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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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hurricane irma moves out and leaves behind destruction and power outages all across florida. we take you live to miami for an update on the recovery efforts. and bad buzz. a swarm of flying bugs takes over parts of our area. what may be causing it. we have so much to talk about. we want ton know if you've seen what are they. >> flying in mass. a first look at 4:00, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. and we have more with meteorologist krystal klei. the most accurate weather forecast. >> when i wake up and look at the emails, i saw the e-mail with the bugs. i thought, ew, that's gross. we'll look at temperatures now. you might want the light jacket as you head out. it's not as chilly as yesterday. 52 in allentown. 53 in pottstown. philadelphia at 62. a good deal of upper 50s
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throughout new jersey. 58 atlantic city and wildwood. millville, 57. delaware same deal, upper 50s on the board right now. later today, i think a lot of us will see upper 70s and low 80s. talking back into the 80s starting today. that's a trend we'll continue over the next several days. another trend, that. cloudy conditions and looking at some moisture trying to wedge on in. and by that i mean a few showers that will make their way over the board. no showers now. when you pull this wide, you see we've got a skinny band of rain trying to make its way to us. that could mean sprinkles for the western edge of the area, parts of delaware. really it's this town here that tonight may start to bring showers by tomorrow to our area. we'll talk more about that coming up in a moment. right now, we'll talk traffic with jessica boyington. we're starting on the roosevelt boulevard in the outer drive of the southbound side. our cameras around 9th street, still watching the clearing of some of the construction project. inner drive moving through on the southbound side here. if you are heading toward the schuylkill expressway, you'll get there just fine.
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right now there's not a lot of problems or delays. it's only 4:30 or so. watching the schuylkill expressway, too, construction on the westbound side. in between belmont and gulf mills. not really making any problem with this drive time. you see that here. 11 minutes westbound from the vine to the blue route. speeds into the 60s. we'll end on the garden state parkway, moving through south jersey, at least toward the jersey shore. here's the cape may toll plaza. north and south, no problems. breaking overnight, flames ripped through a wilmington home. neighbors tell us the man who lived there got out safely, but then he rushed in to try to save his wife. nbc10's katy zachry joins us live. he rushed in to save his wife and didn't make it? >> reporter: yeah, the story takes a tragic turn. i can tell you the neighborhood, on the block of west 37th street and wilmington, waking up with some very sad news. there are neighbors here covered with blankets who are standing in front of the home where this deadly fire broke out.
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it was just before midnight, we're told by an eyewitness, who was driving home after getting late-night food. he drove down the street and noticed fire coming from the first-floor area of the home. he got out and saw the homeowner who he knows -- eyewitness used to cut grass for the homeowner, archie. and archie, he says, was running back and forth into the house trying to extinguish the fire inside. when that wasn't working, he went into his home to look for his wife. unbeknownst to the homeowner who was inside looking for his wife while the fire was breaking out, his wife was actually standing on the first floor overhang. she had her cell phone and had called 911. she made it out to safety, he just needed to jump from the first-floor overhang to the ground. here is how the eyewitness described the victim's last moments as he's trying to save
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his wife. >> he was looking for his wife, caller for her. she said -- while she was on the roof, she was like, babe, i'm on the roof. he couldn't hear her. of course, the noise, windows popping. >> reporter: the sad news that many neighbors in wilmington are waking up to is that archie, a man who lived at this home, in his late 50s, he died in this house fire trying to save his wife. his wife was able to get safely from the first-floor overhang to the ground with the help of the eyewitness and who you heard from, as well as another neighbor on the block of west 37th street in wilmington. in just the last few minutes, i spoke to the son of the man who died in this house fire. coming up at 5:00, we'll hear his thoughts as well as an account of how his stepmother is doing. the woman injured in this house fire, at corinna hospital. he -- christiana hospital.
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he gives us an update about her. for now, reporting live, nbc10 news. >> thank you. this morning, we are learning more about a father, grandfather, and victim veteran homebuilder in tacony -- hit and killed in that tony. a suspected drunk driver hit 73-year-old norman using, dragged him for nearly three blocks. the car hit six parked cars along the way. the victim's family spoke with nbc10 outside his northeast philadelphia home. >> that shouldn't happen to anyone. a 73-year-old man dragged down the street for three blocks. that's the unbearable part. >> the driver is charged with third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle, and dui. several parents in chesterer county may not send their children to school because they fear for their safety. more than 100 students and parents at westchester went to school to discuss threats and slurs posted on social media. the group of mostly minority
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students says someone used a now-deleted instagram account to target them. some discovered is supposed, and their parents -- discovered it sunday, and their parents pulled them from school monday. there was a meeting to discuss what changes need to happen with the school district. >> we're all just trying to learn. we can't because we're worried if we're going to get shot in the hallways. >> the westchester area school district superintendent says the threats were tied to 9/11 and added in a statement, "i want to reiterate to all of our students that any student engaging in this kind of behavior will face disciplinary action from the school district in addition to any action taken by police." the west goshen police say they found the student responsible, and the d.a. will investigate. 4:36. florida will be spending weeks and perhaps months cleaning up from hurricane irma. the keys are reeling from the devastation. still cut off from the mainland
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and in need of supplies. a navy aircraft carrier will help in search and rescue efforts. look at what's left of irma. it's now a tropical depression spread out across a number of southern states. airports across florida are reopening. miami airport has cleaned up from its damage done to a terminal and the gates by irma. they will reopen with limited service. delta started flying out of west palm beach yesterday with other carriers planning to fly today. tampa's airport will also have planes flying today. ft. lauderdale's airport opened up at 4:00 a.m. it had to undergo inspection. the 64 jet bridges were strapped down during the storm. it was a time-consuming process getting them back to normal. this morning people across florida are trying to pick up the pieces. video shows the damage done to a building in miami. the water rushes in. one of many sites of destruction across that state. nbc's sarah rosario joins us live from miami. going to be a long road to
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recovery. >> reporter: that's right. with millions of people waking up in the dark this morning. there are still search and rescue recovery efforts underway in the keys. many people unaccounted for. the damage so bad in some places you could only get to it by air. as irma churns across the southeast, the damage left behind in florida is staggering. in hard-hit naples to the florida keys -- >> we have got no power, no water. it's a mess. >> reporter: the storm slamming into the keys as a category-4 hurricane. pushing homes off of foundations, boats on to roads, and toppling rvs and trailers. >> going to take months, maybe years to get this cleaned up. >> reporter: brian holly is one of the estimated 10,000 in the keys who refuse to leave. with debris covering the islands, he wished he would have heeded the warnings. >> don't stay for another one.
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>> reporter: the storm knocked out power to more than seven people. too large for the state's largest energy pryer to handle. >> it's the first storm that has impacted all 27,000 square miles and 35 counties that we serve across florida. it is a magnitude that we just haven't seen before. >> reporter: the hurricane-efforhurricane-force winds leaves destruction through the keys and carolinas. >> it's going to be a long road. there's a lot of damage. >> reporter: a state still reeling from a catastrophic storm but thankful it wasn't worse. and even as utility crews are working hand the clock, unfortunately there is no time frame as to when power will be restored to the millions of people waking up in the dark this morning. reporting live in miami, sarah
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rosario. back to you. >> thank you. find out how to help those impacted by the hurricane on our nbc10 app and look at pictures of the damage and get instant alerts sent to your phone. tonight, nbc10 will broadcast the "hand in hand" benefit. stars include beyonce, george clooney, and tom hanks will appear to help raise money for victims of both irma and harvey. you can see it live here starting at 8:00. 20 minutes before 5:00. a flying fright. people come face to face with swarms of bugs across our area. the ritual that causes the insects to come out in force and what police say about the infestation. and moment of impact. a plane falls from the sky, and it's caught on camera. how it all unfolds. and a crop crisis. the toll irma took on agriculture in florida and how it will impact what you pay at the grocery store. ,$88doooooorw
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you and a check on the roads. we're watching the roosevelt boulevard. they're clearing construction at least around 9th. part of the outer drive of the southbound side to traffic moving toward the schuylkill expressway or at least down toward the schuylkill expressway. you would pass the scene here. again, the inner drives are open. moving from the area, looks like they're starting to clear some of the construction project away. hopefully they'll be done around 5:00. watching the bridges. we're on standby for an opening on the burlington bristol bri e bridge. and 95 through delaware looks good. green on the roads as you see, northbound and southbound from 295 to 495, speeds into the 60s. we'll have updates on the boulevard and economic in with the bridges when i come -- and check in on the bridges when i come back in ten. back to our radar and
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satellite view. the map is showing us here, follow the white arrows, some of the rain tracking our direction. we have this little wave of rain that's trying to make its way to us. it's weak and fallen apart. i'm not convinced we'll see anything quite kbryet. more likely, starting this evening, we might see a shower spotting up over delaware and especially tomorrow. scattered showers across the region. nothing like the rain they saw farther south. that's a totally different setups. this is remnants, not the punch that hit the southeast. we'll talk about the planners for today in the suburbs. 55 degrees. the time is 4:44 this morning. 1997 this afternoon. 2:00 p.m., 77 degrees. 4:00's the same. upper 70s, capping off for the high temperatures. winds will be coming from the southwest today. some of the warmer air funneling in means the temperatures are warmer than they have been. 62 in philadelphia. 76 for lunchtime. there you, go low 80s in the --
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there you go, low 80s in the afternoon. the new jersey neighborhoods in the mid 50s but quickly going to the 60s this morning. not quite as much as a chill as we saw yesterday morning. and the low 80s in the afternoon hours. we'll look at the tropical radar and satellite so we're no longer looking at irma. this is jose, not as much of a beast as irma was. it's meandering north of the slab islands hit by irma. it's going to be something to watch through the next seven, eight days. i'll talk about why coming up. >> thank you. falling, flying, and scaring. why swarms of gnats were spotted across our area. and facing the flood. why a woman risked her life and jumped into the rushing waters caused by hurricane irma.
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social media is abuzz --
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abuzz about a problem in philadelphia. >> people on our social facebook page have been seeing flying gnats everywhere. the suburbs, south jersey, other cities. it's part of a mating ritual that is usually a one-day occurrence. philadelphia police tweeted, "hm, no, we don't know where all the gnats came from either. we, for one, welcome our new insect overlords." we want to know if you spotted any flying bugs. love it, love it, love. it please tweet us your pictures or videos or tell us your experience. our twitter handles are there on the bottom of the screen. the fraternity house at penn state university where a pledge from new jersey died is back open but for limited use. the beta theta pi house opened in stores late friday for the penn state football game. alumni were invited to stay at the home for football games. the university has no supervision over the privately owned building. and penn state banned the fraternity after sophomore tim piazza died during a hazing
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ritual. 14 members face criminal charges. now to a plane caught -- plane crash caught on camera in connecticut. just watch as the cessna gets tangled in the tree and yanked to the ground. it happened not far from hartford. the pilot walked away with minor injuries. he told reporters he was going to breakfast when the plane crashed. the faa is investigating. >> he was flying to breakfast? >> there you go. the u.n. security council approved a new set of sanctions on north korea after the latest nuclear tests, but they're not as strict as the trump administration had hoped. president trump wanted a ban on all oil imports and an international freeze of north korea's assets. the u.n. resolution eliminated those conditions. instead, north korea's oil imports will be capped, and textile imports banned. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, calls the new sanctions the strongest yet. check out this rescue from
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the jacksonville flag. look, irma storm surge overwhelmed a neighborhood here. the woman was trying to save her cat trapped on a windowsill. the animal was so scared it jumped into a bush. another good samaritan waded in to help. they did eventually save the cat, carried it to safety. wow. what do we always talk about, the power of even a foot of water or six inches -- >> yeah. >> when it's rushing that fast. >> it can start to lift up a car, 12 to 18 inches can take a car away. you saw that, how high up it was. that was dangerous, but honestly, the -- i understand as a pet owner itself, it's hard when you have animals in danger like that. irma is still bringing rain to parts of the country right now. >> not -- not out of the woods yet. >> not yet. it's not nearly as heavy of rain or flooding concern as it was just yesterday. here's the track projection.
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winds at 35 miles per hour. the "l" with the circle is a tropical depression. as we go through the morning hours, when it's just the "l" it's just remnants, it's lost the tropical nature. all that's left is rain moving through the western half of the country. this will break into two parts. the first part moving our way, another part that will move this way. getting sucked into the natural flow of the atmosphere and pulling rain in the next few days. we have showers as a result of irma although it's not going to be anything like what they did see down south. a very different picture for us than what they saw over florida, georgia, and south carolina. here's radar and satellite. here's the rain i was talking about. there's the part that's going to wedge our way first. here's the part that will first try to move west before going our way, as well. that's going toolinger with shower chances in the -- going to linger with shower chances in the forecast. today will be a mostly cloudy day. not thick, gray, ominous clouds,
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but more bright, high clouds that you see sometimes. our afternoon high temperatures, warmer than yesterday by a bit. 81 the high in philadelphia. and also at 81 in the lehigh valley, south jersey, upper 70s at the shore, and delaware. we are noticing the temperatures a little warmer. the southwest flow typically draws in warmer air. temperatures are around average. here's the hour by hour as showers begin. in is 9:00 at night. i think the model is a little slow. there could be a little shower that hits over parts of delaware come this evening. then spot showers could hit by the wednesday morning commute. a better chance of showers in the afternoon hours. they start to weaken as they move over us. nonetheless, we'll have chances of showers for our wednesday that continue thursday, friday, and even saturday. here's a look at the satellite imagery for jose. i showed this, a category-1 hurricane. it's weakened considerably the last several days.
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look at the models through friday. having this do a loop through friday, all in very got agreement that it will meander at sea. the general flow of the atmosphere isn't letting it move yet. then it will be able to move. this is where the models are struggling. at least a few models trying to give it impact to the florida area. look at the spread, some totally out to sea. some near the east coast. right now, just too difficult for us to pinpoint where jose may impact. it could mean a little moisture or showers for us by next week. that's all we're looking at at this point. >> thank you. 4:55. we'll get you to work looking at 76 in new jersey. >> jessica boyington, what are you seeing? >> we're watching that in gloucester city. around market street. our cameras here show the northbound side closest to it. that's moving toward philadelphia. right before when you head to the walt whitman bridge or 676 through camden, getting to the ben, no problems or delays. speaking of bridges, the
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burlington bristol bridge on standby for an opening. that's scheduled for 5:20. we have closer to a half hour or so for that opening to be in place. the tacony palmyra is clear. i'm here at the boulevard. we're still watching the construction project on the outer lanes of the southbound side near 9th street. a look at the inner drive, that's still open. you can get by that way. we're still watching lane restrictions there with the construction project. going ga-ga. a dream comes true for an 82-year-old man. the bucket list item that he crossed off and the show he will never forget. xñósoñ?ñ?@ñ?ñ?ñ?
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our county-by-county coverage begins in montgomery county. a man faces charges in an arson spree. >> state police say he set fire to the church food bank and a grocery store in redhill on sunday. authorities also accuse the man of trying to set a car on fire. no one was hurt in any of the fires. and now to delaware county where a popular restaurant is
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back open four months after a fire heavily damaged this property. barnaby's in half hour ha -- in havertown has new floors, walls, and bars. this is what it looked like in may when a lit cigarette started the fire. in atlantic county police are looking for this couple accused of stealing a woman's purse from a mcdonald's. inside festival mall in hamilton township. investigators say the couple used the debit cards to make several purchase. if you recognize them, call police. don't be alarmed if you see increased police activity at dover air force base today. they're holding active shooter drills, so vehicles from multiple police agencies will be there. for emergencies, still call 911. in mercer county, robinsville could soon have its own zip code. the u.s. postal service will do a survey to see if neighbors are interested in getting their own code. robinsville shares the same zip as trenton. the mayor says that's led to inconsistent mail delivery, confusing gps signals for street directions, and higher insurance
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rates because the link to high crime trenton. 4:58. we're learning more about cornerback darby's dislocation to his ankle. multiple reports say he didn't have ligament data bank and doesn't need surgery -- ligament damage and doesn't need surgery. the rookie will play in his place next sunday. the eagles play again sunday at arrowhead stadium in kansas city. they'll take on the chiefs. the kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. and don't forget to vote for the high school blitz game of the week. you have three choices. archbishop wood takes on st. joe's prep as well as archbishop at father and west stepford. you can call or text the number on the screen. how about this story -- lady gaga fans coming out. we showed you a young one. >> today the other end of the spectrum. look at this.
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this is 82-year-old henry alheiser. the staff at wesley enhanced living in upper mooreland surprised henry yesterday with tickets togaga t-shirt to the sold outshow at the wells fargo -- soldout show at the wells fargo stadium. the program grants bucket list items for residents. ♪ i bet he could sing along. had a great time rocking out to his favorite singer. henry wanted to thank everyone who helped him be a part of gaga's world tour. and hats off to the staff at wesley's -- >> right? very nice. >> good job. now for more of the stories we're following now on nbc10 news at 5:00 a.m. -- >> husband's last act. breaking now, a man spends his final moments trying to save his wife from an early morning fire. heading home as cleanup
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begins post irma. flights will start to take off from philadelphia this morning to take people who evacuated back home. and apple announcement, the new high-tech toys that could be hitting store shelves soon. one of those toys pretty pricey. 5:00 a.m. good morning and welcome to nbc10 today. >> it might a perfect night for baseball. the phillies taking on the marlins. we have krystal klei with the most accurate weather forecast. >> not a bad night for that. we're looking at temperatures right now that are mostly in the upper 50s and spoths that made it to -- spots that made it to the low 60s. philadelphia international, 62. 58 in vineland. 59 dover. coatesville, 55. and atlantic city, 59 degrees. water temperatures holding strong right in the low 70 mark. and we are


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