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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  September 8, 2017 12:05am-1:08am EDT

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there you go. >> al: handoff to west. west breaks free and into the end zone he goes for a touchdown. charcandrick west. >> al: that is 535 yards tonight against matt patricia's defense. >> cris: it is not a defense right now. that is the problem. they have a lot of different moving parts. and there is just confusion. great block in there on van noy. and back-to-back runs like that against the new england patriots. this is not new england's defense. >> al: not even close. santos. gets ready to make it a 14-point game. >> cris: remember what kansas city did to them in kansas city. >> al: absolutely.
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well, that was in 2014. they killed them on a monday night to send the patriots to a 2-2 record. meanwhile we will finish that in a second as we go back to the replay here of west. >> cris: yeah. witzman up here on the second level on van noy. once they had that there was nobody left in there. for the new england patriots, you always hear about doing your job, right. for a defense that means that you have this gap. you have this gap. you have this responsibility. you have this responsibility. when dont'a hightower gets hurt and you have people moving around, you don't know. marsh is in for five days. they don't know the defense yet. >> al: bill belichick has been a head coach in his 23rd year, five in cleveland. 18th year. this is the most yardage against a belichick team ever.
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tied for the most points he allowed. and we still have 4:00 to play. >> cris: i was going to say. people in atlanta will tell you that it is not over. >> al: dion lewis. he gets smothered. 15 yard line. they are full of life. these chiefs are going to come in here. 3:56 to go. they come out with a victory. wouldn't that be something. hunt. >> cris: fumbled on the first carry of his career and from that moment on he has been inspired. catching the ball. running the ball. dragging people into the end zone. some debut for the rookie, kareem hunt. >> al: from the 14 yard line. brady now. trying to get something going in a hurry. instead they knock him down at
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the 5 yard line. do you remember the game in 2014, i think it was week 4. a monday night game in kansas city. the chiefs destroyed the patriots. we get here the next week for a sunday night game against cincinnati and they are going crazy. brady almost gets sacked in the end zone. the ball has to come out. >> cris: completely. it has to be completely out of the end zone. if one tip of the ball is on the line as he goes down. justin houston is starting to look an awful like justin houston. >> al: kansas city now with three sacks. third and 24. brady dumps one. talking about the game in 14. they get killed. we come in to new england. the papers are going crazy.
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talk radio is going wild. what are they talking about. brady might be finished. give garoppolo a chance. belichick lost his magic. >> cris: and can we trust belichick anymore. there were crazy headlines. >> al: it was wild. that is the game after the game in the press conference when belichick said we are on to cincinnati. we are on to cincinnati. come in here the following week and they destroyed the bengals. >> al: allen with the punt. out of bounds at about the 45 yard line. here are some of the headlines. we came in there that week. you talk about the sky falling. down and out. bad to worse. no win. brady can't turn it around without support. crossroad. getting harder to trust bill. yeah, okay.
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even tom's doubt showing. what happened that year? they only won two super bowls since then. >> cris: i always think that for this organization they set their roster. they figure out who is going to play where and who is going to do what in september. they coach them up and they roll. this is a long way from over for the new england patriots. >> al: this is hunt again. you know what may be over very shortly, all of the talk about a perfect season. >> cris: ah. >> al: think about that. took about 3 1/2 hours. >> cris: you never know, they night start it for kansas city now. >> al: alex smith meanwhile, a night of nights. >> cris: come in on the road, all of the conversations about the guy they drafted to replace you. and you pitch nearly a perfect game. for alex smith, this is what i liked the best. he did not take anything off of that throw. he wanted the touchdown out of it. the same thing with this one to hunt.ght on the button.
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the catch and the run and the celebration. good for you alex smith. >> al: new england took a time-out. will hunt add to his total? yes, he will.gus to take their second time-out and they do. 145 yards on the ground. 98 in receptions tonight for hunt. scrimmage. >> cris: i can remember when i played for the bengals. one year they drafted a wide receiver, eddie brown. balance things out. whatever. next year they drafted another wide receiver in the first round, mcgee. i am like wait a minute. this is not so good. i think for alex smith he had one of those moments too. i have already gone through this with colin kaepernick and company in san francisco. now you are drafting this guy
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and basically telling me you don't want me to do it and a guy that throws it down the field. >> al: third and five. a whistle before the snap. too many men on the field i think for new england. >> referee: 12 men, defense. five-yard penalty. still third down. >> cris: there is not a natural leader in the middle of the defense that we are so used to seeing. je'rod mayo over the years, hightower. we have seen really strong figures in there. and right now they are trying to figure out what that is. third and one. that will be a first down. that will take a good part of the clock away. kareem hunt with the full workload tonight. 17 carries.
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5 receptions. that makes it a first down. that will take us to the two-minute warning. and this place has emptied out. you don't see that very often. you only see it when they are routing the opposition. different story tonight. two minutes left. kansas city 42, new england 27.
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>> al: stay tuned for michele on the field with the stars of the game. i have a feeling alex smith might be a part of that. cris will look to see what we have ahead in less than 72 hours when the giants and cowboys open up their season on sunday night. >> cris: give credit to andy reid. even though they drafted patrick mahomes, they still from day one said alex smith is our quarterback. i know mahomes is playing well in the preseason. alex smith is our quarterback. that meant a lot to alex smith. and he appreciated the fact that hey, what he said is that
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everybody knows what is going on. i had plenty of conversations with patrick mahomes about this is what it will be. there will be a transition. when the transition takes place that will be the question if alex smith is playing like this. >> al: early victory formation. you lose spencer ware which gave hunt a chance. they also got rid of the one really deep threat that they had last year, jeremy maclin. you know he is the one guy that goes down the field. everybody thought the same dink and dunk stuff. alex smith morphed into something else tonight. kansas city chiefs coming in. a pretty stunning upset. >> cris: there is good news with that guy right there. when justin houston is right,
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what did he have 27 sacks a year ago. 22 sacks. then he has been in and out of the lineup. injuries. trying to come back last year. he is a difference maker. not just the sacks. the way that he played the edge on the run plays out there. he is a difference maker. >> al: well, that will wrap it up as the clock will expire for tom brady. 16 of 36 with 267 tonight, no touchdowns. no picks. gronkowski caught only two. great mutual respect between those guys. coached a few games in their times. and for alex smith, 80%. 2 368 yards, 4 touchdowns.
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537 yards of offense for the chiefs. coming up next volkswagen postgame report after these messages.
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welcome to the volkswagen postgame report. >> wow! stunning game here in foxborough. kareem hunt, the third round
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pick out of toledo with a night to remember. a debut to remember. three touchdowns for hunt as kansas city beats new england 42-27. this game looked like it was over going the patriots way at the start. 7-0. a replay touchdown that was overturned on their way to 14-0. kansas city was the much better team in the second half. game balls pretty obvious. alex smith, the incredible performance he had outplayed tom brady. four touchdowns, kareem hunt and justin houston with three sacks and the trio of chiefs is standing by with michele tafoya. >> michele: mike, thank you. alex, you guys were embracing the opportunity to come on the road to face the defending super bowl champions. you thought hey, if we win great. well, you did. what did you learn about yourselves tonight? >> i mean what a game tonight, right. hats off to these guys. the defending world champs. we knew it would be a battle.
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what a game. hope it was as much fun to watch as it was to play in. we have been staring at this date for six months. we have been working. you have no idea. you really don't know if it will pay off or not. but you invest and invest. you have to go all-in. luckily tonight we made the plays that really counted. we were down early. kept battling and making adjustments and we made enough plays down the stretch to get the w. >> michele: three drives of 90 yards or more in this game. you only had one all of last season. what was the difference? >> i know you are going to hate hearing this, execution. doing the job. capitalizing when the opportunities present themselves. guys making plays and playing together. being opportunistic. >> michele: kareem hunt, your rookie, quite a debut. >> what a day for the kid.
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to have the first play go the way that it did, not many guys could come back to do what he did tonight. to have the game that he did after the start. put us on his back for quite a while there. man, he played like a vet. super pumped for him. i couldn't be happier. >> michele: congratulations. let's revisit that fumble. you never fumbled in four years at toledo. your first carry is a fumble. how did you recover? >> i had to forget about it. i had guys like justin houston telling me you have to forget about the bad plays and keep playing balls. i know i am better than that. i had to go out there and recover and honestly i just forgot about it. >> michele: three touchdowns and you set an nfl record from most yards from scrimmage for any player in his nfl debut in nfl history. how does that strike you? >> it is a huge accomplishment.
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i am very happy about it. i have to keep coming out and showing up every game. honestly i want to get better and better. i didn't have a perfect game like i wanted to. i have a lot to learn and i am going to get better and better. >> michele: congratulations. let's talk defense with justin houston. to come in and stop the guys on a couple of fourth downs. big, big stops. how were you so effective in those situations? >> we have been battle-tested before. bend but don't break. no matter what the situation is, they are not in the end zone until they are in. when we are on the field we have to make plays and our job is to get the offense the ball. that is what we try to do every day. >> michele: what was it like to see eric berry, your teammate carted off with the achilles injury? >> it is tough. i pray to god he will be all right. it is tough to lose a guy like that. you cannot replace a guy like that. we have to keep building. one man down.
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the next man up. he will be with us on the field or off. we are one team and one heart beat. we would prefer to have him on the field. we will wait to see the outcome. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. our thoughts with eric as well. dan patrick back to host "the dan patrick show" tomorrow morning. there will be a lot to talk about on dan's show. tom brady, 16 of 36. alex smith's performance. we talked about kareem hunt. 537 yards, the most a bill belichick head coached team ever allowed. >> i have never seen a patriots defense look like this. no intensity. blown coverages. they looked confused. that is something matt patricia prides himself on. making sure everyone communicates. this team is in trouble if they don't get the defense straightened up. >> i think we have to give credit to the kansas city offense.
12:25 am
kareem hunt had a fantastic game. alex smith, wasn't getting rushed. but he made the plays. before we get too down on the patriots, we have seen this movie before. on to cincinnati. they bounced back and played really well. let's give the patriots a chance to make adjustments. >> alex smith didn't know the difference. they were more aggressive down the field. they were letting them play. andy reid opened up the offense and was throwing the ball down the field. >> hunt, hill and kelce, they can attack down the field. a dollar every time you hear we are on to new orleans. kansas city is to play philadelphia. we will go to al and cris for a final word about tonight as we continue and they raised the banner but the chiefs had the last word on this opening night. >> only one game, mike.
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>> hey guys, i hope you enjoyed the game. reese witherspoon is here and we are playing a brand-new trivia game and one of the biggest bands in the world, u2 is performing tonight. welcome back to the volkswagen suvw postgame report. here are al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> al: one down and now we got a big one on sunday night with the giants and the cowboys. we have so many of these games on "sunday night football." ezekiel elliott we know will play for dallas. but we don't know about odell beckham jr. he did not practice. >> cris: go figure. we get ezekiel. we thought he would not play. who knows what will happen in this league. the thing that i love about that series is that it is just so raw with emotion. now that you have the new york giants playing defense like the new york giants of old again.
12:29 am
eli manning having so many weapons out there with dak and ezekiel. stars all over the field. the giants got them twice last year. >> al: dallas last year was 13-3. the third loss was to philadelphia, meaningless at the end of the year. why do the giants have so much against against the dallas cowboys? >> cris: i think they can match up physically with them across that defensive line. janoris jenkins did a great job on the outside working on their receivers. this is a football team fully capable at this point of winning the super bowl. both of these teams are fully capable of representing the nfc in the super bowl this. is a big game. amaze to say on week 1. it will be very close coming down the stretch. >> al: off we go to jerry world for "sunday night football" in three days. final score here tonight kansas city 42 and new england 27. coming up next except on the
12:30 am
west coast is your local news followed by the tonight show with jimmy fallon. now for the great crew, this is al michaels, for cris collinsworth and michele tafoya good night from foxborough, massachusetts. n
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right now on nbc ten news, in the eye of irma. the storm is doing more damage in the caribbean and now parts of florida are under a hurricane warning. we begin here at home where a gunman shot and killed a father right in front of his two-year-old daughter. >> police believe this all happened during a robbery. nbc 10's brandon hudson is following the latest developments from the scene. >> reporter: well, judge i am and jacqueline, one of those two robbers shot this father right in front of his home which is just down the street. you can see several detectives are still out right now. police say that this father just stepped right out of his car when he was shot with his two-year-old and family dog in the back seat. a surreal night on this quiet street. neighbors watched in disbelief. their sense of safety shattered as police vest gated a shooting. >> he just put both feet on the streets, exited the driver door of his vehicle when the
12:34 am
perpetrator's approached him, put a gun to his face and robbed him of his wallet. >> investigators say the victim was shot in front of his two-year-old daughter, even though he gave up his wallet. officers found him lying in the street around 8:00 tonight. >> he was bleeding heavily from his face and head. >> they rushed him to the hospital where he later died. off-camera nablz told us the victim was well-known on this block. they say his wife just gave birth to another daughter. >> it appears that this victim was shot from point-blank range. he's clearly the intended target. >> reporter: both young children are with their mother tonight. police took several witnesses to central detectives to talk to them. police are also looking at private and city surveillance cameras. they say those two robbers who were in their late teens or early 20s weths went north onpd street. >> new tonight, a house fire in north philadelphia spent with two people to the hospital, including a police officer.
12:35 am
sigh force 10 over this scene on north sixth street. authorities tell us both are being treated for smoke inhalation but no word on how serious their injuries are. >> back now to our continuing coverage of hurricane irma. the storm is still a cat goir 5 hurricane as it moves across the caribbean. it's over the turks and caicos now and and is expected to hit the bahamas within the next several hours. >> and we're also getting a better look at some of the areas already devastated by this monster storm. islands such as barbuda almost completely destroyed. officials across the caribbean are also reporting at least 12 deaths. >> florida is now bracing for a possible direct hit from hurricane irma. the national weather service has issued its first hurricane warning for parts of the state. and the governor has ordered all public schools, colleges and state offices closed. >> officials have ordered more people to evacuate as this storm gets closer to the u.s. >> let's get the latest on
12:36 am
irma's track right now. >> you know what? i have a little bit of good news. this is just a little bit of good news. let's take a look at this loop. over the last say 12 hours, let's watch. it begins to shing in size. it ginls to come a little less organized, and that's because the air mass that is entering now is a little less favorable. so it may start weakening even morment it's dropped about 10 miles an hour in wind speed right now. the outer bands are about 404 miles from miami, so it's still on a track for florida, but any weakening would be welcome. you can see it moving into the turks and caicos. they're going to suffer some very extreme damage. so let's take a look at this path. 165 mile an hour winds now. that is a category 5, but it is down from that 185 last night. it is 55 miles northeast of great inaugust with a island and the pressure is at 920. so the pressure has dropped a little. it's expected to stay over water, but it should be sometime
12:37 am
it looks like saturday night and early sunday morning it makes landfall on the tip, perhaps, of florida. all the way up through florida, but look at this. it diminishes to a 3 rather rapidly and then it moves through jacksonville and up in the tennessee valley. this is the cone, so anywhere within this cone it could go, but all the models are now falling in line with where this central line is. and we're getting closer in time, so that's something we'll be watching. you can see right here all the warnings that have gone up for storm surge and wind, all of the high surf around florida. these will continue to move up both koesz over the next several hours. i'll have more on what's going on with irma and we'll see the other hurricanes as well as your forecast here at home when i come back. >> and while some people prepare to stick it out in their homes, others are scrambling to get out. >> shows us why both are prooug very difficult. >> local families are panicking. a viewer from bucks county sent us these pictures from central florida, the store shelves they are bare.
12:38 am
this is at a walmart. there is no water and lines are incredibly long. one family i spoke with from filly is stuck there. long lines for plywood and gasoline. >> we're expecting a truck >> look at the traffic. while some store shelves are bare. so thousands at airports are counting on luckment some flights sold out in arld. some seats more than $1,900. way too expensive for the washington family. >> it's no hope, you no. >> our tree is going to fall down. >> and she's scared. >> i talked with yef yet on face time. her flight out of florida was canceled. she says her family only has the hotel room until saturday and can't rebook, so they have no place to stay when irma makes landfall. >> i don't know how to deal with something like this. i'm in fear. it's like i don't know where to go. it's like i don't know what to do. >> here at home. >> my primary goal was to make sure that i could get out.
12:39 am
>> brandon is lucky. he flew out from miami where he works to stay with his parents away from the panic. >> it was surreal. you had people boarding up their homes, stuffing their cars to start driving north. >> some airlines are adding flights, capping tickets prices out of florida at $99 and waving change fees. but airports are planning to shut down starting on friday. >> and we've seen the chaos at airports in south florida and thursday night violence erumtd at miami international. police shot someone inside one of the terminals. it's still unclear why. authorities say the situation, though, is under control. >> and this is the traffic that awaits thousands of drivers trying to get out of the hurricane's path. all that time on the road takes a lot of gasoline. but as nbc 10's tim furlong found out, it's getting harder and harder to find. >> reporter: after we've done our live shots at 6:00 tonight, we had the task of going and
12:40 am
finding gas in south florida. is really is an almost impossible task the we waited in line for 40 minutes, 40 minutes it took to come out here and get some gas. you can see a lot of the pumps have bags over them. but the pump that we used happened to have some gas left in it. we saw a couple of trucks coming in to refill some gas stations in the area, people following those tanker trucks to get the gas they need. but again, for us, about 40 to 45 minutes to sit in a line out on the highway getting here and finally get our gas. the situation not going to get much better here in south florida as more people realize they need to get out of here in advance of irma. they need to fill up and start driving. it's going to be tough to find that fill up you need. >> tim and from our spanish language station will both be reporting from south florida as hurricane irma gets closer and closer. look for their live up dalgts right here on nbc 10. we're also following new developments from the damage of
12:41 am
hurricane harvey. first responders in texas have now filed a lawsuit against a chemical company whose u.s. headquarters are based in king of prussia. this was one of the massive fires that happened at the ar condemna plant following the storm. the lawsuit claims first responders were not fully informed of the potential risks. in a statement we reject any suggestion that we failed to warn of the danger of breathing the smoke from the fires at our site or that we ever misled anyone. >> right now a massive data breach has affected almost half of the united states, and it comes at the hands of a company that's supposed to protect your information. he can i fax says the breach exposed information on 143 million customers based on the latest census, that's 44% of the u.s. population. the company says names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, and driver's license numbers were all exposed. credit card numbers for more than 2 hundred,000 people were
12:42 am
also accessed. we spoke with a local cybersecurity expert who spoke about the potential scope of leaked information. >> in certain cases, you know, we have additional verification steps, you know, where did you live, which street did you grow up on, all of these questions come from our credit reports. so with the data in there, they could potentially truly commit identity theft. >> adding to the scandal, three of the companies' top executives sold equifax shares just days after the breach was discovered. >> after a nearly three-month internal investigation a philadelphia police officer is set to be fired for shooting and killing a suspect as he ran away. surveillance video shows david jones just moments before he was shot in the back. the police chigser says officer ryan pal nol fired two sthots at jones from up to 35 fet away, even though he posed no threat. squloens is accused of driving his dirt bike erratically. the 30-year-old was carrying a gun and police say he reached
12:43 am
for it, but he was unarmed as he ran away. the attorney general is investigating whether criminal charges will be filed. >> new tonight, pennsylvania congressman charlie dent is calling it a career. the congressman released a statement saying he will not seek re-election to an eighth term in the house next year. moderate republican dent has been a frequent critic of the trump administration. >> we have new information on the battle over median parking in south philadelphia. a judge has thrown out a lawsuit that was trying to stop the practice on broad street. a group of neighbors called the fifth square filed the suit. it argues median parking isn't safe. the group tells nbc 10 they're reviewing other legal options. >> revelations from the courtroom. what we learned about the alleged police in the bucks county killing spree of the ask where he went after the murders. >> also a school in mourning. how classmates honor the life of a murdered temple student. >> plus, football and family. why eagles players have their
12:44 am
minds on the game and hurricane irma. coming up next.
12:45 am
12:46 am
it was a time to heal and say good-bye. hundreds gathered in honor of jenna burly. >> the temple student was murdered last week. burlly's school and hometown will help her memory live on. >> a large outpouring at the viewing for jennifer that burly. photos of the 22-year-old greeted a line of people in tell ford. police came out to help with traffic. while people buzzed down to overflow lots hugged and wiped tires from their eyes. we stayed a distance away to give the family space to grieve. >> i just want to let the family know that we're deeply saddened. >> in the heart of temple university's campus. emotion clearly on display. all for a student who had only judge u.s. begun her education
12:47 am
here. >> i couldn't believe it, honestly, it didn't seem real until it was. >> temple's president called burly a role model. >> my heart goes out to the family, the burly family. wonderful people. >> he says elpersonally support the charitable foupgs for the homeless that burly's father is setting up in her name. >> i was so impressed with his strength and his commitment to carry through with jenna's, basically her vision. >> we also learned tonight the 29-year-old former temple student charmed with her murder has a new private attorney, who has not yet responded to our request for comment. meanwhile, students are trying to focus on burly's life while putting the violent details of the killing out of their minds. >> temple university fosers a very safe community, so when something like this happens, it's a shock. >> there is another viewing tomorrow morning followed by the funeral here at this church. that is for relatives and friends. the burial will be private.
12:48 am
>> the alleged police in a bucks county killing spree is killing he had nothing to do with the murders. sky force 10 captured this new media shortly after his court appearance thursday. he admits being there during the three of four killings but blames the deaths on his cousin. prosecutors pointed out that carats never called for help and the two even went out for cheese stakes after the murders. the bodies of the four victims were found on the did he nar dough family farm over the summer. did he nar dough confessed to the killings in exchanges for not getting the death penalty. as we continue to track hurricane irma tonight, many from our area wondering about family right in the storm's path. >> that includes a pair of eagles players who are making preparations from hundreds of miles away. >> i'm extremely concerned. you know, pretty much all my family and my wife's family is down there and from miami, so, you know, that's something that's definitely on my mind. >> i'm not 100% sure of how much of it they're going to get, but
12:49 am
my family just -- my family is leaving tonight to go to arizona. i have a house in arizona, so they're going to go stay out there for a few days. >> and back to our last major storm. student athletes hit the court in bucks county to help the victims of hurricane harvey. the players organized a hooms for harvey fund-raiser here. former 76er ray allen also hemmed out as a referee. tonight's event helped raise 4,000. >> chief meteorologist with the latest developments. >> we have not one, not two but three hurricanes out there. they've lined up right across the atlantic. the same thing happened in 2010. almost in the same locations with the same albet cal storms that would have been with the i, j, k storm. let's go ahead and take a look at what's going on. first we have irma and irma is a category 5. we talked about it earlier in the newscast. 165 mile an hour winds.
12:50 am
this is the one that we are so terribly worried about heading to florida. now, out here a little bit further into the atlantic we have another major hurricane, jose may actually move over some of the islands that were actually decimated earlier by irma. and then we have cata in the gulf of mexico. has 85 mile an hour winds. rain producer for mks co. so let's go ahead and take a look at the tracks of each of these. here is where jose is going to go. it will be fish food after it hits some of those islands again. it will be out into the atlantic. this again is where we are watching irma to go. downgrading to hopefully a 4 or even less than landfall. right now the cone goes right over florida and it dies out in the tennessee valley. and cata heads right inland there to go into parts of mexico. so it's very rare that you see three of them, and that's exactly what we're looking at. here is the forecast model. this is the european. it brings irma right in on the tip of florida, then rig uh fri
12:51 am
in about a district attorney ace time. and this is the gfs, the global model. it is also in agreement. a little bit further east, but still the tip of florida through miami, up the east coast of florida through jacksonville and in the same time frame. so it's going to be a fast move. here atet weather. we could see a few sprinkles coming in here overnight or tomorrow. we have this big area of low pressure. the drove all those storms that we saw yesterday, well, that's got to rotate past our area. so here is what we're going to hour by hour of the we are going to have west winds. it will be rather chilly tonight. you're going to need that extra blanket on the bed when you wake up if you're not already in bed with the extra blanket. we're looking at the low 50s. tomorrow a sprinkle, especially in the lehigh valley. we're only going to make it up into the 70s. by the time we get into saturday, it will also be a cool day. i think we'll see a bit more sunshine over the week ahead and make it into the mid 70s. so your forecast, your ten day
12:52 am
on ten. 75 for tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds, maybe a shower. we're looking at 71 saturday. 74 on sunday. 77 monday and it is tuesday, wednesday, and thursday that we could see a little remnant rain from irma, depending on the fiem track. guys. >> all right. fashion for the cause tonight at citizens bank park. the fillies hosted the kisses for kyle fashion show to benefit childhood cancer program. nbc 10 strutd their stuff and for some reason they wouldn't let me take a walk down the runway. the kids were really the stars out there tonight. great cause. >> looking good. getting hugs at the end. look the you the rock star. >> strutting their stuff. you know how to strut. >> kind of. >> coming up, caught red-handed with red balloons. the people behind a creepy prank in pennsylvania have been revealed. we sip, we peel,
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a pennsylvania police department can breathe a sigh of relief tonight. a sigh cotic clown is not responsible for these balloons. it was just a group of teenage girls. peyton wreath posted these pictures of her and her friends pulling off the prank earlier this week. it worked when local police found them, officers said they were completely terrified. >> and here is why. the balloons are a reference to the steven king horror story it. new version of this movie comes out tomorrow. are you going to go, john clark? >> no, i'm scared. i'm scared of the chiefs. the chiefs looked good tonight. we're going to hear from eagles owner jeffrey lower coming up. and what are carson wince's expecting tagsz going into the season opener. but is it enough in washington? that is next.
12:57 am
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you saw it here on nbc 10. andy reid's chiefs laid 42 points on the patriots. most ever given up by bill belichick. look out. first things first. here is carson wents and the birds preparing for their season opener. carson says the birds have the talent to compete for the division. >> we recognize we have a talented team, you know, so we don't need to go in there and do anything out of this world. we're just going to play our game, and we believe that our guys, we have the guys to get it done. and like i said, we don't need to play anything outer body. we just go play our game and execute. >> the eagles owner jeff lurie
1:01 am
spoke today. he said you can't predict that. it would be fool heard to try and predict that. >> we have the opportunity to compete strongly now, and that's what i expect. i see us as a team with an excellent blue pribt, great opportunity, terrific direction, but we're in year two of the planning. >> fillies beat the eagles to washington. they started the series with the nationals. jp crawford and he looked good. now, take a look at this. pups in the park night in d.c. i wonder if they have separate bathrooms for the dogs. it would be a tough cleanup out there. second major league home run this year. ties the game up at one and then next inning tommy joseph, moonshot down the left field line. it is fair. it is gone. fillies take the lead, but the nats were not done. tray turner, a hit up in the middle in the sixth, brings home
1:02 am
two. nats go on to beat the fillies 4-3. sixers open theirs in less than three weeks. and ben simmons, they opened it up. and the sixers aren't just talking playoffs. >> at the end of the day our goal is to win games and that means championships. so for us playoffs is definitely where we want to be and we want to win rings. so i think everybody has the right idea in their head. >> they want rings. congrats to shown stevens tonight. she advances at the u.s. open. she's going to her fist grand slam final. she is ranked 83 in the world, one of lowest ever to make it to the final. she played for the philadelphia freedom. and it's time to reveal the winner of our high school football game of the week. more than half the vote, the winner, camden versus camden catholic. it is late. i'm john clark.
1:03 am
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well, it looks like we'll see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, maybe a shower or a sprirng elin lehigh valley or burks county. otherwise cool and average. only 71 s. 74 on sunday, 77 monday. maybe some remnant rain from irma tuesday, wednesday or thursday. we'll have to watch the track. >> thanks for staying up with us late. >> good night. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
1:07 am
tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- reese witherspoon. bono and the edge. musical guest u2. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 732, jersey! yeah! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: oh, my goodness! oh, welcome! [ cheers and applause ] thank you for being here, everybody. thank you. welcome to "the tonight show!"
1:08 am
this is it, you made it, you're here. [ cheers and applause ] well guys, it is official, football season has begun. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is it! but this is cool. i saw that the patriots will play a game in mexico this november. yeah. and once they're down there, the rest of the league will say, "okay, build the wall. quick. i mean -- we have a chance -- we have a chance!" [ laughter and applause ] "we have a chance." meanwhile, i saw that the -- the new york jets are 1,000 to 1 long shots to win the super bowl. [ light laughter ] that -- that means that if you -- if you bet just one dollar, you will lose just one dollar. [ laughter and applause ] i mean -- that's it -- it's just one. what's one dollar? let's get to some news here, congressional leaders are still upset with president trump's decision on the daca immigration plan. they called it brainless, heartless, and cowardly. all trump needs now is some ruby slippers and he's off to see the wizard. [ laughter and applause ]


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