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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 12, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪ a man darted back into his burning home to save his wife and instead lost his own life. we are learning more about a deadly house fire. right now the engineer is in court to try to get manslaughter charges thrown out. and the southeast in shambles. historic flooding linked to risky rescues as irma's impact is expanding. >> right now at 11:00 heartbreak for a community. a man died in a house fire trying to save his wife. he didn't realize she had already escaped the flames.
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i'm erin coleman. good morning to you. this morning to you the neighborhood is walking -- waking up to a shocking loss. >> he was looking for his wife. she with was screaming and he couldn't hear her. the noise, the windows popping. >> reporter: eric jackson drove down the street at the right time. as he passed by he saw flames. he pued over as the homeowner was trying to put out the fire himself. he said the man has lived her for years. he was running in and out of his home looking for his wife. the victim's son tells us he didn't realize his wife had walked onto the first floor roof and was looking for a way to jump down.
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>> so he ran to the side of the house to get a hose and came back in. she is outside yelling his name the whole time. he didn't know so he went what any husband should do. he went in there to try to find her. he didn't make it out. >>. >> reporter: the victim's son who you just heard from says his five-year-old niece lives at this house and she would have been here last night during the fire but she happened to be staying somewhere else. his stepmother is at a local hospital being treated for injuries she got when she jumped from the first floor roof. a neighbor was injured trying to help her to safety. happening now the man behind the controls is trying to have criminal charges against him dismissed. he was the engineer when the train tumbled from the tracks in may of 2015. it shows he accelerated to more
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than twice the recommended speed. the crash hurt about 200 people. we are live where lawyers are argue his case, pam. >> reporter: well, right now a judge is hearing those arguments up on the third floor. let's show you some video that we took just before the hearing sister and brothered at 10:00 a.m. you can see him arriving to court with his attorneys. they did not speak to reporters their way in. we do know part of their argument get goes back to the decision not to file charges. he was a municipal court judge and the attorney general's office got involved and proceeded forward with manslaughter, reckless endangerment and other charges. my colleague is inside the courtroom right now. we'll be joining you back here live in 30 minutes for another update.
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now, the rem innocents -- remnants of irma are still being felt. unprecedented flooding in jacksonville. we took an aerial tour and talked about what the governor saw. >> you saw it on tv yesterday and you can see it when you see a bird's eye view and air i can't say you never think of being flooded. you can never imagine what the families are going through. >> this morning officials allowed some residents and homeowners to return but roadblocks will keep them from entering the hardest hit areas. most are without power and water. the navy said it dispatched to two other ships to help respond to the disaster.
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fema says it could be a while until utilities are restoerd. >> it may take multiple days if not weeks in some areas as we have been saying before the storm hit. >> this morning florida's division said more than half of the state does not have electricity. clean-up will begin in parts of eastern alabama. strong winds knocked over trees and some land on homes and others are blocking roads. no one here was hurt. irma is being blamed for 40 death in the u.s. and carry bee yachblt right now remnants are spread out across several south everyone states. the white house says it is looking into whether president trump can survey the damage. the entire island was evacuated yesterday because it is
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uninhabitable. irma destroyed more than 90% of saint martin. there are still widespread power outages and many are struggling with hunger and thirst. help is on the way. a french military ship is expected to arrive there today. it coincided with french president. today air passengers may finally get home as airports are reopening fort lauderdale resumed operations early this morning. the airport closed yesterday so staff could make repairs. miami scheduled to reseep today. . we have clesing a close eye here. the first flight supposed to arrive was cancelled. schedules will be slowly getting
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back on track today. be sure to check with your airline if you're picking up someone arriving from florida today. let's bridge in glenn "hurricane" schwartz who is tracking the impact on our area, glenn. >> yeah. we do see the clouds that are out there. this is directly from irma. at least for today that's all we are doij to be troud. tloud clouds. little clouds farther to the north. you can see the closest rain in virginia but it's not even moving in this direction. the center is no longer a tropical system in northern alabama now. the rain goes all the way into it's it's i it's 65 4 in
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lancaster. dry weather despite the high clouds around and so nice and comfortable. archl to today or tonight. i'll tell you when irma is will to be -- you can learn how pptz -- stars including beyonce and tom hanks will help raise money for the hurricane victims. you can see it live starting at 8:00. all right. time now for a check on the
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roads with jessica boyington. >> right. around the curve look, all haens shout done. out of the massachusetts a -- all of that traffic at a complete standstill. our cameras are back in place but we are seeing one car or so moving through. we still have the left lane blokd. now that it has been stopped a little bit there will be more behind that. maybe you'll see a little bit of a delay before the scene of
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that. still 14 minutes with speeds and we'll end here. watching this all morning. watching lane restrictions and closures. back to you. all right. coming up next tax overhaul. can president trump get democrats and republicans to agree on changing how you pay taxes? ahead, a look at the steps some want to take to rewrite the tax code. and later, caught on camera, details and plane crash that takes your breath away. >> i'm also tracking the latest path of jose. that's next.
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to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. majority leader mitch mcco mcconnel will talk with the treasury secretary. it would be the first in three decades. they have made it their highest priority. take a good look. violent crimes task force believe this man may have robbed a bang. he forced her to hand over cash. if you recognize him call the fbi or philadelphia police. today crews working to repair this water main break.
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the road caved in this morning. the water authority warns repairs could last all day. anchts nice comfortable day today. clouds are way up in the atmosphere, 25, 30,000 feet high. you won't get rain out of that. fair amount of clouds, upper 60s into the low 70s right now. at the jersey shore we have light winds. it is fairly comfortable. it is 75 stone harbor. it is 74 there. we have the rough surf. we have hurricanes spinning out.
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jose is out there and it will continue to be to problem. you can see the high clouds out here. no rain until you get into southern virginia anorth carolina. some of this is coming this way. it's not happening today. there are some of the light showers getting closer to central virginia. here is the futurecast. we go through the afternoon. tonight just the clouds. tomorrow the clouds are thicker. a few showers around during the afternoon especially. nothing especially heavy. many places probably won't even get any rain. thursday is a different story though. i think we'll be seeing more showers around, again, especially in the afternoon and maybe even thunderstorms. that's a pretty impressive radar there. nothing like they got down south
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with the irma moisture. but that's probably the main day of getting some rain or could be some more on friday. well, here is the high temperature forecast today. a little bit of sunshine coming through the high clouds. 82 in summerton. allentown 81. cookstown 79 degrees. it ocean city in the 70s with the wind coming in off the ocean. there is florida and there is jose. it is a pretty large storm. there is bermuda. it may end upcoming closer to bermuda than anything else. you can see a little bit of circulation there. by september 15th, friday, it is starting to move in the general direction in the united states. we don't need anymore of these things. most of models now taking it
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well east of the east coast and that would be just fine. all right. still ahead, high-tech excitement. we are expecting big announcements from apple in a few hours, the new toy that could be hitting the shelves soon.
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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a disease has touched many lives t. ride for recovery supports people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. rick bright is one of the organizers of ride for recovery. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> all right. we'll begin with you. tell us about your organization. >> it is an addiction treatment center based in pennsylvania. we are over 50 years in service to families in the area. over 150,000 alumni.
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>> and tell me about this ride. what can people expect? it is getting bigger and bigger every year. >> it started with a few bikes following a pickup truck to create awareness. we had over 1,500 people and reraised over $140,000. we'll be riding the covered bridges to create awareness. this year we will be doing fireworks. it won't be a morning we venlev. >> you have a personal connection to all of us too. talk about that. >> yeah. i went in 1989 and managed to it has been a wonderful way of life. i spent a lot of time putting a lot of time back into the organization. >> tell me why you need to do
11:22 am
this. >> well, it is awareness. the sad part is they struggle and they never really get to see the other side. you'll see thousands of people and a lot of awareness. you'll see kids having a great time. there is so much more after the rehab. >> and funds will go towards scholarships. >> yes. when people come to the door we try to get them help. some times they don't have copay, no funds or no way to get help. so we try to get them into treatment. >> what one your message to those dealing with addiction and their loved ones? >> we should encourage them. we are one of the largest providers in this area as far as addiction treatment. this is a great event to come to
11:23 am
just to learn more about the types of work that we do and we will have horse and carriage rides for the kids. >> fireworks. >> food trucks. >> it's a dpragreat time. >> there's a life in recovery. most think it's rehab. no. that's way of life. it's a wonderful way to live. >> thanks for being here with us. >> thanks for having us. >> the ride to recovery happening september 16th at 3:00 p.m. at the foundation 4833 hulmeville road. check out the nbc 10 app. or this morning the engineer operating the train is fighting to have the charges against him dismissed. pamela osborne will have a live update just ahead. >> and remembering raleigh.
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family, friends and fans remembering who brought villanova to victory back in 1985.
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the engineer being held responsible for the 2015 amtrak train derailment is asking that the charges against him be dropped. the crash killed eight people and injured about 200 more. a preliminary hearing is underway. ma'am pamela is live with what's been happening so far. >> that hearing is still going on right now on the third floor of the cjc. we want to show you video of what we took this morning at 10:00. you can see brandon there arriving in court with his attorneys. they did not stop to speak to
11:28 am
reporters on their way in but we do know that part of their argument as to why the charges should be dismissed goes back to the original decision not to file charges. later a municipal court judge asked the d.a.'s office to reverse their decision. as a result the attorney general's office got involved and proceeded forward with manslaughter and other charges as well. the attorney has said that his client was wronged in that process. my colleague is inside of the courtroom right now listening to those proceedings. she is going to have an update on what happened and what a judge ultimately decides later on today. reporting live. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. irma continues to weaken as it moves away from florida. the recovery from sesz is just
11:29 am
beginning. we have the latest and the dire situation in the florida keys, sarah. >> reporter: here in miami clean up now underway a majority of the damage we are seeing is in the florida keys. fema saying today estimated 25% of the homes there are destr destroyed. as remnants of irma continue to sweep across the south they are beginning to see the damage left behind. the florida keys was the first to take the hit from the storm. hundred of boats tossed like toys. houses clogging waterways. people grateful to be alive. >> we are all good. we are all good. it will be a big time rebuild. there are poles down everywhere.
11:30 am
>> reporter: for residents who did leave they say it may be a while before people can return. >> we are having to go down and make sure it's a safe place for people to return so we don't have loss of life of irma. >> the mayor is praising first responders for saving multiple lives monday. >> by the grace of god working through first responders yesterday we saved lives. it's not worth the risk, so leave. >> reporter: across the state resourr resources are limited. many remain without power. >> it may take mumt pistltiple not weeks in some areas. >> reporter: the recovery from irma could cost tens of billions of dollars across states and months if not years before things are back to normal.
11:31 am
and search and rescue teams are out looking for unaccounted people. in addition to supplies being shipped in there is also a team of medical responders flying into the keys to help out as needed. back to you! thanks for that. this video shows the extent of the damage caused on barbuda. most of the housing is destr destroyed. you can see trees and plants were ripped from the soil. yesterday crews evacuated every resident to a near by island that sustainedless damage. people in cuba trying to pick up the pieces without running water or electricity. you can see cuban flags draped from balconies. irma killed at least ten people in cuba bringing the death toll
11:32 am
to 40. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the latest on irma and the impact to our area. >> yeah. we do have to clouds. what you see up there, that's from irma. it's not going to be producing rain at least not for a while. clouds across the philly skyline, clouds way up in the atmosphere and not going to be producing any kind of rain during the day today. now it's a different story as we go to tomorrow. there are those clouds. you don't see the rain until you get well down to the south. this is west of memphis. still getting rain from the remnants of irma. that is from irma too. just a huge area that's covered. here is the futurecast. the clouds are there. the wind shifts a little bit into the southeast bringing a little more moisture in.
11:33 am
even as we go into this evening and overnight we are not seeing much in the way of rain. that is going to change though as we go into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s across the area. we may end up with another day of below normal temperatures mostly because of the clouds but fairly close if we get peaeks o sunshine. a little bit cooler in the lehigh valley. we are just into the 70s. you don't see any of the rain drops here in the forecast but we will as we head for the next couple of days. we'll tell you when that's most likely coming up. a lot of ways you can help the victims of irma. you can get all of that information on the free nbc 10 app. tonight we'll broadcast the hand in hand benefit. stars including beyonce, george
11:34 am
clooney will help raise muchblt you can see it live starting at 8:00. this morning we are learning more about father, grandfather and seat nam veteran hit and killed on sunday. this is surveillance video from the scene. police say a suspected drunk driver hit 72-year-old ewing and hit six parked cars along the way. we spoke with him outside his northeast philadelphia home. >> it shouldn't happen to anyone. a 73-year-old man being dragged down if street three blocks, that's the unbearable part. >> the driver is charged with third degree murder and dui. happening now, remembering raleigh. family, friends and fans of coach rollie.
11:35 am
this is inside the chump on the villanova campus. steven fisher joining us from villanova. >> reporter: funeral services started about an hour ago. inside it is packed. i want to show you what took place just before services started. about 10:30 his family arrived out here outside the church. the bells were ringing. they were the last to walk in before the services started. friends and family are theer say final good-byes. billy cunningham along with many others including jay wright. he was scheduled to say a few words during ceremony today.
11:36 am
he passed away after a balt with cancer at the age 0682. some said they dropped everything to be here today because he would have done the same for them. >> yes. he was a players coach. he loved his players. players loved him. that's why you the turnout you have today. ♪ >> reporter: services expected to last at half hour or so. friends and family will go over to the calvary cemetery. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. we have another live look as friends and family say good-bye. you saw it there in the entire philadelphia region. grand ole on ri will hold for troy gentry. gentry and james robinson died when their helicopter crashed on friday. he was on his way to play a show
11:37 am
at the flying w. in medford. the pilot rofrted mechanical problems moments before the krarchlt the ntsb is handling the crash. it could be comply kate since the chopper didn't have a black box. watch as the cessna gets tangled in that tree and yanked to the ground. it happened not far from hartford. the pilot walked away with minor injuries. he said he was going to have breakfast when the plane crashed. up next, bring on the chiefs. we are still riding after sunday's big win. vai sikahema takes a look at what the eagles need to do to pull off a victory in kansas city this weekend. the remnants of irma will impact our area. are the showers going last into the weekend? i'm also tracking the latest path of jose. that's all next.
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ladies, grab your girlfri d girlfriends for a much deserved girls night out. it bridg a fun and inspiring experience. shelly is ceo of lifesaver university. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> let's start with you. what can people expect for this
11:41 am
event? >> first and foremost my hon honorees, you can sip, shop and mingle not to mention get some cocktails and shop the latest vendors from the main line, new york, d.c. and just be empowered. it's a wonderful time to be empowered with women. >> this is the fourth year for the event. how big is it? talk a little more about it. >> the event is very big. it kicks off with women who are coming from all over tristate. about a thousand women show up and we are just really happy to support women from the tristate. one of the things is to get moms come out and see who's who in their city. >> tell us about shelly.
11:42 am
>> one of the things is lifesavers university. shelly, you want to give the insight? >> it is a wonderful honor. a lot of times people don't know you in the background. it was wonderful that ebony decided she wanted to support people working behind the scenes. i'm a mental health trainer. i do trainings under life saving university and our whole goal is to save lives and so we go and we train teachers, faith based communities, businesses in mental health and suicide prevention. it is such an honor but for ebb ony to recognize the hard work across the state of pennsylvania, it was wonderful. >> thank you. >> talk about the impact this kind of event really has on our
11:43 am
area. >> you know, coming together in philadelphia is something that i saw originally from brooklyn. i saw that it was a separation. why not bring women together to network, to see who is who in their city and to learn what's happening. it's so many things going on. women in business, they are evolving. they are moving into new realms in their lives. i wanted to give them a platform to showcase who they are and so women can come and learn who is who and walk on the red carpet. you have cotton candy, a d.j. we were honoring her. she is an eight-year-old survivor. it is about youth. we love giving back to our communities. that's something i'm passionate about. >> thanks for being here. appreciate your time. soiree in the cities.
11:44 am
it is happening from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. in center city philadelphia. for more information head to our web site, or check out the nbc 10 app. apple fans are counting down the hours until a company makes the latest product announcement. it is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. apple insiders say the company will launch three new phones. it will be the most high end and cost you around a thousand dollars. apple will also release an iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus. fans are also buzzing about a 4k apple tv. one cool feature we could learn is face id which allows users to unlock their phone by looking at it. certainly not quite as sunny as yesterday. some of these high clouds brought in from the remnants of
11:45 am
irma. 72 in philadelphia with the high clouds. 71 in much of new jersey. some places north and west of philadelphia are only in the 60s and are going to barely get into the 70s today. in philadelphia itself it's 72 at the airport. it is 75 in port richmond. only 67 in chestnut hill. that's kind of cool for this time of day at this time of the year. the clouds are largely responsible for that. the atmosphere is warm enough to support temperatures getting into the 080s. a huge area covered by the moisture. we are talking about out in the atlantic all the way back practically to texas. the same storm effecting that area. the rain itself slowly making its way up the east coast. we are definitely just getting some remnants. center city this afternoon about
11:46 am
81 with peeks of sun coming through those clouds. we'll need that to get to 81. 79 west chester. there will be places that only stay in the mid-70s if the clouds are thick enough. ocean city only 74. it is 79 degrees in smyrna. irma over the united states. we still have a hurricane out there. it is a fairly large size. it is 75 miles per hour winds. it's hardly moving at all. that's the issue because here is the forecast for the next few days. a little loop, and that is -- by friday -- today is tuesday. it is so -- it's going nowhere fast then it may start picking up and the latest forecast is
11:47 am
very helpful because from the hurricane center generally taking it and keving curving it north off the east coast. if that continues and that is a trend that would help everybody out. here is the european model that has done so well with the big storm this is year. by thursday it is still way out in the atlantic. by saturday it's way out in the atlantic. by next monday it's way out in the atlantic. let's hope those forecasts hold true because we have had enough. temperatures close to the average of 80 degrees in the philadelphia region, just a chance of a couple of showers wednesday. thursday it's most likely. friday we still have a pretty good chance of showers. as we head to the weekend we are tending to dry ouchlt dover by
11:48 am
friday generally getting out of the shower threats but these temperatures continue to be at average or a little bit below. it doesn't look like we'll be seeing 90 degree temperatures perhaps not until next spring. it's just a chance of a couple of showers on wednesday. it's 79. thursday it's most likely maybe even thunderstorms especially true in the afternoon and in the evening hours. some lingering showers friday and maybe into saturday. we may be able to take the showers right out of the forecast by this afternoon. so check in for that. right now it does look like sunday is going to be dry. pretty nice weather and as long as jose stays far enough out into the atlantic we'll stay with dry weather for a good bit of next week but slightly below normal temperatures. >> eagles are still celebrating a big win sunday kbens the
11:49 am
washington redskins. now they have their sights set ton kansas city chiefs. dave is here this morning. good morning. let's get right to it. let's get an update on darby and jason peters. >> it will be a while it seems. there is a lot of darkness about how to rehab the injuries. the good news is he will be back this season. >> yeah. >> when he went down it looked horrible. >> right. >> and so it may be four to six weeks or longer. a corner back needs to be really quick. while he may be healthy enough to get back in practice we don't know how long. >> did he mostly -- >> he played one snap in the second half. he didn't go. he said he is going to play. you know how that is the week of. the kicker, that looks like it will be a problem. >> out there looking at kickers today.
11:50 am
>> yeah. >> there are so many people to point out. i think it was porntd to point out what he did. eight catches less than 100 yards. he was so effective. >> 93 yards receiving. a lot of big catches really controlled. moved the chains, played tough. we have been waiting for him to break out. he did on sunday. >> yeah. >> that is a really good sign for eagles. >> i love this play right here. this was not drawn up. >> yes. >> we see how well carson can impro vise. by the way. he is 6 feet tall. he is a big part of the offense. >> you know, we have to talk about carson and what he is don'ting to do. it was impressive. >> very impressive. >> the disappointing part is redskins got a lot of pressure and put a lot of hits on him. the great news is he makes plays like this. you can see his eyes down the
11:51 am
field. here is what's impressive. he turns the shoulders and makes the ak curat throw. >> so a lot of good things. >> all right. kansas city this thursday. 1:00 kickoff. the chiefs look more impressive. >> they look great. they have a lot of weapons. big time debut and arrow head stadium, the loudest in the nfl and actually in the world according to official records. so the seeg ls really have to be focused and ready to go in this game. >> we love having you here. >> love being here. >> no longer with the team but having surgery today. >> yeah. having surgery. the prognosis is a good one a. bizarre story. he went to the doctor.
11:52 am
previous physicals have not shown this defect in his heart a. long recovery for jochblt we all love you john. can't wait to see you healthy. >> all right. and also, by the way, we can't get into it but the defense was spectacular. remember, nbc 10 your official eagles station. dave, thank you for being here. >> appreciate it. >> all right. and don't forget to vote for our high school blitz game of the week. archbishop ryan at father judge, a sh bishop wood. we'll be right back. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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social media is a buzz about a problem flying around philadelphia. they say they have seen flying gnats everywhere from the pa suburbs to south jersey. it is apparently part of a mating ritual that is usually a one-day occurrence. philadelphia police had a little fun with the infestation tweeting we don't know where all of the gnats came from but we
11:56 am
welcome our new insect overlords. ted cruz's twitter page liked a pornographic video. staff quickly removed it. one of his was responsible for inadvertently liking the tweet. he insists it was not a deliberate act. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has one last check of your forecast. >> and we just get clouds today from irma. tomorrow a chance of showers. thursday a likelihood of showers, maybe even some thunderstorms that could last into friday. most of the beekd, if not the whole weekend is looking pretty good. we are going to be following jose. we'll have updates on that this afternoon. >> all right. we'll be watching it. thanks f thanks for watching. have a great day.
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see you at 4:00. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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>> chad: oh. >> abigail: hey. >> chad: what, are you stealing my heart? look at you. >> abigail: hi. >> chad: what are you working on? >> abigail: i am writing down all the acceptances to our wedding and making a guest list. so check it out. no one's said no yet. and i still have to get the tally from sonny and paul, but the ple is gonna be pretty packed. >> chad: you have no idea what it's like to see you happy again. >> abigail: why wouldn't i be happy? i gave my son breakfast this morning, and i get to be your wife again. >> chad: oh, my goodness. >> kate: well, great. just great. i assume that neither one of you have seen the front page article on andre's so-called press conference, byline "jennifer horton." >> abigail: did you not


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