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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. right now at 11. fear in florida. hurricane hir ma is moving closer to the coast tonight. everyone is waiting to see exactly where it will strike. >> tonight. people are waiting in long lines to get in to shelter or get out
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of the airplane. neither is happening fast enough. the longest line might be here on the road. this is a live look at interstate 75 near central florida. as people try to escape the dangerous storm. that's because authorities in florida have told more than 5 million people to evacuate. it's one of the largest in the country history. >> the national hurricane center is forecasting life threatening storm surges up to 12 feet in some areas in power companies say the strong wind could cause outages for about 9 million people. the first alert weather team is monitoring every update on this dangerous storm. >> we got new information minutes ago. let's go to tammie souza with the latest. >> the storm has intensified back up to category five. the last 12 hours it looked like it was wobbling and going west. it just dove south. it's making a very early land fall. right along the northern coast of cuba. it is a very dangerous category five. again it has been upgraded
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because of the winds and the strength of storm. so right now moving west to 13 miles per hour. has wind of 160 miles per hour. so it's just up to the threshold of being a category five. let's go ahead and look at where it's going to go. at this point, we're expecting it to make the hard turn. right into the united states. it will skirt along cuba. this is not a good track. the track it's taking. it looks like now perhaps it will be ripped apart a bit over cuba. be a category four when it goes across the keys. this is going back and forth vmt four or five doesn't matter. they are dangerous winds. sunday at 6:30 a.m. nape els through fort myers. sunday at 1:30. that's when we'll see the land fall on the west coast to florida. moving past sar sew ta. bringing a lot of tide with it. the center of this cone. if you look over here at this point not in the cone, melbourne, force pierce, west palm.
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shifted to the west. it's going to go passed tampa. right passed gainesville for any of you in gator nation and on off into georgia and into the tennessee valley. where it will finally just sort of fizzle out. this new information the cone is shifting west at this point. we'll talk about this and of course making land fall in mexico. >> hurricane irma is blame for 23 deaths in the caribbean. >> so fear is growing for those who can't get out of the path. loved ones tonight. we spoke to some of those worried family members tonight. >> people are on edge. prepares for worst case scenario in florida. while others are surviving with some are calling war zone. >> reporter: tornado like winds, ravage. the largest of the british virgin islands. leaving utter destruction the gab and conny on vacation sur
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voifed. >> they had to fight basically to live. that night. through the hurricane. >> i talked with her mother. deb. sadly it's been more than a day since she's heard from her daughter and son-in-law. >> it's a dangerous situation. as well as disturbing for us because now we have lost all contact. >> reporter: she watches reports of lewding. power outages and curfew. while irma moves towards florida. >> as you can see my shutters are partially up. >> reporter: a lot of home is sealed. she moved here after living in ocean county. the highways jammed. and gas lines are long. so she stocked up. fruit and canned goods and bags of ice and a cooler. plenty of water. and a patch of grass in the garage for the dog. >> hunker down with our food and water. and my three dogs and my sister and my niece.
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>> i went on facebook live it seemed that everyone that i was talking to knew somebody who was in a path. one of my brothers is actually in central florida. he plans to hunker down. loif in the breaking news center. count on nbc10 to bring you updates on hurricane irma. as they develop. right now in the app you can follow the latest tracks and sign up to have news alerts sent to your phone. >> the helicopter crash that killed a pilot and country singer. drew smith is live near the scene of the crash. in burling ton county. where does the investigation stand? >> the airport remain closed. the wreckage is off in the darkness. off the south end of the runway. in a marshy area. trying to get to the wreckage before they reopen the airport and try to figure out what went wrong in the air. >> reporter: workers packed up an unused concert stage tonight at the flying w airport.
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he died before a scheduled show. he was up in helicopter with pilot james robinson. >> he was up with the lead singer. the throttle stuck. >> witnesses say the chopper circled and attempted to make an emergency landing. >> it drops suddenly. >> you could see it fall. >> reporter: you can see how the crash badly damaged the aircraft. the pilot was trapped and died on the scene. doctors at hospital couldn't save gentry. >> our hearts and prayers and thoughts go to the family. >> he just moved from georgia. flying was his passion. >> he was a heck of a guy to hang out with. >> reporter: country stars posted tributes for gentry. tweeting he's in disbelief. and sent sympathy to his wife and kids. >> gentry's family acknowledged all the thoughts sp prayers. through a statement leased by
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the band. that duo had been together for two decades and touring the country before this tragedy. tonight the search is on for two men who attacked a local college student walking alone last night. police say she may have been sexually assaulted. the woman was attacked by the university in philadelphia only section. the police say the pair followed her and threw bleach in her face. the victim fts on the phone with her boyfriend at the time. he quickly called police and campus security. the student was treated at the hospital and released. two delaware day care workers had to stop a man from kidnapping two infant. the men barged in, punched them in the face and grabbed both babies. the workers saved the children but the man took off. police confronted davis at an apartment complex. they had used a taser multiple times and a baton to subdue him. a delaware county school
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wants to know how 29 bags of a powerful opioid ended up in the parking lot. parents found the drug yesterday afternoon. no students were hurt. but it's a narcotic 50 times more powerful than heroin. bullets rip through a living room window after a shooting in the city's kensington neighborhood. police have this video of the suspect. who got out tuesday night. a neighbor looked outside and saw the man get in a car and drive off. when she got back into her living room, she noticed two bullet holes in the window. and the wall. >> several police officers are under investigation over comments that were captured on a body camera. the mayor of trenten said the recordings showed officer boasting about using excessive force. he called it intolerable. and promised to act quickly on the matter. tonight getting suited for success. nbc10 here at the made man reception. honoring does nsz of african
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american men giving back to the community. they gathered at the comcast center to donate gently used suits. to help young men get ready for work. >> tonight a celebration of 100 years of the ben franklin park way. this is the latest mural in philadelphia. a 125 foot piece of art work. called parkway daydream. the mural was dedicated today at the apartment building on the parkway. it will be on display until november 2018. tonight the owls are getting ready to head back into the nest. take a look at the link. over taken by cherry and white for temple home opener tomorrow against ville nova. >> just a few miles up the street the party was getting started at temple center city campus. the band and cheer leaders got everyone fired up for the big
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game tomorrow. >> high school blitz and game of the week coming up in ten minutes. >> president's unit. all five living former presidents have a message for america. >> a father killed protecting his daughter. we'll hear from the man who rushed to his side after the shooting. and what he'll always remember about his friend. i'm still tracking irma. we'll get the latest information, yes, it is still headed to the united states. according to to the forecast. i'll let you know when is where, and we'll look at the other hurricanes out there and who they're affecting. as well as the weekend forecast.
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right now at 11. remembering a father and friend. tonight people from all over his community are coming forward to honor his memory. the father of two from spring garden was shot and killed trying to protect one of his daughters. >> brandon hudson is following this story for us. from police headquarters in center city. >> detectives looked at the two surveillance video clips that had the two robbers who ran north on 15th street. while detectives work, people in the neighborhood grieve the
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father of two. known as a wonderful neighbor who always had a smilen his face. >> reporter: in the neighborhood forwarden, jerry loved. >> he was so integral in getting the garden turned into a beautiful sanctuary. >> reporter: neighbors met to remember the 38 year-old father who built a friendship with each one of them. >> we called him the mayor. he engaged himself with every person. that was remarkable. i'll miss it so much. >> reporter: last night. he was killed protecting he loved. his two year-old daughter and dog. police say robbers wanted his car. but he refused. so they shot him while his child and pet were in the car. his neighbor and friend ran to help. >> jumped down to put pressure on the wounds and just scooping blood out of his mouth so he could breathe. >> reporter: in the hours since. these photographs were put up. from his happiest days in the garden as a nod to his friend. a multi-tasker with the unique
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whistler. >> he was the loudest whistler you could hear. >> reporter: that friend says he loved photographer ri. he had his cam ri with him on the night he died. those will be photographs that family and friends will certainly cherish. right now hurricane irma is getting closer to florida. while cities in texas fight to recover from hurricane harvey. >> tonight america's leaders and bigs celebrities are joining forces to raise money for the victims. all five living former u.s. presidents are taking part in the one america appeal. 1 hundred cents of every dollar will be donated to the hurricane victims. >> coming up tuesday. nbc10 will broadcast the hand in hand benefit. stars like george clooney and tom hanks will appear. live at 8:00. >> we are following the latest on hurricane irma as it gets
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closer to the florida coast. >> let's get an u date from tam tuesday. >> i'll bring us home with the first update. that has to do with irma and jose. we're looking at dangerous rip currents along beaches. jersey shore because of the high waves. very high swells that are being pushed into our area. because of irma. and right behind we'll get more of them. so it's a very high risk. if you go out along the beaches and try to swim. don't do it this week. stay out of the water. this is likely the last for four days because we have to get through several hurricanes and all the swells coming in. the surf can be above six feet at times. lest look at what's going on with irma. it's directly to the west. along the barrier island of cuba. it keeps going west it will be ripped apart a bit. which is good news. @will weaken the hurricane. you can see the outer band of rain. extending into the tip of
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florida. you can see the clouds making way in the direction. right here is the eye. it has strengthened. this is back up to category five hurricane. 160 miles per hour. let's look at that track. it's going to go along the barrier islands of cuba. not expected to rip apart. but the cone could go anywhere in the cone. it may sink south. then the straits o florida. it is expected to cross the keys and looks like perhaps downgraded if it gets rip apart enough. if not it will stay a five. that's very warm water. it could intensify more right into mar koe island and napeles. it could be from melbourne into tampa. into the gulf. any where the in cone is fair game. midnight into monday morning it's passing tampa. headed towards gainesville. into georgia. and it kind of fizzles out in the tennessee valley. let's look at the models they all pretty much have it shifting to the west. west side of the florida
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peninsula. or the gulf. here's of the european model. same thing. brings it in to the tip of florida. right up the middle of florida and into jacksonville and into parts of georgia. and this is the global forecast. so all the models in agreement the big models the ones we look at. these are the watches and warnings. these are the hurricane warnings. these are the hurricane watches and we have a lot of the flood watches out there. and the surge watches because they are expecting especially around the tip of florida they could see a storm surge in excess of six to 12 feet. it will cover much of the ever grades and anywhere the murk goes inland. we will be look at storm surges. 72 tomorrow. a cool day with sunshine. 74 sunday. with sunshine. 74 on monday. and then maybe we get some of the left over rain from irma. the middle of next week. >> the eagles take the field for
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the first game of the season in less than 48 hours. our exclusive pregame coverage 9:00 a.m. sunday. 248 comcast. or 10.2 over the air. marshall harris joining us now. with news about a former eagle. >> that's right. some scary health news on fan favorite john. and ahead to sunday's big game in washington. plus the phillies rookies continue to get it done. was it enough tonight against the nationals? that plus the high school blitz. coming up next.
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you can feel the excitement, we are counting down the mere hours until kick off. eagles and washington.
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kicking off the season opener sunday at 1:00. tough news though about a former eagle. long snapper jon dorenbos has been diagnosed with an aneurysm. and will need surgery. phillies in washington. game two of the series with the nationals. two men on for the birthday boy. nick williams. scherzer quite the gift. nick treats it like a pin yat ta. tenth home run of the year. the nationals patle back. bases loaded. hits a line drive to center field. what are you doing? herrera misjudges the catch. an inside the park grand slam. we go to the seventh. another phillies rookie. rhys hoskins doing damage. home run number 13 on the season for him. it was not enough. nationals win it 11-10. more sports to come on the other side. our weekly installment of the
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best high school football from across the try state. the high school blitz. it's coming up next. ♪
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time for the high school blitz. great scene in union ville tonight. before the grove union ville game. a fundraiser effort to raise money for those in texas. done specifically to help harden jefferson high school in sour lake texas. one of the areas hid hardest. the kids sent a video showing their appreciation for the support. great stuff. on the field, union ville delivering as well. to james hour. who will make the diving catch for the score. union ville wins it 14-6.
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>> northeast vikings cheer leaders trying to help the team. but comes flying out of the box. he's all alone. 55 yard strike. 27-6. more city football. knocking on the doorstep. their quarterback decides to kick the door down himself. he's in for the score. after taking guys to the weight room. this goes to over time. ryan and edson. all raiders in this one. jim dolen gets the carry. there's not going to catch him. bust a move. he's off to the races. 42-0 the final. lincoln hosting mastering north. lincoln quarterback airing it out. bay with the interception.
11:29 pm
taking it back for the score. 18-6. >> visiting high land. wilson quarterback finds. he's going to dive through the defense and into the end zone. wilson holds on for a 26-20 win. kolens wood hosting. quarterback clark wishing he could take this throw back. he gets picked off. that's a 59 yard pick six. 38-6. >> timber creek hosting. showing his speed. turns on the jets. 68 yards later he's in the end zone. timber creek comes back. 39-36. time to get a birds eye view of the action. with skylights. on the board first. that's jack john finding mat in the back of the end zone. they get the win 21-7. castle rock north hosting
11:30 pm
penwood. hands it off. and he scoots in for the score. it's all penwood after that. 28-7. to the first state. one of the good games tonight. finds johnson in the middle of the field. and he's gone. 54 yards to the house. check out how he ends it off. the answer. he will not be denied a 60 yard burst. too much middle town. 35-28. here are the contestants for next week's game of the week. a huge match up between two of the areas best. you can cast your vote on right now for next weeks winner. still to come. it's this weeks game of the week. and always hotly contested affair between bitter rivals. the game of the week. is up next.
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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last week cam den traveled half way across the country and beat a team from illinois. tonight back playing heated rivals from catholic. strike up the band.
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strike up the band the cheer leaders are ready. it's time for the game of the week. this is surprising all cam den catholic. ware picked off the pass. and takes it all the way back for the first score of the night. the big play they keep coming. late in the second quarter. going to cut back and find nothing but daylight. 75 yards. 26-0 irish at the break. se second half more of the same. cam den catholic rolls 45-6. that's all the time we have tonight. the tonight show with jimmy fallen is up next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james franco. kendall jenner. musical guest, pete tosh


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