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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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police and prosecutors will assist the ntsb with an investigation. >> as we were approaching the scene, the helicopter came down on the side. we could see it was coming down just too hot and too heavy. >> reporter: now at last check with medford police, the deceased pilots, his remains were still in the helicopter. we also know that first responders had to use heavy equipment to get troy gentry out of the wreckage. music fans stopped here earlier today. some of which had planned to attend the concert later tonight. police just announced moments ago that they will answer additional questions about the helicopter crash and we will certainly have the latest information coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00. for now, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. shot in the face while protecting his 2-year-old daughter. a philadelphia man was shot in
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front of his home just last night. deanna durante is live in that neighborhood. the two men who did are still out there. >> reporter: they are, police are asking for information as to who they are. they were seen running away from the scene after investigators say they shot a 38-year-old man even after he turned over his wallet. a husband and father to two little girls, a small neighborhood is grieving his loss tonight killed in a robbery attempt as his daughter was cry ing in the backseat of the car. sources say he died protecting that child. >> to have this happen is inexplicable. >> reporter: ae arrived home with his daughter in the car. he was outside the car when he was robbed. sources say the crime was caught on tape with him turning over his wallet. then shot in the face. sources say they think the
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robbers were after the car and he opt he. wanted to get his daughter out. >> it's frightening that it happened that close to where a lot of families still are and a lot of college kids. >> people who live and walk by the off the beaten path neighborhood are shocked. they can't understand why he was shot. the thieves dumped his wallet just across the street from the scene of the shooting. >> he was just so happy. we're going to miss him so dearly. we're told he was a community activist and a block captain and working to rid the area of crime. he also worked here in the city and raising his family here. police reminding you $20,000 reward up for grabs if you have information to lead to the the arrest and conviction of those killers. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00, tracking hurricane irma. the category 4 storm is 380
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miles southeast of miami. and it is getting closer by the minute. a live look from key west, florida, where mass evacuations are underway. it looks like a beautiful day, but 31,000 people have left the florida keys already. much of the area under a mandatory evacuation. >> in miami people are lining up around the block to get into hurricane evacuation centers. irma could produce a storm surge up to ten feet in certain areas. tammie souza has the latest track here. it came down moments ago. >> it came down moments ago. not happy about this track. it's tracking to the west and it shows the storm intensifying back up to a category 5 hurricane as it crosses the keys.
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there's only been a handful of category 5 that have struck the u.s. historically. they usually are downgraded. so let's take a look. it's moving right now past cuba and through the bahamas and going to be entering the straits of florida very soon. it has yet to make the turn that we are so desperately waiting to see it make. the outer bands of rain already associated with it across the bahamas. ask. we have a different system crossing florida, but the clouds are already crossing florida. we also are watching jose out there in the atlantic. a very powerful category 4 about to become another category 5. i don't think i have ever seen two back to back in the atlantic. i can't remember this happening. this one is going to skirt over some of the islands that were so terribly hit like st. martin looking at another hit from another category 5 hurricane over the weekend. so this is just really aic situation. and even though that one stays out to sea and doesn't bother
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us, it's just as tragic. the information just in. 155 mile an hour winds. irma has not changed regarding th that. but look at what happened. here we go. category 5 is expected to maybe intensify all the way to the south as can crosses thes. that would provide massive destruction. that is the worst case scenario. coming in on that part of the florida also very bad. it's going to push a huge storm surge from naples to long boat key up to ven nis beach and possibly into the tampa bay. this is going to be something very dangerous. look how close it comes. the closer to the left-hand side of that peninsula, the worse it is for the west coast of florida. why is that bad president bush that's t? that would provide even bigger storm surge. so i know that i have people down there that i'm concerned with. they are boarding up and people
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have been told to get out and get out immediately because the track is edging so far off to the west. it will cross jacksonville and transition at some point into southern georgia back to a tropical storm. and then it looks like perhaps it's going to fizzle out somewhere in the tennessee va e valley. this is going to happen between the first landfall at the tip of florida, which is going to happen late saturday night and early sunday morning and then sunday night it will be passing by tampa and up through jacksonville. so this is going to move quickly over a long track. florida is a long strait state. thousands of people are trying to evacuate irma ahead of the storm. some people are staying behind. we have a special report some
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i coming out of florida with jay gray. >> reporter: it is moving day in miami and across florida. >> today is the day to do the right thing for your family and e get inland to safety. >> reporter: millions are in the path of irma, a storm so massive it could literally swallow the entire state. >> this storm is wider than our entire state and is expected to cause major and life-threatening impacts from coast to coast. >> reporter: so from coast to coast, residents are preparing as best they can. lines stretch around home improvement stores which are quickly running short of supplies. the same is true at gas stations and grocery stores across the state. as residents board up and e load up what they can. in a scramble to get to safety, lines gathered outside this shelter before it even opened. while for those already inside facilities, there's a growing fear. >> what's the most scary is what are we going to go back to.
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>> reporter: it's a valid concern when you see the fury unleashed in the islands. devastation that fuelled, a sense of urgency for so many. now in the storm's path. >> it's the price you pay for living in florida. >> reporter: the time to prepare is quickly running out with irma closing in on the coast. on its current path, irma is expected to batter the keys tomorrow night and make landfall just west of miami sunday morning. jay gray, nbc news, miami. >> as we have seen people fleeing hurricane irma begun arriving at philadelphia international airport, hasn't been easy getting this either. at 5:55, erin shows us how difficult and expensive it's becoming for people to avoid the giant storm. in other news today, a chester county admitted he murdered his girlfriend's 3-year-old son back in 2014. it's a case that authorities called a horror story killing.
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now gary will spend the rest of his life behind bars. scottie was hung upside down and beaten with a frying pan. metal rods and whips before his death in the family's mobile home. the child's mother already pleaded guilty to murder. now to a scare in a delaware daycare. police arrested a 4-year-o7-yea after he tried to take two infants from the happy kids academy in newark. investigators say davis pushed an employee in the face when she answered the door this morning. he walked to the infant room, picked up the babies. employees were able to wrestle the children away from him. davis took off, but he was arrested a a time later. a gas station crash caught on camera. watch as a driver rams his car several times into the building. one thing that stopped him from causing even more damage. and a lasalle university
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student attacked by two men near campus. new at 5:00, the new details we have uned in the investigation. plus how the boyfriend tipped off police to help her. we're continuing to follow hurricane irma and the people fleeing the area. next at 5:00, hear from floridians who escaped the storm here in the deval lee.
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there's only one way: fran grenier. they must first learn before tto stand out. tall... get everything they need to shine, for less. this week at staples, shop our fifty cent deals. staples. it's pro time. let's start with a look at
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hurricane irma on first alert radar. this new track we just learned about could be a worse case scenario. that's according to meteorologist tammie souza, who was just talking about it. she's going to join nus a little bit to detail what south florida is in for. the cruise line industry working to protect its passengers and crew as irma approaches. today royal caribbean evacuated employees from the enchantment of the seas in miami. it was supposed to set sail at noon. right now more than 100 national guard members from new jersey are on their way to central florida. they are gearing up this morning they left cape may courthouse around k. they are driving 40 trucks down and expected there for about two weeks. and tonight some evacuees from florida are finding refugee in the lehigh valley. >> steven fisher spoke with travelers who say cost played a big part in how they decided where to go. >> the lehigh valley international airport has been busy this week. we found people flying here to
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get out of florida. they told us everywhere else was too expensive so they decided to come here to get out of irma's path. right now the price to get to safety is high. >> initially looked at flights out of tampa. they were very expensive. like $800 to $1300. >> we had a flight from tampa into philly. they overbooked. >> reporter: with options running low, they both ended up here at lehigh valley international airport. >> i just wanted him out of there. >> reporter: her son is a freshman at the youfrt of south florida. >> the hurricane is moving more west than expected. so it's going to hit my campus harder than i thought. >> reporter: he to drive 12 hours to catch a flight up north. >> going store trying to get water and gas, it was a mess. >> reporter: arriving flight from atlanta was full of florida residents including nancy from sarasota, florida. >> it has been stressful. >> reporter: they will be staying with their daughter in
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easton. for how long, nobody knows. >> e we live between the bay and the gulf. so the surge. >> thousands are expected to find themselves homeless after irma rolls through. >> folks who are without a place to live and have a family to provide for are really in a desperate crisis situation. >> certainly made homeless by a storm or natural disaster would fall into that category. we're looking to help families within a 60-day period of time get back on their feet. reporting, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. the monster storm that is now wider than the state of florida is expected to make landfall in south florida some time between saturday night and sunday morning. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza is keeping a close eye on
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the hurricane. the track is shifting and not good. >> it's not a good thing. we talked about this. we said once about 48 hours out they generally edge in that direction. that's what's happened. not a big surprise. it's going to be a devastating path. let's take a look at what's going on. let's start here at home. this large system to the north is moving off the east. it's taking days to do so. out to the of it, z that giant ridge of high pressure that's helping to steer irma toward the united states. here's a look at irma well-defined eye. a strong category over warm water. not a lot of shear to break it down. the thinking was it will make landfall as a 4. now the latest is it is upgrading and strike the florida keys as a category 5.
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look at the models, they are all in agreement it's the peninsula, a few outliars still want to further west. that would mean a landfall over the panhandle of florida. this is a storm make no mistake about that. here's a good look at the watches and warnings they will continue to push up the peninsula. the light pink is the hurricane watches and dark red is the hurricane warnings and there are storm surge warnings up both coasts from ven nis beach and sarasota all the way up to west palm because they are expecting to have a large storm surge. it's been so spot on with this entire track. probably a lot of water into naples and fort myers and ven nis beach.
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it does the same thing. it goes more centered up the state and right over jacksonville. there's not going to be much in the way of relief. everybody is going to be dealing with this for quite some time. there's going to be a lot of damage. what we are going to feel quickly is a high risk for dangerous rip currents. and that is because all those big swells that irma is causing and behind it hurricane jose, those giant swells are going to come washing into the jersey beaches. 4 to 6-foot waves and this could be life threatening rip currents. do not go out to the beach. that's not the cooler than normal. low 70s across the area. fairmont, 72. allentown, 70. lank langhorn, a mix of sun and clouds. extra sunshine to broigt b your weekend. and wildwood at 72.
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73 in newark. back to you. tonight a purse snatching thief is on the run. >> what the victim didn't go down without a fight. she hung on to her purse and got dragged down the driveway. then targeted by a thief. how a robber got inside a local chinese restaurant before attacking the owner. that's next at 5:00.
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one of the region's one of a kind nonproflts is settling into new digs. >> the move means they will be expanding for those suffering from life threatening illnesses. matt delucia reports. >> reporter: just like any commercial kitchen, the food draws the operation here at the few facility in philadelphia. but the people and their personal touch set it apart. >> it's like going home away from home. >> we're doing more than we have ever done before. >> reporter: the larger space can accommodate the production of two and a half million nutritious meals a year delivered to patients fighting life-threatening illnesses across the deval lee and now
5:23 pm
throughout pennsylvania. it's been a leader in the evolution of the nonprofit now in its 27th year. >> now 6 different diseases. >> the cooks and volunteers make the meals according to the specific needs of the patient. >> we see ours as philling a prescription for your diet. it's breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week. >> reporter: the new home means a new chapter for the nonprofit, but the commitment remains. >> the mission will always be the same. we're here for the community as well as one another. >> matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> we're told the next step is expansion of its new pack it, freeze it, ship it.
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taking a right-hand turn, two drugรง traffickers from tex we are sentenced to prison terms for trying to sell 11 pounds of cocaine in south enginejersey. a judge sentenced him to 12 years behind bars. both have pleaded guilty to first degree possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. a robbery and beating caught on camera inside a chinese restaurant. take a look at this. police say the suspect followed the 69-year-old victim into. the store last friday and punched him in the face knocking him against the wall. the suspect took $from the victim before taking off. philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot three men last night. one of the victims may have been shot 12 times. all three men were in critical condition. $6 a gallon for gas and
5:25 pm
hours on the prroad. >> some people are doing whatever they can to get out of florida before hurricane irma hits. >> up next, live from philadelphia international airport where a group of women shared their heroing story of trying to make it home. >> an 18-year-old student is assaulted in this park. coming up, more on the search for the suspect. >> the jersey shore already impacted by hurricane irma causing dangerous conditions in the ocean. >> we're on high alert. >> worries about this weekend come with fewer eyes on the water.
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right now, a student assaulted a block away from campus. the attackers threw bleach in her face. investigators were looking for the two men. >> aundrea cline-thomas has new information in the investigation. she joins us live from temple park. >> that park is side with homes voupding it on the other. somebody heard something and residents are not entirely surprised because the trees have been a concern in the park. especially at night. detectives canvas the park looking for clues near the bearable basketball court that's
5:29 pm
shaded by trees. >> they have all the trees and you walk by at night scared to death. >> reporter: around 11:45 last night an 18-year-old student was grabbed by two unknown men thrown on to the ground. she was physically and possibly sexually assaulted. >> you don't do something this horrific and then just stop there. you're obviously capable of other things. even if it's not sexual assault. >> they noticed the men and was feeling uneasy. she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone told him to call police. by the time officers arrived, >> at nighttime having fun, you don't think about things like that. >> lasalle students telling them what happened. the university reached out again with tips and reminders about how to stay safe. >> it's concerning because i walked home by myself last night. it could have been anyone. that's really scary.
5:30 pm
>> she's been treated and released from the hospital. now according to lasalle, both campus and philadelphia police are stepping up patrols in this area. reporting live, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> the storm is on track to turn toward florida this weekend. peoplen aren't wasting in i time protecting their homes and businesses. you can see they filled up on sandbags. many wait ed hours at distribution centers. taking a live look at first alert radar, irma is expected to bring major storm surge and dangerous winds to florida. you can see the massive hurricane there churning closer to the u.s. >> a live picture in west palm beach florida. this is the calm before the storm can't say it even more
5:31 pm
seriously than that. 660,000 people have been asked to leave miami-dade county. it's the largest evacuation in the history. with thousands on the road, gas shortages have gridlocked evacuations. many theme parks are also closing early tomorrow. they are expecting something like 9 million people without power. let's check on the current path. let's go to it's pps. >> you showed us the picture and saw the big buildings on the water. that's the case with most of those cities. miami, they are expecting to see a storm surge that could be ten feet. when you're only five feet above sea level, you can understand why this is going to be so tragic in many areas. many cities are going to be experience flooding. water is going to be running through the streets downtown. this storm right now is actually expected to intensify. it's rolling right along more
5:32 pm
west than it is north. it is not making that hard turn yesterday yet. the track has headed off to the west. this is also a storm that is about 344 miles from miami. it is at this point expected to go around to the bottom of florida. if you have driven think the everglades, this whole portion of florida is expected to be underwater as much as ten feet under water. so the entire tip of and many of the keys that are very flat. right now, 155 mile an hour winds. the pressure is at 925. watch what happens as it goes past cuba. this is a 4, but now the forecast models are strengthening it back up to a 5. this would be only the fourth time that a category 5 struck the u.s. it will go over the florida keys as a 5 coming in on the backside. very abomination of desolation news.
5:33 pm
it's starting to shift more to the west. it could take out the entire west side of florida with a lot of storm surge. perhaps at this point maip ls may be under the gun across there and just to the east of tampa and then straight up through jacksonville and on into the tennessee valley where it may fizzle out. it could be a tragic thing for the entire state. but especially this side of the storm surge. here are the watches and warnings for the area. i'll talk about the other storm we have to watch in the atlantic. we have a team of nbc 10 journalists in florida right now. they are talking to people who are bracing for hurricane irma. we'll have a lye report on air and online from tim furlong. you can track irma's path and have alerts sent directly to your phone. this just in, president trump signed a $15.3 billion
5:34 pm
government funded through december 8th. in a vote of 316-90, lawmakers passed the measure today. four texas republicans voted against it. the measure refills depleted emergency accounts. estimates for harvey may top $150 billion. here's a look at the stories making headlines county by county 37 new castle county, fire investigators are hoping to recognize that car there. they droe away from the scene in that car. fire was set in a building. it's on track to be a facility in the state. it was one of 12 companies awarded permits for medical marijuana by the state
5:35 pm
department of health. >> and tonight no jail time for the ocean city housing authorities former executive director. they were sentenced after money for personal items for friends and family. >> spending between 6 and 15,000. in north hampton county, combining technology with a classic case of chocolate. the market introduced a chocolate printer that makes customized sweets in minutes. i can get behind this. it's a collaboration between a local chocolate shop and scanning and printing shop. very innovative. love it. >> a driver crashes into a gas station. >> not once, but several times. look at the visdeo. backs up into a van, what police may have said led to this crash.
5:36 pm
>> still ahead at 5:00, a woman fights back when she's attacked by a purge snatch er and it's caught on video.
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tracking hurricane irma, all eyes are on this dangerous storm. check it out on first alert radar. south florida bracing. as it moves closer to the united states. tim furlong is live in south
5:39 pm
florida. he will show us how people there are preparing for the worst. that's ahead on nbc 10 news a at 6:00. first a live look from west palm beach. we have been showing this camera. it looks picture perfect out there. you see no boats in the water because we all know irma is on the way. >> it's a great picture. a little earlier all the homes are close to the water. that's the case along the coastline. if you need evidence of just how bad this storm could be, new video from st. thomas, hurricane irma tore through home there is. the destruction is humbling. the hurricane knocked out power, water and television service. and new video from turks and caicos. you can see broken trees and debris.
5:40 pm
a woman in florida desperate for a generator found out that even difficult times strangers can be heros. listen. >> my father is on oxygen. i'm worry ied about the storm. >> my wife is not been well either. >> this is what happens next. pam broke down after learning the last generator had been sold out. that's when that guy there stepped in and gave her the generator in his cart. >> i don't know him at all. he's a stranger. he's an angel from god is what he is. >> simply said, he said it was okay to give the generator up knowing how much the woman needed it. >> it's great to see that. unbelievable. another storm hurricane katya gaining strength in the gulf of mexico. many in mexico are starting to prepare now.
5:41 pm
fishermen moved their boats and started tying up their homes and businesses. mexico also reeling from the strongest earthquake to hit that country in a century. look at the damage left behind. this was from overnight. the magnitude 8.1 quake killed dozens of people. in other news now, a driver in germany repeatedly smashes his car into a gas station. you can see in this video the driver of the black vehicle hit a van behind him before going straight up into the store. police believe the driver confused the gas with the brake and mixed forward up with reverse. he goes clear through the front door. damage is estimated around $55,000. i want you to come to your screens for this one. a woman in georgia refuses to let go of her purse and ends up getting dragged away. there it is. the struggle just walking down the road. woman tried to grab her purse and the victim was thrown to the
5:42 pm
ground, refused to let go. that's when she was dragged down the road. imagine that. police say the woman hurt her foot but refused to go to the hospital. switching gears. the birds are leaving the nest and flying south to play the redskins. >> that's right. it's a big one and not just because it's game number one. it's a bigger rival out of the gate. a washington team that's beaten the birds five times in a row. we head inside the locker room to hear from the players about getting ready for sunday's matchup. i'm going to talk about the weekend weather. how irma could affect your beach day if you're headed to the beach this weekend and maybe setting a new record as well. come on back. and coming up at 6:00, go back to the beach. who is giving that suggestion to chris christie saying no one cares what he has to say.
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the eagles open the season against the washington redskins on sunday. marshal harris joins us now. it's finally time. >> countdown to kickoff is on. less than 48 hours from now, we'll know if the eagles are 1-0 or 0-1 out of the gate. players got one more workout in. they will travel south to washington tomorrow. washington won the last five match up withes between the two teams. it's a tough test to start out the season. >> every year i played on the field, it's been physical. >> set the tone as far as how we
5:46 pm
want theed to bye-bye in the nfc east. we got to win. start out with division opponents. it's to show us where we are. >> bad news. former philadelphia long snapper has been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and will need open heart surgery. traded to the saints and doctors in new orleans found the problem during a follow up. we'll hear from some of his former teammates become here in philadelphia. for now, we're hoping for the best. >> we are keeping a close watch on this. hurricane irma, the storm pushed through the bahamas, pushed through cuba and irma is barrel ing toward florida. in our area, a gorgeous day with sunny skies. this is a live look at the walt
5:47 pm
whitman bridge. it looks like the nice weather is going to stick around for the weekend for us. >> i weekend though. i'll get to why in a moment. let's go back to irma right now. this is a hurricane for the ages. this kound wind up being the most memorable and massive in u.s. history. here's why. hurricane irma is a cat 4. it was downgraded, but the newest model runs increase it right back up to a cat 5. there have only been category 5 storms to strike the u.s. mainland. one was on labor day in 1935 before they started naming them. what went over the keys. that was devastating. camille slamming into the new orleans and mississippi coast in 1969 and andrew, which was a much smaller category 5 than irma is. striking the southeastern portion of florida, the homestead area in florida. so what we're basically going to be watching from here on out is
5:48 pm
the forecast become a cat 5 before striking the florida keys across the florida keys. that would be saturday night and sunday morning. if it does intensify, it would be in a rare group of storms. we're looking at 8 to 10 inches of rain, a storm surge that's going to be a whole lot of cities and homes under a little bit of water. it's going to be a mess out there. and 0 mile an hour winds as it makes landfall. it doesn't look like it's losing steam at all. somewhere around 340 to 344 miles for miami, but at this point, expected to curve in and go right on up the tip of florida. maybe even around the southwest side towards naples and into that area. look at the spaghetti models right up the middle of florida. that cone has shifted westward. a few of them take it further
5:49 pm
out. here's the big bend area or into the panhandle a at this point. nonetheless, the entire florida peninsula is in play. here is the european model. the most trusted model with this storm because it's been spot on with the track. it bring it is in right here across the keys and into the southwest corner of florida and then look at this right on up next to tampa and orlando. still a strong hurricane and it will have a lot of back wash coming in. as it goes north, a lot of flooding object western side as well as the surge that goes up both coasts. and then into jacksonville. and then off into atlanta. when's the last time you saw three hurricanes. we talked about irma. here's jose. it's expected to possibly become a category 5. that's another rare thing. only a handful of years where two category 5s have occurred in the same year. it's rare to get this. that one is going to strike some of the islands that were just decimated days ago by irma. and then here's katya. we just heard from erin that
5:50 pm
katya is in the gulf of mexico producing a lot of rain on the mexican mainland and it is expect to add that way. it is a category 2 storm. here's a look at all of them lined up. another rare thing to e see. here are their tracks. here's look at what jose is going to do moving over some of the islands. here's a look at exactly what we're expecting from irma at this point. there's katya moving right on to the mexican mainland. for us we're going to have an absolutely beautiful weekend. a little bit cooler than average out there. here's your ten-day on 10. a mix of sun and clouds. 77 on monday. clouds move in at night. if we're going to see any rain from hurricane irma, it will be tuesday, wednesday or thursday next week. >> still ahead, they just wanted to get back home before hurricane irma hit. >> a group of women were determined to get to philadelphia after a conference
5:51 pm
in orlando. >> reporter: we're live at the airport talking about a crazy story involving four local women, five states, 12 hours. that story is next. and couple up at 6:00, the country world reacting to death of one of their own killed in a helicopter crash in south jersey. dad, we got the car...
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welcome back. lester hold joins us. >> good to see both of you. some of the tough calls being made ahead of the arrival of irma. gut check time for evacuees as the clock runs down. al roker will have the latest storm guidance. we're also following the search and rescue effort in mexico under that deadly mammoth earthquake. we'll send it back to you in miami. >> speaking of irma, four women from our area happy to be home tonight. >> yes, they are. live at philadelphia airport, they went through five states to get home. >> a whole bunch of trouble, a
5:55 pm
whole bunch of trouble. that's the question. what would you do to get out of the way of a hurricane. these women went through a whole bunch. anything they could to avoid the wrath of irma. >> i was just telling my friends how many states did we go through in 12 hours. >> feet on the ground. >> what would you do to get out of the way of a hurricane? nothing stopped tammie vaughn and her friends from getting home. >> check tampa, fort myers, we were going anywhere to get out. >> they knew their scheduled flight home tomorrow night from orlando was cancel led so they tried everything they could to avoid the wrath of irma. they rented a car with two others ask quickly found out they couldn't get gas. >> it was one of those movies. you go to gas station to station. >> here's a photo of what they claim they encountered on the
5:56 pm
roads. gas as high as $5.98 a gallon. they continued on taking selfies on their 12-hour road trip to myrtle beach, south carolina, where they eventually found a flight. no gas in myrtle beach based on e evacuees? >> i think so. people are running scared right now. it's wild. >> reporter: you can just imagine their long journey. it started last night around 6:00. we were able to talk to them when they arrived here at the airport around 12:15. they are real tired. but real grate they are back home. just one of many stories all around that area of people trying to get to safety. for now we're live at the airport, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> up first at 6:00, reaction pouring in from the music world tonight after a country star is killed in a helicopter crash in south jersey. >> we speak to a witness who saw that. chopper go down. plus all new at 6:00, danger
5:57 pm
at the beach. how hurricane irma is causing trouble for the jersey shore at a time when they are watching the water. and tracking irma. i'll bring you the latest on the track and it looks like it's shifting westward, which is bad news and will affect us this weekend as well. i'll tell you how, when we come back.
5:58 pm
right now the a 6:00, country star killed. a hotter crash in south jersey hours before his concert
5:59 pm
tonight. father targeted in front of his 2-year-old daughter. the search for the robbers who killed him. danger in the water. life threatening conditions at the jersey shore. right now at 6:00, a country music star killed in south jersey. this helicopter crashed with one-half of the duo inside. troy gentry was set to play for local fans just hours before the chopper went down. >> god bless. >> good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. investigators are trying to figure out why that helicopter crashed. >> he's one of two people killed
6:00 pm
when the chopper went down. gentry was flying in medford, new jersey, before he and his band mate were set to perform at flying w airport and resort. >> cydney long is joining us live from nearby the crash scene. >> we know there was no smoke or planes and this pilot was dead upon impact but gentry was still alive when first responders reached him. witnesses say this pilot had earlier radioed for help. they stood by praying it could make a safe landing but they watched it crash to the ground hard and fast. a mainstay heartthrob and well loved by country music fans, troy gentry was killed this afternoon when he took a helicopter ride at the flying w. he was set to rock the popular venue tonight at 5:00. >> you can literally see it fall and at t


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