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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 29, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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rain and wind on the way. nbc 10 issued first alert. storm gets set to impact jersey and the shore. helicopters rushing in to save people trapped in the floodwaters. >> heading to texas, visit the
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hardest hit by the storm. his message about the emergency response. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. first look at four. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm katy zachary. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most alert neighborhood forecast. most accurate one in town. >> day to grab umbrella. haven't seen rain lately. first rain is falling in cape may. so far scattered light showers. feels like it's coming down heavier. look closely. see the flag blowing. going to be a windy one at the shore. part of why we issued first alert for rain and wind and heavy surf. light shower activity for cape may and in northern cape may county even in the vineland and increasing the rain. currently washington township is dry and wilmington is dry. that's going to change during the day. more of the moisture to the south. most area to the north just see scattered showers. the potential for heavy rain
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rough surf and high winds for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches is what may become a tropical storm comes in to our area. looking less likely today. a lot of wind and rain with it and nonetheless. why we issued a first alert with a tropical affect of the system moving in to delaware and jersey shore today. periods of tv day today see heavy wind and downpours. high surf as well. rainfall, harder to find. mentioned lehigh valley right now dry there. 59 degrees. get that cool dry air once again. showers start in the lehigh valley at 10:00 this morning. and everybody is due to see some wet weather and cooler item temperatures today. high temperatures peeking near 60s. break it down hour by hour with a future cast when i come back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has first alert forecast. >> watching upper moreland right now. crash on county line road. around new town road. crash into the system. disabled vehicle on west ridge
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pike around south township line road. a few things going n on there. a lot of the majors look good. 78 around the camera at lehigh street. end here with the vine. it's open. westbound and eastbound between broad street and schuylkill no construction project to worry about. katy and tratracey, back to you it's the storm that will just not quit. tropical storm harvey is swamping houston and southeastern texas. >> relentless rain and flooding in the region is putting the rain to the survival test. likely that number will rise dramatically once the floodwaters recede. more rain pouring down on the houston area. swamped bid nearly three feet of rain. president trump today tour the corpus christi area. harvey first made land fall has a hurricane. getting an air lift from u.s. customs and border agency.
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black hawk helicopter. rooftops are the last chance for victims to survive the flooding. death toll appeared to jump to six yesterday with news that a van carrying this elderly couple and four grandchildren was swept away by floodwaters. two relatives have reported it. officials have not confirmed it. now to help put houston record rainfall in context, here's before and after pictures. heavy rain sent the bayou river over the banks with floodwaters rising a dozen feet or more in parts of the downtown area. dramatic comparison to illustrate why harvey is the most powerful storm to strike texas in 50 years. today president trump will head to texas to see the damage that tropical storm harvey is causing and see it firsthand.
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president is expected to serve a flooding evacuation efforts and how emergency responders are handling the crisis. it's the first natural disaster to hit during his administration. yesterday the president promised to help those who were affected. >> i've already spoken to congress and everybody feels for you and what you're going through. >> the president's exact travel plans have not been released since they may be changing because of ongoing rain and flooding. houston mayor gave no evacuation for his city before harvey hit. the cnbc news asked the mayor o houston was his city ready for this. >> houston was as ready for this as any city could be ready for this. you cannot foresee the future.
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the mother of this newborn said she feels blessed and gateful to be alive. all she has is her baby. her possessions is a large plastic bag filled with essentials. right now rain from harvey is falling across new orleans and people are preparing for flooding expected to be at worst today and tomorrow. 30,000 sandbags being filled across new orleans and people asked to stay inside during the storm. two people who survived hurricane sandy in new jersey are now living through harvey in houston. her family moved to houston from mercer county just months after a 6 0 foot tall oak tree toppled on their home. the super storm claimed his grandmother's house in ocean county. feels like it's almost following me. these big events, but sandy prepared med traumatically for
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this event. >> it's unbelievable the rain is still coming down. that's what is just amazes me that it hasn't stopped. >> so far, her street in houston has not flooded, but she said she's preparing for the worst. nbc 10 and telemundo will host a hurricane relief drive. 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., be able to call, text, and log on the website to donate money which will aide the people affected by harvey. nbc 10 and telemundo will provide updates on tv, online and social media networks throughout the day. team of reporters in texas. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal and brian mendoza will bring you coverage throughout the day. here at home facing on weather threat. first alert as the storm gets set to bring heavy rain and wind both to jersey and delaware shore. nothing like harvey. we wanted to give you a heads-up
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u. nbc 10 matt delucia joins us live. matt, is that area feeling any impact from this storm. >> reporter: not yet. we have been seeing some wind pick up. going to see the effects after it moves up the coast. storm ranger ten tracking the system. own mobile weather radar. in ocean city maryland right now because this is where we're going to start feeling affects very shortly. follow me over here. show you what we can do with this technology. you can see this radar sweep that is in the area right now not tracking a whole lot again. feeling more of is the wind. a high surf advisory. also high wind watch in effect for this area and we're going to be tracking this and move to the board walk right know when we see you again at 5:00. for now live in ocean city maryland, nbc 10 news. remember to download the nbc 10 app.
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really useful on a day like today. check the weather right to your neighborhood. get instant alerts sent to your phone. unholy crime. bank robbery takes unusual twist because of what the robbers are wearing. the magic is gone. popular player being traded and fans reacting to the decision. all-new coming up at 5:00 a.m., celebrity preacher under fire. accusations of the tv star closed his doors to harvey victims.
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good morning. jessica boyington with you check on the roads. we have a crash here. few vehicles look involved here. part of the ramp too. part of the northbound side. clearly police activity on the scene. good thing is the northbound
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lanes are still getting by the scene. we'll keep eyes on that. another crash in upper moreland county line road. new crash in pottstown cherry lane. the schuylkill watching construction there. this morning anywhere in between the blue route and maybe even a little bit further past that from the blue route to about 30th street seeing different lane restrictions in both directions. right now 13 minutes drive time. even with lane restrictions and construction project not dealing with a ton of delay because of that. apply route to vine speeds into the high 50s or the 60s on the westbound side. updates on all of these things, construction spots and check in with route one when i come back. 18 minutes before 5:00. cool start and dry in philadelphia. that is going to change. we've got rain that will be moving in during the morning and rain showers around for most of the day and into this evening for philadelphia. you can count on heavier rain
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and strong gusty winds and high surf too is right along the shore. delaware beaches. this is avalon this morning. system coming in is just getting started with some rain showers. reaching into capepl may and no the thereaboatlantic city area vine land. salem starting to get rain as well delaware. start of a system come can go up from the south. started talking about this on friday. it's finally here. overall florida on friday. storm ranger up and running. so far the showers are inland. the heavier showers will be in store for the points along the coastline. see that arrive during the day today. back by 10:00 this morning. look at the rain coming down to the south. heavy downpours just offshore. even if the heavy downpours are offshore for a time. will be blowing inland during the early afternoon hours. wind gusts of 35-45 miles an hour. rain reaches inland at 4:00.
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see not a lot of rain for allentown. mostly cloudy in trenton with light rain showers in philadelphia. most of the activity from this system is going to be to south and east. look at what's going to clear out. take you through the next ten days when i'm back in just a few minutes. thanks, bill. see you then. days of devastation. coming uptake you live to texas. as the frantic effort continues to save those trapped bier the flooding. plus the struggle toll find shelter for people most in need.
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another day of devastation. thousands rescued. now there's growing struggled to find shelter for everyone in need. >> nbc sara joins us live in dickenson, texas, south of houston. how are the conditions where you are right now. >> reporter: good morning, tracey and katie, a fifth consecutive day of rain here in
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southeast texas bringing more misery and more destruction. houston convention center now a shelter for thousands. forced from their homes by harvey. >> they were very nice. >> everyone has been really good. blessed and grateful. >> fema estimates more than 30,000 people will require a temporary place to stay. the demand so great that private businesses are opening their doors. gallery furniture which housed katrina evacuees now inviting harvey evacuees to sleep in display beds. dramatic rescues continue. emergency crews going door to door. volunteers with flat bottom boats augmenting the search. >> the rafts are going in culldy sacks where the boats can't get in.
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everything started happening really fast this morning. >> no easy choices. amid a storm that just won't stop. three people are confirmed dead and six members of a family including four children are missing. relatives say after their van was swept away by floodwaters. a deadly storm that continues to threaten the southeast of texas. tracey and katy. now let's talk to bill about this storm that just is sitting there, but then it moved a little bit back out. >> this is what it looked like it was going to do last week, unfortunately. nobody wanted this to happen when it moves back out over that
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warm water, it can regenerate, gain strength. it has gained some strength. continuing to pump moisture into texas and into louisiana. it eventually is going to move and spread, but it's going to take a couple more days. tuesday now, by wednesday, thursday, still getting rain in this area. then it finally starts to pull away. there is harvey. you can see it spinning over the gulf coast and spreading that moisture inland. we are feeling the effects of another possibly becoming a tropical storm system. it's prspreading rain into the area. not tropical storm yet. looking less likely today. still a possibility. even if it doesn't become a tropical storm, separate system is just forming in our area is going to bring us wind and rain. you'll really feel it at the shore. live view from the marquee is d lafayette hotel. the wind will be increasing. that's just light rain right now. heavy downpours during the day.
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winds at 10 miles an hour. nothing compared to what we'll see later on. actually stronger in the wilmington area. 15-mile-an-hour wind. just a general breeze blowing in allentown and coatesville. most areas are dry. rain is making progress coming up from the south. day goes on. wind speeds making progress too. increasing to 24 miles an hour in wild wood. steady winds. kbus gusts along the coastline. we'll get gusts inland. high risk of dangerous rip currents continues through late tonight through the jersey shore and for the delaware beaches. started yesterday. not going to ease today. here's the radar see it's dry in philadelphia. trenton, wilmington is dry. seeing that rain come up. light rain showers in delaware and south jersey. there are a few spots coming down a little better clip. heavier rain is now way to south and offshore. take time for this to move up the coast and impact us. as this moves up, see the wind increase, surf increase,
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downpours begin. that's today. and tonight as well, but by tomorrow, we'll be drying out. as dreary a day it is going to be today, it's going to be sunny and warmer tomorrow. 78 degrees. wind speeds come way down tomorrow. little bit warmer. cloudy on thursday. slight chance of showers on thursday. friday, we're back to sunshine. the holiday weekend could see some wet weather on saturday and sunday. cold front coming in and potentially some of the moisture left over from harvey. that other tropical storm system been going for days over texas. that might finally move and come our way for saturday and sunday. labor day looking dry. 84 degrees. keep an eye on that too. by tuesday, 81 degrees. few clouds around. next wednesday a chance of showers. sunshine returns on thursday. look at those fall like temperatures in the 70s next thursday afternoon. >> wow. thank you for that. about ten minutes before 5:00 a.m. up and headed out the door to work or school because we are
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seeing kids go back to school. >> that's right. >> construction traffic. >> jessica boyington has an update on that mpkts that's w. n that's when it starts. last week of august lightsest volume and then school begins and we see the big delays. also watching this crash on route one. vehicle off into the trees. see flashlights out. trying to figure this out. looks like a tow truck right in here. little bit dark out. see lane restrictions into the shoulder of this off-ramp right here. northbound side of route 1 too. northbound side is open. see people out pushing themselves over in the left land lane. traffic getting by there. also watching in upper moreland. crash on county line road. another crash in pottstown. and the vine street expressway is open this morning. so if you're heading out the door in the next couple of
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minutes, don't worry about alternates in between broad street and schuylkill make it through center city. nones are on the run in monroe county. >> not really nones, but two women dressed as nones as they tried to rob a bank. police say they are armed and dangerous. look at surveillance from poconos. walked in just afternoon yesterday from citizens bank at route 67. police say despite flashing a gun, women left a bank with no money. seven before five right now. >> take your county by county and state by state for a look at what is happening across our area. start in new castle. someone breaking into dozens of cars there. looking for these two men. may have broken into 60 cars this weekend. investigators say most of the vehicles were unlocked. gloucester county, man struck by a vehicle while walking last night is in the hospital in extremely critical condition. sky force 10 over this truck near the scene at the accident on white horse pike in monroe
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township. police are investigating. learning about addiction takes center stage in newark castle county. hosting annual addiction symposium. all gather to talk about the ongoing opioid crisis and local and federal efforts to fund it. moving to south jersey. four legged officers who serve and protect have new protection of their own. presented gloucester township police k9s with custom body armor last night. high school seniors started operation k9 kevlar to help raise money to support local officers. traded. beloved and magical eagles player moving to a new team. what fans have to say about that decision.
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rain continues to fall and evacuees hope to have somewhere to go. evacuation centers filling up. the latest coming up on today. >> the "today" show will have live team coverage from texas with updates on the rescue and shelter situation. close look at the stories behind some of the memorable images coming out of texas beginning right after nbc 10 today at six. switching gears now, an eagles fan favorite. on and off the field is now gone from the nest. >> last night the team announced it traded long staffer john dorren boenbos dorenbos. a magician off the field. rose to family last year as a finalist on the hit nbc show
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america's got talent. >> the team on you. growing up a little bit. sort of all gone. everyone brand new. >> i don't like it. he's part of the team. he's got comradery. there's nothing wrong with him. don't know why they got rid of him. >> the game will go on without him. birds head up to jersey turnpike to play the jets thursday night. see it here only on nbc 10. >> speaking of football, don't forget to vote for high school football game of the week. this week's choices are as follows. you can vote online and on nbc 10 app or call or text the number right there on your screen. in south jersey, salem county will induct the latest member into the sports hall of fame this evening. honored tonight in his hometown. currently a standout for the calgary flames. ceremony event begins at 6:30 in
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community college. free and open to the public. flyers legend will have his jersey rise to the rafters. team announced yesterday it will retire his number 88 during the ceremony? january. played nearly 500 games for the flyers and led the team to the stanley cup final in 1997. happening today. book bag and school supply give away. city councilman will host the back to school jam starting at 4 this afternoon. rapper lee will be there. welcoming all the kids. uber is teaming up with university of pennsylvania to offer a new ride sharing program on campus now through sunday, ten students, faculty and staff can use uber pool for 99 cents. all trip haves to begin and end on campus. university already offers free
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bus and shuttle ser fasvice. tracking rain and wind. nbc 10 is issued a weather first alert. what you need to know about the storm before you head to work this morning. bracing for another impact. breaking right now, soaked southeastern texas, set to be hit with rain again. >> and swept away, a family is taken away in the fierce floodwaters. now the desperate search to find them alive. nbc 10 breaking news. take a look at the radar. rain is heading our way. >> it's 5:00 a.m. on the dot on tuesday. we have issued a first alert this morning for the jersey shore and southern delaware. those areas are set to see the most rain of our area. let's begin first with meteorologist bill henley. he has the most accurate nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> the first alert is for the tropical effects of


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