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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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catastrophic flooding. breaking this morning, waters continue to rise in houston as tropical storm harvey pounds the area for a fourth straight day. stranded in the water, daring rescues play out as the frantic effort to save thousands of people trapped in the flooding. recovery effort. president trump gets set to go to texas as the man in charge of the emergency response tries to avoid the mistake of the past. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate neighborhood forecast, bill. >> katy, looking at clear skies
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and a school start. need jacket this morning outside. 50s in the lehigh valley and delaware. 57 in new jersey. look at the cool spot, suburbs at 52 degrees. 61 in philadelphia. see the numbers climb into the 70s. also see the winds pick up. during the day, high clouds start to move into new jersey. see them also in delaware. they're coming up from the south. it's part of a storm system coming together. may actually become a tropical storm. at the shore, the temperatures climb up to 74 degrees. partly sunny skies. the greatest change at the shore is the rip current risk. high risk for dangerous surf today. potentially life threatening. break the forecast down hour by hour and show you how things change during the day when i'm back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic mpkts starting on the blue route. here we are around the
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germantown pike on-ramp. vine street expressway is open this morning. feeling that construction in between broad street and school. you can get to schuylkill and 95 headed eastbound through center city. checking in with the schuylkill. look at the camera looking a minute ago. starting to clear the construction project on the east and westbound side in between the blue route and city line avenue. right now either way the drive times are fine. still lane restrictions there. you're going to be fine moving through them. 13 minutes eastbound side from blue route to vine. mass transit on or close to schedule. 4:32. 61 degrees outside. another day of devastation. breaking overnight. tropical storm harvey continues to pound houston and southeastern texas.
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matt delucia joins us live in the studio with the lay testing on the rescue effort. >> reporter: the water continues to rise as the rain continues to fall this morning. the big problem being the rainfall has nowhere to go. take a look at news video. traffic camera captured the dramatic rescue of a driver stranded in a flooded car in a freeway. this happened just been the past few hours. the driver crawled out the back window to escape the floodwaters as firefighters came in to help. death toll right now is at two. controversy this morning over why houston's mayor did not order a mandatory evacuation. he said he didn't want a repeat of what happened around the evacuations of rita. >> i think he handled things
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appropriately. i really do. telling people to run, where are they going to go? you see this image of residents in a nursing home waiting to be rescued there. woman sitting in a scooter and recliner there. helicopters responded immediately to lift them to safety. there have been thousands of people trapped instead their homes and a lot of people escaped. left with only things they could carry. president is expected to arrive in texas tomorrow. >> matt, thanks, happening today texas governor greg abbott will survey the damage from the hurricane. tropical storm harvey and all the damage it's caused so far. texas senator john cornyn will join him on the tour. the governor declared a state of disaster before harvey made land
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fall saturday night. president trump says he will travel to texas tomorrow. the white house made that announcement after meeting with cabinet members yesterday to get an update on storm harvey. praised federal and state emergency workers dealing with storm and flooding. the fema adviser promised mistakes in the past made with hurricane katrina will not be repeated. >> we're pushing forward forces on the ground to implement national flood insurance program and policies as well. doing inspections we need. setting up and gearing up for the next several years. >> promised to give his agency everything it needs for texas as federal workers prepare to spend years helping recover from this. more dramatic video this morning shows crews aboard boats and helicopters. you can see people loaded into rescue boats and rasks.
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also on scene. firefighters had to carry an elderly woman to safety for medical attention. we are hearing from a man safed with his wife and two dogs. credited a neighborhood helping them make it out alive. >> got lucky a neighbor of ours had a kayak. his son was going up and down and taking people to the corridor or church. >> floodwaters submerged his house and car. both total losses. front page reads swamped by harvey. livestock is also dealing with harvey. take a look at heard of cattle that walked away from dairy farm. cows headed to dry land. one on horse back led this cattle drive. led up a state highway to higher grounds. >> expected to get gas prices to
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rise. shutdown before the storm friday to minimize damage. how soon they will reopen depends how much flooding the area gets. analysts believe fallout from harvey and surge in demand for labor day holiday could cause prices to jump 5-25 cents per gallon. in just minutes take you live to texas. p. nbc 10 has been with you every step of the way during this deadly storm. get more reaction and instant alerts on the nbc 10 app. other news now, 4:37. bodies of all ten sailors now missing from the uss john s mccain have been recovered. the first body to be recovered and identified was a native of
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camden county. he was electronics technician kenneth smith of cherry hill. chase that unfolded on the jersey highway. video awards in response to the events in charlottesville. tropical storm harvey still barrelling down on parts of texas. the multibillion impact it's having on the economy. that's coming up.
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route 202 looks good. you can see on our map system here still into the green. ten minutes both directions north and south from route 30 to the schuylkill. speeds in the mid 60s. new jersey turnpike looks good. i'll end here on a good note. this traffic is coming away from that. going northbound. the traffic that goes this way is headed southbound towards delaware. heading to delaware on the new jersey turnpike is the good away i to go. updates for you when i come back in ten minutes. first alert weather. 19 minutes before five. cool to start with. 61 degrees in philadelphia. like the last couple of days, start with a lot of sunshine. there will be clouds moving in this afternoon. start with high clouds moving in as the wind picks up out of the east at 12 miles an hour. wind building ahead of storm system that will impact us tomorrow with wind and rain. 55 through the suburbs.
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look at the warmup. turning cloudy at 2:00. still get breaks of sunshine later this afternoon. lehigh valley dry today. sunshine warm to 55 degrees right now up to 67 at 10:00. mostly sunny and 74 at noontime today. pretty nice day in new jersey too. few scattered clouds this morning. few scattered clouds this afternoon. thickening up tonight. winds out of the east 11 miles an hour. new jersey shore where you're going to see stronger winds today and a rip current risk. look at those winds. 25 miles an hour. 2:00 at 4:00 high risk of dangerous rip currents for today. delaware 58 degrees this morning. warm through the 60s quickly at 70s by 10:00. into the 70s this afternoon. dry today, we got rain starting tomorrow. look at that with the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. >> thanks, see you then. left in ruins continue our breaking coverage of tropical storm harvey.
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coming up next, take you live to texas to get a rescue efforts on ground happening there as the storm continues to cause rising waters.
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. welcome back. about a quarter to five, tropical storm harvey continues its def state of tvastating imp. the storm is on a stand still as it dumps rain on an area already dealing with catastrophic flooding. rescue workers are working to save people trapped in their homes. >> reporter: this morning, on the run from the remnants of hurricane harvey. >> everything is destroyed. >> reporter: thousands of houston residents forced from their homes by record flood water sgls the water w water. >> the water was up to here. i walked out and i was screaming. >> reporter: as helicopters plucked people from rooftops,
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officials put out a call for help. >> those of you that have boats and high water vehicles that can be used in neighborhoods to help move people out of harm's way, we need your help. >> texans responded. strangers helping strangers to safety. the problems not just in houston. in texas this photo taken of residents. later rescued by helicopter. houston's mayor defended his decision not to order evacuation ahead of the storm. >> i want to thank those thousands of thousands in fact millions of houston people who heeded the advice and did not get on the road. praises first responders and ordinary citizens for their response in the face of catastrophe. >> the rain continues. >> it's still sitting there, spinning dragging the gulf moisture into the region.
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they have a lot more flooding and days of rain ahead of them. made land fall friday night. saturday, sunday, monday, tomorrow and wednesday finally starts pulling away on wednesday. may impact our holiday weekend with rain on sunday, but there's another storm system and potentially another tropical storm forming off the florida coast that could get here before remnants of harvey. today is going to be beautiful. wilmington nice and clear. live view from frawley stadium. we're getting a nice clear and cool start. 55 in south jersey, philadelphia 61 degrees. delaware in the 50s. the coolest are in the suburbs. 52 degrees right now for some of the neighborhoods. even chillier. 50 degrees right now. exton and melbourne and middle 50s. milford down to 50s degrees.
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cool autumn like start into the day. warm up like the last couple of days. won't see any rainfall today. temperatures go up. middle 70s for philadelphia. moisture stays very low. very dry. comfortable air. right on through the day today. into this evening. come tomorrow, there's changes ahead. we'll see a lot of sunshine and temperatures will warm into the 70s today. tomorrow it's clouds that will be taking over. not too many clouds around right now. just thin clouds. allentown, redding, philadelphia is mostly in the clear. look to the south. this is the system that could become a tropical storm. just northeast of jacksonville. little bit of spin there. the winds are at 35 miles an hour. four miles an hour below tropical storm strength. we could see that strengthen this morning and become a tropical storm. expected to ride up the carolina coast and offshore. it's going to miss us, but it's going to come close enough to give us wind and rain and rip
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current risk at the coastline. what it's not associated with at all is harvey. there's harvey still spinning. tremendous rainfall. could see more than a foot of rain in some areas. could see another 20 inches of rain falling. see that steady stream with heavy showers just to the northeast of houston. below that are the flood warnings. now extend into louisiana. it poses a great risk. those remnants coming our way over the holiday weekend, but before those get here, dealing with this tomorrow. won't be heavy rain. although we get rainfall out of it. future cast 9:30 this morning. showers to the northwest not going to affect us. really nice day today. clouds move in at 8:30 this evening. see increasing clouds for philadelphia, delaware, south jersey. still in the clear for lehigh valley. change overnight.
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clouds increasing in the suburbs and lehigh valley. come tomorrow first thing in the morning. not too many showers. few spots showing up at the shore. shower threat increasing during the day and spreading inland. get dreary weather ahead for one day. for today 77 degrees this afternoon. wind and rain and rip current risk for tomorrow then it's done on wednesday. going to be a fast mover out to see. 83 degrees thursday, sunshine for friday and saturday. holiday weekend starts nice, but here comes rain potentially the remnants for sunday. really depends on how quickly harvey gets a move on. by monday, labor day sunny and dry for tuesday and wednesday. bill, thanks, it's about 10 minutes before 5:00. if you're headed out the door right now, check in with jessica boyington. we're watching route 309 around the pa turnpike over near port washington. both directions look good. north and southbound not dealing with problems or delays. 95 looks good too.
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heading through delaware both directions are still into the green, ten minutes north or south from 295 to 495. speeds into mid 60s too. also watching route 30, white horse pike around 295. at the bottom of your korescree here. no problems there or again the white horse pike looks good too. >> new this morning, hepatitis b vaccinations. their new guidelines say infants should get the vaccine within 24 hours of being born. previously option to delay the hep b vaccine. doctors say hepatitis b can be spread from mother to baby during birth. lead to liver damage, liver failure and other chronic illnesses. the side of the highway in mercer county looked more like a rodeo over the weekend. because a bull broke loose
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on the side of the road. just outside of trenton. this is from state police. troopers had to slow down traffic in hamilton township yesterday morning. and they called in some experts with las sew's wrangle the bull into the trailer. camden county rail project will close roads. area affected will be between east atlantic and barrington avenue. railroad crossing in that area will be replaced. legendary musical act is coming to camden tonight for a free concert. el gran cam bow will perform a free show tonight. show starts at 8:00. at the water front park, but was
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weather. sending a message. the heart felt plea at mtv video music awards following the events in charlottesville.
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good morning. jessica boyington with you. checking on the bridges. looking at the platt bridge. 26 and pen road here. approaching the bridge with no problems or delays. looks good. no scheduled openings so far. keep eyes on that and the rest of the roads when i come back. for the second day in a row, protesters squared off with police in berkeley california. rally against hate. more than 100 protests dressed in black addressed right wing protesters. an award show turned
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politics last night. >> first award stars used their platform to denounce racial hatr hatred. one of the most powerful moments came when a descendant took the stage. says his ancestor became a idle of white supremacy and called on the nation to end bigotry. >> i call on all of us to answer god's call to confront racism and white supremacy and on. >> we also said we could find inspiration from the black lives water movement and women who marched on washington. even praise d. happening today, new castle county invites you to explore a career in emergency communications. county hosting information session at the public safety building located on due ponte
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highway in new castle. you will need to rsvp. a game you can see here only on nbc 10. the birds return to practice at the nova complex yesterday. quarterback carson wentz got work in. defensive tackle beau allen is health again. starters got less work than usual in the preseason game against the dolphins. doug peterson defended that decision. >> i didn't want to put our guys in harm's way. fatigue sets in. i can't want to do that to our players. they played extremely well though. >> the birds head up the jersey turnpike to play the jets on thursday and you will see it here on nbc 10.
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aspiring basketball stars took advantage of a free camp this weekend. evans was not there when we spopd by, but coaches say he plays a big part in that camp. >> we want to give the kids high level instruction. teaching them the value of team work. teaching them the value of learning basketball. competing and they get to interact like he's one of the kids. >> that's not bad. the coaches say they hope they learn a lesson about giving back to their community like he did. >> now to more stories we are following right now on nbc 10 at 5:00 a.m. care in the chaos. breaking right now. catastrophic flooding in houston, stories of survival and rescue. tire slashing spree.
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hunt on for the man who put dozens of police cars out of commissi commission. price plunge as amazon takes over a grocery chain. nbc 10 starts now. 5:00 a.m. monday morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm katy zachary. almost 5:00 a.m. let's begin with first alert meteorologist bill henley. he has most accurate nbc 10 neighborhood weather. >> pretty nice this morning. clear and cool. autumn like this morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. still in the 50s in philadelphia. look at the lehigh valley down to 54 degrees. middle 50s for delaware too. sunshine will warm temperatures into the upper 60s at 10 dlok:0 humidity stays low today. start to see high clouds move in today. not as clear as the last couple of days. some cloudinescloudiness. lehigh valley up to 77 degrees.
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suburbs 75. at the shore looks like a nice day. partly sunny. wind picking up. with the stronger winds will come a rip current risk that will be high. dangerous potentially life threatening rip currents ahead of the system building to the south. this could become a tropical storm. if it strengthens it will be tropical storm irma. now just a lot of rain. latest on harvey when i'm back in a few moments. first, jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. watching in the lehigh valley right now. 78 right around the camera at lehigh street. not a lot of cars moving through the area right now. both directions not dealing with problems. pa turnpike looks good too. everything green. 22 minutes on the westbound side from route one to valley forge. speeds still in the 60s. end on 76 in gloucester city just near market street.


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