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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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first look at four. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm ted greenberg. thank you for being with us. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and neighborhood forecast. and bill the rain is out of here. >> look how much progress it has made. really pulling away from the area fast. few clouds around. done with the rain today. clouds move out and get a nice breeze blowing out the north. just the three mile an hour wind at the lehigh valley. dropped the temperatures into the 50s and the humidity has come way down. down to 55 degrees in the lehigh valley at 7:00 and 10:00 is 65 degrees. northerly wind at 10 miles an hour the clouds are not going to last long. philadelphia, 62 degrees to start with. right down to 61 at 7:00. then nice turn around. 67 degrees. a lot of sunshine at 10:00. upper 60s. didn't get that warm yesterday with the rain and wind. today warm into the middle to
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upper 70s. 78 for new jersey and philadelphia. 78 degrees along with delaware. just a little bit cooler at the shore. still a rip current risk at the shore. be careful. that water is going to be temperatures. still a dangerous situation there. walking through the day hour by hour to show you how quickly things clear out. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting on the schuylkill this morning. camera around girard avenue. watch here on this eastbound side. we have police activity up ahead. once in a while somebody backs up and moves back forward again. i don't know what's happening. you can see what is happening is we're losing part of that left-hand lane on the eastbound side. two lanes getting by here. the shoulder isn't even open with the signs in the way here too. just two lanes getting by on the eastbound side of the schuylkill moving past girard avenue. trenton watch for a crash on the northbound side. detoured around the scene there. just near hamilton avenue. route 42 looks good.
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five minutes on the northbound side. five minutes from walt whitman bridge. moving into philly, right now, no problems or delays. 4:32. breaking overnight. elderly couple is killed as fire tears through their home in ben salem. firefighters working throughout the night to put the flames out. nbc 10 matt delucia joins us live on scene with the breaking detai details. >> reporter: firefighters still at the scene. we see smoke coming out of the house every now and then. we can tell you sadly two people did not middle age ake it out o alive. just behind the fire truck is the house where all this happened. on the 700 block of kings lane of ben salem. fire started around 12:30 this morning. fire quickly consumed the house. when the firefighters got here, fire was so intense they had to fight it from the outside first. once they were able to get inside, found an elderly couple dead on the first floor.
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one point part of the second floor started to collapse. this was very intense fire. right now unclear if this husband and wife had been trying to escape the flames. i do not know at this time. investigation is still ongoing. were located on the first floor. i'm not sure if they were trying to evacuate or not. >> power outage earlier in the evening. no link has been made to that issue. right now fire investigators are trying to figure out what started this. family members have gathered here to watch as firefighters continue their work. crews still here on the scene keeping an eye on this house. for now live, matt delucia. nbc 10 news. 4:33. harvey is a tropical storm. getting ready to make third land fall somewhere along the border of texas and louisiana. here's what we know, houston is under a nightly curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. at least nine people have died in the storm including a police officer who drowned in his car on his way to work.
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more than 18,000 people have been rescued from floodwaters so far. and the storm has now made history. dumping more than 51 inches of rain in one city setting the record for the mainland u.s. police say a woman drowned when she and her young daughter were swept away after escaping from their car which got caught up in flooding caused by harvey. police officers and fire rescue divers in a boat found the two floating in a drainage canal. they could not revive the mother. they took her daughter to the hospital where she's in stable condition. six members of this family are still missing and feared dead after floodwaters in houston swept their van off a bridge. driver, sammy managed to climb out of car window and shouted to four children to escape from the back, but other family members say the kids and their grandparents just could not get out. sheriffs deputies rescued sammy from a tree. he was clinging on to.
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mentioned this death. houston police mourning the loss of officer who drownedeter chie to work. confirmed the death. family feared for safety when he left for work that day. >> wife told me she had asked him not to go in. his father-in-law who is a korean war veteran in the army, combat veteran, told him not to go. the conditions were so bad. his response was, i've got work to do. >> fellow officers eventually tracked his car to a flooded underpass. the dive team found his body. spoke with a philadelphia woman who now lives in rockport texas, couple hundred miles southwest of houston. the coastal region where harvey made land fall friday night. listen as she explains the devastation in her community. >> the church we go to is pretty
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much in half. a lot of my friend's homes, the roofs have been taken off or it's just destroyed. >> her seven month old son safely evacuated her home. she's told it could be up to six weeks before she can return. she has no way of knowing whether her home is destroyed. president trump and fist lady melania trump are back in washington after spending yesterday in texas assessing the damage from harvey. made stops in corpus christi and austin. hurricane harvey may require the most expensive disaster response effort in american history. also praised the response efforts. >> there's never been something so extensive in our country's history. never been anything so historic in terms of damage and for us as what we witnessed with harvey. >> the president pledged to work for recovery funding package to help pay for the damage in texas. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are
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hosting a hurricane relief drive to help harvey victims. it's happening tomorrow from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you can call, text, and go to d it's 4:37. 62 degrees outside. camden county man arrested on sexual assault charges after someone saw the victim on his snapchat page has been ordered to remain behind bars until trial. judge in the case said mason mallen poses a danger to the community. police arrested him in his home earlier this month. someone who knew him called police after seeing a picture of the victim bloodied and naked on his snapchat page. prosecutors say he attacked the woman after she passed out at his home. say the 18-year-old victim needed two surgeries as a result of her injuries. chester county, charges upgraded against this teacher accused of having sex with a
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16-year-old student. coach and teacher. earlier this month, police arrested the 38-year-old for having inappropriate contact with the student. sculptor says he should be in on the conversation of whether it should be removed. in a letter to the philadelphia art commission, says a rush to judgment in the case could lead to a big mistake. he says he's alarmed people are associating mayor rizzo with leaders of the confederacy. he makes it clear he doesn't think the statute should be removed from the location in center city. however, he's willing to offer his assistance if it's deemed necessary. rolling away. driver trying to stop run away bus. new video that shows frantic effort to stop it and what happens next to the driver. plus helping hand. how a local boy is making a show of support for those impacted by harvey. changes to the way you pay
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♪ (colonial penn jingle) goompd morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. all lanes back open on the eastbound side. still losing the shoulder with construction side oefshoulder o into the shoulder. for the most part okay. 95 looks okay too. especially through delaware. drive times north and south. average speeds into the mid 60s there. updates for you. check on new jersey roads when i come back in about ten minutes. 19 minutes before 5:00. we are getting a cool start and dry start. the rain has ended.
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still clouds over philadelphia. 62 degrees. clouds don't last long. clear out. get sunshine. warm to the 60s this morning. then it's 70s this afternoon. north westerly wind. going to stay comfortable. few scattered clouds this morning. suburbs, 59 degrees. mostly sunny skies during the day. right up to 70 degrees with lunchtime. 64 at 4:00 this afternoon. lehigh valley, no rain here. clouds have started to break. little cool ker er as a result. 57 degrees right now. through the 60s pretty quickly. 2:00 in the afternoon. middle 70s in the lehigh valley. new jersey, cloudy right now. 57 degrees. sunshine takes over and look at temperatures, a beautiful summer day. really comfortable and will below normal for temperatures we normally still warm in the 80s this time of year in new jersey. at the shore, the rain has ended. the showers are out of the picture and now sunshine takes over. the clouds are still around this morning. won't last long.
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10:00 this morning. low 70s for noontime. and 2:00 and 4:00 with winds out of the nortd. mo dry air still reaching the shore too. delaware, 60 right now. scattered clouds thinning out. look at 70s for this afternoon. dry today, but another round of shower activity for parts of the area tomorrow. before we get to another chance this weekend. a look ahead with the ten day on ten when i'm back in a few minutes. thank you. searching for shelter. we take you live to texas as the effort to help victims of tropical storm harvey continues. what is being done to find a safe place for thousands in need.
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it's quarter to five. 62 degrees outside. harvey is getting set to make a third land fall bringing more flooding. rain is starting to let up in houston as the storm moves away from there.
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city looking for shelter to find thousands in need. >> nbc joins us live from galveston texas. you've been in texas for days. what's the situation right now. >> reporter: well, tracey and ted, more than 17,000 people so far have been placed in red cross shelters. the number that is certain to rise. >> reporter: inside houston shelters seeking refuge a hot meal and neighbors. >> just very thankful to be here safe. >> reporter: outside the strain of days of historic rainfall pushing critical infrastructure to the limit. two reservoirs that protected downtown houston now spilling over. even as emergency workers continue to release water. houston police announcing the loss of one of their own. >> he was a sweet, gentle public
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servant. >> reporter: sergeant drown in patrol car on the way to duty. >> i told him not to go to work. didn't want him to go and his response was, i've got work to do. >> reporter: president trump offered reassurances to texas during his visit to corpus christi tuesday. >> this is historic. it's epic what happened, but you know what, it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. >> there have been arrests for looting, overall, things have been orderly. rescues continue around the clock. strangers coming from far and wide. to support a region battered, but not beaten. and at least nine people are confirmed dead. more reported missing. officials say for now, efforts remain focused on rescues. tracey and ted, back to you.
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>> so many people still in need. thank you so much. let's talk to bill henley. saying it all morning. about to make a third land fall. >> you associate land fall with a tropical storm as a bad thing. in this case, it's a good thing. sooner it gets away from the warm gulf coast waters. where all the moisture is coming from. it's moving slowly. it is moving. we're going to see that happen this morning. the land fall. that's the radar and satellite of harvey right now. still spinning. the center is just offshore. you can see all the moisture is spinning just to the north. eastern texas, and louisiana. the winds are at 45 miles an hour. around the storm and moving to the northeast at 7 miles an hour. that's a slow movement that is going to continue this morning. rain is till spreading into louisiana, arkansas, mississippi and rain will stretch far to the north into kentucky.
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the center is still well to the southwest. that's at noon tomorrow. look at the turn it takes and progress it makes as it pulls away from the gulf coast. that moisture is going to be spreading into our area. looks like just in time for the beginning of the holiday weekend. friday at 11:00 p.m. it will be dry in our area. wet weather is not far away. at the center of the system is still well to the southwest. wet weather will proceed to the center of the storm system moving into our area. this morning drying out after yesterday's rain. cape may, few puddles left. rain has ended and quickly moved offshore. temperatures cooling downright now. a ways to go before sunrise. in fact about an hour and a half before sunrise this morning. 62 degrees in philadelphia. 60 in delaware. south jersey, 61 degrees. 50s once again in the suburbs. something that didn't happen yesterday with the clouds that were around. 57 right now in collegeville.
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down to 55 in port washington. numbers warm into the 70s this afternoon. really comfortable day. the temperature goes up. humidity comes down. moisture line goes low again today, but come tomorrow, we'll see that line come right back up with a chance of more showers. dry today, wet weather is to our west. shower chance tomorrow is coming from this weak front that's coming in from the north. later in the afternoon, chance of shower possibly an isolated thunderstorm. that's tomorrow. today is sunny and 78 degrees. need sunglasses today. late day umbrellas for tomorrow and dry day friday. here comes what's left over of harvey saturday and lingering into sunday. monday we are warming up. 84 degrees. got nice sunny warm day on tuesday before another chance of showers comes in wednesday and thursday. so if you're making plans at the shore for the holiday weekend, you can count on showers and
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possibly some thunderstorms on saturday. look at labor day monday. temperatures in the low 80s. >> it would be great to start the summer again. >> i'm all for it. that's a plan. >> no. >> right now we made it to the middle of the week. >> the one person in the whole world that loves the fall. >> i love fall too. >> it's my favorite. you're not in school anymore. rather not be hot. also watching admiral wilson boulevard. moving through camden. ben franklin bridge toll plaza over here. everything looks good so far. no problems moving up and over the bridges and speaking of that, look at the rest of them too. nice and clear this morning. same goes for the betsy ross. not seeing any openings right now. trenton, over in jersey, watch for crash on route 129 northbound side right around hamilton avenue. detouring traffic for now around the scene. end here with route 202. looks good so far. see ten minutes or 11 minutes at
4:52 am
the most on the southbound side from schuylkill to route 30 and speeds also into the 60s. ted and tracey, back to you. eight minutes before five right now. the man wanted for can i feeling a woman in a hit and run crash in center city philadelphia has turned himself in to police. surrendered yesterday. he crashed this white jeep wrangler into an earlier this month at 13th and race near the pennsylvania convention center. charged with involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle. a new york city bus driver is in critical condition after being crushed by his own bus. >> warning, you may find this video disturbing. kwan to roll backwards after he failed to secure the emergency brake. tried to get inside, but ended up getting crushed between the bus and utility pole. second driver saw what was happening and managed to pull the bus's emergency brake.
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there's a phone scam targeting people in gloucester county. authorities urging residents not to give information to anyone posing as county employee unless they initiated the phone call to county agency. if it happens to you, hang up. if the calls persist, call police. nj transit police department has a new crime tool. every member has a body camera. state transportation trust fund will cover the cost of $2 million. making a difference. how a local boy is setting up shop to help those impacted by tropical storm harvey. plus missing the magic man. eagles players weigh in on one of the most popular players ever traded.
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updates the on rescues and growing concerns about two reservoirs that might fail. reports beginning after nbc 10 news today at six. every little bit helps when it comes to raising money for harvey relief. >> one local boy is doing his part a glass at a time. #. just trying to think of things we could do to help out. this is what we thought of that could get jet involved and just do anything we can to support those down here because we are so far away. >> jet's mom says she's been overwhelmed by the number of
4:57 am
people stopping by to buy a drink. 4:57. the magic man is on his way to new orleans. eagles traded fan favorite john dorenbos to the saints. also well liked in the locker room and served as team leader. comes week after wide receiver matthew was traded. also highly regarded among teammates. >> those two are going to be great for their new team. bring energy for their teams and i think with us, we're going to be another guy that has to step it up. >> those guys were great guys. some of the veterans in the locker room have to help make up for it and help lead the young guys and teach them the way. >> meanwhile, staying focused on tomorrow's preseason game against the jets. not clear if backup quarterback will be able to play. been dealing with soreness in throwing elbow. nbc 10 is official station of the eagles. only watch the game right here.
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live coverage from metlife stadium begins tomorrow at 6:00. today sole celebration. >> we're very excited about that. philadelphia seooul. philadelphia soul world champion day. rally begins at city hall at noon. team then goes to keep the party going. beat the tampa bay storm over the weekend to capture second straight championship. local kids got to work out like a prowith help from the phillies. talked about the importance of leading healthy and active lives. >> one school getting the year started on the right note. check out this flash back flash mob.
4:59 am
>> performed yesterday inside center city school. sang can't stop the beat. a music video was being made of the performance. which will be shared with the entire student body at all four campuses. >> very fun. now more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. elderly couple dead. breaking this morning, a house fire killed two people inside. bracing for impact. just learned that tropical storm harvey has made landfall in louisiana. the rush to rescue thousands from the rising floodwaters. mother's call to action. her 14-year-old son was murdered. now she says her community is failing her. it's 5:00 a.m. good morning. and welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson.
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i'm ted green berberg. thank you for being with us. begin with meteorologist bill henley. rain is out of here. >> finally, yes. dry day today. sunny and comfortable too. cape may has clouds overhead. rain moved out. still a few puddles left behind and wind is still blowing. the rip current risk is still dangerous for today. so that water is going to be temperatures, especially with sunny skies today. be careful. atlantic city, cape may, dry in delaware. ship bottom no rainfall there. clearing out for wilmington and philadelphia with mostly clear skies now. allentown, and the suburbs are also clearing out. which is why the temperatures there are cooler. 56 degrees now in the lehigh valley. northerly wind at six miles an hour in the suburbs. right at 60 degrees in delaware. this is one of the first spots saw rain yesterday. going to be sunshine today. the clouds thin, 59 degrees. still cool at 7:00. then into the upper 60s. that's at 10:00 this morning.


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