in his neighborhood. we'll tell you about that. an an alligator in an unexpected place. where the reptile was found. and price of pet care, new this morning, how you can take care of your four legged family member on a budget.
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a quarter of 6:00. nbc 10 is getting ready to clear the shelters in hopes of finding forever homes for pets in need across our area. >> but having a four-legged friend can get kind expensive. jessica boyington is here. pet costs can pile up for sure. >> right. especially if you have multiple pets and so many people do. but having a pet doesn't have to drain your wallet. here is a closer look at how to care for your pets while on a budget. >> reporter: some might call their pets family members. maybe even children. that means you want the best possible care for them, right? most don't know that a lot of shelters offer veterinary services at a discounts. >> since he we don't have a history of what vaccines were given, i recommend one year rabies is given today. >> reporter: ramon has adopted four of his pets from the animal shelter and he also used their veterinary services.
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>> we look at 150 or so, and coming here, $40 for a check. that is amazing. and when you have multiple animals, that savings is wonderful. >> reporter: he gives providence animal shelter glowing reviews. >> well worth it. great staff, friendly, caring. i love it. i bring all four of my dogs here. i've adopted from here. i love it. >> reporter: it's not only a basic checkup and vaccine that you can save money on. justine is the director of public relations. >> we also have a surgery department. mainly spay and neuter, but also like if your pet swallows something that maybe he shouldn't have and the surgery would cost you thousands at another center, we can do it at a fraction of the cost and save your pet's life while we're at it. >> reporter: and you don't have to adopt from the shelter to have your pet checked out.
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just make an appointment. >> spread the word. >> shelters are so busy right now. it's kitten season. spring and summer tend to be the peak time for kittens, and they get hundreds year-round. to help the shelters, they want you to spay and neuter your pets. nbc 10 and tell mun dough 62 are helping to clear the shelters this saturday. 49 rescue group and shelters will be waiving fees. >> when my kids were young, we got a pet dog. and something happened to the dog, we took to the vet and i went there thinking you know what, i'm telling the vet you let me know how much it's going to cost because i have to decide by the time they were like whatever you need. but it did cost a lot of money. >> it does.
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and i'm one of those people with multiple pets. and my five year anniversary of adopting my baby rocky was yesterday. just in time for clear the shelters. >> cutest dog ever. >> was it a nice sunny day back then? >> it was beautiful day and five years later, still beautiful out there. but the point is clear the shelters, help us out. >> and i'm working on on clear the skies. it will happen this morning. itment would be immediate, we have some cloud z as and fog. not everybody is seeing it. a few fair weather clouds. but the thick fog in many neighborhoods. we were socked in this morning. with all the rain we had yesterday, and the temperatures cooling down, the fog has developed in delaware, suburbs, lehigh valley and into south jersey. and the temperatures, well, the
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sun has yet to come up. we're still about half an hour away from that or a little less. so temperatures could come down a little bit more, which means we could see the fog thicken even more as some of the suburbs and in south jersey and lehigh valley, too. 67 degrees in gladwyne. once the temperatures start to climb, we will see a warm afternoon and the fog disappear. and the wind today coming out of the northwest, so the air will slowly be drying out as the day goes on, the humidity coming down. so we have a decent day ahead. radar and satellite shows above the fog no sign of any clouds. wet weather to the west, though, and the chances of showers will be increasing for us later tomorrow. and those showers, not around in the morning, that is 10:00 tomorrow morning, scattered clouds. but look at the avenue, an isolated shower possible for thursday and a few in the evening hours. eagles have a game, but it looks dry. just a slight chance of a pop-up
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or shower for the preseason game. 76 by 10:00 with clouds. and some breaks in the clouds as well. today we'll get sunshine, 88 this afternoon. another warm day tomorrow as the clouds return. again, slight chance of a late day shower thursday. a better chance we'll get wet weather for friday and into saturday. though not an all-day rain on saturday. sunshine returns on sunday, and it looks like clear skies for monday. so for observing the eclipse, doesn't look like we'll have a problem in our area. rain holds off until tuesday and wednesday and then bright sunshine back thursday and friday. let's get you to work. we start on the blue route. >> let's check in with rocky eye mom of five years. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're watching the blue route. some reduced visibility here. even difficult to see past the beginning or the end at least of
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that ramp. so moving toward mid county tolls, this is what you will be looking at. turnpike looks okay for the most part. drive times are good, 22 from route 1 to valley forge. average speeds in the 60s. 295 still foggy, too. hard to see here on the cameras right around the black horse pike, but actually since about 4:00 this morning, this looks better. so the northbound side to trenton and the southbound side, drive times are good, but we're still watch positioning reduced ability. septa, new jersey transit and patco all good. slow down, the message a 9-year-old is spreading in hopes of saving lives. and a long lost engagement ring is found in a rather unusual place. and coming up new, a court battle hundreds of miles away could put cash in your pocket. ahead, why you might be owed money for answering a robo call.
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a 9-year-old delaware boy saw a problem in his neighborhood and is getting it fixed. he was worried about people blowing through the stop sign outside his front door. and while visiting his grandparents down the shore, joey saw the words stop ahead written in a busy street. he thought that would work in his neighborhood, too. so he reached out to the mayor. >> i remembered my letter writing skills from school and i just decided to write a letter. >> kids his age don't do anymore. but the letter paid off. the mayor invited him to a meet wgt traffic committee and they said yes to his idea. well, local immigrants are getting a boost to help further their higher education. yesterday the mexican consulate of philadelphia launched the ime scholarship program by handing out thousands of dollars. the program wants to help mexicans expand their education al opportunities in the u.s. in all students from
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pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware were awarded more than $30,000. philadelphia school district is preparing for its school year and looking out for the well, of students. today we're expecting toed to learn more about a pilot program that would expachbd behavioral services to students. we know it involves adding social workers and family peer specialists to schools. and now let's take you state by state for a look at some of the stories. >> starting in mercer county, a city investigation reveals lead piping is to blame for high lead levels in the water. heed piping is on not the water main itself, so they say homeowners will be responsible for the repairs. >> montgomery county, runners are rallying around the victim of a sexual assault there. today there will be a solidarity run at norristown farm park.
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earlier this month, you remember a 19-year-old woman was attacked at the park. organizers say they are speaking out in an effort to stop the violence. and this alligator now has a new home. animal control workers safely captured the 3 foot long reptile after it was discovered in the pool at the bay view inn in atlantic city. the alligator is now at the cape may county zoo. organizers of the miss american pageant have announced the celebrity judges. jordin sparks and thomas rhett are among the judges. they will join molly simms and a "people" magazine editor. the pageant is september 10th. and in camden county, gloucester do gloucester township is lunaunchg
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its bike share program. it's free. people can use their apps on the smartphones to unlock the bikes and take a spin. the eagles will take the feed at the linc tomorrow for their second preseason game and we're expecting to see the debuts of alshon jeffery and ronald darby. eagles head coach doug petersen says carson wentz won't get much more playing time than he did in the first game. we asked carson what he expected from the crowd. >> expecting them to be loud honestly. for a pre-seen gaseason game, y know, but this is philly, they are ready for it. so i expect to be rocking even though it is just preseason. >> 36,000 eagles fans showed up at the last open practice at the linc. nbc 10 of course your official eagles station and only place to watch the game. tomorrow it's eagles/bills. live coverage begins at 6:00 with keith jones and john clark.
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and kickoff at 7:00. a case of lost and found. mary graeme lost her diamond in-gaenin in-gaenlment ring when she was digging in the garden. and a family member found it while digging up a carrot. >> come on. >> yes, the ring had grown around the carrot. there is no saying why it seok so long for the carrot to pop up, but she's happy to have her treasure back. >> so she lost the ring, just one carat. found it, stwextra carrots. a renewed declaration, president trump reverts back to his controversial stance on the charlottesville violence sparking new criticism. take it down, the statue of a polarizing figure in philadelphia's past is now the target of controversy. and the prize for tonight's powerball drawing has soared
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into the top ten largest in history. usually that big 430 million is enough to say maybe. 6:00 a.m., this is thbis "nbc 1 today." >> a lot of people dealing with fog. let's get right to bill henley. widespread thick fog this morning has just started to ease in avalon. we can actually see the pier right now. look at it, spring city socked in. lots of neighborhoods reporting zero visibility this morning. lancaster, coatesville. a few are seeing some improvement, trenton rorgt one mile visibility. will machining ton, shomington y


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