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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  September 10, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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you have to go well away from the water to get away from the storm surge threat. same situation especially on the south side of that breaking news, hurricane irma bearing down on florida. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. you have been watching msnbc's coverage of the storm. this morning, we'll continue to follow irma's path as the hurricane creeps closer to landfall in florida. overnight, it strengthened back to a category 4 storm. here's what it looks like right now in ft. myers, florida. you can see the palm trees whipping in the wind. this is what it looks like on the east coast, a live picture from ft. lauderdale. the winds have been picking up here overnight. krystal klei is tracking irma's
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path and watching the weekend for the rest of our weekend. >> we're going to start out by taking a look at the radar and satellite view of irma. the eye of the storm, the eyewall, the area of strongest wind gusts, just moving right towards the keys as you can see, the reds, the orange, the yellow, a band of very, very heavy rain wrapped around the eye, and the gusts are incredibly strong. at 5:00 a.m., we got an update, intensity at 130 miles per hour. that's where you're going to find the 130-mile-per-hour winds moving right towards the keys. very close at this point. we have these heavy rain bands that are extending throughout florida now. yellows, oranges that come in layers, and then the eyewall it itself is wrapped around that area of clear conditions. once the keys are under this, the keys will see calm and quiet. but ahead of that, this are the destructive winds. about 30 mile tz away from areas
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like key west. this is something over the next couple hours we're going to see unfold as it starts to move over the keys and bring those destructive winds. then on the backside of this, storm surge concerns will continue for the keys. this is the area we have for days now been talking about as the big trouble area. let's talk about the current conditions that just came out at 5:00 a.m. the intensity update and a track update. 130-mile-per-hour continued irma at a category 4. yesterday, it dropped to a category 3, but over the warm waters, we're seeing it's back to the cat 4 level. moving to the northwest at 8 miles per hour. so it's going to be jogging right up this florida coastline as we go throughout the next 48 hours. watch the updated track. not necessary landfall, but going to feel the effects in southwest florida. still a category 4 as it starts to brush up against parts of st.
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petersburg. this is where a second landfall could be possible, 2:00 a.m. monday, starting to weaken to a cat 3 and then a cat 1 by the time it makes it to the panhandle and then it will start to move into parts of georgia and start to weaken as it moves into the u.s. nonetheless, this is going to be a destructive path, whether it makes a landfall over the port of florida. we'll talk more about the conditions of irma and local forecasts in a few minutes. >> thanks for that, krystal. >> here's what we know right now about the storm. hurk force winds are hitting the florida keys. more than a quarter million homes and businesses in florida have lost power. outages are in the miami area. that's where authorities ordered 600,000 people to evacuate. in total, officials have told about 7 million people to get out of florida and georgia. many major cities in florida are now ghost towns as residents and tourists heeded the warnings or
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checked into more than 300 shelters across the state. up until the last minute, frightened residents attempted to get to safety. >> nobody is giving any information. we have to get the word out, you're going to come in. we need to know. >> life threatening storm surge is as high as 15 feet. predicted in areas all along florida's west coast. this morning, utility workers from our area are heading to florida to help out with power problems. randy is live in new jersey where dozens of employee said will leave in the next few hours. >> about 7:00 a.m., 154 local employees from pse&g will be gearing up their trucks and heading south to lake city, florida, to begin staging to help crews there. again, 154 employees in the next hour, we're expected to go inside to follow along as they get ready. we're told this trip could last three to four weeks. as we mentioned, about 250,000
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people already without power. florida power and light, the utility down there, says at its peak, 4 million people could be outaged. right now, we're seeing a number of downs trees and power lines in the miami area. you can expect that to spread north and they're going to need help from crews like this all over the country to get florida up and running. we'll be here as the crews take off. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> nbc10 is with you every step of the way as we track the potentially historic devastation. other news this morning that we're watching in delaware county, a house fire broke out overnight on angora avenue. itting to crews about an hour to extinguish the flames. no reports of anyone hurt. a suspect is in custody following the sexual assault of a 5-year-old child. police are releasing few details in the case. we know it happened on
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warrington avenue in southwest philly and the vp went to the children's hospital of philadelphia for treatment. now to the break in the case of a father shot by robbers right in front of the man's young daughter. philadelphia police have arrested two brothers in connection with the shooting. according to investigators. 21-year-old maurice roberts and his 16-year-old brother approached gerard as he was parking his car in front of his house. he gave up his wallet but he wouldn't turn over the keys to his car because his 2-year-old daughter was in the seat. police say that's when the 16-year-old shot him in the head. friends tell us he gave his life to protect his child. >> everyone needs to know he was without a doubt a hero. >> a surveillance camera in the neighborhood captured the crime, and police say that's what helped them track down the brothers. they arrested the 16-year-old suspect first, then marshals arrested the 21-year-old suspect last night in north jersey.
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>> this morning, new video of good samaritans frant sclae trying to rescue a driver who crashed his pickup truck into a river in new castle county. >> get out, get out! >> the 42-year-old driver went off the river walk boardwalk in wilmington and landed in the river. two good samaritans climbed into the pickup to try to pull the driver to safety, but they couldn't get him out before the truck went under. authorities ultimately pulled the victim's body from the submerged pickup. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators say foul play is not suspected here. >> 5:37 on this sunday. the death toll is rising from that massive earthquake in mexico. we'll take a look at the damage and destruction south of the border. plus, it's the final countdown to kickoff for the eagles' 2017 season. how carson wentz is preparing for the matchup against
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we are tracking irma's impact as the hurricane moves toward landfall in florida. this is a live look at ft. myers in southwest florida. you can see the wind gusts are blowing the palm trees here. the rain is pelting the city streets. and here's a look right now in lauderdale by the sea, on the other side of the state, just north of miami. this area may not be getting the brunt of the storm because as we have seen in the track, it's going to head up the west coast, but as you can see, the winds here are still nonetheless powerful. take a look at the whipping winds in this video. irma's wind speeds are up to 130 miles per hour. nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking irma's path and keeping an eye on the weather in our neck of the woods this weekend and also what
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irma's impact will be in the week ahead. >> let's talk about current conditions right now. we're at 55 degrees in philadelphia. northeast philly, at 54. we have 40s on the map this morning. 49 in redding and allentown, 47 degrees. 55 for us at the atlantic city marina. wildwood the same, and dover at 51 currently. today, much like yesterday, is going to be a really lovely day as we go through the afternoon hours. plenty of sunshine, just a few scattered clouds, and temperatures that will warm up nicely into about the mid 70s over our area. here's radar and satellite. a clear picture for us, not tracking any rain, and yet again, i don't expect to track rain for our region. instead, there it is, the sunshine again. we go 55 at 7:00 a.m. in philly to about 66 at 11:00 a.m. sunny and 72 with scattered clouds in the afternoon hours around 3:00 p.m. for the high, right in the mid 70s through much of philly. in the suburbs, 64, 11:00 a.m. 70 degrees, 3:00. about the same for the lehigh
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valley and berks county. breezy again yesterday. we saw the gusts into the mid 20s. about the same today, gusts at 20, 25 miles per hour. delaware, 52 at 7:00 a.m. 72, a 20-degree jump by 3:00. in new jersey, 52. up to 71 degrees. and right around the low 70s for the jersey shore with those sunny to mostly sunny conditions throughout. so there's a look at irma on the radar and satellite map. you can see the eye of the storm well defined and barely to the south of key west. the florida keys directly in the line of fire and landfall likely in the next several hours. then this is going to start to ride up the west coast, and that's where we are tracking it brushing up and bringing some heavy rain and those devastating gusts with it. storm surge going to be a major issue as well, particularly for the southwest edge of florida where we could see up to 15 feet of surge. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks. >> also coming up, crowning
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achievement. tonight is the ms. america pageant. we'll have the highlights. >> we have continuing coverage of hurricane irma ahead of landfall in florida. right now, many communities across the sunshine state are feeling hurricane force winds. we'll have an update in minutes.
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5:45 right now on this sunday. we continue to watch as hurricane irma inches closer to landfall in florida. this is a live look at ft. myers on the southwest coast of the state. i actually used to work here. obviously, i'm from the philly region. i grew up on the south side of the city, but before i came back to philadelphia, i worked in ft. myers as a reporter. this looks like it's along route 41. a lot of neighborhoods are going to be inundated with water. if you know this part of florida, there are quite a few barrier islands, sanibel, captiva. a lot of folks hopefully heeded the warning to get out of the
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area. irma has moved slightly west again with a predicted landfall in the keys. krystal klei is keeping a close eye on the hurricane's path. we'll get an update from her in moments. irma is already impacting power for hundreds of thousands. the florida power and light says it has more than 16,000 workers ready to respond. the largest pre-storm workforce in u.s. history. the storm swirled up this water spout off the coast of ft. lauderdale yesterday. hurricanes can quickly spin up weak tornadoes and water spouts like this one in this picture. >> cuba is waking up to devastation from hurricane irma. it made landfall on the northern coast as a category 5 storm before losing some strength. again, right now, it's a category 4. the coastline of cuba studded with new all inclusive tourist resorts, especially as people from the u.s. are now allowed to travel to cuba more freely.
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buildings are destroyed, streets the flooded and power is out for thousands. >> pets are also in need of rescue from hurricane irma. the providence animal center will be receiving more dogs from florida and georgia today. 20 dogs from north carolina arrived thursday. with transports planned for today and tomorrow, a total of 62 irma dogs will be at the rescue shelter ready for adoption. >> from one natural disaster to another. in mexico, the death toll from a major earthquake has risen to at least 65. the magnitude 8.1 quake hit late thursday off mexico's southern coast. communities are now in shambles after hundreds of buildings collapsed. this is the biggest quake to strike that country in a century. families have dragged mattresses onto the sidewalks to sleep outdoors because it's not safe inside. all right, we're starting with a look at radar and
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satellite over hurricane irma. just hours from making landfall over the florida keys where it's looking more and more likely as you see the movement to the northwest, that deep red and yellow that you see, that's the eyewall. the most dangerous part of the storm in terms of winds because that's where the strongest wind gusts are. and they're going to be rolling right over the keys here come the next few hours. you notice we have these heavy rain bands moving all throughout florida. up through about the tampa line, then we see scattered showers and storms all the way up to jacksonville. this is affecting the entire state of florida now, and those areas that are want seeing much like the panhandle soon enough will because this is going to ride the western coast of florida. you saw the updated track a few minutes ago. very close to tampa for a powerful landfall before moving into the panhandle of florida and over to georgia. we do have the hurricane watches and warnings in place. yesterday, we talked about the extension of the warnings along both coastlines all the way up
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florida. the entire spot across florida now under that warning because of irma. these are areas in particular that are looking at the threat of major storm surge, high wind gusts, and heavy flooding rain starting now and just lasting throughout monday as well. let's talk about storm surge. we'll begin with the keys here. this map is showing us the potential for certain levels of surge. remember, surge is the rise of ocean waters as they move inland combined with tidal flow. you see these much higher than average waters move into land areas and typically areas like homes and businesses. so around this map over the keys, up to ten feet possible over the keys for storm surge. this is the area likely to get the hardest hit, because remember, the track will move right along the coast here and the strongest winds come from the top right quadrant. you're looking at this being the hardest hit area you have the onshore flow and movement of the
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storm piling on top of each other, could see greater than 10 feet, up to 15 feet of surge possible, and that does track along parts of ft. myers and port charlotte as well. for future wind gusts, look at these speeds. 8:00 a.m., around 130-mile-per-hour winds for key west. that is what we're now measuring for hurricane irma's current winds and those are going to continue to progress and start to weaken. for us here, it is a clear picture. temperatures today here are going to be nice. 75 and sunny in center city. low to mid 70s for the suburbs and lehigh valley, and same deal through new jersey, even the shore at the 70s today. 5:50 on this sunday. next in sports, the eagles get ready for their season opener. penn state and pitt renew a rivalry, and phils rookie rhys hoskins does it again. we have all the highlights straight ahead. plus, hurricane irma inching closer and closer to making landfall in florida. we'll have more on the storm's path and what's expected to
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happen over the next few hours coming up.
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hurricane irma taking aim at the florida keys. widespread storm surge warnings are in effect of up to 15 feet. this is not just a powerful storm. it's a big one. irma is more than 400 miles wide, which is more than double the width of florida. a live look now at lauderdale by the sea. you can see just how strong the wind gusts are here this morning. our nbc10 crew in miami, not too far away from lauderdale by the sea, captured this video in the past few hours. it's a view of what biscayne bay looks like from the seawall of miami's shores. back here in our area today, two races will remember the fallen heroes of 9/11. the first starts at 9:00 this morning in pennsauken. the travis mannion foundation will host the tenth annual 9/11 heroes run. the second is at 2:00 this afternoon at the chester county justice center in west chester.
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that also benefits the travis mannion foundation which sponsors empowerment programs for vets. travis mannion was killed in react in 2007 while trying to draw fire away from his wounded teammates. a new miss america will be crowned tonight in atlantic city. miss america hopefuls showed off their shoes in an annual pageant tradition. they paraded down the boardwalk in colorfully decorate shoes. oh, happy football sunday to you. danny pommells from csn, your friendly neighborhood sportscaster. the eagles in a matter of hours.
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the doug pederson and carson wentz duo, year one started with a bang. but expectations are high for the birds this season. what better way to get things started than with a division rival? >> definitely more excited because it's week one, but to go down in washington, divisional rival to start the year, couldn't have asked for a better scenario, honestly. it's an excited time. we both are aware of each other. we know kind of everyone's tendencies. they have a new defensive coordinator, so some different things, but atthen end of the day, it's going to come down to players making plays and we have to be able to handle that environment, and i believe we can do that. it's going to be a fun one on sunday. >> hard to believe the birds back on the gridiron once again. >> how about penn state hosting pitt at happy valley yesterday. the nits, the number four team in the land. plus, heisman candidate, huge game last week, looking for more. first quarter, already 7-0, penn state. they find the tight end for his
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second td of the quarter, fourth 14-0, penn state. a reason he was preseason all american. third quarter, 14-3, and the three. touchdown as he goes the distance. another huge save for the offense. they beat pitt 34-13. >> temple and nova in south philly yesterday. a one-yard run makes it 13-0, owls, but nova mounting a comeback. a ten-yard td pass, and it's 13-10. the cats later tie it. one minute to play, knotted at 13-13. money when it matters most. a 49-yard field goal is your game winner. owls knock off the cats and secure the mayor's cup. to the phillies like the eagles also, nbc this weekend playing the middle game of the series with the nationals.
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second inning of action, the rookie phenom continues the start to his career. goes down and gets one. a solo blast, his 14th. we're tied at 1-1. next batter, franco, and good for you, even better for me. goes back to back. a homer of his own. the phillies jump ahead for good. they hang on down the stretch and beat the nationals 5-4. well, a member of the philadelphia freedom's sloane stephens wins the u.s. open. a great day for her. i'm danny pommells from csn. this morning, we are bringing you continuing coverage of hurricane irma. right now, dozens of power workers from our area are heading down south to help. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in new jersey to fill us in. randy. >> reporter: power outages are piling up across south florida as irma bears down on key west. coming up next, the crews coming from new jersey and heading south to help restore the state of florida.
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and behind me, the look at hurricane irma as it approaches the keys. the landfall, we'll talk more about this, the timing of when landfall may occur, and more on your local forecast with a live view here of center city. politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities?
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that breaking news, hurricane irma barreling toward florida. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. we're tracking irma's path as the superstorm gets ready to make landfall. irma strengthened to a category 4 overnight. right now, communities all along the coast from west to east are getting hit with hurricane force winds. this is a live look at what's happening in ft. myers, florida, right now. mt. myers is on the southwest coast. you can see the palm trees whipping in the wind. the national hurricane center says miami airport has seen gusts up to 60 miles per hour. tornado warnings have been posted throughout the morning in ft. lauderdale. tens of thousands of people in florida are huddled in shelters as the hurricane threatens to cause catastrophic damage in the sunshine state. florida governor rick scott is warning residents to hunker down because of the massive storm surge that's expected. it's too late to get out.


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