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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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that breaking news, hurricane irma barreling toward florida. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. we're tracking irma's path as the superstorm gets ready to make landfall. irma strengthened to a category 4 overnight. right now, communities all along the coast from west to east are getting hit with hurricane force winds. this is a live look at what's happening in ft. myers, florida, right now. mt. myers is on the southwest coast. you can see the palm trees whipping in the wind. the national hurricane center says miami airport has seen gusts up to 60 miles per hour. tornado warnings have been posted throughout the morning in ft. lauderdale. tens of thousands of people in florida are huddled in shelters as the hurricane threatens to cause catastrophic damage in the sunshine state. florida governor rick scott is warning residents to hunker down because of the massive storm surge that's expected. it's too late to get out. experts predict that storm surge
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could reach 15 feet in places like naples, florida. that's where national correspondent jay gray is live. >> good morning. we have seen rain all morning. it is building, as you can see. the wind gusting at times as well. the same situation just to the north. let's take a look at ft. myers where you can see the trees bending there and the rain pouring in. these are just the outer bands of irma, as the storm moves closer to the keys and targets the coast. violent wind and frightening rain. irma's assault begins hours before landfall. >> hurricane irma is now impacting our state. millions of floridians will see major hurricane impacts with deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge. and life threatening winds. >> oh, my gosh. >> 18 million or more could feel the effects of this massive storm. winds gusting well over 100 miles per hour. 12 inches of rain or more in
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some areas, and a storm surge that could reach 16 feet. >> this is a deadly major storm, and our state has never seen anything like it. >> more than 6 million residents were told to evacuate. the largest effort in u.s. history. >> just scary. i have never been through anything like this before. >> tens of thousands moving into more than 300 shelters across the state. >> right now, the desperation sets in. the anxiety levels clear up. you pray the god. >> as irma begins to move in. yeah, now look, these conditions are just going to intensify throughout the day. over the next 24 to 48 hours, this area could see some of the worst that irma has to offer. that's the latest live in naples, florida. now back to you. >> jay gray live for us. be safe. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking irma's path and also keeping an eye on the weather in our neighborhood.
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krystal? >> we're starting out with our radar and satellite view. this is of hurricane irma. and you see this little blip here, it looks like some radar just may have been knocked down in this area and that's why we're not getting data there. let's look closer at the key west area, the area that's going to see the impact most immediately with landfall this morning. so we zoom in tight. you see the orange, the yellow. these are the arm bands of irma. this is the eyewall of irma, where the strongest winds are, and it's when the flattening damaging winds move through an area, especially a small island like key west or some of the other keys. this is when we have the concern of the biggest damage moving through due to winds. now, we also have a storm surge, and that's going to come throughout the rest of today as this starts to move close to the west coast of florida. but first in the next say hour to two hours, it's likely we'll start to see the eye approaching over the island. only about 25 miles away at this
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point from points like key west to the eye's center. really getting close now, unfortunately, as we continue to track it moving to the northwest. right now, winds are sustaining at 130 miles per hour. that's the latest from irma due to hurricane hunters who are literally flying through the storm. you can see it's a category 4. it looks like it's going to maintain strength right as it edges along the western coast from about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, you see it's right near parts of the everglades to 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning where it will be close to a landfall between ft. myers and tampa. then continuing up the coast, starting to weaken here, but still likely a category 1 as it enters the panhandle of florida around 2:00 in the afternoon monday and it will start to weaken and fall apart as it drags into parts of the u.s. here. what we are watching is really from now through monday afternoon, this is going to be impacting florida with rain, the winds, the storm surge. we're going to talk more about each of these threats coming up
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throughout the next half hour. >> thanks. hurricane force winds started hitting the southwest coast of florida overnight. this was the scene in punta gorda as the storm's outer bands were still miles away from the coastline. that's north of ft. myers. crews in golden beach, florida, spent part of the night removing this downed treme from a very busy road. officials suspect a small tornado or microburst knocked it down. >> rough waves crushing into seawalls. some of these barriers have already been destroyed by the powerful waves. the storm surge could be up to 15 feet high. right now, dozens of utility workers are gearing up, packing up to help out in florida. randy gyllenhaal is live in new jersey where pse&g employees will head down south in the next hour. >> about 7:00 a.m., we're expecting the crews to begin loading up their utility trucks and making the long drive south. it's 154 local employees here who will be making the trip to
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lake city, florida. that's about an hour west of jacksonville. they'll stage there. we're told this trip could last three to four weeks. even with the eye of irma still about two hours away from key west, already seeing downed power lines and trees across the miami area. transformers are blowing up. key west is dark right now. across the state, about 300,000 without power. and florida power and light officials warn that across the state at the end of this, about 4 million people could see outages. that would be historic. we're going to see those outages begin spreading north across the state, and that's why we're seeing a lot of these crews from across the country taking their time to drive into florida, because the state is going to need a lot of help getting back up and running, especially as the storm continues to make its way north. we'll track these crews from new jersey as they make their way south in about an hour. for now, live in morristown, new jersey. >> thanks for that. >> nbc10 is with you every step of the way as we track irma's
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potentially historic devastation. remember, if you have the nbc10 app, you can follow the path of irma. we constantly update it. also, we'll send alerts straight to your phone. >> 6:07. coming up, man on fire. details on the brutal crime that has police looking for a violent suspect. >> plus, hurricane hunters. we'll show you the view from the eye of irma as a team of weather experts flies right into the storm. we are keeping close watch of hurricane ma from the ground as well. a live view of mt. myers, florida. you can see the palm trees knocking around in the wind. we'll keep you posted as soon as we learn more about when irma may make a direct hit and landfall. that's coming up.
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. nine minutes past 6:00 right now on this sunday. 55 degrees in our area and pleasant here in the philadelphia region. very different picture as we take a live look at ft. myers,
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florida. this is on florida's southwest coast. the governor is warning everyone who stayed in their homes and their shelters to just stay inside. prepare for the worst. there are reports of flooding in miami and ft. pierce, on the other side of florida, on the east coast. meteorologists say ten inches of rain fell in just four hours. this as irma continues to barrel its way toward florida. >> all right, now let's switch gears for a bit and talk about our local forecast. current conditions is where we'll start. temperature of 55 degrees, the reading in philadelphia. 49 this morning in allentown. yet again, very lucky to say this, knowing what's happening in florida. we have a beautiful day ahead. we'll go from 52 in wilmington to this afternoon, some mid 70s. 52 as well the temperature in atlantic city. and our water temperature sits at 70 just outside atlantic city. on our radar and satellite view, a clear picture overhead.
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no rain, no cloud coverage to track. we'll see that when sunrise hits, but really, this is a nice start to our day. just a light jacket will do the trick as you head out the door. let's look at the conditions through the rest of the day. we go from 55 this morning at 6:11 a.m., to 69 around the lunch hour. and there's the 70 i was talking about. 4:00 p.m., 70 degrees and we could go up to 75 for the forecast high. notice the winds today. they'll be coming in from the northeast, and that's going to keep temperatures yet again at bay. we should be right around 84 this time of year. it's going to stay in the 70s in the lehigh valley. and we'll end with the jersey shore. 54, the reading currently with clear conditions and winds at 10 miles per hour. look at that temperature at 2:00 p.m., 70 degrees. by 4:00, we are looking at a temperature of 69 with the onshore breeze that starts to drop the temperature down in the afternoon. cooler at the shore, but a very
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pretty picture as well for us. in a few minutes, we'll talk more about hurricane irma and some of the impacts that will be felt across florida. >> thanks for that. >> 12 minutes past 6:00 on this sunday. coming up, manchester rocks. how music lovers across the pond are hoping to reopen this site that deadly terror attack. plus, hurricane irma is getting closer and closer to making landfall in florida. but the sunshine state is already feeling the impact of this storm. we'll have more on the conditions there. we'll show you some more live pictures throughout the morning. we'll be right back. y2bphy y5yy
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6:14 on this sunday. we continue to track irma's impact on florida. this is a live look at the streets of homestead, florida. between miami and the keys. if you're driving from miami to the florida keys, key largo, key
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west, you would potentially travel through homestead. the category 4 storm is passing over the florida keys with hurricane force winds and drenching rain. you can certainly see it here. here's what we know right now about the storm. more than a quarter million homes and businesses florida have lost power. most cities are ghost towns as millions fled for safety this week. in total, officials told about 7 million people to evacuate florida and parts of georgia. conditions are deteriorating, and they're continuing to get worse in miami. that's where nbc10's christian is joining us from this morning. he's in north miami with a look at what's happening there. >> good morning. i can tell you the weather is just awful out here, to be honest with you. take a look at some of the conditions we're facing. the wind is basically the biggest factor at this time. we have also seen lightning in the back, but the wind is the real problem here because it's creating a lot of debris. a lot of trash on the roads. and this is becoming a big
6:16 am
hazard for drivers. i say drivers because we have seen a couples just kind of passing by here throughout the morning. now, the other issue that folks are having out here is the rain and water. especially those neighborhoods near the bay, near the shoreline. we have seen a couple streets with some accumulation of water and also some minor flooding. i talked to police and they say they have had reports of downed power lines. overall, some of the neighborhoods are pretty much quiet. most of the businesses are already taking every single step they can to protect all of the area like this gas station here which they have all their pumps covered in plastic and their convenient store basically boarded up at this point in time. all about patience and just letting the storm take its course. we're in north miami, nbc10 news. right now on the nbc10 app, you can track hurricane irma in real time and get updates and alerts sent straight to your phone about the storm's path. 6:16 right now. in other news this morning,
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philadelphia police are trying to track down a violent criminal who tied up a man, stabbed him several times, and set him on fire. yesterday, officers and firefighters were called for a house fire on overbrook avenue in the overbrook neighborhood. when they put out the flames, they discovered the victim's burned body. there's no word yet on who may have done it or why. >> overseas in england, manchester's arena reopened this weekend for the first time since the terrorist attack earlier this year that killed 22 people. as you can hear, a cheering crowd packed the arena for a charity concert that featured noel gallagher. back in may, a suicide bomber set off his device at an ariana grande show. >> we're learning more about the heroism scene as hurricane harvey. the houston dive team saved
6:18 am
3,000 lives and they did it in four days. they saved 300 people from one apartment complex alone. they also helped recover the remains of those who didn't survive, including of their own, a fellow officer who drowned trying to get to work. >> pretty difficult to see him laying there in uniform. usually you can see yourself in that uniform in that position. they were risking their lives rescuing others, some of the dive team's family members were evacuating their own homes. the dive team captain's own house flooded and he couldn't even make it back to see the damage for five days. officials are warning to get out of irma's way if they can. if those images from houston aren't enough to make you do it, i mean, maybe this would do it. one group of hurricane hunters is flying directly into the eye of the storm. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration known as noaa are sending planes into
6:19 am
the system to collect data to help meteorologists make accurate forecasts. some folks i suppose, are taking advantage of the strong winds from hurricane irma. this obviously was earlier yesterday before the stormy conditions really set in. you can see this kite blowing around key biscayne yesterday afternoon, before the storm neared florida. >> looking over miami and the areas around florida, just rough weather they have been dealing with, and it's only getting worse as we go through our sunday. here's a look at radar and satellite. we tracking the eye of irma right now, just to the south of key west. now, what we're looking at here is this red, orange, yellow that you see wrapped about halfway over that doughnut center that you see. that is the area of heavy, heavy rain wrapped with very, very
6:20 am
strong winds. in fact, winds are sustained at about 130 miles per hour. i would suspect at least maybe ten miles upward in that area around the orange where the wind are around 130 miles per hour. then they quickly to weaken as you extend farther along out of the storm, but the focus is that this is the area that's going to be moving right over the keys, and the problem is that that's just flattening, destructive winds moving over those areas. we have our watches and warnings in place. now, the whole state of florida you can see except for a part of the panhandle is under a hurricane warning, meaning this is happening. the storm surge is going to be worse right around this area right here, from 10 to 15 feet. the storm surge potential. that's the rising of ocean waters moving inland. the water has nowhere to go so it goes over land and causes devastating flooding. storm surge has been lowered, though, along the southeast corner to 3 to 5 feet.
6:21 am
why? because if the track is farther west then the hardest hitting winds that pump in the storm surge hit more here instead of here. that's why that's dropped a bit to 3 to 5 feet. still could lead to considerable damage over parts of miami. look at the future wind gusts. this morning, close to 130-mile-per-hour winds starting to pick up in key west. this is a model, but i think this is correct as the eye starts to move over. then watch as the numbers start to bump up farther north. nearly 100-mile-per-hour winds in miami. damaging conditions there. 80 for ft. myers. from 5:00 to 7:00, we have over 100-mile-per-hour winds for ft. myers as the storm's center starts to ride the coastline. as we go overnight into tomorrow, you see the winds strengthen over parts of tampa and orlando. in fact, we're right around 80-mile-per-hour winds for orlando by 3:00 a.m. overnight into tomorrow morning. this is going to be quite an event. all of sunday and into monday as well. follow the track.
6:22 am
here's where the heaviest will extend. notice, both sides of the state are hit with these heavy rain bands. not like one spot is going to be better off in florida. panama city and further to the west here, and then they get it by your monday. so 1:00, now looking like possibly a secondary landfall. possibly still a fairly strong hurricane at this point. dropping, i believe, probably after any land interaction near tampa, but the heavy rain bands are going to extend into parts or georgia and the carolinas. here's the deal as we go into tuesday, the rain starts to approach us, and by wednesday, we should see some showers in our neck of the woods as a result of irma. by the way, today, things will look nice, mostly sunny. >> looking for that. thanks, krystal. coming up, getting ready for game day. we'll tell you more about what carson wentz is thinking as the birds get into their season opener in washington. that's coming up later on today. , our coverage of hurricane irma continues as the storm inches closer and closer to
6:23 am
making landfall in florida. this is a live look what's happening on the roads in homestead, florida, toward the east coast, just south of miami. we'll show you more scenes from the storm next.
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6:25 am
across the florida keys this morning, the governor is warning everybody on twitter this is a very deadly storm. he says now is the time to stay safe and to stay put. this is what it looked like just within the last few hours at the bay of biscayne. this is new video from our nbc10 crew in miami. as you can see, the rain is pouring. thor is whipping up over seawalls. the wind, of course, is blowing, and the real concern here is the storm surge. we're going to continue to watch this throughout the morning and
6:26 am
keep you posted. the annual mid-atlantic emmy awards were announced. nbc10 and telemundo 62 led the awards. we were honored for our coverage and the coverage of the delaware prison break. congrats to all the winners at nbc10 and telemundo 62. >> lets head to south jersey. a camden county school district renaming a gym in honor on a long time public servant. they dedicated the barry m. wright gym yesterday. wright spent 27 years as a police officer before becoming the mayor. 6:26 right now on this sunday. help is already on the way from our area aof the expected mass power outages in florida. randy gyllenhaal is live in new jersey with more information for us. >> those power outages are piling up in florida, so crews from across the country
6:27 am
including right here in new jersey are beginning to pack up their supplies and head south. the crews from morristown, new jersey, going down to help. >> behind us me, our area looking at a quiet, clear picture today, but a very different picture for hurricane irma. we'll check out both situations locally and down in florida coming up. here's a live view of the pretty picture start our day over center city.
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that breaking news, hurricane irma barreling toward florida, getting closer and closer. churn toward the coast and over the keys. this is nbc10 news today. i'm rosy c rosemary connors. irma strengthened to a category 4 overnight. right now, communities all over the course are getting hit from hurricane force winds. this is a live look at the
6:30 am
streets of homestead, florida. homestead is just south of miami between miami and the keys. you can see that rain coming down, the stormy conditions set in. and really, anybody who is still in florida, time to hunker down and stay put. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is keeping close watch of irma's path and also tracking our weekend weather. krystal. >> we'll begin with irma. look at radar and satellite. a very clear picture of where irma is and where she's moving through. over the keys. we're just about to see the eyewall approach the islands here, so i would expect say in the next hour or so, we're going to start to really see those wind gusts cranking up over the islands, and unfortunately, that mean smz of the devastating, damaging winds moving through the area. you see the outer bands of the heaviest rain stretching all the way out to f myers and looking south of areas of orlando. scattered storms all the way up to jacksonville. let's talk more about the eye of
6:31 am
the storm here. the deep reds you see wrapping around the clear hole, that is called the eyewall. that's the area of strongest wind gust tz, very heavy rain, and look at how close it is to the keys now. just miles away. the center of the storm less than 30s away. so we're now tracking just by the minutes when landfall will occur over the islands, and it looks like key west will be one that is impacted before this starts to ride along the coast of florida. here are the current conditions. 130-mile-per-hour winds with irma. that makes it a category 4 hurricane. its moving at 8 miles per hour to the northwest. it may impact parts of st. petersburg or tampa before it does move over the panhandle of florida. track this out through our sunday. we go to sunday, not a ton of movement here. fairly slow. only 8 miles per hour, but it's going to really bring major storm surge to this area of florida. still a category 4 as we go through to 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, this is when we could
6:32 am
see land interaction, somewhere between ft. myers and tampa, it looks like. it's going to be a close call, and this is going to continue to ride up and through the panhandle here as we start going from monday into tuesday. by wednesday, it's starting to push some of that moisture our direction. we'll talk more about irma, some of the impacts throughout florida, coming up. >> all right, thanks for that. here's what we know right now about irma's impact. this is the first time two consecutive category 4 hurricanes have hit the united states. don't forget, we just had hurricane harvey in houston. irma is expected to do the most damage to the florida keys since hurricane donna in 1960 on the same date, september 10th. irma's assault began hours ago. 18 million or more could feel the effects of this massive storm. don't forget, it's wider than the state of florida. with winds gusting well over 100 miles per hour and 12 inches of rain or more expected in some spots, this is going to be a big
6:33 am
one. plus, a storm surge that could reach 15 feet. >> hurricane irma is now impacting our state. millions of floridians will see major hurricane impacts with deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge. and life threatening winds. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is also the largest evacuation effort in u.s. history with some 7 million people in florida and georgia ordered to leave. the storm is bringing lightning, heavy rain, hurricane force winds to the west coast of florida. that's where the path appears to be headed right now. again, the east coast is still going to feel this. this is what it looked like overnight in ft. lauderdale on the east coast. the rain was coming in almost horizontally because of the strong winds. now to irma's impact, more the east coast. this is viewer video from miami. you can see the flash of lightning strikes and palm trees being torn apart as the storm moved in overnight. homeowners did all they could do to protect their property from irma.
6:34 am
folks boarded up in jacksonville yesterday to keep the rain out. jacksonville is farther north up the eastern coast. many left messages for irma to stay away, spare them. this morning, utility workers from our area are heading to florida to help out with power problems. we know there's already plenty of power outages in florida and they're expected to worsen. randy gyllenhaal is live in morristown, new jersey, where dozens of employees will leave in the next few hours. >> a few have already started arriving to gear up their utility trucks begin that long drive south. look at their headquarters. they're making that hours-long trip to lake city, florida, to stage their west of jacksonville until the storm passes. we're told the trip could last as long as four weeks. that's about as long as some power outages ing the worst areas could last. even with the eye of the storm still hours away from landfall in the main part of florida and an hour or so from key west, already seeing a lot of downed power lines and trees in the miami area.
6:35 am
transformers blowing up. we know the florida keys are now dark. 300,000 state-wide without power. florida power and light officials are warning that 4 million people could see outages by the end of this thing. that would be historic. we're also hearing about crews from pennsylvania leaving this morning about 10:00 a.m., they're taking a caravan of about 30 trucks. crews from all over the country are heading toward florida right now to help the state recover after the storm pass to get back up and running. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, randy. >> nbc10 is keeping a close watch on irma's potentially historic devastation. you heard the governor say it, they expect this to be a deadly storm. we're going to continue to watch it, keep you posted. we'll be updating everything on-air and online. make sure you have the nbc10 app. new overnight, two shooting victims in the hospital in critical condition. this happened in philadelphia,
6:36 am
north philadelphia. one of the victims was shot near 18th and cumberland streets. the other was hit around the corner. one victim is 25 years old, the other is 19. police have not made any arrests yet in this case. let's head now to delaware county where a house fire broke out overnight on angora avenue. it took crews just about an hour to extinguish the flames. this morning, a suspect is in custody following the sexual assault of a 5-year-old child. there are few details in this case. what we know from police is it happened on warrington avenue in southwest philly. the victim went to the children's hospital of philadelphia for treatment. we are seeing new video this morning of some good samaritans frantically trying to rescue a driver who crashed his pickup truck into a river in new castle county. the driver did not make it. >> get out. get out. >> they tried. the 42-year-old driver went off
6:37 am
the riverwalk boardwalk in wilmington and landed in the river. two good samaritans climbed into the pickup to try to pull the driver to safety, but they couldn't get him out before the truck went under. authorities ultimately pulled the victim's body the submerged pickup. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators say foul play is not suspected. our coverage of hurricane irma continues as storm gets closer and closer to making landfall. this is a live picture now from miami. you can see those winds whipping. we'll show you more scenes from the storm coming up.
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sunday. we continue to track irma's impact on florida. this is a live look at the rain pouring in ft. lauderdale. you see that reporter in the distance holding on for dear life. leaning into the wind because of how strong is. conditions will continue to worsen throughout the day. that flooding is only going to continue to rise. this is a different view from miami. the streets of miami, they're getting flooded as well. boats are being torn from their moorings in the miami area as the storm sets in. we continue to warm irma's path. keep in mind, these pictures we just showed you are on the east coast of florida. irma's path is coming up the west coast. krystal klei has the details on that. krystal. >> we're going to be looking at irma coming up in a bit. i want to for a moment talk locabout our forecast. i will say we're very lucky to track a beautiful day ahead. there's not a lot to discuss.
6:41 am
we're at 55 in philadelphia right now. 50 in the pennsylvania suburbs and 50 in new jersey. upper 40s for the lehigh valley and delaware at 52 degrees. look at all the live cameras, no problems at all. sunny, clear. now that the sun is coming up, we can see the picture and how gorgeous it's going to be. radar and satellite view. there's the clear map over us. i would show you if there were rain clouds moving in. scattered clouds this afternoon like we saw yesterday, but that's about it for us. let's go through the temperature trends. 57 at:00 a.m. 69 at noon. and then 73 by 4:00. in philadelphia, low to mid 70s like yesterday are again in the forecast today. for the suburbs, 66 degrees lunchtime. sunny at 4:00 p.m. and 70. scattered clouds for the lehigh valley, also at 70 degrees. in delaware, 72 and sunny this afternoon. mostly sunny in new jersey, 72 as well. some highs may make their ways to the mid 70s officially.
6:42 am
and along the shore, low 70s. some clouds and an onshore breeze. you'll notice breezy conditions. now we're looking at irma. this is the radar satellite loop. it's showing how close landfall now is for the florida keys. it's been moving through the strait of florida. as a result, it powered up to a category four overnight. what we're looking at category 4 strength winds, 130 miles per hour, likely in the arch you see to move over the keys. coming up, we'll talk more about irma's winds and about the storm surge. >> all right, thanks for that. let's take another live look in florida rights now. this picture coming to us from miami. you can see those winds just whipping, and you can see lights out in many of those buildings. presumably, that's because people have left the area. we do know, though, there are power outages being reported this morning. we'll show you more scenes from florida, and as krystal mentioned, have the latest on the path coming up.
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6:45 am
6:45 on this sunday. we continue to watch as hurricane irma battered florida. the storm moves slightly west again. irma is already impacting power for hundreds of thousands. but florida power and light says it has more than 16,000 workers ready to respond. the largest pre-storm workforce in u.s. history. the storm swelled up this water spout off the coast of ft. lauderdale yesterday. a tornado warning was issued, but the spout did not make it to land. hurricanes can quickly spin up weak tornadoes and water spouts. something we'll be watching in the hours ahead. >> cuba is waking up to devastation from hurricane irma. irma made landfall on the northern coast as a category 5 storm before losing a bit of
6:46 am
strength. now, as we have been telling you, it's a category 4 storm. the cuba coastline is studded with all new inclusive tourist resorts as travel restrictions have been lifted over the past two years. buildings are destroyed, streets are flooded, and power is out for thousands. pets are also in need of rescue from hurricane irma. the providence animal center in delaware count is receiving more animals. 20 dogs arrived there on thursday. the transports planned for today and tomorrow, a total of 62 irma dogs, so to speak, will be at the rescue up for adoption. one of the areas in the storm's path is the city familiar to many philadelphia sports fans. clearwater, near tampa. that's where the phillies spring training home is located. every march, folks from our area head down to spectrum field to visit the tiki bar and get a look at their favorite ball club. we'll keep you posted on the
6:47 am
storm's impact on the team's facilities. all right, let's start by looking at hurricane irma. this is on radar and satellite. what we see here is that the eye of irma is now closely approaching the florida keys. you see the bands of heavy rain are extending all the way through into florida now. in fact, scattered storms that are stretching all the way up to jacksonville. this is now an entire state event. but the biggest impact point, the keys now and southwest florida just a little later today. that's where the most damage is likely due to the strong wind gusts on top of the extreme storm surge that is expected in those areas. the biggest issue being that, remember, this is swampy everglades areas so the water is going to be held really tightly once it's in, the flooding will be easy to spread throughout this southern tip. let's talk more about the close approach that we do see of key west here. this heaviest rain that you see, the reds, the oranges, the
6:48 am
yellows, that's also where the strongest wind gusts are located. look now, moving over some of the islands. they're starting to feel those strongest hurricane force winds. already, they were at that 74-mile-per-hour and above mark. but this storm is packing 130-mile-per-hour winds, so it's likely those are starting to hit the islands right now as we speak. let's discuss the storm surge effect. we're going to see now that the track is more west, only 3 to 5 feet in miami. that's still destructive, but not as destructive at the 5 to 10 feet likely along the keys and the 10 to 15 feet likely along the southwest portion of florida. stit a calgory 4, it will be not over land, but the wraparound effect that's going to force the water inland and bring the high storm surge values. still around 6 to 10 feet near ft. myers and 5 to 8 feet near tampa as it continues to progress to the north, it will start to weaken over the panhandle. now let's discuss winds because we're also concerned with how strong the wind gusts are. like i mentioned, this red
6:49 am
circle shows us hurricane force winds. 74 miles per hour or higher. i have to point out that this storm is pushing 130-mile-per-hour winds. at this core, that's where you find the winds and they're right over the keys as we speak. as we go through the afternoon, the problem is they will be brushing up against southwest florida. that's just damaging, destructive winds throughout our sunday afternoon. as we go into early monday, now this is approaching tampa. and then it will start to drop down and weaken in strength as i showed you to a category 1, but even effecting some of the panhandle. this is going to be a long event. i didn't even point out the fact that that yellow circle covers the whole state, which means everywhere in the state will see the tropical storm winds. let's shift gears and talk about us locally. degrees, our forecast high today in philadelphia. mostly sunny across the map. another gorgeous day for us. in the suburbs, 73 degrees, and 74 in delaware. as for our winds today, those are not going to be a big issue, but you will notice the winds
6:50 am
outside. a little breezy, and those winds are coming in from the northeast, which keeps the temperatures a bit below average. right around 10 to sgaep mien15 hour. 75 for sunday, 77 on your monday. we see this uptick, the temperatures near 80, which is near average for this time of year. some of the moisture from irma may start to impact us by mid work week. >> oh, happy football sunday to you. danny pommells from csn, your friendly neighborhood sportscaster with all the fields. eagles football here in a matter of hours. the birds in washington in the season opener. year two of the doug pederson/en wentz duo. year one started with a bang and faded down the stretch, but with several key additions on offense as well as defense, expectations high for the birds this season. what better way to get things
6:51 am
started than with a division rival? >> definitely more excited because it's one, but to go down in washington, divisional rival to start the year, couldn't have asked for a better scenario, honestly. it's an exciting time. like you said, we both are kind of aware of each other. we know kind of everyone's tendencies. they have a new defensive coordinator, so some different things, but at the end of the day, it's going to come down to players making plays. we have to handle that environment. i believe we can do that. and it's going to be a fun one on sunday. >> hard to believe the birds back on the gridiron once again. how about penn state hosting pitt in happy valley yesterday? the nits, the number four team in the land. plus, heisman candidate barkley, huge game last week, looking for more. first quarter, already 7-0, penn state. second td of the quarter. fourth of the season in two games. 14-0, penn state. there's a reason he was preseason all american. third quarter, 14-3, and
6:52 am
barkley, catch me if you can touchdown. another huge save for the offense. they beat pitt. temple and nova in south philly yesterday. temple punches in a td right before the half. a one-yard run makes it 13-0, owls. but nova mounting a comeback. a ten-yard td pass, and it's 13-10. the cats later tie it. one minute to, knotted at 13-13. money when it matters most. a 49-yard field goal is your game winner. owls knock off the cats and secure the mayor's cup. to the phillies. like the eagles also, nbc this weekend playing the middle game of the series with the nationals. second inning action, down a run until the rookie phenom continues the torrid start to his career. goes down and gets one. solo blast, his 14th.
6:53 am
we're tied at 1-1. next batter, franco, good for you, even better for me. back to back. a homer of his own as the phillies jump ahead for good. they hang on down the stretch and beat the nationals 5-4. well, a member of the philadelphia freedom's sloane stephens wins the u.s. open. a great day for her. i'm danny pommells from csn. quick note for our eagles fans out there, due to coverage of hurricane ur, our preview of today's eagles/redskins season opener will be airing this morning on cozi-tv. at 9:00 gameday kickoff, you can found it on channel 248 verizon. we'll be right back.
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it is a massive storm. hurricane irma is certainly leaving its mark on southern florida. the keys are feeling the brunt of the storm right now, with hurricane force winds, conditions are quickly getting worse in the southwest part of the state as well and on the east coast. this is a look at the conditions in miami. a live look. the governor is warning everybody to stay inside until irma passes. we're going to be falling the conditions throughout the
6:57 am
morning on the air and on the nbc10 app. back in our area today, two races will remember the fallen heroes of 9/11. the first will be at 9:00 in pennsauken. the travis mannion foundation will host the tenth annual heroes run. the second is at 2:00 this afternoon at the chester county justice center in west chester. that also benefits the travis mannion foundation. marine corps lieutenant travis mannion was killed in iraq in 2007 while trying to draw fire away from his fellow wounded soldiers. a new miss america will be crowned tonight in atlantic city. miss america hopefuls showed off their shoes yesterday during an annual pageant tradition. the contestants paraded down the boardwalk in colorfully decorated shoes that represent their home state. >> 6:57 on this sunday. help is on the way from our area ahead of the anticipated mass
6:58 am
power outages across florida. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in morristown, new jersey, with that part of the story. randy. >> reporter: and rosemary, take a look. crews from pse&g have been gearing up all morning. they're going to take these utility trucks, more than a dozen of them, down to florida to help restore power. coming up next, we'll hear from these folks as they make their trip south to help out the state of florida. and take a look at a close view of hurricane irma. the eyewall is impacting the florida keys. we'll talk more about this, plus our local forecast. a much different picture, a much quieter picture here in cape may. the details are coming up.
6:59 am
been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ hurricane irma is about to make landfall in florida. the storm is pounding the keys. packing a punch with hurricane force winds. this is a live look along ocean drive in miami beach. the east coast won't get the direct hit, but it is still at risk for some severe damage. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. we're watching aspects of hurricane irma's arrival to the united states. it is still a


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