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tv   Today  NBC  September 12, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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around broad street. watching that for you. keep updated with us on nbc philadelphia. good morning. southeast in shambles. overnight, new destruction from irma, with the deadly storm moving farther inland. more than 700 miles of damage already in its wake. >> looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> this morning, florida reeling. historic flooding leading to risky rescues. the damage so bad in the keys, thousands who rode out the storm could be forced to evacuate. >> we have no power. no water. it's a mess. >> the recovery expected to take months, if not years. >> it will be a lot of work to get this done. >> and it's just beginning today, tuesday, september 12th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is
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a special edition of "today: the impact of irma." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. good to have you with us on a tuesday morning. it's picking up in the southeast. >> the more the reporters get into these areas, the worse it seems to get. >> the death toll is rising overnight. at least 11 people were killed by that storm in the u.s. another 29 in the caribbean. >> here's a number that's startling. nearly 8 million customers without power this morning across the south. the overwhelming majority of those, nearly 7 million in florida. that's almost a third of that state's population. >> one official is warning of a potential humanitarian crisis in the florida keys. an aircraft carrier is going there. >> and jackson is dealing with
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record-setting flooding. it's led to evacuations of people and rescues. the mayor says this could take days for the water to recede. we're going to talk to him live in a couple minutes. >> dylan dreyer is in jacksonville this morning. what's the situation? >> this is the st. john's river behind me. that's what overflowed its banks and flooded neighborhoods in downtown jacksonville, like never before. really incredible that irma has impacted all of florida. key west, here in jacksonville. and also to the south. and recovery is just beginning. as a weakened irma marches north this morning, hurricane-ravaged florida is starting to pick up the pieces. but in some areas, it won't be easy. in jacksonville, flash flooding has swallowed entire streets. flood levels along the st. john's river, surpassing a
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153-year-old record. the surge is unlike anything residents have seen before. >> it's jaw-dropping. >> reporter: many neighborhoods, now under water. cars submerged. coast guard teams, rescuing more than 100 people monday. and the cleanup is just beginning. after violent winds uprooted trees, debris is littering neighborhoods, as crews try to clear the roadways. nearly 8 million throughout the state are still without power. >> sparking, arcing and downed power license planes should be to 911. >> reporter: farther south, highways are once again packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic. they're trying to return home, just days after evacuating. but officials are turning many away, until towns are secure. in miami, first responders are coming to grips with irma's impact.
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boats piling up on the score. putting down on a football field. and where irma made landfall, even more devastation. the florida keys, facing a possible humanitarian crisis in the lower islands. >> water is not working. the sewer is not working. and there's no electricity. it's very tough. >> reporter: according to early insurance estimates, irma costing $20 billion to 40 billion of damage in florida. now, it's stretching into georgia and south carolina. bringing intense rain and flooding. delivering a ten-foot tuesday in certain areas, with the high winds knocking out power. bringing more destruction and anguish to the southeast. as power is restored, officials are telling residents do not go out and move the power lines. leave them alone.
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there's 30 rivers in major flood stage across florida. but they are receded, which we noticed in our short time here this morning. we are going to see improvements. but cleanup now has to be done. it will be a long process. >> dylan, thank you very much. jacksonville's mayor, lenny curry, is with us on the phone. good morning. >> good morning. >> we heard in the piece from dylan that about 100 people had to be rescued. is there a backlog of calls? do you have people saying they're stranded that you haven't been able to get to yet? >> no. our rescue efforts, we jumped into that mode yesterday. and 15 neighborhoods. right now, the call volume has stopped and people are safe and secure. >> what is the flooding condition there? are the waters finally starting to recede? or are you looking at a worsening situation? >> it will recede slowly.
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we had evacuated the number of zones because we knew this was going to be a major storm, major impact. and then, yesterday morning, the information came to us. we were getting a category 3 hurricane surge, and tropical storm. some people did not leave a at-risk areas. we had the president, senator rubio and his team on the front end, offering help. but what's most important is yesterday was a rescue day. and first responders and the people of jacksonville did their jobs. >> you have to go from rescuing to recovering. i think you're also an accountant. so, have you done some preliminary math, mr. mayor? have you tried to figure out what this might cost the city of jacksonville? >> we don't have cost estimates but i can tell you this. we have financially stable and
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secure budgets. we're on firm financial ground. we have reserves. we went through matthew. and we are able to fund the needs that we have to begin rebuilding and recovering, as we work with the federal government, senator rubio, the president and the state, the governor and state of florida, to get our fema reimbursements. we can get to work now. we're in good order. >> as you're walking or in some cases using a boat to get through your city, can you characterize the scope and the severity, the damage here? >> when i got the information yesterday morning and pivoted to rescue, i got in the neighborhoods at risk, you see the huge vehicles with huge tires that can't get into some of the roads. and they drop the boat in. and they go. the and to see families coming out, kids coming out in these
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boats. the public safety men and women, loading people only to vehicles to get to shelters or other secure places, a moving moment. humanitarian, unbelievable the way first responders and neighbors stepped up yesterday to save everybody's lives. >> lenny curry, thanks for spending a few minutes with us this morning, sir. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the storm may be weakening. but its threat is expanding to other parts of the south. let's go to al roker in tampa this morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this city is breathing a sigh of relief since they missed a direct hit. that's good news. when we look at what irma is still doing, it's breathtaking. as we go to the maps and show you, we are looking at a po posttropical cyclone. it's moving west -- i should say
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north-northwest at 10 miles per hour. it has 15-mile-per-hour winds with it. it will push to the northwest today. by tuesday at 7:00, look at this, it's in western tennessee, bringing rain into memphis, parts of little rock. and will continue to move, by wednesday at 7:00 in the morning, it's still part of a system that has 25-mile-per-hour winds and causing big problems. and in fact, rainfall amounts out of this thing are going to be felt all the way from mississippi. as we make our way to the east, we have one to three inches of rain. but the biggest event is going to be along the north carolina coast. southeastern north carolina will still have feeder bands coming in from the atlantic. that will bring rainfall rates, pow hourly, up to two inches. and in total, could have five or six inches of rain before it's all over. we'll be dealing with irma,
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until the middle or the end of this week. we're watching, out in the atlantic, jose. it is a hurricane. and in the next half hour, we'll look at this. it is something we have to watch and be concerned about. >> all right, al. we'll check back in with you on that and all things weather-related. as mentioned at the top, the storm decimated the florida keys. the only way in now is closed except to emergency personnel. and officials say it could be weeks until residents are allowed to return. gadi schwartz is there. he is where irma made landfall. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is where irma made landfall. it had so much force. the winds blasted through these homes. over here this, is a washing machine that was thrown across the street. if we can take a live look from the drone, you can see that type
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of devastation stretches from the bay all the way into this neighborhood. all around the keys, the remnants of irma are apparent. waterway s clogged with what w once in people's homes. sh sh shipwrecks line the islands here. >> when it hit us and it came in, it started rocking the house. >> this is the video that brian shot as irma pounded the keys. >> felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: almost a full day of winds of over 100 miles per hour. emergency crews think 10,000 people stays behind to face irma. those who didn't evacuate are just happy to be safe. >> it's okay. everybody's safe. everybody's safe. >> no problems. >> reporter: and happier when we tell them their daughter wanted us to check on them. you want to talk to your mom or dad first? this family able to connect with
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a quick call on a sat phone. >> we're okay. everything is good here. right now we don't need anything. >> to use your word, the stuff is gone. but we're okay. >> reporter: right now, from is no food, no water, no electricity. first responders are in triage mode, the supplies and communication limited. thankfully reinforcements are beginning to arrive. it will be months before things are back to normal. power is out to all of the keys. part of the nearly 8 million floridians without electricity because of the storm. and even though the damage is substantial, it could have been much worse. in key west, unmistakable landmarks, like duval street, ernest hemingway's home, battered but still standing. >> key west will be strong as ever. we're good. >> reporter: one thing that's important to note, particularly
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for residents here, if we take another live look from our drone, if you look closely, there's a lot to clean up here. those homes may have roof damage. most of the homes are concrete and still standing. let me show you what i'm talking about. this is one of the homes that took a direct hit from hurricane irma. there's damage. everything ripped through the homes. but the concrete itself, the concrete structure is standing. and for the last two days, we've been touring up and down the florida keys. matt and savannah. back to you. >> appreciate it. irma has hit the airlines hard. in 2 days, delta canceled 1,200 flights at its atlanta hub. many others are shut down but working hard to get open. gabe gutierrez is at miami international airport. gabe, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: flights here at m.i.a. are set to resume this afternoon. and in the last few minutes, the line has started to build. irma has forced the cancellation of 14,000 flights in an area dependent on tourism. the passengers are m.i.a. today. escaping the path but not the wrath of irma's eye. florida's busiest airport, like many parts of the state, is flooded. >> a lot of water damage in a lot of the gates. >> reporter: with winds whipping 100 miles per hour, roof tiles rained on abandoned gates. some flyie flyers grounded for . hundreds of them were bussed to shelters. these are folks that were trying to get out of the country. one man was trying to get to argentina. his flight was canceled. and he has no place to go. we caught up with him again monday, helping roll out
7:15 am
mattresses for fellow passengers. >> american canceled our flight. from that moment anwards, we are struck. >> reporter: some stranded so long, they've made friends. ft. lauderdale's airport is open this morning, after draining this water from the runway. 14,000 flights in florida and the caribbean have been canceled since the start of the storm. as irma churns forth, one person in the skufecurity line in atla. other passengers are seeing red. >> i'm so annoyed right now. >> reporter: delta dispatchers scrambled to reposition its planes and personnel. but not in time for this group of students to get to india. >> we have a church that's taking all 45 of us in. >> reporter: and flights over the next several days that had the flights canceled over the
7:16 am
last few days. some airlines have capped flights at $99 for those returning to florida. but it will be a while before things get back to normal here. >> thank you, very much. there's other news to get to, as well. including new developments in the north korean crisis to tell you about. the u.n. security council has approved new sanctions on the north korean regime. but those sanctions fall short of what the trump administration had sought. peter alexander is at the white house with more on this. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nikki haley calling this round of sanctions the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea. this was a unanimous vote. but the sanctions were dialed back to make sure russia and china would sign on. these are designed to try to tighten the economic screws on the north koreans, to crack down on kim jong-un's efforts to build up his nuclear and
7:17 am
ballistic missile program. here at the white house, the white house is pushing back on a new report that claims that some of the president's lawyers, representing him in the russian investigation, wanted jared kushner, his son-in-law, to step down as senior adviser this summer. this is a piece that says some of the legal team is worried about the special counsel's probe. some being looked at by federal investigators in congress. one of the president's lawyers heading up the team now, confirms to me he thought the proposal was, in his words, absurd. and it was never in his knowledge presented to the president. the president's in-house lawyer calls the story false. jared kushner, who has denied collusion, remains one of the president's most trusted, able and intelligent advisers. and speaking of entrusted aides,
7:18 am
nbc news has confirmed that hope hicks will become the third communications director in this white house for the president. officially, she is the woman who will replacing anthony scaramucci in that roll. tomorrow morning, hillary clinton will join us live in studio 1a. this is her first live interview and morning show appearance since the election. there's a lot to talk to her about. hillary clinton tomorrow morning on "today" live. let's turn back to irma and the national forecast with al. al, good morning. >> good morning, guys. as we look at our u.s. map, you'll see again in the southeast, and on into the mid mississippi river valley, irma dominates. in the northwest and new england, we have a gores ge day. stormy conditions in central california. look for a tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life.
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this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. good morning. i'm meteorologist krystal klei. temperatures today warmer than yesterday. 81 the high in center city. 82 in summerton. lansdale, 78. 81 in easton. mostly cloudy conditions, but still peeks of sunshine out there. these clouds are rolling in ahead of the rain we may experience from irma. let's talk about new jersey. 81 in trenton and voorheis along the shore. mid 70s, 80 is possible. upper 70s for delaware, wilmington, you're at 79. rehoboth beach, 74.
7:20 am
>> that's your latest weather. again, guys, coming up in the next half hour, we're going to look at jose and what it may mean for the southeastern and mid-atlantic coast next week. >> all right, al. thank you very much. we miss you. coming up, irma's toll on popular tourist destinations in florida and across the caribbean. what they're doing to bounce back. also ahead, the first $1,000 iphone. controversy over the reported price of apple's new devices, ahead of today's big launch. we're going to be there live. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. we'll look outside and what's to come with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> hi, we're looking at radar and satellite map first. the wide view shows clouds already in place ahead of the moisture of irma. as we go into tonight, spot showers may make their way to delaware. by tomorrow, i think we'll have showers across the region. scattered in, in we'll start to see some of irma's moisture. temperatures, 63 in philly. 58 in wimbledon. atlantic city at 57. later today, temperatures will pick up to around the low 80s. a traffic alert now in lansdale, montgomery county. sky force 10 over a water main break. we'll get you details with first alert traffic reporter jessica
7:27 am
boyington. >> tractracy, we've been watchi this for most of the morning. a closure at lansdale and allentown road. you see guys working around the scene. there are delays and backups around. how do you get around that? my bet to you is -- at least the bet is taking a detour around the scene. take welsh road, route 53, around the scene. watching 422 at trooper, the eastbound side around trooper, there's a crash, 24 minutes for the drive time to the schuylkill expressway. speeds in the 20s. back to you. this morning the villanova community will say final good-byes to coaching legend rollie massimino. his funeral will be held on campus at 10:30. for those who can't make it, there will be a live stream on nbc1010 and our . -- and our nbc10 app.
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back, now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning. dramatic dash cam video as irma raged on monday. a pine tree falls on the road. the driver in the suv tries to hit the brakes. could not stop in time. we're told she was shaken up but okay. >> one more second and something terrible could have happened. >> irma and the destruction, it is still causing, begins our look at "today's headlines." irma barrels north, leaving millions without power this morning. the death toll rising overnight, amid a frantic search for those still missing. >> look how that mobile home is blown apart. >> water is not working. the sewer is not working and
7:31 am
there's no electricity. north korea slapped with new sanctions by the u.n. security council after its latest nuclear test. >> these are, by far, the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea. stand up, why? sitting down for most of the day can lead to an early grave. not safe for work. ted cruz rising eyebrows after liking a hard-core porn video on his twitter account. and look hout below. a pilot crashes into a free in a parking lot and walks away unscathed. >> you hear people say it was not that person's time. you look at that plane. it lands upright. and that pilot kind of walks away from that. >> amazing. >> that's extraordinary. want to talk about another potential casualty of irma's
7:32 am
path of destruction, the tourism industry. it's a key part of the economy for florida and all across the caribbean. how will the regions recover? jo ling kent is in miami. jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we're here in what people call the cruise capital of the world. but behind me, there's not one cruise liner. the cruise liners have been canceled because of hurricane irma. but this morning, the port of miami is reopening, as they face a massive recovery effort. this morning, in the caribbean, damage as far as the eyes can see. and now, warnings of chaos in the british virgin islands, from richard branson, who owns two islands there. >> there's a lot of civil unrest. unfortunately, some of the prisoners have escaped and are now armed. >> reporter: reports of armed looting in the caribbean, coming days after the u.s. government
7:33 am
evacuated more than 1,200 americans. >> the police and military don't have the manpower here yet. >> reporter: branson instilling a so-called marshal plan, to rebuild the caribbean. the business tycoon writing in a blog post, this will have to be building resilient against a higher intensity and frequency of weather events, as the effects of climate change continue to grow. it's a lifeline the caribbean may way well need. people sent $36.5 billion there last year. florida bracing for irma's financial wrath. last year, it welcomed 113 million visitors and $119 billion to its hotels and theme parks. universal studios and disney are reopening their doors today. small business owners may not be able to get back on their feet
7:34 am
so quickly. what do you think the economic impact is going to be here in ft. lauderdale? >> it will take a hit. >> reporter: jim is the owner of a 64-room getaway in ft. lauderdale. >> it could be billion of dollars in last revenue for ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: here at port miami, cruises continue to be canceled, including royal caribbean. that company sending two ships out to st. martin and st. john. they will be carrying supplies and helping with evacuation efforts. matt? savannah? >> jo, thank you very much. a quick reminder about something you're going to see on tv tonight. the big networks are s are comi together. its intent is to raise money for the victims of hurricanes irma and harvey. that's tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern, and pacific. talking about another hurricane. al is down in tampa. has his eyes on jose. good morning again.
7:35 am
>> guys, we are at the peak of hurricane season. this is not that unusual, especially in a non -- a year like this, where you don't have a lot of shear. let's show you what we got going on right now. this is jose. category 1 hurricane. it's 45 miles per hour east of grand turk island. when you look at the track, this is unusual, for it to do this loop. by the time we get to friday, it's looped back just south of where it started off and continues towards the southeastern united states. by sunday, at 2:00 a.m., it's at 80 miles per hour. as we put the american model ensembles in. most of them keep it offshore. there's a couple that bring it very close. we have to keep an eye on this because the potential is there. right now, we think there's a number of factors that will keep it
7:36 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist krystal klei. today we're looking at temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. 81 the high in center city. 82 in summerton. lansdale, 78 degrees. 81 in easton. mostly cloudy conditions, but still peeks of sunshine out there. these clouds are rolling in ahead of some of the rain we may experience from irma. let's talk about new jersey. 81 in trenton and voorheis. along the shore, mid 70s, 80s possible. upper 70s for delaware, wilmington, 79. rehoboth beach, 74. >> don't forget,forget, get ther anytime you need it. check out our friends on the weather channel on cable. guys? >> al, thank you so much. just ahead, what is harrison ford doing directing traffic? and the
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all the power of protein in one delicious bar nature valley protein bars nature valley granola delicious ingredients to fuel your day find us in the cereal aisle. welcome back, everybody. expectations and anticipation are running high this morning with apple expected to unveil not one, not two, but three new phones today. >> what does the company have in store? and how much are these devices going to cost? louisa khavanov is at apple's headquarters in cupertino, california. >> reporter: good morning. we're outside of apple's brand-new campus, $5 billion campus in cupertino. but the star of the show, is
7:42 am
brand-new phones. the company is keeping mum about the designs. but one of the most controversial features, a price tag rumored to be upwards of 1,000 bucks. it might be the most about pated tech reveal of the year. apple expected to announce a brand-new iphone a decade after the original. the new products are aimed at die-hard customers looking for high performance. the details are under wraps. but the new model is jen raising buzz on blogs like mac rumors, posting videos on what to expect. the button on the iphone case is good evening. it's all screen, edge-to-edge. touch i.d., the phone unlocks if it recognizes your face. the l.e.d. display promises brighter colors and badttery life. the headphones have no chords.
7:43 am
but the charging is wireless, too. and like the 7, the new model will withstand water. these perks won't come cheap. the price tag, upwards of $1,000. it's been ten years since steve jobs unveiled the phone that could change theverything. from how we shop, play, work, take pictures and communicate. but the most valuable company in the world is under more pressure than ever before. >> okay, google. >> reporter: trailing competitors like googles in the home space. >> watch what you want. >> reporter: apple tv falling behind amazon and roku streaming services. and keeping an eye on the galaxy note 8. tim cook is under pressure to get this new model right, with iphone sales accounting for more than half of apple's revenue. this on the heels of the company opening its spectacular new campus. the first product launched from apple's now spaceship
7:44 am
headquarters comes from skyrocketing expectations. the new phone is expected to go on sale september 22nd. as for whether this will be a major game-changer, we'll find out in a few hours. >> got to change some games with that price. >> what? >> but the wireless charger. >> i'm kind of intrigued. let's head over to carsen in the orange room. >> guys, coming up next, we're going to check in with kerry sanders for an update of the sanders for an update of the dolphi if your skin had a wash l what would it say? 20% dry. 80% glowing. 50% freckles. a blend of soft and delicate. 30% ink. 70% unique. 100% natural. no matter your label all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove has 100% gentle cleansers and is sulphate-free. discover the dove difference. the number 1 body wash recommended by dermatologists. ♪
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7:48 on a tuesday morning. if you were with us yesterday, you saw the live rescues of two dolphins that were washed ashore by the hurricane. carson is in the orange room with an update. >> it was quite the event when kerry sanders was reporting on irma and came across a stranded baby dolphin. we watched as he and a good samaritan helped the dolphin back. next to an hour later, kerry found another dolphin further up that beach. he organized a group of bystanders to carry that dolphin into the water. we have kerry with us. kerry, did you have any idea you were such a dolphin whisperer? >> reporter: well, i got to say, you know, it was an exhilarating moment to help. first of all, finding that baby.
7:50 am
the person i was with there had found that baby dolphin in about a half-mile. there was a storm surge that brought it in. he brought it there to the water's edge. that's when i helped him get the baby out. it was a rough go. it couldn't do much. i walked it out into the gulf of mexico. held it for some time to get its power back. when i finally released it, it hit a wave, got pushed back. but it eventually made it out. it was really exhilarated. as you noted, we went up the beach, and found another one. >> you said a minute felt like an hour. you could feel its heart beating. what were you think in those tense moments? >> >> reporter: i was wondering, is it going to make it? it was all about getting the dolphin out there into an area where the waves weren't crashing over it pip was exhausted in
7:51 am
those waves. one thing that they say about stranded animals, don't put yourself in danger. and we came across the bigger dolphin, when got the larger dolphin out there, maybe that was the momma to the baby and they're out in the gulf of mexico reunited. if i want to tell the story the way i want to tell it. >> a big fish story. >> social media was kapt vised by the rescues. missy tweeting, he's my new hero. jessica adding, just amazing. thank you, kerry. what do you think about being mraud e lauded as a hero online? >> i'm not sure if hero is the right word. but it was one good moment that people could have amid the devastation. because we saw something that was going to continue life here. so, i'm just glad i was here. and i'm glad i had spent time on other dolphin rescues. as a reporter and participating in other rescues.
7:52 am
>> you covered 60 hurricanes. the tough news was getting out of florida. thank you [phone ring] hello. hi, it's anne from edward jones. i'm glad i caught you. well i'm just leaving the office so for once i've got plenty of time. what's going on? so those financial regulations being talked about? they could affect your accounts, so let's get together and talk, and make sure everything's clear. thanks. yeah. that would be great. we've grown to over $900 billion in assets under care... by being proactive, not reactive. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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good morning, i'm tracy davidson. a couple minutes before 8:00. let's get to first alert meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate weather forecast. how's it look? >> pretty good. 63 in philadelphia. temperatures now at 54 in the pennsylvania suburbs. we have high clouds overhead. we'll continue with high clouds as we go throughout today. those are the clouds that head off irma. that moisture will make its way to us tomorrow with showers. today, mostly cloudy, high of 81 in philly. 81 around the lehigh valley and new jersey, as well. if you're heading out the door, let's check the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> still watching delays on 422 following an earlier crash at trooper road. that's what we're watching here. though delays. the eastbound side, 21 minutes from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. also watching 295. here we are in mt. laurel around creek road. earlier there was a disabled vehicle ahead. on the northbound side, traffic
7:57 am
getting by. back to you. new, investigators say a man died after rushing into a wilmington home to save his wife from the flames. the man's son said his father didn't know his wife had already escaped. she is alert and talking. the man held responsible for the train derailment in philadelphia wants the charges dropped. his lawyers plan to make their case to a judge today. they say he never should have been charged after the philadelphia d.a. initially did not find enough evidence to hold him accountable. and philadelphia school superintendent william hite along with the mayor will launch the attendance hero initiative. they will help pro athletes push students to improve school attendance across the school system. join us weekday mornings for nbc10 today from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m.
7:58 am
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it's home insurance made easy. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, irma's impact, with the storm racing north, bringing torrential rains and major flooding. >> the whole house started shaking. >> a new look at the devastation. the death toll rising. millions without power. we're live with the latest. plus, parole denied. the former prison worker that helped two inmates escape, spurring a week-long mondanhunt. >> i couldn't get out. and say no to the dress. a first look at a princess like no other. a sneak peek at a hot, new book, as we celebrate how girls are changing the world today, tuesday, september 12th, 2017.
8:01 am
>> we have a big, big day for our friend, sky. >> i'm turning 13 on "today." >> i got a couple here from louisiana. what are you celebrating? >> 32 years of marriage. >> who do you want to say good morning to? >> good morning, atlanta. ♪ >> hey, matt, we've got a request. >> hi, matt, i want to shake your hand. and i have hand sanitizer, too. >> we have evacuees from hurricane irma. >> we have fans from everywhere. hey, sweetie, where are you from? speak up. >> hoda, you're the woman. you know matt has a fancy -- >> i'm overblown. can we put the cover of that book up for a second? you have to look at the top there. savannah guthrie. >> and allison oppenheim.
8:02 am
>> i should have been nicer to you. you're a handsome man. >> for years you should have been nicer to me. we want to get you right to your news at 8:00. we'll start with the devastating impact of irma. we're really seeing it this morning. it's weakened but dangerous as it moves up florida and up north. dylan is in hard-hit jacksonville for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. in the short time we've seen here this morning, we're seeing the water recede back into the st. john's river. it's incredible from here, and jacksonville, and the northeastern part of the state, all the way down to the southwest and in the florida keys, we are have seen such devastation across this state. what seems like every, single inch of florida. as the sun comes up over the sunshine state, we can now assess the damage that has been done. after leaving florida in shambles, irma is still packing a punch, but quickly losing
8:03 am
steam, as she sweeps across the southeast. in georgia, high winds uprooted trees and toppled power lines. more than 1 million resident there's in the dark. near atlanta, a man killed when a massive tree came crashing down on his home. along the coast, irma's storm surge and heavy rain, swamping charleston, south carolina. the storm spawning this waterspout. irma leaving florida, but not without delivering one final blow. >> i never thought i would see it like this, actually. >> reporter: unprecedented flooding in jacksonville, brought on by the ultimate trifec trifecta. more than ten inches of rain, a storm surge and winds. >> it is a week-long event. >> reporter: highways are packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic. people are trying to return home, just days after evacuating. but officials are turning many away, until towns are secure.
8:04 am
this morning, there's nearly 8 million power outages across the state. in the florida keys, a sea of heartbreak. after irma put the islands in a violent spin cycle as a ferocious category 4 storm. >> looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> reporter: roads and bridges damaged. the keys on the verge of a potential humanitarian crisis. >> it's a long road. we have to get electricity going again. the sewers going again. it will take a lot of time. >> reporter: for now, paradise lost. but residents vowing to rebuild. there's still about 30 rivers in major flood stage across the state. and the water is starting to recede. that's a good thing. here in jacksonville, we're beginning to see the power come back on. we're noticing spoe ining folks of their homes and they can assess the damage. the airports are starting to open. things are coming back to life
8:05 am
but the road to recovery is going to be a long one. >> dylan, thank you very much. anthony kennedy has issued an order that keeps in place president trump's ban on most refugees entering the country. the entire court is considering the broader travel ban. and an appeals court ordered that refugees could enter the u.s. if they had offers to resettle here. that ruling could go into effect today. and tomorrow, hillary clinton will join us in our studio. that's her first interview since the election. that's hillary clinton tomorrow on "today." other news. and the prison taylor has been denied parole for a second time. joyce mitchell is serving up to seven years for helping smuggle hacksaw blades and other tools to inmates inside frozen ground
8:06 am
beef. a massive hunt for the fugitives ended in 2015. one was shot dead and the other was wounded and recaptured. officials were concerned by how easily she -- was married at the time, was manipulated by the inmates who plied her with romantic attention. she can apply for parole again in two years. jamie collins was 9 years old when her mom started dating a nice day. she was in the wedding party when they got married. over the years, she started to think about him as her dad. and he was there for every milestone in her life. jamie, now 26 years old, decided to ask her step dad to officially adopt her. she gift wrapped her request and recorded his reaction. take a look. >> no way.
8:07 am
[ crying ] i'm kwesqueaking. >> he did he is embarrassed that the video went viral. it shows you can adopt someone and love them like your own. isn't that the most beautiful thing. she just made it official. >> speaking about a person who knows something about that. that's a great story. nice "morning boost." a lot more ahead on "today." including a special trending guest. harry connick jr. in the house. and something new that proves girls are changing the world one pair of pants at a time. from the highly-anticipated "kingsman" sequel, collin wirth and taylor edgerton are here again.
8:08 am
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♪ be a powerful force. nature valley whoo! testis this thing on?! huh? c'mon! your turn!
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mmmm... where do pencils go on vacation? (loud speaker) pencil-vania! pencilvania! (laughing) frosted just right. crunch in every bite. kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. according to feng shui, the bed should on it.orth east. you're trying everything to get pregnant. new one-a-day couples pack gives you both nutritional support you may need. for her to prepare for a healthy baby and for him to support healthy sperm. be in it together. 8:10 on a thuesday morning. and as promised, harry connick jr. >> nice to see you. >> classing up the joint a bit. >> low class. >> you ready to "trend," harry? >> yes. >> video game day today. princess wear pants. we'll get on that.
8:11 am
have you struggled with -- here's this question. here's something from the atlantic. when is an in-person conversation better than texting? an expert explains that there's some situations that just -- you say always? a real conversation. a breakup. you should not breakup with someone via text. >> that's true. >> you should fax them. >> smoke signals. >> have someone else call them. >> it's over. >> here's a question for the table. should you text or call during the scenarios i'm about to give you? you have paddles in front of you. >> i'm going to be text on everything. >> really? >> here's the first one. rsvp'ing to event? >> text. >> you can text that. >> apologizing. >> for what? >> apologizing in general. in general. >> i will argue, some people communicate better when they write things down. you might get a more -- it's easier for people to apologize
8:12 am
if they write it. >> they have more time to think about it. >> i think what level -- is it a category 5 infraction, maybe. you call. >> that's true. >> how about cancelling plans? >> there's degrees to all of these. >> like a wedding. you should call. >> call for a wedding. >> okay. >> your own wedding, you should text. >> exactly. >> what if you have dinner that night and it's daytime and you can't do it? >> if it's a close friend, i would text them that. that's okay. >> savannah keeps text up. here's one that's sticky. offering condolences. >> call. a personal note. >> you have to call. >> absolutely. is it ever okay to text in that scenario? >> i don't think so. >> okay. what about sharing exciting news? >> i'm back to text. >> these are tough. there's so many degrees. >> wedding, baby. >> that runs the gamut. >> i think so. >> the moment of truth. has anyone ever broken up either
8:13 am
over text or phone? >> luckily, texting hasn't been around where i had to worry about that. >> or phone. >> no. >> no? >> you did? >> yeah. >> i'm the one getting broken up with by phone. if i'm lucky. >> there you have it. interesting. >> should be three sides to that. one of them should be in person. a lot of these things you do in person. >> and isn't it a point that our children have to learn to communicate face-to-face on some of these messages. and text the small stuff. "pop start" is here. we're going to start with harry david. hbo releasing the trailer for "curb your enthusiasm." the ninth season comes six years later. but larry david hasn't changed one bit. have a look. >> did you listen to -- >> did you just yoo-hoo me? >> you can't yoo-hoo a judge?
8:14 am
>> you're devoid of anything that's remotely caring or empathetic. >> shut up. >> that was a great compliment. >> i enjoy the mind of larry david. >> anytime you want to get rid of me as a patient, just say, i've had enough. >> first glimpse of bryan cranston who will be larry's therapist. "curb" october 1st. on to harrison ford. he assumed the role of traffic cop. look at this video. >> get out. go. >> little aggressive. >> he's got a thing for transportation, doesn't he? i mean, the planes, the cars. harrison ford got out of his car in the middle of that intersection, directing drivers to their lanes. finally, billy joel reveals
8:15 am
his competitive spirit on the season two premiere of harry connick's show. you asked billy joel if he feels pressure to write new songs. let's hear a clip from your show. >> he used to ask me that. when are you going to make another album? when are you making more albums? after a while, why don't you make less albums? >> we should mention harry is produced by nbc universal. your second season. it's great to see billy joel in daytime. >> i saw him at an event a few months back. i sidaid, i would love you to ce on the show. you never know if he said that to be nice. but he came and we did two songs together. he played vienna. and i played the solo. and we played "i'm only" together. to look up and see billy on the other side was incredible.
8:16 am
that's a great way to kick off the season. in the studio, we got chills. it was profound. >> what was the biggest lesson that you are putting into good use in season two? >> probably that people in the daytime consume entertainment differently than they do at night. at night, you can kick back. you're not thinking about taking away stuff and learning things. in the daytime, people want to know more about me and the guests we have on, which is something i hadn't about patent. >> you have great guests coming up. >> candice bergen. gladys knight. >> i don't think people -- how competitive the marketplace is for daytime. it's an incredible success story. >> we're thrilled to death. so grateful for all of our viewers. i love doing it. >> if you play one of the pips with gladys knight, i'm never
8:17 am
talking to you again. >> you can catch season two, the premiere of "harry" today. >> happy belated birthday. let's get to "the daly quick." this is a chilean news program. someone in the audience wanted some food. she was chatting with a correspondent. all of a sudden, they're down one empanada. you catch that? look at the dog. that dog, quick thinking, steals that empanada right off the grill. >> it's right there. >> the funny thing, they never knew this happened. they went back and looked at the tape. >> it's charlie. charlie's like, it never occurred me. >> that could go bad, on the bril grill. >> cute. let's send it down to al in tampa, florida, for the forecast. al, your buddy, harry connick jr. is here. >> i know. looking at that video, they are
8:18 am
lucky they didn't end up with a hot dog. [ groans ] >> you like that, harry? >> i don't get it. oh, hot dog. i got it. i'm always on a seven-second delay. >> come on. thanks for helping me, guys. good to see you, harry. can't wait to see you in person. let's check out irma, what we have left of irma. posttropical cyclone. it has winds of 15 miles per northwest at 10. north-northwest at ten. and this will be affecting weather from the northeast -- from the southeast coast, all the way into memphis and little rock, as it makes its way wednesday morning. it still has 25-mile-per-hour winds, in parts of western kentucky and tennessee. the rainfall, generally about half an inch to an inch. as we get on into the southeastern coast of north carolina, feeder bands from the atlantic are going to bring in
8:19 am
upwards of four to five inches, maybe six inches of rain. we're still talking about irma. and we'll continue for the next couple of days. th's what's going on aroatun good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. today temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. 81 the high in center said. landsville 78, 81 in easton. mostly cloudy conditions, peeks of sunshine out there. these clouds rolling in ahead of the rain we may experience from irma. let's talk about new jersey. 81 in trenton and voorhees along the shore. mid-70s, but 80 possible. upper 70s for delaware, wilmington, 79. rehoboth beach 74. >> that's your latest weather. we want to thanks our friends at news channel 8 here in tampa, for giving us this lovely spot to broadcast from. coming home today. we'll see you guys tomorrow morning. >> all right, al. we look forward to you. we missed you.
8:20 am
now, to a special week-long series we are calling "girls changing the world." and we're joined by first-time author, miss savannah guthrie, and her co-author, allison oppenhe oppenheim. >> "princesses wear pants." here's your exciting first look. ♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ ♪
8:21 am
>> i feel like it's a new "star wars" movie or something. >> i think i'm jerry bruckheimer. >> that is epic. congratulations. nice to see you both. can we mention off the bat, that allie, is married to noah oppenhe oppenheim, so, this was a tough booking. how did you get each other? how did you get together on this? >> one of the things that's fun, is it's the story of making a new friend and having an idea and going for it. we had only met a couple times. we were new girlfriends. and we bonded over how our daughters were into everything princessy. and we came up with this idea. and we just did it. >> allie, your girls love princess stuff. you were okay with that. you didn't think it was too over the top? >> we were kind of taken aback by the sheer force of her attraction to all things pink and sparkly. she had a laser focus.
8:22 am
it was cute. we went along with it. we took her to dizoeisney world. that sealed the deal. it only became a problem in 40 degree weather. she refused wearing pants. she would only wear costumes to school, to the park, you name it. and i started to wonder, what is this thing that had such a hold on her that made her obsessed. i asked her, what's a princess? it's a girl who wears a ball gown. what else is a princess in is she a woman in a leadership role? does she have responsibilities? does she want to help people? >> that's a good point. you're not opposed to princesses. >> everybody loves princesses. >> we love princesses. >> the wearing pants thing you use more literally and figuratively. >> it's a vehicle. we have this first conversation, she said, i showed a picture of duchess kate playing rugby. and i said princesses wear
8:23 am
pants. and we should write a book. she wears skirts. she's got a good shoe collection. she's a princess. but she wears pants when she's got things to do. it's about saying, you can be a girly girl. you can dazzle. you can love that stuff or not. but be a person of sub sub tense. vale is digging the princess thing, too? >> she's really big into it. yesterday, we were talking about jobs. everyone has a job. your job is to stay in bed. your job is to take care of your brother. to eat. when you grow up, you can be vale firefighter, schoolteacher or a doctor. and she says vale princess. the idea is be a princess. but be a good-hearted girl. >> has the lesson been learned? >> we turned a corner. she said, i do like pants.
8:24 am
and now, she will wear them underneath the tutus. and i'm calling that a victory. >> can i say the illustrations are awesome. and how did you write it? how did the writing process work with the two of you? >> it was really fun. back to the idea that you have an idea over dinner. and you think, that's something. but the next morning, we woke up and we started sending each other e-mails and sending pages. >> it flowed naturally for us. it was our story. >> it was fun. it was really fun. we love that illustrator. we think she brought our girl to life. >> she did. >> ala "star wars," is there a sequel to this book in the works? >> since you asked, matt, give them what they want. there is a sequel. >> princess penelope will have many bold adventures. >> we need to hear some of this. we have girls over here, all wearing pants. or most. >> do you want to hear a bit of
8:25 am
the book? >> would you mind reading. >> who likes princesses? >> we got some princesses. any ballerinas here? no? okay. >> fairies? >> princess penelope was her name. with brown eyes and pink cheeks. her long flowy tresses was her closet full of dresses. she was in pineapple castle with her brother, felipe and her cat, and miss fuzzle wiggles. penny could paint, sing and dance. but did you know her collection of pants? >> we're going to let you keep reading. we're going to take a break. "princesses wear pants" is in bookstores nationwide. tomorrow on "girls changing the world, the miracle on ice.
8:26 am
we'll have more on a tuesday morning, right after this. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get to krystal klei with the most accurate forecast. >> this is over center city looking up into the sky. we do have scattered clouds in place. we're going to continue seeing that these clouds are ahead of rain that will move in from irma as we get into tomorrow. spotty showers tomorrow. today dry. these temperatures in the 60s and mid-50s, they will be boosting up. in fact, by this afternoon right around average, some of us looking at high temperatures that will be in the low 80s. >> thank you, krystal. a check on the roads with traffic reporter jessica boyington looking at schuylkill. >> around montgomery drive. okay for the most part.
8:27 am
moving off the ramp, disabled vehicle, eastbound 28 minutes, blue route to vine street. down to 20. a crash germantown around church road. back to you. >> jessica boynton, thank you. a relief effort under way to help the island of barbuda recover. hurricane irma hit the area first and it is now unlivable. in response some people filling up relief barrels in and around philadelphia like this one here. if you want to donate, find donation sites on tonight nbc 10 will broadcast the hand in hand benefit. stars including beyonce, george clooney and tom hanks, among others, will help raise money for hurricane victims. see it live starting at 8:00. we'll have another update coming up in 25 minutes. meanwhile you can always get the latest news and weather with nbc 10 app. i'm vai sikahema. "today" show in a few minutes. ceive you at the top of the hour. i'm danny.
8:28 am
you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
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8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] we're back, now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. the 12th day of september, 2017. by the way, i think in the brown, you can hear a little music from thomas rhett. that's because he's in our studio getting all warmed up and getting ready to perform during this half hour. >> speaking of thomas rhett, i know we have a lot of fans of his here. come over for our crowd moment.
8:31 am
i mean -- wait. i have a question. how much do you love thomas rhett? >> i love him so much. >> we woke up at 3:30 a.m., took an uber and got here first in line. >> would you like to meet thomas rhett? thomas, are you here? hold on the here he comes. [ screaming ] >> how are you doing? 3:30. what's up? nice to meet you. what's this one say? thomas -- congratulations. that's amazing. >> if you don't get over here and hug this girl, she might faint. ladies, one last little add, how about if you come inside and listen to him sing. would you like that? >> yeah. >> they're going to come inside and listen to thomas rhett sing. >> i love that. >> they evacuated florida and came up here. >> it's good to have them. when you say it, you come on
8:32 am
inside. when he says it, y'all come on. >> that's right. also ahead, the stars of one of the fall's most anticipated action movies. we're talking to "kingsman's" colin firth and taron egerton. good morning, guys. as the sun is coming up here and it's going to be a nice day across florida. elsewhere, we are going to see the effects of irma continuing to make their way inland. we're looking at heavier rain, down through tennessee and stretching into the carolinas. near record heat across the northern plains. stormy out west. it will be sunny in the pacific northwest, with highs in the 80s. tomorrow, we see some of that rain move to the east. it's dissipating significantly. we're not looking at a lot of rain. there's that wildfire out west.
8:33 am
and then, the northeast, and temperatures suld get back ho good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. today looking at temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. 81 the high in center city, 82 summerton, landsville. 81 in easton. mostly cloudy conditions with peeks of sunshine out there. these clouds are rolling in ahead of some of the rain we may experience from irma. let's talk about new jersey. 81 in trenton and voorhees along the shore. mid-70s, 80 possible t rehoboth beach 74. latest forecast. savannah? >> all right, dylan. thank you. in 2015, audiences were introduced to "the kingsmen." doing whatever it takes to save the world. now, they're back with "kingsman: the golden circle."
8:34 am
if that surprises you because collin's character was killed off in the first movie, everything is not house it seems. >> sorry? >> when you and i first met pip was like a maggot. >> maggots turn into flies. perhaps you mean larva. >> larva, whatever. everyone wanted to squash me. but not you. you helped me to become a caterpillar. and now, i have wings. i'm flying higher than i ever dreamed. and that's all thanks to you. >> i hate to seem rude but i need to finish packing. >> good morning. welcome back. >> thank you for having us. >> i don't want to give anything away. but you were kind of dead in the first one and you're back in the second. explain that. >> dogging about butterflies. that's as high-octane it gets. >> a flthrilling butterfly acti movie. we won't give away the way you
8:35 am
regenerated. but you're back. and the bond between you is as strong as ever. >> yes. i think for an action film, sounding like the great veteran of action movies. for it to work, it has to have heart. when you watch people fight, you have to root for someone. >> taron, you are rather new to the seem. he's coming back, colin firth, i'm not sure. but taron, for sure. you were right out of drama school. >> it's been crazy. that being my first film. and to have the validation of coming back because people want another one, and then we have a few little-known actors to join us in this movie, as well. >> good segue. who is in this? >> we have a nice supporti inin cast. >> jeff bridges.
8:36 am
>> julianne moore. >> not too shabby. people have talked about the relationship at the heart of the movie. and people said, it's very genuine. colin took you under his wing. >> and now, he takes me under his wing. >> we're not the only ones to notice the bromance. somebody posted this picture, taron looking at your co-star. look at colin's face here. he's giving the stink eye. >> there's a hilarious videos of me looking adoringly at colin. and someone brought me attention, that i'm looking longingly at pedro and colin doesn't look happy. >> that picture is painfully revealing. >> it really has been. there's you and your co-stars, we just named them, at the comic can convention the other day.
8:37 am
i have to show this. somebody brought -- who brought out the whisky? >> i think that was jonathan ross. >> and i think channing tatum did the pouring. poured an entire glass for halle berry. tell me that's water. >> that's whiskey. i didn't drink mine. did you drink yours? >> i don't know -- maybe watered down. >> it was incredible. that was probably -- went straight to nap time after that. >> yeah. anything -- anything can happen at comic-con. the rules do seem strange. >> were you surprised to see how much this movie caught on and how much people loved it? >> i'm always surprised when any movie does well. really. you know, the chances are so slim. the variables. i did have a good feeling about
8:38 am
this. >> good. >> that usually proves wrong. while i was shooting, i just could not see this not being loved by people. >> wow. >> and the sequel is action-backed, as well. all of the butterflies. colin and taron. did you notice the beautiful costumes from the film. very snazzy. "kingsman: the olden circle," next friday. coming up, katie's front-row seat to the presidential election. election. first, this is "today" on nbc. politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities?
8:39 am
if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
8:40 am
we're back, now, 8:40. when katie was asked to move from london to new york, to cover a reality tv show star's run. she didn't think she would be
8:41 am
here. she chronicles the campaign in her book, "unbelievable." katie, good morning. it's good to see you. the title says it all. "unbelievable." as time has passed since election day, is your view of the campaign the same? or has it evolved a little bit? >> it is still unbelievable, every day. when i went back and wrote the book and reviewed the diary notes i took and a lot of the reporting i did, i couldn't believe i experienced what i did. there were memories that i went back and i didn't think happened. and i found a clip of it on television. >> you were in the thick of it. i think it's important to remember that you didn't have a ton of experience. >> no. >> following politics or covering politics before that. do you think that impacted the way you covered the campaign? >> i think that benefits it greatly.
8:42 am
donald trump is an outsider candidate. and everybody in washington counted him out immediately. the headlines were so severe. donald trump is running for president and it's going to be hilarious. because i didn't have preconceived notions. because i wasn't living in the bubble of washington, not so say anything negative about washington, but i felt i was able to assess his support and what he was enjoying more easily. >> there were moments in the campaign when you found himself in the news, as well, as part of the story. i want to play two clips. these are comments that donald trump made about you. i'll put them together and we'll talk about them on the other side. >> she's back there. little katie. she's back there. what a lie it was -- third-rate reporter. remember that. third-rate. >> katie tur, what happened? i saw her back there. gave her a big kiss.
8:43 am
she was fantastic. >> okay. >> how did you deal with the very different versions of donald trump, when it came to his attitude towards you? >> it was like a rollercoaster. you had to put it aside and continue doing your job. that's why i saw so many different mood swings with him. at first, he was very charming. when he realized his charm wasn't going to change my reporter, he would go on the k atta attack. but he switched back and forth throughout the entire campaign. what i did every day, and you saw this, was go out and try to honestly report on what was happening and hold him accountable for the things he said. >> you said you kept a diary. i would love to hear the entry on the day he called you little katie tur. >> that's in the book. you can read what it felt like in that moment. it was jarring. it was scary. and one of those feelings in a i don't think i'll be able to
8:44 am
shake. >> i was at a few of the rallies where he would target the press. and while he didn't mention me by name, but i remember the entire room turning around and looking at the pressu pool. it was -- >> we had to have armed security. i think everyone but fox and cbs. the crowd would all -- they would turn on us. and they would yell. and he riled them up to do that. and i'm not saying his supporters were violent people. the concern was what if there's one person in that crowd who might take this too seriously? who might feel like this is not just a show or part of the act and take it further. >> another campaign coming up, faster than we would like to admit. would you be part of that, as well? >> absolutely. i hope that nbc says they want me to do it. i would love it. >> an amazing account.
8:45 am
"unbelievable," out today. congrats. up next, a live performance from country star, thomas rhett. first, of a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. next time, i want you on my bowling team. [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella.
8:46 am
8:47 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> welcome back. it's been a busy few months for thomas rhett. he's been touring, including a stop on our citi summer concert stage. >> he's out with his new album. his single, "unforgettable" is climbing the charts. the last 18 months, you have two daughters. you adopted a girl from uganda and you just had little eva. is that reflected in the album? >> the life changes were written about.
8:48 am
my kids and all of the crazy stuff that's happened over the last five or six years. >> your fans love you. we invited some of them into the studio. what gets me, the signs run the gamut. we're lonely college students. we need to meet thomas rhett. and we need something that's free. >> tell us about the new record. i know you were experimenting with new sounds. >> i was writing about what i was inspired by at the time. it's very diverse. a lot of -- going for different genre feels. and at the same time, making it a thomas rhett record. some of my best work. but i'm biased. >> you can get a number of the songs on top 40 radio. you might not want to cross over. >> you should tell them that. >> you could go superwide. >> i hope that my music, ultimate goal was to be heard by
8:49 am
as many people as possible. if i can do that, while being authentic to myself. >> you're going to sing "unforgettable" for us? >> yeah. and you're singing background. >> that will be unforgettable. ♪ it was the 14th of october frx and had that t-shirt off your shoulder ♪ ♪ i was drunk, said i was sob sober ♪ ♪ and you said yeah, right ♪ we were talki ining for a min and some guy tried to cut in and you took my hand and we pretended like i was your guy ♪ ♪ oh, then i tried to guess your middle name ♪ ♪ for 30 minutes we played that game ♪ ♪ that mango-rita you were drinking and that coldplay song you were singing ♪ ♪ and i bet right now you're
8:50 am
probably thinking ♪ ♪ it's crazy i remember every detail but i do ♪ ♪ from your blue jeans to your shoes ♪ ♪ girl, that night was just like you unforgettable ♪ ♪ we were dancing, we were buzzing ♪ ♪ taking shots like it was nothing ♪ ♪ did the running, man, you loved it ♪ ♪ yeah, you laughed out loud ♪ you brushed away your blonde hair and you kissed me out of nowhere ♪ ♪ i can still show you the spot where everything went down ♪ ♪ i told you i was going to marry you ♪ ♪ you probably didn't think it was true ♪ ♪ that mango-rita you were drinking ♪ ♪ and that coldplay song that you were singing ♪ ♪ and i bet right now, yubl probably thinking that it's craze su i remember every detail ♪ ♪ but i do i can still smell your purr fume ♪ ♪ that might was just like you,
8:51 am
unforgettable ♪ ♪ that might was just like you, baby ♪ ♪ i can taste the mango-rita you were drinking ♪ ♪ and it feels just like it was last weekend ♪ ♪ that we jumped in right off the deep end ♪ ♪ that mango-rita you were drinking ♪ ♪ and that coldplay song that you were singing ♪ ♪ and i bet right now you're probably thinking that it's crazy that i remember every detail but i do ♪ ♪ i can still smell your purr fume, girl ♪ ♪ that night was just like you, unforgettable ♪ ♪ from your blue jeans to your shoes ♪ ♪ girl, that night was just like you, unforgettable ♪ oh, yeah ♪ [ applause ]
8:52 am
>> thomas rhett. again, "life changes" is out now. he'll be back with more music with us at 10:00. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ we get more thomas rhett at 10:00. >> we're not letting him leave. >> he has a song called "craving you" that is crazy. and when you get home, play the song "marry me." >> if you want to be supersad, you should listen to it. >> by the way, we learned something during commercial break. you have a band. a lot of canadians in the band. and the predators are huge in nashville. >> he has a canadian tattoo on his arm.
8:55 am
>> thank you so much. >> finally, natalie is going to visit ted danson and kristen bell on the set of their picture. >> and more things coming up in the next half hour. first, your local news and weather. ♪
8:56 am
>> good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's about 9:00 a.m. scattered clouds. first alert meteorologist krystal klei with first alert forecast. hey, krystal. >> hi, vie. temperatures starting to warm up. almost 60 in the pennsylvania suburbs. some upper 50s moving in through new jersey and the lehigh valley and 63 in delaware. right now it's a mix of sun and clouds.
8:57 am
it's going to continue throughout today with temperatures that will rise into the low 80s and some upper 70s like you see in the suburbs. mostly cloudy today, spotty showers returning tomorrow. >> krystal, thank you. a check on the roads as our first alert traffic reporter on schuylkill drive. >> two vehicles, people out and about walking around, slow by the scene. 24 minutes from blue route to the vines, speeds are dropping down into the 30s. all morning long we've been watching a water main break in montgomery or landville taking out lanes still. we'll have updates on social media @jessica boynton. a community will say final good-byes to rollie massimino. for those that can't make the mass, a live stream on the
8:58 am
website at nbc 10. the man carrying legacy of nelson mandela will speak in south jersey. the iconic leader's grandson will speak at the burlington campus. the event starts at 7:00 p.m. it's free and open to the public. i'm vai sikahema. another full hour of news at 11:00. you can always get latest news and weather on the app. back to the "today" show. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," one of tv's hottest stars. ryan eggold is our co-host. and then, get ready for fun when luke wilson stops by. and ted danson and kristen bell take us behind the scenes of "the good place." coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ look at this crowd this morning. it's a beautiful morning. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. we're listening to "tears," by queen bandit.
9:01 am
>> our guest host, ryan eggold. >> you're like, this guy again? >> you're like a friend. >> it makes it easy. we should start the show off, no question, our thoughts are with everyone that is affected by hurricane irma. al is in florida. he'll be back tomorrow. dylan dreyer is still there. and everyone is asking her how she's doing. this may be a challenge but look at the situation for all of these people affected in florida. >> tuesday night, right? >> is that tuesday? >> that's a big effort. >> you know what else i should mention? there's a massive effort in the caribbean, as well. so many people were hit so hard. we'll keep that on the forefront of our minds. >> and i think we'll be talking about the caribbean, florida, as well as texas. can't forget the people that were impacted by that storm.
9:02 am
>> we were talking off-camera, ryan. you're in production. you're working and you're here. that's a lot. >> it's a lot, but it's good. i like to be busy. otherwise, bad things happen. too much free time. >> one of the things i don't like about when you're here, is you can't give us details. >> that's true. >> top secret. >> very secret. >> we do have photos. can we share those? >> oh. >> i'm going for a hand hold here. >> this is a reunion with my wife. going in for the kiss. it's been a while. >> that seems like there's still some love. >> a little bit of chemistry. into the tender hug. that's act one, two, three, for you. >> the word tender. >> that's how elizabeth and i met on tinder. that's the "blacklist" storyline this season. >> really? >> no.
9:03 am
>> i'm lying. we're dating outside of the show. >> that doesn't seem real. >> it was spader's call. >> give them a morsel of a morsel of something. >> it's been fun. i was gone from the show for a machine. i'm reuniting with liz. and to deal with spader as your father-in-law, is tricky. >> do you have father-in-law issues? >> i do now. >> he's so awesome. do you read the script and go, seriously? how far in advance do you know? >> we're only a few episodes ahead of the audience. they keep us in the dark, too. >> they do? >> is that because they don't have it written yet? like a procrastinator -- >> like us if we were writing it. >> we're just winging it. >> or they want, you know, the
9:04 am
lips to be sealed? >> i think it's both. you know how woody allen gives actors their parts only? i think that can be helpful. >> it's like living. do you ever want something? do you know what you want to happen? >> sure. and usually the writers do a great job of exceeding my expectation. it's fun over five seasons. >> what would be the biggest letdown? >> letdown? >> i would imagine it would be being killed off. >> sure. that would be tricky. just not pushing the characters is what i'm interested in. and trying to find new ground with him. >> when the actors come and talk about you. they're like a part of you. like of him. like your little friend. >> you start to meld.
9:05 am
parts of you and him and vice versa. >> sometimes you say, am i acting like myself or is this my character? >> on the street, people say, hey, tom. am i tom? i am. >> who am i? >> and i start spying around town. >> "the blacklist" returns september 27th, 8:00, 7:00 central. >> people just as busy you are. jenna, you are, as well. you had a big day. >> not acting. acting like a housewife. >> i took mila and poppy had their first day of school. look at poppy. >> all dressed up. >> she's so cute. first of all, she's a baby. she went to school -- >> she's got a very sophisticated outfit. that's nice. >> i dressed her like a 70-year-old. >> does she complain about what
9:06 am
she wearing about? >> what is going on? what are you doing to them? >> nobody puts babies in the corner. >> mila put her baby sister in the corner for a preschool hug. you get what i did there? >> did they cry? were they upset? >> no. they do a thing called phase-in. you have to stay with them for alile bit of the day. and poppy was like, what are you diastolic here? >> my phase-in was worse. if i drop them off, you is to hit it and quit it. the lingering thing -- yeah. she gave me a hug. and then, a kiss. and i love you, mommy. okay, see you later. >> it's like a band-aid. i tell it very often, to my husband. you hand that baby over and you sprint out. they want to be around you. but she didn't see me there for the first half. and then, she saw me. and we call her ronda rousey. she was the most physical child
9:07 am
in the class. she was moving chairs. other kids were playing with play-doh and she was rearranging furniture. >> can we mention? ryan is with us today. but on thursday, it could be you. our contest to have one of our viewers co-host the hour, ends today. >> it's so much fun. i can't wait to see who gets ate. >> maybe ryan will get it. just go to to enter, submit a video about what you would do when you join us. you see that graphic? al made a joke that if you're a black silhouette with question marks, you may be the perfect host. >> perfect. >> can't hear what he's saying. >> i found my purpose. "today." i know where i belong. >> that's creative. >> did he or she make those?
9:08 am
>> yen. are you going the wear that? >> is that on ebay? >> that guy is one-upping me. >> and to wrap up the last day of this contest, a submission from a woman named jennifer. she tries her hand at rapping. >> hi, jenna, al, sheinelle, and dyl dylan. we can soon be chilling on the "today" show. pop stars, music, news, and weather. lights, cameras, action, i'm great under pressure. maybe to my mom i'll toss a wik the i want to try al's coffee drink. on my best behavior, i promise to be. oh, my gosh, there's hoda and kathie lee. >> there may be a rap career in the future. >> i liked it. >> that reminds me of what would
9:09 am
happen if my mom rapped. she needs to start an album called mom raps. >> yeah. >> drop the kid at preschool and on the way to starbucks. >> an i said, no, there's daddy war bucks. did that work? >> do we have a record deal yet? >> who is daddy warbucks. he just happens to be walking down the street? >> yeah. >> you're not supposed to use the same word. i was trying to think of something that rhymes with bucks. ducks? yes. >> or it's not a nice word but sucks. and we get our laytte and sucks. >> oh, shucks. >> we should stop. why are you doing this in. >> that's my move. all right.
9:10 am
>> we're in longstanding relationships. but we have a single gentleman for you. >> unless that changes. >> i'm so jealous. you did this with me last time. >> i'm with sheinelle. >> we have a couple relationship stories for you. let's start with this one. men take longer to get over their exes than women. ryan? >> i think women can be less adapt with emotions and being open with that stuff. that may be true. >> or feel free to cry maybe. >> we assume that guys move on so quickly, maybe they're not hurting anymore. do they move on and think about their first girlfriend or heartbreak? >> guys might be better at superficially getting on. >> or not speaking about it.
9:11 am
you think they're over it but they're not. >> i would say because of our age, all of my friends are in their 30s. if they're single, i hear from women. and the heartbreaks feel really bad. >> you were thinking it was harder for women. >> i think a bad dump is a bad dump. doesn't matter if it happens to a man or a whaoman. i like the word dump. the perfect verb. >> i had so. it's the perfect verb for a heartbreak. >> it's modern-day ghosting. >> what does that mean? >> tell us what the ghosting is. >> you'll be talking with someone. and you'll text them for a third or fourth inner. in is early. and just gone. no reason. no bye, no, sorry, i'm just not
9:12 am
into you. there's a couple texts. and a third text. and you realize it's all you and they're not responding. >> you've been ghosted? >> i've been ghosted. >> it's bad out there. >> it will be ghosting. i didn't know that was a thing. >> it happens. >> i got to tell you, we old. >> with the dates apps thing, people are just disposable and move on. picture this. you can win an amazing prize, by doing what you're doing. breathe and look forward. and one of the biggest social media stars on the planet. his name is zach king. his videos will blow your mind. and he has something special for and he has something special for you, coming up after this. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance.r.
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9:17 am
back with more of "today's take" and our guest co-host, ryan e eggold. i have an idea, and my sister doesn't watch this. >> you're going to start -- >> i think we should set y'all up. >> with your twin? >> yes. >> with your sister? >> you shouldn't wish that on your worst enemy. >> i think you're smart. i think you're funny. you've been ghosted once or twice. >> she's smart. she's beautiful. >> okay. i don't like smart or beautiful. that's not what i go for. not going to work. >> she's funny. she's creative. >> that would be a great segment. >> she wouldn't do it on tv. >> what if i come here and it's awkward. hey, jenna. after your sister dumps me and breaks my heart. after she ghosts me -- >> yes. we can deal with that later. i'll take the hits for the happiness between the two of
9:18 am
you. >> if we get married, you will be up there, matchmaker. >> yes. >> i was just telling jenna. the beauty of having a twin. what you think about a twin in your head, that's what jenna is. her sister's ambassador. she's smart, she's nice. >> i'm scrolling through photos on my phone. not so good there. >> i haven't met a man that hasn't fallen head over heels with her. >> that and every person here who is gatine in dating tells u been ghosted. if you're going out with somebody, text them and say, thanks. have a good life. >> if you could be single with me, i'll show you what's going on. >> yeah, it's rude. it's both ways. >> we've all done it. but i try not to anymore. >> i've ghosted 1,000 times.
9:19 am
>> it doesn't hurt your feelings? it drops off. >> i'm more communicative now. i've grown. i've matured. >> we've gone from breaking up oeno on a voice you knmail, to break on a post-it, ala "sex in the city." >> we promised we would give you something to take home every day in september. today, we're giving you an epson fast photo f-640. if you have old photos in your attic, you can scan your photos and save them digitally. why wouldn't you want a picture of eighth grade? >> sheinelle. >> who is that?
9:20 am
>> that picture needs to be around forever. >> wait. here's the thing, that was the eighth grade picture. i wanted to be a news anchor so badly in middle school, i would do my hair -- >> and that outfit is what a news anchor would have wore in the '90s. >> did you see that? >> this is awesome. get on there. and get in there. >> we have something exciting. zach king is here. he's a huge media star. he has 25 million followers. >> hi, zach. >> how are you? >> we were trying to explain to people what you do. we should show the videos and talk about it. >> look at this. >> whoa.
9:21 am
>> this was for the eclipse. >> there's another one. >> this is every kid's dream, to get cereal in the morning. select your favorite kind. >> on a tablet. >> that's how i grab an uber. >> don't do that at home. >> how did you get started with this? >> this started with me on youtube, wanting to make videos for my friends. and randomly, each video went viral. and i continued to make them until today. >> are you going to get into filmmaking? >> i want to do directing and producing. >> 15 seconds at a time. >> 15 seconds at a time, and 25 million followers. >> he made a special video just for us. we'll get to see that coming up later in the hour. i'm so happy you're here today. >> thank you, zach. you loved him in "old
9:22 am
school. items now luke wilson is here with a new kcomedy. he's here to tell us all about it. some guests of "today," stay at lotte new york palace hotel. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. ♪ stare with me into the abyss ( ♪ )
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9:26 am
♪ luke wilson is one of the most versatile actors of his generation. he starred in more than 50 films, including "the royal tenenba tenenbaums" and "old school." >> now, he is in the new movie "brad status." he is a friend of brad, played by ben stiller. >> and brad starts to have a crisis when he compares himself to the successful buddies.
9:27 am
yu pl you play the successful buddy. was that fun to play? >> it kind of us. ben stiller envisions having a perfect life. perfect wife, perfect family. it was a interesting to play a role like that. >> the film's director, mike white, said he was drawn to this film, because he compares himself with other people. especially with social media. you look at your life and you look at your friend's life. it can be a downward spiral for your self-esteem. >> right. one of the things with social media, not that i'm experienced with it, is people wind up showing the great things. they don't show the lows and things like that. yeah. i think you can fall in a hole, where everyone is having more fun than you are, or going places. i should get more into social
9:28 am
media. >> you're not on it, right? >> i'm taking polaroids. >> do you know what ghosting is? >> i read about it, in the newspaper. >> we're old. >> you've been spared. >> yeah. i think everybody's been ghosted a few times. or done some ghosting. >> no social media, how come? >> i never really got into it. my brother made me get an iphone to switch from a blackberry. it's one of those things, i think it can help your whatever business you're in. but i just have not gotten into it. you worry about younger kids and getting unfriended and about the followers. >> this movie, it affected a grown man. >> it can also be a great thing and a good tool. >> are there social media el elements in the film? >> ben stiller's morning is he looks at pictures of what his
9:29 am
college friends are doing. he is starting the day off on a negative note. >> i'm looking at this video. >> and it's a great movie about fathers and sons, and living in the present moment. >> fathers and sons. going on college tours. yeah. austin abrams who plays ben's son, does a good job. they seem like equals where he helps his father chill out. >> and ben stiller, how great was that? >> my brothers and i have known ben since we first got to hollywood. we have fun working together. he's a great guy. he does a really good job. ben has kids of his own. none are college age. he does a great job of playing a nervous father who is trying to be cool at the same time. before you leave us, we like to play games on this show.
9:30 am
there's a lot of famous wilsons. in your honor, we want to play a game titled "name the wilson." we're going to show you a blurred picture of a wilson. >> it's rebel. >> rebel wilson. >> rebel. >> okay. >> here's the next wilson. >> you're one or one. >> i got a point. >> that's wilson wilson. >> over the -- >> from "home improvement." >> next. >> you know, this one -- >> we'll give you -- >> if you didn't know that one. >> this is owen wilson. >> wilson, the volleyball. >> one of the best casts ever. >> wilson phillips. >> now, into my era. >> "hold on for one more day." >> five for five. that was impressive. just ahead, you loved him in
9:31 am
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9:35 am
if you haven't been to watch the first season of "the good place," we're about to reveal some spoilers. >> the show returns next week. >> and natalie caught up with the stars in l.a. >> miss you all. "the good place" picks up where the last season ended. "the good place," is really the bad place. and i went to talk to kristen bell and ted danson, to see what twists are in store for season two. >> eleanor, you and i both know you're not like everyone else in this neighborhood.
9:36 am
>> reporter: ted danson returns as afterlife neighborhood archite architect. and kristen bell in the sophomore season of "the good place." >> how can i say no? can i say no? >> reporter: the bombshell revelation is that the good place is actually the bad place, turning the show on its head. shocking even the cast. it has everyone wondering what's coming next. >> it looks like paradise. but it's actually a filthy dumpster full of our worst anxieties. >> so many twists and turns. even if you were thinking long-range, you got distracted by the next twist and turn. >> we've been rebooted. you know, men in black wipe your memory. when ted snaps. >> that's it? >> yeah. >> reporter: and you don't remember each other? >> no. but eleanor was smart enough to hide a clue for herself. in the beginning of the season,
9:37 am
she finds this clue and has to figure out what it means. >> reporter: on-screen, the characters have a complicated relationship. but that's a far cry from reality. the two of you have incredible chemistry. but this is genuine friendship, right? >> yes. but let me describe chemistry. chemistry, really great writing and fairly good actors. >> passable acting. it's very true. you can have people in love with a huge chemistry and a suck-o script and there's no chemistry. >> an it's just off. >> reporter: another thing the actors can agree on, one of their favorite things about the show, is the weekly morality lesson it delivers. >> it is about ethics. it is to be a good person and what's at stake when you're not. and that's a wonderful thing to but out in the world, in a funny, bright way you haven't
9:38 am
seen before. were the show's premise has the cast asking what the good place would look like. >> you say the cutest thing? >> you tell me. >> it's my real life because i'm married to mary steenburgen. >> reporter: what about you, cristen? >> i would be hard-pressed to say it wasn't the life i'm living. and that's partially because i'm lucky. and i'm determined to mantist good things. i like liking things. it's cooler to be nice. >> an it feels good. >> yeah. >> reporter: for co-star jamil, this is her good place. this is your home in the series. her perfect world. it's a palace. >> i think you're being shortchanged today. we normally film her house scenes in a $72 million mansion. we re-created this woman, inch
9:39 am
for inch. >> reporter: sworn to secrecy, they let me on-set for a behind-the-scenes look at season two. let's find ted. see what he's up to. >> we're behind the curtain. i can be really who i am. so much more fun. it's more fun to play bad. >> reporter: who is bad? and who is good? is anyone's guess. one thing is clear, you is to tune in to find out. it's a great show, great cast. who is definitely in the good place, kristen bell. have you seen all these doing during hurricane irma in orlando. she was down there shooting a movie. a bunch of seniors were in her hotel. she has been entertaining the seniors. singing "frozen" songs, entertaining them. midnight wheelchair races. >> i saw a mopost where she was
9:40 am
singing and i didn't know where that was. >> reporter: she calls him her side piece. >> thank you, natalie. season two of "the good place" will be coming up. back-to-school means ♪ song - "i want candy" halloween. it's a big night kids. prepare for maximum candy effect. thousands of costumes at party city, starting at $4.99. party city, oh, it's on. when food is good and clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around.
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9:44 am
more than 200,000 kids are treated in e.r.s every year for playground-related injuries. >> here with what every parent knead needs to know is natalie azar. >> let's get the first question. >> question number one. my child just fell off the playground. they're crying hysterically. how do i know if they're really injured or just scared? >> this is probably a question that a lot of parents are going to want to know the answer to. four pearl questions that you want to ask yourself. did your child lose consciousness? are they dizzy or confused? can they move the body parts? are they experiencing tingling anywhere? does it hurt to move the neck or the head? if you answer yes to any of those, you should go to the emergency room and be evaluated after a fall. >> one other note, look what the playground has underneath it. >> that's an excellent point.
9:45 am
we say cement playgrounds are the most dangerous. if there's rubber or bark, there's less chance for injury. >> you want me to read it. what's the best way to treat a cut. a cut at home happens all the time. the best thing to do is to just let it rinse under gentle soap. you don't need hydrogen perox e peroxide. >> sometimes you can kill the good bacteria in there also. and it's not necessary for a superficial cut for irrigation. you definitely want to -- if the put looks jagged, if you seamusle or fat or bone, you know it's deep enough to go to the emergency room. you want to hold pressure. if it's bleeding longer than ten minutes, you might need stitches. go to the emergency room. after you clean it and put pressure on it, a little topical
9:46 am
ointment to prevent infection. >> my child says her ankle hurts. how do you tell if it's broken or sprained? >> the number one thing, if they can bear weight on that foot. if they don't want to put weight on it, probably a fracture. unless the bone is protruding from the skin. there's no way to know for sure, unless you have an x-ray done. if the pain is over the mid foot area, more likely to be a bone fracture, than if it happens over the ankle joint, which could the a sprain or a fracture of something called the growth plate. >> can i ask you something? kids who have casts, how do you make them comfortable? >> i love this. this is called castaway crew. your kids probably have a lot of these things with stuffed animals. but this goes right over the cast. in addition to having them right of it, as with any stuffed
9:47 am
animal, if your child is under the age of 1 or 2, not to put it in the crib because of suffocation. >> that will be good for sleeping. sleeping. up next, tex-mex, ( ♪ ) a dog's big life is measured in wags. and when you feed your dog nature's recipe, you fuel the wag with our 35-year history of premium recipes like chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin. ( ♪ ) (bark) the bigger the life, the bigger the wag. nature's recipe. fuel the wag. lrich matte lipstick.s new color riche matte. 16 shades pulse with lush comfort. non-drying. never flat. it's addictive. matte addiction. new color riche matte.
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9:51 am
have the recipe for you. >> making cheesy chicken enchiladas, with tyler florence, of food network's "great food truck race." i taught him everything i know. >> i tried it first, so i fully -- it's so good. >> this is a five-star recipe on food my spicy cheesy enchiladas. great for game day. let's go through fast. chicken, corn tortillas, corn, a little bit of flour to thicken the sauce. green onions, red onion, tomatoes, chipotle, and enchilada sauce. there's also a recipe, as well. you want to season the chicken breasts. you can jump in. this is garlic, powder, cumin and regular chili powder. >> ryan, do you cook?
9:52 am
>> he does now. >> badly but yes. >> he does now. >> that's horrendous. >> give it a good mix. >> this is how we do it the right way. >> exactly. >> great. perfect. >> let's play like he did that perfectly. >> perfect. >> you're going to drop that in. round two. always works out. let's get on the backside, too. >> you do both sides. >> you want to sear this really, really well, until it's cooked all the way through. the chicken is done. and you want to shred it. >> you get this. >> like that. and with the recipe, you want to saute onions and garlic. >> you put the green chilies. >> i'm worse than ryan. >> really? >> no. >> i believe in you. i believe in the power of
9:53 am
enchiladas. green chili. a little of the chipotle. >> how much? >> okay. i would have -- how about this? all of it? >> and then, stir this together. this is going to start to tighten up with the toe dhomomad the chicken. >> all of this in. >> stewedtomatoes. >> if you have the chicken. >> like we did this. >> this is going to cook together. right? it's going to look just like this. a nice, big, enchiladas, you want to dip it. >> does that keep them from cracking? >> and the flavor seeps all the way through. some of the enchilada mix. don't overfill it. you want to roll one up. >> you ready? >> just roll it on up? >> yeah. start over. give a nice twooiist.
9:54 am
tuck it in. >> and trdrop it in there. >> i'm licking my fingers. >> get some cheese on it. >> and the finished product. >> and over here, looking spectacular, by the way. >> i cheated. i started eating. you do it over all of it. >> yeah. we have fresh sour cream. i'm going to take this home for lunch. to get this recipe, go to and tyler is taking over our instagram today. that's good stuff. >> "great food truck race," sunday night 8:00. a great trip to the south. you have to see it to believe it. coming upmy video with , i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance, so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
we're back with social media superstar, and author, zach king. zach, you and i made a video yesterday. should we start with that? >> let's show it. >> what's up, everybody? turn on your tv and tune in because this morning i'm going to be on the "today" show. actually, it's right now. i got to go. come on and join me. >> my goodness. zach -- >> awkward. >> this is the gift shop. don't you have a baby. want a onesie? >> thanks. >> are you about to jump in the camera right now? >> that's how i'm getting home after this. >> that's so cool. when did you come up with the idea to do the videos? >> vine got really popular. and it had a little section called special effects. and i started posting there. and i made my first one and it got 100,000 views the first day. it took off from there. i had inspiration for the short, imaginal moments. >> you have a book out now. >> this book has been a fun
9:58 am
project for me and my team. it's a story about myself and middle school. and zach is part of a magical fami family. he doesn't have magic himself. it actually scans. on your phone, you can pull out and get a free app. and it comes to life with augmented reality. >> a lot of kids are going to love that. >> thank you so much. on presale now and in stores september 26th. >> ryan, thank you so much for hanging out
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> today on booze day tuesday, thomas rhett with a performance you don't want to list and the rock 'n' roll icon that could be knock at your door. three sizzling style trends that have you looking hot this fall. >> welcome to the happiest day. >> this is the best show in e world. >> that's good. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> how do we do it day after day? >> welcome in, everybody. tuesday september 12th. jenna bush haeger is in for


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