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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  September 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ hurricane irma is about to make landfall in florida. the storm is pounding the keys. packing a punch with hurricane force winds. this is a live look along ocean drive in miami beach. the east coast won't get the direct hit, but it is still at risk for some severe damage. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. we're watching aspects of hurricane irma's arrival to the united states. it is still a category 4 storm.
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power is now out to hundreds of thousands. once the storm is over, the power company plans to unleash the largest number of workers in history to clean up. nbc10 national correspondent jay gray is live in naples. >> it approaches the keys and there will mover on to the coast. violent winds and driving rain. irma's assault begins hours before landfall. >> hurricane irma is now impacting our state. millions of floridians will see major hurricane impacts with deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge. and life threatening winds. >> 18 million or more could feel the effects of this massive storm. winds gusting well over 100 miles per hour. 12 inches of rain or more in some areas, and a storm surge that could reach 16 feet. >> this is a deadly major storm, and our state has never seen anything like it.
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>> more than 6 million residents were told to evacuate. the largest in u.s. history. >> scary. i have never been through anything like this before. >> tens of thousands moving into more than 300 shelters across the state. >> right now, the desperation sets in. the anxiety levels clear up. you pray to god. >> as irma bes to move in. >> yeah, look, these conditions are only going to intensify. over the next 24 to 48 hours, this area could see some of the worst that irma has to offer. that's the latest live here in naples, now back to you. >> all right, jay gray for us. thanks for that. >> now to irma's impact on the east coast of florida. this is viewer video from miami. you can see that flash of lightning off in the distance and those palm trees being torn apart. stormy conditions set in overnight. the winds are pulling down trees. crews in golden beach, florida, spent part of the evening
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removing this downed tree from a busy road. s suspect a small tornado or a microburst knocked it down. rough waves are crashing into seawalls. some seawalls are already being destroyed from the powerful waves. the storm surge could be up to 15 feet high, and that's the real concern. that flooding from the storm surge putting neighborhoods under water. krystal klei is tracking irma's latest path for us. >> so take a look at irma. massive inside. measured this just a bit ago, and some of the heaviest rain to the tip here, but 400 miles in height. this is a massive system we're looking at. you can see the rain bands are moving right through florida. here is why storm surge is going to be worse right in the southwest edge. because this is where the strongest winds wrap around. cumulatively with the motion of the storm itself, so they have so much power that they force the water inland. and that's when you get storm surge stacked on top of possibly
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high tide in some locations. it could be devastating and it's likely to be over this area. now let's talk the keys. take a look at the eye wall. that's the area of reds, oranges, yellows you see halfway around the eye itself. is nowing over the keys. that means the 130-mile-per-hour winds that were reported just a couple hours ago likely starting to impact the islands. unfortunately, that means likely there is damaging and devastating winds now moving over the island. we were hearing reports that pretty much all the power is out over the keys. at this point, anyone hunkered down in these areas are praying for the best. the eye is only about 20 miles per hour. it's not an official landfall until the center of the storm has moved over the island, but this is going to happen in the next hour to two hours we will see this occurring over the keys before it starts to progress and move along the west coast of florida. soy there's the look at irma. a category 4 with those
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130-mile-per-hour winds. sunday, 2:00 in the afternoon, not moving a lot. it's staying offshore as it goes from sunday into the early hours of monday. this is when there may be a secondary bit of land interaction between ft. myers to tampa. there may be a category 3 landfall and this is going to continue to track up and along the panhandle of florida. we'll talk more about the track as well as the wind gusts in a bit. >> thanks for that, krystal. >> for storm victims, surviving the hurricane in one piece is just the beginning of it. many will be without power for days, maybe even weeks, but help is on the way, from south jersey. randy gyllenhaal is live in morristown where crews are gearing up and getting ready to ship out to the storm zone. randy. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, in the past couple minutes, we sue a few crews from pse&g leaving to head south. the linemen and other utility workers have been loading up their util tay trucks. 154 employees will be heading to
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lake city, florida, in the northern part of the state west of jacksonville. que we're told this trip could take them three to four weeks. we'll show you video even with the eye of the storm about an hour from key west. we're seeing downed power lines, transformers blow up as well as trees down. more than 300,000 without power state-wide right now. that number is rapidly growing. florida and power and light, which is the florida utility company, estimates that some 4 million could lose power. that would be a historic number. back here live, we're also expecting crews from pekoe to begin loading up in pennsylvania, and they should have about 30 trucks hitting the road at about 10:00 a.m. a lot of help from pennsylvania and new jersey. for now, live in morristown, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, randy. >> the caribbean island of st. martin is struggling to recover after hurricane irma. the island and people there suffered extensive damage from the then category 5 storm. you can see homes destroyed.
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cars overturned, trees ripped apart. authorities are responding to the national disaster, looters are breaking into shops to either collect essential survival goods or to steal items in the stores. nbc10 continues to track irma's potentially historic devastation. and the path throughout the day along florida's west coast. make sure you have the nbc10 app downloaded to your phone. we'll be sending updates and alerts throughout the morning. >> at 8:00 this morning, the nbc "today" show will provide extended coverage of hurricane irma. when this newscast ends, don't stop watching. you'll see everything unfolding in florida as we continue our coverage. breaking news we're watching this morning back in our area out of west philadelphia's neighborhood. that's where police tell us a woman was shot to death overnight. police responded to 39th and asstreets after hearing gunshots. they say they saw a man running
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away on street. they then discovered a 62-year-old woman with a gunshot wound in her chest. she was rushed to the hospital where she died. police say the victim was on the phone with her husband when she was shot. and that he heard her arguing with a man before the incident. this morning, a suspect in custody following the sexual assault of a five-year-old child. what we know from police is the happened here on warrington avenue in southwest philly. the victim went to the children's hospital of philadelphia for treatment. 7:08 on this sunday. coming up next, a big break in a murder case in philadelphia's spring garden neighborhood. still ahead, police announce two arrests in the murder of a father who was shot and killed right in front of his daughter. and they say a 16-year-old is connected to this crime. we'll explain. >> and before we go to break, let's take a live look at florida. you can see roads already starting to flood. you can see the rain just
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whipping those trees in the distance. our crews in miami, of course, keeping aian on things there. we'll continue to watch here from philadelphia and keep you posted throughout the morning. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service
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we go now to florida, as hurricane irma puts a bull's eye on the keys. the rain is falling in buckets in coastal communities. this is a live look at miami. you can see the trees there just
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whipping in the wind. these are the stormy conditions that are setting in. and keep in mind, this storm hasn't even come toward the southern coast yet of florida. it's giving the brunt of the storm now to the keys. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking irma's path and has an update for us. >> we'll start locally and talk irma for a minute. let's look at our current temperatures in town. if you're getting out the door this morning, we're lucky, lucky again. we're looking at temperatures that are nice to start at 48 now in allentown and 52 in wilmington. atlantic city at 51. not a thing to track on the board. no rain to worry about today like yesterday. it will be another mostly sunny day. just some scattered clouds in the afternoon. so we're at 55 right now, but there you go. we've got mid 70s by 4:00 p.m. exed. winds from the northeast today, that's going to keep the temperatures at bay a bit. we should be in the low 80s for this time of year. not going to happen. at the shore, we're at 53. just like in philly, low 70s this afternoon. you will notice that sea breeze, that onshore breeze at the
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shore. and in delaware, we're at 52 and sunny. look at that clear picture overhead. we make it to about 72 by 4:00 with winds at 9 miles per hour this afternoon. not going to see any major issues here throughout any of our area to wrap up our sunday. now we're switching gears. there's the look at radar. i have dropped right down to the eye of the storm, and irma is now just bearing down on the keys. this is maybe only an hour, hour and a half before landfall, as it continues to move about 8 miles per hour to the northwest. this red, yellow, orange you see now over some of the islands including big pine and almost to key west, this is something called the eyewall. this is the area of the strongest wind gusts. and this is the area that can just flatten buildings as it moves through and continues to power along to the northwest. take a look here at the motion of this. it's wrapping around counterclockwise, and the problem is as it wraps around
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counterclockwise, it's forcing water inland. areas like marathon and big pine getting major strong surge on top of the wind gusts and more will come on the back side once it passes over. we'll continue to update you and let you know when landfall officially occurs. >> devastation of a different kind in mexico. we have new details in the aftermath of that powerful earthquake that rocked the country early friday morning.
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7:16 right now on this sunday. take a look at this new video in from florida. you can see an electrical transformer exploding behind a reporter during a live shot from florida city. florida city is not too far from
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homestead, south of miami. not exactly clear what caused the explosion. possibly a tree falling on the power line. the incident cut electricity to number of customers rrk right now, there are more than a quarter million people without power throughout the state. >> from one natural disaster to another. talking about what happened in mexico. the doth toll from the major earthquake has risen to at least 65. the quake hit late thursday off mexico's southern pacific coast. communities are in shambles after hundreds of buildings collapsed. it was the biggest quake to strike the country in a century. back here in our area, a break in the case of a father shot by robbers roish in front of the man's young daughter. philadelphia police tell us they have raersed two brothers in connection with the shooting. one is just 16. according to investigators,
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21-year-old maurice roberts and his 16-year-old brother approached gerard thursday night as he was parking his car in front of his house here on melon street in spring garden. he gave up his wallet but he wouldn't turn over the keys to his car because his 2-year-old daughter was in the back seat. that's when the 16-year-old shot him in the head. friends tell us he gave his life to protect his child. >> everyone needs to know that he was without a doubt a hero. >> a surveillance camera in the neighborhood captured the crime and that's what helped them track down the brothers. they arrested the 16-year-old suspect first and then marshalled arrested the 21-year-old suspect last night in north jersey. >> two shooting victims, ages 19 and 25, are in the hospital in critical condition this morning. one victim was shot near 18th and cumberland streets in north philadelphia. the other was hit around the corner. so far, police have not made any arrests in that case.
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i'll begin at looking at radar and satellite for hurricane irma approaching the keys, about to make landfall in the next hour, hour and a half, it will be an official landfall, but already, the eyewall is moving over the keys. we have these arm bands of rain starting to pound the state, just to the east of ft. myers, strong storms firing off. a lot of tornado warnings firing off as well, from miami up to the north. look at daytona beach and jacksonville, also seeing their own area of thunderstorms roll on through. if we go back down south, i want to take that close look at the actual eyewall itself as it's moving over the keys. that's the reds, oranges, yellows you see over the islands themselves. this is the area where they're now getting pounded with those hurricane force winds. we're not just talking 74 miles per hour hurricane force, we're talking 130-mile-per-hour
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hurricane force winds because that's the peak winds that are now being seen in the center of the storm. look at the watches and warnings in place. the entire state of florida now up to most of the panhandle as well as lake okeechobee looking at the warning in place. that means they're going to experience the hurricane-like conditions as we go through say the next 36 hours. tracking irma and looking at the storm surge reports, it's going to be lower on the eastern coast. about three to five feet near miami. five to ten feet for the keys. that's starting to happen now. 10 to 15 in the southwest part of the tip of florida. this is going to be happening through this afternoon. notice still at a category 4, irma starts to ride along the coastline. then we start to move farther north. say around ft. myers, 6 to 10 feet of surge still possible. very dangerous conditions. and near tampa, 5 to 8 feet. 2 to 4 feet on the eastern coast farther north up through to jacksonville. we're looking at high storm
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surge. really on both sides of the state, but the western coast going to be worse off because it will still be a major hurricane all the way up, it looks like, through to tampa, where it could start to see land interaction and weaken to a category 1 as it starts to near the panhandle of florida. that's monday at 3:00. so we're seeing from now all the way to tomorrow afternoon, florida getting slammed with this storm. forecast wind gusts, look at this, throughout our morning, around 120 miles per hour for key west. and really starting to strengthen farther to the north. we go into the afternoon, now near 90-mile-per-hour gusts likely in miami. this just keeps going. still at 90, 7:00 p.m. at night. almost 100 for ft. myers. speeds continue to track farther north. near 100-mile-per-hour gusts for tampa. by overnight into tomorrow morning. so like i mentioned just a moment ago, it's not just a few-hour event. this is a day-plus event where we see the dangerous conditions. for us locally, a beautiful
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picture. we are so lucky to say this. 75 in center city, somerton at 74. lansdale at 73. atlantic city, the same, and 74. our forecast high in wilmington today. >> our live coverage of hurricane irma continues throughout the morning. don't miss a special edition of the "today" show with live reports from nbc crews all across florida. matt lauer and savannah guthrie will begin their coverage at 8:00 this morning. and later in this hour, countdown to kickoff. we'll be watching carson wentz and the eagles in their season opener. just ahead, a look at the big matchup against the washington redskins.
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today, two races in our area will remember the fallen heroes of 9/11. the first starts at 9:00 in
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pennsauken. the travis mannion foun will host the tenth annual 9/11 heroes run in cooper river park. the second is at 2:00 at the chester county justice center. that race also benefits the travis mannion foundation which sponsored empowerment programs for vets. lieutenant travis mannion was killed in iraq in 2007 while trying to draw fire away from his wounded fellow soldiers. the annual roar to the shore wrapped up today in wildwood. it's the largest free motorcycle rally in the northeast. it featured food and live entertainment and good thing for those races benefitting 9/11 survivors and obviously soldiers and also the weather will cooperate. very different story in florida. they're bracing for impact. we continue our live coverage as the sunshine state is already feeling the devastating effects of hurricane irma. here's another live look outside at miami right now. the hurricane is bearing down on the florida keys, but as you can
7:27 am
see, conditions miles away in southern florida on the east coast. they are deteriorating quickly. and linemen to the rescue from here in new jersey. crews from pse&g are gearing up their utility trucks. a dozen or so trucks will be heading south to restore power as irma gets closer and closer to landfall. and locally today, a beautiful picture. not a cloud in sight as we track over radar, but a very different forecast for hurricane irma. coming up, we'll talk about the local pacts we may see by next week.
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and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to hurricane irma is getting closer to making landfall in florida. the eyewall is already battering
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parts of kthe keys. this is a live look at florida city, between miami and the keys. heavy rain, high winds making conditions very dangerous outside. flooding already starting to encroach on those streets. the rain is coming down in sheets in ft. lauderdale. this morning, reports of flooding in miami and ft. pierce. we just saw florida city. meteorologists say ten inches of rain have fallen so far in just four hours. now to a live look at hurricane irma from first alert radar. you can see just how massive this storm is. the scope of it. more than two times the width of florida. throughout the day, the storm will engulf the entire state with hurricane force winds and more heavy rain. the rain, the winds bringing down power lines in hollywood, florida. a power line snapped, sending wires right into a family's backyard pool. when the fire department arri d arrived, crews said they didn't have the equipment to cut the power. again, very dangerous. you can see the strength of the
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winds here. this is video from miami overnight. the palm trees are being ripped apart because of the force of these wind gusts. cuba is waking up this morning to the devastation from hurricane irma. it made landfall on the northern coast as a category 5 storm before losing a bit of strength. now it's a category 4. still, very powerful. what's interesting about cuba is part of the coast is now studded with some new all-inclusive tourist resorts as travel restrictions have been lifted over the past few years. they're going to have to clean up. buildings are flattened in some spots. streets flooded. and power is out for thousands. the storm swirled up this water spout off the coast of ft. lauderdale yesterday. in fact, a tornado warning was issued, but the spout didn't make it to land. hurricanes can spin up quick water spouts and tornadoes. this is nbc10 news today. thanks for being with us throughout the morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just past 7:30 on this
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sunday. we continue to show you these pictures from to show you how powerful the hurricane is. take a look at the weather channel's mike seidel in miami. >> must be in the 60s. whoa, i to get over to the tree here. whew. >> mike seidel, who has been out in these storms for years, obviously, took cover shortly after giving us these pictures. he tells us that it was gusting at about 60 miles per hour when he was in this weather earlier. that's far below the most category winds of the category 4 storm which can measure in excess of 130 miles per hour. the southeast coast of florida, remember, was originally expected to get the direct hit from irma. miami, of course. the storm however moves west, so now we're talking about naples, ft. myers, and then eventually
7:33 am
tampa. the miami region is still feeling the effects this morning. we have more from north miami. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you the weather is just awful out here, to be honest with you. take a look at some of the conditions rr facing. the wind is basically the biggest factor at this time. we have also seen some lightning in the back. i can tell you the wind is the real problem because it's creating a lot of debris, a lot of trash on the roads, and this is becoming a big hazard for drivers. i say drivers because we have seen a couple folks just passing by here throughout the morning. now, the other issue that folks are having out here is the rain and the water. especially those neighborhoods near the bay, near the shoreline. we have seen a couple streets with some accumulation of water and also some minor flooding. i talked to police and they say they have had reports of downed power lines. overall, some of the neighborhoods are pretty much quiet. most of the businesses are
7:34 am
already taking every single step they can to protect all their areas, like this gas station here which they have all their pumps covered in plastic. also their convenient store basically boarded up at this point in time. all about patience and just let the storm take its course. we're in north miami, nbc10 news. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is keeping a close watch over irma. >> starting with the radar and sat lyle view. we have been tracking the eye of irma, now approaching the keys. landfall is not going to be much longer from now. officially, that's when the center of the storm right in the middle of the eye passes over land. it's going to be the keys that sees the official landfall first. you see the rain bands extended all the way through the state. from ft. myers to palm beach, that's where the strongest storms are rolling through. we're seeing storms over parts
7:35 am
of the peninsula. here's a closer look at the keys. notice, as we follow the keys, some getting the heavier arm bands. they're all still getting heavy wind gusts, but the strongest gusts are up against the eye of the storm in the eye wall. you can tell it pretty easily, the yellows, oranges. reds, starting to shift into key west where about a half hour ago, key west wasn't getting as hard of a hit. if you're curious where is getting the hardest hit in the keys, big, and it looks like big copia key. these are the areas getting the hardest hit from those devastating wind gusts as well as the storm surge flowing likely into roads and homes. hurricane irma is reporting 130-mile-per-hour winds. a report with the update in intensity will come out at 8:00 a.m. for now, that's what we know. 130-mile-per-hour winds means a category 4 storm. as we go through today, it will move right as a category 4 along the southwest coast of florida. passing ft. myers and nearing
7:36 am
tampa by the early morning hours tomorrow, and then approaching the panhandle of and finally beginning to weaken. we're going to track it out more closely and talk about some of the dangers coming up. >> speaking of dangers, irma is expected to knock out power for millions. a lot of downed lines in florida. help is on the way from our area this morning. randy gyllenhaal joins us live from morris town, burlington county, where crews are gearing up and getting ready to ship out. randy. >> reporter: we're at a p ssg & facility. these linemen are beginning to load everything up. they'll be heading south to lake city, florida, which is about an hour or so of jacksonville. they're going to stage there until they can really determine the power situation across florida. so we're told these trucks are going to innera lot of issues. downed trees, power lines they have to cut through. a number of them are packing chainsaws. even though irma has still not
7:37 am
made landfall around key west, we're already seeing a lot of power outages in the state because of the downed trees and power lines. we're seeing a lot of transformers blowing up even as far east as miami. as the storm continues to head florth, we'll see a lot more of that. right now, more than 300,000 across the state without power. florida power and light, which is the utility company down there, estimates 4 million could lose power. and these crews from new jersey say they're just repaying the favor after so many florida crews came up here during superstorm sandy. >> we have actually been down in florida and actually texas, back in the early 2000s. they helped us during sandy. these guys will volunteer to go down and help them with their situation. >> so we're expecting this caravan to head out in a few minutes. in pennsylvania, crews will be gearing up this morning. a caravan of about 30 of their trucks heading to stage either in georgia or somewhere in north
7:38 am
florida. once the storm passes, all these trucks will hitting the road again, going into those neighborhoods and getting the power restored across the sunshine state. for now, live in morristown, new jersey, randall gyllenhaal. >> nbc10 is with you as we track irma's potentially historic devastation. remember, we saw what happened in houston. we may see very similar scenes in florida. you can get instant updates and alert with the nbc10 app, so make sure you have it downloaded. in 20 minutes at 8:00, the "today" show will take over our coverage. matt lauer and savannah guthrie will bring you every moment of hurricane irma's impact throughout the morning. again, that happens at 8:00. >> now to breaking news we're following out of west philadelphia's neighborhood. that's where police say a woman was shot to death overnight. police responded to reports of gunfire at 39th and aspen streets. there they saw a man running away on brown street. nearby, they found a-year-old woman with a gunshot wound in
7:39 am
her chest. medics rushed her to the, but she died. police tell us the victim was on the phone with her husband when she was shot. and that he heard her arguing with a man before the gunfire erupted. >> a suspect is in custody following the sexual assault of a 5-year-old child. police are reing few details in the case, but according to investigators, we know it happened on warrington avenue in southwest philly. the victim went to the children's hospital in fimp for treatment. >> this morning, we're seeing newio of some good samaritans frantically trying to rescue a driver who crashed his pickup truck into a river in new castle county. the driver did not make it. >> i can't get him out! >> get out, get out! >> the 42-year-old driver went off the riverwalk boardwalk in wilmington and landed in the river. two good samaritans climbed into the pickup to try to pull the
7:40 am
driver to safety but they couldn't get him out before the truck went under. authorities ultimately pulled the victim's body from the submerged pickup. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators say foul play is not suspected in this case. we are learning some more details about a story we first told you about as breaking news this time yesterday. police have arrested a lehigh valley homeowner in the shooting of a police officer. according to investigators, the white hall township homeowner called police early yesterday morning to report a burglary. he said there were intruders in his house and he was armed with a shotgun and hiding in his claused. officers got in through the basement door. they began searching the house when the homeowner shot one of the officers in the leg. the officers did not fire back. the officer who was shot went to the hospital for treatment. police took the homeowner into custody. investigators are now looking for the burglary suspects still. >> let's head to delaware
7:41 am
county, where a house fire broke out overnight. you can see the flames there. it happen on angora avenue. it took crews about an hour to extinguish the flames. 7:41 now on this sunday. just about 55 degrees outside in our area. very beautiful here. very different picture in florida. we continue to track hurricane irma as it is bearing down right now on the florida keys. path is heading up the west coast of florida, naples, ft. myers, tampa, all bracing for impact. we'll be back in moments with details on the track.
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just about quarter till 8:00 oin this sunday. hurricane irma is closer to making landfall. here's a live look at the wind just ripping the trees apart. debris flying around here. this is a live look from key west. the person who was taking this video, get back in, because that debris can just whip around and you don't know where it's going to land. hundreds of thousands without power across florida this morning. the governor is promising that the state will take care of everyone once the worst of the storm is over. our nbc10 crew in miami captured this video just within the last few hours. is a view of what biscayne bay
7:45 am
looks like from the seawall and miami's shores. nbc10 continues to track irma, continues to watch it track closer to florida and the west coast. you can always get the latest updates and alerts sent right to your cell phone from the nbc10 app. our coverage continues beyond this newscast with the nbc "today" show, join matt lauer, savannah guthrie, al roker. >> the day the eagles have been waiting for. doing battle with the redskins in the season opener. coming up, carson wentz talks about the excitement and one of the eagles' fiercest rivals. >> and take a look, irma moving through now the keys. the eyewall is passing, and next up will be an ofrl landfall. we'll talk more about that and your local forecast. a pretty picture over cape may right now. that's coming up.
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we continue to receive incredible images from florida. take a look, hurricane irma, the impact of the storm tossing boats around the miami marina. the eyewall is pounding the keys
7:49 am
right now. east coast, west coast, though, are certainly feeling the effects of this storm. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking irma, and she's also keeping watch of our weekend weather. krystal. >> we'll start with irma, back to radar and satellite. closely watching the rain bands as they push throughout parts of florida. the strongest line from ft. myers to a little north of west palm beach. this is an area where strong thunderstorms, some tornadoes definitely could spin up. there's been tornado watches and warnings all over the place near miami and areas farther south as a result of these rain bands. now, let's talk about the keys. this is the area where landfall will be occurring. you can see how close it is. landfall officially occurring when the center of the storm, the eye, passes over land. it's only about 12 miles away, and this thing is moving close to 10 miles per hour. so what that means is that within about an hour, say, in the 8:00 a.m. hour, 8:30, 8:45, likely the official landfall will occur, but the eye itself
7:50 am
is about to approach the island, which will give them a reprieve from the eyewall. this is the area of the strongest wind gusts, the heavy rain and storm surge gusting over the islands. this is just the start of what is going to be a bit of a marathon around florida as this rides the western coast. look at the wind gustjection. we start with the keys. right now, about 120-mile-per-hour wind gusts possible through the next several hours. as we go into the afternoon, gusts around 100 still possible in key west and near 90 in miami. then we go into the evening, 7:00, now we're close to 100 in f myers as the center starts to ride the coastline. watch as we get into monday, the early a.m.s, not yet seeing the uptick in tampa, buttish rr going to quickly hit once the center starts to approach tampa. here's tracking tampa out with the heaviest rain. look at this, the heaviest rain across the whole state. this is not going to be difficult for the storm to do.
7:51 am
heavy rain possibly still a category 4 or 3, and potential landfall interaction between ft. myers and tampa. that's in the early a.m.s of monday. this continues to move up over the pan handle, likely as category 1 hurricane. this is tomorrow afternoon, heavy rain stretching into georgia and parts of the carolinas. and look at this, tuesday evening, the rain starts to approach us, which means by wednesday, scattered showers from irma are possible in our neck of the woods. as for our high temperatures today, it's going to be a really lovely day here. 75 in philadelphia. mostly sunny conditions. in the suburbs, 73, and most of us in the low to mid 70s for our afternoon highs with plenty of sunshine, and we're just tracking a light breeze in the forecast today. gusts up to 20, 25 miles per hour. overall making for a nice forecast across the area. there's a look at the wind speeds. they're coming in from the northeast. that's going to help keep the temperatures down a little lower than average for our time of
7:52 am
year. we should be in the low 80s instead of the low to mid 70s. we'll talk about that ten day on 10 coming up. >> thanks for that. >> let's talk football now. eagles will be here in just a matter of footballs. it's eagles/washington in the season opener. year two of the doug pederson/carson wentz duo. year one started with a bang, but faded out. expectations are high for the eagles this season, and what better way to get things started than with a division rival. >> definitely more excited because it's week one, but to go down in washington, divisional rival, tart the year, couldn't ask for a better scenario, honestly. it's an exciting time, like you said, we're both kind of aware of each other. we know everyone's tendencies. they have a new defensive coordinator, so some different things, but at thep end of the day, it's going to come down to players making plays. we have to be able to handle that environment, and i believe we can do that. it's going to be fun on sunday.
7:53 am
>> we'll see how it plays out today. because of our coverage of hurricane irma, our preview of today's eagles/redskins season opener will air on cozi-tv at 9:00. you can see gameday kickoff, and 9:30, eagles game plan will air. big night for nbc10 and telemundo 62. the animal midatlanta emmy awards. our teams led the night with 14 emmy awards. honored for best morning newscast as well as coverage of the delaware prison standoff. congrats to everyone. we'll be right back.
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we continue to watch irma as it bears down on the florida keys. and then will make its way toward the west coast. this is a live look at ft. myers. southwest florida. they're already seeing the winds, getting some rain. the stormy conditions have set in. a million people are without power across the sunshine state. crews from our area, utility crews, are heading down this morning to help with some of the recovery efforts and to get people back online. and meteorologist krystal klei has been watching irma's track. and also keeping an eye on our weather. i mean, we're looking great. we have to feel pretty fortunate today considering what they're dealing with down there. >> very big difference in the pictures. here's a live view outside over the art museum. it's sunny and bright picture. let's quickly hop back to irma with my first graphic.
7:57 am
i want to talk about the storm surge data so people know, the storm surge area under the biggest threat is the southwest corner. still probably a category 4 this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. 5 to 10 feet at the keys and all the way into the early morning hours, possible landfall near tampa, and you see it's pretty high as well near tampa. this is something we'll be actively watching through today and tomorrow. here's a look at the ten-day on ten. 75 and mostly sunny today. partly cloudy at 77 tomorrow. start to cloud up tuesday, and then some of irma's moisture will bring us chances of on/off mostly lights showers wednesday thursday and friday with temperatures near 80. >> those coastal communities from naples all the way up to tampa certainly in danger, but you have a lot of barrier islands. marbo island, boca, sanibel, captiva. hopefully these folks heeded the warning and got out.
7:58 am
our live coverage continues with a special edition of the "today" show. i'm rosemary connors. for krystal, have a good one. i'll have the langoustine lobster ravioli. for you, sir? the original call was for langoustine ravioli. a langoustine is a tiny kind of lobster. a slight shellfish allergy rules that out, plus my wife ordered the langoustine. i will have chicken tenders and tater tots. if you're a ref, you way over-explain things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. sir, we don't have tater tots. it's what you do.
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i. good morning. breaking news, irma arrives. the most powerful atlantic hurricane ever, lashing southern florida right now. the storm strengthening overnight, back to a dangerous category four. >> this is clearly a life-threatening situation. >> 130 miles per hour winds and heavy rain, hundreds of thousands already without power. a potentially catastrophic storm surge expected up and down the coast. more than 6 million people, a third of the state's population, evacuated. >> property is replaceable, lives are not. >> we have correspondents around the region as this historic storm bears down. it i


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