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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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following for you on nbc 10 today at 6:00 a.m. danger, new video shows drivers being rescued from cars moments before they were swallowed by flood water. >> miles from underwater. drowning towns and highways across texas. no end in site, right now tropical storm harvey is parked over texas. could dump 50 inches of rain this week. it is 6:00 a.m. a lot to cover. good morning, nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. we are tracking every angle of tropical storm harvey and the deaf station it devastation it's causing. chilly start in our area. in the clear right now. few thin clouds in the suburbs. see it in the lehigh valley. look at the temperatures down to 50s degrees in the suburbs. 61 degrees in philadelphia. 
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we will climb with a lot of sunshine into the 70s and the humidity stays low today. at the shore, the winds will be picking up. the rip current risk that will be increasing today. now to a special report from nbc news. we're waiting on that. we'll take it when it comes. good morning, everybody. as we come on the air, the wrath of harvey is being felt across
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southeast texas. houston, the fourth largest city mostly under water at this hour. mandatory evacuations ordered overnight. several neighborhoods there with another several feet of rain possible. let's get right to gabe gutierrez. gabe, good morning to you. we can barely see you. what's the situation. savannah, good morning. we have been seeing rain constantly throughout the night. this event is not over. as you can see behind me, many roads are impassable. houston the nation's fourth largest city is paralyzed. overnight the rivers have continued to rise. runs through the heart of downtown houston. at record stages. authorities are considering and actually overnight released water from two reservoirs. that will continue to increase the water levels here in hughes. we've seen hundreds of water rescues overnight. dramatic water rescues by air and boat. desperate calls for help.
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authorities here in houston are defending their decision not to issue a mandatory evacuation order maahead of the storm. mayor said it would have been incredibly dangerous to send millions of people evacuating at the same time. because of a previous experience they had back in 2005 with hurricane right knta where millf people got on the roadway at the same time. and more than half of the deaths were attributed to that evacuation. other cities around houston are expecting record levels of rain. the water is continuing to rise. this is a desperate situation here in this major american city. >> i have to say i got a chill when i read that houston authorities were asking people if they had private water craft to basically every get in there and try to help if you can. are they still asking for that or do you feel they have more of
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the resources they need now. >> first responders here in houston savannah are just overwhe overwhelmed. there's no way they can get to help everyone in this massive metro area. the city of houston itself is $2.5 million people. more than 6 million people live in the larger houston area. houston itself is well -- they've had many floods before. in fact last yearly houston had the most flood related deaths in the entire country. this is because of a population explosion in the last few decades. a lot of developments. a lot of the wetlands that had been around decades ago have now kurn turned into concrete covered suburbia. many issues when it comes to drainage. the same time, the amount of rain that has fallen in houston, last check, 25 inches in some areas. expecting much much more and this is just something that even with the preparation, this is
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something that on a scale that many local authorities say they could not have handled, but, again, at this point, there are some mandatory evacuations for certain neighborhoods. two reservoirs letting more water on and that will cause the water levels to rise. this situation as you see behind me is not going anyway any time soon. >> gabe, we'll be checking with you as the morning wears on. let's go to dylan dryer. one of the futures of this storm is it just seems to be sitting right on top of that area and dumping more rain. what do you expect today. >> reporter: savannah, we expect even more rain on top of what's already on the ground. even though we're very focused
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on the flooding rains, it's still the threat of tornados. this is still a tropical system. the storm itself is continuing to tap into the gulf of mexico. that's been the whole issue. endless supply of moisture and that produces those torrential downpours. seen rainfall rights of 4-6 inches per hour. seeing rainfall rights this morning 1-3 inches per hour. the rain lasts four hours. we are looking at this storm to meander a little to the southeast very slowly. back over the gulf of mexico. gives it the energy it needs to maintain strength. then move up to the northeast. now, we've already picked up reports of 15-30 inches of rain. that's what's on the ground. the problem is we're going to be in and out of these tropical downpours for the next 48 hours and after that scattered showers. looking at an additional 15-25 inches of rain putting storm totals over 50 inches. if we get more than 52 inches,
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that will be the most rain we've ever seen from a tropical cyclone in the united states ever. the last was a hurricane in 1950 that affected hawaii. this is unprecedented. especially for this area. just going to get worse. >> just terrifies. we're going to have complete coverage this morning on today. for now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. savannah guthrie in new york. this has been an nbc news special report. meantime, new jersey's top search and rescue team expected to arrive in texas. governor christie deployed task force one last night. heart felt thoughts and prayers are with the people of texas at this difficult time. philadelphia fire fighters loaded up early yesterday morning joining the first waive of firefighters who left for
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texas on friday. american red cross workers and other volunteers from our region are answering calls for help. the red cross in philadelphia broke out emergency response truck. drove the truck. harvey will be first deployment. told us motivation comes with personal experience. says she went through four 00 hurricanes in florida. a live report from texas is just minutes away on nbc 10 news. stay connected to breaking developments on air and online with the nbc 10 app. we also have links to where you can donate money to the rescue effort. 6:08. 61 degrees outside. talk about our weather as we continue to keep our eyes focused on houston. take a live look outside. see the wind blowing a little bit. nice morning. a little bit cool. chill is in the air. end of august. 61 degrees. in philadelphia, most
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neighborhoods have dropped into the 50s and numbers are still falling. good 15 minutes or more away from sunrise. skies brightened up. see the few thin clouds with us. clouds increasing later today and so will the temperatures. 54 in the lehigh valley. 50s in the suburbs. delaware and south jersey in the 50s. still could come down a bit in philadelphia. washington township. voorhees, right in the middle 50s. and will if you're looking for 40s, you'll find it. princeton down to 48 degrees. seeing mostly clear skies. few thin clouds. that's it. rip current risk goes up today. wind increased and those winds go even stronger tomorrow. few clouds coming in from the west. no rain with those. tomorrow a different story. storm system may turn into a tropical storm. this would be irma if it gets strong enough.
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even if it doesn't become a tropical storm, there's a lot of moisture here. going to ride up the carolina coast and offshore, but get close enough to us to give us the chance of rain and gusty winds. then there's harvey. harvey continues to spin as you heard right over texas. some of it spreading into louisiana. later this week, harvey will be on the move. we may see some rain from that storm over the holiday weekend, but today, sunshine, 76 dreeegr. up to 75. lehigh valley nice and dry and cool to start with. nice warm up into the 70s. jersey shore, that rip current risk i mentioned. winds picking up too. winds up to 20 miles an hour. cape may, 74 degrees. sunshine and nice and bright. breeze blowing in new jersey, delaware too. more on the rain and a look at the holiday weekend when i come back with the ten day on ten in just a few minutes. >> thanks for the update. about 10 minutes after 6:00.
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may be up and heading out the door. >> jessica boyington watching the traffic for you. disabled vehicle, all clear and out of the way. right now route 202 around route 29 looks good. seven minutes for drive time here. right around bean road and schuylkill will end here with this. drive time looks good so far. see green in both directions. 13 minutes so the same drive time east and westbound to the blue route to vine. nonstop rain and thousands of rescues. emergency crews are stretched to the breaking point. next we take you live to texas. people are measuring rain by the foot. also a closer look at harvey's victims. ahead how members of a texas nursing home were saved from was waist deep water.
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more rain. storm is being blamed for at least two deaths. white house says president trump plans to tour the area tomorrow. right now emergency crews in and around houston are working nonstop. they've made thousands of rescues since harvey made land fall. nbc 10 national correspondent is live in dickenson texas. about 45 minutes just south of houston. tell us what's doing on where you are. >> reporter: good morning. houston waking up to more rain. more flooding and more of the scene behind me. neighborhood turned into lakes.
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streets turned into rivers. from the highway, that's how much water was on the roads yesterday. there was also a photo that went viral from dickenson. nursing home residents with water up to their waist sitting and waiting for help. there are many people in danger and not enough emergency workers to go around. damages so far estimated in the billions. and katy and tracie, fema believes they will be on the ground here for years to come. >> once all the people are rescued and rescues continue around the clock. where are they all going to go. the rain is going to continue. they can't go home any time soon. >> exactly. it's not like they can wait a day and go back to their homes.
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not only are their homes damaged, they can't access these homes. red cross has opened shelters up and down southeast texas. houston convention center serving as a center and dallas preparing to receive evacyou wees from the storm. uees from the storm. a road we went through a couple minutes later they were turning people away from. just because there is a shelter, doesn't necessarily mean everyone can make it to that location. that's mart of the problem. >> make it there safely. live for nus dius. thank you for that account. let's get you to work. check of the vine street expressway. >> jessica boyington is standing by. tell us what people can expect there. >> watching the vine right now. cameras around 24th street right here. starting to see delay getting off the ramp here. heading to the schuylkill, westbound side you'll have no
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problems. see that traffic moving along nicely. eastbound towards 95 looking good too. there's a crash in worcester. serious accident scene i'm hearing right now. right around bean road. watch for that crash. route 38 in jersey looks good. moving around morristown here is nixon drive. i'll end with 95. we're taking drive times here. everything looks green on the roads. 11 minute from 295 to 495. 6:18. monday morning. bill henley has been tracking not only tropical storm harvey, but also another storm this morning. might bring us rain sooner than that. right now, let's take a moment and enjoy the view. nice shot there. bill henley standing by with what the rest of the week has in store plus harvey. >> seeing skies brighten up. just a few minutes ahead of
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sunrise. few more clouds in camelback. no rain here. don't expect any rain in the region until tomorrow. you mention not from harvey, but another storm coming together. coolest readings of the day are in the suburbs. right now 49 in a. it's downright at 50 degrees for milford. 52 for new hope and bedminster. another beautiful day. we will see more clouds around. especially later in the day ahead of the moisture. today the moisture level stays low just like over the weekend. really comfortable weather as the temperatures climb into the 70s this afternoon. wind will be picking up. see a nice breeze in philadelphia. look at the winds and wild wood.
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23-mile-an-hour winds this afternoon. tomorrow closer to 30 miles an hour for wild wood. storm coming up from the south approaches our area. that's going to give us rip current risk for the jersey shore and delaware beaches today. rain is to the south. just east of jacksonville off the east coast of georgia and carolinas. yet to strengthen into a tropical storm, but the winds are 35-mile-an-hour. could see strengthening over the next 36-48 hours. even if it doesn't become a storm, going to spread moisture and wet weather into our area. the winds will pass, the center will pass offshore. that has nothing to do with harvey. harvey is still spinning right over texas. barely moving. moving into the east. take it back over the gulf coast. produce tremendous rainfall.
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late in the week starts to move. could see some of the moisture over the holiday weekend. today 70s. tomorrow 70s. look at the difference. rain and wind blowing. good news it's done by wednesday. few more clouds on thursday and slight chance of shower, most areas stay dry on thursday. sunshine back on friday to start off the holiday weekend. 78 degrees. harvey still a lot of questions about when it's going to move. could potentially give rain showers on sunday. doesn't happen on sunday. going to be watching labor day and monday. 86 degrees looks like with sunshine. sunshine is back for tuesday and wednesday, but a cool down as we go into september. wednesday afternoon just 77 degrees. 6:21. right now thousands of people in life threatening situations. next, how people living in a nursing home were safed from waist deep water. why texas towns are so vulnerable for flooding. i'm danny.
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you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
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one woman in a scooter one in a recliner. helicopter crews rescued more than one dozen seniors from the flooded facility. flooding is not uncommon in the houston area. developments in the country east fourth largest city keeps the water from draining. >> a scientist said the nation's fourth largest city is set on low lying areas. add in paved roads. concrete sidewalks and construction and it's difficult for rainfall to driain into the bayous and nearby bay.
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new video showing the devastation caused by tropical storm harvey. >> in is a houston highway totally under water. next, update you on the damage and ongoing efforts to save lives. 6:26. police cars vandalized: officers in one camden county town need your help finding who did more than let the air out of the squad's tires.
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right now on nbc 10 news today. underwater. rain is falling across southeastern texas and 50 inches in the forecast this week. rescue underway from the air and on the ground. emergency crews risks lives to safe people trapped in tropical storm harvey's rain.
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deflated. someone slashed the tires on nearly a dozen police cars in camden county. nbc 10 breaking news. >> good morning, 6:30. this is nbc 10 today. i'm katy zachary. >> tracie davidson. first let's get you updated on our forecast, starting off as a cool morning. check with meteorologist bill henley who has your most accurate first alert forecast. clouds increasing later today ahead of rain due in tomorrow. 54 degrees. look at lehigh valley. cool start here. sunshine nice and bright to start with. clouds increasing by noontime. 73 degrees. a lot of high cloudiness at noon. no rain today. suburbs this is the cool spot. 50 degrees right now. king of prussia 55.
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sunshine warms up to 64 degrees. into the 70s at noontime. stays in the 70s this afternoon. see a pretty good breeze blowing at the shore. rip current risk. that is going to increase today. not only for the jersey shore, for the delaware beaches dangerous surf and potentially life threatening conditions. and then tomorrow, need your umbrella. big changes ahead. show you what's ahead with the future cast hour by hour when i'm back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting on the 42 freeway just near the atlantic city expressway. hearing reports of a crash on the expresswayway. east of this on the westbound side. we don't have a camera that approaches that scene. looked at the map system too.
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didn't see anything there. this is a little further past the scene. here northbound on the 42 freeway that's actually moving towards philadelphia. so the 42 freeway looks good for the most part. crash in worcester on white hall road. another crash in upper merion on valley forge road. around valley creek road. also watching 422. through the work zone looking good. starting to see some eastbound delay moving towards the schuylkill. katie and tracie, back to you. tropical storm harvey keeps dropping rain and misery on houston and texas. flooding reached epic levels. rescuers saved hundreds of victims. damaged estimates have already topped $2 billion. here's what we know so far, houston officials are urging people to healther in place and stay off flooded roadways.
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harvey continues to batter the city. 70,000 customers are still without power. down from about 300,000 this time yesterday. white house says president trump will tour the area tomorrow. here's the front page of houston chronical. >> swamped by harvey. tracking the breaking development. matt, houston's mayor is defending additichronicladditio we have been keep can go an eye on new video come can go out of texas this morning. take a look at this. overnights, a rescue of a driver who had to flee his pickup truck as floodwaters continued to rise. firefighters had been busy with rescues in and around houston because of this storm. also, look at this drone video
6:34 am
here of what harvey has left behind so far. this is in houston and much of that city is underwater this morning. meantime, there's been controversy brewing over how evacuations were handled. the texas governor urged people to flee from the path, but the mayor of houston says he did not order an evacuation because of the sheer volume of people. >> you cannot put in the city of houston 2.3 million people on the road. that is dangerous. if you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare. how to get through or around the floodwaters to get to those emergency shelters. >> thanks. now we want to show you some drone footage of the
6:35 am
devastation. rain from harvey keeps falling. tropical storm harvey is also affects livestock in the area. forcing many of them to find dry land. take a look at this. heard of cattle had to leave a flooded dairy farm. instinct led them to search for somewhere safe and drier. some other cows can got into trouble. sheriff deputies on horse back led this cattle drive. led them along a state highway to higher drier ground. in just minutes, we talk live to local man with roots, he stuck in flooded houston neighborhood. stay connected to breaking developments on air and online with the nbc 10 app. also have links to where you can donate money to help the rescue effort. 6:35. in other news, new from overnight, viewer video of a fire that damaged a group of row
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homes in south philadelphia. call came in around 11 last nightly. fire started in a vacant home. one woman next to that home had to be rescued along with cats. firefighters injured while responding has been treated and released. right now police are looking for a criminal who targeted a police car. a lot of them. nbc pamela osborne is live for us in somerdale. >> reporter: that's right. all of the patrol cars and some other vehicles in this lot right now were sitting on four flat fires. the man responsible came right into this municipal lot and cut more than 50 tires on 13 different vehicles. caught in camera and now police are hoping you can help them identify him. take a look at your screen. somerdale police say the suspect struck around 1:00 sunday morning. nine marked police vehicles.
6:37 am
a fire marshal suv and three personal cars belonging to officers that were on duty at the time of the incident had all tires cut. the imagines are a little hard to make out. police say the suspect issa ata thin, bald. wearing red sneakers. after he slashed the tire, he returned to the area and hid in a property. police are asking anyone who knows who he is to give them a call. luckily couple of patrol carrincars not here at the time. so they do have some police vehicles to respond to calls and to do patrol, but, again, anyone with information about who that suspect could be should call police. reporting live in somerdale. it's about 25 minutes before 7:00 on your monday morning. if you stepped outside already you feel the chill in the air.
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low 60s throughout the region. >> it's a cool start. you'll need a jacket if you're spending any time waiting for a train or bus this morning. >> temperatures have dropped with mostly clear skies overnight into the 50s and 60s. see clouds coming in from the west. no rain with those. come tomorrow a different story see the showers off the georgia and carolina coast. this could become a tropical storm. moving up the coast. tropical storm watches have been posted for south carolina and the north carolina coastline. it would move offshore, but come closer for us tomorrow to give us some rain. not associated with harvey that's still spinning over texas. for us today, sunshine, not as bright as yesterday. see some scattered clouds around this morning. and even more this afternoon. still warm into the 70s this afternoon for philadelphia. a nice comfortable day in the suburbs. humidity stays low. a lot of sunshine this morning. increasing clouds this afternoon. for those easterly winds.
6:39 am
lehigh valley getting nice sunshine right now. sun is up. 54 degrees. still in the 50s at 8:00 this morning. warm flu the 60sed and into if 70s. winds up to 8 mieles an hour. 60 degrees for new jersey. get enough sunshine to warm into the 70s. humidity stays low for new jersey. at the shore, a rip current risk. high rip current risk for dangerous surf. 6 degrees. winds stronger here starting this morning. 20-mile-an-hour wind up to 25-mile-an-hour winds at 2:00 and 4:00. go even stronger tomorrow. closer to 30 miles an hour. for committee delaware. 57 to start with. warm into the 70s this morning and stay in the 70s this afternoon. winds out of the east of 13 miles an hour today. we will be dry today. wet weather that's due in tomorrow. show you when it will move in when it will move out and when we may get the remnants of har when i come back with the ten
6:40 am
day on ten. >> thank you. 20 minutes before 7. let's get you to work. jessica boyington standing by with a look at that. what's traffic like there. watching the schuylkill near route 202. maybe heading out if westbound and eastbound a little slow. pretty much used to it. that's pretty serious accident. upper merion watching a crash on valley forge park road around valley creek road. crash through that intersection. sun glare. looks okay. route 70 right around kings highway moving through cherry hill with no big problems there. end with mass transit. no major delays right now. septa, new jersey transit, dart and patco all running on or close to schedule. hearing stories of survival as texas suffers through
6:41 am
catastrophic rain and flooding. >> coming up next, talk live to philadelphia area native now living in houston stuck inside his home in a neighborhood swamped by rain. also, packing the cost of the storm to you. next, how damage from tropical storm harvey is expected to cause gas prices to spike.
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vrget kind of on the west side of town. the waters have receded where i am. that doesn't mean anybody is kind of out of the woods quite yet. there's a lot more to come. >> so billy, your power has gone out several times. your street has flooded. sidewalk flooded. water right up to your home. you can't get anywhere. it's likely you're going to be holed up inside of your home for days. what are you doing to stay safe and frankly, sane. >> caller: right now, it's with the water receding, i can get out and walk outside. so even though that's not
6:46 am
advised for a majority of houston. i'm trying to whenever there's a break in the rain just pop outside and walk around and check on my neighbors and see what's going on. for the time being, houston, the word is if you're safe, stay where you are and don't leave. even if i were to get in my car and drive around, there's a chance massive flood could come again and get washed away. word for every houstonian is if you're safe, stay where you are. >> silver lining here is your pregnant wife and toddler are away on a trip. any word on when they're going to be able to get back. >> no. that had a flight scheduled for first saturday. then booked it for today. and my wife texted me at 2:00 a.m. saying they're 1:00 p.m. flight to charlotte was canceled to no idea when they'll be able to get back. it all frankly depends on what happens over the next few days and how bad the rest of the rain is. >> we've all been saying that's a blessing. not having an eighth month old
6:47 am
pregnant wife and toddler in the your house. from the video we've seen, so many rescues are taking place. what are you hearing or seeing. >> yes, yesterday there were definitely numerous helicopters flying right above our neighborhood and around our neighborhood. i have a friend whose cousins were a couple of miles north and probably stuck on their roof for five or six hours who finally got rescued and just a bunch of good samaritan neighbors were going around and getting people and pets or paddle boards and kayaks and really helping each other out. really good community effort just not out of the woods yet. still not done. >> stay safe. thanks for joining us. i'll call you later. >> thanks, bye. >> tropical storm harvey is hitting home for brooks of the eagles. used to play in houston. told us harvey is different.
6:48 am
>> i definitely understand what they're going through and things like that. keep in contact with a couple of guys down there. making sure things are safe and good with their families. definitely paying close attention to it. pray r for everything down there. praying to keep everything safe. refineries are shutdown. shutdown before the storm to minimize damage. how soon they could reopen depends on the amount of flooding in the area. some analysts believe fallout from harvey and surge in demand for the labor day holiday could cause prices to jump anywhere between 5-25 cents a gallon. >> just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. check with savannah guthrie and craig melvin. good morning, guys. >> good morning to you. coming up on the show this morning, of course we're going to have complete coverage of this unprecedented national disaster. houston, under water this morning as you know and still two more feet of rain that could
6:49 am
come. >> we will have live reports across the region. also talk with city officials about not to evacuate. did they make the right call. >> plus a back to school alert about the app your kids could be using you don't know about. what can you expect from the new will and grace. natalie heads to the set for special sneak peek with the cast. that and a lot more when we see you here this morning on today. >> that will put a smile on our face. >> just about ten minutes before 7 right now. take a live look outside. chilly start to your morning. throughout the region and low 60s. that's beautiful sunrise though. find out how warm it will get today. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate forecast. >> one more really nice one before things change for tomorrow. penn's landing. gentle breeze blowing. little more wind around today. really increases tomorrow. the temperatures decreasing
6:50 am
overnight. 61 degrees in philadelphia. look at the 50s for south jersey, delaware, suburbs down to 50s degrees. few spots in the 40s this morning. lehigh valley at 54. there are some cool neighborhoods in the philadelphia proper. 55 degrees in park side. now 58 degrees in tarzdale. society hill at 63 degrees to start with. first day of the bus stop. chilly morning at the bus stop. allentown, quakertown, exton, redding in the 50s. 71 degrees in atlantic city. definitely the warm spot. 60s for wilmington, trenton, dry for the ride to school. dry for the ride home. you'll see more clouds later today. you can see to the south, the clouds have been thickening up with a storm system that's developing. it could become a tropical storm. hasn't just yet. and it's not associated at all with what's going on in texas. harvey still spinning moisture in houston and especially in eastern texas and now into louisiana. this is going to be a slow
6:51 am
moving system. our hour by hour forecast shows this evening more rain for houston and eastern texas and into louisiana and that continues tomorrow morning. look at heavy downpours. that's another 24 hours least of some heavy rain and some of the heavy rain continues into tuesday afternoon. then it starts to spread according to this computer model through portions of central louisiana. still spinning in texas. that's wednesday morning. heavy rainfall there. so flooding will continue. mean time system whether it's a tropical storm or not going to be spreading rain to the north. pass offshore and get close enough to our area for some rain. pretty good wind and rain during the day on tuesday. clears out wednesday. a few more clouds. dry heeding into the holiday weekend. may see the remnants of harvey over the holiday weekend. more likely on sunday at this
6:52 am
point than on laborer monday. cooling down next tuesday and wednesday. sunshine wednesday just a high of 77 degrees for next wednesday. some cooler weather on the way, and, in fact, stays pretty cool through most of this ten day period. first day of september, friday, 76 degrees the high temperature. >> so watching two potential rain. >> the first one will have to deal because the one of the atlantic side just off the coast of georgia and carolinas, pretty good rainfall tomorrow especially to the south. rip current risk is high. i don't know how many people are going in the water on a day like this. 70s at the shore. use extra caution. dangerous surf expected today. >> seems like that all summer. do be careful for sure. >> let's get a check on the roads with first alert traffic roer reporter jessica boyington. we're watching the boulevard right around roberts avenue. everything looks good so far. not seeing problems or delays.
6:53 am
definitely more traffic heading out the door. everything moving northbound and southbound there is good. kind of a delay on southbound side of 95. 20 minutes right now from woodhaven road to vine. speeds are dropping. still into the 40s. nothing reported there. creating a problem. worcester watch for the clearing of the crash on white hall road. around bean road earlier we had the intersection shutdown. it's back open. still stuff going on. watch for delays moving through there too. next, look at the top stories happening today. >> we'll tell you how search and rescue crews from our area are joining the growing effort to save people caught in tropical storm harvey's flooding.
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countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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few minutes before 7:00. look at the stories we're following for you today. >> new jersey's top search and rescue team expected to arrive in texas today. governor christie deployed task force one last night. team help are rescue and recovery efforts from the flooding of tropical storm harvey. u.s. navy says it recovered all of the remains of the ten missing sailors from the uss john mccain. one of the missing sailors from our area, electronic technician, kenneth smith died in the collision. graduate of cherry hill east high school. td bank employee may have been stealing donations from the archdiocese of philadelphia. yesterday the church confirmed an arrest in the alleged theft. in a letter, warned donors their donations might have been stolen. the donations were mailed in the annual catholic charities and seminary appeals. the church uses lock boxes at td bank and that's where the money was taken.
6:58 am
td bank says no personal information was kompb immunicom happening today, hundreds of wines and spirits are going to cost more in pennsylvania state stores. price of more than 400 products go up at least a dollar or more. state liquor control board is not releasing a list of which items will go up in price. hike is expected to bring in $185 million to the state's general fund. good morning everyone, jessica boyington with you right now with one last check on the roads. starting on the schuylkill expressway. camera around spring garden street. good drive so far. starting to see a slowdown in both directions. very normal right now. see center city the camera behind looks like we're seeing a westbound delay. also seeing 45 minute delay for septa 5714. because of equipment issues. rest of the mass transit are all on or close to schedule. end here with route 55.
6:59 am
seeing delays here on northbound side before you get to america where you run into the 42 freeway and head to 295 that way. we are starting to see delays, but for the most part clear. less than a minute before 7:00. sunshine to start the day. cool though. looking at 60s in philadelphia. look at the suburbs at 50 degrees right now. king of prussia mostly sunny. warm to 73 degrees at lunchtime. lehigh valley at 55 and delaware 58 degrees right now. little bit of a breeze blowing now. wind will be increasing this afternoon. look at 13-mile-an-hour winds out of the east. that's at 11:00 this morning. the winds will be strongest at the shore where if rip current risk is high. breezy day. 74 degrees. be careful if if you're headed into the water today. dangerous surf. potentially life threatening situations. we will see a lot of sunshine just a few scattered clouds in the area. wet weather i'm expecting tomorrow. won't move in until we are
7:00 am
probably through the morning commute for most areas tomorrow. >> good news there. thanks for joining us. local updates throughout the morning. today show starts right now. good morning. unprecedented disaster. houston, the nation's fourth-largest city, under water in the wake of hurricane harvey. thousands already rescued. >> all i could grab is my wallet and my phone. that's all i knew torab. >> rescue crews stretched to the limit. two feet of rain on the way. >> this event is not over. >> with waters rising, new evacuations ordered overnight. why weren't they ordered before the storm? houston's mayor defending that decision. >> you give an order to evacuation, you are creating a nightmare. >> we have correspondents across the region today, monday, august 28th, 2017.


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