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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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case of things to come. fingers crossed. 6:00 a.m., good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. >> strong storms affect the entire area from 2:00 on to 11:00 tonight. some of the heaviest weather may be here for the evening commute and into this evening. that's when we see heavy downpours, potentially damaging winds, and isolated tornado and not out of the question. and the potential for hail as well. watching a line of showers from new jersey into the suburbs, it is part of the same system that has produced some heavy downpours now in the lehigh valley. easton getting a thunderstorm. starting to dry out in allentown. this has been going on since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. look at the rainfall, large area through berks county, lehigh valley, and into northampton county, multiple locations
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already have two inches of rain on the ground. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and coming out at some point during the day. most likely this afternoon. still showers in the lehigh valley. 74 degrees in new jersey. 73 degrees in the suburbs. warming into the upper 80s. may see some breaks of sunshine, but mostly cloudy one and then stormy later this afternoon. and this evening. and even a storm threat at the shore, for the temperatures climb into the upper 70s. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you where storms are most likely to pop up when the day goes on when i'm back in ten minutes. first, pamela osborne has your first alert traffic. >> i'm keeping an eye on a situation, on academy road, which is here right between grant and red lion. police activity there because of a downed wire as well as poles in the area. that's something to look out for if you're driving in that area. let's look at 95, at girard, traffic picking up this time of morning. a lot of cars on the roadway. not seeing many slowdowns at
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this hour. if you're traveling the schuylkill, look at your drive times here. everything moving smoothly, except for average speeds. there you go. everything is in the greens. back to you. now to breaking developments about the deadly terror in spain. >> spanish police arrested a third attacker evernight. they're looking for one more. 13 people died in more than 100 injured when a speeding van plowed na a crowd of people along a popular promenade in barcelona yesterday. police confirmed overnight the attack is linked to another one. hours later, in the resort town of cambrios. they are about 60 miles apart. an explosion wednesday night in a third city is also connected, a house blew up there killing at least one person. 20 canisters of butane and propane gas were found in that house and police say that might indicate plans for a larger bomb
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attack. >> randy gyllenhaal is following the new developments in our digital operations center. what can you tell us? >> the twin vehicle attacks are part of a larger growing trend across europe where terrorists use cars, trucks and in this case a van to plow into crowds of people who took off running in barcelona. you can see hundreds of people running, screaming from the tourist district of las ramblas in barcelona. witnesses say that white van jumped a curb, zigzagging into victims for some 600 yards. isis is claiming responsibility. and nbc 10 yesterday spoke with vacationers visiting from atlantic city who were caught up in the aftermath. >> my husband heard people talking, trying to figure out what their next move was. police were outside, police are being very vigilant. a lot of streets are closed off. they're not permitting anybody
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in the major plazas. >> police are still searching for at least one attacker including the driver of that van. similar vehicle attacks have happened in london, paris and nice and berlin. we're live in the digital operations center, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. 6:04 now. nbc 10's crew just landed in barcelona this morning to give us a firsthand account of what is happening there. >> allyso joins us on the phone. i know you're close to where that attack happened. describe what you're seeing. >> good morning. we're actually in a taxi. we landed, went to the train station, and now we are in the center of town, very close to where the attack happened. we didn't see much of a police presence when we first landed, however, now that we're close to the site, there are police everywhere. many streets are closed. what should have been a 15 or 20 minute taxi ride turned into 30 or 40 minutes. a lot of streets are closed. there are people walking around, it does feel like people are
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trying to get back to normal. however, it is hard when there are police everywhere. >> tell us, we're looking at video of the chaotic scene yesterday. people running all over the place. you just mentioned that there say huge police presence as we would expect still there today. can you tell -- right in the cab, how somber the country must be right now. >> well, you know, it feels like people are trying to go about their day. but it is hard to do that. you have to understand the place where this happened, is in the center of a very commercial district. not much different than center city where you see stores that people go into, tourists are everywhere, and yet there is a feeling of what could happen next, should we be on the lookout. people are being a little bit more cautious than they would normally be you met a couple of local families in your travels so far. tell us about them. >> yes, so i actually sat next to a wonderful couple from new
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jersey. and they were traveling to barcelona to meet with another couple who was actually in a cafe right next to where the attack happened. and they were forced to stay inside the cafe, on lockdown for several hours and the couple that i was sitting next to saw what happened on tv and they called to make sure that everything was okay. but it was a bit of a shock to them, the couple i was with, the husband is actually a 9/11 survivor. and for them it is a little bit traumatic to have this happening all over again. and in a place where they're just going with their family, they're traveling with two children to go on a cruise. and now once again they're forced to sort of look over their shoulder, have to take a little bit more caution than you would on a summer vacation. >> nbc 10 digital team just arrived on the ground there in barcelona, spain, reporting for us, reading all of the reports
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on nbc and the app. thank you. stay safe. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> here in philadelphia, police have already increased their security measures to make sure an attack similar to one in spain doesn't happen here. >> you can see those stepped up measures last night at the popular denero on blanc event. past events, police used cars and large flowerpots to cordon off areas and protect people. lastbuses to block the streets. terrorists target european cities because there are more unprotected open areas there. bigger american cities often disguise their barriers, prevent the attacks. >> what you're seeing more and more are concrete and style barriers being erected to tryvie as possible. >> police say they use vehicles and flowerpots as barriers since
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2007. our coverage continues at 6:30 with president trump's reaction. and as we get new information, be the first to know by signing up for breaking news alerts, download the app and we'll send them right to your phone. >> iris delgado from our spanish language station telemundo 62 landed in barcelona as well this morning to give us live coverage here on nbc 10. look for her reports coming up this afternoon. >> 6:08, 76 degrees outside. switching gears to breaking news we're following for you in the frank rizzo statue controversy. overnight, someone spray painted the words black power on the statue. police tell us there were many witnesses, they got a good zrips of the c description of the car and license plate. they're calling for the statue to come down accusing the former mayor of racism. let's take a live look at the statue. city crews just arrived to clean up the graffiti. see them there. earlier there a supporter of frank rizzo went there and put a
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drape over the statue, to cover the graffiti. police have sectioned off a large area of the statue around the area. officers are watching over the area while that work continues. 6:09. you see from that picture there, the statue, and also what we're about to show you, center city philadelphia, maybe a portrait of things to come with the cloud cover there. let's check in with bill henley with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> i have been tracking showers and thunderstorms since we went on a 4:00 this morning. haven't reached the shore yet. we'll see wet weather and the potential for some heavy weather at cape may during the day today. you see clouds are in place with just a few breaks in the clouds. we're getting closer to sunrise this morning. look at the storms moving through easton. heavy downpours, thunderstorm activity for the lehigh valley. and now it extends its line of showers, starting to fire up. looking all that impressive right now, but we will see more
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showers like this popping up during the day. moving through just to the north of morris river. to salem county, into new jersey and the suburbs as well. there go the thunderstorms. now just pulling away from the easton area. heavy weather produced more than two inches of rain already this morning. a few lightning bolts of lightning in the easton area. heavy rain is just about to exit. already starting to dry out in allentown after areas just to the north of allentown picked up more than two inches of rain. we issued a first alert for strong storms for the entire area. storms this morning. it is this afternoon and this evening that some of the heaviest weather will roll in, from 2:00 to 11:00 tonight. when we could see heavy downpours, flash flood risk during the day today, the storms can can produce damaging winds, isolated tornado isn't out of the question. and potential for hail this afternoon. steamy all day today, see the warm weather will stay with us over the next several days.
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right on through the weekend. high humidity and storms are out of the picture for the weekend and into the beginning of next week. look at that with a ten day on ten. >> thank you. a new service in philadelphia to help them to adapt to civilian life. up and over, coming up at 6:45, south jersey family describes the moment a drawbridge opened up with them on it. and the decision that may have saved their lives. and straight ahead, fly, eagles, fly. we'll show you the key homes th moments that helped the birds walk away with a victory overnight.
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6:15. nbc 10 is giving you a first alert ahead of the storms that are headed our way today.
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first alert radar tracking the threats, expected to impact the afternoon commute home. meteorologist bill henley is back in a few minutes with the timeline for your neighborhood. the eagles return to the link, a winning one. >> i got to stay long enough to see them score some points and headed home, get some slope. prepre seas preseason victory over the bills. mike trout will look for more of carson wentz. hooking up with alshon jeffrey as they did last night twice. and they're not on defense. ronald darby, he was the talk of the game. great pick here. makes people miss here. turns into a running back. 48 yard return. he had two passes knocked down. and nbc 10 is your official eagles station. carrying all the preseason games in 2017. and nbc 10 ran into a hyped up
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eagles fan last night. preseason victory wasn't the most exciting. we ran into aidan mccabe and his dad. keith jones asked aidan to name his favorite player. >> lesean mccoy. >> what do you think of carson wentz? >> well, he's a good player, just sometimes i think he does bad things. >> makes me remember the old decades with my dad, sitting in the 700 level. different now, i loved it. he loved it. we surprised him. he couldn't get changed quick enough today. >> aidan says sometimes they do bad things. i hear you. 67,000 fans. nbc 10 is the only place to watch the birds this preseason. up next, the dolphins come to the link. next thursday, only on nbc 10. also last night, the eagles honored their stars of yesteryear including vai. look at the video at halftime.
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score of other eagles alum. >> i do this because they ask me to do this. >> little boxing mode. >> what is the goal post for in. >> done it in the ring, done it to the goal post. always gives us an opportunity to bring out the video that everybody talks about all the time. it has been nearly 25 years since your punt return touchdown 1-2 combination. >> so long ago you can tell that's not in hd. >> great time last night. lots of guys around. we visited, had a great time, eagles fed us well. great event, great time. >> and nice for a win for the preseason. all good. >> exactly. >> let's find out, speaking of wins, get a win on the road this morning with pamela osborne checking traffic this morning. >> yeah. things are looking nice and light out there. we're going to start with 95 at front street. traffic increasing this morning. drive times are doing good. average speeds into the 60s
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right now. watching a disabled vehicle, though. this is in west conshohocken, at fayette street. that's something to keep an eye for if you're headed that way or driving in that direction. also want to bring one more thing to your attention. a downed pole, downed wires on academy avenue between grant and red line. police activity there as well. something to look out for as you head out your door. >> thank you. 6:18 now, a live look outside, a lot of people are heading this weekend. beautiful view of cape may. cloudy view. i always say the beach is beautiful in matter what the weather. but we have some weather to talk about later this afternoon. that's why we issued a first alert. meteorologist bill henley has all the details. >> you're right, it will be improving at the shore for the weekend and the rest of the area too. not just the cape may seeing clouds. look at philadelphia. no storms in philadelphia yet. but we're seeing some showers pop up and some of suburbs. this is spring city. we have seen heavy weather move through easton.
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lehigh valley, and berks county, thunderstorms started things off. warm muggy morning. temperatures are running much warmer than yesterday. high humidity and cloud cover up ten degrees compared to yesterday from mount holly. and we have seen storms this morning, allentown is nine degrees warmer. allentown, drying out right now, the showers and thunderstorms are just leading east. you see they're moving into the northeast. they're pushing to the northeast slowly, northern new jersey at 25 miles an hour. that slow speed that has led to some very heavy rain this morning. and the potential for more during the day. you can see this is a line of showers that is now just starting to pop up, not just in the lehigh valley, some in the suburbs. and south jersey. and isolated downpour just moving through upper pittsgrove and salem county right now. the chance of thunderstorms, though, that's going to be ramping up as we go into the afternoon. still cool right now, compared to what i'm expecting this afternoon. see the temperatures warm well into the 80s. and then this cold front moves
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in. there is a dryer air mass wedging into the area. and that's what's going to give thus line of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. here it is hour by hour. first alert, starting at 2:00 this afternoon. that's when we see isolated thunderstorms in the area. as we go into the late afternoon and evening hours, look at this line taking shape. that's that cold front that is to our west. that starts moving in at 6:00. this is in the lehigh valley. and then swings into the philadelphia area, wilmington, and into trenton come 8:00, 9:00. by 11:00 tonight, still very heavy rainfall. there is a potential for multiple locations to get more than two inches of rain. then overnight tonight, the showers move out, this time tomorrow morning, we're seeing drying conditions. still warm and muggy to start with. we'll see the humidity come down during the weekend. so, temperatures will be nice and warm saturday and sunday. looks much better for the weekend, for the entire area. we near 90 degrees in
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philadelphia. humidity dramatically lower all day on sunday. then we'll see sunshine for monday. good view of the eclipse. we'll keep an eye on the sky, download the nbc 10 app and track those storms if you're out on the go. 88 degrees this afternoon. the storm threat into the evening hours. turning less humid after muggy start on sunday. 89 for saturday and sunday. and up to 88 degrees on monday. might go warmer except the sun is going to be blocked out for a time in the afternoon. 91 degrees, steam and heat returns for tuesday. sha turning cooler for next week and next weekend. thanks, bill. 6:21 now. septa is upgrading your commute. next, the digital age perk being offered to passengers. and counting down to the solar eclipse. at 6:45, the places to watch that will add in a little extra fun for you.
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♪ ♪ life's about joy are li life's about pain ♪ shania twain is coming for a tour next year. tickets go on sale next week. her latest album goes on sale next month. happening today, police agencies in new jersey begin the biggest drunk driving crackdown of the year. the drive sober or get pulled over campaign runs through labor day weekend. they say this is a zero tolerance campaign. if you get caught while driving impaired, you will be arrested. philadelphia, septa riders can use digital services at suburban station. upgrades include free high speed wi-fi and kiosks with real time transit information. two device charging stations will be installed there soon. more than 25,000 riders make their way through suburban station every single day. in center city, from trauma to triumph, a decorated army
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veteran is encouraging combat veterans who are women to use a new resource available starting today in philadelphia. the women veteran command center holds its grand opening this morning on south 33rd street. center hopes to empower, educate and etch rich tnrich the lives veterans. wet weather moving into our area. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms. look at the rain coming down. just popping up over the airport. there have been delays this morning. and you can expect more storms later today. right now, 76 degrees at 6:26. first alert forecast just ahead. and good morning. i'm matt delucia. the frank rizzo statue was defaced overnight. right now, it has been cleaned up. we're going to hear from some of the folks here trying to cover up the statue last night. we'll have that next.
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6:30. terror in spain, breaking overnight, police capture a third attacker as witnesses describe the chaotic aftermath following the attacks that killed 13 people and injured dozens more. breaking at home, statue vandalized, a spray painted message left behind on philadelphia's statue of frank rizzo. making a break for it. jersey shore drawbridge opens with a family on it. we'll tell you the split secretary decision that m second decision that may have saved their lives. nbc 10 news starts now. >> that will have you shaking your head. >> i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. first alert because of the storms coming later this afternoon. let's get up to date on that with bill henley with the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. >> i'm already tracking showers and thunderstorms, but it is this afternoon as you mentioned, we'll see the strong storms, the
6:31 am
bo potential for the entire area. a long event. heavy downpours could lead to flash flooding. there is even a possibility of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes not out of the question. and hail, strong cold front that is coming into the area. and already has given us a quick downpour at philadelphia international. here you see the airport and that rain that is just moving through philadelphia international right now. this is part of a line that extends to south jersey and into the lehigh valley. this is where we have seen thunderstorm activity so far this morning. those storms are now moving into new jersey and drying out in the allentown area. but some neighborhoods have already picked up more than two inches of rain this morning. more on the way for this afternoon. stand by for a potentially stormy day. all day rainfall, but you'll see occasional showers and chance of thunderstorms this morning. already warmer and muggier this
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morning. and it heats up into the upper 80s. eye on the sky and grab the nbc 10 app so you can track the storms on the go. a look at when you can expect them in our neighborhood. pamela osborne has the first alert traffic. >> we'll start things off in cherry hill, new jersey. you see route 70 at old orchard road, everything is moving smoothly, dry roadways out there now. we're monitoring mass transit. there seems to be an issue with a trolley for septa. eastbound delays, 20 minutes. we understand there was some kind of emergency vehicle that was on the tracks there, that vehicle has been smooth, but, again, we're seeing delays heading eastbound of about 20 minutes. keeping our eye on a disabled vehicle, this is in west conshohocken at fayette street. breaking overnight, crews are cleaning spray paint off the frank rizzo statue after days of rising tensions, vandals struck the controversial monument last
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night. nbc delucia is live on the scene for us. >> reporter: within the last half hour, city war crews shwor showed up to remove the graffiti. they hosed it down and they were able to get it off in ten minutes. i was talking with people who say this argument is far from over. >> count tai couldn't take some going by and seeing the bad language on it. >> debbie who calls herself a concerned philadelphian, had enough after seeing the statue of former mayor frank rizzo defaced with graffiti late last night. a man jumped out of a car and sprayed the words black power on it. >> every statue that is erected in philadelphia means something. good or bad, we have to keep our history in order. >> she believes rizzo and his likeness across from city hall are being unfairly targeted. >> probably getting brainwashed
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by other people. and they probably didn't know him and should read up a history book or open up a book. >> some accused rizzo of being a racist and some including a city councilwoman called for the statue to be removed. earlier this week, eggs were thrown at the statue which prompted a large police presence and barricades, which were removed before last night's vandalism. donna mark jumped in to help debbie cover up the paint. >> i think it is a disgraze. he did so much for the city and now it is coming up and destroying statue for no reason. it is really sad. >> are you concerned this could happen again? >> it might happen again. you can't do anything about ignorance. >> debbie says the statue was put here for a reason and it should stay right where it is. again, there are others who disagree and they want this statue gone. as you tell from the live picture, police have removed the yellow police tape that was surrounding the statue last night. so people have been walking around here and the city work
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crew left a few minutes ago. police got a license plate number and description of the man who did this as there were some witnesses to the vandalism last night and expect to make an arrest fairly soon. live at center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the call to remove frank rizzo's statue comes in the wake of the white nationalist rally at the robert e. lee statue. it sparked deadly violence and debate over confederate markers. today, the mayor is expected to announce he now supports re moving the general's statue. there is a temporary injunction in place to keep the city from taking it down. in annapolis, crews removed the statue of robert cany, he paved the way for the civil war by writing the dread scott decision and upheld slavery and denied citizenship to africa african-americ african-americans. several petitions are circulating to rename streets. there are the taney dragons.
6:36 am
president trump reignited the debate over confederate statues yesterday saying that removing them was, quote, foolish, he tweeted that it is an attack on america's history and culture. here at home, a philadelphia eagle put racial injustice in the spotlight, during last night's game. >> malcolm jenkins, he upheld his battle to protest during the playing of the national anthem. you look at his arm and fist held high in the air during the anthem. he began the gesture last season as a response to deadly police shootings of unarmed black men. he and teammate chris law criticized president trump for his response to racially charged violence in charlottesville. he did not hold up his fist during the anthem, but put his arm around jenkins. >> i'm just saying i'm your ally, i'm here, i support malcolm's right to protest and support people fighting for equality.
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>> i have different interactions with the justice system. than that of our counterpart. so in the light of everything that is happening, just continuing our conversation. >> jenkins supported colin kaepernick who kneels instead of stands during the anthem at games. barcelona just held a moment of silence for the victims. here is a look at the solemn moment. you see the crowd is massive afterwards. the crowd erupted into applause. also, a third suspect arrested in the barcelona attack. and confirmed connection between the shootout cabrils and barcelona. the promenade where yesterday's terror began has reopened. look at the dramatic video from
6:38 am
a u.s. visitor who had to run from the scene. >> there's shooting. >> we heard what sounded like gunshots. and we saw hundreds of people rushing. >> we spoke with a family from atlantic city vacationing in barse lo barcelona. they're doing all right but say safety is their top concern while they're in the city for another four days. now to new york overnight, the world trade center was lit to honor the victims of the barse locelona attack. the spire of the building glowed in the spanish red and yellow. nypd says it is closely monitoring the terror incident and stepped up patrols and security across the city. president trump responded saying the united states condemns the terror attack and will do whatever is necessary to help. as we get new information, be the first to know by signing up for the breaking news alert. download the nbc 10 app and we'll send them to your phone.
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iris delgado from our spanish language sister station telemundo 62 arrived early this morning to bring us live coverage on nbc 10. you can see her report starting this afternoon. about 10, 15 minutes ago, we heard pounding on our roof here in our studios bala cynwyd. rain coming down. it was loud. >> rain coming in later today, but also what is moving through right now. bill henley has an update. >> a quick downpour at the link. a live view looking at lincoln financial field. the storm clouds are going to be on and off this morning. this afternoon that we could see the heaviest weather moving into the area. if you're moving out the door, grab your umbrella. easton round one of thunderstorms this morning. still a little bit rainy in the easton area. and wilmington, clouds in place, heavy thunderstorms, especially later today. likely to roll through delaware. heading out the door now, this line of showers has popped up after thunderstorms started
6:40 am
things off in the lehigh valley. the showers moving through cumberland and salem county and camden and gloucester county and burlington, a little bit of rain, inching through philadelphia now and suburbs too. not seeing any lightning with this just yet. that is a possibility. part of the same area of thunderstorms that is already moved into new jersey after rolling through the lehigh valley. looking at downpour, just the west of buckingham and bucks county this morning. heavier wet weather, that's round one that cleared. there go the thunderstorms. more on the way. a cold front that is slowly moving our way. and that's going to move into the very warm moist air, the humidity is so high, really ramped up overnight. that's going to help fuel the storms. 8:00 this morning, showers. scattered in delaware and south jersey and philadelphia. it is quiet in the lie high valley and some of the suburbs. 10:00 this morning, a few showers. as we go through the morning hours, showers move to the
6:41 am
jersey shore. you might see breaks of sunshine at 2:00 in the afternoon. that will heat things up and show a lot of moisture and even though it doesn't look very stormy at that hour, don't be fooled. late in the afternoon, look at the line developing near the west. this is a main event. look at the downpours through new castle county and delaware, through philadelphia and trenton, that's at 8:00 this evening. the heavy weather continues at the shore at 10:30 this evening. will clear out tonight. but along with these storms comes the risk of severe weather. that risk is greatest for our area, damaging winds and downpours which could lead to flooding during the day today. there is big improvement this weekend, the weekend forecast, both saturday and sunday, will see some sunshine. a lot of it too. i'll show you how long it lasts with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. a planned triathlon is becoming a bath liathlon.
6:42 am
>> what forced the change. and this -- >> famous philadelphia native arrested for his late night antics. we'll tell you who it is up next.
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world.
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right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. quarter of 7:00 this friday morning. look at the first alert radar. ahead of the storm, headed our way, tracking the threat that is expected to impact the afternoon commute home. bill henley is back in a few minutes with the timeline. 6:45, we continue to follow the breaking news in the terror in spain. we just learned that the death toll increased to 14. a woman injured in that second attack at that seaside resort about an hour from barcelona has died. we'll continue to update you on air as soon as we get new
6:46 am
information. new this morning, this video of rapper meek mill is -- and some friends doing stunts in the middle of new york. and those stunts may have gotten him arrested. he was picked up by nypd last night after someone recorded a group popping wheelies in upper manhattan. he's charged with reckless endangerment. last night you see meek mill on nbc 10 performing on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. this weekend, the triathlon will no longer include a swimming competition. newark officials say high algae livelies y levels in the reservoir made waters unsafe. it will feature a 1 1/2 mile run, a 14 mile bike ride, followed by a 2 1/2 mile run. imagine crossing a bridge over the water and the road beneath you suddenly starts to rise. >> can you imagine? if you've been across a
6:47 am
drawbridge, it is a fear you probably had before. it is what happened to a family vacationing at the shore. they were traveling to cape may on the middle author ythorough bridge when the bridge started to open. they thought their car would fall backwards or worse into the water below. >> i said to my husband, i think the bridge might be opening. >> i don't know why. i don't know what made me do it. i don't know how it went from my brain to my foot, but an immediate reaction. >> his re action was to punch the gas. they made it over to the other side, but the impact bent the frame of the car. according to police, radios weren't working at the time of the opening and the bridge operator was blinded by sun glare. >> he knew what to do. >> the bridge operator said he didn't see them. this weekend is almost here. excitement over next week, next monday, solar eclipse, it giving us reason to look forward to monday. >> watch parties are happening all over the area.
6:48 am
nbc 10's matt delucia shows us a few of them. >> it is happening on monday. but you might as well call it a sundae. lo looking high in the sky. >> it is an experience that no one on this planet should leave without seeing. >> reporter: a total solar eclipse for parts of the country. not for us. the philadelphia area will see one forth of the sun's light. >> they'll be able to see the motion of moon and the motion of the earth as the moon tracks in front of the sun. that's a rare experience. >> reporter: that means it is worth celebrating. watch parties are happening throughout our area. libraries, museums and colleges. glassboro will host a party for eclipse enthusiasts young and old. >> we get a chance to show them there is cool stuff in the sky in the daytime too. >> reporter: from 1:00 to 4:00, free planetarium shows and water ice and coveted solar glasses for the first thousand people. the franklin institute, they want to kick it up a notch. >> one thing we'll do is take a
6:49 am
batch of material like this, and we'll make tents that people can stand under so that they can look up and view the eclipse. >> with live streams from nasa, and derrick himself, from missouri, astromy waits for the one. >> the eclipse is just a huge, huge event to astronomers like myself. >> if you're wondering when philly will be in the path of a total solar eclipse, you'll have to wait another 62 years. plenty of time to plan a party. that's out of this world. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> out of this world indeed. for a county by county list of other places to view the solar eclipse around our area and ways to gear up for the big event, just use the nbc 10 app. >> today, wet broad street right now. bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. wet morning. keeping our eye on storms that
6:50 am
could be potentially dangerous. we have seen some downpours, not just in the city, lehigh valley picked up more than two inches of rain in some neighborhoods. there is the potential for philadelphia. there is another view of the city, that's looking across the delaware. fog is not the problem, but the showers, have been quick moving. showers have moved through center city. don't see any umbrellas, the rain moved on. that's not going to be the end of it. now northeast philadelphia starting to get that rain. look at the spotty showers in south jersey. heavy rain just moving into the vineland area and suburbs. buckingham and bucks county, thunder and lightning to the northeast for now. don't be surprised if you hear some thunder or see some lightning this morning as this first line moves through. this is not going to be the end of it. this line is moving through central and western pennsylvania right now. on the other side of it, the dry air will be here this weekend. the dry air will win out.
6:51 am
it will push all this out during the weekend. as it moves in, it is very moist. all the heat is going to fuel showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. why we issued a first alert for strong storms for the entire area. all the heaviest weather at 2:00, isolated thunderstorms at 2:00, more widespread wet weather and heavy storms possible during the evening commute and even into the late evening hours. 11:00 tonight. heavy downpours could lead to flash flooding, damaging winds are a possibility. isolated tornado is not out of the question and hail could come with some of the stronger storms during the day today. that's today. all moves through today. overnight, clearing out and saturday dry. though muggy in the morning, with temperatures 73 degrees, it becomes less humid as the day goes on. good news, a warm one, up to 89 degrees. lots of sunshine, less humid, all day long on sunday. morning low of 69 degrees. the main event, monday, the eclipse will see sunshine.
6:52 am
the eclipse will happen in the afternoon. so that could lead to temperatures plateauing or coming down a little bit. i'm expecting a high temperature in the upper 80s. without the eclipse we might hit 90 degrees. we'll be in the 90s on tuesday. humidity will be high and isolated shower is possible on tuesday. cold front, more storms on wednesday. then we clear out and then nice weather ahead for thursday and look at friday and saturday. high temperatures in the 70s. >> love the eclipse graphic. won't happen that fast. that's very cool. >> eight minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work. >> maybe a door, the airport, out of town, down the shore, let's check in with pamela osborne with more on that. >> if you're headed to the airport, you're on 95, not going to have any problems getting there. it is when you get there, you may run into some trouble. departing flights to laguardia airport are delayed by more than 50 minutes right now. we're also seeing some other delays about 15 minutes for other arriving and departing
6:53 am
flights. step out of the way here, look at the schuylkill expressway, right at spring garden, you see quite a few cars on the roadway. no real problems to speak of there this morning either. and monitoring one thing, trolley line, route 102, this is mass transit for septa, a delay there, an emergency vehicle that was blocking the tracks. it has been moved. but there is a delay on eastbound traffic from 20 minutes. >> nbc 10 and telemundo 62 getting ready to clear the shelters this weekend. >> and when you're choosing a new pet, there are plenty of options with a lot to consider. picking your pet from a smaller shelter. kitty cottage has the same goal as the larger shelters. find homes for pets. adopting a dog or cat from a smaller shelter like kitty cottage can help out the bigger facilities. >> we have so much room for so many cats. the more cats we can get adopted out, we're able to go to the
6:54 am
bigger shelters and help them out. and also we can help the community. >> and that is going to be a great opportunity for you to come and adopt the pet on saturday. clear the shelters. >> 50 shelters and rescue groups waving adoption fees tomorrow. go to, see a full list of who is participating. we're excited about that event. >> a great event. >> next, right back with updates on two breaking stories that we're following for you. >> and that includes the latest chapter in the battle over frank rizzo statue, philadelphia's vandals strike the controversial monument. ♪
6:55 am
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two minutes before 7:00. breaking news in the frank rizzo
6:58 am
statue controversy. police have a suspect in custody after the statue of the former mayor was vandalized with spray paint overnight. crews this morning clean up the words black power which had been written on the sculpture. protesters and city councilwoman were calling for the statue to come down accusing the former mayor of racism. good morning. we'll start things off in jersey with a look at the ac expressway. this is right along route 73. you see the volume on the roadways picking up. there are cones here. but it doesn't appear to be slowing down traffic. everything running smoothly there. there is one issue i've been monitoring this morning that is route 102, the septa trolley, causing eastbound delays of 20 minutes. there was an emergency vehicle there. blocking the tracks. they moved that back. there are still some residual delays in that area. one more look at the schuylkill.
6:59 am
traffic increasing, everything is moving smoothly. tracking showers, we already have seen some thunderstorm activity in the region. right now, just a heavy downpour moving through bensalem and cinnaminson, heavier rain now. this say line of showers that is moving through. we may get some thunder and lightning with this line. if not this morning, then this afternoon. there is more on the way for later today. why we issued a first alert for strong storms for the entire area. the most likely time to see them is this afternoon and this evening. during the evening commute, evening hours, the worst of it, that's when we see heavy downpours leading to flash flooding, damaging winds are a possibility, isolated tornado is possible and hail too. warm, muggy this morning, some scattered showers right now. into the 80s, well into the 80s this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies and keep an eye on the skies this afternoon and this evening with strong storms. download our app too. if you're on the go, you can track it for yourself.
7:00 am
then, we'll all enjoy sunshine this weekend. >> excellent. >> thank you, bill. we'll continue to update you through the morning on the nbc 10 app. good morning. breaking overnight, a second deadly terror attack in spain. a car plowing into a crowd near a beach resort. five suspects, wearing fake bomb vests, shot and killed by police. officials connecting it to the horrific van attack in barcel a barcelona. at least 13 people killed. more than 100 others injured. this morning, a new arrest in that case. but the driver and a third rental van still unaccounted for. republican rebuke. gop senator bob corker voicing concerns about the president's ability to lead the nation. calling into question his stability and competence. another senator


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