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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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south carolina. you can see the remnants of the storm and here's south carolina. the winds are whipping and the waves are crashing on the shore. >> this is one of the first looks at the keys where irma first made landfall. roads are impassable. boats are everywhere. tons of debris is spread across the island. in jacksonville, florida, heavy rains and a record storm surge are turning streets into churning rivers. tim furlong has been in florida since last week. he's live from miami beach. >> that's always hopping with people. it's more like a ghost town now where you are? >> reporter: yeah. only the people who were here before the storm are here. they are not letting anybody in yet. there is sand in the grass, all over the sidewalks, sand in the streets. this place is still a mess and in some spots it's still
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dangerous. thousands waited on the highway to get across to miami beach and only essential people were allowed over. pine tree drive is covered with trees of all types. we found a tennis complex that's going to need all new fencing. >> it's amazing. i was kind of excited about it. >> reporter: this is john's first hurricane since moving down here from new england. >> i don't think it's as bad as it could have been. >> reporter: the only people here now are those who were here during the storm. the beach found its way up to ocean drive. under and around all of the fallen palms sand is in the grass and on the streets. not much damage here. >> very little. some awning damage, as you can see. >> reporter: this cafe will be ready to welcome back all of the customers who fled west before the storm hit. >> i plan to be opened tomorrow.
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maybe not first thing in the morning but yeah. >> reporter: this place should be alive right now with music and people eating and drinking outside. this is a hot spot in this town. what you hear tonight, listen to that, it's just endless alarms from buildings that haven't been able to be reset. a lot of places don't have any power. a couple places do, though. we've edited our stories here tonight and these power outlets are saving us. lots of people have come over here because there is a little bit of power here and hopefully they are okay with us taking a little bit because we can all use it because there's no other power in most of miami beach. >> spotty shower. still little to know gas. how long before it's normal in that part of florida? >> reporter: the keys, it's going to be a long time. up into the miami-dade area, i think it's going to be a few days. i think the power's coming back
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on. we've seen the numbers go down about the power outages and the gas was hovering near the area so they can get it in as soon as it cleared up. today, even though there's debris, a lot of the grocery stores will open late tonight and early tomorrow morning. of course, the airports are opening up as well. it's going to take some time. not quite there yet, though. back to you. >> others are suffering quite a bit. thank you, tim. we know that this storm is far from over. >> let's bring in glenn "hurricane" schwartz to see what the storm is doing right now. >> the center has moved into georgia but it's so huge that it's causing showers near miami. this is the track that took it so the east of tampa. that saved tampa. literally saved tampa from a catastrophe and then it has gone up into georgia.
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at lan atlanta is getting pummeled. 50-mile-an-hour tropical storm moving into the northwest into the tennessee valley over the next couple of days producing tremendous amounts of rain and then the next thing that we look at is not that flow off the florida coast, that's jose. it could get closer to the u.s. as we go through the weekend. we'll tell you more about that coming up. and our coverage of irma's impact continues at 6:30 with "nightly news" with lester holt live in florida. back here tonight at home, we're learning more about a father murdered in front of his 2-year-old daughter and the two brothers accused of killing him. this right here, 16-year-old marvin roberts is accused of shooting that father in the face. tonight, he's charged as an adult with murder. deanna durante is live with more
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on how the brothers were arrested. deanna? >> reporter: we don't have a photo of the 21-year-old suspect because he's not in philadelphia. he fled to new jersey and was hiding out in a motel room when they caught up with him. >> there's no accounting for what these two people did. it's a touch of evil. >> reporter: career cops say it's a crime like they've never seen and they say this man, 16-year-old marvin roberts, is the one who pulled the trigger, not once but twice, killing gerard grandzol as he tried to get his 2-year-old daughter out of harm's way. police zeroed in on two suspects after security footage from the subway station was passed around. a septa roberts identified maurice roberts as someone he had arrested on a drug charge before and information from the juvenile department helped locate marvin on saturday. a detective spotted him on the
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streets. the older brother was found hiding out in a motel room and tonight he's in a jail cell. his younger brother is already booked for the murder. police say they have witnesses, video and key forensic evidence linking the brothers to one of the most shocking crimes they've seen in years, if not ever. now, investigators are hoping to bring that 21-year-old back here to philadelphia to face those charges, to charge him and at that point they'll bring out his booking photograph. police say the 9 millimeter gun used in this crime is still out on the streets. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. remembering 9/11 today in our area, a number of memorials were held honoring the lives lost in the terror attacks 16 years ago. more than a dozen people from
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bucks county were victims who commuted to new york. >> and we remembered the moment our world change and each person came out for their own reasons. >> it will never change. i will remember them always. >> i came today because i was afraid people wouldn't show up and people were starting to forget. >> it's the firefighters that i remember, the guys who went in and tried to get it done. >> the garden includes an inner circle with names listed of the bucks county victims and an outer circle with the names of the nearly 3,000 other who is died. vice president mike pence visited the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. he praised the heroism of the hijackers who forced the plane down into a rural field before it reached washington, d.c. president trump laid a wreath in remembrance of the 184 people who died there.
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the president vowed the nation will prevail against all threats and that the memory of those killed will never, ever die. >> and my uncle charles william garbini. >> the names of the dead were read aloud today in new york at ground zero. right now, local family and fans are gathering for a viewing at thevil villanova campus. massimino died after a battle with brain cancer on august 30th. he led the team to a championship back in 1985. massimino was 82 years old. new at 6:00, a suspected killer is now in custody after arrested at 30th street station.
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a tip came in from belgian officials. he is wanted in connection with the death of his neighbor. officials say he stayed at several different places while in philadelphia through the use of the social media app called couch surfer. he was taken into custody without incident into politicians and organizations in philadelphia raising money to help so-called dreamers part of the daca program. it's a fundraising effort to cover the $495 fee needed to renew an application for the daca program. it protects about 800,000 people brought to the u.s. illegally as children or who came with families who overstayed their visas. president trump recently said he was ending the program in six months. >> remembering the thousands lost on september 11th and finding praises to reflect on the attack is now easier in the garden state. >> it has a special place in my
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heart. after irma, the one island impacted by the storm where people still hit the beach today. >> and irma's impact on your neighborhood. when you could feel some of the moisture in that storm.
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there are 9/11 memorials all across the region now finding many of them in the garden state is a lot easier. >> and some determined firefighters in atlanta county helped make it happen. nbc 10's jersey shore reporter ted greenberg has that story all new at 6:00. >> my emotions were on high. >> reporter: they came to remember the lives lost and relate the horrors of september 11th, 2001, to those who did not witness that fateful day. >> i was very glad to see that the children from the schools were here because they weren't even born yet, a lot of them. >> reporter: a large steel beam from the world trade center sits at the base of the 9/11 memorial, an effort led by firefighter jim smith whose son survived the attack on the south tower. >> so many people kept asking me, jim, where do we find all of
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the memorials? yours are outstanding but where do i find other ones? >> reporter: and they su successfully pushed for a directory of all of the 9/11 memorials owned or operated by a government entity. it was posted on the website this past friday. >> to me, it's very proud. you need a registry. people can go and pay homage. >> vincent and smith tell me they are not win finished. they are working to have a similar online registry created on a national level. >> when you become involved with such a project like we have here, it stays in your heart and in your mind and in your soul. >> reporter: finding places to reflect on that dark day now easier. >> if we don't remember, we're doomed to repeat. >> reporter: 15 years after becoming forever etched in our
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minds, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. help is on the way for hurricane irma victims in desperate need of vital supplies. more than ten hours was spent loading the "s.s. wright." all they can think about is giving back. >> you want to be there and feel hopeless so a bucnch of us that live on st. john got together and we did everything that we could to help and this is a collective effort of all of the love that people around us have given us. >> they hope to fly out 10,000 pounds of supplies tonight or tomorrow morning for st. thomas which will arrive in four to five days.
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some animals could not escape irma, like this baby dolphin. kerry sanders helped get this baby dolphin out to sea to make sure it didn't get stuck again. here in st. martin, it's hard to find something that is not in fact damaged there. >> and in cuba, even with ravaged palm trees, people were still out on the beach today. towels and lounge chairs were spread out in between downed palms and other debris. and irma is having an impact on our beaches tu. there are powerful and dangerous rip currents. here's a live look at cape may. very quiet. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us now. >> we're in for wet weather as well? >> nothing like down south and the ocean may seem fairly calm because we have a west wind for the most part but underneath the
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surface of that water, it's really churning and we're getting high clouds because of irma even though the center is 740 miles from us right now. this is just a humongous storm. the next one we're watching is jose. that's not that far off the coast. 650 miles off miami. 615 miles off the north carolina coast. it's not moving fast. that's a good thing. but it's not that far away. 50-mile-an-hour tropical storm in georgia now moving toward the northwest over the next few days and then starting to make a little bit of a turn. now it puts more moisture in our direction. now with jose, the various tracks, well, there's a lot of agreement and the curve over the next several days, that's
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september 16th. that's saturday. and heading towards the bahamas. after that, there's quite a variety of possibilities. ranging from florida all the way out to bermuda. there's a lot of uncertainty with the track once we get past saturday. some of them do take it offshore, along the east coast. so close enough and then we'll have to monitor that as we go through the next several days. jose has 100-mile-an-hour winds right now and the official forecast does take it closer to the united states and the european model, which was the best by far with irma, and with harvey, this is the forecast here as we go through the 13th, the 16th and now we're talking into next week. but that is not that far offshore. so we have to watch it because
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there is a big range of possibilities that far in advance. here's what we get close by. just some of the high clouds later on tonight and especially tomorrow. no rain anywhere nearby tomorrow. and then here comes some showers on wednesday. that is some of the moisture that is left over from irma. it's not torrential rain. we don't have any kind of threat of flooding. we may have more showers coming in on thursday. you don't see big thunderstorms. tomorrow, it's a nice day. we have at least partly cloudy skies. we're not expecting rain. temperatures are not bad. and for the rest of the week, what are we expecting? the average high temperatures are around 80 and we're fairly close to it, maybe a little above it, with just chances of showers each afternoon wednesday through friday in the philadelphia area. allentown, also wildwood. temperatures are close to normal
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as we go through the rest of the week. hey, i'm john clark. good news for the eagles but why the birds are being looking for a kicker. that is next.
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hey, i'm john clark from csn. good news for the eagles when it comes to quarterback darby with his injury. he dislocated his ankle. it looked really bad. multiple reports say he didn't have ligament damage.
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he did not need surgery. he may be out for four to six weeks. the rookie will play next week. >> moving in, putting him on the outside, he will play well and he's played corner but we moved him there two or three weeks ago and he's now seeing time in the game and we're happy with the way he plays. we'll adjust our game to release pressure on the outside if we need to. >> if anything, if we're going to put it out there it's for darby. >> and their kicker will be out for a month due to an injury. and look at this play by carson wentz. his escapeability is amazing. he keeps his eyes down the
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field. nelson agholor, amazing. wentz says his confidence is great. >> it's cool, you know. it comes in with a team victory. that's the most important thing. my focus is about giving all i can to win games and those plays put us in a position to win games. that's my mind set. you need more of those. the more of those, the better opportunity that the team has to win the games. >> undefeated, that would be guy. flyers opened up rookie camp today. nolan patrick was seen here skating in vorhees. he begins his push to make this flyers roster. >> the main thing for me is to compete as heart as i can every day. i think that's something that the team likes and that's something i pride myself on. i'm going to try to focus on it.
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>> don't forget to vote for our high school blitz game of the week. archbishop ryan at father judge. i'm john clark at csn. i love football season. back to you. >> there is an energy about it, isn't it? so exciting, john. thanks. now for a look at what is coming up at 11:00 -- >> death threats and racial slurs from high school students. the messages on social media that have parents raising concerns and also police making arrests. that's tonight at 11:00. i'm danny.
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all right. we have normal temperatures but we also have some showers moving in. starting on wednesday but especially thursday and friday, there's going to be remnants of irma. nothing torrential and no flooding. next week, we're going to be watching jose and see how close
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that comes. >> thanks. >> that's our news at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. see you back here at 11:00. tonight, a massive multi-state emergency as irma's wrath rols up the eastern seaboard. a new flood disaster ongoing from jacksonville to charleston. and in florida, over 7 million without power. many could be knocked out for weeks. tonight, our first look at the scope of devastation in the keys, as a state dependen on tourism races to get damaged airports back open. bannon unleashed. in his first major interview, the ex-trump aide unloads, raising eyebrowse over what he says was maybe the biggest political mistake in modern history. massive breach fallout affecting nearly every family in america. tonight the steps to take now to protect your identity and your credit for years to come. and a somber day


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