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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2017 7:00am-7:38am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. no deal. president trump clashing with top democrats after a late night white house dinner, denying they reached an agreement on d.r.e.a.m.ers and border security with no money for a wall. what the president is saying this morning and where this fight goes next. practice run? chilling videos emerge of a teenage suspect in the tragic school shooting in washington. >> sounded like a huge firecracker going off in the hall. >> one student killed, three others wounded, the suspect in custody. this morning, the custodian being hailed as a hero for ending the rampage. nursing home tragedy. a criminal investigation launched in the wake of irma after the deaths of eight residents at a sweltering rehabilitation center as
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millions remain without power nearly a week later. all that plus a holy discovery 2,000 years in the making. the push to scrap social security numbers. and -- >> it's over. 21 in a row. >> the cleveland indians make history as their record-setting winning streak rolls on today, thursday, september 14th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> morning, everybody. welcome to "today." glad to have you with us on a thursday morning. >> congratulations to the cleveland indians. if you're listening to what some democrats are saying and what the president is saying, you may find yourself a little confused. >> is there a deal or isn't there? this is our breaking news. the president in a war of words just this morning with top democrats after the democrats
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claimed a late night dinner resulted in a deal on immigration and border security and that wall. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so exactly what happened last night, it depends who you ask. the democratic leaders declaring they made a deal with the president to extend protections for young, undocumented immigrants. president trump this morning saying not exactly. even the idea the president is softening his stand on immigration is infuriating fierce conservatives. one of them calling it, the art of the steal. this morning, a political back and forth over the art of the deal. the president tweeting a short time ago, no deal was made last night on daca. massive border security would have to be agreed to in consent for the vote. the president working around his own party, hosted chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. on the menu, tax reform, border
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security, infrastructure and trade, and how to resolve the dispute over so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers after the administration's move to end the obama era-policy. after the sit down, the democratic leaders announcing, we agreed to enshrine the protections of daca and work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that's acceptable to both sides. some republicans outraged. congressman steve king tweeting, if the story is correct, president's base is blown up and disillusioned beyond repair. no promise is credible. others praising the president like senator jeff flake. kudos for pursuing agreements that will protect d.r.e.a.m.ers from deportation. the white house pushed back, saying excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to. schumer's communications director then tweeting back, the president made clear he would continue pushing the wall, just not as part of this agreement. all of it a strategic shift for the president.
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just last week, shocking the capitol by making a decision with democrats. he tweeted reassurance to the nearly 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers, say s nancy pelosi. >> this president has done more for bipartisanship in eight days than obama did in eight years. >> reporter: frustrated by how slowly things are getting done, including republicans failure to repeal and replace obamacare. not long ago, trump said schumer was the head clown. and nancy pelosi, the loser. >> reporter: sou sounding like a democrat, saying the rich may pay more. >> if they have to go higher, they'll go higher. >> reporter: skeptics from conservatives, that he be
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abandon them. >> if we can do things in a bipartisan matter, that'll be great. >> reporter: the president on twitter insisting no deal is done, at least not yet. he writes, the wall, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation and old -- of old and existing fences and walls will continue to be built. then he defends those d.r.e.a.m.ers, writing, does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? really? matt and savannah, back to you. >> peter, thank you. >> let's bring in kasie hunt. good morning. it is confusing and all seems to boil down to three words in the democratic statement, excluding the wall. do we have a deal or no deal? >> reporter: good morning, matt and savannah. it sounds as though we have the beginnings of what could end up being a deal, but we also have so much confusion about what the president wants, what he promised to democrats over dinner and what republicans are
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actually going to do. don't forget they, at the end of the day, control whether or not these kids are going to find a legislative fix. you add this all to what the president was saying to our chuck todd just a year or two ag a ago. take a look at that and then we'll talk about it. >> rescinding daca? >> we have to make a new set of standards. when people come in -- >> you're going to split up families and deport children? >> we have to keep the families together. >> keep them together out? >> they have to go. >> reporter: that is, of course, the opposite of what the president is saying this morning, which is hey, we want to find a way to keep the kids here. most important piece of this, i think, and chuck schumer's office has been talking about this, he, of course, the senate minority leader, that the president apparently told democrats that he won't require them to offer money to build the wall in this package in exchange for a fix for these kids. that is something that might
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allow democratic votes for such a bill. we'll have to see how the actual details unfold. i do think this, regardless of how confusing it may be, marks an important turning point in these negotiations. >> kacie, thank you very much. lot more to get to, including new information on wednesday's deadly school shooting in washington state. we're learning more about the teenage suspect who is in custody and the victims. joe fryer is at the scene for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. classes a the school are cancelled as authorities investigate this shooting. three students remain hospitalized, recovering from gunshot wounds, and a fourth classmate who was killed is being called a hero for trying to stop the shooter. just hours after gunfire broke out inside this washington state school, the rockford community held emotional vigils to honor the victims. all of them shot, authorities say, by a fellow student. >> we ask for that peace to be
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with all of those who are involved. >> reporter: the sheriff says a teenage student came to freeman school heavily armed. he tried to fire one gun but it jammed. >> he went to his next weapon. a student walked up to him, engaged him and that student was shot. that student did not survive. >> reporter: as students took cover inside classrooms, the sheriff said the armed student fired more shots down a hallway. k >> it sounded like a huge fi firecracker going off. i saw the flashing lights of it going off right at the kid's head. >> reporter: one student was killed, three more were shot and injured. >> one hit in the back, one in the arm. >> reporter: panicked parents rush to the school. most were eventually reunited with their traumatized kids. the shooter was stopped by a school custodian who stepped in and ordered him to surrender.
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officials have not released the name of the suspect, seen here in handcuffs. nbc is not identifying him because he is a juvenile. michael harper says he knows the shooter. >> one of my best friends brought a gun in a duffel bag to school. >> reporter: harper says the alleged suspect had been watching documentaries on school shooters, and students who know the suspect confirm his youtube channel features these channels, since deleted, showing him firing guns. the investigation is just getting started, but the sheriff says a s the suspect may have brought the guns to a school because of a bullying situation. >> we need to find out what's gone wrong with our society, that our children decide they need to bring weapons to deal with the issues they're facing. >> reporter: the suspect is being held in a juvenile detention facility, just one day before the shooting, this school held a lockdown drill to prepare for this exact situation. officials say that may have helped save many lives.
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savannah and matt? >> joe, thank you. the ongoing impact of hurricane irma. a criminal investigation has been launched into the deaths of eight residents at a nursing home in florida, three days after the storm made landfall. this as the ongoing recovery efforts ramp up. we have two reports this morning, beginning with nbc's gabe gutierrez. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the state has shut this place down, at least for you, and we're learning new details about this facility. apparently, it had issues before. a 2016 inspection report found it failed to properly maintain its emergency generator, and local firefighters apparently knew this facility well. this morning, a criminal investigation is underway to find out exactly what killed at least eight senior citizens, found inside a sweltering nursing home in florida, days after hurricane irma. >> the ac unit in this place behind us under investigation
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was not working, and they were utilizing portable ac units. >> i'm dealing with well over 100 people being evacuated from a nursing facility. >> reporter: 158 residents evacuated from the rehabilitation center in hollywood hills, many in wheelchairs and stretchers. some suffering from dehydration and heat-related issues. the nearby hospital ordering a mass casualty protocol to deal with the large number of incoming patients. the fire department saying it got its first call at 3:00 a.m. the report of a heart attack. another call an hour later, reporting breathing problems. then another. at 6:15, firefighters started evacuating the facility, as frantic relatives desperately tried to get answers. >> felt like 110, 115 degrees in there. >> reporter: many wondering why the residents weren't moved sooner, with the area's heat index reaching 87 degrees overnight. and the hospital with power literally across the street. >> i think it is an emerging
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scandal of large proportions. >> reporter: in the past year alone, authorities say fire rescue crews responded to the facility 127 times. >> in my opinion, it is exce excessi excessive. >> reporter: the nursing home blaming irma for knocking out a transformer that powered the system. the facility's administrator saying we asay ing we are coordinating with authorities, saying workers prepared for the impact of hurricane irma. the center contacted florida power and light, and our staff continually checked on our residents' well-being. the mayor doesn't buy it. >> it was human failure on the heart of the medical staff supervising the folks, to not sound the alarm much more broadly, loudly, way earlier. >> reporter: the deceased ranging in age from 71 to 99. among them, 84-year-old betty. carman thought of vega as her second mother. >> why didn't they call me to
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pick her? to pick her when they have problem with the air-condition. >> reporter: a high of 90 degrees and so many without power across the state, an urgent push to protect florida's most vulnerable. the city of hollywood has inspected dozens of other assisted living facilities to check for similar issues. a small one was evacuated yesterday as well as a large one. 150 of the state's nearly 700 nursing homes are still without power. without full power. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez on this tragic story for us. thank you very much. of course, crews are racing to restore power not only in florida but across the caribbean, where so many islands suffered catastrophic damage. nbc's gadi schwartz is in key west with the latest on the recovery efforts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. after the eight deaths reported here in the florida keys, we now know that two of those deaths happened right here in key west. if you take a live look from our
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drone above, you can see a lot of these neighborhoods were covered in downed trees. now key west is starting to dig out, even as they run dangerously low on supplies. days after hurricane irma unleashed her fury on florida, the sweet sound of relief. military choppers arriving at a key west strip mall to a line of floridians desperate for the basics. >> i was so thirsty. thank god for the army. >> reporter: navy crews fresh from helping hurricane harvey victims in texas. >> what is it like helping out? >> this is why a lot of people join the navy, to do this thing. it is an incredible feeling. >> reporter: people need water, power, fuel. cell service has been cut off to much of the island chain. >> everything is down and gone. everything is blocked. telephone poles are down. >> reporter: the national guard also out in force, helping wherever they can. >> devastation out here.
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so we're taking it street by street. >> reporter: along the highway, neighbors feeding neighbors. >> feels good to be able to help somebody else. this is what we do in the keys. we help other people. >> reporter: other parts of florida are suffering, too. middleburg still underwater. >> try to move assets to those affected as fast as possible. >> reporter: in jacksonville, soggy houses. power crews still working on restoring electricity to millions, while all hands pitching in for the cleanup. but as bad as the keys and other parts of florida have been hit, the caribbean took the brunt of the storm. tortola, 90% of businesses and homes gone. families on barbuda struggling to find supplies. nothing is left, she says. on st. thomas, an 18-hour curfew
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in place, and long food lines as the army national guard distributed ready to eat meals. the basics are all people can hope for now. >> yeah, it's in pretty bad shape. >> reporter: after surviving the monster storm, people are just grateful to be alive. >> there's nothing more valuable than your life. >> reporter: and the next step now is a search of the waters here. officials say after reports that people may have been on board their boats when the storm hit, they have to send dive teams in to inspect all capsized vessels. back to you. >> thank you very much. there are some new developments into the special counsel investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. nbc news learned the son of ousted national security adviser michael flynn is a subject in the investigation. according to current and former government officials, the inquiry into michael g. flynn is focused in part on his work for his father's lobbying firm. legal experts say prosecutors
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could be using the younger flynn to pressure his father into divulging evidence about other high-level targets, including president trump. attorneys for michael flynn and his son decline to comment. new controversy around the treasury secretary. steven mnuchin asked for a government plane to use during his honeymoon vacation in europe earlier this year. it can cost $25,000 per hour. according to a spokesperson, he considered using a military plane because he needed to access secure communications as part of his national security duties. the request was withdrawn after another option was identifies during his extended travel. durinow to a bizarre incidet an airport in north carolina. a plane was taxiing to the gate when a tug driver slammed into the wing of the plane. the tug is the vehicle used to
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push and pull airplanes. the driver was taken to a local hospital, is in stable condition. no one on the plane was hurt. some flights were delayed as a result of that accident. investigation now underway. let's check our weather for the first time this morning. hi. >> hi, guys. we're talking about heat that's going to be building. humidity is going to be building in florida, when they really do not need it, given that, of course, a lot of folks still without power. it is going to feel like it is near 100 degrees from daytona beach down to key west today. that continues tomorrow, really. daytona beach, tampa will feel like 100. 99 in naples. key west, 99 degrees. here's the latest on jose. a category 1 storm. 510 miles south/southwest of bermuda. it brings it between bermuda and cape hatteras. as we look at the difference between the european model and the united states model, the european model brings it a little bit closer by wednesday to the coastline of the u.s. about 130 miles offshore.
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difference of 100 miles between these two. we're going to have to continue to monitor this. to monitor this. we're going to hi. oh, hi! welcome to the neighborhood. i brought you this pie to see if you're weird. wow, that smells intrusive. it is. did you want to come in, maybe snoop around a bit? that's why i'm here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? ooh, i smell onions! the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. good morning. i'm erika martin and we do have a rhetty nice dpretty nice day forecast. a mix of sun and clouds but i am tracking the chance of scattered showers later this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s, possibly an isolated thunderstorm on friday but the weekend forecast looks fantastic. sunshine in the forecast, a mix of sun and clouds were phot
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saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 80s and we kick off the following work week in the upper 70s be some sunshine. we may see some showers on tuesday, follow us on social media. weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, fallout over one of the largest cyber attacks ever, with 143 million social security numbers stolen. some are asking, is it time to go away with the numbers all together? the accidental discovery in an ancient church in rome that may have solved a 2,000 year old mystery. first, this is "today"n nbc. o
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the citi double cash card. double means double. good morning. it is almost 7:30 on your thursday. let's get right to erika martin. she has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> so we're tracking a break in the patchy fog we saw earlier. so it looks like berks county, lehigh valley seeing an improvement but i'm also tracking some showers that could get here later this afternoon. notice we are seeing some developing clouds moving across our area. right around 4:30, 5:00 p.m., we start to see some greens on the screen. a mainly dry day and we will see sneak peeks of the sunshine and i'm tracking a really nice weekend in the forecast. back to you. we are watching a serious crash on i-95 southbound through wilmington. jessica boyington has details on
7:27 am
that and how you may be able to get around it. >> it's a fatal accident scene, so accident investigation will be underway. a lot of debris and a mess here to clean up. you can see they're allowing one car or so at a time to squeeze by on to the shoulder but for the most part they're diverting traffic around the scene just before 495. so right now you'll be diverted off to take 495. they're not going to let you get down to this point to 95 southbound. that was southbound 95. >> thanks. police are searching for the gunman and an suv involved in a drive-by shooting that left four men injured in north philadelphia. the bullets flew just before 10:00 last night. all the victims are in the hospital. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. we'll send you back to the "today" show. i'm danny.
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she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. we welcome you back to "today." nice to have you. >> we'll start with the headlines and the breaking news out of the white house this morning. >> more and more, we're trying to work things out together. >> no deal after top democrats leave a white house dinner, claiming an agreement over d.r.e.a.m.ers and border security. president trump says, not so fast, with the wall a key sticking point. >> they talked about everything from trade to tax reform. >> 3 million people remain without power in florida as the death toll from irma rises in the wake of the tragedy at a nursing home. eight seniors dead from the sweltering heat. more than 100 others evacuated. >> we all have elderly people
7:31 am
and facilities that we depend on to care for our most vulnerable elderly population. senator ted cruz speaks out again, blaming a staff member for liking a porn video from his account. >> a staffer accidentally hit the wrong button. it was an hon nest mistake. wasn't malicious. martin shkreli behind bars after offering $5,000 for a lock of hillary clinton's hair, prompting the judge to revoke his bail. lucky number 21. >> caught by lonnie chisenhall! it's over. 21 in a row. >> the cleveland indians rewrite the record books with the longest winning streak in american league history. today, thursday, september 14th, 2017. that's a long time without a loss. it's exciting. good for them. this morning, new concerns over the data breach at equifax. it is affecting nearly every
7:32 am
adult in the united states. one question gaining some traction, if so many social security numbers have now been compromised, is it time to actually just do away with them all together? nbc's tom costello has been working the story since it broke. good morning to you. >> morning. the white and blue cards we all have were never meant to be a tax id or health care number, but now there is a good chance our numbers have all been stolen, and that makes us all very vulnerable. the worst hack of personal data in u.s. history. >> this concerns equifax. >> gets worse by the day. >> welcome to the equifax automated security freeze system. >> with the nation's three credit agencies swamped with calls from millions of americans trying to put a fast freeze on their credit reports. 143 million names, social securitys, dobs, addresses, drivers licenses, all stolen. >> what we've seen here is the most outrageous, the most
7:33 am
egregious example of a company not doing what it needs to do when it comes to protecting consumer information. >> in a usa today editorial, equifax ceo writes, we are devoting extraordinary resources to make sure this kind of incident doesn't happen again. meanwhile, those blue and white social security cards we all have were first issued in 1935 when fdr was president. they haven't changed much. but if they have all been stolen, is it time for a 21st century high-tech makeover. >> shouldn't be harder to get into my iphone than it is to hack my social security number. >> over the years, social security numbers morphed into a national identification number. >> our social security number for somebody like me is linked to our whole life. should we change that? absolutely. >> without one, you can't get a job, take out a loan, buy a house, file taxes, get into college or get health insurance. >> i think we can finally drive a stake through the heart of this system. social security numbers were never meant to be a secret. never meant to be any security
7:34 am
tool. now they probably never will be again. >> may be up to the financial industry to come up with secure ways to identify identities. constantly changing electronic numbers, two and three step authentications and even iris scans. is this going the wakeup call when the country decides it is time to move beyond social security numbers? >> it needs to be the wakeup call. we repeatedly, year after year, have these wakeup calls and we hit the snooze button. there's no more snooze buttons. >> here's the catch, our social security numbers make it easy to run fast credit checks, so customers can make impulse buys or sign up in store for the credit cards. if that changes, retailers could feel the impact very, very quickly. guys? >> a lot of folks are urging you to do a credit freeze. what does that mean? how do you do it? >> i've done it. here's what you do. go online or you call the
7:35 am
nation's three credit bureaus. yes, call them all. it is an automated service. they've been flooded with requests, so it does take time. you type in your state, your social security, numerical address, all of that, which means only businesses you already do business with can have access to your credit. criminals are locked out. but if a bank or company needs to run a legitimate credit check, like you need to take out a car loan or are applying to college, you need to unfreeze the report. don't forget it. >> does this cost anything, to freeze and unfreeze? >> equifax right now is freezing for free. some agencies charge $5 to $10 to freeze and unfreeze, which can be a hassle and it adds up. you have to remember your credit is frozen if you suddenly need the credit. the other thing, you have to remember your pin number, which they will give you when you freeze. write it down. put it in a secure place. because in a year or two or three, you need the pin number again to unfreeze.
7:36 am
>> by the way, equifax better be freezing for free. >> i'll say. >> that would be a disaster. tom, thank you. mr. roker, check of the weather? >> yes. this is free. let's show ya. >> did it come up? i didn't see it. >> it did come up, tom. it's okay. good on you. so remnants of irma now making its way through the northeast. it's not going to be a big problem as it pushes through some pop-up showers, maybe a thunderstorm or two later this afternoon into the evening hours. rest of the country, we are looking at some pretty dense fog. st. louis on into chicago, probably airport delays there. again, hot and humid down through florida. not good news there. some mountain snows developing out west. we'll look at that in the next half hour. it'll be toasty throu i'm erika martin and we have a nice day in the forecast. that fog mixing out improving.
7:37 am
we do have a mix of sun and clouds, but tracking the chance of scattered showers later this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s. possibly an isolated thunderstorm on friday but the weekend forecast looks fantastic. sunshine in the forecast, a mix of sun and clouds for both saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 80s and we kick off the following work week with some sunshine. we may see some showers on tuesday. follow us on social media. >> don't forget to get your full forecast any time ycast any tim our friends at the weather channel. >> it's free. >> i almost forgot. >> al, thanks so much. ahead, new information in a study raising serious questions about flu shots during pregnancy. what all women need to know. first, st. peter's bones. the chance discovery 2,000 years in the making. a ["love is all around" by joan jett & the blackhearts] ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile? ♪ ♪ who can take a nothing day, ♪ ♪ and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? ♪ ♪ well it's you girl, and you should know it. ♪ with each glance and every little movement you show it. ♪
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