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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  August 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 6:00, death and destruction. hurricane harvey is losing strength and is is no longer a hurricane, but the danger is far from over for millions in texas. good evening, i'm denise nakano. we start with tropical storm harvey. we just got brand new information in the past few minutes that texas governor is warning the state to brace for dramatic flooding. the town of rockport got a direct hit and just a few hours ago, the first death related to harvey was confirmed. about a dozen others are injured and at least one town told residents they can come back home. nbc's jay gray has been tracking the storm since it made landfall about 11:00 last night. >> reporter: daylightni brings clear view of the violent force
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delivered by harvey overnight, little if any relief from the storm. >> we lost our whole town. nothing left. us, you know, going to have to pull together. and hopefully as a community we will. >> reporter: power leans snapped and twisted like spaghetti, sparking flames that raced th d through houses and apartments along the coast, claiming the storm's first victim. >> someone caught in a fire in his house during the storm and we didn't know about it until today. >> reporter: rooftops and metal awnings torn away while this tugboat struggled to hold onto a drilling mat form in the gulf challenged by the winds and waves. more than 1,800 first responders and national guardsmen are working search and rescue missions. >> are first responders are absolutely putting their lives on the line to get out there and do search and rescue for any of those still in need. >> reporter: fully over land now, the storm lost some of its intensity but little, if any, of its impact. the system expected to linger
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for days delivering an unprecedented amount of rain. >> our primary concern remains dramatic flooding. >> reporter: and with water already starting to build, there is a growing concern here that we still haven't seen the worst of harvey. right now, more than 300,000 in the strike zone are without power, a number that's expected to dramatically increase over the next week here. jay gray, nbc news, victoria, texas. and check out this video. this building had no chance and gave way to strong winds. the local police department in texas caught the moments the harbor master building was ripped away. and storm is still impacting millions of people in texas. today, we talked to several people with philadelphia ties now in the middle of the storm. nbc 10's drew smith joins us live in the late breaking news center. drew? >> reporter: dendenise, people spoke to talked about getting stir crazy from being trapped
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inside. the prolonged rain from the storm, could be much bigger headaches as the weekend goes on. a powerful harvey slammed ashore near rockport, texas, a few miles north of where aaron docks his 40 foot sailboat seen here in calmer waters. >> it could take 75 mile an hour winds but not 100. >> reporter: he spoke to us over broadband from austin, just back from his last-minute trip to the coast to prepare the boat. >> everything above the decks that could fly off. >> reporter: it wasn't the landfall that really worried him, it's all the rain forecasted. he was back in philly, maybe it would be a different story but the geography is different. >> they're talking an 3 feet of rain. in texas is, you know, it can't handle a whole lot of water. >> reporter: bill zachary who grew up in the niphiladelphia aa is home alone in houston, his mom and daughter's flight from north carolina canceled. >> the weather may hang around the next three, four days. i don't know if she'll be able to get back at that point.
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>> reporter: at one point he ran out to try to clear debris from storm drains. >> i stopped and pulled those out because you could tell it was clogging up behind it. >> reporter: harvey's true impact yet to be seen. >> definitely not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: the pictures tell the story here. we're getting more of them every minute as well as our website. watch the storm damage and rescues by visiting the nbc 10 app. live in the breaking news center, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> harvey will continue to hammer the lonestar state for days. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika martin is tracking the latest on harvey's wrath. >> something really impressive, 67 tornado warnings have been issued or were issued by the national weather service. of course, we do have to have on fir ma confirmation on that. i mean, that definitely was very impactful, catastrophic, if you will. right now we're still tracking right now tropical storm harvey. it has been downgraded. here is the track of tropical storm harvey. the good news is, while it is
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meandering around texas, around the gulf, it looks like it will become a tropical depression, or, in other words, weaken by monday. you can see 35 mile per hour wind speeds. so, that definitely helps out the situation because, again, harvey's just going to linger around texas, around the gulf, for a couple days, so at least it is weakening as the days progress. coming up in just a bit, we're going to talk about whether or not harvey will affect us here in some way locally. back to you. >> thanks, erika. the nbc 10 app and nbc news has you covered as we track harvey's past. lester holt will anchor live from rockport, texas, on "nbc nightly news" at 6:30. new at 6:00, a philadelphia teacher faces charges of mankin threats toward a police officer. police tell us it stems from a rally at the frank rizzo statue. we're joined live from center city. aundrea? >> reporter: denise, all is calm out here right now, much different scene last week when protesters were demanding that
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the frank rizzo statue be removed. tensions mounted. that's when police say john sheeran threatened officers. inquiring daily news columnist captured the tense exchange during the august 16th protest. that's john sheeran with the gray hair. it's unclear how the confrontation started. the video appears to show him cursing at philadelphia police officers who stood behind barriers in front of the statue. sheeran could be heard telling them to come to his house presumably for a fight. police did show up. just over a week later to arrest and charge him with making terroristic threats and harassment. we knocked on his door today to get sheeran's side of the story, but no one answered. the 63-year-old most recently taught at julia divergos element ary school. back out here live the philadelphia school district is aware of sheeran's arrest. the spokesman said he was already under investigation for
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another incident and had been removed from the school. pending the outcome of that investigation. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. a close call for a driver and her passenger. they got out of their car just before it caught fire on the schuylkill l expressway early this morning. pennsylvania state police say another driver crashed into their car then took off. everyone in that car had minor injuries. a former nightclub is now a neighborhood community center in west oak lane. today, the reach philadelphia life hope center opened. center is run by the 7 seventh day add vennist church. there's a tutoring facility, cafe, and giveaway center inside that building. tonight the navy's top officer ordered new safety training on all ships around the world. everyone onboard the american fleet must stop and retrain, relearn and focus on safety precautions and proper procedures. the changes follow the deaths of sailors aboard the "u.s.s. john
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s. mccain" last week. a local sailor was among the tragedies. kenneth smith grew up in cherry hill, he enlisted in the navy after graduating cherry hill high school east. man at the center of the presidential pardon is speaking out today. trump pardoned former phoenix area sheriff joe arpaio. a case related to racially profiling undocumented immigr t immigrants. the pardon keeps arpaio out of jail. >> i'm very happy. i have to thank the president of the united states for his pardon. as i say, he's a big friend, supporter of law enforcement. i think this is a bigger picture than just me. >> senator john mccain and the american civil liberties union have spoken out against the pardon. arizona's governor spoke in favor of the move. well, still ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00, video of a
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cheerleader forced to do the splits went viral this week. new fallout from the cheerleader controversy. ♪ why a famous singer performed at a philadelphia block party.
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♪ r&b singer keyshia rocked point breeze this afternoon. this block party was held in honor of choreographer anthony borel, awarded the living legend award. from south philadelphia, most famously worked with mariah carey, also beyonce, katie py p and was on "so you think you can dance." borel thanked the community for always supporting him. a line of people wrapped
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around the corner of the police district in logan today. the reason, free haircuts and book bags for kids getting ready to head back to school. 400 book bags were handed out to kids in the community. >> i can't say it's like christmas but it's good to see a smile on their faces. it's a good opportunity to see the police in a different light. and that's a blessing. >> the event was twofold. kids get what they need for school, and officers get the chance to give to the community they serve. a 9 the . 97 years ago today women won the right to vote in america. today a celebrate of freedom was held at the independence visitor's center. toast to tenacity had women raising their glasses for women who fought for the right to vote. celebrating today is 96-year-old laura, born the same year the 1th amendment passed. from south jersey, she has worked at the polls every election day for the past 78 years and wishes more people would exercise their right as so many fought so hard for. >> a lot of things that changes,
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there are very few people who vote these days and young people, i don't know what their problem is. >> right. well, she says she hopes more people get out and vote especially in primaries when voter turnout is historically low. another championship in philly, the big game next. also ahead at 6:00, coast conce coach concerns. new dwochevelopments after a c r cheerleader was forced to do spl splits. details coming up in your most accurate forecast. see you then.
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an update tonight on a story that made national headlines this week. the cheerleading coach seen holding teens in splits has been fired. the superintendent says what ozel williams did was wrong, dangerous and unacceptable. denver police are now
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investigating. now back to tropical storm harvey. it's expected to drop another 2 to 3 feet of rain over parts of texas. now this is a live picture in galveston. so far, one person is confirmed dead. reporter brian mendoza from our spanish language sister stati t houston area and filed this report a short time ago. >> reporter: we're in victoria, texas, where the red cross set up a shelter at st. joseph's high school. here specifically in the gym. these are the types of beds that have been set up for the people to take shelter in throughout hurricane harvey. now, i have here natalie with me. natalie, you've been here since yesterday. >> yes, i've been here since yesterday. since 2:30. >> reporter: and what led you to make the decision to come here? >> precaution. i live in between so i just want to be prepared. >> reporter: we were talkinging
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a little earlier, you were getting emotional youshs s, your dad, he's 65 years old. what worries you the most? >> his heart condition. if he was doing it by himself, he would have just stayed home and he don't need to be home with this condition. before yesterday, my mom got here at 4:00 and he -- he was no lights in the house. so -- >> reporter: thank you so much, natalie. that's just one of the cases, many cases here that is going on in victoria, texas. we'll keep you guys updated throughout the day. in victoria, brian mendoza, nbc news. >> people in texas seeinging a lot of rain over the next few days but what they're seeing we are not necessarily going be seeing in our area. >> no, not at all. you know, it's a little technical, but all we're going see is showers moving through our area here locally. thankfully, we're not going to get anything like that at all. and tdefinitely sending them al of our great vibes because the conditions are so bad there. locally, denise, gorgeous shot
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outside. couple fair weather clouds is all we're seeing across philadelphia. i do think it's a perfect saturday evening. so be sure you get on outside and enjoy the rest of today and in fact, we have a very nice stretch tracking some showers to return by late tuesday into wednesday. so satellite and radar image, this is our national look here. you can see an area of high pressure. that in our area that really is our weather maker right now. this is why conditions are high and dry. notice we're not seeing very many clouds at all. and current temperatures are really comfortable in and around the philly metro area, 77 degrees in erie. chestnut hill, 72 degrees. torresdale, 79. bustle bustleton, 78 degrees. north and west of philadelphia, lots of 70s as well. whitehall, 76 for you. bethlehem at 74. walnut port currently at 70. south and east, jersey shore looking are really nice, atlantic city, 74 degrees.
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wood bine, 76. cape may courthouse at 74 degrees. your neighborhood planner for the next -- for the next couple hours through early tomorrow morning, at 1:00 a.m., 67 degrees. clouds developing early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. 63. so overall, a really nice stretch. this area of high pressure keeping everything high and dry. we really do like this weather we are seeing for the next several days. and in fact, through early tomorrow morning, look at this, 57 degrees at 5:00 a.m. a cooler start, but definitely a nice start nonetheless. the lehigh valley, 9:00 p.m., 6 f 62 degrees for you. 5:00 a.m., 53 degrees with a couple clouds and the jersey shore looking really good tomorrow morning. at 5:00 a.m., 62 degrees with just a couple of clouds. so enjoy the rest of today. and tomorrow because we definitely have a great stretch of weather and then tracking some showers by tuesday. late tuesday into wednesday. however, i am also tracking back to school forecasts. i did hear that some of the kids are going back to school. i went to go visit mike taylor today, ginger and lucy, saw all
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the uniforms lined up and all those kids waiting to get their stuff tailored. they don't look that happy. monday, 78. 75 tuesday. 78 wednesday. tracking showers tuesday into wednesday, possibly thursday. we start to rebound and get a little bit warmer by, say, thursday. that's just about it. for the most part, conditions are going to be really mild, really comfortable. look like labor day weekend so far is going to be high and dry. here is danny with sports. erika, thank you. there's a championship game in philly tonight. yeah, all the details of the soul's quest for a third. and the progress carson wentz has made this offseason. hear from the former bird signal caller next in sports. don't forget to vote for our high school football game of the week. this week's choices are st. agu
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time to check in with lester holt for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." lester joins us live in rockport, texas. good evening, lester. >> reporter: hi, denise. good evening. we're enjoying a brief respite between rain bands here after a rough day in texas. we'll have full coverage of hurricane harvey as it continues to bring high winds and torrential rains to the gulf coast. the latest on the destruction. also the path of the storm. we've also got reaction to president trump's controversial pardon of former sheriff joe arpaio of arizona. also another u.s. military accident. a blackhawk helicopter goes down in yemen. one american service member is missing. and the boxing spectacle
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tonight in las vegas as floyd m mayweather and conor mcgregor battle it out. when we see you coming up in a few minutes for "nbc nightly news." >> we look forward to it, lester, thank you, we'll see you soon. >> reporter: okay. this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, hey, happy saturday to you, danny pommells from csn with you. we'll begin with the eagles who gave their first team offense and defense less work than normal. the team's third preseason game against the dolphins. carson wentz played well in his limited action going 6 of 10 for a buck 29. wentz had a full offseason as the birds' unquestioned starter and should translate onto the field. ron jaworski was a talk on philly sports talk friday and has liked what he's seen so far. >> i've been impressed with his preseason and i can see how much he learned from last season to
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this season. when you watch carson wentz now, in year two, you see the little l thi things, understanding and small nuances of the offense he is excelling in. he's got a was to go. i'll be the first to tell you that. i hate when sometimes we prop people up too high. he's got a long way to go before he can be a great quarterback. he has the ability, the talent and the work ethic to be that, but he's going to make some mistakes so let's calm down and not put him in canton quite yet. >> everyone so quick to anoint. meanwhile, the other team sinking. the anointing. philadelphia soul take on the storm here at the wells fargo center where they'll vie for their third ever arena league title making waves in sports mecca of philly. not an easy test. he expects a rocking atmosphere tonight. >> we know we have to work a little bit harder to get our fan base in place. we've got a tremendous fan base. we have 11,000 people a game this year. you know, we'll have close to
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17,000 in the wells fargo center tomorrow night. i mean, it's going to be awesome, but it's a great experience. and sports really is entertainment. it's the way to get away from the real world sometimes. and the arena football league provides a great vehicle for entertainment. >> jaws the ultimate ambassador. how about the sixers who don't get their season started until early october but were out and about today wrapping up their summer shore tour with a visit to stone harbor? the team's first overall pick in the draft, markelle fultz having fun with the fans this afternoon, as was robert covington. many think both players figure to feature in the starting lineup monday night. we taught up with fultz and his experience down the shore. >> this atmosphere here is a taste of what the season is going to be like, being able to come out here, show them who i am, it's always good. >> take uses through your summer and what you've been up to since summer league. >> yeah, just a lot of traveling. aefb kn
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ae aefb knows i tweaked my ankle. rehab with thereat. g getting ready for the season. getting in the best shape i can. >> i will say a few people remember you tweaking your ankle, saw the collective gasp in the city of philadelphia. let everybody know how are you feeling? >> i'm great, 100%. i could go out and play right now ally. i feel good. >> would you be ready for the start of training camp health wise? >> i'm definitely ready. >> reporter: once training camp starts what are the expectations for the season, yourself and the sixers? >> myself, give it my all, go out every day, play as hard as i can. the team, get back in the playoffs, get back in the winning state. how about baseball? phillies continue their series with the cubs tonight. game's at 7:00 on nbc 10. one big reason to tune in, rookie reese haskins hitting more homers than an angry march simpson. he found his footing at the major league level. hitting .286, nine dingers, 16 games played. he and the rest of the phils
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will face the cubs' kyle hendricks this evening. that's a look at your sports. i'm danny pommells from csn. denise, back to you. >> thank you. final check of the forecast with erika. people are looking forward to school maybe. >> i suppose. i didn't see the happiest kids today. okay. yeah. conditions on monday bar, back school, temperatures in the upper 70s. mix of sun and close. very important forecast. guys, have a great school year. beyond that, looks like we will get remnants of harvey, showers late tuesday, wednesday and thursday. don't expect a washout. we will get some type of rain. good news. not going to be a total washout. at least we had a dry stretch. it's nice to get some rain locally. >> the rest of the weekend looks pretty sweet. that's nbc 10 news for now. for erika, danny, all of us here, i'm denise nakano. see you tonight at 11:00.
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tonight, catastrophic storm. widespread destruction as hurricane harvey pounds the gulf coast of texas prompting rescues and predictions of unprecedented flooding in the days ahead. tonight we'll meet some who lost just about everything as the threat from harvey is far from over. presidential pardon, the controversial move by president trump pardoning former sheriff joe arpaio of arizona. black hawk down. yet another crash involving a military aircraft. the search tonight for a missing service member. palace threat? a man with a sword injures three others outside of


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