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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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committed a crime when the train derailed. they say it reached speeds of 106 miles per hour when it hit the frankfurt curve, a place where the speed limit is just 50 miles per hour. 8 people died and 200 others were joinjured on that train. >> he's a good man. his heartbreaks for the loss of life in this case and the tragedy that occurred. but he's innocent of any criminal charges. >> defense attorneys argued they found the train was hit by a rock causing bostian to lose his sense of awareness and then accelerated. that's the lathest. >> 15 minutes, our legal analyst will break down the judge's decision and will talk about how unusual this is for a judge to toss out the charges and what happens next. he did what any husband would do when a man's health when up in flames. he went back inside to find his wife. what he didn't know, she had
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already escaped. and he died. katy zachry spoke with a neighbor who tried to save him. >> he was looking for his wife and calling for her. she said, babe, i'm out here on the roof he was screaming for her. >> they drove down west 37th street at the right time. as he passed by this house late monday night, he saw flames. he pulled over as the homeowner was trying to put out the fire himself. he says the man is well known on this block and has lived here for years. he was running in and out of his home looking for his wife. the victim's son tells us he didn't realize his wife had walked on to the first floor roof and was looking for a way to jump down. >> so he ran around the side of the house to get a hose, came back in to try to find her, but she's outside yelling his name
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the whole time. he didn't know. he did what any husband should do. he went in there to troy to find her. he didn't make it out. >> reporter: the tim's son says his 5-year-old niece lives at this house and she happened to be staying somewhere else. the stepmother is at a local hospital being treated for injuries when she jumped from the roof. and a neighbor was injured trying to help her to safety. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. to the late eest on irma. we're getting a clearer picture of the damage done to the keys. boats and homes destroyed around marathon. residents won't be allowed back into the area until bridges are checked for damage. in the british virgin islands, the marines have arrived to
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help. they are passing out humanitarian aid including water and medical supplies. right now 15 million people are without power in florida. about 1 million are in the dark in georgia coming up in about ten minutes, how survivors are trying to piece together their lives in some of the hardest hit areas. here at home, you can see some cloudy skies there over boat house row. pretty comfortable for most of the day as we take a live look at south philadelphia. you may need the umbrella tomorrow. >> let's talk to chief meteorologist tammie souza. the remnants of irma are expected to come this way. >> they are not going to be fierce like they have been across the south and southeast. this will be typical rain for us. right now you can see that the clouds have already been moving through. they started yesterday. the high clouds in advance of the storm. you can actually see now making its way into the southern portion of pennsylvania. some scattered showers. let's take the big picture of
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this. i set it back. 48 hours, look at how tightly spun it was as it moves up and look how it panded out. it's become what we would consider the size of a typical big storm system that crosses the country. it's really spread out over 10 or 11 states. still pulling some moisture across florida. they are pretty tired of the moisture. down to about 10 mile an hour winds as far as the windshields go. so at this point, we're going to see the showers continue into our area. we'll get raies of light showers tomorrow, thursday maybe the wettest of the days, but it's not a total wash out. the same for friday and into early on saturday morning. let's take a look at how much rain over the last 48 hours. the deeper shades of black and blue right across the northern portion of florida and georgia. that's where the heaviest rain fell all the way down to the florida peninsula. you get an idea of how big a rainmaker this was regarding all of the flooding. and that doesn't even count in all of the wind damage that
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happened in all the tornadoes that spun off. so for us, i'm going to come back and talk more about the timing of when we'll see showers here and talk about jose also out in the atlantic because jose is something that everybody is keeping a close eye on. it will make a loop. how o close it comes to the mainland. at this point it's too far out to tell. tonight the president is talking with both parties in hopes of getting that done. he's hosting a bipartisan meal at the white house. six senators will be there to talk tax reform including republican senator pat toomey. president trump is showing he's willing to work across the aisle, even if it means challenging his own party. >> the administration has been clear. we want to sit down with anybody who is willing to be serious about real tax reform for this country. >> white house hasn't revealed the details of the tax plan yet, but say it is will do so in a matter of days.
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now a developing story we have been following. the death of a 19-year-old lafayette college lacrosse player under investigation. investigators say suffered some type of medical emergency. >> jacqueline london has new developments. >> within the past hour, we have learned a teen died from a head injury. according to his former school, the 19-year-old was injured in a fall. authorities are not releasing anymore information about what may have led up to that fall. here's what we know. public safety officers. he died yesterday at the hospital. the school sent out a letter to students reading losing a member of the class of 2021 is a heartbreaking start to the year for our newest students in particular. i hope that the support of the community will be helpful to all at this very sad time. his former psychological sent a letter to parents informing them of the death. they described him as a beloved
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member of the community, a three-sport athlete, an excellent student and admission investigators are still working to determine if alcohol played at least ten shots and charged with attempted murder. police say jimmy fired the shots while employees were still inside the office. he also frightened children wait ing at a bus stop nearby. investigators say this stemmed from a maintenance dispute they were having with management at the trailer park. the suspect's bail is set at $750,000. take a good look at these photos. police and the fbi need to know this man's name. he's wanted for holding up a bank afternoon. he had a knife when he walked up to the bank manager, took her to
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the teller's window and demanded money. if you recognize him, call police. here are vags. >> where these flying ants are swarming and when experts say a legendary basketball coach remembered. thousands paid respects to coach mass. new at 5:00, when head coach jay wright broke down telling stories about his mentor. and chris christie's. trip to the beach is back in the headlines again.ç the politician who is trying to use the well-known photo to win an election.
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the remnants of irma are moving over the tennessee valley. you can see it right here on first alert radar. the monster hurricane tore through the caribbean and parts of florida. dozens of toppled homes and buildings are left behind. fema estimates about 25% of the homes in the florida e keys are destroyed. millions are still without power in the southeastern part of the u.s. president trump says he will visit florida on thursday. tonight we're getting a closer look at the devastation hurricane irma left behind in florida. this comes as recovery teams from across the country work around the clock. the images from the lower keys are horrific.
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the island and most everything on them damaged beyond recognition in many areas. debris scattered for miles. >> the worst storm that we have i have never left before. i might consider leaving after this one. >> 90% of the homes in the keys were either damaged or destroyed and the impact of the storm stretches across the entire state. from the barrier islands through the jacksonville area where flooding will continue to be an issue for days. >> this is potentially a week-long event with water and the tides coming and going. >> reporter: millions across the strike zone are still without power and in the hardest hit areas it could be days or more before it's restored. >> this storm potentially covered the entire state of florida. we have never had that before. >> reporter: survivors are hoping to clear away damage and clean up around the clock as well. >> getting people back as fast
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as possible. we have a lot of worked to 37. >> reporter: it's a monumental task, an effort to bring back paradise in the sunshine state. >> tonight nbc 10 will broadcast the hand in hand benefit. stars including beyonce and tom hanks will help raise money for the hurricane victims. u you can see it live here starting at 8:00. let's check in on the weather now. pretty cloudy sky with a few peeks of sunshine today. as we look live at conditions in south philadelphia. let's go down to the city on the ground. there's a live look at broad street and city hall and center city. not too bad. rain could be on the way possibly. let's check in with meteorologist tammie souza. tempering expectations. >> i like the way you said possibly, aim not sure. there's a chance of.
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it's not going to be the destructive rain. it will be the type of rain showers we're used to that come and go. no total washout. we have those clouds out there. and the system that once was irma. 78 right now in philadelphia. winds out of the southwest at 5. we're going to be in that pattern where we are close to where we should be this time of year. especially the southerly winds kind of warming us up a little bit. it's 80 in allentown. 75 in wilmington. if you're in vineland, 75 to you. 75 in atlantic city. even mount pocono at 72. doppler radar is sweeping the sky. we have to move over to southern parts of pennsylvania and northern parts of maryland to be able to seat the first of the showers making their way in our direction. you can already see the cloud
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sheer. and all of that is going to work in here. i showed you how wide this storm system has become. so tomorrow morning you wake up and clouds will be in place. e we will see periods of showers and even isolated thunderstorms moving through the area. more showers through the area. but none of this is a total solid green with the big streaks of yellow. that indicates we'll have scattered showers on and off. even on friday and even into very early on saturday morning. . so how much? there you go. not a whole lot in the forecast models. probably less than a half inch. if you're under a thunderstorm, you can pick up a little more than that. this is not a washout for us. everybody has been watching jose. hurricane jose was a major hurricane expected to fully stay out to sea and it still may.
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it may even take a run at bermuda. take a look at what it's doing. gearing off to the north, that's the track right now in the cone. it is all over the place. we have seen models that take it to the mainland, models that take it out to sea. 75 miles an hour, it's expected to maybe downgrade to a tropical storm and then back up to a hurricane. we'll watch it simply because the steering mechanism, the high pressure to the north doesn't come into play until this weekend. so it could make its way close to the peninsula. all of the forecast models are pretty much in agreement with going up to the north. there's one outliar that brings it into philadelphia. the united kingdom model take it is into florida. so we still have a little bit of disagreement. it's the main cone that stays out to. we'll keep an eye on this to see if it's going to be a rainmaker for us early or the mid-part of next week. at this point, it is still a hurricane that is in the
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atlantic and not be boltering us this weekend or anybody else. so if it you're in fair mont, you could see a few showers. langhorn at 78. isolated shower. you'll see 78. we go to long port. 76 and in dover 79 again carry the umbrella because you may be under one of those passing showers or maybe not. your ten-day on 10:00. 79 for tomorrow with a chance of rain. 83 on thursday. 82 on friday. perhaps some showers on saturday. i'm thinking it's early. we go into sunday and get our sunshine back. it's lovely there. monday at 78 with sunshine. 80 on tuesday. much of next week will be very pleasant. unless and here's the big unless. we end up seeing some remnant rain from jose. if you're going to the temple game on friday night, pass the rain slicker. we're looking at the 70s with a chance of a shower or
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we continue to follow breaking news. a judge threw out the criminal charges against an engineer in a deadly train crash. the judge said it was an accident and not a criminal act. we're joined now live by defense attorney to talk about the ruling and what this means going forward. thanks for being with us. so what should we make of all this? the case didn't even make it out of a prenar hearing. >> all that has to be shown is there's some evidence and more likely than not that this person committed this crime. it's rare that it's thrown out. it goes to back up the district attorney's original decision not to file charges in the first place because they didn't believe there was enough evidence. the judge kind of backed them up here. >> the attorney general said it will review this case though this might not be the last we have heard about it. >> correct. if a case is tossed, thes can be refiled. double jeopardy does not attach the trial level. you pick a jury. they review the case and have
5:22 pm
more evidence and refile and try again. >> does this have any impact on the civil side of this case. >> there was a settlement already. if they are not covered by that settlement, they would have the right to sue in a different court. . so they absolutely have all of their civil rights intact. >> laura, thank you for being here. we appreciate your insight. a bit of a right-hand turn now to porn and a presidential candidate. senator ted cruz trending on twitter a after his account liked a pornographic tweet. the whole thing quickly spread across social media. cruz says a staffer inadvertently liked that tweet and his office was still discuss ing whether that staff member would lose access to the twitter account. governor christie's beach trip during a budget impact is making headlines yet again in a new tv
5:23 pm
ad. >> they used to say politics in new jersey is no day at the beach. until suddenly it was. >> that's a new ad by the democratic mayor as part of the reelection call pain and aired for the first time. you remember the sand sculpture down the shore. one example of the flak he received for vacationing during the july 4th holiday. because of the impact the park was closed to the public. dozens of passengers broeting a sieg of relief after being stuck for days in florida. >> today they are back in our area after hurricane irma. >> we're live at philadelphia international airport. i'm also told those people were. clapping and cheering when that first flight arrive d from tamp. take a look at the big board. you can see the flights continue to roll in. that story, coming up. and caught on camera, a
5:24 pm
plane crash in a parking lot. where the pilot says he was headed when the plane went down. and cars lined up for gas as far as the eye can see. coming up at 6:00, how wawa is extending help to its florida stores in the of hurricane irma. i'm danny. you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just
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been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
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right now at 5:00, cheers and clap iping at philadelphia
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international airport. passengers are trying to get home after surviving scenes like this one. surviving hurricane irma. nbc 10 was there to greet them when they stepped off the plane and joins us live with their story at philadelphia international airport. >> certainly slow going this morning. most of those flights coming in from florida were cancelled but they slowly started to roll in this afternoon. taking a look at the big board, you can see over here in orlando, at least for now it looks like the flight is going to come in. when this left, people were clapping and cheering. >> so happy to be here. happy to see philadelphia. >> kathy from allentown could not control her excitement.
5:28 pm
she was on the flight out of tampa. but the gift of irma was nearly too much to handle. >> i get emotional. but this was a stressful time. she was just so grateful we were there. >> reporter: many of the airports in florida are getting back to flying on a limited basis today. the travelers we talked to say the main issue was communication. no phones or internet or no way to know which flights were actually taking off. >> when they final ly filled th flights, there were cheers. >> joe grooims and his wife had no idea what would go down when they showed up at the airport this morning. their flight yesterday was cancelled and somehow were able to get another ticket for today. their time ridingç out irma wi stay with them forever. >> everyone was really anxious to get back. we spent four days there waiting to get out.
5:29 pm
our rental car had been cancelled. we were forced off a cruise ship early so it was a disaster. >> you can hear it in his voice and in everybody's voice. they shouldn't get. back rolling on their normal routine. for now we are live at the airport, nbc 10 news. you can see the relief on their faces too. i thought last week people were evacuating. which story today really stuck with you? >> we talked to so many different people, but today there was a guy from boston. he flew in from boston earlier today and came to the philly area because he couldn't get a flight to his area. they are going it drive down to fort myers beach and load it up with supplies, water, food for
5:30 pm
all the folks back at home. they rolled out the storm at one house i'm talking 11 family members, 13 dogs. >> great stories from philadelphia international, thank you. lady b and dj touch tone were back on the airways after surviving hurricane irma. the two were in st. martin when the storm hit. back on 100.3, the two talked about their time on the island. the conversation was the beginning of a healing process for the two. they were vacationing with a group of friends when irma swept in. 90% of the resort was obliterated. their rooms were part of the 10% that actually survived the storm. lady b said all she can think about is the people who are still there. >> there are still people that
5:31 pm
can't get off. i don't know how we felt. >> we got off that plane in san juan and i was just afraid. >> they rationed food and water until they caught a ride out of the caribbean. >> local staff and volunteers with the red cross are on their way tow florida. a team of 11 people along with four food trucks left head quarters in center city. they will be helping irma victims for the next two weeks. two dogs rescued from hurricane harvey are getting a fresh start. it's thanks to the department of prisons. inmate trainers and socialize while they go through a prison rehabilitation program. hurricane irma left a trail
5:32 pm
of destruction in its wake. the this video is of the devastation in jacksonville. you can e see homes flooded and the extent of the damage just now being assessed from the air and the ground. the mayor is praising first responders for saving and warning residents to evacuate when told. >> by the grace of god we saved lives. it's not worth the risk. >> long the st. johns river, there's widespread flooding with dozens of homes and cars kmeetly under water. it could take days for the water to recede. closer to home now, just some cloudy skies to contend with. remnants of wilma will bring showers our way. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza is joining us now. the rain starts moving in a matter of hours.
5:33 pm
>> overnight perhaps at the earliest. it looks like maybe tomorrow morning. so when you head off to work, make sure to take the umbrella. we could see periods of showers. now this storm started coming off the west coast of africa. that's where it was born. it took an unusual path. typically they curve into the atlantic before coming to the u.s. but this one very similar to 1960. also a catastrophic storm taking almost an identical path. you will not have to hear this storm name once we get past the recovery and all the rebuilding because when a storm is catastrophic, devastating or deadly, that storm name is retire d. so you'll never be. hearing irma again again when we move forward.
5:34 pm
this is moving through the united states. now you can see it's disorganized and looks like a giant storm system that would cross the country. that's the type we see. that's because it doesn't really have any tropical components any longer. the center of rotation is spread out so broadly it covers 11 or 12 states. how much rain, look at this dark blue and the shades of gray and black. right down there near jacks jacksonville. . some of the areas the average accumulation was nine inches but some picking up 10 or 11. so massive flooding into georgia and south carolina. and that's why it is so important that all those people heeded the warning and took shelter immediately to get out of harm's way with all of this. now all eyes are on jose. jose was a major hurricane in the wake of this hurricane that we're still dealing with. i got to tell you it's going to probably move out into the atlantic. there are a few forecast models that want to bring it a little closer to land this is the peak
5:35 pm
of hurricane season. so we have to pay attention to any system out there and right now it does have 75 mile an hour winds. it's expected to weaken and still stay a category 1 storm. some of the forecast models bring it closer to the united states or over florida. the consensus is generally offshore. we're still a week away from this getting too close to us. so we will be revisiting it every single day. now here's a a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county across our region today. a man facing charges after authorities seized more than $a 15,000 and a stash of drugs. police arrested daryl and a search ub covered 55 bricks of heroin, 70 grams of crack cocaine. he's facing possession with b sbept to distribute and other charges. staying in mercer county, more trouble with the law for a woman.
5:36 pm
brantley was indicted in auto theft trafficking network. >> in new castle county, a celebration today for a lie brash much more than a place. the library and innovation center was designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship that features unique spaces like a stem room, and black box theater. the pope is supporting a black eye. what he's saying about how it all happened. that's coming up. plus saying good-bye to a legendary coach. coach mass was loved by many. ahead, villanova's jay brooigt wright gets emotional remembering his mentor. .
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pope francis is talking about how he got a black eye. it happened on a visit to columbia over the weekend. he hilt the side of his head on a metal beam that holds up the front glass panel of the pope mobile. speaking to reporters here, he returned home from the trip. he said he didn't see the glass and all of a sudden, bang. you see the smile on his face too. a pilot lucky to be alive after this plane crash you're about to see. there it is. a connecticut parking lot, you can see the plane clipped the
5:40 pm
tree and flipped on ilts side. the pilot was taken @ hospital with minor injuries. he told police he was on his way to breakfast the crash happened. fortunately, no one on the ground was injured. a new program took off in pennsylvania, one that uses electricity to fuel cars. they will include three type of hybrid vehicles. 25 new cars will be part of the the pilot program. the vehicle will reduce carbon and decrease fuel cost. he challenged the cabinet to lead by example. government at work. and also save money. >> the state is recommending agencies use the vehicles as pool cars chrks will allow more employees to experience the technology. a big reveal from apple. the new iphone 8 and 8 plus. they look similar to the iphone 7 with a few upgrades. they will cost around $800. then there's the iphone 10.
5:41 pm
it usings facial recognition software. and it also offers wireless charging, but it is going to cost you $999. for a phone. nintendo announced the retroversion of one of its iconic video platforms. the classic edition will be available next summer and includes 30 games including super mario brothers. ninten nintendo's classic will be out september 29th. pretty good. >> you can get behind that one. hopefully not for $99 9. >> bugs taking over many local neighborhoods. >> fishtown and mount laurel, swarms of flying ants invaded our region. >> they were in the coffee cups.
5:42 pm
>> why are they here and when will they buzz off, next. and irma comes to visit philadelphia. we're going to take a look at the track, when it was formed off the coast of africa to it's gloing to move into our area tomorrow. come on back for that and your full weekend forecast. and turning heads, a new piece of artwork going up as we speak next to the statue of mayor frank rizzo, the meaning behind the sculpture at 6:00. don't forget to vote for our high school blitz game of the week. here's a look at where the voting stands now. archshop ryan and father judge. but there is still time to help your favorite team. to cast your vote, visit or the nbc 10 app or call or text your choice to
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610-624-4111. we'll announce the winner thursday night at 11:00.
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5:45 pm
flying bugs were everywhere. that's an alarming graphic. the critters invaded our region. makes your skin crawl right there. we sent our own cydney long, who apparently drew the short straw here, to find out why they were here and when they are going to buzz off. >> she's live tonight. i hope for your sake the air is clear. >> we brought our bug spray just in case, but i can tell you we have seen a couple of the critters, but no swarms of the pesky ants.
5:46 pm
it was a whole different story between 5:00 and midnight. people quickly had to run inside or dash to their cars. >> it was like somebody said, hey, wake up, it's time. >> she just had dinner in philadelphia. cell phone video was september of the critters. and people trying to dissect the invasion lit up social media. one woman broke a lamp trying to swat them down. don't youz a flame thrower. >> he had coffee cups and water bottles that were getting the water bottles. >> for those who guessed flying ants, you were right. >> this is what they look like
5:47 pm
under the microscope. they gathered samples from the fountain. >> it came out like the same day everywhere. >> irma hasn't reached us yet. it has to do with the fact that certain conditions like humidity and the temperature. even all night it was. >> so the big question now is it safe u to enjoy the early fall and dine outside or run their shopping errands. it's a harmless occurrence in
5:48 pm
nature, it happens after heavy rain. i'm cydney long. nbc 10 news. >> john dorenbos is thanking him for standing by him. the eagles announced his open heart surgery was happening today. beloved eagles became a fan favorite around the country when he performed his magic tricks on "america's got talent." he had an aortic aneurysm. >> the eagles made the support known tweeting all of eagles nation is thinking of you today. >> certainly thinking about him too. the energy there. now to the weather and the jersey shore, this is the scene
5:49 pm
in. cape may. looks serene out there. sand is vacant for those lamentingç summer's end. here's a live view from the bridge connecting south philly with new jersey. you can see some cloudy skies and some haze and some rain on the way. >> maybe so. we hope you had a chance to get outside today. it was a really nice day. look at that. caught a few people walking the dog and going for a jog there. chief meteorologist tammie souza joining us. how is the evening shaping up? >> it's going to be pleasant. we have the clouds in place. go out and enjoy. the highest wind gust was 23 miles per hour. didn't pick up any rain yet. allentown is at 80. very comfortable at 72. 72 in coatesville.
5:50 pm
and in mount holly, good evening. you're at 76. 72 in dover. this is where we're going to be going. dropping down into the mid-50s in allentown tonight. that's at 1:30 in the morning. then tomorrow once we hit 1:30 in the afternoon, upper 60s to low 70s. the high is going to be the upper 70s across the area. so let's talk about irma. this was august 27th. a wave has come off the african coast they call it storms there's a big one. massive one that you see moving across the atlantic. many times they will curve out and stay away from land. and then it takes a strange dip southward. this was key for the track. this was a category 4 hurricane on september 4th.
5:51 pm
the bahamas and turks and cay koes is when it was a category 5. it skimmed along cuba and loses intensity. that was a good thing for the u.s. not a good thing for cuba. it makes landfall as a 4 twice and skirts right on up into the tennessee valley. we're now at an area of low pressure. we're not get. ing any rain here, but you can see the bands and clouds move figure from what is now an expansive rain shield with the storm system. let's go hour by hour. this will continue on and off throughout the day. not a total washout. we get into thursday. we could see some showers on thursday. even into friday. maybe lingering into your saturday. so just keep the umbrella handy. it is not a chance of showers
5:52 pm
each day through saturday morning. but temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. >> still ahead, remembering a legend. >> the nova wildcats say good-bye to coach mass. all new at 5:00, jay wright gets emotional as he opens up about his mentor and the legacy he leaves behind. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month. our lowest price ever on this offer. but only for a limited time. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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coach mass, today family, friends and players set their final good-byes. he was 82 years after a long battle with cancer last month. >> steven fisher was at villanova today. i was with you on campus. no first to coach jay wright owes a lot to him. >> he was known as a tough but fair coach. he loved his players and his players loved him. current coach jay wright says with him, it was all about one thing. loyalty. hundreds of people came here to ville nanova university today t say a final farewell to a man who meant so much for so long. >> he lives in all of us who played for him. >> both head basketball coaches atville know na helped the
5:56 pm
wildcats win national championships. >> they did something no one ever thought could be done. he was the architect. >> the stat he is built up are impressive, but many spoke about not for the coach he was, but the kind of man he was. >> he taught me everything. but i think mosten important is loyalty. . loyalty to your players, loyalty to your family, loyalty to your school. he was big. if you were part family, he expected loyalty. and he gay ve it back. >> coach mass, many find it easy to remember. >> he was the most passionate guy in the world. he did everything to the fullest. he ate everything put in front of him, drank everything, smoked great cigars, worked hard, didn't sleep, loved everybody. it was a life well lived. he got everything out of his 82
5:57 pm
years. >> reporter: nobody gave villanova a shot to beat georgetown in that. which game, but coach mass pulled it off. and jay wright said that was the great thing about him. he made you believe anything was possible. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> won't soon be forgotten. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. the man at the controls of an amtrak train that crashed killing 8 people and injuring 200 others. >> why a local judge decided to drop charges against that engineer. students and staff mourn the death of a lehigh valley college freshman student athlete. the injury his family says caused him to die. also a helping hand. how local wawa employees are stepping up to help their employees in florida. and we have some rain on the way as the remnants of irma
5:58 pm
continue to move into our region. how much of an impact we can expect at 6:00.
5:59 pm
a local college lacrosse recruit dies days into the school year. we're looking at what led to his dea death. how a local company is
6:00 pm
helping florida get back ob its feet in the wake of irma. cleared of all criminal charges. the engineer at the helm when an amtrak train violently derailed will not face charges in the accident that kills eight and left 200 injured. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. the judge is calling the 2015 crash an accident. deanna durante was in the courtroom for the testimony and the judge's decision. >> 8 people were killed, more than 100 injured. while a judge says the derailment of 188 was an accident and not criminal. >> 50i8 going to take the high road and say charges were brought. >> reporter: a philadelphia judge told lawyers on both sides


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