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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ come seek the royal caribbean. ♪ we begin tonight with two breaking storying. first from washington. deal or no deal. democrats announce just minutes ago they reached an agreement with president trump to protect thousands of undocumented children. >> will that deal include president trump's long promise
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border wall? according to to democrat ig leaders both sides agree to protect the so called dreamers. and add more border security. but no funding for the wall. the white house followed that anonsment saying they didn't agree to exclude the border wall for good. and they will continue pushing it with congress. more breaking news now from north philadelphia. where police say four men were shot during a drive by shooting tonight. happened near the corner of second and lippen cot. the victims were all sitting outside. three of them in stable condition. the fourth is in surgery right now at temple hospital. police are reviewing surveillance footage from nearby businesses. >> right now. a daughter, a pharmacy owner and now an attempted murder suspect. police say this woman tried to kill her own mother. by injects her with insulin. >> brandon hudson joining us live outside the hospital with new details on how this alleged crime was uncovered.
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>> a doctor at this hospital discovered someone injected insulin into the mother's body. officers brought the daughter across the street to the police department. where she admitted to officers she did it. because she wanted to end her mom's suffering. >> all the years of smoking, finally caught up to her. >> reporter: donna appeared in you tube videos like this promoting good health. at times the pharmacist appearing emotional talking about her grandmother. >> my grandmother was. >> reporter: she owns a pharmacy. now she's charged with the attempted murder of her own mother. who suffers from dementia and. we within the to her home to get her side of the story. the lights were off and no one came to the door. the affidavit shows nurses treated her mom three times in august for low blood sugar. blod tests show the 74 year-old
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had insulin in her body. produced by an outside source. hospital staff told police that this could only be the work of someone with a medical background. that led police to horgeer. documents show she admitted to injecting her mother three times. horgeer said she had hopes of putting her mother at peace and ending her suffering. >> her mother still at the hop. a friend and neighbor to horgeer told us off camera that she's a good daughter and has a good relationship with her mother. in florida, criminal investigation under way tonight following death of eight pa patients at a sweltering nursing home there. leaving residents without a air-conditioning for days. police say the deaths were heat related. but they haven't ruled out
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anything. including carbon monoxide. >> governor called on florida emergency workers to immediately check on all nursing homes to make sure patients are safe. he's vowing to punish anyone found cull paable in the death. >> military choppers delivered supplies to desperate survivors in the florida keys. navy is bringing in ships sp helicopters to reach remote areas looking for aid. in northern florida, jacksonville is seeing the worst flooding in a century. irma is also impacting residents in georgia, and south carolina. we're all seeing the effects of irma in our area. >> update from tammie souza. >> we saw rain out there earlier today. rain showers at this hour nothing really popping up on the radar. if you look in land you can see the remnants of irma swirling around the ohio and tennessee valley. edging its way every so slowly
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off to the east. we will pick up more showers tomorrow, friday. perhaps into our saturday. before we can say good-bye for good to irma. here's where you'll be in the morning. a mix of sun and clouds with the chance of a shower or perhaps thunder storms. temperatures through the morning hour will climb into the low 70s. check out delaware, new jersey. jersey shore much the same. carry the umbrella. don't wear the good shoes. the weekend we'll clear up. we have to talk about hurricane jose taking a turn towards the u.s. a new twist in the allegation surrounding congressman bob brady. one time challenger will admit to hiding a $90,000 payment from the campaign to drop out of the 2012 democratic primary. according to to an attorney for jimmy more. a judge who resigned this week. his attorney said more will plead guilty to a single count of making false statements in the filings.
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a campaign aid has already pleaded guilty to falsifying campaign reports to cover it up. brady's attorney denies he was aware the payment to more would be concealed. developing story from the pennsylvania state capitol. just over an hour ago the house passed a new spepding plan. it plugs a $2.2 billion budget gap. but does not raise taxes. the governor says that will happen on friday. even if the senate passes the bill, it doesn't reconvene until monday. so what happens when the state running out of money. check out the full story on more tonight about what killed a local college la trosz player. autopsy revealed mcray williams died from blunt force head injury. it remains unclear how he got the injuries. public safety officers found the 19 year-old outside a dorm on campus sunday afternoon.
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he died at the hospital the next day. police are looking into whether alcohol was involved. we reached out to williams family. they are not commenting. a bucks county restaurant owner is talking about the terrifying moment a gunman stormed in, and nand demanded cash. one of a string of hold ups. police think system of them maybe connected. the most recent incident happened september 1. on street road. police say the armed man burst into the kitchen and demanded money from the employees. >> i tried to negotiate a little bit. told him we're just employees we don't have access to that portion. since i wasn't by myself and the kids. i got nervous. he threatened to shoot us in the head if i didn't open it up. >> police believe the same thief is responsible for similar hold up at a perkins restaurant earlier this summer. serial flasher on the loose in new castle county. a man exposed himself to the
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women in the middle town area four times in. last month. they released surveillance videos. if you see or recognize this guy. call police. >> south jersey. officials say engineer problems are to blame for the helicopter crash that killed a country music star and a pilot. investigators release a preliminary report today. troy gentry of the country duo montgomery gentry was supposed perform the day the chopper crashed. a celebration of his life will happen tomorrow morning in nashville. >> a win tonight for the federal government has agreed to build and pay for an under ground drainage system. to prevent severe flooding on the beach in the future. strong storms left to ponding over the summer. it happened after the government started the dune construction. a federal judge will have to sign off on the agreement. a new high school in cam den. the chart e high school on federal street opened today. it offers wide range of
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academic, athletic and social activity to help prepare students for the college. the facility includes expanded science labs and a swimming pool. more than two dozen delaware county residents are officially u.s. citizens. the the courthouse for the naturalization ceremony. 25 residents representing 17 countries became new citizens. district attorney was the guest speaker at the ceremony. safe injection sites. they allow people to openly shoot drugs in a supervisored setting. supporters are pushing philadelphia to open the first ones in the nation. they are arguing it could stem opioid prices. >> insult to injury. millions of americans trying to fission their credit are facing a new problem after the massive
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data breech at. >> that has some asking to be arrested.
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the opioid crisis is destroying lives and families across our area. >> tonight the man who want to be philadelphia's next district attorney is proposing a an idea that has never been tried in the united states. the so called safe injection sites come with a lot of controversy. >> the supply is everywhere. >> you look out the front door. they have this and this. it's like a candy shop. >> reporter: demand isn't dropping either. she struggles can drugs. out here it's about the least safe place for her. >> it's hard to get clean in this environment. >> reporter: more leaders are wondering if there could be a better way. a center where people can come to shoot up with clean instruments and doctor supervision. this is video from the only legal safe injection site in nor america.
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vancouver. democrat district attorney candidate met with the statement supporting the idea today. >> i don't think saving lives is controversial. the point when someone dies when you wake up. middle of the day and when you go to bed. it's gone too far. >> reporter: his republican opponent is open to mobile injection sites. >> it's an issue. if there could be a safe injection site for those who are addicted, it would clean up issues that go with it. >> reporter: one of the issues, all the needles laying around in public parks. >> i'm up for it. for sure. >> reporter: drug user usually get their fix no matter what. providing a secure place will make it better for neighbors. >> the kids can't see that stuff. >> the mayor task force says it's still exploring this issue. talking with experts and planning on sending a delegation to such a facility this fall.
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new developments tonight in the equi fax breech. now launching investigations or suing. this comes as millions of americans rush to limit their exposure by freezing their credit reports. today all three agencies appeared overwhelmed with heavy traffic and phone calls. >> you have to freeze your credit. otherwise someone could masker aid as you. ruin the credit rating. that day you go to buy a car or house. you have been ruined by cyber criminals. >> you can temporarily lift. freeze you apply for a loan or credit card. it could take three days. and some agencies charge 5 to $10. >> 103 days. that's how long you have to do christmas shopping. one store needs your help to
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make the sales. target announced it's hiring 100,000 employees nationwide. every target store will hold job fairs from october 13 to 15. what's in name. tomorrow we'll find out. revealing the name of the new blue crayon. the shade will be based on a pigment known as the color replaces dan delion. officially retired this year. the color has been in boxes for almost three decades. >> what was wrong it dandy lion. >> it's official. the olympics are going hollywood. today the international committee announced los angeles will host the summer guys in 2028. 2024 olympics to paris. this will be the third olympic held in la chl the first time the ioc granted two summer olympics at once. winter olympics in south korea less than five months away. games kick off february 8.
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only on nbc10. >> coming up soon. now to your first alert weather. you'll need umbrellas. >> a few sprinkles here and there today. one brief downpour. and only a few one-hundredths of an inch of rain. outside tonight we have the clouds with us. at times it was such a low cloud deck it looked like fog. 74 was the high today. our highest wind gust 17 miles per hour. again only four one-hundredths of an inch of rain. for tomorrow grab the umbrella and the ugly shoes. 85 fair mont with a chance of shower or storm. the same for you in redding. 77 chance of showers there. chestnut hill 79. chance of showers. bu na 82. and in dover, 81. chance of a shower or storm. now this is not going to be a total wash out. there will be light periods of scattered showers moving through
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the area. right now doppler radar shows all kwi the here. the remnants of irma just off to the west of us across parts of ohio and tennessee valley. moving every so slowly off to the north and east. we'll pick up the bands as they rotate through. that's what happened today. one of the band moved through the area. tomorrow morning, just clouds out there. you probably won't need the umbrella then. look what happens in the afternoon. here it comes. showers maybe thunderstorms tomorrow night. moving through. on friday again we could see spotty showers. maybe not first thing in the morning. as the day wears on another band comes through. even saturday now. it looked dry. but maybe just one final shot of light scattered showers. so just be prepared for that. one thing we'll feel is we'll feel a moderate to a high rip current risk out there. so dangerous swimming this weekend out along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. this is courtesy not so much of irma, but jose.
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a pretty lingering hurricane. that's in the southwest part of the atlantic. just off the east coast. if you're going out to the u mass temple game. bring the rain slicker. friday night you may see scattered showers out there. jose category one hurricane. up about 5 miles per hour. now 80 miles per hour winds. it is about 475 miles east northeast of the southern bahamas. and this is what's expected at this point. we thought it would me ander around. it's expected to weaken into a tropical storm. there's no steering mechanism. it will go straight north. what's the something interesting is the models are veering more and more to the west. so we'll have to keep an eye on this. it could be a rainmaker for us. here's the european model. and you can see it wants to come up. the coast and then sort of back it right on in to our area. it's still way too early to tell if this will happen.
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sometime towards the middle and end part of next week. just something to keep in mind. there's a tropical system out there that could be a rainmaker. tonight looking at temperatures 61 and south jersey. 68 philadelphia. 65 delaware. a chance of shower or storm. tomorrow, we're going to be looking at temperatures in the upper 70s low 80s. a chance of a shower or storm. 80 philadelphia. lee high valley 78. 79 delaware. ten day on ten. pretty much soggy until we get into sunday. sunday dry at this point. and next week dry and unless we see jose making an appearance. fall starts next friday, too. >> a deadly school shooting in washington state to tell you about. we have learned a student and a staff member both tried to stop the gunman. it cost one of them their life. three other students with your were hurt. a custodian stopped the shooter. who was also a student. it played out in the hall way of
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freeman high school in rock ford. on the idaho border. all the injured students are expected to sur survive. fbi is joining the investigation. >> harvey destroyed homes and businesses. >> thanks to a south jersey company. it won't destroy their memories. >> see how workers are able to bring damaged photos back to life. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic
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precious memories fearly stolen by hurricane harvey and hirm. >> photos like these were water logged when the powerful storms flooded. boxes are pouring into photo bridge. it's one of six companies nationwide with preserve photographs d photographs digitally.
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>>. >> the cost to restore the priceless pictures. $185 per 1,000 photographs. the turn around time, just two weeks. >> speaking of photographs. a group self-e from florida police officers has caused a stir. on social media. >> it even prompted facebook user to inquire about their marital status and others to ask to be arrested. take a look. the photo of the three officers was posted on the department facebook page. hurricane irma lashed the state. caption said they were getting ready to do some work. the post produced 100,000 comments praising the good looks. the officers say they're going to make a calendar now. with all the proceeds going to hurricane irma relief. innocent harmless self-e. >> you never know what can happen. >> you take them all the time over there. >> we do. >> i'm not diming you out.
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good injury news for the eagles. you'll hear from wentz coming up. and rhys hoskins continues to make home run history. who on the phillies is going to get his autograph. that's next. we took legendary, and made it liberating. we took safe,
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eagles getting good euro news as they head to kansas city. jason peters will play sunday against the chiefs. you saw wentz in win in washington connecting a lot. not as much with the new outside receivers. i asked carson today if things are more open over the middle now? >> i think you saw it a bit. you'll see it even more going forward. we missed a couple down the
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field to tory. we have to get on the same panl. if nothing else people saw he can get behind the defense. it will open up things even more going forward. >> how about ronald dar by. dislocated his ankle in washington. he doesn't need surnl ri. no ligament damage. he's going to be back in four to six weeks. remember, fellow corner mills dedicated his first interception to ronald. i asked what that meant to him. >> it meant a lot. i told him i was talking to him, i told him he was going to get a pick. he got one. that was good. >> did you have a lot of family that watched it? >> ta were worried. everyone is happy it wasn't that serious. i'm going to be back. >> he's going to be back. phillies win the second straight over the marlins. aaron nola career high strikeout. rhys hoskins steals the show. in the fifth, 17th home run
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since he was called up august 10. fastest ever to 17 home runs in history. 33 games. leaders the majors since he's been called up. he's doing it all. then in the sixth, herrera calls this power. almost gets the third deck. odubel has the second best batting average in baseball since june 1. they rough up the marlins 8-1. everyone is in awe of rhys hoskins. >> im going get his autograph on a ball today. it's really out standing. it's a lot of fun to watch. >> i know it's not going to last forever. it's baseball. i have been lucky enough that i'm able to ride this natural wave. >> that autograph pete mackanin is getting is worth something.
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well looks like we'll see a pair of 80s. scattered showers from the r remnants of irma chl taper off saturday. and we get into sunshine saturday. keeping an eye on jose as well. >> thanks for watching. the tonight show is coming up next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julianne moore. shawn mendes. spike jonze creates a live dance film.


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