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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> that breaking news is dozens of passengers were hurt when their train ride came to a crashing end iinending. >> we have live team coverage of what happened, the investigation, the victims and the impact on the morning commute. we'll start with matt delucia hearing from passengers on board. what are they saying? >> reporter: some of the passengers are getting on board and getting off trains on the northtown high-speed race was. one of the trains just pulled in a few minutes ago. on the other side of the platform, that's one of the damaged cars from the train
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sccident them morning. point, still early on, upper darby officials say that this crash happened just after midnight. now, the inbound norristown high-speed lane was coming into the transportation center when it crashed into a parked and unoccupied train. there were more than three dozen people on board at the time. many were injured in this crash. and we spoke to one of the passengers after he got off the train. here's what happened to him. >> my face hit the wall, put a big hole in the wall and i went straight down. i packed out. >> it was wow but i can't say much more than that. >> so another live look at the cars there that have been running. we are seeing passengers getting on and off. service is up and running, but
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the 1 track to the right is not operational at this time. so it may be a good idea to send out this morning just in case there are delays getting into a heavier brush rush here. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." meanwhile, 42 people hurt in last night's crash is where medical personnel has been treating some of the passengers, including the train's operator as well. what can you tell us, katy? >> reporter: i learned not long ago that the prisoner was --
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that the person injured here was possibly the driver of the train. many were treated here at the scene and others taken to half a dozen nearby hospitals. back out here live, we learned from patients who were not part of this train crash that nurses here at penn presbyterian were telling people coming in to expect longer than normal wait times to deal with the massive casualty event. i'm katy zachry, back to you. and jessica boyington is
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watching the latest on the septa trains. what is the latest? >> earlier the first train left from 69th street transportation center. it did leave the station at 4:20 and a few trains afterwards continued to leave. now, starting at 6:00 a.m., which is right now, the trains will be operating every 20 minutes, but with local service only so no express stops. it may take you longer to move on your normal route. but we are also nearing rush hour. you will see some delays there, especially later on in the commute. i am watching the parkway. i'm here on a good note through the rest of the morning. i'll be back in about ten minutes. and nbc 10 was first on the scene. first we sent out a news alert about the train crash. count on us to bring you updates as we get them. be sure to download the free nbc
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10 app for breaking news, weather and traffic updates any time. and speaking of weather, we are facing a double threat today of heat and storms. this is fog on the ben franklin bridge. and meteorologist bo covenant -- bill henley is here with the latest. >> we are seeing clouds over king of prussia to break for the sunshine. 75 degrees at 9:00. then up to 85 degrees and climbing into the 90s this afternoon. that is king of prussia. now fog just getting a little thicker in wilmington. the view here, you can see the light fog over the city. cloudy skies at 74 degrees right now. up to 76 degrees at 8:00. then 84 degrees and climbing at
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11:00. with southwesterly winds, the heat and humidity will be building during the day. 90s for the lehigh valley in the suburbs. 94 degrees in philadelphia. and new jersey, up to 94 degrees. while the shore hits 81 degrees this afternoon. the clouds will be thinning so the community will warm up. lancaster, zero visibility. but we are seeing light fog in reading down to two miles and three miles in blue bell. there's the one-mile visibility in wilmington. farther to the south, it's not an issue. if you join that with high temperatures and have feels-like temperatures, that will soar by 11:00 this morning. it feels like the mid-90s in wilmington and trenton. 95 in pottstown and egg harbor townshipme township. going into the afternoon, it will feel like 100 degrees for burlington, philadelphia and wilmington, 98 degrees.
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97 in trenton. a look at pottstown where it is 98 degrees this afternoon. we have issued a first-alert for extreme temperatures for philadelphia, south jersey and delaware, with the exception of the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. from 2:00 to 6:00 this afternoon, temperatures will warm into the 90s with very high humidity that is going to feel like 100 degrees. what you won't see during the day are storms. that threat comes in tonight. and i'll talk about that when i come back in a few minutes. all right, bill, see you then. count on the nbc 10 app for severe weather alerts in your neighborhood. you can get the hourly forecast and track the storms with our live interactive radar. it's 6:07 and 75 degrees outside. also breaking this morning, if you live in nor ristown, you may be waking up without water. the norristown fire department shut down three quarters of the water supply for repairs because of a water main break yesterday afternoon. the service should be restored in an hour or two.
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we'll keep you posted. and bill cosby will be back in the montgomery county courtroom to discuss new additions to his legal team. he's adding high-profile attorney tom mesereau who won the acquittal for michael jackson during his 2005 trial. and he also represent ed other celebrities. senator menendez says he's going to be found not guilty next
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month when he's tried. and mr. trump is getting reaction for his address last night. >> the president declared that must avoid the unacceptable result of a rapid withdrawal. the president would not say if more troops would go into afghanistan. but he said the united states is focused on killing its enemies and not nation building. the president also called on pakistan to stop providing safe haven to terrorists. >> we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists, america's enemy, must never know our plan or believe they can wait us out. i will not say when we are going to attack. but attack we will. >> reporter: now the president didn't discuss troop levels. however, the u.s. officials expect him to have a pentagon recommendation to send 4,000 troops to after ban stan adding
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to the more than 8,000 still there. nbc 10 got reaction to the president's address from local veterans. >> i know what we have to do. so it's one of those things. you know, it's a necessary thing, i believe. >> no matter what the president says, we have to back up our military. >> he said when president, he was going to withdraw from america and rebuild america. now he's announced he flip-flopped and is sending more troops to afghanistan. for the record, the president did not discuss troop levels specifically. republican pat too mooe issued this statement. i commend president trump on his unequivocal commitment to defeat the terrorists in afghanistan.
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president trump is right to make this commitment. and coming up, the multi-million decision. coming up, the plaza at the secret service said it's hard to keep you safe. and as we continue to follow breaking news in upper star biat the latest on the train crash, we'll bring it to you.
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and it is 6:15 on this tuesday morning. we're tracking a thunderstorm possible tonight. meteorologist bill henley is back in a few minutes with the
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forecast for your neighborhood. and 6:15, breaking news out of delaware county with an early morning train crash that injuries dozens of people on the high speed line. the train hit a parked train coming into the 69th transportation center. >> pamela osborne is live on the scene in upper dollar by. you have been talking to commuters, do they share the concern with you? >> reporter: they certainly are. we have heard of people uneasy about taking transportation this morning. bottom line is if you're arriving or going to be headed on septa this morning, expect delays here. there is no express service. and the trains are operating local service only between 69th street and the norristown transportation center because of the overnight crash that left dozens of people injured. septa has been pretty good about keeping us up-to-date with how things are moving. and we have been passing that information along to viewers all morning long. i just spoke to a woman who rides the line every day, once she heard what was going on this
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morning, she left a little bit early. >> i was like, wow, that's the train i take to work every morning. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: i talked to the mayor about this incident and the last one. you may remember there was a collision on the same line back in february. i asked him what happens next to ensure rider safety. his answer to that question is coming up at 6:45. reporting live in upper darby, pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." thank you. and first-alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is following septa's efforts to get back on track. what is the latest, jess? >> we did have the first train leave the 69th transportation center following the crash around 4:20. that's right on schedule with
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what normally leaves the station around that time monday to friday for weekday service. but starting at 6:00 a.m., so about 15, maybe 20 minutes ago or so, trains started operating every 20 minutes with local service only with no bryn mawr stops for right now. expect the delays because there's no express service. that's going to be important for your among commute, giving yourself extra time before you head out the door there. also watching the schuylkill expressway westbound side near conshohocken. this is approaching the conshohocken curve on the westbound side. the crash is taking up the right-hand shoulder with the next lane over. one lane is completely crawling by the scene here with backups on the westbound schuylkill at a standstill. i'll check back in with the schuylkill expressway when i come back. and 6:17 and 75 steamy degrees outside. we'll take a live look outside at wilmington. we issue first-alert to give you a heads-up on potentially severe
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weather. we know the heat and humidity is coming. and then storms later on. we'll get you updated with details and timing with bill henley and the most accurate forecast. you can feel the clouds in the air. you can see the clouds overhead. looking the other direction from new jersey to philadelphia, you see the low clouds and light fog in the city. where we are seeing breaks in the clouds is rehoboth beach, delaware. it will be a muggy day at the beach with high humidity all around. the new jersey shore is at 73 and philadelphia at 75. the cooler neighborhoods, this is where you are more likely to see fog this morning. not widespread fog. as the temperatures dry, that goes for northern delaware se g seeing light weather.
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look at afternoon temperatures soaring into the 90s. with the elevated humidity, it will stay dry all day and feel like 98 degrees in center city. 95 in doylestown. and in the lehigh valley, an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible later today. more likely this afternoon, it will feel like 94 in allentown. new jersey, you're feeling like 100. delaware, the high humidity, temperatures are in the low 90s. if you go a little higher, the feels like higher goes well. very high humidity will make us look to the severe weather headed our way. it is steadily going to move to the east. during the day, all the weather stays to the west of us.
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we'll see sunshine take over the clouds and heat us into the 80s. then the high humidity felt storms that just started to move ar around. g gl glenn will watch this. there's still the chance for a thunderstorm during the early morning hours and then they clear out tomorrow. so this is our second first-ale first-alert. from 9:00 to 2:00, we could potentially see damaging winds. that's the greatest threat from the line coming in.
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also a chance is possible for rain to last until tomorrow. and the high school blitz is back. we'll vote for pensbury at academy park, roman catholic catholic @neshaminy. you can vote by phone or text the number on the screen.
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we have new details in the lawsuit involving johnson & johnson baby powder and the link to cancer. the jury ordered the company to pay a california woman a record $417 million. the woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer ten years ago after she said she used the product every day from the 1950s until last year. johnson & johnson is appealing. today in harrisburg governor tom wolf will discuss
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pennsylvania's new animal cruelty law that goes into effect next monday. the laws add protections for outside dogs and horses, increase penalties for animal abuse and ensure that convicted abusers forfeit their animals to a shelter. we'll find out later this morning about the future of the army/navy football game in philadelphia. officials from the military and naval academy will join mayor jim kenny of city hall for an announcement. the classic rivalry began in 1890 and philadelphia hosted the big game more times by far than any other city. good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington. we are watching pretty big delays near the conshohocken curve. we have a crash blocking the right-hand shoulder. the left lane over is going to make all the traffic come to a complete stop to get everything out of the way. that's the westbound side. so we'll have updates on this
6:26 am
and the northbound side of the vine when i come back. now we'll get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. here comes the sun. we'll get the full sun treatment today. then temperatures soar. and the humidity is also high this morning. you can already feel that. a hot and humid day and then storms coming at night. first-alerts have been issued. your neighborhood forecast is just ahead. also ahead, hour-long live team coverage of the train crash that injured dozens of passengers overnight in upper darby. next, the victim accounts of what happened, the transit impact when a the mayor says may have prevented the crash. ♪
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my face hit the wall and it
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left a big hole. >> nbc 10 was first on the scene after the train accident that sent dozens of people to the hospital. first responders rushed to the busy traffic hub to greet the victims. >> service is back up and running between the station and norristown. nbc 10 has live team coverage of what happened. the investigation and the victims and the impact to the morning commute. we'll start with matt delucia who is hearing from passengers on board. matt? >> reporter: well, vai and tracy, service has been restored here and we have seen trains moving in and out of the 69th street transportation center. you can see there are a lot of folks here around the trains, especially the train to the right with the yellow tape around it. the investigators are here to figure out what caused this crash earlier this morning. at this point, it is still very early to say what happened here, but some video you're looking at from the scene earlier this morning, upper darby officials say the crash happened just after midnight.
6:31 am
here's what they say happened here. the inbound norristown high speed line train was coming into the 69th street transportation center when it crashed into an unoccupied train. there were more than three dozen people on board at the time. and as you heard, some of them were indeed injured. they are at the hospital right now. we did speak to one of the passengers just after he got off that train. here's what he said happened. >> there was blood everywhere, yeah. the drivers were all banged up and there was one girl bleeding out of her face pretty bad. but, i mean, they were pretty fast, pretty responsive. the emts got there within four minutes. >> reporter: now septa says service is normal and up and running right now. you can still hear that there are other trains coming in and out of this area. this is a big hub here. you can see the market frankfort line moving behind me, so we can't see the damaged train. but it is coming into view right now. the investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened here, what caused that one train to crash into the
6:32 am
parked and unoccupied train here. so they will undoubtedly be talking with witnesses, with the people who were on the train, also the train's engineer who we understand was one of the injured as well. so again, a lot to piece together here, but the investigation is still unfolding right now at this hour. but trains are running. live in upper darby this morning, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." thank you. a wave of emts and ambulances rushed to the scene to take the passengers to nearby hospitals. >> and katy zachry is live at one of the hospitals, penn presbyterian in university city. >> reporter: it was here at penn presbyterian where the operator of the train was brought and treated. we are learning from septa that the train operator has been released from penn pres by teby hospital. earlier i taried to talk to one
6:33 am
of the septa workers here leaving the hospital, but he declined to comment. we learned from the mayor not long ago that all of the people injured were transported to hospitals. none of them were treated at the scene. so the other area hospitals that took in some of the patients and treated them include delaware memorial hospital, mercy fitzgerald, accordia, springfield and taylor hospital. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." now to the impact on the morning commute for those who take the train. >> jessica boyington has been following septa's efforts to get everything running smoothly again. what is the latest, jess? >> they started right on schedule this morning from the 69th street transportation center, the first train left the terminal around 4:20, which again is right on schedule. starting about a half hour ago at 6:00, trains started operating every 20 minutes with
6:34 am
the local service only. expecting some of the delayses considering it is local service without express stops, too. it could get busier later on when we see more people out and about. but at least the trains are running every 20 minutes. give yourself extra time here. expecting to take some extra time, we have cameras near the conshohocken curve. most of the accident is in the right lane. a second ago we were stopped with police activity blocking the road. but they had to get that out of the way and now both lanes are back open on the westbound side. but we are not doing much better on the west side drive times from center city to the blue route. average speeds are in the single digits. how about we show you when we come back. this is the second train to
6:35 am
crash at the 69th transportation center this year. this scene is from february when three trains along the frankfort line crashed. four people on board the out-of-service trains were hurt. the cause of this crash remains under investigation. and count on nbc 10 for the latest transit trouble. nbc 10 was the first on the scene and first to send out a news alert to the nbc 10 app. be sure to download the app for breaking news, weather and traffic updates all the time. 6:35 and now to the weather with we are facing a double threat of heat and humidity. >> let's get the latest from meteorologist bill henley. bill? this morning we're starting with a steaminess. the high humidity is the first part of the extreme feels-like first alert for today for philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. the exception will be the delaware beaches and the jersey
6:36 am
shore. during the day, this afternoon from noon to 6:00, that is when temperatures will soar. the afternoon temperatures will peak in the 90s with very high humidity. that's already here and the feels-like temperatures during the afternoon will be approaching 100 degrees. now, the fog this morning with the high humidity shouldn't be a shocker with the high humidity and zero visibility in lancaster. light fog in redding down to two miles in visibility. and wilmington, down to two miles in visibility. and a little thicker in millville. the sun is up now, but temperatures are a little cooler after sunrise. that's why we are seeing the fog form right now. you can see it in the lehigh valley. this is a live view from easton with temperatures climbing up after the sun is out. the middle 90s heading into the noontime for the lehigh valley. and the fog is descending over the city. now you can barely see it. mostly cloudy at 8:00.
6:37 am
the problem is at 11:00 this morning, we'll be into the 80s. the wind out of the southwest is pumping in the humidity to the area and pumping up temperatures this afternoon into the 90s. 92 degrees in the suburbs. 94 in philadelphia. and 90 degrees in the lehigh valley, even at the shore, it will be warm in the 90s with temperatures peaking in the low 80s. so the feels-like temperatures, this is what we'll watch during the day. at 11:00 this morning, 94 degrees is what it feels like in philadelphia and voorhees. then as it peaks this afternoon, closer to the 100-degree mark at 3:00 this afternoon for burlington, voorhees, wilmington, it will feel like 98 degrees. what you won't see during the day today is storms. those storms come in tonight and that's the second alert to cover that one in a few minutes. if you don't already have the nbc 10 app, now is the time to get it because it will alert you to severe weather happening in your area.
6:38 am
you can get the island forecast as well. and water service has been restored in norristown. they shut down three quarters of the water supply overnight for repairs because of a water main break yesterday. you might see some cloudy water. also, the $1300 block will be closed for repairs today. and bill cosby will be in court again today after thomas mesereau decided to defend him. cosby's former lawyers decided not to stay with him if he was retried. 6:38 right now and
6:39 am
protesters are calling on the city of philadelphia to take down the statue of the former mayor rizzo. dozens of people rallied in center city at the height of the rush and shut down traffic around city hall. groups against the statue argue that he was not a part of history. >> the woman bought the hair out of her home. >> these are historical monuments. >> kenny's mayor met with a group who want the statue to stay where it is. any situation must be approved by the art council first. divers plan to search out flooded compartments of the ship
6:40 am
"uss john mccain." they need to take a one-daybreak to make sure safety procedures are followed. they have combined now since ju june. several members were relieved of duties after that crash. the agency budget is tapped out. the secret service says more than 1,000 agents already putting in long hours will not be getting paid for that extra work. ahead of the agency, the budget is being spread in part by president trump. agents are protecting 18 family members. our live team coverage follows the latest details. let's go live to pam osborne. >> reporter: i talked to the mayor this morning who said the
6:41 am
work is being done. and next at 6:00, nbc 10 responds steps in to help you out with the confusing extra warranties.
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it's 6:wh45 and nbc 10 has issued two alerts, first alerts. bill henley will be back with the forecast for your neighborhood. it's 6:45 and the other top story is the breaking news we have been following out of
6:45 am
delaware county. the earlier train crash injured dozens of people on the high speed line. that train collided with another parked train coming into the station center. pamela osborne is live in upper darby. you just spoke to the mayor who is pushing for a safety change at this busy transit hub. tell us more about that. >> reporter: yeah, tracy. keep in mind the investigation into what caused this is still ongoing. but the mayor tells me he is going to be pushing for that change to bring safety to the rail. 10,000 commuters go in and out of the center every day. dozens of people were injured last night when a train crashed into a parked unoccupied train. one of the tracks has been closed since the crash's crews are investigating. the first responders train for this and were ready and able to get the injured passengers into ambulances and off to the hospital. you may remember there was another incident, but we talked
6:46 am
about the technology he's pushing for and who he plans to reach out for in order to push this process along. >> in february we had a collision in the same rail coming into the station. i'm going to be reaching out to congressman brady. congressman brady and i, this is his district. he was instrumenta flrks tl in amtrak. there are systems in place if you have a train coming in fast or hot that it would slow it down and possibly stop it. >> reporter: he's hoping that system, that technology can be brought here. for now, there's no express line operating. only local service is running. so keep in mind, septa is warning everyone to expect delays. reporting live in upper darby, pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." and we are covering the impact of the morning commute. >> we got the train line running
6:47 am
again earlier this morning. jessica boyington is following that for us. the trains started at 4:20 or so, which is pretty much on schedule with what we normally see monday to friday during the week service from the 69th street transportation center. now, starting at 6:00 a.m. until about 45 minutes ago or so, trains started operating every 20 minutes with local service only. and additionally, no bryn mawr stops. but expect delays going into the important part of the morning commute. as you take the norristown high speed line, there's going to be less, at least one track not working at the 69th street transportation center. there could be overcrowding considering there's no express trains. and only local service, so keep a heads-up there. and we are still watching the july kiln expressway, the schuylkill expressway with the earlier crash blocking the lanes. drive times are going back down,
6:48 am
but it is still an hour from the vine street expressway headed to the blue route. the average speeds, believe it or not, have climbed at 11 miles per hour for the average there. so updates for you on this on social media at jessicaboyington. delays when i come back. now nbc 10 responds, a viewer says his mother's tv stopped working so he asked the manufacturer to come up with a fix. >> when that didn't happen, he contacted harry hairston with nbc 10 responds. >> when his 90-year-old mother's tv went back, mark step in to help. >> my mother loves to watch the news. she'll get up at 4:30 in the morning to start watching the news. >> reporter: his mom purchased a samsung television in mar of 2015. >> this was going to go in the bedroom upstairs for her. >> reporter: one month after the warranty expired, it stopped working. so he went online and contacted samsung and asked if it was still honoring the warranty. samsung did and repaired the tv.
6:49 am
>> it was only a matter of three to four weeks later it stopped working again. >> reporter: samsung made a second repair and it broke a third time. he asked for a refund and samsung declined. >> i think three times is morning enough to show you there's a problem with this tv. >> reporter: so he contacted nbc 10 responds. after we checked his documents and contacted samsung, it reviewed his case and decided to refund him the $278.17 his mother paid for the tv. >> i got you involved and next thing we know we got a check, it was great. you guys couldn't have done better by me. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> samsung says it strives to ensure its customers are completely satisfied. it regrets that he did not have a satisfactory experience. but the man says he used the money to buy his mother another tv. the lesson here, if your warranty expires by a couple
6:50 am
weeks, check with the company to see if it will still honor it. if you have a complaint, go to nbc 10 responds right there on the screen contact info and we'll respond to you. and thank you for tuning in, mrs. vanovich, at 4:30 in the morning. i wish we could do better than this but that's what we've got. here's bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. i have a feeling we'll get a complaint about the weather, but no refund is needed because we have a change on the way tomorrow. the sun is up at cape may. it is steamy and look at the view from the marina this morning. low clouds and light fog in philadelphia. and the dense fog is zero visibility being reported in wilmington. a foggy view from the stadium this morning. the sun is up in easton with temperatures pumping into the 90s. this is the first air we'll watch for severe storms to move in this evening. right now temperatures are in the 60s and the 70s, but you can
6:51 am
feel the humidity in the air. look what happens this afternoon, heat and humidity combine to make it feel like 98 degrees in philadelphia at 1:00. and at 3:00, 94 for the suburbs from 1:00 to 3:00. and in the lehigh valley, 95 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. those storms during the afternoon hours, it will be clear of any wet weather. you will feel the steamy heat. 99 is the feels-like temperature at 1:00 this afternoon. and 3:00, most of the afternoon will feel like 100 in delaware and new jersey. even at the shore, high humidity makes it feel like the 90s today. sunshine today, you can see above the local clouds and the fog, it is clear. the fog and the low clouds will clear out to get hazy sunshine. the heat and humidity builds and then we get this, a line of strong storms of potentially severe weather moving through illinois and indiana right now. it's going to arrive in some of the neighborhoods late this evening. in fact, 10:00 tonight it moves
6:52 am
into lancaster, burkes and lehigh county. the line of potentially severe weather swings in during the 11:00 hour starting to move into the suburbs. tonight we'll be tracking the storms, but you will also see them fall apart. there's still an isolated shower at 2:00 in the morning, but the greatest threat from these storms will come during the late evening hours. by tomorrow morning, it's still steamy but the storms will be out of here. the severe weather outlook, the greatest risk is outside of our area north and west. but we still have a risk of damaging winds from the strong storms moving into the area c. t you can't do the pennsylvania suburbs tomorrow morning as we could see some small hail and lightning. tomorrow, 86 degrees. improving conditions for wednesday. then beautiful weather for the
6:53 am
end of the weekend. potentially, the nicest weather for a weekend of the entire summer. morning temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. highs in the 70s. and the mice weather continues for most of next week. seven minutes before 7:00, did you see it? it was out of this world. the total solar eclipse was quite a show. this is the view from south philadelphia. >> we only saw a partial eclipse in the region with the moon covering 75% of the sun. still, it was quite a sight to see. spectacular. all across the area yesterday afternoon, people gathered to witness history as the moon appeared to catch on fire. people headed warnings with covering their eyes. and here's the reaction we got from you. >> my god, it was so great. you can never imagine what that is like. >> we are so excited to see here. >> it was the moon going to sleep. >> it would have been great to see it in totality, but there was a unique experience.
6:54 am
>> that's crazy. >> here's how the eclipse looked in totality in certain parts of the u.s. yesterday. the moon totally wiped out the sun in the first total solar eclipse to sweep the country. and astronauts aboard the international space station posted these pictures on twitter. that dark spot over the earth is the moon's shadow. now at the white house, president trump peeking to the total solar eclipse with the naked eye. don't look. he later put safety glasses on. jim kenny had fun with the eclipse. it's been a while since i've been mooned. you don't have to wait long to see the next solar eclipse. >> i wonder if these will be good in seven years. >> no, they expire. >> mark your calendars, april 8, 2024, it will stretch from texas to maine, but this will be a little closer if you want to travel to the path of totality. you can see it just brushes the northwest corner of pennsylvania and goes right through new york
6:55 am
state. next, the latest on breaking news we have been following all morning long. >> a train crashed at the 69th transportation train center. what led up to this accident. every year south jersey sends
6:56 am
more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more.
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and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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an update to the breaking news now, 42 people are recovering after a septa crash . >> the upper fast train hit an empty passenger train.
6:59 am
>> the reason the train blew past is because of the brakes, i can almost guarantee that. >> jessica boyington is tracking the latest on the morning commute. jessica? we have been watching this all morning long from the 69th street transportation center. the first train left at 4:20 this morning and starting an hour ago, all trains have been operating every 20 minutes with local service. only expecting delays with no bryn mawr stops. near route 38, traffic is moving really slow at 295 due to an accident scene. and steamy this morning with temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. we have fog, some clouds, the fog and clouds will break for hazy sunshine. look at temperatures soaring into the 90s. but it's finding to feel like it's near 100 degrees this afternoon. then tonight, strong storms take shape. those will be moving into the lehigh valley, burkes county and lancaster late this evening and then clearing out overnight tonight.
7:00 am
we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can always get the realtime news and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> and track the storms later today. good morning. reversing course. after years of criticizing u.s. involvement in afghanistan, the president announces his new strategy for the war, vowing victory. >> in the end, we will win. >> but declining to give specifics on just how many more troops that will take. >> our commitment is not unlimited. and our support is not a blank check. >> this morning, matt is live at the white house to talk to vice president mike pence. breaking nov ining overnigh commuter train runs into a parked cart. investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. deadly


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