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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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tampa bay dry after the storm. people and pets ex anothered the muddy bottom there of the bay before the storm surge brought the water back rushing into that area. and a live picture now from mirç ti myrtyle beach, california, downed trees and gas shortages and airport shortages. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm irierin coleman. how people across the delaware area are dealing with this. tim, you weathered the storm in miami beach? >> reporter: yes. this might be my reward for weathering the storm. look how perfect it is in south
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beach. the waves rolling in, a little rougher than usual, we know that the problem on the beach, turn around, all of it went back that way towards ocean drive. as the storm continues to push across the southeast right now, the sounds of wind and rain have been replaced by saws and stacked debris in florida. a day after irma, the sunshine state is reeling. >> downed power lines across the state, roads that are impassable across the state. >> reporter: the first hit and one of the most severe was in the keys. the storm chewing up and spitting up everything in its path, moving on to the peninsula, miami was overwhelmed. >> i don't know what i'm going to do with my kids. i lost everything, all my stuff. >> reporter: some areas taken by
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the wind. >> watching it all blow away piece by piece. >> reporter: others swallowed by the water. >> i was woken up at 2:00 a.m. by the flash flood warning. >> reporter: and today in jacksonville, the water is still rising. >> this is potentially a week-long event with water and the tides coming and going. >> reporter: the cleanup and recovery will take longer. >> it's never real until it happens to you. >> reporter: from the keys through the panhandle, irma's wrath is all too real leaving millions to sort through what the storm left behind. coming back live to miami beach, it's a perfect day here. it's not really crowded. miami peach technically isn't even opiate. a lot of trees are still down. nobody that wasn't here during the storm is not here now. they won't be allowed back here
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until tuesday afternoon. after that, residents first and then government employees. they have a method to the madness. trust me. we went over the bridge today. it's going to be a little bit of madness. >> looks can be conceiving. jacksonville, record flooding there. still dealing with massive power outages. tim, where are you getting food? we wonder when the grocery stores will be back opened. >> reporter: good question. we went to walmart and got enough just in case. our hotel has had some food. we're waiting to see the grocery store chain and others to open up. we've heard some stores will open up later tonight. we've seen a couple of convenience stores kind of opened west of miami away from the water and certainly not in any zones where there's a mandatory curfew where you're not allowed to go. we're hoping to be back at our hotel because god love the people at our hotel, they've done a great job but we wouldn't
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mind getting a good dinner here and mix it up a little now that we can go back outside. >> i can only imagine. tim furlong, thank you. this storm obviously continues. right now, irma bearing down on people in georgia as the storm continues to move forward. >> tammie souza is joining us now with where the storm is heading. >> it's in southern georgia. it's crossed over the state lines. you can see the rotation here in southern georgia. there are warnings and watches because of the spin. it's making its way over here and there is haste getting through florida. that is remarkable. once it made landfall and went right on up there. but heavy, heavy rain still
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taking place with this particular storm and it is now down graded to a tropical storm and expected to become a tropical low not too long from now. winds moving at 17 miles an hour, watch what happens. we'll get to jose out here. right now, let's take a look first at what will happen to irma. all the way into perhaps southern kentucky, maybe southern illinois, maybe parts of missouri. that's where the recommend namn go. there's every chance that we could see this moisture headed our way by the time we get into the latter part of this week. now, jose, interestingly enough, was supposed to stay out to sea but it has no steering mechanism so it's doing this funny loop and high pressure builds into the north. we know what it did last time steering irma and it's going to the west and it's a category 1
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is what it is expected to be but nonetheless this is something that people on the east coast have to keep an eye on to see if this track comes into fruition early next week. not this weekend but early next week. when i come back, we'll talk more about our forecast here and when you should break out the umbrellas. >> all right, tammie. by plane and by ship, local relief efforts are using any mode of transportation to get vital supplies to hurricane irma victims. new at 5:00, aaron is down at the marina. this is no small task. >> that's right. this has been going on since 8:00 this morning behind me. you can see the large containers that are being loaded on to the s.s. wright" since 8:00 this morning continuously.
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you can see another container getting ready. if we come over here, there are vehicles down low. these are federal vehicles that will be loaded on to that ship to make that long trek to st. thomas. they say florida is the focus and it should be but don't forget about the virgin islands. they are on a mission directed by fema. they are loading the "s.s. wright" for the ongoing relief effort. >> it's just mazing the devastation that that hurricane has caused. >> reporter: we're talking more than 20 vehicles and an ambulance and 60 containers filled with food and water going straight to st. thomas. this takes on a greater meaning for rocky lam. he has a brother in central florida and sister in ft. myers. >> she said she was going to move and evacuate.
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i haven't heard from her but i'm hoping that everything is already. >> reporter: at northeast philadelphia airport, donations flying in near and dear to jesse van and his friends. they live on st. john devastated by irma. >> in st. john, we have lost over half of our homes in particular. basically, our entire boating industry is gone. >> reporter: their homes now gone and the only thing they could think about was giving back. so they called everyone they knew and soon vital items will be on jets to the virgin islands. >> people right now on the ground are scared. they need to know that people haven't forgotten about them. living on the island, you can imagine that the help has been very slow to get there. >> reporter: so a quick update right now on what is going on. this will be another two to three hours of work. they still have about 28 containers to go and have some vehicles like i showed you to load onto this ship.
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i'm told it's about a four or five-day trip to st. thomas. as for the airport, they are hoping to load up 10,000 pounds of supply tonight or either tomorrow morning. for now, aaron baskerville, nbc 10 news. >> you can drop off items at ashton road from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you want to donate. aside from this group, how can you tell if a charity is legitimate. new information about two brothers charged with killing a 38-year-old father in springgarden. gerald grandzol had just returned home from playing frisbee with his daughter. she was still in the car when marvin roberts shot him twice in the face. his 21-year-old brother maurice
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was also there. they killed him when he didn't turn over the keys to his car fast enough. >> it's one of the most horrific things i've seen. very hard to watch. >> much of the crime was caught on surveillance camera. sources saying that the brothers could be heard laughing as they made their escape. well, in the last hour, we learned new information about the helicopter crash that killed troy gentry. there was no black box on board but they took part of the debris back to their lab. he was part of montgomery gentry. they were scheduled to play at the flying w on saturday night. country music fans are mourning gentry's sudden death. we've put more at
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two abused dogs barely alive found in an abandoned park. >> we're going to also tell you how the dogs are doing now. plus, the soda tax and how it could cost you your job. survival stories. next at 5:00, people who weathered hurricane irma show their incredible images of the storm.
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across the country, it's a day of remembrance and reflection. people paused for the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. it's been 16 years today which changed the city and nation forever. moments of silence and tolling bells have become rituals. this was the very spot where nearly 3,000 people died at the hands of terrorists. this morning, thousands more gathered to remember them and once again vowed to never forget. at the pentagon, president trump laid a wreath in remembrance of the 184 people who died there. the president remembering those how our pain, fear and anger brought us together in those days. >> common bonds never felt so
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strong. the sacrificed grounds on which we stand today are a monument to our national unity and to our strength. >> vice president mike pence visited the flight 9 approximate memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. he praised the heroism of the passenger and crews who fought their hijackers and forced the plane down. ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early light >> patriotism on full display at mercer college this morning in remembrance of the september 11th attacks. >> in old city, first responders honored the fallen with a parade through the streets this morning. police commissioner richard ross was among those in attendance. it including a flag folding ceremony and bell ringing to honor the victims. at dover international speedway,
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there was the annual blood drive. it's the 12th year for this event. speedway officials say it's a way to honor the fallen while helping those in need today. to see how more people from our area marked the 16th anniversary of 9/11, click on the free nbc 10 app. tonight, two people are under arrest for throwing a sign and yoga mat over the white house fence triggering a lockdown. it happened this morning around the same time that the president and first lady were set to return. the secret service locked everything down. they brought traffic on pennsylvania avenue to a halt. two people were arrested. an arson spree in month gom r montgomery county. fire crews rushed to the scene yesterday morning at the hope valley community church in red hill. it houses both the food bank and the shop. no reports of any injuries. sky force 10 flew over the
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aftermath of a fire that broke out just before 11:00 this morning. no one was hurt. philadelphia police have released the name of a man found bound, stabbed and set on fire in the city's overbrook section. a 29-year-old was found dead in the basement of his home early saturday morning. no word on who may have killed him or why. a 34-year-old man had to undergo surgery after being shot in the back in north philadelphia. residents called police after hearing gunfire at 12th avenue just after midnight. the man was found on the sidewalk and you can see the gun right there that police found near the scene. police questioned a person of interest. so far, no arrests. back to hurricane irma and the hole that the tropical storm
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is taking on the southeast. it's bearing down on georgia. at last check, 6.5 million people are without power due to the storm. now that irma has moved out of the area, the damage is extensive and widespread and reported in every part of the state. we're going to focus on jacksonville because social media has given us a good look at what neighbors are dealing with. this person is posting this video and clearly there's a walkway right here but at least a foot of water right there. downtown jacksonville between these two st@eets. the st. john's river all the way to the bay just covered up. i'll scroll over to the next one right here. you can see the waves coming in and buildings here in the background and you can see some perspective here. that car, if that person had stayed there longer, the water was probably this high. clearly over the tire of the car, too. we're going to go to one more right here. you know, this looks like the same exact one that we had just seen.
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it bears repeating. water in the streets flooding the whole area dealing with very significant flooding, in fact, in the northeast part of that state. jacksonville, of course. for florida's major airports, you can see the damage in this airport in miami. west palm beach's terminal reopened at noon today. tampa international could reopen tomorrow or wednesday. at this point, ft. lauderdale-hollywood has not announced its plans to reopen. as we see the devastation in texas and now florida, we all want to do our part to help but be careful to make sure your money goes to a legitimate organization. the better business bureau says do not give personal information online or over the phone unless you initiate the contact. don't feel pressured to give. know who you're giving to.
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get the charity's exact name and use websites like guide star to check nonprofits asking for your money. navigator.o also has a list of those helping with the disaster. taking a look outside at the philadelphia skyline, showing a pretty nice day out there. we are expecting rain later in the week. tammie souza has the changes on the way. s tammie? >> yes. on wednesday, it's the first chance that we could see some remnant rainfall from irma. so enjoy the sunshine we had earlier today. the high, thin clouds are moving in. they will be with us as they head through the weekend.
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75 is the temperature right now. winds out of the south to 3 miles an hour. 70 for all of you in coatesville. let's look at what is going on in avalon. win wind at 6 miles an hour. dover, 73. allentown, 76. a cool 69 in mt. pocono. trenton coming in at 75 degrees this hour. so the doppler radar sweeping the sky, nothing other than those high clouds moving through our area but we really don't have to go too far to see those clouds thickening. they are thickening across delaware. maryland coming out of virginia. there it is. you can see all of the cloud shields coming off of what once was a hurricane and now is tropical storm irma. the heaviest of the rain making its way through georgia and it's parts of alabama and south carolina. you can see this continue on up into the tennessee valley.
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it will take a jog and we may pick up some of the rain, especially by the time we get into wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. so we are looking at winds that are primarily out of the northwest and the south which are kind of all over the place depending on where you live. tomorrow, well inland, a wind out of the north and sea breeze going here out along the jersey shore. we'll see about 80 degrees. 80-ish. and then on tuesday and into wednesday, that's when we'll see the first of band of showers coming through and we could see more of them on thursday and friday and saturday. i'm going to leave sunday out of the mention because by monday and tuesday, we'll be talking about perhaps hurricane jose and maybe if we get some of the clouds or rain from any of that. it's going to be four days of on and off again showers. 81 in fairmont. this is trying to paint in some of that rain early on.
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if you're at longport out on the jersey shore, 77. dover, 75. notice the increasing clouds. 81 tomorrow for the target temperature. 83 with a chance of rain on thursday and 82 on friday with the chance of rain and 81 on saturday with a chance of some showers and then we'll go into next week. next monday and tuesday, we look at maybe showers coming in from what could be hurricane jose. guys? >> back in business. >> a popular bar reopens after a fire. the new upgrades waiting for you when you baulk in. >> philadelphia's soda tax may be having a pinch on local supermarkets. next at 5:00. ♪
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the philadelphia beverage tax is going to lead to layoffs, according to a study by a professor. city grocery stores are losing more than $300,000 a month because of the tax. he claims people are going to the suburbs not only to buy soda but everything else on their list. supermarkets will have to make cuts to their workforce to even
5:27 pm
out the losses. we want to point out, though, that the american beverage association funded the study. that group opposed the tax. the eagles are off to a good start this season. >> right now the birds are 1-0. how they are still celebrating their big win against the redskins. a local congressman is giving up his seat after 13 years. why and what he thinks will happen when he leaves. and new at 6:00, a man on the run accused of killing someone in belgium and captured in our area. where police found him at 6:00.
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now at 5:00, the aftermath of hurricane irma. here's a live look on the first alert radar. the monster is moving across georgia right now. >> check out the conditions in south carolina. here's what it looks like in myrtle bee myrtle beach. in james island, south carolina, the storm really clobbered the area there. wind gusts in this area were clocked at nearly 60 miles an hour. a similar scene in parts of florida. this is video of the storm as it moves through del ray beach. >> irma left a path of destruction across naples,
5:31 pm
florida. the winds damaged buildings and tore the roof off of a building, too. here's what we know right now. 6.5 million people without power in the state. 10,000 people who rode out the storm in the florida keys may need to evacuate, according to the department of defense. crews have already rescued 46 people in jacksonville but many are still stranded tonight. >> our first alert meteorologist tammie souza is here. >> it's centered in georgia so florida is already beginning to clear out. the carolinas, not so much. they have heavy rain and also in through georgia, alabama and headed towards tennessee is where this mess is going to go. it's a tropical storm now but it's the last 24 hours. look how quickly it went from the keys and right on up through the peninsula.
5:32 pm
heavy rain and we have tornado watches that have been issued right on over here in the south carolina area because of all of the spin. you get all of that spin coming on shore and that's the quadrant that you typically see tornadoes in. that's why we saw so many on the east side of florida. we're continuing to watch this as it marches right on off to the north and slightly northwest and then eventually we're going to see a little bit of the rain from this. you can see the track taking it way up into tennessee, kentucky, maybe even southern illinois before it makes a little bit of a turn with some of the moisture this way but the band of moisture making their way into virginia. i think by midweek, you're going to need your um bra la. i'll tell you what it looks like for jose. >> tim furlong will show us the damage and cleanup along south beach. be sure to follow him on facebook. he'll give you a look at what
5:33 pm
it's been like to cover battered areas of florida after this monster storm. remember, you can keep track of irma on the nbc 10 app at any time. get updates sent directly to your phone. right now at 5:00, a local congressman calling it quits. charlie dent is retiring and leaving washington. so far this year, he's the 12th republican house member to hang it up. you can expect his exit to create problems for the political parties for the 2018 election. that's all new at 5:00. >> reporter: congressman charlie dent says he's not sick but he's ready to go. >> i feel like i've had a productive career. i believe i've made a difference, had an impact and that's all i wanted to do. >> reporter: this includes speaking his mind. a republican congressman going up against a republican president. >> if he hadn't been elected, do
5:34 pm
you think you would be staying longer? >> you know, i had seriously thought about leaving at this time regardless of the president. i mean, obviously that's made it a little more challenging, this administration, which seems to thrive on this kind of chaotic management style. >> reporter: dent says that's not his style but it's not why he's going. >> i'm leaving because i thought it was just the right time. >> reporter: this comes after a series of setbacks for the party controlling the white house and congress. are you disappointed of what you've been able to pleaccompli as a party? >> these first few months have been very challenging and difficult. i don't think anybody would say that it's been an easy six, self haven't months. >> reporter: he says that the republicans are doing too much. >> i actually think the president made a pretty good deal. was it perfect? no. but he did the right thing.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: he's gained a national profile as a moderate republican boy. he says he's giving voice to the sensible center and plans to keep talking and may run for office again but not in 2018 leaving his seat up for grabs. >> i guarantee you, this will be one of the big battle grounds of the 2018 cycle. >> reporter: laura mapes, neebc0 news. this couple is accused of stealing a woman's purse in mcc mcdonald's. they used the woman's debit card to make several purchases. and this man robbed a game stop not once but twice on saturday.
5:36 pm
police say he changed his clothes, returned to the same store and did it again. in delaware county, an update on two emaciated and abused dogs found in a park in upper darby. what you're about to see here could be disturbing. officials at justice rescue say that gracie and layla are doing a lot better now. there were signs that the dogs were involved in dogfighting. right now the award is up to $7,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. in mercer county, a big win for the town of robinville in its push to have its own zip code. they will see ifç neighbors ar interested in getting their own zip code. the town has suffered long enough with inconsistent mail delivery. a popular restaurant is back from the ashes after it burned down more than three months ago.
5:37 pm
barnaby's in havertown is back in business. back in may, the restaurant caught on fire and most of it was damaged. a lit cigarette started that fire. let's head down the shore. miss america 2018 kara mund began her reign by dipping her toes in atlantic city. >> she was the second runner up in last night's competition. >> miss north dakota! >> she graduated with honors from brown university and plans to -- and attended high school wi with ean eagle's quarterback. and the memorials going on across our area to remember the victims killed in the 9/11 attacks.
5:38 pm
and a student died in a hazing ritual and who will get to stay inside this frat house now.
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americans commemorated the 16th anniversary of the september 11th attacks with emotional tributes and promises to never forget. >> in delaware, a new sculpture was dedicated to a group who survived the attack on the world trade center.
5:41 pm
they escaped the 87th floor of the south tower. there it is. it's meant as a reminder for those who survived. and this reflects on the tragic events on september 1 1th. people paused to remember those who lost their lives. you can see more memorials to mark the 16th anniversary of 9/11. just tap on the free nbc 10 app. the fraternity house at penn state university where a pledge from the university died has reopened for limited use on late friday for the friday night football game. alumni were invited to stay at the home for football games. the university has no supervision over the fraternity.
5:42 pm
14 members of the fraternity are now facing charges after one of the members died in a hazing case. why the eagles players decided to give doug peterson a gatorade bath. and why miss america was dropping wentz's name last night. and, yes, rain is on the way. remnants of irma but also the possibility of rain from hurricane jose. all of that is straight ahead. and remembering 9/11 with hundreds of memorials how do you find the one you want to visit? all new at 6:00, how two firefighters in atlanta county are making that he's kwer. you shop around.
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today, all smiles in the eagles nest. csn's john clark is joining us now. >> the birds said they wanted to win the game for head coach doug pederson who had heat over him regarding his qualifications. they decided to give doug a gatorade bath. several players said they wanted to show they have their coach's back and they wanted to quiet the noise out there around their coach. here is doug's speech to the team in the locker room exclusively from the eagles. >> we talked about it all week and we heard about it all week, did we not? right? five in a row. and we said, we talked, we were
5:46 pm
going to handle our business and eliminate it today. you did it. great team effort today, man! great team effort. is it perfect? no. but you're 1-0. winning is contagious. you feed on it, learn from it and move to the next one. great job. >> hopefully we have a lot more of those. it was a good day for carson wentz. he got a shoutout from cara mund who went to high school with carson. she went to the same small town, bismarck, north dakota. it sounds like she was inspired by carson. listen to this. >> i actually went to high school with carson wentz. he had a game today and i kept saying, okay, if carson wentz can do it, miss cara mund can become miss america. so -- >> got to love it. hopefully carson wentz will be crowned in 2018. things are lining up for him and
5:47 pm
hopefully the eagles continue their good start. we'll have good news for the eagles at 6:20. a good update. you'll want to hear this. >> looking forward to that for sure, john. thank you. see you. the weather doesn't get much better than this. a nice day there. a live look at cape may. a beautiful day to the work and school week. a live look at temple university. actually, this is the wells fargo center. we caught a few people out walking around in old city as well. a nice day for a stroll pretty much anywhere across the delaware valley. meteorologist tammie souza is here. we know that the rain is returning, tammie? >> tropical leftovers. that's what we'll call it. what a pretty day. high, thin clouds coming in. 75 in philadelphia. 73 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 75 in new jersey. 76 in lehigh valley.
5:48 pm
delaware, 73. it's cooler than normal but we'll take it because it's rain-free at this point. no rain showing up on the doppler radar. look at the clouds that are streaming in. these are all of the clouds associated with what is now a tropical storm irma. this is moving quickly into the tennessee valley. it's going to die out but all of the moisture will spread out and we'll see more of it for three, four, five days. let's look at what is going to go on with the future cast model. we're in the 70s. winds are all over the place. we'll get a general easterly throw. it's another crisp night. upper 70s and low 8 0s tomorrow. look what happens into wednesday morning. the first of the scattered shower bands make its way into our direction. we can see some on thursday as well. and friday and saturday and, yes, maybe even on sunday before that sort of washing out and
5:49 pm
it's gone. so here you see on the big picture, that's what is left of irma. it's moved through parts of georgia and into the tennessee valley. out here, this has become a concern. jose was expected to stay out so sea, become fish food. that was it. it was supposed to fiz sdplzle. it lost its steering mechanism. it's out there meandering around with nowhere to go. it's weakened from a category 4 to a category 2. 100 mile-an-hour winds and it's 615 miles northeast of grand turk island. this is what the path is expected to be. it's expected to make a circle and then a big ridge of high pressure to the north and we know that stirred irma. that will move in and it will have nowhere to go in this cone. it could stay out to sea. everybody from florida all the way up the east coast will be in
5:50 pm
play next week. not this weekend. we'll have to keep a close eye on what happens with this. it's not expected to become a giant like we dealt with with irma. this is the european model. watch where the center goes. it goes right on up and stays out to sea. close to the shoreline but not along the shoreline. this is the gfs. it wants to take it closer to the shoreline than the european. so we'll have to wait and see. the spread is very wide. the models are not in any sort of good agreement. let's look at the ten-day on 10. 81 for tomorrow. showers from leftover irma, remnants on thursday, friday, saturday and i'll leave sunday dry to be nice. and on monday, tuesday, we may see some rain from what could be jose approaching. guys? >> before selecting your home internet service, you've got to ask the right questions. >> what you need to know if you
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welcome back. lester holt is live from sarasota, florida. >> he has a look at what is
5:54 pm
coming up on "nbc nightly news." hey, lester. >> reporter: keith and erin, some communities surprisingly spared while others facing mounting troubles as millions remain without power. and why the breach of privacy of equifax may haunt americans for decades. >> thanks, lester. one viewer says her family was stuck paying for an internet service that wouldn't connect in the home. >> so we got to the bottom of the problem. >> reporter: marissa sierra doesn't use her laptop much. her house doesn't have wi-fi. >> everyone says, why don't you get wi-fi? don#have one. >> reporter: her and her family moved in a few months ago. she selected he can seed as their provider but never got the
5:55 pm
wi-fi to work. they said it had to do with the electrical wiring of the home. >> he tried every technique there is. he tried plugging everything in in different rooms and told me there was no way. it was a problem with the house. >> reporter: sierra contacted exceed's representative and they said she could each paying the monthly service or cancel the contract which comes with a $350 penalty. >> my whole thing was, i don't think i should pay an early termination fee, it's not my problem that the transcript doesn't work. >> reporter: that's when she called nbc 10 responds. a few days later, sierra received an e-mail from the company stating that her account was deactivated and doesn't have to pay the cancellation fee. if the service is not a good fit for the client, particularly if it has to do with site issues beyond the customer's control, our next step is to figure out
5:56 pm
the best way to resolve the situation to the customer's situation. >> i'd like to thank nbc 10 responds. >> sierra says her family is getting used to no wi-fi. for now, they will go without it until they figure out their next step. get a licensed electrics, if you have to, to check out what you need for cable satellite or internet services. let's take a look at the calendar so far. we've recovered 759, $507 for you. >> head to and we'll respond to you. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> police are calling it a crime like nothing they've ever seen. >> two brothers accused of killing a father in front of his 2-year-old daughter. next at 6:00, what we know about
5:57 pm
this 16-year-old charged with murder and how police found him and his brother. plus, irma's impact. our first look at the damage in the florida keys on the island where hurricane irma first made landfall. glenn? and if you want to know the impact that irma will have on your neighborhood later this week.
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, irma's
5:59 pm
impact. we're getting a better view of the damage left behind. >> charged with murder, new information tonight about the 16-year-old accused of a cold-blood cold-blooded killing, shooting a father in the face in front of his 2-year-old daughter. and remembering 9/11 after 16 years. irma's still going strong. today, more cities in several states flooded. we're just starting to get our first look at the damage. and people are anxious to get home and see what's left. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. irma is still a tropical storm. extensive and widespread damage over vast parts of florida tonight. let's look at myrtle beach,
6:00 pm
south carolina. you can see the remnants of the storm and here's south carolina. the winds are whipping and the waves are crashing on the shore. >> this is one of the first looks at the keys where irma first made landfall. roads are impassable. boats are everywhere. tons of debris is spread across the island. in jacksonville, florida, heavy rains and a record storm surge are turning streets into churning rivers. tim furlong has been in florida since last week. he's live from miami beach. >> that's always hopping with people. it's more like a ghost town now where you are? >> reporter: yeah. only the people who were here before the storm are here. they are not letting anybody in yet. there is sand in the grass, all over the sidewalks, sand in the streets. this place is still a mess and in some spots it's still


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