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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  September 13, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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to start, we're on the vine street expressway. our cameras around 8th. we're showing construction a few minutes ago on the eastbound side. we did have that around 8th with lane restrictions. they cleared it out of the way within the last maybe two minutes or so. that's all clear. the vine street expressway is also open. open anyway. we have the construction project leaving. watch for extra construction vehicles. maybe just on the scene just in case. other than that, the vine is good moving around. watch around betsy ross bridge on 95 for construction there, too. 14 minutes now on the southbound side from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds into the 60s there. and we'll end with mass transit. we're on or close to schedule for septa, patco, and new jersey traffic. >> thank you. bullets pierced the window of a home in upper darby and sent a woman to the hospital. it happened around wild avenue. we're working to learn the victim's condition. police are looking for the shooter. this morning, questions surround the death of a freshman
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student at lafayette college. the 19-year-old lacrosse recruit was found dead in his dorm room in the lehigh valley. friends are left looking for answers. >> nbc10's matt delucia joins us live in the digital operations center. an autopsy is being performed today? >> reporter: right. and lafayette college still just getting into the fall semester, now dealing with the grief and loss of one of its new students. last night, a large crowd of students there gathered in front of the student center on the quad to remember 19-year-old mccray williams, a freshman lacrosse recruit. he had also been a standout athlete at a boarding school in the boston area. the headmaster of the school in the letter to students said williams died after suffering a severe head injury in a fall. the lehigh coroner found no signs of obvious injury and said williams did not have suicidal tendencies or any known health problems. right now the college is cooperating with investigators. >> clollege campus this time of
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year is full of optimism, enthusiasm. i would say all of that has been tempered, dampened. >> reporter: this morning there are still the questions surrounding this and the mystery of how did mccray williams died. if it indeed was a fall and if other factors were involved. that autopsy is scheduled for today. live in the digital operations center, nbc10 news. a judge has dropped all criminal charges against the engineer in an amtrak derailment that killed eight people in philadelphia. the judge said there was not enough evidence and said the crash was likely an accident rather than criminal negligence. engineer brandon bostian had been charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment. >> brandon bostian is a good man. his heart breaks for the loss of life in this case and the tragedy that occurred. he's innocent of any criminal charges. >> bostian was behind the controls when that train derailed in port richmond in may of 2015. it was going 106 miles per hour on a 50 mile-per-hour curve.
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the devastation caused by hurricane irma is testing people's patience and stamina throughout florida. here's the aerial view of the wreckage along the florida keys where 25% of the homes are destroyed. another 65% are damaged. crews will work today to repair the lone highway in and out of the key and to restore power. about ten million people across florida are still without electricity. that's about half that state's population. now look at the devastation irma caused in jacksonville. you see so many homes destroyed there. much of the city still without power. some neighborhoods remain flooded. the mayor's praising first responders for saving lives. the team from dover air force base is in florida to help with the hurricane irma relief effort. ten members of the air force reserve's 510th airwing left for the base in south florida. the staging area for troops,
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equipment, and supplies. and an urgent relief mission underway for the islands that irma left in ruins. coast guard cutters left for puerto rico yesterday for the hardest hit areas including st. thomas, st. john, and the u.s. virgin islands where the kentucky air national guard has evacuated more than 1,000 people. irma's category-5 winds also leveled st. martin. you can see the devastation in before and after images from space. a local radio host and a deejay saw the devastation in the caribbean firsthand. >> they spent days stranded on the island of st. martin. back on the air yesterday, radio host lady b. and her partner, d.j. touchstone, said they were thankful to be home. they were on an annual vacation to st. martin when the hurricane hit. with the help of family and friends, they got to puerto rico on a military plane after three days of rationing what little food they had. >> it was scary. i can't sit here and front like it wasn't the scariest thing
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i've ever been through. 90% of our resort is in splinters. >> lady b. says her faith helped her survive the storm. 4:05. flights have resumed from philly international to most parts of florida. flights to and from jacksonville still canceled. there are flights to and from orlando, tampa, west palm beach, ft. lauderdale, and miami, with spotty cancelations. check your airlines. first flights to philadelphia arrived yesterday. passengers told us they were cheering when their flight took off after days of being stranded in florida. the people on board couldn't hold back their excitement. kathy freed of allentown says the hardest part was finding out what was going on. >> communication was the issue. we cooperate get a flight. -- we couldn't get a flight. we couldn't find out if there was a flight. >> coming up, we'll go live to miami to show the recovery
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efforts and how people are coping as crews work to get the power back on. if you're looking for ways to help the victims of hurricane irma or harvey, go to the nbc10 app or we've post links and more information on how to donate, plus find more pictures and damage and updates on the recovery. 4:06. in wilmington, a hit-and-run driver remains on the loose. delaware police say before 8:00 last night the driver hit a man near delaware park drive. right now investigators don't even know what type of vehicle that they're looking for. the victim is expected to be okay. police arrested a man they believe was grabbing women inappropriately in a new castle county park. investigators say tamir harris of wilmington touched women on several occasions. in one case, he exposed himself. the incidents date back to last fall. the jury will hear from more witnesses today in the federal corruption trial of senator bob mendez. he's charged with accepting bribes in exchange for using his
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political influence. yesterday a dominican woman testified the new jersey democrat helped her with her visa which was denied in 2008. the woman talked to her former boyfriend who said he was going to fix it by talking to menendez. her visa was eventually approved. the doctor is on trial with menendez. happening today in wilmington, delaware governor john carney will sign a bill that aims to make sure that everyone has equal access to organ transplants. the bill ensures that people with disabilities are not denied transplants simply because of their disability. in philadelphia, every phl pre-k program in the city will be in session this morning. mayor kenney's office says it's made possible by the soda tax. every one of the 2,000 seats available is full, and another 400 kids on the waiting list. phl pre-k is a free program for 3 and 4-year-olds who live in the city. and a philadelphia school district is enlisting celebrities and pro athletes and more to encourage kids to stay
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in school. the dunk squad helped launch a school district program highlighting the importance of good attendance. they wowed the fourth graders at the john f. hartramp school. the superintendent said chronic absences in middle school are linked to students eventually dropping out. >> it's important to make sure that we start out on the right foot and get our students here every day on time and ready to learn. [ cheers ] >> fifth grader idiq perez was given the first-ever attendance hero award, something they just started. he hasn't missed a day since first grade. congratulations. nice. good for him. we're starting with a live view over center city. as the sun comes up, we'll see something similar to yesterday. clouds overhead, and a chance of rain in the forecast today. not a washout rain. not a flooding rain. not even a constant rain
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throughout the day. spotty showers are possible. take a look. on radar and satellite, you see nothing over us now. showers are approaching parts of maryland here. that's going to shift our direction as we go on through the morning hours. i would say around 9:00 a.m., we may see more showers popping up across the region. that will continue spotily into the afternoon, as well. look at the neighborhood planner. mostly cloudy through the morning hours. temperature goes from 64 to 69 from 6:00 to 10:00 this morning. low 70s as we get to 2:00 p.m. around still mid to upper 70s for highs not out of the picture. and there it is. the spot shower rolling on by. not a ton of rain by any means. we are going to notice it, more of a nuisance rain than anything else. in the suburbs, 60 at 1:00. 70 at 2:00. almost the same in the valley. mid 70s for highs not out of the picture. in delaware, 62, mostly cloudy, spotty showers during the morning and afternoon. in new jersey, we're looking at
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some scattered showers. 73 at 2:00 in the afternoon. along the jersey shore, 65 to start. we see the low to mid 70s as we get later into the day. i actually think upper 70s for highs are possible along the shore where we will see isolated showers moving through. now if you're lucky enough to be going to the shore, remember there's a moderate risk for rip currents to develop today. we'll check with beach patrols if you're trying to get to the water areas. could be dangerous depending on what spot you are in. you can download the nbc10 app for updates on things like this. let's look at hurricane jose. still sitting in the exact spot it was yesterday. we have good news in terms of what the models are starting to project as to where jose will move. so coming up in just a few more minutes, we'll look at some of the tracks the models are projecting for jose and talk a little more about your forecast this week on into the weekend. 4:10 a.m. let's check the roads this hump day as we love to call it. >> yes, we do.
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first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with more. >> the cameras here, a disabled vehicle on the eastbound side. traffic moving toward center city will run into this. you see they only have the right-hand lane getting by. road flares out there. this guy stuck, too. this guy has his flashers on there. we only have one lane getting by through around montgomery drive. in millville, watch for bridge repairs. this project is going to run until about october 1st or 2nd. route 47, delsi drive closed around schooner landing. take 55 to get by the scene. that will get you by just fine. moving back into center city, watching construction on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway. i spotted some more construction vehicles around 8th street. right now, no delays. and both directions are still open. we're not dealing with that long-term construction project that's been closing it in between broad and the schuylkill. back to you. >> jessica boyington, thank you. dangerous drop. a disturbing find at a local school. the opioid a mom is accused of
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bringing with her while dropping off her daughter and how it could have put other students in danger. sending a message. the new symbol standing next to that controversial statue in philadelphia and how some think it could help quiet the controversy. plus this -- >> always a mentor -- >> an emotional farewell. hundreds gather to say good-bye to legendary villanova coach rollie massimino.
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you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age. plus, your coverage builds cash value over time. call now for free information and a free gift. all i did was make a phone call and all of my questions about the colonial penn program were answered. it couldn't have been any easier and we both got the coverage we should have had for years now. mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) 4:15. the controversial statue of former mayor frank rizzo has some company this morning in center city. >> yeah. this 12-foot-tall after pro-pic is titled "all power to all people." arts philadelphia unveiled the statue yesterday.
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the group hopes it can act as a counterbalance to the rizzo statue. there have been incidents of vandalism at the statue, while others have called for its removal because they say rizzo's tactics were racist. nbc10 asked arts philadelphia about the placement. >> it idea is to add something to that picture. to value stories of solidarity and social justice and make that meaningful right in the heart of the city. >> "all power to all people" is the work of artist hank willis thomas. thomas had been working on the piece for a year. the current controversy over the rizzo statue was not on his mind during the creation. an outpouring of emotion yesterday as people came to pay their final respects to former villanova coach rollie massimino. friends, family, and many of the coach's players were among those who packed st. thomas of villanova church on campus. coach massimino passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. he will be most remembered for
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coaching the wildcats to the 1985 national championship. current nova coach and massimino protege, jay wright, choked back the tears. >> every one of us who is blessed to be a part of his family feel a hole in our souls that can only be matched by the loss of a parent. that's what he was to all of us. always a mentor. >> wright added one of coach massimino's greatest strengths was his ability to make you believe anything was possible. 4:16 on this wednesday. local heroes who go above and beyond to serve our community got special recognition last night. [ applause ] the national liberty museum presented 14 awards of valor to police officers and firefighters. they were singled out for their acts of heroism and for being role models in their communities. our own keith jones served as the emcee. among those honored was the officer who first investigated a
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call about a missing 19-year-old in bucks county. [ applause ] the k-9 officers who later helped discover his body and the bodies of three other missing men on a farm this past summer. you can watch more and the stories of the other honorees now on and this morning, experts here in our area are weighing in on the bugs that people have spotted swarming their neighborhoods. >> the academy of natural sciences confirms that flying ants are invading areas in the pennsylvania suburbs to south jersey. the swarms normally spike after heavy rain. experts say the peak happened monday night, and the bugs should start to taper off. weren't we getting information that it was only a one-day thing? it was about mating? now we're hearing it's more about the rain. >> right. speaking of the rain, we'll find out if we're going to get more. i think we are. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei. what can you tell us? >> you guys are making me the bad guy. it's the rain. i'm bringing more of it.
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it's irma bringing the rain. the type of rain that we are going to see, nothing like they saw down south. instead, you can tell on the board irma has fallen apart here. what we're watching is round one of rain that will bring us scattered showers today. you see it's moving our direction. then round two, three, still well to the west, will wrap back our direction. that means that even thursday into friday we could see some lingering showers across the region. so let's take a look of the first we'll start with today. 78 for the forecast high in center city. 77 in summerton. mostly around the mid 70s in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. in fact, a few spots could be stuck down in the lower to mid 70s as we see some spot showers move in. this is not a heavy rain. not a washout flooding kind of rain. this is really what i'm saying here, spotty rain. you might get a little annoyance on the windshield, particularly driving home. it's not going to be a downpour at any point. in new jersey, 76 degrees in trenton. hammondton, 77. we could see an isolate thunderstorm pop up.
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more isolated in nature meaning fewer people would see this. at the shore, mid to upper 70s possible. upper 70s in delaware. wilmington, looking at a high around 78 degrees. mostly cloudy out there as we go through our hour-by-hour model. this is the high-resolution model that can go through the next few hours. take a look. around 9:00 a.m., scattered showers making their way to us from 9:00 until lunchtime. a little more coverage in these scattered showers. when you see these pops of yellow, that's a little tiny pocket of heavier rain. we're not talking a lot of rain here. mostly it's scattered in nature through 5:00 this evening. and then starting to fall apart by 7:30 this evening. now let's switch to the longer term models. this goes out a few days. let's go into your thursday. the next rounds of rain building by 6:00 a.m. mostly cloudy day. 10:00 a.m., spot showers on the windshield. if you get a late start. 3:30 in the afternoon, we've got, again, more coverage in our showers rolling by the area. you see this starts to evolve by your thursday. then we get into friday morning.
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mostly cloudy. by friday afternoon, could we see an isolated shower? yes. we still have a new days worth of rain here. none of them washouts. take a look at radar and satellite. what you see is that to the south we are watching hurricane jose. still a category 1 barely. look at the forecast models. through friday, in agreement that it's meandering to sea here. then most models agree that over the weekend into early next week, it's going to make this hook. good news is more agreement now that it was stay to sea. close enough to shore, it will have impacts. more in the ten day on 10 coming up. >> thank you. 4:20 on this wednesday. let's check the roads. >> i see flashing lights, jessica. the eastbound side of montgomery drive, watching for a disabled vehicle blocking the two left lanes there. luckily, though, it's still in the 4:00 hour. we're not seeing a lot of traffic out there. everybody just going one car or so at a time by. no backup before that. you see road flares.
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we have police activity. the next two lanes are blocked. one lane open next to it. the ramp is open, too. something to watch for. that's the eastbound side moving toward center city. watching 95, too, 13 minutes southbound from woodhaven to the vine. watch both directions for some lane restrictions moving through the betsy ross bridge area for construction there. you see traffic getting by even with one lane. watch for clearing eastbound at 8th on the vine. the vine is open in between broad and the schuylkill. near the ben franklin bridge area on the vine street expressway. right now clear coming from new jersey. same for the burlington bristol bridge and tacony palmyra. back to you. >> jessica boyington, thank you. a school rivalry turns violent in new jersey. a group of students gang up on a teen, and it's caught on camera. we'll tell you how it plays out. and a new look. how your face will be the key to
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accessing the latest iphone. that's not the only new feature. all new at 5:00 a.m., plus-size no more. a big-box store is renaming the clothing section in an attempt to change public perspective.
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helping the homeless. that's the goal of the board today. they want to assist through free haircuts, showers, and other services. there will be volunteers there to help with medicaid signups. the event starts at 10:45 at the cathedral kitchen on federal street. pennsylvania's adding more
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high-powered cars to the fleet. it will include three types of hybrids, a total of 25 new cars will be part of the pilot program. the state says the vehicles will reduce carbon and decrease fuel costs. the state is recommending agencies use the vehicles as pool cars which will allow more employees to experience the technology. 4:25. we're getting our first look at the new iphone 10. apple says it's the biggest leap forward since the original iphone. it uses facial recognition software to unlock wireless charging and animated emortgagies that follow -- emojis that follow your face. that will cost you nearly $1,000. that's how much it will cost you. apple also unveiled its new iphone 8 and 8-plus. they look similar to the 7 with a few upgrades. apple stores in new jersey will change the way they provide pricing information. the tech giant has agreed to provide pricing wedges on each table to make it easier to find the price of the items you're looking at. this settles a claim that
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in-store pricing violated state laws. the prices had been available through apps and on the devices themselves. a dangerous discovery. the drugs a mom allegedly left behind while dropping off her daughter to school. and road to recovery. millions left in the dark as crews rush to fix the damage hurricane irma left behind in florida. we'll go live to miami for an update.
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searching for answers. questions around the death of a freshman at lafayette college as a campus is left grieving. dangerous drop you've. a mother allegedly exposes children to a dangerous opioid while bringing her own child to school. and left in the dark. crews rush to fix damage left by hurricane irma as millions
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remain without power. what's being done to help the hardest hit areas. coming up on 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today first look at 4." >> meteorologist krystal klei tracking rain through the weekend? >> that's right. spotty showers every day up into the weekend. the weekend starts to look better. what we're tracking now is some of the rain that's starting to approach parts of maryland, moving out of some of virginia here. that's going to be moving our way for now. notice there's more at the center of what is left of irma. that's going to be wrapping our direction in the days to come. this is not just a one-day thing. the good news is the type of rain we're talking is nothing near what they saw down south. there's a closer look. clouds over us this morning. as the day starts, it might look fairly dry. i would still say toss the umbrella in the bag before you head out. temperature, 66 in philadelphia. we'll stay around the mid 60s through 7:00 a.m. low 70s as we get late morning
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into your early afternoon. temperatures today may not make it to the 80s. but they're still going to be nice across the neighborhoods. coming up, we'll talk more about conditions for your wednesday into the weekend. now we'll talk traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're starting on the schuylkill expressway this morning. our cameras around montgomery drive showing you a disabled vehicle here. now it's on the eastbound side. that's traffic that's moving up toward center city. right now still blocked in the two left lanes. you can see as more traffic starts to head out the door, everybody's going around the scene and into the right-hand lane. the off ramp is still open. again, we still have one lane open on the eastbound side. clearly nothing going on there on the westbound side. just traffic moving into center city. we'll have to watch the disabled vehicle. also watching 95. this time moving through delaware. north and southbound, no real problems now. this is at least in the yellow which it shouldn't be. usually a 10 to 11-minute trip. 295 to 495, speeds into the 60s. 4:30.


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