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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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in jacksonville, you can see how much flooding the city has had to deal with. the water covered sidewalks and streets were turned into rivers. we'll begin with tim furlong live in miami beach. the storm is gone there now? >> reporter: yeah. take a look at it. it looks like a perfect miami day but if you look closer, you can see what the storm left behind. there's still sand left everywhere. if you come around this way, i've got to tell you, all of the sand that you're seeing back here, it came from over the do you know dunes. these are whole palm trees lifted up and snapped. t palm trees, by the way, usually don't break. this is broke in half. it's a nightmare situation but people feel lucky especially
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considering what is going on down in the keys. new video of the damage is astounding. mobile home after mobile home flipped over. this is key west near where hurricane irma made landfall. testing the limits of everything in the storm's path. irma turned up in florida weakening in strength. now it's a tropical depression and left behind a tail of destruction. millions without power across the sunshine state. streets are flooded and water temporarily sucked out to sea stranded two manassees there and two dolphins near marco island. in tampa, homes were spared. >> i was expecting water.
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still a lot to clean up here in miami. this is at 7th and ocean drive. this is a mess. it's going to take a while to get this cleaned up. you can see the windows on the buildings. they did okay overall. you can see a lot of windows need to be repaced. you're not allowed into miami unless you were already here. there are thousands of people with us on the bridge today trying to get to miami beach and the police are saying we're not ready for you to come back. tuesday at noon, that's the time when they think they will start letting most people back in. guys? >> we know there were a lot of problems with people getting gasoline last week. you and your crew were part of that. what do they expect tomorrow? >> reporter: we still have to wait about an hour to fill up our tank with gas and had to go
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to a place that was really just helping out first responders, media, police, that kind of thing. you're starting to see tankers more and more coming back and hitting gas stations and that's very good news but not every gas station has them. pumps are still surrounded by the saran wrap kind of look. they don't have the gas. >> a lot of officials were saying that miami did heed those warnings thinking that they'd be the ones to get the direct hit. tim, thank you for that report. let's continue our coverage with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the track was inland of tampa. that's what saved this area. and now it's into southwest georgia moving towards the northwest. so it's going to move to the west of atlanta. look at the area still covered
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by heavy rain and you can see these bands coming in to south carolina, still coming into jacksonville which keeps the water from receding. as long as you have the wind coming off the ocean, it's a 65-mile-per-hour tropical storm. by tomorrow morning, just a depression. there's tuesday into tennessee. wednesday, still in western tennessee. so it's going to hang around, maybe cause some flooding problems before it's all over with. there's irma and it's not that far away that we see hurricane jose. there's florida. so it's not that far east of florida or the bahamas. so that's the next thing that we're going to have to be watching. it's got 105-mile-per-hour max winds and it's not going to move a lot in the next todays. it's going to take a little bit
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of a loop and then start to move closer to the u.s. we'll tell you more about where that's going coming up. >> that got our attention, glenn. thank you. see you soon sfoo he. help is on the way to puerto rico to help with the relief effort headed up by fema. nearly 600,000 people in the u.s. territory remain without power right now. schools were closed today because hundreds of schools still don't have power or water. >> everything feels the same way. i have family down in florida. i checked with my sister and made sure she was okay. everybody was affected in one way or another. >> the ship here will leave the port tonight. after puerto rico, it will make a stop in the storm-battered u.s. virgin islands. at 5:00, we'll show you other ways that our region is lending
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support. a school bus driver says someone was throwing rocks at a bus. one of the rocks hit a student. skyforce 10 live over west street and allegheny. no word on the seriousness of the student's injury. the police just received an update in the case of two brothers accused of murdering this philadelphia father. the shooting happened at gerald grandsdplch grandzol was trying to protect his 2-year-old daughter. deanna durante is there. >> reporter: multiple cameras cam t captured the two brothers hiding out and waiting for their victim and that was part of the reason they were able to find these two
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men so quickly. it is our first look at the accused shooter. his name is marvin roberts. he's 16 years old and he's the g guy who shot two shots at gerald gra grandzol who was on his way home with his 2-year-old daughter in the car when the two brothers stole his wallet and wanted his car. >> it's one of the most horrific things i've seen 24 years on the police department. very hard to watch. >> the little girl's screams are frightening and the dad died because the two brothers felt he wasn't moving fast enough. this happened where major pieces of forensic evidence was found. once the men had the description of the suspect, a septa officer recognized one as 21-year-old
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maurice roberts. when it came to nabbing the brothers, the police had warrants. officers saw roberts walking near his home. and the 21-year-old was caught hiding in a hotel room in jersey. >> there's no accounting for what these two people did. it's such a touch of evil. >> reporter: now, investigators say although they have a lot of evidence in this case, including that forensic evidence and those videos, what they don't have tonight, the .9 millimeter weapon used to commit this crime. investigators fear it will fall into the wrong hands again. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. it has been 16 years since the deadliest terrorist attack in the united states. >> nearly 3,000 people died september 11th, 2001.
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some victims were from our area, including one of the pilots. ♪ >> the sacred ground where the world trade center once stood is home to a memorial to honor those killed. many came to ground sdplezero t remember those who lost their lives. the names of all those killed were read aloud. president trump led his first commemoration of the solemn anniversary today. he and the first lady observed a moment of silence on the white house lawn. >> we can never erase your pain or bring back those you lost. we can honor their sacrifice by pledging our resolve to do whatever we must to keep our people safe. >> the president also says
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terrorists were never again enjoy a safe haven to plan attacks on the united states. across our area, memorial severa services are remembering those who lost their lives and among the victims, many were from bucks county who commuted for work. their memories were honored today. ♪ >> reporter: in some ways, that which was broken 16 years ago today remains. >> it will never change. i will remember them always. >> reporter: heavy hearts came together to observe the very moment our world changed. at 8:46. and at 9:03. they paused. each person here for their own
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unique reason. >> because i was afraid people wouldn't show up and people were starting to forget. >> reporter: jane, a volunteer firefighter, thinks a lot about his fellow firefighters who took that last call. >> we lost a lot of members that day. it's the firefighters that i remember, the guys who went in and tried to get them out. >> reporter: and with some, never forget means learning about what happened from textbooks or relatives. and for memorials like the garden of reflection built so that generations to come will remember those who lived and died on september 11th, 2001. in lower makefield township, pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news.
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and people paused for a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives. ♪ and the sounds of bagpipes echoed through northeast philadelphia as a tribute to everyone lost on 9/11 and the first responders who continue to serve our communities. commission bbq hosted the event. it was a small way to say thank you. our coverage of the 9/11 anniversary continues on the nbc 10 app. we'll take you around the region to show you how different groups are remembering those who lost their lives that day. right now friends and family are gathering to remember a fill la nova coach massimino. he died august 30th after a battle with brain cancer. he's best remembered for leading
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villanova to a championship in 1985. massimino was 82 years old. a man is charged with arson after he set this tlehrift shopn fire. the church houses both the food bank and the shop. the 48-year-old man is facing dozens of charges, including arson. right now, two people are under arrest for throwing a sign and a yoga mat over the white house fence triggering a lockdown. it all happened this morning around the same time that the president and first lady were supposed to come back to the white house. the secret service locked down the white house and shut down traffic on pennsylvania avenue. two people were arrested. pope francis has a message for president trump about his recent decision to end a program that could make it easier to deport immigrants brought to this country as children. the pope was asked about president trump's recent decision to reverse the obama administration's policy known as
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daca. he said he did not know the details of the law but if president trump is pro-life, he should not enact laws that break up families. daca was for undocumented immigrants of children to be able to go to college and work without fear of deportation. the fight for daca is happening right here in our area. >> local lawmakers are trying to reassure those who are at risk. senator bob casey held a roundtable discussion in center city. casey spoke out in support for a swift passage of the dream act. >> i think we're going to be able to get people in both parties and we already are seeing that, to sign onto this. >> i feel like i'm on trial for a crime i didn't commit because i don't know what my future is in this country. >> across the city and city
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hall, councilmen held a news conference to announce a daca fund-raiser. and now to the corruption trial of bob menendez of new jersey, a former staffer says the senator used his power for visa applications for his friend who is also on trial for him. his former senior policy adviser says the senator e-mailed him back in 2008 authorizing support for two women's applications. he knew the women and they are also facing bribery and fraud charges. menendez said he said to reach out to the ambassador. he could get 20 years in prison if convicted. a focus on peace begins next week across the state of delaware. starting this sunday, 60 events aimed at raising awareness in communities around the world as
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well. >> and i just think it's important that we all come together in delaware and outside of delaware and to get to know one another, get to learn about our differences and get to see that we're not so different after all. >> there will be conversations on understanding islam and american-muslims. peace week delaware runs from the 17th tu thehrough the 24th. this is a live look from the jersey shore in cape may. the surf is seeing the impact from both irma and jose. jose is still out in the sea which mean as rough surf this week and into next week as well. take a look. a frightened cat tried to take refuge on a window sill right
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there. a woman was trying to rescue that cat and the cat jumped into a nearby bush and another good samaritan helped carry the cat to safety. that looks like a dangerous situation. rough waves and dangerous surf here in south carolina. this pounded the pier in charleston. parts of the area are under a flash flood emergency and tornado watch as it continues to deal with power outages and strong wind gusts. and glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking where that storm is right now. people were scrambling at the last minute. where is that storm, glenn? >> it's such a huge storm. the center is down in georgia and we're starting to see some of the high clouds in delaware. this is just a gigantic storm. you can see the circulation as it continues to bring tremendous amounts of tropical moisture in. atlanta, as you can see, and much of georgia, is just getting
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pounded with it. as far as the amounts of rain that is concerned, the whole peninsula of florida with five inches of rain and some places 10, 11. here's one that has an estimate of 14 inches of rain and that is a huge area that it is covering. 65-mile-an-hour max winds. it's a tropical storm. it's not the wind but the heavy rain and there may be flooding out of this. in the southeast and we also have the issue of the pine trees which are easier to knock down and snap than the palm trees in florida. here's the track the next couple of days. it doesn't move much in western tennessee. back towards the southeast, this is jose. jose was stronger. it's still pretty significant and it's going to be winning around for a couple of days. by september 15th, friday,
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coming back towards the bahamas, there's a lot of disagreement. does it come towards florida? does it come up towards the east coast, go out towards bermuda. the official forecast does take it around in a loop for several days and then as a category 1 getting at least in the general direction of the east coast of the united states. now tammy will teie is going to about what will happen around here. >> we have the high clouds. it was a spectacular day. we're at 76 and the winds are calm out there. dew point is 45. it's not really moist. it's a fairly dry day.
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it's 77 in vineland and 76 in atlantic city. doppler radar sweeping the sky here at home but as glenn pointed out, the clouds are making their way into our area from irma. this is what is going to happen. we won't see the moistures today. we're going to be in the 70s. we're looking at the 50s tomorrow morning. tomorrow is pretty quiet but here we go on wednesday. we'll see the first of the scattered showers and these are going to linger on and off throughout the rest of the week starting on wednesday. guys? >> tammie, thank you. amazon could be moving into philadelphia or delaware. >> coming up in the next half hour, we're learning more about the pitches that they are making and why the benefits are endless. ♪
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>> did you see her? lady gaga performing in philly tonight. she was here last night. how the show is making one 82-year-old's super fan dream come true. a look at the "closing bell" on wall street on this monday. all three major stock indexes in the green at this hour.
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kristen bell entertained a group of seniors staying safe in an atlanta hotel. ♪ >> ah, you know she was their sunshine. she spent the weekend singing, calling bingo and having wheelchair races and visited a school that became a shelter for
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residents seeking safety from the storms. she sang songs from "frozen" for the kids. she was the voice of ana in the movie. >> love that. center city's love park is going to open sometime in november. it's been closed for a year and a half for big-time renovations after a $16 million renovation. >> just in time for those holiday decorations that go up around love park in the big market there. >> iconic pictures that you take in front of the statue. >> yes. ahead at 4:00, the deadly helicopter crash that has the country music world mourning. >> what we're learning about the investigation this afternoon. glenn? some of the moisture interest irma is going to impact us. the timing of the rain arriving in our area and my most accurate first alert forecast. also, protecting your money. at 5:00, the questions you should ask before donating to a
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hurricane relief fund.
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right now at 4:30, irma's impact unleashing its power on the south after battering florida for days on end. the tropical storm is now taking aim at other states. >> and here's a look at the first alert radar. the remnants moving through georgia and heading into the tennessee valley now and here's another live look at myrtle beach, south carolina. this is one of the states now bracing for irma's impact. it looks really miserable there and high waves. more than 6.5 million people in florida woke up with no power. irma is now a tropical storm. tornadoes are a threat into
4:30 pm
tonight cht t tonight. the florida keys could get between 15 and 20 inches of rain at this point. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us now. it could have been so much worse on the west, right, glenn? >> yes. as we show the trul track of the storm, you can see that it went inland and just west of tampa. that made a world of difference because if it had just gone to the west of tampa, all of that water would be coming right in to the low-lying areas there would have been a catastrophe. look at the length of the moisture coming in to south carolina and georgia and still jacksonville. they are getting flooding. you just saw the tornadoes. this storm is not close to being finished. there it goes in valdosa,
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georgia. irma has 60-mile-an-hour winds continuing to weaken but the moisture is still there. so as it slows down, it's going to cause more problems in the form of flooding. here we are on wednesday. it still doesn't move much. that's a 24-hour movement and when it's moving slowly and it's so big and so much moisture, yeah, there's going to be more flooding. east of florida into the bahamas, there is jose. now, we've been watching jose for days and it did become a major hurricane. it's not moving very much right now. but it is going to be in the picture for the rest of the week. it will do a little loop here and then perhaps moving back towards the west a little bit. that's why we've got to keep watching. we'll have more on jose coming
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up. humans weren't the only ones affected by irma. kerry sanders tried to help a dolphin who was getting pounded by waves and couldn't make it past the breakers. they held the dolphins so it could rest and then gather strength and then they helped carry it back into the waters. good work out there. you can track irma's movement right now on our nbc 10 app. the storm may move our way later this week. at 4:00, awaiting answers that authorities say could take weeks if not months that caused the deadly helicopter crash. troy gentry died in the crash as well as the pilot. anything new interest
4:33 pm
investigators at this point, cydney? >> reporter: one thing is that the terrain where the helicopter went down out by the tree line was extremely tough to access. he did manage to gather some instruments to be tested in the ntsb lab. there was no black box or data recorder on board and it's not required. the flying w is back up to speed but still sad and shaken after what they hoped would be the best concert they ever had. ♪ instead, tragedy struck on saturday. a helicopter carrying troy gentry plunged into the ground. both the pilot and gentry died. >> it's sad. sad. >> reporter: the ntsb is going through the debris for answers
4:34 pm
as to what went wrong. medford police say dozens of people watched in horror, including first responders who were alerted that there was a mechanical difficulty. >> we'll do a number of witness interviews. >> reporter: the chief is not aware of any cell phone video of the crash. had the concert started, it would have meant more people were on the ground. nearby residents want answers. >> let's be glad it didn't smack into somebody's house. >> reporter: the flying w staff is working to refund everyone through paypal by mid- to late week. they've asked for patience. >> a number of people saw it go down and just knowing what they saw and what those people had experienced, it certainly was a difficult time for them. >> reporter: now, the helicopter flight service owner who we've been told has been extremely
4:35 pm
cooperative did not return our calls today and the hangar was also not opened. in the meantime, the ntsb added that this investigation could take as long as a year to solve, live in medford, sydcydney long nbc 10 news. here's a live look at the freedom tower in new york. this is where the trade center once stood. vice president mike pence marked the anniversary by visiting the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. mr. pence praised the passengers and crew who forced the plane down into a rural field before it reached washington, d.c. let's take a look at how towns around our area are marking this sombering
4:36 pm
anniversary. the memorial grove area holds a steel beam from the world trade center as well as police monuments and a memorial to the residents killed that day. in new castle county, they honored the day with a group of art. today, the company dedicated this sul sculpture as a reminder of the heroic acts on that day. and the dover speedway held a 9/11 memorial blood drive. it's the 12th year for the event. officials say it's a way to honor the fallen while hoping those in need today. you can see how everyone is marking the anniversary right now on the nbc 10 app. >> never forget.
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>> yeah. up next at 4:00, tossing and turning last night, you might want to blame your favorite show. why loving what you're binge watching could be hurting you. in philadelphia, they are trying to become amazon's second home. a new report out on the ripple effect of the soda effect. it's costing some people their jobs. ♪
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aetna. you don't join us, we join you. so binge watching may be the new way to catch your favorite shows but reachers say it could be bad for your health because a new study found that it caused a poor sleep quality and more symptoms of insomnia and fatigue. researchers found that the more engaging the show, the worst it could be for your sleep. >> oh, boy.
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>> we have a list of shows that we love to binge watch, right? >> yes, we do. up next at 4:00, the concert of his dreams. >> an 82-year-old lady gaga super fan is really pumped for her concert in philly tonight. >> i am so nervous, i am shaking. >> why he's counting the minutes until "the born this way" singer's show. >> ahead at 5:00, back in the business. new upgrades you'll see in a popular bar that just reopened after a fire.
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♪ news fans will be going gaga again tonight. she's back for part of her world tour. the grammy winner will take the
4:45 pm
stage at the wells fargo center tonight. >> the concert will start at 7:30. here's one fan who will be there tonight. he's 82-year-old henry alheiser. he was surprised with tickets and t-shirts. >> excited? i am shaking. i am so nervous, i am shaking. i can't -- yeah. i'm looking at the clock every two minutes. >> so excited for him. by the way, henry's favorite gaga song is "born this way." and henry got the tickets as part of a program which runs bucket list items for the residents. >> he's hoping to meet her tonight. >> that would be fantastic. >> by the way, lady gaga's mom is in town.
4:46 pm
she led a discussion on channelling kindness at drexler university as part of a foundation of born this way" a the mission is to create a  kinder being braver world. they stuffed backpacks with plenty of school supplies for the children of first responders. >> laid gdy gaga is always doin great work. tropical storm irma is soaking the carolinas right now. when will we be finished with irma, glenn? >> it's going to be several days. it's a mammoth storm covering huge ams of the country. the high clouds are coming into our area with the center of the storm over 700 miles away. and with the storm only moving
4:47 pm
about ten miles an hour, you know we've got a long time to deal with it. and then there's another one. on its heels, this is florida, bahamas, jose. 650 miles east of miami and 615 miles southeast of north carolina. so it's about as far off shore as irma is from us right now. 50-mile-an-hour winds. a new advisory just in. it continues to weaken over land. tropical storm moving northwest at 17. it's picking up speed now but it will continue to move toward the northwest, continue to weaken and continue to cause tremendous amounts of rain all over the southeast. now, as far as jose is concerned, it was a major hurricane. now it's a cat 2. it's still a significant one. and it's going to make a
4:48 pm
significant move. it's going in a little loop here. this is by thursday. not far from where it is now. then it starts making kind of a troubling turn toward the united states by the weekend. so by the weekend, it's still nowhere near the coast. so you're okay for the rest of the week going into florida or north carolina or anywhere else. but the european model, which do a good job with irma and harvey, by the way, this is the forecast for the 13th. taking it around in that loop, here's the 16th. and there is the 18th. so a week from now, it could be close enough to the coast but we're still talking about it and we'll see what impact it has on our forecast with tammie. >> i can tell you right now, our forecast for this evening is not half bad, glenn. high, thin clouds.
4:49 pm
temperatures just a little below where they should be. 76 right now in philadelphia. 74 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 76 in new jersey. if we go out to lehigh valley, beautiful blue skies but now a think, thin layer of cirrus clouds have come in. those are from the hurricane. they are making their way in our direction. we'll start to see the clouds increase as we head through tomorrow and then i think on wednesday we will see the potential of the rain. here we are. looking at winds out of the north and they swing around and they will be out of the north and maybe in the northeast for tomorrow. a chilly start for today. 64 degrees. then we get up into the low 80s for tomorrow. southeast wind. look what happens on wednesday. we start to get some spotty showers from what is left over of irma. this is going to continue on and off on wednesday, thursday,
4:50 pm
friday. not heavy, steady rains but you'll need the umbrella each and every day because we could get a shower into the first half of the weekend. 82 tomorrow in allentown. 75 in wildwood. newark, 79. robinville, 81. here's your ten-day on 10. 81 tomorrow, 79 on wednesday and a chance of showers on thursday, friday, saturday. we'll leave sunday dry. we'll cover jose more coming up. guys? up next, philadelphia and delaware are fighting to become amazon headquarters. how good are their chances? also, a heavy lift. new at 5:00, how one organization is donating tons of commitment to the areas of greatest need.
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up for grabs, it's what many cities and states are calling an opportunity of a lifetime. philadelphia and delaware both vying to become the new home to's second headquarters. it's going to cost about $5 million and will create thousands of jobs. >> how local players are making a strong pitch. >> reporter: philadelphia's wide footprint could get even bigger if gives the city a new light to become the company's second headquarters. the director of commerce in philadelphia says philly fits nearly all of amazon's criteria, which includes mass transit, higher education and more than a million people. >> i like to say, we're in it to
4:55 pm
win it. >> reporter: on friday, delaware announced they will compete for amazon. the competition is just getting started. >> everybody is going to want to put in a bid. up and down the east coast, boston, new york, atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: it comes with an estimated 50,000 jobs and an all but certain boost into the local economy, which is why philly has been working nonstop to put together a winning plan. >> all day friday, a few hours on saturday and sunday and most of the day has been spent on this. >> reporter: we likely won't find out who won the sweepstakes until next year but philadelphia and delaware are contenders. >> we'll have the draft of our proposal done by friday, october 6th, give us a week to fine tune it and we will for surely deliver this proposal on and before the deadline of october 19th. >> reporter: one place we did not mention was new jersey.
4:56 pm
they've had success in attracting other big businesses in recent years. so far, new jersey hasn't said if they are a contender. >> and it's prime news time. the news at 5:00 is next. >> we're going to look at damage some sustained and when they could finally reopen. >> this is a marine terminal in philadelphia. a major effort under way. a look at that coming up.
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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happening now at 5:00, tropical storm irma moving north through georgia and tennessee after devastating florida. >> irma made landfall in the florida keys and that's where we're starting to see some of the most serious damage. homes and businesses took a major beating by 130-mile-per-hour winds that ripped buildings from their foundations. in jacksonville, a storm surge created the worst flooding that area has seen in 50 years. at least 46 people have been rescued from their water-logged homes. residents being asked to put a white flag in front of their homes if they need rescuing. >> and look at this, portions of
5:00 pm
tampa bay dry after the storm. people and pets ex anothered the muddy bottom there of the bay before the storm surge brought the water back rushing into that area. and a live picture now from mirç ti myrtyle beach, california, downed trees and gas shortages and airport shortages. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm irierin coleman. how people across the delaware area are dealing with this. tim, you weathered the storm in miami beach? >> reporter: yes. this might be my reward for weathering the s


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