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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now state officials say it is too late to leave and residents will have to hunker down. irma lashed cuba overnight. you can hear the wind, see the drenching rain. this is a sign of what is to come when it comes calling on the u.s. mainland. and we're following breaking news out of lehigh valley. a police officer shot and wounded in whitehall township. that is where we're live following this unfolding investigation. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. we have a lot to cover and we'll start with hurricane irma. all morning we will be tracking irma as it pushes closer to florida. it did make landfall in cuba late last night. right now the storm is a little more than 200 miles away from the tip of florida. it could hit the keys sometime
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20 tomorrow morning. thousand we go live to sarah rosario in forth laud. >> reporte ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: the wind is starting to pick up here as hurricane irma is less than 24 hours from landfall. hurricane force winds expected from coast to coast, raising the potential of life threatening storm surge. the message clear. you need to go now. and a has exodus followed as irma showed its strength. >> we were here for wilma. nothing really frightening as this. >> reporter: many heeding warnings as the most powerful atlantic hurricane on record battered the caribbean taking lives, homes and leaving more than a million people without power. >> this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen. >> reporter: many shelters are
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full. gas stations and airports closed. >> i don't know what do. >> reporter: preparations made across the state. from protecting animals at the miami zoo to shutting down the happiest place on earth, disney and other theme parks close as irma sets sight on the sunshine state. those who can't make it out are preparing to bear down as the storm hits. hoping for the best. and as the storm continues to move into this area, we are expecting widespread power outages. the florida power and light says more than 4 million customers could lose power if hurricane irma continues on its track. >> sarah rosario, from ft. lauderdale. back to you. >> and sarah, while we still have you, i'm sure a lot of people are wondering, is it too late to leave? there is still time today. what do the roads look like, are
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they jam-packed or are they empty now? >> reporter: well, right now it seems like it's a ghost town. many of the roads are empty and there still is a little bit of time for people to get out before the storm really starts getting into this area. governor rick scott has not closed the southbound lanes yet. he says they are needed to stay open so that supplies can be shipped into the area. so owes trying to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get out or bear down before the storm hits. row ma road ma rosemary, back to you. and fear is growing for those who can't get out of the storm's path. yesterday we spoke to anna johnson who lives in sarasota. her home is sealed. she moved to florida from ocean county, new jersey. her family has decided to ride out the storm. >> hunker down with our food and water and my three dogs and my
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sister and my niece as well. >> we also spoke to a cape may county mother, she is waiting to hear from her daughter who is on the islands of tortola during irma's large through the caribbean. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates on hurricane irma as soon as they develop. right now on the nbc 10 app, you can follow the latest track and you can sign up to have news alerts sent straight to your phone. this morning mexico has its hands full with tropical storm katia. that made landfall just before 11:00 last night on the gulf coast as a category 1 hurricane. the storm brought with it damaging wind, drenching rains and dangerous storm surge. meantime mexico is starting to recover from a massive earthquake that hit off the country's southern coast yesterday. at least 61 people are dead. the quake was strong enough to shake and damage buildings. some in mexico city just about 650 miles away from where the quake struck. the 8.1 earthquake has wiped out
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power to nearly 2 million people. and now back to some breaking news in our area out of the lehigh valley. that is where we're following an investigation into a police officer who was shot, that officer now in the hospital this morning. randy gyllenhaal is live in whitehall township with some more for us. >> reporter: we are live here in this residential neighborhood, the 4700 block of main street in whitehall township. you can see officers and investigators are still on scene here. we're dealing with a few road closures in this stretch of main street. it's a drens shal neighbresiden and you can see the police cars and crime scene tape focused on this home. i'll show you video from overnight. a huge police response in this rural part of lehigh county. we have learned that pennsylvania state police are assisting the whitehall police department after an officer was shot and wounded. cameras spotted one person being taken on a stretcher into the
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ambulance. the investigation at this point very early, but authorities say whitehall police are handling the investigation. at this point we don't know the nature of the shooting. we just know an officer was shot. unclear what that officer was responding to here. we have reached out to chief marks with the whitehall township police department. waiting to hear back. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. tributes are pouring in for a country music star troy gentry and his pilot who both died in a helicopter crash in south jersey. it went down in burlington near the flying w airport where troy gentry was supposed to perform a concert as part of the country duo montgomery gentry. witnesses say there was throttle issue and the pilot made a distress call. >> as it was making its approach, it dropped suddenly. >> you could literally see it fall. >> music stars like blake shelton, kenny rogers and travis
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tritt took to social media to post tributes to gentry. and billy ray cyrus dedicated his show to againry o gentry. fend friends of the pilot say he was very experienced and had a passion for flying. we're tracking hurricane irma as it inches closer toward florida. still ahead, the heartbreaking destruction the storm left behind in caribbean. plus another exciting round of high school football action. we have the best highlights coming up in the blitz.
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at bass pro shops. locally you see that our area is almost picture perfect. clear conditions from top to bottom from east to west. not a thing to track. and there won't be anything today. we're not talking rain or even really clouds in the forecast. it will be a clear picture which
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will make for a nice day to be outside. a little more fall-like than end of summer. right now temperatures in some spots are down to the 40s. 48 in lancaster and redding, pots dotstown at 48, mt. holly 49. philadelphia currently reading 55 degrees. good news is that the 70s will be back this afternoon. so let's go through the neighborhood planner. sunny and clear for our morning hours. we go from the upper 50s to the upper 60s at lunchtime in our philadelphia neighborhoods. we will tap in the low 70s for highs, which is still lower than average for this time of year. average would be in the low 80s. in the suburbs, 65 at your lunch hour. about the same in the lehigh valley and berks county. scattered clouds for a mostly sunny afternoon forecast. in delaware, up to 70. and jersey shore, look at that,
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by 4:00 p.m., 71 degrees. a pretty nice picture by this afternoon along the shore. but there is a high rip current risk which means that the waters are dangerous. best bet is to enjoy it on the sand instead of getting in the quarter. and never get in in the water without a lifeguard in the area. here is a look at hurricane irma. the reason we're not seeing all of the rain wrapped around irma is because radar can only reach so far out from the u.s. but we see that the eye is moving along cuba. it did make landfall there and some of the ground land intersection has weakened to a category 4. but that really doesn't matter, this is still a very strong storm. we'll talk more about the timing and the wind gusts coming up. today in wildwood, the roar to the shore motorcycle rally rolls into the weekend. the four day event started on thursday. it is considered the largest free motorcycle rally in the
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northeast. today there are a few classic rock concerts scheduled including neal young tribute band. it wraps up tomorrow. as florida braces for the wrath of hurricane irma, we are getting a closer look what the they can expect from the newest images of the devastation in the caribbean.
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this morning we're keeping a close eye on hurricane irma. a new report shows that it's back down to a category 4 storm. right now irma just more than 200 miles from the tip of florida. the storm is moving at about 12 miles per hour. it is starting to turn north. and we are expecting landfall in
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the next 24 hours. the storm has already left a path of destruction after crashing in to the caribbean, southern bahamas, u.s. virgin islan islands. in barbuda, the prime minister says the storm damaged 95% of the island's buildings. more than 20 people died in the caribbean and now hurricane jose is on the way. people in our area are coming together this weekend to help hurricane victims. pennsauken township will be holding a donation drive. you can drop off money, water, clothing items. the drive runs from 8:00 to 4:00. donations can be dropped off at the municipal complex, police department and select fire stations in pennsauken. now to a celebration of the great men of philadelphia. last night the made man's reception was held at the comcast center to honor dozens of african-american men who are giving back to the community. more than 50 men helped suit up future workers by donating agei
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gently used business clothes. they have collected more than 13,000 suits in 11 cities across the country for young men to help them prepare for work. you will see a new piece of art along the ben franklin parkway. this is the latest mural in philadelphia. a 125-foot piece of artwork called parkway day dreams. it was dedicated yesterday right along the parkway. the mural will be on display until november of next year. and we'll begin with a look at hurricane irma. this imagery, this is the satelli satellite. this is where the center strength of the storm is. it has made an official landfall over cuba, it was a category 5 when it did so. it has dropped down just barely to a category 4. 157-mile-per-hour and above is cat 5. look at how close, 155 currently. it's moving to the west/northwest at 12 miles per
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hour. and that is one of the most pound information, northwest. it is starting to make the hook to the right that will impact florida by tomorrow. this is the updated track. from saturday into sunday, you see that we start to track to the north right over florida. so irma will impact it looks like the florida keys most likely before starting to impact the southern tip of florida. the it's really focused now on the western coastline of florida up through tampa, around 2:00 a.m. monday. and then by tuesday, at 2:00 a.m., starting to move into georgia. regardless of where it moves through, the wids of tth of the shows that almost the entire state will feel the major effects. look at the future wind gusts through tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. estimated at 90 miles per hour at key west and really starting
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to crank up over the rest of the state. but watch as the center of the storm starts to pass over the state, 120-mile-per-hour winds key west and that is likely over the southern tip of florida, too. about 100 miles per hour in miami. and notice through the rest of the day, through 11:00 at night, staying near 100-mile-per-hour winds. so we're talking a day long period where 100 miles per hour or faster for the wind gusts as a result of irma moving over the state. irma himself more thanseveral 5 wide. storm surge is likely 8 to 12 feet over the western coast. eastern coast 5r to 10 feet. so both sides will be pounded. as for our current conditions, a very different picture. we're so lucky to say this. 55 right now. and we'll see temperatures pick
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up to the low 70s. radar and satellite shows us not a worry when it comes to rain. we'll say dry with sunny conditions. our future model, no pause necessary. there is no rain in today's forecast or tomorrow's forecast for that matter either. we will be sunny to mostly sunny both days. a slight uptick in temperatures. today 72, tomorrow 74 in philadelphia. 71 in new jersey today and 72 tomorrow. and 72 both days in our delaware neighborhoods. coming up, get ready for our weekly installment of the best high school football action from across the region. the high school blitz is next.
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marshall harris here. time for the high school blitz. great scene in unionville, a fundraising effort to raise money for those affected by hurricane harvey. this is done specifically to help a high school in an area that got hit hard. this sent a video showing their
6:23 am
appreciation for the support. on the field, unionville delivering as well. alex to james who makes the diving grab for the score. unionville wins it 14-6. and northeast vikings cheerleaders -- >> you can't get enough. >> -- trying to help their team, but temp comes out flying. he's all alone for a 55 yard strike and they roll. and olney knocking on the doorstep and their quarterback michael addison decides that he will kick the door in himself. in for the score. taking a few defenders with him. this went to overtime and olney wins. in this one, jim dolan busts a move outside and he is off to the races.
6:24 am
ryan shuts out edison 42-0. lincoln quarterback airing it out, but mastery has the int and taking it back for the score. mastery wins it 18-6. to south jersey, woodrow wilson visiting highland. wilson's quarterback finds ramos, he dives into the end zone. wilson holds on for the 26-20 win. and college wood's quarterback wishing he could take this throw back. it gets picked off by haddonfield. and that is a 59 yard pick six. haddonfield wins 38-6. and delce, he turns on the jets and he's in the end zone. but timber creek comes back and wins. time to get a bird's eye view of the action from skylights.
6:25 am
central buck south on on the board first. they get the win 21-7. meanwhile, council rock north hosting penwood. michael welby scores, but penwood wins. and north penn and pensbury. 16 yards out for the score. north penn wins it. and middletown drew fry finds nick johnson in the middle of the field. and johnson was gone. 54 yards to the house. it's how he finishes it off, somersault. flip. smyrna answers. 60 yard burst here, they win it 35-28. here are the contestants for next week. archbishop ryan and father
6:26 am
judge, archbishop wood and st. joe's prep, or willing burough and west deptford. cast your vote right now for next week's winner. today the temple owls and villanova square off. this is temple's home opener after coming off the loss in south bend last weekend. ♪ this is the scene on temple university campus yesterday. the band and cheerleaders got everybody fired up during a kickoff party and pep rally. kickoff is at 3:30 this afternoon. 6:26 on this saturday. and we continue to follow breaking news out of the lehigh valley, a police officer shot. we have a live report straight ahead. plus we continue to track hurricane irma after it lashes cuba, the massive storm is getting ready to bear down on
6:27 am
florida. >> yeah, and take a look at satellite. it's moving toward florida. we'll talk more about the track and compare a few computer models to look at where it may make landfall. here is a live view outside in center city where today we have a beautiful forecast. gloriously great tasting whole grains. they're whole! every gram glistening with genuine golden honey. it's true! real cocoa, peanut butter and cinnamon too. [glass breaks] oops! sorry! just gearing you up for good mornings and good afternoons. [cheers] [laughing] these whole grains will get you going good. speaking of good. try new apple cinnamon toast crunch.
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we're running out of time. the storm is lm heralmost here. >> the exodus expands in florida as people hurricane irma's expected wrath. irma is just hours away from slamming into florida. that is expected in the next 24 hours. and we'll be watching for the catastrophic damage. we are also following some breaking news out of the lehigh valley this morning. a police officer shot and wounded. we'll get to a live report from the scene in moments.
6:30 am
>> good morning. i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it's 6:30. and we will start with hurricane irma. we have the latest on the storm's track plus we'll go live to ft. lauderdale, florida in a few moments to check on the conditions there. we begin our coverage with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> here is a look at the radar and satellite of irma. you might notice that you only see about half of the storm. the radar can only reach so far out from parts of the mainland u.s. but it's now showing us the eye of the storm which isn't as perfectly designed as it once was because of land interaction and shear, which is winds at different levels of the atmosphere that are trying to wa weakening irma. but it's moving over warm waters. so you can see right over the keys, we now have some of the heavier rain bands moving across the keys and south parts of
6:31 am
florida here. this is just the start of what will be a couple days worth of rain, danltimaging winds and li threatening storm surge. this is the gfs computer model, it shows the track of irma which has impact over the keys by tomorrow morning. this is around 8:00 a.m. also notice a hard hit over the entire southern tip of florida. the model then pulls up through the spine of florida all the way through monday morning. that is the center hit and then continues from monday morning through monday evening into georgia. now look at the european model which has been spot on so far with tracking irma. it again has it brush up against the cuba coastline with impact near the keys, but is a little more to the west right around again early tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. so as the result of being a little more west, it keeps the heaviest hit ooink right aloalo coastline. regardless for monday morning,
6:32 am
monday evening, it starts to weaken and move into georgia. while the tracks are a little different, the answer is it really doesn't matter. either way, florida will see very impactful events because of irma. we'll talk more about the wind, the rain, some of those totals in just a bit. right now hurricane irma continues its destructive march. it is headed on that collision course with florida. irma is starting to turn north. we just saw that in the graphics krystal showed us and could hit the florida keys sometimes early tomorrow morning. while the gulf coast looks like it will take the direct hit, the east coast will certainly feel the effects and that is where sarah rosario is live this morning. she joins us from ft. lauderdale. sarah. >> reporter: good morning. the wind is really starting to pick up here in south florida where hurricane irma is less than 24 hours from landfall. and if you take a look around me, you can see just how much the wind is blowing here. we're right along the beach.
6:33 am
so the waves are crashing hard now. and people here are preparing for what is to come. we have known about this storm for quite some time. but there is a big sense of urgency considering the changes that we're starting to see here. just yesterday it was sunny and today you can see just how different it is. people rushing to get gas, people rushing to get out of the state. there was a big traffic congestion as people were all trying to get out. and now there is a big concern for people who live along the west coast, the florida key, naples, ft. myers and tampa. all of those people are now expecting for a bigger impact of the storm. we're expecting hurricane force winds from coast to coast with potentially life threatening storm surge and those are the things that really impact people here. we know that people in any hurricane, the most dangerous thing is the water. not necessarily the winds, but the water. and people getting stuck in those floodwaters. so this is what we're looking on out for and we are expecting
6:34 am
widespread power outages as well. >> sarah rosario live for us from ft. lauderdale, be safe and thank you. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates on hurricane irma as they develop. right now on the nbc 10 app, you can follow the latest track. we are updating this on air and certainly online. and we will send news alerts straight to your phone. and now to the breaking news out of the lehigh valley where a police officer was shot in the lean of duty. rac randy gail hayllenhaal is live fill us in. >> reporter: as the sun comes up over whitehall township, you can still see an active police presence behind me. this is the 4700 block of main street. the road is closed here. it's a residential neighborhood and whitehall police investigators are focusing on a house in that neighborhood with crime scene tape surrounding it. let me show you video that is coming in overnight. it was a huge police response
6:35 am
about 3:00 this morning in this rural part of lehigh county. we have learned that pennsylvania state police are assisting the whitehall police department after a police officer was shot in the line of duty and wounded. cameras spotted one person being taken on a stretcher into an ambulance. the investigation still very early, but authorities say it's the whitehall police department that is handling this investigation. at this point we don't know the circumstances of the shooting or the condition of that officer. we reached out to the whitehall police chief for more information. a as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10. and this morning in philadelphia, the hunt continues for the two men who shot this father to death right in front of his 2-year-old daughter. philadelphia police say two men wearing dark hoodies and tan pants confronted jerry grandzol as he was getting out of his car thursday night. the crime was caught on surveillance video in the
6:36 am
neighborhood with grandzol continuing over his wallet and then the robber shooting him twice in the face. police believe the robbers were after his car and he warranted to get his daughter and dog out before turning over the keys. >> they wanted the car. he wouldn't give up the car. and they shot him for it. >> started putting pressure on his wounds and scooping blood out of his mouth so he could try to breathe. >> neighbors came together last night at the community garden grandzol helped to create to remember the father of two. his wife just gave birth to a second child not too long ago. police are now asking anybody with any information to come forward. 6:36. we continue to watch hurricane irma's match toward florida. we will be updating the storm's track and the timing throughout the morning and on the nbc 10 app.
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starting out with a live look outside, this is looking over pen's landing. what a pretty shot. nice sunrise. and there is not a cloud in the sky. that will be the case today. sunny start to the morning and then sunny to mostly sunny throughout the afternoon. on our current temperatures, some of us are a little chilly here. 49 in mt. holly, and 47 in allentown. 53 the reporting temperature in wilmington and we're at 55 in philadelphia. atlantic city, you are at 51 degrees. so we have upper foirts to low mid-50s right now. as we get into the afternoon, we will warm up to about the low 70s which is still below average, but actually it will make for a really pretty fall-like day. on our radar and satellite, it's a clear picture over the entire
6:40 am
area. not expecting to track any rain in the delaware valley. instead we will stay like i mentioned with the sunny to mostly sunny conditions. no problems in our neck of the woods. so upper 50s at 8:00 a.m. to low 70s at 4:00 p.m. and i can put it on repeat for most of our neighborhoods. sunny to mostly sunny, up to 674:00 in the suburbs. lehigh valley will, 67 as well. i do think that we'll make to on about 70 over parts of the lehigh valley. delaware, 72 for the forecast high. in new jersey, 70 degrees. and some clouds scattered over the afternoon hours. in new jersey along the jersey shore, from 57 at 8:00 to 71 at 4:00 p.m. nice to be at the shore, but don't be fooled, there is a high rip current risk as a result of both irma and hurricane jose churning up the waters. that extends all the way to us. here is a look at irma's radar and satellite view. the rain bands will continue to
6:41 am
affect florida today, tomorrow and up the eastern coast as we go throughout your next workweek. we'll talk more about that and some of the impacts irma may have for us coming up. on hundreds will be running to remember the fallen heros of 9/11 at 9:00. there are four more races this month around the philadelphia region dedicated to fallen heros. it will benefit the travis manion foundation. he was killed in iraq in 2007 while trying to draw fire away from his wounded teammates. how about a run along a trail at some of philadelphia's most famous fighter uses to work out in the annual boxer's trail run and walk is named after boxer joe frazier. money raised goes toward the local recreation center. 6:41. stilt ahead, some scary health
6:42 am
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himp is hurricane irma is a dangerous kalt category 4. could tick up again. but almost irrelevant because this is still powerful. irma is making a turn north and it could reach the keys early tomorrow. tonight disney world is closing early. the park will remain closed through monday. hotels at the resort will stay
6:45 am
open. universal and orlando and busch gardens are also closing. irma made landfall in cuba last night, it brought fierce winds and rain causing widespread flooding, power outages. this comes after irma plowed through the caribbean leaving at least 23 dead. we're even getting a little bit of an impact here. irma is whipping up dangerous rip currents down the shore. officials are warning swimmers not to go in the water if there are no lifeguards on duty and keep in mind the number of guarded beaches has been drastically reduced now that we are past labor day. in philadelphia this morning, the search continues for two men who attacked a la salle university student walking alone thursday night. the woman was attacked at kemble park. police tell us the pair followed her and threw bleach in her face before throwing her to the ground and assaulting her. the victim was on the phone with her boyfriend at the time and he heard what was going on and
6:46 am
called philly police and campus security. the student was treated at the hospital and released. administrators at a delaware county grade school want to know how 29 bags of a powerful opoid ended up in the school parking lot. parents at saint better inbette than in debt found the bats of fentanyl. it's a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin. the pennsylvania attorney general is investigating the massive data breach of equifax. nearly half of all americans were affected. the bureau of consumer protection is leading a multistate investigation. you can check to see if you were impacted right now on our website 6:46 on this saturday. and we continue to keep a very close eye on hurricane irma. looking outside in our
6:47 am
neighborhoods, looking good out there. but yeah, this picture says it all for florida. >> yeah, couldn't have two different forecasts as different as ours versus florida. look at the radar and satellite map from hurricane irma. now visible is the eye itself on radar. this is key west radar, so that is why you are only seeing about half of irma because the american radar system can only stretch out so far. so this is why you are just seeing half the storm. but what you are seeing with this half of the storm, we are seeing land interaction with the most outer rain bands over southern tip of florida and key west. these pockets of reds, oranges, these are some of the thunderstorms likely to fire off in the area. this is not a surprise. this is what we saw with harvey, as well. these rain bands can be strong enough to spur stronger storms. so this is something that we'll also have to watch as irma starts to interact with florida and drive up the spine of
6:48 am
florida. from a radar and satellite view, the current conditions. 155-mile-per-hour winds, that puts it just only two miles per hour lower than the threshold for a category 5. so while technically down graded, it has not gotten any weaker. as we look at the movement, it's moving to the west/northwest. and so that means that it is slowly starting to make that hook to the north that will result in florida being directly impacted by irma. here is the latest track update. we go there 2:00 a.m. sunday to 2:00 p.m. and that goes from right near the keys to over the keys as a major category 4. and water temperatures here are between 85 and 90 degrees, so that is warm fuel for irma. so a category 5 is not out of the question before landfall over the keys. notice that the track update now has it moving right along the western coast of florida.
6:49 am
and that means that it could directly impact tampa as well. possibly with a secondary landfall. and this will drive right through florida and into parts of georgia as we go from monday into tuesday. you can see the timing here. monday 2:00 a.m., tuesday 2:00 a.m. and that is when it really will start to weaken. so still a lot of time for irma to do a lot of damage throughout the u.s. before finally starts to fall apart. let's talk future wind gusts. as we go throughout the time period through midnight, it looks like our computer system is having an issue with it glitching out for you. so i apologize if the numbers rchbt smoo aren't smoothly rolling. but notice 95-mile-per-hour winds for key west 5:00 a.m. and now at 3:00, and you see we're near 110 miles per hour for key west. 80-mile-per-hour gusts for myself. and as we go throughout the rest of the day here and into the night, a lot of locations right near 100-mile-per-hour gusts throughout the florida area. also looking at tropical watches
6:50 am
and warnings in place. storm surge that could be up to 12 feet along the western coast of florida and we'll finally end with the rainfall projected totals here near a foot of rain possible for areas like miami as well as tampa. we'll get to your 10 day on 10 coming up. marshall harris here. you can feel the excitement. we are counting down the mere hours to kickoff eagles and washington in the season opener tomorrow at 1:00. plenty of bad blood between these two teams. washington's won the last five match-ups, but most those games were close and birds are hoping to break that streak this weekend. for some of the vets, you don't need to remind them how big this game is. >> want to win against this team.
6:51 am
i guess three seasons ago is the last time we got a win, so way too long. >> division game against a team that beat us the last five times, this will be a big game for us. >> that first game is like something new every year is like, like first game of your career. so i'm extremely excited, anxious to play and show what we're going to do. >> some tough news about a former eagle though. long snapper jon dorenbos who was just traded to the saints last month has been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. he will need open heart surgery. doctors found the problem during a followup physical. his former teammates back in philadelphia are hoping for the best. >> we take our health for granted sometimes. we play it for so long like jon did, to find out news like that is scary and unfortunate, but we're praying for him. >> obviously for a guy to overcome as much as he has, to deal with that too is difficult. but thoughts and prayers are with him and we know that he will be okay.
6:52 am
>> game two of the four game set with the nationals last night, first inning, two men on for the birthday boy. max scherzer with the gift. and nick treats him like a pinata. puts the phils up 3-0, but nats battle back. here is a line drive, oh, what are you doing? he misjudges the catch, it goes over his head. taylor an inside the park grand slam. in the 7th, rhys hoskins doing some damage. nats hold on to win 11-10. phillies front office is happy with their rookies. and now crawford is added into the mix. we caught up with the general manager who talked about the timing of bringing these guys up. >> when we bring players to the
6:53 am
big leagues, we want them to stay there. we bring them up when we feel that they are ready and the hope is that they will stay and in nick's case, he did. in rhys' case, he's done that. and in j.p.'s case, we'll have to see. he'll be here for the rest of the year for sure. but he's auditioning for next april. >> that will do it for sports. i'm marshall harris from csn. have a great saturday, everyone.
6:54 am
tim & charlie, 4th graders. 3rd graders these days. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. what's next? welcome to the future tim. new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. barbara?! you're one hot old el paso taco boat! uggh, mom, dad... i'm right here! are those peppers? jalapeños! spicey! caliente! i have to get my own plate. anything goes in old el paso.
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take a look at this heavenly view of the northern lights in finland. you can see the streaks of green, purple, pink, yellow dancing across the sky. northern lights happen when electrically charged particles from the sun enter the earth's atmosphere. and this was especially viking because of the strong geomagnetic storm that happened this week on the sun. today at the shore, miss america hopefuls will be showing us their shoes. the annual tradition hatppening on the boardwalk with shoes that highlight their state. a new miss america will be crowned tomorrow night. today great beers will take over hamilton street in allentown. the second annual beer fest runs from 1:00 to 5:00. 55 breweries are giving samples of 110 different beers. there will be live music and food as well. tickets are $40.
6:57 am
and good thing that the weather will cooperate. >> and this is actually a beautiful weekend locally. we are so lucky to say that conditions will be really nice. here is a live look down broad street. a sunny bright picture. and that will be the case today. 72 the high in center city, 69 westchester and low 70s for new jersey, the shore and delaware. and let's wrap it up with the 10 day on 10. today 72, tomorrow 74. dry. and we do enter a rainy period due to irma's moisture starting tuesday. you can see pretty consistent rainy period into next weekend. >> yeah, and we'll be watching it of course as irma gets closer and closer to florida. we'll have details on that coming up today our next newscast at krystal, we are see evolution of the storm. >> yeah, we'll have continued updates. tomorrow morning will be a busy morning.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. get out now. florida residents on the run this morning as hurricane irma makes a slight shift to the west overnight. now putting the state's west coast in its cross hairs. >> hurricane irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the united states. >> still no one safe. the monster storm wider than the sunshine state itself. fears of catastrophic form surges and mass destruction. popular areas look like ghost towns as people heed the warnings to get to safety. officials warning key west residents that nowhere is safe. tens of thousands pour into evacuation centers. between five and six million people told to evacuate. a quarter of the


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