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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 6, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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we have no idea what's in store. we'll have to pray for the best. >> hurricane irma continues to strengthen. its path uncertain, evacuations underway throughout the caribbean and in parts of florida as millions prepare for a potentially catastrophic storm. >> protesters storming major cities around the country. outraged over president trump's rescinding of rights for dreamers. >> i have a great heart for the folks we're talking about. i have a love for these people and hopefully now congress will be able to help them. >> a hugh dean ee like shop lifting suspect who wig lz out of handcuffs and manages to steal the officers suv. but that's not all. >> month's after june's horrific
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inferno, princes william and harry continue meeting with victim. >> plus a new fourth type of chocolate to rival flavors. dark and white, can you guess what it is? "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. potentially catastrophic, that's how hurricane irma is being described. as it barrels towards the united states. the category 5 storm is one of the most powerful ever recorded, packing sustained winds of 180 miles per hour. puerto rico is buckling down as irma looms offshore. businesses boarded up as residents stocked up on supplies. with dozens of flights canceled, stranded tourists say they are prepared to ride out the storm. >> i'm prepared. i got my water. i got my food. i got my flashlights. i got my emergency stuff and i'm ready. >> preparations are also underway in florida. tourists in the florida keys have been ordered to evacuate with a mandatory order for residents likely in the coming hours.
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and throughout the state floridians are clearing store shelves of water, batteries and other supplies. governor rick scott says he's activating the national guard to help with preparedness. meteorologist bonnie snyder joins us now with more on irma. >> well, philip and frances, unfortunately the storm has not weakened at all overnight. this is a powerful massive category 5 hurricane. look at that well defined eye. this is where the strongest winds are in the eye wall at 185 miles per hour. it's really hard to believe these are unusual storms to see something so big. you can see watches and warnings posted across much of the caribbean including portions of cube a. let's look at the latest position of the storm, looking at the satellite perspective. again, well defined, winds at 185, five miles north of barbuda but bearing down on that island. the track takes it as a category 5 straight through thursday. uncertain once we get to the weekend, but certainly florida in that cone of uncertainty. keep in mind this skinny line you see here coming close to key west isn't necessarily exactly the line of the path.
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it's kind of an in between, between the cone of uncertainty. so, now is the time to make your preparations across the southeast for powerful hurricane irma. really unfortunately not expecting the storm to weaken, frances, through the florida straits, the water temperatures in the upper 80s. so, if anything, it's going to keep its intense ilt as a major storm. >> a lot to watch when it comes to irma, bonnie. thank you. >> hurricane irma is expected to hit puerto rico full force today. it will likely be one of the most powerful storms the island has seen in nearly a century. nbc's morgan radulford is in sa juan with more. >> reporter: frances, good morning. the national guard has already been activated and schools are closed today. you can see the clouds getting darker and the waves getting choppy eras waves are headed our way. puerto rico in the bull's eye preparing for what could be one of the biggest hurricanes the island has ever seen. >> it's a huge storm so people are really worried about it. >> reporter: the governor asking president trump to declare a federal disaster.
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saying the magnitude of this event is beyond the capabilities of his government. this as fema says they have 300,000 meals and half a million liters of water ready to go. >> we have a category 5 approaching our area so the message is for the people to get ready. >> reporter: 500 buildings across the island are being turned into emergency response centers like this one. you can see people behind me here loading generators on trucks. they have boats at the ready to help more than 62,000 people who might be displaced. the mayor is here in the shelter preparing meals. >> mayors are no better than people and people need to know that their mayor is there. >> reporter: they are on a tiny island bracing for a heavy hit. president trump has accepted the governor's request to declare puerto rico a federal state of emergency. frances? >> all right, morgan radford, thank you for that report. >> new political fire storm erupts as the white house begins rolling back protections for
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young undocument the immigrants. attorney general jeff sessions announced the new policy ending deferred action for childhood arrivals. though deportations for the hundreds of thousands of daca recipients won't happen right away, president trump is allowing a six-month delay saying he hopes congress can help them. >> i have a love for these people and hopefully now congress will be able to help them and do it properly. and really we have no choice, we have to be able to do something. and i think it's going to work out very well. and long term it's going to be the right solution. >> despite the president's optimism, thousands of activists and so-called dreamers took to the streets across the country protesting the decision. and in a rare public rebuke, former president obama took to facebook, calling the decision cruel and self-defeating because the young immigrants want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military and otherwise contribute to the country we love. >> support for daca is mixed within the gop. many republicans focused on the legality of the issue while
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others representatives steve king of what twa downplayed the hardship facing the dreamers comparing their possible deportations to sending peace core volunteers abroad. nbc's tracy potts is in d.c. for us this morning. tracy, good morning. how is the decision playing out? >> reporter: so we're seeing how it's playing out in the streets, frances, with the fact that people are pouring into the streets to protest this change by president trump. these dreamers are worried about how soon they may be sent to countries that many of them have never visited, have no connection to whatsoever. how it's playing out here on capitol hill, this big split not just between democrats and republicans, but amongst republicans about how they will try to fix this over the next six months. and then from the white house, a set of talking points for homeland security on how to view this, they are, as you noted, very much looking at this as an issue of the rule of law, saying that we are a nation of laws that the way that this was put
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in place, this order by president obama, was unconstitutional. that daca recipients will be allowed to hold onto their daca status and their work authorizations until they expire. this is going to phase out over the next 2 1/2 years unless congress acts. and this was an interesting point, urging recipients to use the time that they have to prepare for and arrange their exit from the united states. although they have told homeland security that unless they're criminals, people who are brought to this country illegally as children, these dreamers will not be a priority for deportation. so, still a lot of confusion about how this is going to play out. >> all right, tracy potts for us. tracy, thank you. >> and as tracy just mentioned, the future is uncertain for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants. many of those who spent most of their lives in the u.s. nbc's jacob reports on how president trump's' decision is impacting these so-called dreamers. >> reporter: pablo garcia rushed
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to make an improve two stop before his first class at cal state fuller ton. like 900 of the 40,000 students on campus here, pablo is a dreamer. brought to the u.s. from mexico illegally when he was 5. and at the school's resource center dedicated to undocumented immigrants, he heard what he feared most. >> daca is being rescinded. >> how do you process the idea of leaving here and having to one day go there? maybe within six months from now? >> it's just heart breaking that, you know, i could be deported any time any time within six months or after six months. it's unknown. i'm not afraid of unknown, but this unknown is shocking. >> reporter: shocking in part because pablo like so many others must now juggle the possibility of deportation with his other daily responsibilities. and today that's his biology lab. you have to go here to your biology classroom, 363 cal state fuller ton. how do you process your normal
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day to day life when it's in the context of all this? >> i have to stay strong, remain strong especially for my siblings. >> reporter: pablo wasn't born here but his five younger siblings were making them american citizens not subject to deportation. >> just because you're not born here you're not treated the same, you don't have the same privileges but yet you do have to pay taxes. we don't get treated the same. >> reporter: for a generation of immigrants, everyday life now interrupted. and a six-month count down begins. jacob soberoff, nbc news. >> we'll turn back to hurricane irma as we have been seeing overnight, not weakening at all. here is nbc meteorologist bonnie. >> frances and philip, unfortunately this is still a category 5, a massive hurricane that was likely going to be catastrophic. five miles north of barbuda, that's where the eye is. but it's still impacting those islands right now. as you can see, the track keeps the intensity as a category 5 straight through thursday. then a category 4 still a major storm. once we get to the weekend, that's when things get more uncertain of when the storm will make that right turn.
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that will make a big difference on how the storm will impact the u.s., particularly for florida. that's a look at x
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the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper check out these daring rescues along the southern cold of england. a coast guard helicopter was called to the scene after 13 people were trapped for hours at the top of a tower more than 170 feet tall. this after the gondola they were in malfunctioned. rescue teams brought everyone safely to the ground. the sky line company which operates the attraction later apologized. >> leading the news, prince william and prince harry took time to visit victims of the tower fire back in june. the royal brothers chat the with some of the survivors at the mental health center they established in the aftermath of the fire to help victims cope. during the visit prince harry urged them to, quote, be there for each other and share their experiences. the fire ripped through the apartment complex killing at least 80 people. it was home to a poor multi
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ethnic community. >> check out this brazen robbery here. it happened at a california target store. it was all caught on dam ra. a surveillance video shows three masked men storming the front entrance. at least two of them were armed. one had a hand gun, the other had a rifle. they forced the workers and the customers to the floor before raiding the cash register. the suspects then fled in a silver sedan. police are investigating. >> just ahead, russia's vladimir putin is calling for talks with north korea this morning saying sanctions just aren't enough, but is kim jong-un itch fogger a showdown with the u.s.? we certainly are lucky because our in-laws moved in with us. so great. those are moms. yes, they are. and our adult children, they're here too. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. now we get three generations of clothes clean in one wash. has anyone seen my pants? i found 'em ellen! put those on, dad! nothing cleans better. number 1 trusted, number 1 awarded.
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leaders across the world are trying to prevent the nuclear standoff with north korea from exploding into war. president trump spoke with australia's prime minister who said the two countries completely agreed on how to avoid a conflict with north korea. >> we are absolutely of the one mind in condemning this reckless conduct. everybody wants to get this dangerous situation resolved, bring this reckless, dangerous, provocative regime to its senses without conflict. a conflict would be catastrophic. everyone understands that. >> nbc's janice mackie frayer is in beijing for us. how are countries trying to prevent nuclear war? >> reporter: good morning, philip.
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it's the situation that is testing a lot of world leaders now. south korea's president says that unless something is done, the situation could spin out of control. he is meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the side lines of an economic forum. putin has gone on the record as saying that sanctions at this point would be useless. they have not worked until now. in trying to decode the mind-set of the regime, they would rather eat grass than give up their nuclear ambitions. so, they are pushing for dialogue as the possible solution. russia, china, and now south korea trying to find common ground with china and russia in believing that that would be the way forward. that is in response partially to the criticism from president trump that south korea should give up on its willingness to negotiate with the north in saying that it amounts to appeasement and that talk right now is not the answer. the u.s., of course, is pushing for tougher sanctions.
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in particular, an oil embargo is being talked about. that is where china holds the key. it supplies 80% of north korea's oil needs. so, if they did shut off the taps, then it would effectively shut down the economy. the problem, of course, is that china does not want the regime to collapse. it would have geopolitical implications. so the question being debated in china now is, is regime collapse worse than having a nuclear capable neighbor? patience here is certainly wearing thin with the antics of kim jong-un, but it's unclear what china's next move could be. philip and frances, back to you. >> the world is watching. janice, thank you. >> still to come we've got some big news for all you chocolate lovers out there. plus a baseball scandal with a high-tech twist involving two of the game's biggest all-time rivals. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need
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...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants... skirts. we eat alone... ...and together. women are strong. we eat, and we own it. special k. this is the weird est thing i've ever seen. the other night a local weather man was giving the forecast when his microphone picked up something kind of strange. anyway, this is real. just check it. >> a fairly quiet weekend. 88 mobile, 88 pensacola. dustin at 88 and 89 degrees -- [ laughter ] >> he was like, it feels like a warm breeze is blowing in from the south. we have a great show -- >> oh, my god. i think it's because he bent over that made it worse. >> oh, my god.
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>> this one, with a guy you're on national news, i made it. >> not the way, poor dude. never going to live that down. >> got a feel for him. next for all you chocolate lovers out there, chocolate maker is debuting what he calls a fourth type of chocolate. we all know there's milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, now there is ruby chocolate. he says it is natural chocolate that comes with a ruby flavor and fresh and fruity taste. there is no arts official berry flavor or color added. i don't think there is any such thing as bad -- i take that back. i've tried green tea chocolate. not the best thing. when it comes to chocolate, can't go wrong. >> this guy has been holding out on us. sounds good. new york and boston sports rivalry got kicked up a notch. they were already huge rivals. this report from "the new york times" says red sox used apple watches to use signs from their
3:54 am
arch nemesis. the yankees filed complaint with video accusing the red sox staffer of looking at their watches and relaying information to the players. keep in mind sign stealing itself is not illegal, but it is limited to what players can see with their own eyes. any use of technology is not allowed. it will be corroborated, the yankees claim, but it is unclear if any penalties will be handed down. both teams, though, they're in police offic playoff contention here. red sox won two of the three games they're talking about. now the red sox are ahead and the yankees have something to complain about here. >> more fuel for the nastiness when it comes to the red sox-yankees rivalry. >> boston sports has a bad reputation for cheating. >> maybe applegate? >> not going to help. >> this is "early today". (vo) more "doing chores for mom" per roll
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dance instruct torl arrest ed. senator on trial. corruption case against bob menendez begins today. what he's accused of doing. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we' we'll get to hurricane irma in a bit. start with krystal klei. tracking rain in the area.
3:59 am
today the storms likely won't have as much strength as they did in the northern edge yesterday. we will still see thunderstorms. a few moving through right now across the board. couple of lightning strikes. then a little pocket of stronger storms starting to move into sussex county as well. take a closer look at some of these areas. start off with parts of monlt gom montgomery and bucks county. good news it's moving quickly. bad news rk, the rain you're seeing, it is going to be lasting through the day. not a short lived event. on and off rain showers. spot thunderstorms throughout the morning. throughout your afternoon. and then starting to break down overnight. as for your temperatures, we're at 69 in philadelphia right now. 70 in millville. lancaster at 65 degrees. 70 atlantic city.
4:00 am
temperatures going to warm up just a bit as we get to the afternoon. tracking your temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood and more on the rain moving through coming up. right now go over to traffic with jessica boyington. >> starting on 95 this morning. cameras around girard avenue showing you nothing. that's a good thing right now. average speeds into the 60s. 13 minute trip. moving towards center city gives you no problems right now. schuylkill looks good too. earlier vehicle fire cleared out of the way. only drive time of 12 minutes. speeds also into the 60s. end here with mass transit. everything looks good for septa, new jersey transit. patco all on or close to schedule. vai and tracey. hurricane irma the most powerful storm ever recorded in the atlantic ocean made first land fall in caribbean. passed over the island of


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