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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 18, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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that hometown crowd was set for the game. >> always fun to sit and watch the games with. >> welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're issuing a first alert. let's begin with bill henley and the first alert forecast. >> some thunderstorm activity this morning. but the heavy downpours this afternoon and strong storms have prompted a first alert for the entire area. from 2:00 this afternoon, through the afternoon, and evening commute, and well into the evening hours. some of the worst of it may be here during the evening. heavy downpours, the potential for damaging winds, even an isolated tornado and hail is possible with storms that are on the way. the first storms of the morning rolling through the lehigh valleys and very heavy rainfall. some heaviest is now just to the north of allentown. look at those showers. showers and thunderstorms are slowly moving towards the easton area. easton seeing some light rainfall right now. those storms are moving at about
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25 miles an hour. that's part of the problem. slow moving storms are producing very heavy rainfall. and will take its time moving through the area. easton, 5:21. 21 minutes, heavy downpours ino easton. a chance that the rest of the area will see storms this afternoon. 76 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles an hour. that's the moisture coming into the area. the chance of storms will be with us this morning. heavier storms will wait until this afternoon and this evening. temperatures will climb into the 80s. heat and humidity fueling those storms and even the shores of the storm front will be around in the evening hours. daytime thunderstorms as well. i'll break it down hour by hour, show you when the heaviest storms are likely to roll through your neighborhood when i'm back in a newts. first, jessica boyington taking the day off. pamela osborne has the first
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alert traffic news. >> we'll start off in new jersey, let's look at 295 at new station road. just a few cars out of the roadway, no major problems to speak of. that goes for here in pennsylvania. let's look at 95 drive times, if you're headed to 476, average speeds in the 60s, six minutes, everything in the green. also, if you're taking the blue route this morning, take a look at that all green average speeds in the 60s. vai? >> thank you. 13 people are dead and dozens more are hurt after two terror attacks in spain and both cases terrorists used vehicles as their weapons. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in our digital operations center. we're learning about the search for another suspect. >> spanish police say they're searching for at least one more suspect. last night they shot and killed five attackers after the second terror attack in a coastal city south of barcelona. hours earlier in the city of barcelona, itself, a van plowed
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into a popular pedestrian plaza. crowds of hundreds ran screaming from the tourist district of las ramblas. witnesses say the large white van jumped over the curb, zigzagging into victims for some 600 yards. 13 people are dead, more than 100 injured. and the van's driver still not in custody. isis is claiming responsibility here. and nbc 10 spoke with vacationers visiting from atlantic city who were caught up in the aftermath. >> everything shut down immediately. my husband heard people talking, trying to figure out what their next move was. police are outside. police are being very vigilant. a lot of streets are closed off, not permitting anybody in the major plazas. >> police say the twin vehicle attacks are connected to an explosion on wednesday night outside of barcelona. police still searching for at
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least one attacker and they do say they expect the death toll to rise. live in the daigital operations center, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> police increased their security measures to make sure an attack similar to the one in spain doesn't happen here. >> you can see those stepped up measures last night at the popular event in center city. police used cars and large flowerpots to cordon off areas and protect people. last night, as you can see, they had buses to block the street from franklin square. a counterterrorism expert told nbc 10 terrorists target european cities because there are more unprotected open areas. iris delgado from telemundo 62 just landed in barcelona within the last hour. you can see her live reports here on nbc 10 this afternoon. and we're expecting to get a report from our digital reporter in barcelona in our next half
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hour. >> back here at home, more controversy this morning over the frank rizzo statue in philadelphia. a live look now at the statue in center city. you see it is covered after it withstood more vandalism last night. this is what it looked like earlier this morning. police say a man got out of a car and spray painted the words black power on the statue. there were many witnesses and they got a good description of the car and the license plate. police say they expect to catch up with the person and file vandalism and criminal mischief charges today. earlier in the week, eggs had been thrown at the statue. some accused the late former mayor of racism with the city councilwoman calling for the statue to be taken down. on wednesday night, statue protesters chanted tear it down outside the municipal services building. the statue's artist said erasing what we don't like about the past is not a good idea. >> let's get rid of all the sculpture of people that don't like it, you know, didn't like
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in life or that we don't approve of. that's a little bit of a dangerous place to go. >> mayor jim kenny said now is the right time for a conversation about the future of the statue. in other news, the family of a teenager shot and killed in a road rage confrontation came face to face with a man accused in the murder. prosecutors say david desper shot 18-year-old bianca roberson in june. investigators say the two played a high speed cat and mouse game as they merged into the same lane on route 100 in west ocean township. yesterday, 50 of robison's family and friends showed up at the courthouse. there were 12 seats in the courtroom. her faither was inside. >> never made eye contact, never looked at us coming into the courtroom. he took something away from us, our daughter, our daughter's life. >> we lost a good soul. by recklessness. >> he waved his preliminary hearing. he's due back in court next week for his formal arraignment. and this just in, at 5:06,
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death toll from yesterday's flooding and mudslides in the west african nation of sierra leone topped 400. that word from the united nations, officials say an estimated 600 people are missing at the scene. the capital of free town. people are searching through the debris. the government hired hundreds of grave digger for the burials. 5:07, fans are excited to have eagles back home. sky force 10 over lincoln financial field. see how much excitement, it was hot. remember -- >> looks like black friday. >> eagles return to the link was a winning one too. that's an added bonus. >> the birds, 20-16 preseason victory over the bills featured a new connection on offense. millville's mike trout at the game hanging out with buddies. looked on as quarterback carton wentz got comfortable with the newest weapon. eagles debut, on defense, former
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buffalo quarterback ronald darby, very impressive in his first game with the birds. had this interception when he returned. 48 yards. also knocked down two passes. nbc 10, your official eagles station carries all the preseason games in 2017. and you are there last night. because the eagles honored their stars of yesteryear. look at this. a little video of you, at halftime. vai with the other eagles alum. and then you did a little -- >> former teammates looking at me like is he crazy? >> of course he's doing that. everybody remembers well, but we never miss an opportunity to pull out the video. been nearly 25 years since your punt return touchdown. 1-2 combination on the goal post in east rutherford, one of the greatest moments in eagles history and one moment when we're out together, people come up and say, remember when you did that? >> when i see it, i think about,
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man, i was really skinny back then. >> 25 years ago. >> 25 pounds ago. >> nbc 10 your official eagles station and the only place to watch the birds preseason games. up next, the dolphins roll into the link. that's a week from tonight. only on nbc 10. nine minutes after 5:00 and we have clouds moving into the area. i'm tracking some showers and thunderstorms. philadelphia, the entire area is running much warmer. the humidity is higher. and with a warmer start this morning, the heat and humidity during the day, we'll see a big warmup. look at that, ten degrees warmer in mount holly. up by 5 for philadelphia. allentown seeing the first showers and thunderstorms of the area. this is the first round of wet weather. some very heavy downpours moving through the allentown area. a large section getting more than two inches of rain an hour. closer to three inches of rain
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per hour is the rate. the storms are on the move. those are slow moving storms. and that's the first round this afternoon. we'll get more showers and possibly some thunderstorms. noon today, you see isolated storms popping up in delaware and into northeast philadelphia. the threat of some strong storms this afternoon, starting at 2:00 and into the evening hours. look at the storm line that is just moving towards lancaster county and berks county, late afternoon hours. storms are going to produce heavy downpours, also produce damaging winds. that's 4:00 in the afternoon. some heavy rainfall possible in philadelphia. and then into the evening hours, the evening hours may see some of the worst of it, in some areas, just updated information now, looks more likely to the south and delaware and south jersey. but in the entire area that will be affected by the storms. late tonight, tracking showers and thunderstorms. and it is all out of here for the weekend. sunshine is back. warm weekend, the one thing this wet weather will do as it rolls
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through, going to start ushering in dryer air for saturday and sunday. humidity will be coming down. morning and warm in the afternoon, upper 8 0s, saturday and sunday. look well beyond the weekend, ten day on ten, back in a few minutes. all right, bill, thanks. 11 minutes past 5:00, get to work on this friday. check from 95 for starters. >> pam osborne has that. >> things are looking good out there now. looking at 95 at ray street. more cars on the roadway, which is what we expect for this time of the morning. not seeing any problems there. i want to point something out, though, the ac expressway, some emergency construction happening there. westbound lanes near route 73, this is in winslow township. there is a right lane blocked and look out for construction crews that are in that area doing that work. and quickly before i go. a look at mass transit, septa, new jersey transit, amtrak starts all running on time. coming up after the violence, what we're expecting to learn today about the statue
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at the center of the deadly clashes in charlottesville. also, history in the making, how you can find the best spot to safely catch a glimpse of the great american solar eclipse. plus this -- >> have you seen this? it is trending. hilarious. weekend update summer edition, why snl alum tina fey was all about cake last night and which former cast members made an appearance.
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it will be a party like -- unlike any other. wanting to celebrate a historic event in the sky. >> the much anticipated solar eclipse on monday, talking about that. >> parts of the country will see a total solar eclipse, not us, though. the philadelphia area will still see about one fourth of the sun's light. the partial eclipse is still pretty cool according to derrick pitts of the franklin institute. >> i think it is the kind of experience that no one should leave this planet without
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seeing. they'll be able to see the motion of the moon, and the motion of the earth as the moon tracks in front of the sun. that's a rare experience. >> that's unique. through jut our seums will thro parties. there will be free planetarium shows and water ice and solar glasses to the first 1,000 people. expect eclipse parties to pop up on monday. this is showing you where the party will be. special drinks including the solar eclipse, limoncello martini with a drizzle of black sambuca. when they opened in 1860, there was a total solar eclipse that year. how about that? cool. >> you may forget the eclipse is happening sitting at the bar. >> that's true. there are a lot of other places where you can view the solar eclipse, why you can prepare for
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it, celebrate it. the list is all on our nbc 10 app. happening today, police agencies in new jersey begin the biggest trunk driving crackdown of the year. the 2017 drive sober or get pulled over campaign runs through labor day weekend. the new jersey division of highway safety says this is a zero tolerance campaign. you get caught driving while impaired, you will be arrested. in philadelphia, septa riders can use digital services at the suburban station. it includes free high speed wi-fi and interactive kiosks with real time transit information. also two device charging stations will be installed there soon. more than 25,000 riders make their way through suburban station every single day. let's talk about the commute. let's get you to work. >> pamela osborne, what are you seeing? >> we're going to start in -- on the easton expressway. there is some emergency construction that is taking place in the westbound lanes.
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this is near route 73 and winslow township. a right lane blocked and there are men out on the road working this morning. that's something you're going to want to keep an eye out for if you're headed in that area. be sure to drop your speeds a little bit. 95 at ray street, just a few cars out on the roadway this morning. traffic beginning to pick up as we expect to at this time of hour. not seeing any majored to the a drive times are good. >> 18 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this friday. we have some weather issues today that create -- cause us to issue a first alert. >> heads up about that. the timing, bill henley has that. >> strong storms later today, maybe impacting travel in our area. not just driving around. we could see some strong storms disrupting air travel later today. it is go to be widespread. that's why it might not be raining in philadelphia, but there could be delays later on.
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the rain will move through philadelphia late this afternoon and this evening. but this morning, showers and thunderstorms in the lehigh valley. that's dropped the temperatures a little bit. overall, warm and steamy this morning. warmer than yesterday. the humidity is higher. not seeing any 60s in philadelphia this morning. 77 degrees now at manayunk. graduate hospital, 76. 76 degrees for bustleton and fox chase. that's our starting point. even though it is go to be a cloudy day, we will see a big warmup into the upper 80s. first round of showers and thunderstorms, we're getting that right now. look at the heavy downpours moving through allentown, lots of lightning with these storms and they're just moving into easton. a slow mover and a real soaker too. very heavy rainfall is moving at just 25 miles an hour. so going to take some time for it to move into harmony and brass castle and oxford. but that will be producing some very heavy downpours and the slow moving storms could produce some flash flooding, especially
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later today. more of this lining up to our southwest, even into kentucky. this is a cold front that is coming in. so warm and moist in our area. and that is the fuel for storms this afternoon. look how clear it is in the midwest. chicago and cincinnati, that's our weekend weather. all going to be pushing through. but it is today, this afternoon, and this evening that the entire area could see those strong storms. starting at 2:00 into the 11:00 hour, storms this morning, the stronger storms will wait until later today. and produce heavy downpours, lead to flash flooding, damaging winds with storms, possibly isolated tornadoes as well. we have seen that in recent storms this summer. and hail is a possibility with this as well. here is the hour by hour forecast. this is 4:00 this afternoon. look at the scattered showers, just offshore and up in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. the line of storms taking shape during the afternoon hours. 6:00 this evening, not looking bad right now in delaware and south jersey at that hour.
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look at the lehigh valley and storms moving into the suburbs. 8:00 this evening, moving through delaware and philadelphia. and still some heavy weather during the evening hours. that's 9:00 this evening. not going to clear out until late this evening or overnight tonight. stormy day ahead, upper 80s this afternoon. very humid conditions today. but the humidity comes down, temperature back up into the upper 80s for saturday and sunday, we'll have sunshine for the weekend. and we'll have sunshine for monday. eclipse viewing shouldn't be an issue monday afternoon. storms return with the humidity later in the week. humidity really ramps up on tuesday with a high of 91 degrees. showers and thunderstorms are likely on wednesday. then we get a cooldown. look at that nice weather, 70s for friday. saturday and right around 80 degrees next sunday. bill, thank you. for people who saw this last night, not the eagles game, this created a little buzz. "snl" featured a reunion of former stars of the show.
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>> update co-anchor michael che interviewing george washington, played by jimmy fallon. washington joined by thomas jefferson, played by seth meyers. they poked fun at president trump's comparison of washington and jefferson with civil war general robert e. lee. another alum took on the violence in charlottesville. >> the next time when you see -- in polo shirts screaming about taking our country back, it is not our country, we stole it. >> another episode of "snl's" weekend update summer edition will air next thursday night. coming up, more trouble for meek mill. how a ride on a dirt bike ended with charges against the philly rapper. and next, in business news, sorting out your facebook feed. a new feature of the -- tested to keep you in the know.
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philadelphia is going country tonight. that's country. two of the biggest stars will take over the wells fargo center. tim mcgraw and faith hill. faith had a little bit of a break. this is the first time she's back on the road since 2007. ♪ katy perry, fans will have to wait a little bit longer to hear her sing live. she announced she's delaying her show at the wells fargo center, blaming production delays. the show moves from september 18th to october 12th. 5:26 now. coming up at 5:30, how the controversy over the frank rizzo statue in philadelphia took another turn.
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. growing tension. someone vandalized a frank rizzo statue in philadelphia again as both sides of the issue fight for the former mayor's legacy. >> terror in spain, terrorists coordinate twin attacks leaving 13 people dead and dozens people hurt. anthem protest, for the second week in a row, the eagles jenki. we'll hear from him coming up. nbc 10 news starts now. >> we have today's weather to talk about. good morning, it is 5:30. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. storms are moving into the area later on today. we issued a first alert. to bill henley, first alert forecast. >> first alert for strong storms for the entire area from this afternoon, from 2:00 until 11:00 tonight. some heaviest weather will wait to arrive during the evening hours. and with those storms, heavy downpours, possibility of flash flooding, and damaging winds even isolated tornado is possible and


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