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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 24, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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the newly minted millionaire. someone in massachusetts is waking up the winner of the $758 million powerball. harvey is now a tropical storm posing danger to the gulf coast. the tale of two trumps. divisive on tuesday, united last night. now escalating the fight with senate republicans. >> no, no, no, no. >> disturbing video of a high school cheerleader who appears forced into doing the splits by coaches and teammates. the reason behind this robert e. lee statue being covered. and when everyone was looking skyward, the obamas brought their daughter to college. "early today" starts right now.
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good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. this morning, the texas coast is bracing for impact as tropical storm harvey threatens to become a category 1 hurricane by week's end. bringing heavy raavy rain and fg with it. volunteers near houston have begun filling sandbags for residents and bottled water is flying off the shelves as officials urge residents to prepare for the storm. >> make sure that you have what you need, lanterns, flashlights, extra batteries, all of that. especially food and water. >> and gas prices are on the rise as oil refineries brace for disruptions in production. this comes on the 25th anniversary of hurricane andrew, that slammed into florida, killing 65 people. bill karins is here with more on harvey and where it's strengthening now.
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>> good morning, frances. we're starting to see the storm intensifying as we would expect. a lot of thunderstorms underneath the center. winds at 45 miles per hour, so a low-end tropical storm. and we have that forecast having it heading into south texas. we do not think it's going to escape easily up to the north. friday at 7:00 p.m., still off the coastline, if there is going to be an official landfall, it appears to be overnight into early tuesday morning. and then here is the big issue. look what happens. as we go throughout the entire weekend into monday, it could just stall and stay over the top of south florida. that would be a huge threat of fresh water flooding and river flooding throughout that area. so again, we don't want to see the storm intensify. it only has about 48 hours left to get stronger. we need to keep it weaker. we don't want to deal with wind problems. >> bill, thank you. now breaking millionaire
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news. we have a single winner of the record setting $758 million powerball jackpot. blake, what do we know about the winning ticket? >> it's not us. >> obviously. >> i wore my lotto green to bring us luck. didn't happen. someone in massachusetts is waking up a whole lot richer this morning. the winning ticket was sold right here, this tiny little store called the handy variety in watertown, massachusetts. this is just outside boston. since there was only one winning ticket, whoever won will get the largest single payout in u.s. lotto history. $758.7 million, the cash option in this case, $480 million. there was one larger jackpot in 2016, split by three winning ticketholders. so what does that cash do to your life? we caught up with lotto winners gilbert and jackie in southern
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california that won $266 million playing mega millions in 2010. at the time, that was also a record. >> we didn't buy a new car. we didn't travel anywhere. we didn't do a lot of that stuff. we actually -- that was one of the first things we did is set up our family foundation. >> it put us on a different trajectory than our life would have been. >> so they set up a foundation, helping hispanic kids have better access to college, which is a cool way to spend the money. but when we talk this much, you can get the car and the house. >> always fascinated to hear what happens, the life after. >> when we hear all these tragic stories, but they seem to be doing fine. >> blake, thank you. after casting hick sel inine victim of bad news coverage, blasting everyone from the media to fellow republicans, the president appeared in nevada wednesday where we called for
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unity. the head snapping change of tones comes as james clapper offers a troubling assessment of the commander in chief. peter alexander has more. >> reporter: more white house whiplash in reno, a declaration of unity. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us. >> reporter: a presidential 180 from arizona. >> repeal and replace! >> reporter: repeatedly taking aim at the media. >> the very dishonest media. and they're bad people. they don't like our country. i really believe that. >> reporter: president trump abandoning the discipline displayed just 24 hours earlier, his scripted afghanistan speech. instead, accusing the press of misrepresenting his response to charlottesville. >> they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry, and violence. and strongly condemned the neo-nazis, the white supremacists, and the kkk.
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>> reporter: but mr. trump omitted his own most controversial words. >> phatred, bigotry on many sides. you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. >> reporter: former director of national intelligence james clapper, who briefed the president during his transition, now questioning his fitness for office. >> i worry about frankly, you know, access to the nuclear codes. >> reporter: on stage playing to the crowd, like an aging rocker delivering riff after riff, threatening a government shutdown over his border wall. >> believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: outside, a wall of resistance. thousands of protesters. inside, the president even antagonizing members of his own party, like senator jeff flake. >> who is weak on borders and crime. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan calling for the party to come together. >> it's important we stay unified to complete our agenda.
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>> our thanks to peter alexander for that report. a major figure from a bush administration scandal is coming back to haunt the newest republican administration. valerie plame wilson is back in the political mix. her identify was exposed by bush administration officials in 2003, trying to discredit her husband. he was the diplomat investigating that saddam hussein had purchased yellow cake uranium. this was problematic for bush administration officials, because they justified the invasion of iraq by arguing that saddam was developing nuclear weapons. nbc's edward lawrence has more. why is valerie plame wilson making news now? >> reporter: she has a go fund me page now to buy a controlling interest in twitter, with the sole goal of deleting president trump's twitter account. she wants to raise $1 billion.
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$33,000 has already been pledged. she says the president has said some horrible things. she adds on the page that the president's tweets are read around the world and could spark a military confrontation that could go nuclear. it says on the page if they don't reach their goal, they'll still buy stock in twitter and try to get the account removed during the shareholder's meeting. frances? >> a long way to go. we'll see where she goes from there. edward, thank you. the following stories that we're going to bring you now are caught on camera. this may be difficult for some viewers to watch. >> no, no, no, no. i can't! >> that is incoming freshy alley wakefield, in pain as she's forced into splits by her new teammates. her coach is also seen in the video holding her shoulders down as she pleads for them to stop. eight cheer leaders were also
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being pushed into forced splits. the assistant principal, the assistant coach and the deputy general counsel have all been placed on leave by denver public school superintendent pending investigation, noting -- >> denver police are now investigating. now to milwaukee, where a high school student attacks a teacher, punting him repeatedly in the face as he drops to the floor. the teen was arrested and police say he could face possible charges of battery. and then there is this brazen theft in new orleans where a pickup truck crashes through a store window. several men then rush in and attempt to rip out the atm. but to no avail. it's still stuck. the truck backs in dislodging it. the suspects make off with it.
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it's the second time the store has been hit. authorities arrested two suspects after they confessed. they are still searching for the others. we want to turn back to meteorologist bill karins who is on tropical storm harvey. the hope is that it loses strength. >> that's not going to happen for a couple of days. here is the issue with this. this is one 067 our moe reliable computer models. this is the rainfall forecast. that's 15 inches in the pink. look how widespread 15 inches of rain could be over the next five days, from san antonio to houston, right through southern louisiana. that is going to be the legacy. that is the danger and what we consider to be a life threatening weather with all that rainfall in south texas unsigned quarterback
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game on. kohl's. new charmin ultra soft! ♪ it's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. enjoy the go! with charmin! chris cantwell is in police custody after turning himself in. he was a prominent figure in the
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right wing rally in charlottesville. ten days after the violence there, he was wanted in virginia for three felonies. two counts of illegal use of tear gas, and one count of malicious bodily injury. before turning himself in, he said -- leading the news this morning, at least three people were hurt when a car pushed into a group of protesters in st. louis. grainy periscope footage shows the car surrounded by several people. the driver made an obscene jus cher before accelerating into the group and driving away. police say the injuries were minor. the group was protesting the shooting death of a transgender woman by police earlier this week. in charlottesville, virginia, a statue of robert e. lee, at the center of that storm during the white nationalist rally, was covered up with a
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black shroud. afterward, a man with a knife began cutting away, but it was later resecured. the city council voted to cover the statue in honor of heather heyer. hundreds rallied outside nfl headquarters in new york in support of quarterback colin kaepernick. his supporters say he's been blacklisted for his advocacy. he drew controversy for kneeling during the national anthem last season. some called for a boycott of the nfl. new york congressman gregory meeks compared him to another civil rights champion. >> we've got to make sure that the modern day muhammad ali, colin kaepernick, we surround and support him and tell the national football league that we will not lay down. >> the naacp says they have requested a meeting with the league, as well. just ahead, the obamas go to
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everyone was focused on watching the eclipse monday, barack and michelle obama were helping their eldest daughter move into the dorms at harvard university. president trump continues to take aim at hillary clinton so
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many months after the election. well, now she's having her say about the man who she says made her skin crawl during awkward debate moments. she's also acknowledging her own mistakes in the devastating dre from washington with the details. >> reporter: mhillary clinton fr the first time acknowledging her own mistakes in that loss to donald trump. in the first excerpts released from her upcoming book. new reporting by nbc news reveals hillary clinton's lead over donald trump was a lot less certain than previously thought. especially in the last two weeks. as we hear the first excepts from her upcoming book about that tense standoff at their second debate -- >> donald trump was looming behind me. it was incredibly uncomfortable. he was literally breathing down my neck. my skin crawled. >> reporter: their face-off only two days after that access hollywood video.
3:50 am
the trump campaign trying to intimidate her. steve bannon inviting women accusers from bill clinton's past to sit in the front row, as trump circled her on stage. now for the first time publicly she's wonderi ining should she stood up to him? >> do you say loudly and clearly, back up, you creep, get away from me. it would have been better tv. maybe i have overlearned the lesson of staying calm, digging my fingernails into a clinched fist. i could tell, yes. >> it is incredibly, incredibly uncomfortable. inencap inencapsulated a lot of the discomfort in the race. >> reporter: clinton kept her cool. >> she's now in a position where she can share her doubts that she had, things she might have done differently. >> reporter: a moment captured on snl. as nbc news now reports, that was among the high points for clinton in the final month.
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19 days later, fbi director james comey reopened the e-mail investigation. in the final stretch, a more disciplined trump going on offense, while clinton fell behind. in her book, a more reflective clinton, writing in the end i couldn't get the job done and i'll have to live with that for the rest of my life. frances? >> andrea, thank you. just ahead, the camp where no kid misses out on the summer fun. and could robots soon replace human priests? one japanese company seems to think so. you're watching "early today." , , some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance.
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child shot, an 11-year-old suffers a gunshot wound to the face and now police believe it was an accident. >> striking it rich. someone wins massive powerball jackpot. we'll break down the winning numbers so get out your tickets. >> and eagles game day. prepare to see more of carson wentz on the field. >> good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> let's get right to bill henley with his first neighborhood forecast. lower humidity today. >> feels great. the humidity is nice.
3:59 am
a gentle breeze is around in a few spots. 58 degrees in new jersey. calm in the suburbs down to 59 and 68 degrees in philadelphia. a little breeze out of the north. that's the dry air coming into wilmington. the view from the stadium, clear. by 8:00 we've got sunshine and temperatures on the rise, but we're still enjoying those northerly winds. dry air will continue to move into the area. so we'll get a cool start and a beautiful afternoon. temperatures below normal. low 80s for philadelphia. 70s for the suburbs in the lehigh valley. up to 82 degrees in new jersey and 81 degrees for the shore and delaware. i'll break et down hour by hour and show you how quickly those temperatures climb and how much sunshine you can expect during the day when i'm back in a few minutes but first jessica boyington has your traffic. >> that camera's turned around right now, but everything looks good so far as you can see. this would be the southbound side.
4:00 am
northbound side and everything looks good so far, so as you can see through the tolls. also watching the schuylkill we do have a construction project underway. we are seeing some lane restrictions or construction crews there but you can see drive times are unaffected right there. from the blue route to the vine with speeds into the high 50s and good news for the vine again this morning. we're open in both directions in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. back to you. it's 4:00 a.m. and breaking from overnight an 11-year-old is shot in the face while in a south philadelphia home and this morning police say he may have been playing with the gun. we're joined live from children's hospital of philadelphia. what are you learning about the child's condition? >> reporter: well, as of right now that 11-year-old boy is here and he is expected to survive but he is in critical condition. he is conscious though, and police think thiis


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