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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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into the top ten largest in history. usually that big 430 million is enough to say maybe. 6:00 a.m., this is thbis "nbc 1 today." >> a lot of people dealing with fog. let's get right to bill henley. widespread thick fog this morning has just started to ease in avalon. we can actually see the pier right now. look at it, spring city socked in. lots of neighborhoods reporting zero visibility this morning. lancaster, coatesville. a few are seeing some improvement, trenton rorgt one mile visibility. will machining ton, shomington zero visibility.
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so low going to start with. but once the temperatures start to climb, we will see the fog disappear, that will reveal sunshine for us today. lehigh valley at 67. 61 degrees in the suburbs. king of prussia with thick fog. by 9:00, sunshine. by noon, long gone the fog. sunshine and 81 in king of prussia. it will be a warm day all around. upper 80s for philadelphia. well into the 80s for the lehigh valley and delaware. at the shore, you will see sunshine, too. but the rip current risk is much higher today than it has been. i'll take a look at that when i come back in ten minutes. 95 around girard avenue, watch for construction here. this is an ongoing project, but we do see some slowdowns there. delaware avenue right around catherine street. also watching fog.
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here is route 55 in millville. both directions though in terms of traffic look great. but the visibility is still poor as you can see. and new jersey roads, he seeing some fog. and at least roads are clear. 42, new jersey turnpike and 295 all clear. i think there is blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it, and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> president trump is reverting back to his original statement about the violence in charlottesville saying both sides are to blame. and yesterday's surprise remarks are renewing criticism of how he's handled the deadly clashes. >> in an exchange with reporters yesterday, president trump said not everyone involved in the violence is being held accountable by the public. the president said the group that was originally permitted to protest just wanted to keep a statue of robert e. lee in its place. the president said troublemakers were among the anti-hate protesters. and he defended his position.
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>> you had a group on one side that was bad and you madyou hadp on the other side that was also very violence. nobody wants to say that, but i'll say it. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. >> those comments were apparently not planned. a senior white house official tells nbc news the president was not supposed to take any questions, but he simply went, quote, rogue. house speaker paul ryan is the first republican leader to comment on the remarks tweeting we must be clear, white supremacy is repulsive and counter to all the country stands for. there can be no moral ambiguity. david duke praised the president, he thanked him for what he called honesty and courage. he also called the "black lives matter" and antifa movement leftist terrorists. last night in bucks county, local religious and civic leaders spoke to the crowd
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gathered at the garden of reflection memorial. >> they called on the community and the nation to move forward in the spirit of diversity, inclusion and peace. >> oir valur values are far mor resolute and far more american at their very core than any of the values that we are he re he supposed by the hate-filled groups. >> and they also paid respects to heather heyer, the woman run down. today the charlottesville community will mourn heyer. her family wants them to wear purple. heyer's father says he forgives the man who ran down his daughter and encouraged others to stop hating. >> in the wake of the rally, there is a new push to remove confederate monuments across the country. the city of baltimore removed four. city council there cited events in charlottesville when it adopted a resolution calling for
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the immediate destwruks of confederate monuments monday night. the city's mayor says she contacted the maryland historical trust for permission and identified confederate cemeteries where they will send some of the statues. in birmingham, alabama, a large wooden wall was put up around a confederate monument in a downtown area. the city was already making plans to have the monument removed, however a new state law prohibits the removal or alteration of monuments more than 40 years old. if the state's attorney general finds the city has violated that law, it could be fined $25,000. and this morning there is a growing push to move a statue here in philadelphia. >> matt delucia is live in center city with the version city swirling around the statue of frank rizzo. >> reporter: and that statue is right behind me. some want it removed, others want to stay put. this morning it remains untouched, but last night some folks did put a sign up around
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it and threw eggs at the statue. the conversation continues over whether to remove this. one councilwoman wants the conversation to end with the statue taken out. now, this controversy surrounds his tactics while in office. many call him a racist and now councilwoman gim says this is time to start talking about taking it out of the heart of the city. and this is not the first time that there has been a call to remove it. last year activists called for the statue to be taken down, but there are folks on the other side, some who recently signed a petition to keep the statue right where it is arguing that the former mayor is a big part of the city's history. and of course you also got the councilwoman, you will listen to her and also hear from somebody on the other side who wants the statue to stay. take a look. >> it's the history that is part of philadelphia and we shouldn't look away, but it's not one that
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belongs in the heart of our city. >> first thing he did, integrate the police force. put a black and white officer in the cars. is that a racist? i don't think so. >> reporter: mayor kenney spokesperson issued this statement, saying we think now is a good time to have that conversation about the statue's future. we need to figure out the proper forum for that conversation in a serious structured way, but now is the right time. and councilwoman gim says the statue should be moved to a museum instead of a very public area. she intends to bring it up when council is back in session next month. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:07. a woman was trapped on the roof of her home for more than an hour while her ex-boyfriend was in a standoff with police in philadelphia's westfield plain section. the he was upset after she handed him a restraining order and he told her if she calme dc
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911, he said shoot officers. he eventually turned himself in and is in custody. the woman was not hurt. also new from overnight, no one was hurt during a house fire in philadelphia. everyone made it out safely on sheffield avenue. crews made quick work of it there and investigators are trying to figure out the cause. happening tonight, powerball drawing will be worth $430 million. >> so you want to make sure that you buy a ticket today. but if you want a chance at all that money, right? if someone hits all the numbers and takes the cash option, guess what, it's only $273 million. not as impressive, right? >> i could get by on that. >> but we'll have the winning numbers for you tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. 6:08. if you are a woman who has humidity sensitive hair, may i
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recommend a pony tail today. but first we have to get through the fog. >> bill henley has the forecast. >> the fog is so thick in some neighborhoods, you can't even see your hair. >> that would be good for those of us dealing with humidity sense tiitive hair. >> you will see improvement during the day. right now the fog is starting to thicken over philadelphia. it was completely clear for most of the night. easton has been socked in. now seeing a few more buildings. it will ease with the sun. and the shore seeing improved visibility. but there is another threat at the shore. check out the waves. big sur surf today and rip current risk is running high. potentially dangerous conditions because of the storm that is spinning offshore. that is hurricane gert. gert won't come anywhere near us, you can see it's well off the east coast, but it's kicking up the surf and that will
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increase the rip current risk through the day today. possibly into tomorrow as well. on so be aware if you are heading in to the water, it will be tempting because it will be so much warmer this afternoon. above the fog, clear. nothing to show you in the skies. so once the temperatures start to climb, it will be the fog disappearing and a quick warm-up in to the 80s. fox xhchase is at 72. and 71 in pensport. 8:00, still seeing fog in the suburbs into delaware and south jersey, but it eases for doylestown, northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international. and then by 11:00 this morning, fog is gone, we're in the 80s and climbing with sunshine. we will easily make it into the upper 80s this afternoon. a few scattered clouds at 2:00. an isolated shower is possible inland this afternoon. but i think most areas stay dry. and then weebl clearing out this evening. but clouds return with more wet
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weather before we get to the weekend. a look at the weekend forecast and i don't understabeyond when. and jessica is about to show us the fog in south jersey. >> jessica, where are you watching? >> the 42 freeway around the atlantic city expressway, you can barely see the road right here. what you can see is lights moving that way. that is the taillights moving north. either way, visibility is terrible pretty of the entire length of 42. schuylkill expressway is okay in terms of drive times. we're seeing maybe a minute or so increase on the westbound side, but right now everything is still moving. so no huge delays now. blue right around the germantown pike on ramp, i did see a disabled tractor trailer nap . that is gone. but visibility is so poor. this is southbound over here. authority bound. so moving toward mid county
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tolls, you might see the reduced visibility, as well. bridges look pretty bad, too. burlington, bristol, ben franklin, tacony-palmyra for the most part are clear. president trump faces criticism, and former president obama is making history with his reaction. we'll have that straight ahead at 6:30. plus, septa is trying something new to keep passengers safe. coming up in 15 minutes, how smartphones will be a new line of defense. and the solar eclipse is just five days away. coming up, where you can still get glasses to protect your eyes and how much you can watch and how you can watch even if you don't get a pair.
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councilwoman cindy bass will continue her fight against a
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medical medical marijuana dispensary today. bass plans to make a public demand asking the state to revoke the permit for the location on stenton avenue. yesterday residents in mt. airy showed up for a city zoning board hearing concerned about the plans to plan an old bank building into a medical marijuana dispensary. the company says the dispensary will create jobs and development in the community. neighbors are worried about traffic and safety near the all cash dispensary. >> they show us no respect. they didn't come to the community and talk to us. >> we want to be a good neighbor and maybe this didn't start off well, but we hope that it will end well. >> we should note that chris visco who you just heard from there is the sister of deanna durante. deanna has nothing to do with her sister's business. pennsylvania has issued 27 permits for dispensaries across the state. a $15,000 reward is on the table if you can help
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philadelphia police find an attempted arson suspect. investigators say the man in this surveillance video tried to set several city owned cars on fire. the building houses police, firefighters, as well as city workers. they say he soaked a sheet in flammable liquids and set it they're vehicles. but he was not able to light it. >> we're asking the public to look at the clothing worn. if you look at specifically the pants he's wearing, the faded nature down at the bottom. and as he leaves the park garage and returns back and forth through the gate and how he walks. >> police say the suspect knew the area based on his famili familiarity with the building. let's get you to the poor visibility. >> jessica boyington is looking at 95. >> and looking for cameras, the fog, 95 around cottman avenue,
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we have a disabled vehicle. there was a guy out walking around. maybe he has a flat. but we'll try to get that out of the way because we're seeing cars move by the scene and a little slow, too. so slow speeds and reduced visibility. also watching fog and construction. here is route 73 westbound, you can see with the construction that we've been watching for most of the morning, it was actually emergency construction project. we can see some lanes there. but even with the fog and construction, we're not seeing any big delays yet. watch for construction on 422. eastbound not seeing delays yet from 29 to the schuylkill. and 8 minute trip there and speeds in to the 60s. we've been talking about the poor visibility, fog and low clouds as we take a look at boathouse row. let's find out what is to come. and there is the sun coming up
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in camel back. bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> never got foggy in the mountains, but the rest of the area has thick fog. little to no wind. this is one of the players this morning. look at the flags in center city with light winds and clear skies overnight, that allows the temperatures to cool down and then the fog forms. so it's clear above the fog. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. not everybody is seeing the fog, but the areas that do have it will see it disappear during the day. right now 71 in south jersey, there are cooler neighborhoods. 67 in piles grove, 69 in turnersville and 67 in washington township. low 70s. any fog this morning disappears by later morning. in fact we'll see bright sunshine this afternoon. look at these afternoon
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temperatures. upper 80s. 80s for the suburbs. the fog will disappear and we'll get sunshine. 85 in doylestown this afternoon. sunny and warm this afternoon. at the shore, it will be in the 80s. will machining ton, also up to 88 degrees this afternoon. so it will be a warm one today. no wet weather expected today. potentially later tomorrow. but most will start moving in on friday and possibly into saturday, too. not today. 88 degrees this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. tomorrow it will be an warm one, 86 after a morning low of 68. clouds increasing some for the eagles game. thursday evening there is a slight chance of showers. a better chance of the wet weather coming in for friday and
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into saturday. high temperatures in the upper 80s. and then sunshine is back for sunday and clear skies for monday, which is good timing for the eclipse. looks like it will be good viewing weather for that. 88 degrees the high temperature. and then storms are back for tuesday and wednesday. 6:21. twitter is abuss about the next 007. who just revealed who will be playing james bond. and septa's new layer of security for passengers.
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septa has created the new transit watch app designed to keep its riders safe. the new app will allow you to discreetly report security or safety issues to the transit police. and it can all be done in less than 20 seconds. one of the features will be two way texting with dispatchers about and the app is now
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available. tonight the delaware river port authority will consider a new bike and pedestrian ramp for the ben franklin bridge. this is a rendering of what it would look like. if approved, construction could given on the south side sometime this fall and it's scheduled to be completed by 2019. philadelphia police have a new three year contract with the city. officers will get raises of about 3% over the next three years. it will cost the city about $245 million. police officers have been working without a contract since june 30th. the contract was decided by a panel of three arbitrators. good morning. jessica boyington with you right now with a check on the roads watching the 42 freeway for pretty big delays on the northbound side. there is a collapsed manhole cover causing delays. now a check on the forecast.
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it is a lot of fog this morning. widespread, you can see light fog over the city in that is a view across the delaware. fog disappear, we have sunshine and a warm-up for most areas and risk of strong rip currents at the shore. neighborhood forecast just ahead. also made, getting paid for answering a robo call. coming up, the phone call that is putting cash in people's pockets because of a recent court battle. plus lost and found. in an unusual place. the answer to a 13 year old mystery is found buried in a woman he'll garden. ♪
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both sides to blame. president trump doubles down on the controversial view of the charlottesville violence leaving his own team stunned. and bill cosby faces another loss ahead of his looming
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retrial. and a scaly surprise. a free loading guest at a jersey shore hotel. >> i love how he says come here, buddy. we'll take care of you. >> good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." >> it's 6:30, let's get right to bill henley with your forecast. starting with fog in a lot of areas. >> the rain we had yesterday coming back at us as moisture this morning. some light fog. skies starting to britsbrighten. spring city, pennsylvania and lehigh valley seeing very thick fog. you can see some of the buildings, but not much beyond that in easton this morning. still looking at zero advise and for allentown, quicker town and pottstown. and now doylestown improving conditions a little bit in blue bell and coatesville. redding now 1 mile and that an
6:31 am
improvement. trenton up to 1 mile. also wilmingtowilmington. but the airport for atlantic city, socked in with zero visibility. so it will be slow going to start with, but the fog and clouds will all clear out. temperatures in the 60s and 70s will warm well into the 80s this afternoon. 88 degrees for philadelphia. lots of sunshine this afternoon for the is suburbs, new jersey, lehigh valley and delaware. at the shore, it will be warm into the 80s with mostly sunny skies. but the risk of strong rip currents is running high today. i'll take a look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has your traffic. and we're on the 42 freeway, here are the kcameras around creek road. there are big northbound delays because there is a collapsed sewer great up ahead near 295, so they have lanes blocked next to it. so that's why we're seeing big delays northbound. pretty much backed up.
6:32 am
earlier we had a disabled vehicle but it looks like he was gone. southbound looking good moving toward center city. and the schuylkill looks good, too. maybe a little bit of spots -- a few spots that have slowdowns. westbound from the vine to the blue route, still in the 30s. you mad a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. and nobody wants to say that. but i'll say it right now. >> president trump's renewed declaration that there is blame on both side for the violence in charlottesville. it's sparking strong reaction from both democrats and republicans. overnight michael nutter tweeted donald trump is a dilemma. what to do with a massage nis, bigoted, racially unsensitive morally bankrupt potus tearing u.s. apart.
6:33 am
#sad. >> whis officious officials say supposed to discuss infrastructure and not take any questions. pamela osborne is following the latest. they say he went rogue. >> absolutely. and i think it's safe to say that lawmakers were just as stunned by this as the president's own team. there has been a constant wave of reaction from lawmakers both republicans and democrats. marco rubio a republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election went off on the president saying organizers of the events which inspired and led to charlottesville terrorist attack are 100% to blame for a number of reasons. mr. president, you cannot allow white house supremacists to share only part of the blame. the white supremacy groups will be assigned only 50% of the blame as a win. we cannot allow the old evil to be resurrected.
6:34 am
and new jersey senator cory booker said there is no question who he is. the critical moral question is who are we. we cannot surrender america to trump. we must fight. and bob brady says trump has once again shared his poor feelings by choosing to defend racists and those who support naziism rather than the american people. >> you have people, and i'm not talking about the neo-nazis and white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally. but you had many people other than neo-nazis and white nationalists in the group and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly. now, in the other group also, you mad sohad some fine people, you also had trouble makers and you see them with the black outfits and helmets and the baseball bats. you have a lot of bad people in the other group, too. >> the president's remarks sparked a thank you from david
6:35 am
duke, the former leader of the kkk who think thanked the president for his honesty and courage he said to tell the truth about charlottesville and condemn leftist terrorists. senator tom car per added the following, those of us elected to serve have a great responsibility to show leadership in trying times. potus' failure to do so is i don't understand shameful. we'll let you know what comes out of washington and the white house today. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. meantime former president obama's response to the charlottesville violence is making twitter history. on saturday he tweeted this potential quoting nelson mandela saying no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. this has become the most liked tweet of all-time. our coverage continues. coming up on the "today" show, ohio governor john kasich will be live to share his thoughts on
6:36 am
president trump's response. a second defense attorney wants offer of bill cosby's legal team. she filed paper work yesterday asking to withdraw. the lead attorney has also asked to be taken off the case. a request was filed yesterday to delay the pretrial hearing addressing that request. and to give cosby more time to prepare his legal team. typically a new legal team must be in place before the old one can be dismissed. cosby is set to retrial in november on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman in his home more than a decade ago. the first trial ended in a mistrial. the man seen in this video urinating on a synagogue in northeast philadelphia has turned himself into police. surveillance cameras captured the scene just after midnight sunday. he even made a lewd gesture at the camera. this is the third time in less than a year that the sin going has been vandalized.
6:37 am
police believe they have recovered the vehicle used in a deadly hit and run in center city. officers found the white jeep wrangler rubicon yesterday. earlier this month a woman was struck and killed on ray street. police have been looking for that white jeep rubicon ever since and they are also looking for this man who is described as a person of interest. officers believe he might have been behind the wheel during the incident. 6:37. 72 degrees outside. county by county coverage begins in delaware county where a former daycare worker faces sentencing for pushing a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs. >> security cameras captured the crime at child care of the future. it happened back this march. video shows sarah gauge shoving the child down the steps. police say workers had installed the camera just 30 minutes before the incident. a show of support for a sexual assault victim. tonight there will be a solidarity run at north town farm park, the park where a fellow jogger was assaulted
6:38 am
earlier this month. no one has been arrested and police are offering a $10,000 reward in the case. and gloucester township will launch its bike sharing program today. the mayor will kick off the new initiative this morning. the bike sharing program is free. people will be able to use an app to unlock the bikes and take a spin. in berks county, the gaming commission took this coyote pup from a home. the family bought it from someone out of state. coyotes are considered exotic animals and the family did not have a permit. police cited the family and the coyote is now in a wildlife prepare of preservation. come here, buddy. >> this alligator has a new home at the jersey shore. animal control workers safely captured the 3-foot long reptile after it was found at a pop at the bay view inn on north albany avenue in atlantic city yesterday morning.
6:39 am
it's now at the kay may coucape zoo. >> used doing tho seeing them 1, 12 feet. let's check in with bill henley. and still dealing with fog for many neighborhoods, but we've seen improvement at the shore. it was shocked in, but now a clear view of the pier and the sun is just starting to come up. you can see the flow of sunshine. but look closely, and you will see another threat. look at the surf. that is elevated today. there is a storm offshore, that is hurricane gert. a minimal hurricane pulling away from us, but it is sending waves toward the east coast. and so the rip current threat is high risk today. dangerous conditions. potentially life threatening for today. what we'll see during the day is any fog disappear. 72 degrees light fog in philadelphia. sunshine will be bright, into
6:40 am
the 80s this afternoon. winds out of the northwest will be light. they will be up to on about 5 miles per hour. dry air slowly moving in to the area. so improving conditions. the fog disappearing in the suburbs, right now foggy and 66. still some lingering clouds and fog at 8:00, and then sunshine takes over for the rest of the day. lehigh valley, look at that fog this morning. 80 degrees this afternoon. the sunshine arrives this morning, stays through the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. and new jersey, a foggy start this morning, some lingering clouds, and then into the upper 80s by 4:00 this afternoon with sunshine through the day today. and the shore, yes, that rip current risk will be running high. 73 degrees right now. 70s through the morning hours. any fog will disappear and then sunshine this afternoon. and for delaware, the fog. 67 degrees. slowly warming up.
6:41 am
by lunchtime, 83 degrees. and into the middle 80s this afternoon. we'll take a look at the 10 day when i'm back. 19 before 7:00. 42 is a parking lot. >> jessica boyington is watching that. >> yeah, didn't see anything at all before, but the 42 right now dealing with fog. lighter than it was earlier, but also pretty big delays. this is near route 41, so traffic almost at a stand still because right near 295, on the northbound side, there is a collapsed sewer grate. so we're losing lanes and that is causing a huge backup on the 42 up towards philadelphia. southbound looks good for now. here is the vine street expressway. cameras around 24th, everything looks good. maybe a little bit of a delay on the schuylkill at that ramp.
6:42 am
but for the most part, we're good. and the fog looking better there, too. 10 minute delays for septa train 7218. and new jersey transit amtrak and patco all on or close to school. back schedule. back to you. a court battle could put cash in your pocket. >> why you might be owed money for answering a robo call. also a 9-year-old boy who is on a mission to stop danger in his neighborhood. he took action to keep his xlun it safe. >> reporter: and the sun is coming up behind me. and if you want to safely look at the sun during next week's solar eclipse, you will need a pair of these special glasses. coming up, where you can get them to keep your eyes safe.
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♪ america's most famous hound dog is being remembered on the anniversary of his passing. it was 40 years ago today that elvis presley passed away. hundreds ever fans lined up at graceland to take part in the vigil. they had to pay nearly $30 to be a part of the vigil. and daniel craig confirms that he will be james bond. he had said that he wouldn't be returning to the role. but yesterday he said that statement was stupid and he only made it because he was exhausted from filming. new this morning, if you received an automated phone calm offering and you free cruise, you may be entitled to up to $900. the class action lawsuit claims a resort marketing group violated the telephone consumer protection act by making those calls. you have to submit a claim by
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november 3. go to to find out what you need to do to submit that claim. nbc 10 is getting ready to clear the shelters. it is a day long effort to find loving homes for cats and docs being dogs being a your as area. loot of shelters are offering more services than just finding homes nep can also help care for them as well. many shelters help save pet owners money on medical treatments. they offer low cost vaccinvacci checkups and ensurven surgeries. >> the surgery could cost you thousands at another center, but we can do it at a fraction of the cost and save your pet's life while we're at it. >> great doctors here, great staff. friendly, caring. i love it. i bring all four of my dogs here. i've adopted from here. i love it. >> and you don't have to adopt an animal from a she willer to
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take advantage of the services. just call and make an appoint chlt. and you can safe on adoption costs this saturday. 49 rescue groups and shelters will be waiving their fees. go to to see who is participating. now to next week's solar eclipse. a school district is canceling recess in the afternoon because of it. there could be potential harm for those who look at the sun. safe he is way to watch the eclipse is with special glasses that will block the harmful rays. >> and that is making them a hot item leading up to the astronomical show in the sky. randy gill recall yllenhaal is more on where you exstill get them and how you can watch the eclipse even without them. >> reporter: yeah, tough to find the glasses right now especially at the last minute. but as you mentioned the point is to drastically limit the amount of light that goes
6:49 am
through the filter and intoor cornea. but if you want to buy them now, it will be tough. we did some online shopping and it looks like you will have to buy in bulk. we found this pair of 20 glasses for $200 on amazon. that will get you delivery by friday. local libraries in the areas also offering free glasses. this is a man of them from around the philadelphia area. but a lot of them are sold out, so you may have to rely on a pin hole camera. nasa says you can make one with something as simple as paper and continue foil. take a listen to the experts. >> you can do what is called indirect observing which means that you create a device, could be very simple in fact, that will project an image of the sun on to another surface like a pin hole camera or a pin home pro r proje project tore. you can never look directly at the sun without proper eye production. >> reporter: and you can see the sunrising through our sole loor eclipse glasses.
6:50 am
dy speak with the franklin institute and they may have more glasses available for sale at the end of this week. they are selling out pretty fast. by the way, there will be a viewing party on monday. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> so the glasses are sell willing out. and i've been asking people on twitter about out. and i've been asking people on twitter about this. one person says number 14 welder's glasses are available at lowes and granger. and snas says the on nasa says only ones safe are shade 12 or higher for the welder's glasses. so the number 14 will work. >> or randy can just come with his cameraman and provide it for you. >> or find a friend that has one. it won't be an instantaneous -- >> yeah, it will last for a while. >> exactly, take turns looking through it. it's amazing to see how dark -- because if you look through it in a normal room, you
6:51 am
won't see anything. but once you look at the sun, you do see that small gchlt ochoo dot in the sky. fortunately it looks like it will be clear for the solar eclipse in our area on monday. temperatures will be warm, but we will get a good viewing opportunity for the eclipse monday afternoon. today we're starting off with some fog. you see it starting to ease a little bit here on the nbc 10 studios, but not much. a little bit of a break, you can see some of the trees right now in the foreground in spring city, but still socked in this morning. many neighborhoods reporting zero visibility. you see a little glow of sunlight on philadelphia. the sunshine will break through the fog, but we're back down to zero visibility in blue bell, doylestown, look at allentown, quakertown, pottstown, also lancaster. the fog will ease in trenton and in wilmington, mt. holly has
6:52 am
seen improvement already this morning. but still zero visibility in millville and atlantic city. so if you have to fly out of one of those airports, you may be in for a little bit of a wait. philadelphia 72 degrees. south jersey seeing dense fog as well. we will get sunshine and a warmup will get rid of the fog. we'll be in the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. but as the temperature goes up, the humidity level will come down just a little bits. we have a little bit of a northwesterly wind that will help to dry things out. but there is more wet weather before we get to the weekend, you can see some showers and thunderstorms to our west. first chance we'll see some of those is late tomorrow. for today, 88 degrees. sunshine taking over for the fog. clouds increase on thursday. eagles game a slight chance of a shower. i think most neighborhoods stay dry through thursday evening. but friday a different story. showers and thunderstorms, some lingering into saturday.
6:53 am
but by sunday, sunshine is back and there your clear skies for monday for viewing the eclipse. wet weather returns tuesday and wednesday and then drying out next thursday and friday. 7 before 7:00. let's get you to work. a little clear on some of those cameras. moving through deptford, there is a collapsed sewer grate up ahead northbound side of the 42 freeway just near 295. so a lot of lanes blocked. so that's why we're seeing traffic almost at a complete stand still. also a crash east 6th. and we'll end with heavy fog on 422, cameras around trooper road, this is the eastbound side, you can barely see it, and we're slow moving towards the schuylkill expressway. back to you. occasional lost and found.
6:54 am
mary graham lost her die hand ring digging in a garden about 1 13 years ago. but a family member was digging up a carrot and look at this. it had grown around the ring. >> yeah. wow. >> no idea why it took so long for the carrot to pop up, but she's happy to have her treasure back on her finger. >> that is really cool. call him a safety crusader. >> a 9-year-old boy from delaware saw a problem in his neighborhood and it's getting fixed now thanks to him. joey worried about people blowing through the stop sign right outside his front door. and while visiting his grandparents down the shore, he saw the words top ahead written in a busy street. he thought wow that could work in my neighborhood. so he writes a letter to the mayor. >> i remembered my letter writing skills from school and
6:55 am
decided to write a letter. >> and it paid off, the mayor invited joey to a meeting with the city traffic committee yesterday. and they said yes to his idea. >> he looks like he belongs in that meeting. >> good job. next a final look at your weather and twrasraffic. >> and eagles taking on the bills tomorrow night at the l c linc. nbc 10 is the only place where you can watch the game unless you have tickets. live coverage starts at 6:00 with keith jones and john clark. kickoff at 7:00 right here on nbc 10, your official eagles station.
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good morning. jessica boyington with you.
6:59 am
the 42 seeing massive delays northbound through deptford because of a crash that is a little further back and also watching that because of a collapsed sewer grate around 295. there is a crash east 6th. and we'll end here 95 around the betsy ross bridge seeing problems on the off ranch with a disabled vehicle and volume. thick fog this morning, it will be slow to clear in some neighborhoo neighborhoods. look at king of prussia, 66. we'll get sunshine at 9:00 and then enough sunshine to warm temperatures into the 80s by lunchtime today. a big warm-up all the way around especially at the shore, 83 degrees. that will make the water tempting, but the rip current risk is running high. dangerous conditions and potentially life threatening conditions as hurricane gert is offshore. starting to see a break of sunshine in wilmington. well into the 80s this afternoon. >> we'll have local updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning. and of course you can get news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. "today" starts now. good morning. the fallout. prominent democrats and republicans plastic president trump after he defiantly doubled down on his initial reaction to that violence in virginia. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> new protests outside trump tower. >> heather heyer, say her name. >> the backlash growing. we'll talk about it all with former republican candidate john kasich. breaking overnight, baltimore removes several federal statues. the movement gaining momentum since charlottesville. and shocking new video from a reporter who was with


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