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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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daylight by wathe minute. >> i know. your tweet -- fall back shortly. good morning. breaking news. an explosion in the london subway during morning rush hour causes a stampede of commuters. 18 injured. the police treating it as a terror incident. we're live on the scene. north korea launching a ballistic missile over japan, breaching japanese air space for the second time in a month. the president speaking out from air force one. >> the people of this country will be very, very safe. >> what will it take to get the north to back down? google under fire. a major lawsuit, that says the tech giant pays more than women.
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nasa's historic mission to saturn comes to a fiery end. selena gomez gets back to work after a life-saving kidney transplant. and the cleveland indians with a historic walk off today. september 15th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a friday morning. we have willie in for matt this morning. breaking news to start us off, it comes out of london. a fireball in the london subway, during the morning rush hour, caused a stampede of commuters and left 18 people injured. scotland yard is now investigating this explosion as a terrorist incident. let's get to keir simmons. he's live on the scene with the latest. what happened? >> reporter: good morning. this is a wealthy area, a suburb
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packed with middle class families. around there, you can see, the area around the subway station, cordoned off. witnesses claimed to see some kind of explosion. and people being trampled under foot. 18 people transported to the hospitals, according to officials here. meanwhile, london's police, terrorist command, investigating. chaos. commuters escaping flames and fear on a subway car witnesses say was packed. this morning, pictures show belongings abandoned and what may be a crude explosive device. one passenger tweeting, a fireball flew down the carriage. >> mums asking where their children were. >> reporter: police treating it as a terrorist incident. 8:20 in london, this morning. >> it's early to draw full
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conclusion as to what the circumstances and cause of that explosion are. >> reporter: so far, multiple injuries reported. one witness telling me, she saw a woman with extensive burns. >> i saw one woman on a stretcher. her legs were burned and wrapped in plastic. and her hair was charred. >> reporter: others, hurt in the panic as people fled. moonk manage the passengers, children on the cool run, now witnesses to what may be another terror attack in europe. this morning, president trump tweeting, another attack in land bin a lowe'ser terrorist. these are sick and demented people. the mayor of london asking for calm, saying the city will not be defeated from terrorism. i live a short distance away from here. i have friends who live in this area. when it happens so close to home, it gets to you.
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>> indeed, it does. we're hoping everybody is safe there. keir, thank you. a new missile launch by north korea, over japanese air space. the stakes in that region higher than ever, as the u.n. security council calls for an emergency session later this morning. we got it all covered, beginning with nbc's ron allen in seoul. ron, good morning. >> reporter: this was a bold and defiant step by the north koreans at a time when the united states and the international community are trying to exert as much pressure on the regime as possible. the regime, launching its furthest flying missile, ever. this morning, south korea's response, swift and emphatic. simulating a strike on the north korean launch strike, minutes after the regime defied the world again, its 19th missile test this year. fired from pyongyang. it flew some 2,500 miles east over japan, before falling into the pacific ocean. a distance that puts guam well in range. hours earlier, president trump
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suggesting north korea is feeling pressure. >> we're working on different things. i can't tell you, obviously, what i'm working on. but believe me, the people in this country will be very, very safe. overnight, japanese sirens sounding for the second time in three weeks. north korea feeling emboldened. another missile launch, after apparently testing a hydrogen bomb earlier this month. dispuespite the security counci calling for sanctions. calling for america to be punished, beat with a stick, fit for a rapid dog. saying, japan is no longer needed to exist, reducing the u.s. to ashes and darkness. when the u.n. security council meets this afternoon, another emergency sessions, call for tougher sanctions, perhaps an oil embargo, an ideal rejected
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by the chinese and russians, who want the u.s. military to back off, as well. >> ron, allen, thank you. we have the former chief of staff to the cia and department of defense, jeremy bash, who is an analyst for nbc news. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> there's been so many of the missile tests. the recent nuclear test. and maybe people getting immune to this. put it into context, how big a deal is this? >> this is big. five provocative actions since july. two missile tests that could hit the mainland of the united states. a nuclear test. the sixth nuclear test. two times that have overflown japan, a critical u.s. ally. they can reach guam. this means that north korea is not deterred by anything the u.s. security council is trying. >> to your point, the u.n. put in new sanctions a couple of days ago. there's talk again about sanctions. it's clear that kim jong-un is
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not deterred by sanctions. and clear that china is not going to cut off oil to north korea. so, what is left from the united states' point of view? and what do you expect president trump to do? >> there's more that china and russia can do, but here to for are unwilling to do it. the president is giving a speech at andrews air force base, with a backdrop of the machinery of the air force. i think you're going to hear tough rhetoric, tough words. and if military options are being considered by the white house, you'll see military forces flown to the pacific. >> it takes time to stand those up. jeremy, we're out of time. but appreciate your perspective. thank you. now, to a hot button issue on the home front. it's the deal between democrats and republicans over d.r.e.a.m.ers. there's conflicting reports from all sides here, with a possible path to citizenship for tens of thousands of young immigrants
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hanging in the balance. peter alexander has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. the president put it simply on air force one, saying if he can't get things passed first, he's going to go a different route. that may best explain his latest deal to make a deal with democrats on the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, even when he's taking heat from his core supporters. this morning, growing confusion and anger over immigration. president trump signaling his support for a deal for d.r.e.a.m.ers, the young undocumented immigrants that could face deportation beginning next year if congress doesn't act. >> we are close. >> reporter: after two years of promising to build a wall along a southern border. >> build a wall. build a wall. >> reporter: the president saying it may not happen right away. >> the wall will come later. we're renovating large sections of wall. >> reporter: his comments coming
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after comments, they've come to term with mr. trump to save the daca program. ann coulter tweeting, at this point, who doesn't want trump impeached? and breitbart delivering this warning on msnbc. >> i think you could see the emergence of a primary candidate from the right, challenging donald trump. >> reporter: still, the fate of d.r.e.a.m.ers remains in the air, with differing views of a path to citizenship. >> we're not looking at citizenship. >> reporter: and from pelosi. >> i do believe that there's an understanding that down the road, there's an eventual path to citizenship. >> reporter: president trump seeming to contradict its own aides. >> the trump administration will discuss a responsible path forward in immigration reform. that could include legal citizenship over a period of time. >> reporter: the president's dance with democrats blind
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slooiding republicans. >> there's no agreement. >> reporter: with gop leaders returning from the hurricane zone in florida, the president blasted his own party's inability to get things done. >> if they're unable to stick together, i'm going to have to get help from the democrats and i have got that. >> reporter: help that could likely include chuck schumer, caught with an open mic on the senate floor, about his relationship with the commander in chief. >> reporter: despite their feud, the president does like engaging with chuck schumer, a fellow new yorker, who he relates to more than mitch mcconnell. schumer was heard explaining the advice he gave trump, saying, mr. president, you're much better off if you can sometimes step right and sometimes step left. if you have to step in one direction, you're boxed in. willie and savannah, the zamb i
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zambonis to work on a friday. >> peter alexander, thanks so much. this morning a criminal investigation into the deaths of eight senior citizens at a florida nursing home is revealing more about the disturbing conditions there in the wake of hurricane irma. and raising new fears about the millions still without power today. gabe gutierrez is in hollywood, florida, with all of that. good morning. >> reporter: millions of people throughout florida are without power, including dozens of nursing homes. but for the loved ones of those who died here at the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills, it's not the storm that has the most upset. growing outrage over the death of eight patients in this swelters nursing home and the evacuation of 145 others. some had body temperatures of 106 degrees, says this state senator. >> that held tells us those. >> reporter: over 100 degrees.
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>> reporter: one of the eight died on tuesday and had a do not rhesesuscitate order. it wasn't until wednesday at 3:00 a.m., the local fire department got the first of several 911 calls. 78-year-old caroline is among the dead. >> i should have checked on her to make sure she's okay. when you put something into professional people's hands, you think everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: the nursing home's administration claiming the hurricane knocked out a transform that powered the a.c. system, and that the staff checked on the patients' well-being. the facility's administrator saying, we are fully cooperating with authorities, as questions about the incident linger. >> the facility had some power. however, the billing's air conditioning system was not fully functional. >> reporter: much of florida still reeling from irma's impact, almost a week after the storm, more than 2 million
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businesses and homes are without power. >> there's still a lot of work to do. we're not going to stop until every customer is back on. >> reporter: chunks of big-city miami are in the dark. so is rural glades county, where irma knocked out electricity to 99% of customers. >> i am strong. but it just gets overwhelming. >> reporter: in the keys, a navigational challenge for the coast guard. sunken vessels blocking ships loaded with relief supplies. navy master diver, russ, using goggles and a knife to free one of the boats. on florida's hard-hit west coast, president trump feeding survivors and praising the recovery efforts. >> the job that everybody has done in terms of first responders and everybody, has been incredible. >> reporter: the president is also expected to visit puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands to tour irma recovery efforts. here in hollywood, an active criminal investigation is under way.
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and police are planning to execute a search warrant here at this facility. >> gabe grutierrez, thank you very much. this morning, we're learning more about the heroes that stepped up to stop a shooting rampage. the teenage suspect facing charges. nbc's joe fryer has the story. >> reporter: new court documents identify 15-year-old calleb sharp as the suspect in the deadly school shooting. according to an affidavit filed thursday, detectives say sharp wanted to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others. sharp's parents told authorities he had written a suicide note a week ago. >> he got sucked into a counterculture of violence. a culture is that enamored with school shooting. >> reporter: students who know the suspect, know his youtube channel show him firing guns.
7:15 am
on wednesday, investigators say sharp brought an ar-15 rifle and pistol to freeman high school. court documents say he got the guns from his father's gun safe, located on the home. >> suspect in his teens. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect went to the school's second floor hallway and pulled out the rifle, which jammed. as he grabbed the handgun, sam strahan intervened but was shot twice and died. >> he was smiling around the halls. supernice kid. >> reporter: strahan's dad died in an accident on father's day, compounding the loss for his mother. three other students were shot in the attack. they're all recovering. the suspect's family released a statement offering condolences. >> it's difficult. but they're good, loving people. that's why they have tried to roach out to the community to let everyone know they're not just concerned about themselves.
7:16 am
they're concerned about everybody. >> reporter: authorities say the shooting spree came to an end, when the janitor ordered sharp to the ground and held them there until a deputy arrived. >> i have no doubt in my mind that joe bolin is the reason why things weren't worse than they turned out. >> reporter: the students and staff received a long standing ovation. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, rockford, washington. >> no telling how many lives were saved by that custodian and the young man who stepped in to save his friend. al is here with a check of the weather. you have your eye on jose still. >> i do. >> i don't like that face. >> i'm not crazy about the face, either. this is the face i was given. this is the best i can do. here's what i've got. hurricane jose's a tropical storm, southwest of bermuda. 75-mile-per-hour wind.
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it's moving at eight miles per hour. it stays offshore. but by wednesday, the east coast, really within the cone of possibility. and the steering currents, right now, we have the bermuda high. it moves around the high. it will track between the u.s. and bermuda. but it comes close enough that we're going to be looking at coastal rain, surf and problems and wind. and in fact, right now, the difference between the european model and the u.s. model, now, today, the u.s. model has it much closer to the u.s. coast. about 160-mile difference between them. but the model, is concern for flooding and possibly landfall. we're going to have to continue to watch this. it's not until wednesday. we will watch this very see the smart new look of apt. 9 versatile stylish comfortable apt. 9 smart styles designed for 9 to 9
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only at kohl's plus take an extra 20% off when you spend $100 or more. you'll get kohl's cash too. right now during kohl's fall style event. kohl's i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. right now the big story is tracking tropical storm jose. expected to being a category-1 hurricane with the next 24 hours. we'll be monitoring this closely for you. we're of course tracking its path and whether or not it's going to make landfall. if so, when. we'll keep you updated. follow us on social media at nbc philadelphia for more updates on tracking currently tropical storm jose, soon to become hurricane jose. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up, the 900 million-mile good-bye, we're going to take you inside nasa's emotional final mission for its groundbreaking spacecraft.
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and it's coming to a fiery end today. then, google versus women. the major lawsuit rocking silicon valley. accusing the tech giant of underpaying female employees for years. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's a few minutes before 7:30 on this friday. a warm start to our day. meteorologist erika martin is tracking it in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> we have a great day in the forecast. temperatures for today climbing to the 80s, a few upper 70s. lots of sunshine for today, although we could see a scattered shower, possibly an isolated thunderstorm later in the day. i think it's going to be nice. saturday and sunday look just as nice with a mix of sun and clouds. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on traffic. trouble out there? yeah. bell mawr, 295 around the cameras at the black horse pike. an accident scene on the northbound side. you see a few vehicles involved here. looks like we're letting through the work zone. the left lane move through and the right lane move through, kind of to the center.
7:27 am
hopefully they'll shut this down in a second to get it to the shoushlg shoulder. northbound, traffic moving toward the trenton area. slowdowns there. and you can see in the southbound side moving toward 42 or philly, slow there, too. maybe gaper delay. >> thanks. the pennsylvania budget stalemate faces a deadline today. governor wolf and lawmakers need to reach a funding deal before the state runs out of money to pay the bills. the democratic governor opposes a funding package passed by house republicans. the state senate has yet to vote it. in chester county, the brandywine valley spca will be welcoming dozens of dogs rescued from parts of texas flooded by harvey. they'll be medically assessed and available for adoption. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. join us every weekday from 4:00 to 7:00. i'm rosemary connors.
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welcome back to "today." it is 7:30 now on a friday morning, as we look forward to the weekend. >> let's begin with the headlines. we start with a scary incident in london. breaking news. terror fears in london, as an explosion on a train rocking morning commuters, leading to chaos and a stampede, as investigators work to find out who was behind it. >> we are treating the matter as a terror-related incident. north korea launches another missile over japan, as warning sirens send japanese residents for cover. and forcing a session of the u.n. security council. >> sanctions were just passed a
7:31 am
couple of days ago. what was said to be the toughest round of sanctions ever. the options seem to be running out. huhumiliated. a new report says jeff sessions offered to resign in may, after president trump called him an idiot over the appointment of robert mueller. campus controversy. amid growing backlash, harvard rescinds its invitation to chelsea manning, calling it a mistake. and the tribe has spoken. the cleveland indians keep on rolling, winning their 22nd-straight game in dramatic fashion. today, friday, september 15th, 2017. to win 22-consecutive baseball games against other major league teams is an astounding feat. they are creeping up on the all-time record in the national league. and the indians clinched a spot in the playoffs. >> who are you? >> you've given us so much
7:32 am
material for cocktail parties this weekend. >> my pleasure. think about this as you drink your coffee this morning. i don't know what's in your mug. we drink our coffee. a billion miles away, nasa's groundbreaking mission to saturn is ending in a fireball. >> the spacecraft is winning its run in dramatic fashion. tom costello covers nasa for us. he has a school story. >> this is a hard day for engineers in nasa, who have devoted their lives to kasini. watching it go up in saturn's atmosphere, hopefully getting us closer to knowing if there is life somewhere out there. >> and liftoff of the spacecraft to saturn.
7:33 am
>> reporter: we have never seen it up close until. >> the long journey to saturn. >> this spacecraft catapulted into the cass most than rocketed towards the ringed planet. this is what it beamed back. 500,000 awe-inspiring images. it took even years. but it was worth the wait. bringing us an unforgettable up-close look at jupiter. and then, of saturn. >> no spacecraft has gotten this close to saturn. that allows us to make measurements that you just can't make when you're orbiting outside the rings. >> reporter: just four months ago, cassini became the first spacecraft to plunge between the rings. >> you feel like you could touch
7:34 am
the rings. >> reporter: and beneath them, that's us, earth. nasa's unprecedented 20-year 5 billion mile journey, answering that cosmic question, are we alone. revealing the moons that look like earth. those are rivers right there. and these are seas. >> it shows the potential for the existence of life. >> reporter: but some of the six moons cassini discovered looked like nothing we've seen before. >> cassini accomplished its mission and more. >> reporter: now, out of fuel, cassini is going out in a blaze of glory, plunging into the atmosphere at 75 miles per hour. not without one last picture show. cassini's last transmission, likely the light from its own fireball. >> i think cassini has left us with humankind's presence at another planet for 13 years. seeing things we had never imagined.
7:35 am
>> reporter: is this a cool story or what? scientists don't know for sure if there's life on saturn's moons that cassini looked at. nasa is crashing cassini into the atmosphere. if there's anything alive on the moons, it won't be harmed or contaminated. it starts in a few minutes. >> that is cool. >> even the animation anticipating what it's going to look like. >> the end of a 20-year journey. >> cassini's like, let me take a selfie. if you check facebook befwh you wake up, you're not alone. facebook showed the social network allowed advertisers to seek out anti-semitic audiences. and now, they're making changes. miguel almaguer has that story. >> reporter: this morning, facebook under fire. the social media giant removing a feature that potentially allowed advertisers to target people with anti-semitic views. including those who listed nazi
7:36 am
party as their employer. the practice was exposed by reporters with a nonprofit group propublica. through a series of tests on facebook's self-service ad-buying platforms, they were able to target people that expressed interest in jew hater and other troubling topics, too. like how to burn jews. >> we paid $30 to promote our posts, which were facebook posts. they were approved within 15 minutes. >> reporter: overnight, facebook told nbc news, they don't allow hate speech. and -- to help insure that targeting is not used for discriminatory purposes, we are removing these self-reported targeting fields until we have the processes in place to help
7:37 am
resolve this issue. facebook ceo billionaire mark zuckerberg has invoked his own jewish faith before. like in the days following the violent protests by white nationalists in charlottesville, virginia. zuckerberg wrote, i know a lot of us have been asking, where this hate comes from. as a jew, it's something i wondered about much of my life. it's a disgrace that we need to say that neo-nazi and white supremacists are wrong, as if this is not obvious. facebook is facing scrutiny for its advertising practices. last week, the social media giant disclosing an operation, likely based in russia, spent $100,000 on 3,000 ads promoting divisive social and political messages. now, facebook is under even more pressure. for "today," miguel almaguer,
7:38 am
nbc news, los angeles. al is back with us. we're looking for the weekend forecast. >> we are. and we're looking to see if we have a change in our weather pattern. right now, we have the jet stream dipping down to the south, in the west. and here in the east, it's an upper-level ridge. and that means warmer weather. in the west, we're looking at a little winter. winter storm warnings from montana into wyoming. significant snow above 6,000 feet. some spots around missoula, helena and bozeman, up to a foot. and here in the eastern third, two-thirds of the country, looking at temperatures way above normal. st. louis, 90. jacksonville, 86. bangor will be warmer than washington. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. right now the big story is tracking tropical storm jose. expected to become a category-1
7:39 am
hurricane with the next 24 hours. we'll be monitoring this closely for you. we're of course tracking its path and whether or not it's going to make landfall. if so, when. we'll keep you update. be sure you follow on social media at nbc philadelphia for more updates on tracking currently tropical storm jose, soon to become hurricane jose. >> don't forget, get get that weather anytime you need it this weekend, on the weather channel on cable. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, can you tackle major life goals by writing them down? a to-do list hack. is google underpaying female employees? there's a class-action lawsuit your car is ready!
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7:44 am
companies in the world. >> lawyers are accusing google of systematically paying women less than men. >> reporter: good morning. google is facing a lawsuit that's been filed on behalf of all women who have worked at the tech giant over the last four years. that could be 20,000 women. it's the latest development in an ongoing movement in silicon valley to address discrimination, harassment and pay equality. google coming under fire once again. three former female employees are suing the search giant for discriminating against women, by allegedly paying them less than men and denying them promotions. they say google's failure to pay female employees the same compensation for male employees for substantially similar work has been and is willful. the lead attorney says the women were motivated by what they thought were unfair business practices. >> they are seeking, not only to get compensation for themselves, but compensation for all 20,000
7:45 am
women. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, google denied the claims, saying, in part, we disagree with the central allegations. job levels and promotions are determined through rigorous hiring and committees. we have systems in place to ensure we pay fairly. google's workforce is made up of 69% men and 39% women. tech workers are 80% men and 20% women. the chief financial officer says they're trying to change. >> we're treeing to see more people from underrepresented groups. >> reporter: google is being investigated by the labor department for unequal pay. the company has denied those allegati allegations. >> i look at the women who put their names on this lawsuit. i am impressed. not only are they standing up for fair treatment at google, but they're making a bet on their future. these are serious technologists. they want long careers in technology.
7:46 am
>> reporter: this comes one month after google fired james demoore, for writing a meme low, claiming that women's and men's abilities differ because of biological causes. it's about a growing discussion of equality for women in silicon valley. >> every company is struggling on how to build workforces. and i think google is not alone in struggling in that area. >> reporter: the plaintiffs in this lawsuit are seeking back pay, which includes wages, bonuses and stock, plus damages. they want google to change their hiring policies going forward. guys? >> all right. one to watch. jo, let us know how that develops. coming up next, carson is in the orange room with a story we're all interested in. >> have you sent a text that you wish you could take back? i know you ha go slow. ♪ come on mom!
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7:50 am
good morning. happy friday. carson is over in the orange room. this is a good one. >> it is a good one. something we can all relate to. did you ever send a text and realize i sent that to the wrong person. whatsapp may have a solution for your problem. the app is testing a feature for delete for everyone, that would allow a user to unsend a message. the rub is that the user has a five-minute window to realize and delete their mistake and
7:51 am
will not be able to delete that message, if the recipient has already opened it. if it's too late, you can't take it back. social media is buzzing about this. this is a common useful feature. on the other side, people should just be human and own their regrettable decisions. we asked you on twitter, how overwhelming do you think this is going to be? >> everybody wants this. >> 90% say yes. all messaging apps should have this feature. whatsapp has tested a beta version of this feature but has yet to enable it. >> i don't know how you can be against it. don't use it if you're dpens it. >> the break glass moment. >> yes. put it back in. carson, thank you very much. coming up, support pouring in for selena gomez and the friend who gave her a kidney, as the pop star heads back to work. and speaking about strong ladies, girl changing the world, a pint-size fighter who knows
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. 7:56 on this friday. let's check our forecast with meteorologist erika martin. a warm start out there. that's right. we have a gorgeous day. a warm start. tracking a nice friday in the forecast. we're going to have a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures climbing into mainly the 80s. a few upper 70s. overall, nice. we could see a shower, isolated thunderstorm by this evening. pretty much mainly dry. jessica boyington starting us off on 295. >> we've been watching this for an hour now. a crash on the northbound side of 295 near the black horse pike. northbound side is here. that's where you see some of the delay. finally, the accident over into the right-hand shoulder, the last time we looked, it was in the center lanes. we had lanes splitting either side to get by. that's why we're seeing residual delay there. again, since this is northbound, that's traffic moving up toward the trenton area. also in springfield, watch for a crash on church road at east
7:57 am
mill road. quick note for anybody who takes regional rail. starting this evening and for the next two weekends, buses will replace trollies on septa's 101. it runs frommish dash to orange street station in media. septa is doing track construction and maintenance work. we're learning new details about the death of freshman lacrosse player mccray williams at lafayette college. sources tell nbc10 police are interviewing students who attended i party with williams on saturday. we've learned a number of players from the lacrosse team were there, and that williams left the party with a young woman. an autopsy shows the 19-year-old died from blunt force head injuries. another just in about 25 minutes. you can join us every weekday morning for "nbc10 news today" from 4:00 to 7:00. i'm rosemary connors. the "today" show continues in a moment. have a good way.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking news. terror in london. >> i saw one woman on a stretcher. her legs were quite burnt and they were wrapped in plastic. and her hair, as well, quite charred. >> an explosion rocking a busy subway car. we're live on the scene. plus, spotlight on salena. an outpouring of support for the singer, following news of her kidney transplant. and new hope her story can raise awareness about lupus. and jake gillyllenhaal and i
8:01 am
dench coming by to talk about their movies. friday, september 15th, 2017. today is awesome. we have big groups on the plaza. these lovely ladies celebrating 60 years of friendship from -- >> oklahoma. >> this group. what are you celebrating? >> 30 years of friendship. >> another big group. lordy, lordy -- >> i'm turning 40. ♪ >> good morning, indianapolis. >> from california, here on the plaza. >> i'm celebrating my birthday all the way from st. louis, missouri. >> happy birthday right back to you. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us. that's a good crowd out there, hoda. >> we have a group in their 50s, too. 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s.
8:02 am
>> i thought there was a concert. the crowd is so big out there. >> they heard you were here, willie. lots to get to in this half hour. we're going to start with your news at 8:00. security ramped up across london this morning, after a homemade bomb exploded on a subway train, triggering a rush hour stampede. keir simmons has the latest in london. keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. there's a manhunt under way to find who might be responsible for the terrorist attacks. they're scanning through footage from the subway train. but police refusing to say whether anyone has been arrested over the incident. this was the crude bomb police say was an improvised explosive device. pictured on social media, scotland yard says it caused flash burns. it was chaos. one passenger saying, i heard a boom. and there were flames all
8:03 am
around. >> asking where the children were. >> reporter: police treating it as a terrorist incident. the timing, 8:20 in london this morning, potentially designed to cause maximum casualties. >> it's a little early to draw full conclusions on what the circumstances and cause of the explosions are. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, another attack in london by a lowe'ser terrorist. these are sick and demented people. must be proactive. police say there was nearly two dozen injured. one witness telling me, there was a woman with extensive burned. >> one woman was on a stretcher, her legs were quite burnt. and wrapped in plastic. her hair was charred. >> reporter: others, hurt in the panic as people fled. manage the passengers, many children on the school run. now, young witnesses to what may be another terror attack in europe. and the british prime minister tweeting, my thoughts are with those injured at the tube
8:04 am
station and emergency services who are responding bravely to this terrorist incident. i don't think folks in this city, savannah, will relax, until they know someone has been apprehended. >> keir simmons in london. thank you. for the second time in less than a month, north korea fired a missile that flew over japanese air space. it traveled about 2,300 miles before crashing into the pacific ocean. that distance puts the u.s. territory of guam well within range of north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson called on china and russia to increase their economic pressure on north korea. the u.n. security council imposed new sanctions this week. it will address the latest missile launch when it meets next week. now, to dallas, where a huge statue of confederate general robert e. lee was removed from a park last night. a crane was needed to lift the six-ton statue, that depicts lee flanked by a soldier. police stood by and traffic was kept out of that area. the sons of confederate waged a
8:05 am
court fight. now, the statue will be kept in storage until officials decide what to do to it. now, a move to "hoda's morning boost." >> wes and katie hanson, their first due in september. they went to a garth brooks concert this summer. wouldn't it be cool if garth did the gender reveal? he saw the sign. and he read their note to the crowd. take a listen. >> i have to tell you. i'm extremely happy for you i have three of these. >> the country star has three daughters. the house lights turned pink. and the couple learned they were having a girl. they were going to name that baby brooks. >> cute. >> after that, garth made this generous offer. >> we'll make a deal. if i'm still alive when brooks goes to college, we'll pay for
8:06 am
her college. >> oh. >> wow. >> how about that? he feels sorry for the next child because they can't top that story. but what a fun -- and garth is known to do that. >> the lights are all pink. that's a gender reveal. >> i just sent a blast e-mail. that's a little better. coming up, the touching story of pop star selena gomez and the best friend that stepped up when she needed a kidney france plant. and jake gyllenhaal taking on the story of a boston survivor. and the little girl with brains, brawn and a fighting sfi spirit. spirit. and g ♪ ♪
8:07 am
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8:10 am
♪ we're back. it's 8:09. and the outpouring of support for singer selena gomez, following news of her kidney transplant. and new hope that her story can raise awareness of lupus. >> lupus is often called the great imitatoimitator. it's often misunderstood. but with so many twitter followers, selena gomez may be equipped to change all that. selena gomez, appears to be back to full health, become to work on the set of a film. salena and her best friend, recovering from a kidney transplant, performed over the summer. gomez thanking her friend. she gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. i love you so much, sis.
8:11 am
1.5 million americans suffer from lupus, a chronic disease that attacks the kidneys. lupus strikes women of child-bearing age and is two to three-times more prevalent among women of color. in 2015, gomez revealed she received chemotherapy treatment for the disease. and last august released a statement saying, she was taking a break to cope with her anxiety, panic attacks and depressi depression, symptoms common among lupus patients. >> lupus is a disease that is inactive and patients have a flair. they will feel very sick. that uncertainty causes sadness and anxiety in patients because they can't predict how they will feel moment-to-moment. >> reporter: lupus specialists say gomez could be the perfect person who raise awareness about the disease. >> i think a lot of people saw a lot of my life, whether i liked it or not.
8:12 am
and i had two options. either i would succumb to what everybody was saying, or assuming. or i could take that opportunity and be vulnerable with my specific audience, which is the people who have been with me since the beginning. and i think that's what i chose to do. >> reporter: her kidney transplant, now in the past. gomez reveals she will share more. i look forward to sharing with you my journey in the past several months. adding, lupus continues to be misunderstood. but progress is being made. and doctors say that gomez's new kidney should be resistant to lupus. and she should be able to thrive as a result. she is teaching a lot of people about lupus. sometimes you think of an older person. but it happens in young people. young women, especially. >> and she's probably doing a lot of good about being open about it and sharing. and hopefully people -- >> like a friend who donated the
8:13 am
kidney. the bravery there. >> for sure. now, we'll do "trending." here's what's trending on twitter. london. we know about the attempted terror attack. cassini, we learned about that, too. last dash for cassini. and too much to ask. that's nail horn's new strong. time for the weekend and getting things done. raise your hand if you like to make a to-do list. nbc had a hack. it's called a burner list. this is how it works. take your to do list. separate it into three sections. on the left side. that's the front burner. and then, the top right, you would call the back burner. and then, the one below that, we call the kitchen sink. it's really like one, two, three. >> that's a lot for me. >> you know how i do that, one, two, three, four. >> i like the idea because, you
8:14 am
have like 14 things. and the discipline of having to -- >> if you put buy beer right here, it's number one. >> buy beer always. >> that's a front burner for you. what's on your to-do list? >> perpetual front burner item. i put it in my calendar. i open up an item. and i have ten things in there. but i'm not going so far to draw a grid every morning. >> i say, if you have something to do and you can get it done in two minutes, do it now. don't put it on the list. just get it off your plate and do it. >> there's those things that linger, always on the list and you never do them. i got to call the dermatoloderm. got to get my skin checked. >> i wish i could do that. this side of the market. >> the grocery store, you mean? oh, all right. it doesn't work for everyone. you seem organized, al. >> you know, i actually still
8:15 am
have a filafax. i've been writing stuff down. i have the thing on the phone. >> you get more during a day, than anyone. you do stuff on commercial breaks. >> he's working out while he's sleeping. >> a five-course meal on the break. >> idle hands are the devil's work. we start with lady gaga. she had to coancel a performanc in brazil. she was hapt lospitalized. i'm devastated not to come to rock in rio. i have to take care of my body. lady gaga shared this image of the rio tattoo on her neck. that city holds a special place in her heart. let's hope that lady gaga gets better soon. now, to jennifer garner, expressing her love for "hamilton." this was after a trip to the dentist, complete with laughing
8:16 am
gas. have a look. >> they did the sad part of "hamilton." and they started crying. i couldn't stop. and they said, are you okay? and i said, it's so beautiful. it was so beautiful. that music, it's so beautiful. >> that video has gone viral. >> i will have what she's having. and finally, chris pratt, the actor gets put in the hot seat on ellen's youtube show, "show me more." and he answers some of ellen's burning questions. have a look. >> favorite song to sing in a shower "when a man loves a woman." to-go drink at starbucks. black coffee, like a cowboy, with 14 splendas. your secret man crush. tim mcgraw. your favorite pickup line. you like money? >> that show kicks off september 19th. hope they're all as good as
8:17 am
chris property. that's your "pop start" today. now, for the daly click. trying to distract a bored child involves using your imagination. you can see, it's a dim-lit room. you have the light against the wall. and the mom using her hand to make shadow monsters across the wall. didn't see the wall coming. yeah. oh. that's all right. that's a door. she's okay. didn't suffer anything. look at that. >> it was so stweweet. until that moment. >> you wonder how to get to 50 million hits, that's how. >> "daly click" is an emotional rollercoaster. let's check the weather. top burner issue. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by "american assassin," now playing in theaters. >> we look and see what's happening right now.
8:18 am
our friends in florida will be looking at pop-up showers and thunderstorms that will be firing up later today, and into the evening and afternoon hours. it will be warm. again, these folks dealing with no air conditioning. it will feel like throughout the state, anywhere from 97 to over 100 degrees into the weekend. we've got temperatures in the 80s and 90s. and out in the atlantic, not only do we have tropical storm jose, we have this invest area, 96l and tropical depression. in the five-day development zone, this one has a 90% chance of becoming a tropical system. we continue to track it. that's what' we do have a gorgeous friday in the forecast. this is the last friday of summer 2017. we'll take it. a mix of sun and clouds, more sunshine across the entire delaware valley, temperatures climbing into the 80s. we very well could see a passing
8:19 am
shower, possibly an isolated thunderstorm after 5:00 p.m. until about 7:00 p.m. overall, a great day, mainly dry, lots of sunshine and all around fantastic. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> al, thanks so much. now, to our special series, "girls changing the world." this morning, an 11-year-old girl who will change the way you look at sports. >> you're going to love her. her name is jesslyn silva. you will love her spunky personality. this champ has a mean one-two, that will knock you out. 11-year-old jesslyn silva can pack a punch. were you into fairies and princesses. >> i was into princesses when i was smaller. i didn't like dolls because it was just, like, they creep me out a little bit. >> reporter: maybe you can be a princess that boxes. ♪ ♪ okay. what do you love about boxing?
8:20 am
>> what i love about boxing is that i can express myself in so many ways. just by hitting the bag. and it's also really fun. >> reporter: when you say you're expressing yourself when you hit the bag, what are you saying? >> when you hit the bag hard, you're saying, i got some strength. so, like, i got strength. so, don't mess with me. >> reporter: you have a nickname, right? what is your nickname? >> it's jesszila. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: at 75 pounds, jesszila works out for two hours a day, four days a week. how did you get into boxing? >> i got into boxing when i was 7 years old. my dad went to the gym to lose some weight and stuff p. i wanted to do it, too. a few months later, i was working on my one-two. and my dad was working on his jab. >> reporter: jesslyn's dad is her biggest fan. he supports her every day.
8:21 am
>> has that fighting spirit, at a young age. >> reporter: matches are usually against boys because not too many girls a s compete. are there people that are surprised to hear you're a boxer? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do they say? >> they say, you're really good. people that don't like what i'm doing, they're like, why are you boxing? girls shouldn't be boxing. only boys supposed to do it. they didn't see me more. >> reporter: when did you realize, i might be kind of good at this? >> i started when i won my first fight. i was like, wow, i'm actually really good. >> reporter: if you want to be in this sport, you got to take a punch. >> yeah. you have to take a punch. >> have you taken hard punches? >> yeah. i can say i've taken hard punches. i've taken some tough sparring. taken some tough fights. it's all lessons to teach how you to get better. >> reporter: i thought she could teach me how to throw a few
8:22 am
punches. one, one, two. you play with all-boys. >> uh-huh. the first time i sparred, i didn't know i was going to be that tough. i cried. that's how i knew it takes guts to get inside that ring. you have to have a heart for boxing. and i know i have a heart for boxing. >> reporter: blessed with brains and brawn, jess made honor role and is proud of her achievements inside and outside of the rink. >> i got this medal for being an honor role student. do you have a favorite muhammad ali quote? >> float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> reporter: you have to be moving so you don't get the punch. >> and then, you have to sting like a bee, which is punch. and you have to be fast, so they're hands can't hit what the eyes can't see. >> reporter: what's your goal? what's your biggest dream? >> my biggest dream is to go to
8:23 am
the 2024 olympics. and i'm going to win the gold and represent for my country and all women. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> are we in love with jess? >> madly in love. >> i noticed you didn't stand across from her. you stood next to her. you don't want to catch one of the jabs. >> she's strong. she can pack a punch. she's a darling girl. >> this is a great series. a great way to end the week. we got some major something from carson. >> just a little witness. major star power. jake
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
good friday morning. i'm katy zachry. let's get right to first alert meteorologist erika martin with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. looks pretty nice today. >> so nice. we have mostly sunny skies. a couple of clouds make their way in especially during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures climb into the 80s. same deal for saturday and sunday. we are tracking showers for monday, tuesday and wednesday. also tracking currently tropical storm jose. let's get a check on traffic with jessica boyington. >> we have an earlier disabled
8:27 am
vehicle at cottman avenue. the backup isn't very far. it's just right before that scene. it will take you about five minutes more. also watching 295 over near the black horse pike. beginning tonight and for the next two weekends, buses replace trollies on route 101 in delaware county. the route runs from the 69th street transportation center to orange street station. the rock 'n' roll half marathon hits tomorrow beginning at 7:00 a.m. we'll be back in another 25 minutes with another update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
how are you? good morning. hi. welcome back to "today." it's 8:30 on a friday morning. a beautiful morning out on our plaza. made all the more beautiful by the lovely crowd we have out here. this is a good one. hi, everybody. this is a crowd. >> this is a crowd. >> are we on in. >> this is a spring break crowd. >> a lot of excitement in this crowd today. >> what's happening? >> it's going to be more exciting in a week. one week from today, fergie will be here next friday morning. only on "today" show. you to come on back. it was tough to pick a crowd moment. the crowd is humongous. however --
8:31 am
there are 40s and 50s. there's a young lady here, a young woman who retired from teaching after 40 years. all of her colleagues pitched in, from virginia, got her a train ticket. got her everything to take care of her. what's your name? >> my name is karen kathy. >> what was your school? >> i worked for the title i office. i was a reading teacher. >> can we say congratulations to this teacher. you have wonderful friends. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. y'all have great friends. thank you for sharing with us. how about that? >> i love that. >> isn't that beautiful? >> god bless. >> thank you. thank you. what's really cool is that matt has the picture frame in his office. of himself. thank you, guys. >> that's amazing. coming up next, jake gyllenhaal opens up on his film
8:32 am
about boston marathon bomber survivors. and other than kathie lee, we normally don't have dames in our studio. but here is judi dench. we're going to talk to her. >> we're honored to have her. a cookoff kickoff this "sunday night football," with the green bay packers versus the atlanta falcons. get ready for beer braised brats, onion dip and so much more. >> the lighter side. >> you against me. atlanta and green bay. savannah staying up late tonight. going to have a chat with jimmy fallon about the new book. >> "princesses wear pant." >> jimmy looks apprehensive. first, let's get a check of the weather.
8:33 am
>> let's see what we got for you for your weekend. starting with tomorrow, very warm. the midsection of the country. wet weather and some snow through the northern plains. some clouds in the pacific northwest. sunshine through the southwest. sunday, sunday, we are looking for heavy surf, due to jose making its approach. gulf coast showers. warmth continues the midsection of the country. little rain along the pacific nohwest.rt i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. we do have a gorgeous friday in the forecast. this is the last friday of summer 2017. a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures climbing into the 80s, a few upper 70s. while we will stay mainly dry for today, we very well could see a passing shower, possibly an isolated thunderstorm after 5:00 p.m. until about 7:00 p.m. overall, a great day, mainly dry, lots of sunshine and just all around fantastic. enjoy.
8:34 am
this "sunday night night f" weather is brought to you by verizon. not just unlimited. verizon unlimited. >> watch live, local and primetime games with nfl mobile, only on verizon. >> that's right. because the best night of the week is coming up, ladies and gentlemen. that's right. sunday night, football night in america. we got the packers, coming down to mercedes-benz stadium. mostly clear skies in atlanta and the temperature of 77 degrees. it all begins on "sunday night football" night in america. packers versus falcons, 7:00 p.m. be there. >> all right, al. thank you so much. it was the photo sceeen arod the world, capturing the moment when jeff bauman was wheeled
8:35 am
away in the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings. the image became the most iconic of that day. >> now, 4 1/2 years later, jeff's road is hitting the big screen in the movie, "stronger." >> reach back. chest up. chest up. chest up. okay. >> chest up. chest up. good. good. okay. >> that's amazing. >> okay. >> you are so tall. >> i can't. i can't. >> jeff is here this morning, along with jake gyllenhaal, who plays jeff in the film. good morning, gentlemen. i saw the movie last night. it really grabs your heart. and it's so moving. and i can't imagine, jeff, what it was like for you to watch this unfold. to the viewer, it felt so real. how did it feel for you? >> very surreal. i want to say thank you,
8:36 am
savannah. i met you three times now. and one time, you were pregnant. and another time it was -- >> circle of life. >> circle of life. >> and you have a little girl now, too? >> she's three now. >> nora. >> congratulations. >> what was the process like for you, different from other roles, that you had, where you're not playing a fictional character. you're playing a real-life character, and someone we don't know that much about privately. we've seen you throwing out pitches at red sox games and getting the adoration. what did you have to do to study jeff? >> i felt a huge responsibility, not only to jeff. but to his family and the city of boston and anybody who saw that photograph, who had any feelings about what happened to him on that day. i think, you know, for me, what i discovered was his incredible sense of humor, which i guess wasn't a surprise. but i think i realized that's what got him through all of this. that's what's in the movie.
8:37 am
and i think also the incredible community around him. the people, with all of the complication and all of the messiness and complexitiecompley love him so much. and you start to realize, that's the only thing that matters at all. >> i'm glad you mentioned the humor. i mentioned my tears. i have to say, you play it with such heart. and you really see, jeff, your personality. and you are a very, very funny guy. i know the premiere was -- he's like, thank you. that's right. i'm quite hilarious. >> thank you. >> don't be so serious over there. >> did you see me staring off into space? i was reading the teleprompter. >> jake, tell them what happened when we were doing the tease before. >> i was doing the tease. and now, coming up jake gyllenhaal and jeff bauman. and jake was reading the teleprompter. >> you can't put a teleprompter in front of me. i'm going to read it. >> during the flip, jake is telling jeff, perk up.
8:38 am
we're on. >> three minutes. stay awake. stay awake. >> keep your eyes open, man. let's talk about the premiere. it was cool. the premiere for the movie was in boston, the spalden rehabilitation center, where you recovered and a lot of the film was shot there. >> it was amazing to have it at spaldi spalding. it brought back a lot of memories. but what was great, my head p.t., michelle kerr, she is in the movie. >> is that the rottweiler? >> no. that's vanessa boykin. >> she is in the movie. she took out jake's breathing tube, or my breathing tube in real life. >> these are your caretakers in the movie, which is just amazing. >> jeff kalish, the surgeon, to explain what happened to me. and that -- all that stuff, like, really hits me hard. and it's like, whoa.
8:39 am
>> dr. kalish came in because there were doctors auditioning to play doctors and nurses. and our director was not satisfied with the performances. we had a meeting to discuss what happened with jeff. and we turned to each other and say, maybe he can play the doctor. we had him audition. and he was really not good. >> but he's a great surgeon. >> then, he just said what he said to his family and to jeff. and all of a sudden, we said, we don't need a script. we have everybody come in and behave as they did. >> it's not acting. we have to go. what do you think of jake's boston accent? did he get it? >> it was all right. >> that's a compliment. i'll take that. >> he's raving. >> two out of five stars. yes. >> he worked really hard. >> he did. and it shows. it's really excellent. thank you so much. jake and jeff. >> thank you, guys. >> good to see you. "stronger" hits theaters
8:40 am
september 22nd. check it out. we said it, we have royalty in the studio. dame judi dench is here. but first, this is "today" on nbc. our veterans have given us the rights
8:41 am
and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. dame judi dench is no stranger to playing a royal. in her new film, "victoria and abdul" it's based on the true story of an unusual friendship between the queen and a young commoner from india. and the family condemns the relationship, victoria refuses to back down. >> i am cantankerous, boring, greedy, fat, ill-tempered. at time, selfish, myopic, metaphoric and literally. i am, perhaps, disagreeably attached to power.
8:43 am
and should not have smashed the emperor of russia's egg. but i am anything but insane. >> stop it. dame judi dench, good morning. >> good morning. >> i cannot wait to talk to you about this film. i have to say, i was a little surprised, when i was doing a google search of judi dench. all of a sudden, a piece of video came up. it was judi dench rapping. and it was -- i swear it was one of my favorite moments. >> and mine. and mine. >> did you enjoy doing it? >> i loved every month of it. >> how did it get to be that little bit? >> pow. pow. >> how did that come to be? >> because lethal bizzle just -- he thought out all that and says dench. he knew i was a fan of his. and he said, would you come and learn to rap? i said, you bet i'll come and
8:44 am
learn to rap. i love it. i could do it better now, though. >> you were doing great. >> i haven't seen it. >> it seems like you're always learning. i was thinking about you. and i thought to myself, you're an 82-year-old leading lady, which is big in any profession. there's something that you're doing, that must be different from what others are doing in their professions. what do you think that special thing might be? >> i don't know what it is. but i have a kind of -- i have a thing in my -- you ought to learn something new every day. >> you do? >> and if you can be employed at the same time, it's even better. >> do you feel like you're still learning when you're working? >> no question about it. you know, always when you take a job on, i think you think, i think i probably, probably know almost how to -- well, you never know how to do it. you always -- there's always a snag. >> i learned something about this movie that you have call e "victoria and abdul."
8:45 am
it's a true story. >> it is. >> did you know about this relationship beforehand? >> he kind of hints about it. but until the found letters and things like that in india, everything bertie had everything destroyed. and consequently, they were found later. and this is only just been published in 2010. >> it's a taboo relationship between an indian, who starts out as a servant and the queen. and you're filling a role that your character needs. your character is desperately lonely, right? >> well, she had a great passion for her husband, albert. and then, he tdied. and then, that -- whatever passion or need, was helped by a friendship with john brown for four years.
8:46 am
and he died. i didn't know that there was, you know -- i thought that she just left and was left to reign for the rest of her life. but she suddenly met this young man when it was -- everything had been suppressed and everything. she had a wonderful bit of life. >> it filled her up. made your character happy and joyful. >> had a nice time and laughed and learned from him. >> i felt there was some of you in this. when you come here, kathie lee and i interviewed you, i'm laughing. i watch you rap and i'm laughing. there's some joy in you that radiates out. we encourage people to see this movie. it's a great movie. "victoria and abdul." it opens september 22nd. up in enext, our football faceoff, the options for sunday. this is "today" on
8:47 am
fran grenier. new jersey born and raised.
8:48 am
like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
8:49 am
all right. it's time for "today food." this sunday night's game is going to be a good one, when green bay takes on atlanta. we have two talented chefs. first up, here to represent atlanta, is chef janika, owner of life of the party cadier. >> and grace schmidt, born and raised in wisconsin. her family has season tickets on the packers 50 yard line. good family to know. >> we're going to start right now. falcons go first. we're going to do a dirty bird. >> absolutely. a dirty bird burger. we're stuffing it with bacon and cheese. a few inxwreed yegredieningredi. turkey and some spices, and georgia peaches. and good buns. life is about good buns.
8:50 am
>> you had me at bacon. cheese goes in the bacon? >> this is cooked crumbled bacon and jack cheese. salt, pepper, garlic powder is going to go in with the ground turkey. said the worcestershire sauce, please. and you can use beef. i caused turkey because it's th dirty bird. one way to get your burgers the same size, you can use an ice cream scoop or a measuring cup. >> shape it big or small. >> and you can take a spoon and put a little filling. i put a little indent in the middle. >> you make a little hole in the mid. and you drop the cheese and the bacon in. >> ooh. >> you're a genius. >> and you fold it over and reshape it. >> what's happening? >> carson is in trouble down there. a dirty burger.
8:51 am
>> we shape it all together. you put one on the grill. you can put it at medium high heat. it's turkey, so it has to be cooked all the way through. six to eight minutes. we have to keep it georgia. i have georgia peaches. you can grab some of the olive oil. and grilled fruit is trendy on burgers. you can grill pears and peaches. >> funky. >> it is funky. you put them on the grill right here. you go until they have a little char on the bacon. >> i have a spicy mayo. and you have a signature spread on your burger. add some spices from your pantry and make it your own. what i have is arugula. you can use any fresh green that you like. and we'll build it. >> don't break into my green bay time now. >> peaches on top. >> i see you building it.
8:52 am
if the game is as hot as this cookoff, it will be a good game. >> all right. we have the ultimate tailgating recipe right here. >> do it. >> beer braised brats. >> i love it. >> i heard you're a beer connoisseur. >> how hot is the heat on the brat here? >> medium-high heat. this is the stuff we're going to put into it. we're going to sear the brats. >> they've been soaked in beer? >> we don't soak them yet. we're going to grill them. people do it either way. >> i cut the hot dog and soak it in beer. >> you don't want to pierce the brat because all of that yummy juice will come out. >> how long do you cook it? >> not all the way through. just golden brown. >> we have a minute. keep going. >> now, we are going -- this is some butter in here. add the garlic and the onions. >> getting some funk going. >> got the bacon.
8:53 am
add some salt in there. how long -- >> going to saute it until it's translucent. and then, we will add a little bit of hot sauce. >> okay. >> will you grab the wore chest cent worcestershire sauce? >> that was a lot. that's okay. hopefully nobody eats this one. >> and you have brown sugar in there, too. >> yep. >> how is it, guys? >> you like it? >> the brats are good. >> and then, we beer it up. beer it up. come on, let's go. >> let's go it. good times. >> thank you very much. when you're watching the game sunday night, i think we're going with the dirty bird. >> to get all of the recipes, head to and catch all of the action sunday night, as the falcons and the packers go head-to-head, 8:30 eastern on nbc. this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] what's coming up sunday? >> my guest is elisabeth moss, the star of "the handmaid's tail." >> and also, megyn kelly is launching on september nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm katy zachry. let's get right to first alert meteorologist erika martin with your weekend forecast. >> we do have a really nice friday in the forecast. because we have plenty of sunshine, temperatures climbing into the 80s. your rip current risk for today is moderate. check with beach officials and
8:57 am
patrols because conditions could be dangerous. don't swim out there alone. let's get a check on the roads now with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're watching it on the southbound side. traffic that's moving or approaching the delaware area. the off ramp is partially blocked right now. these are the lanes of the southbound side of 295. they're still open. you can see cars are slowly getting by the other side of the ramp. moving through city line avenue, a little bit of a slow down there too. in south jersey, governor chris christie will be in camden today to deliver remarks on the state of education in the area. the governor plans to speak at a middle school. this weekend mourners gather in cherry hill at the funeral for kenneth smith, one of the
8:58 am
navy sailors who died in a collision aboard the u.s.s. john mccain. he was 22 years old. governor christie ordered state buildings to fly their flags at half staff in smith's honor. a job fair is today at the middletown fire hall. the job fair is also open to family members of veterans.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
is this something you've been working on for a while? you always wanted to do? >> love, love, love. >> i've been sewing since i was 7. this is a long time coming. it's an extension of me. i sew dresses, hol halloween, everything.
9:02 am
i was obsessed with garments. >> i was thinking, could i wear that? i could do that. >> every one, i could see somebody wearing. >> new york fashion week is full of, who would wear that? how do you wear that? >> it's crazy. that's nuts. >> i love the designers, as well. it's artistic and creative. my line is for the everyday w k working woman. the woman who does it all. your mom life, your work life, i want you to feel good doing it and look good doing it. >> i wonder when the designer comes out on the runway, and everybody is clapping. with the 7-year-old girl, that used to sew costumes, could you feel it in that moment? >> i was overwhelmed. i was shaking. i was crying. it was a dream, i never even knew i had. so, for that to come true, it's like, this is big. i didn't dream -- i didn't dream this.
9:03 am
i never dreamed to show a collection at fashion week. i love making clothes for women. yeah, i was definitely overwhelmed at the end of the show. i didn't walk the runway. i came back -- i didn't know what to do. i didn't want to go all the way down. >> all day, i felt like the land of giants. i'm trying to fix the clothes on these girls. i'm like, get down here. i can't fix that. >> i need a stepladder. >> that was me. >> my goodness. achieving a dream you didn't know you had. that's as good as it gets. >> i know. really fun. >> one thing you had been planning on, but had been so acting in, and does a great job, you've been an advocate for the fight against breast cancer. >> yeah. i'm actually here in new york, and coinciding with new york fashion week, was a campaign we're launching for meta static breast cancer. my sister had breast cancer.
9:04 am
we caught it early. she was in stage i. got treatment. he's in remission now. one in three women diagnosed with breast cancer, will develop metastatic cancer. >> what's the difference? >> it spreads all over. into lungs, liver, bone. and it's incurable. it's -- breast cancer is highly curable when caught in time and with prevention. but metastatic breast cancer is not. still no cure. decided to team up with novartis, which is doing a campaign called kiss this for nbc. if you post a boomerang or a selfie with the #kissthisfor metastatic breast cancer, they will donate $10 for every post. >> everybody watching can do that it's so easy. what kind of post? >> boomerang, selfie, saying kiss this.
9:05 am
yeah. it would be great if you blow a kiss. i have one on my social media eva longoria instagrams. you can see what i posted. >> i know you would do this if you were paid by novaris or not. >> this is personal to me. people think you have to be rich and famous to make a difference. you can post a selfie and donations will be made. up to $200,000, which is really significant. >> that's amazing. if you watched our show, we like to play a little game with our guests. >> okay. >> we have to give it a catchy title. our producer, erin, has given -- >> this is one of our better ones. >> better beleva. >> not that the other ones weren't great. >> you just said that. >> better beleiva it. >> growing up, you were known as
9:06 am
the ugly dark one. >> dark like sad? >> no, like skin. horrible. that was my family. my family called me that. because my sister -- my mom is very light-skinned. my sisters were very light skinned. they were born with blonde hair, very light skinned. i was one of four girls and i had a head of black hair, very dark skin. and my sisters used to tell me i was adopted. they would tell me, we found you at the hospital. my sisters were mean. they called me ugly dark one. >> glad we started with that one. >> this is a therapy session. where is the wine in this? i thought this segment had wine. >> that's the next hour. >> exactly. >> you didn't tell me this was not the wine segment. >> what is in your cup? >> something. it's not wine. >> next one. >> here's the next one. i was going to skip that one,
9:07 am
for the record. your first job was at wendy's, to pay for your quintinara. in the is hispanic family, it's like a wedding. it's a big deal. >> like a bar mitzvah. >> i'm the youngest of four girls, none of my sisters had a quintanara. i was like, oh, yeah? i went and got a job without telling them. >> oh, wow. >> at wendy's. >> the ugly dark one, showing them. >> that's so horrible. >> now, my sisters are jealous of my skin. >> i'll bet they are. that's not the only thing. >> they want tan skin. >> who got the last laugh here? >> they want tan skin and they get burned in the sun. i'm like -- >> the next one, i feel like we would all do this. crying in front of oprah. if she walked in, i would do the
9:08 am
ugly cry. >> i bawled the first time i was on oprah. when we were at her show, the housewives went on. and she doesn't like to meet the guests before the show. >> i didn't know that. i wondered about that. >> she's likes the reaction to be real and authentic. but i was in the hallway and i was going to get a bagel. and she was coming down the hallway. and i went -- and she went -- and i think she was like, who is this crying woman in the hallway? and then, she was like, nope, nope, nope. she wanted that on camera. but she was like, no, no, no. don't cry right now. cry on camera. >> it doesn't happen to me, it doesn't happen. no crying. >> we know you actually sew and design some. but true or false, your wedding dress was designed by victoria beckham? >> it was. it was designed by victoria. she was amazing. she was amazing the entire wedding day. she was a proper friend, in making sure the dress was perfect. the dress i changed into after that was also victoria beckham.
9:09 am
i was a little tipsy by then. victoria was the one wrangling to get me into a dress. >> raise your hand -- >> she's stuck. she's stuck -- >> i went to raise my hand. and i'm like -- wait. i'm stuck. >> you're like a t-rex. >> i didn't notice it until -- i looked at the dress and i can't reach my coffee cup. i was trying -- >> al, you can't touch her. >> don't touch. >> she is telling me that all the time. >> i see it. look. >> ta-da. there you go. >> i love al. you're trying to help her. >> stop it. >> i had an excuse. >> can i tell you my new obsession? >> what's your obsession? >> al poo poos anything i love. >> that's not true. >> have you ever -- you can probably relate to this. have you tried to be healthy so you take the bad stuff out of your house. i took the junk food out of my
9:10 am
house. i want something twesweet. and i don't feel like walking to cvs, which is my cafeteria. >> she eats from cvs. and i discovered dessert for breakfast. you're going to love it. it is vanilla almond milk with race chex. i didn't like almond milk with itself. i said, let me try it. >> i don't like it. >> i need some almond milk. >> al, did you just pour coffee on it? >> yeah. >> you're ridiculous. you have to do a lot of vanilla almond milk. it tastes like dessert. >> that's sweet. >> that's the whole point. i wanted dessert. i like this -- what is this? chex? >> rice chex. >> i don't know. it can -- it doesn't have to -- >> the interesting thing about rice chex and corn chex, they
9:11 am
have always been gluten-free. >> it's so yummy. although rice krispies are not. and the interesting thing, they put on the label, gluten-free. and their sales went up 27%. >> that makes sense. >> would you please try it? she's doing it. >> i don't like vanilla almond milk. >> tweet me. you'll thank me. can you just try? >> i've tried it. i have been on -- i've eaten rice chex since i was about 12. >> okay. >> and i tried them with vanilla almond milk. >> times have changed. >> almond milk has not. i don't like it. >> it might have gotten better. >> honestly, i think it has. >> i tried it about six months ago. up next, if you love binge watching your favorite shows, you're going to love what we give away today. you could win. make sure you thuune in, after these messages. ♪ ♪
9:12 am
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9:16 am
longoria is with us. and she's going to help us with a great giveaway. >> i like giving things away, especially when it's not mine. >> today, three of you at home have a chance to win -- drumroll, please -- a fire tv edition. this is amazon's voice remote with alexis. you can enjoy 15,000 channels, apps and alexa skills. go to today's take and enter. >> you get that tv, yaur going you're going to have the time of your life. jessica biel stopped by ellen's show yesterday, and made a grand entrance. ♪
9:17 am
[ cheers ] >> i mean, every time you hear that song, you have -- you want to run and jump. >> not really. >> has anybody ever done that for you? >> that's never happened. >> i actually did have somebody do that for me. >> you did the lift. >> yes. >> you did somebody. or somebody did you? >> yes. let's take a look. >> ryan gosling. >> that's pretty impressive. >> that's very impressive. i mean, he grabs by the thighs and just lifts up. that's pure power. look at that. just had a death grip on those thighs. >> oh, my gosh. >> i thought this was going to be -- end very badly. and it didn't. >> that, you just have -- he's having a good time in that ph o photo. >> i don't know how good a time he's having. >> how did that come up? >> what was the topical peg for that? >> he was doing "crazy stupid
9:18 am
love." and he does it in the movie. >> he does it in the movie. and he said, al, let's do this. what? >> he suggested it. >> i thought y'all did. >> no. nobody suggested it. and he did. and they egged me on. and -- >> that can't be easy to do. >> ya think? >> even for jessica and that guy on that show. >> she's a little lighter. he -- yeah. >> if he had grabbed the wrong area -- >> well, you are smiling, though. >> that's more like grimacing. that's a look of terror, frozen. >> doesn't that feel good, though? >> no. you think at any moment, you're about to crash to the ground. >> did that go through your mind? >> it will live online forever. >> that is true. >> remember that day al roker killed ryan gosling. >> it would have been like a
9:19 am
carto cartoon, where i got up and peeled him off me. >> oh, no. >> it was a beautiful moment. talking about beautiful moments, let's talk about beautiful men. women are telling the bald truth about what they think about bald men. in hollywood, there's the bald and the beautiful. >> the rock. >> dewayne johnson. who else? bruce willis. good-looking men. this was a study conducted by the university of pennsylvania, that found hairless men are leading the way of attractiveness. and appear more dominant to the opposite sex. >> well, al knew this all along. >> wow. >> let me see. oh, yeah. emote that. >> i wonder if it's because you can see their faces more. the focus needily goes to the face. >> way to psychoanalyze that. >> can you imagine how much better george clooney would be doing if he was bald. >> you and the rock look like the same person. >> just alike. >> same person. >> it made men look an inch
9:20 am
taller and 13% stronger. >> i am surprised that it makes you look taller. >> do you find that you stand taller? >> no. i don't have very good posture, at all. and it says that bald men appear four years older, which is great. i look 71. >> i remember back in the day, michael jordan, it became the thing. and it used to be, men were ashamed. now, i feel like you do it and you rock it. >> yeah. remember when matt shaved his head. everybody went, whoa. >> that's kind of his look. >> matt did shave his head. >> i don't mind it. it's a look. >> i'm falling down now. >> have you seen my husband's hair? >> do you hear the sounds? >> i think it depends on your head shape. >> do you hear this right now? >> you're not supposed to hear that, i don't think. they're back there rubbing heads. >> if your husband shaved his head, how would you feel? >> i have never seen the shape
9:21 am
of his head without hair. my husband has an amazing head of hair. i mean, i love his hair, so much. >> yeah. i feel like my guy, when we got married, it was -- >> look at that. >> that's not even a good photo of his hair. he has naturally curly, amazing hair. >> does he slick it back? >> he jells it. if not, it's just crazy. >> my husband has big hair, too. he was doing a project, until he gets the project finished, he wasn't going to shave it. >> he would look good with a shaved head. >> he would look like a villain. >> my friend has a shaved head. he plays the bad guy. >> then in time. if you have a bald head, embrace it. women like it. >> play-doh. how much do we love play-doh? >> love it. >> tomorrow is world play-doh day. >> they have a day for everything now. >> it is. to kick off the festivities, we have something very disturbing. >> i think it's cool.
9:22 am
look at inthat. >> i look like a cross between me and jay leno. >> you do. >> it's right here. they can't even appreciate it. >> it's 3d. >> that's pretty impressive. >> it's very cool. if you see it from the side, my hand is coming out. >> we have some other parts here. >> parts is parts. >> you want to give the forecast? >> very nice. >> ready, go. >> sunny with some maybe thunderstorms. >> you didn't give me time to be v vannah. >> imaginations run wild all weekend long. >> my kids are obsessed with it. as long as i put newspaper down so they don't get it in the carpet. up next -- don't eat it. five secrets to getting everything you want, from a pay raise to free hotel
9:23 am
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9:27 am
asked for a raise only to get the boot? try to get a first class upgrade but got denied? don't feel down and out. we have a solution for you. anthony sullivan has been called the greatest pitchman. don't believe me? check it out ourself. >> we have the stain-fighting power of oxy green. >> anthony sullivan here for pocket jump. the easiest try to charge any car. this is the turbo sclub. >> anthony's book, you get what you pitch for, will turn adversaries into allies, get better service, make more money. but there's more. right, sheinelle? >> that's right. i can't do it. >> that's good, al. >> we're with the man, the myth, the legend himself. anthony sullivan. we know you know your thing. that's the time my friends buy it because just, for some reason, you have a gift for
9:28 am
pitching. >> it's all in the pitch. i'm telling you. >> is it true you used to live in a van? and your pitch got out of the van? >> is that the same van we were talking about? >> no. i used to live in a 1977 ford econof econovan. i used to sell mops. and the more mops i sold, the more head room i had. i lived in the van. in 1993, i got my first break on television. i went from living in a van to where i am now. >> all right. let's get into the perfect pitch. know your acceptable outcomes. what do you mean by that? >> i have pitch powers that i outline in the book. i think -- i don't think, i know. if you're walking into a situation, you have to have a clear goal of what it is that you want. you're not always going to get your acceptable outcome, number one. if you're auditioning, looking for an upgrade, looking for a hotel room, a seat at a
9:29 am
restaurant. if you're walking into a restaurant and you ask for a table and they're sold out, there's normally a table in the back. explain you have a bunch of kids with you. they're superhungry. you're going to make my day. if you can, we'll take a high top and sit by the bar. have more than one option when you go into a situation. >> you say make an entrance, take control. >> i talk about making an entrance, i'm not talking about, hey, anthony sullivan here. oxy clean in the house. i like to walk into a room and let everyone know i'm here. i like to walk in, shake hands, eye contact. big smile. when you see the person that you want to meet, make a beeline, go over there. shake hands. both hands. how are you doing? love your necklace, by the way. make little comments that bring us closer together. i like to use power words like stop, listen, watch. >> power words? >> yeah. if you -- if i say stop, especially if you're trying to convince your kids to do
9:30 am
something, the word stomach wp inherently get them to stop. if i say listen, you will perk up. watch this. come with me. >> it makes me want to walk forward. >> if i walk backwards, you bach forward. >> i'm listening. >> do you want them in your space or to be far away from you? >> i don't -- >> that's the way i am. >> you say breach the force field? >> i don't like people close to me. >> i get it. this is good. i wanted to get closer to you. if i want to make a connection with you, a lot of people are -- they're looking at their phones. it starts with eye contact. and it starts with a smile. i like to open my arms, make oois myself welcome. if i like your watch, a simple hand touch. and making a little comment on your watch. >> what about for women? it can be creepy for women. >> if you're not feeling it --
9:31 am
where i'm from, in england, we're huggers. you know, you -- yeah. look for the opportunity. take it. but don't be overbearing. try it and break that force field if you can. >> fair enough. 25 seconds for the next of the two. pushback. >> sometimes you get a no. we don't have an upgrade. there's no room on the team. this is where i say double-down. i'm going to score more goals for you than anyone else. you need to have me on the team. it's going to be your loss, not mine. you're going to regret the day that you said no. >> does that usually work? >> hey, you know what? if it doesn't work, you left it all on the table. >> last one, never be closing. everyone thinks you have to close. always be closing. if you trust the process, if you trust the pitch powers that i write about, you don't need to close. you've done such an awesome job, of convincing everyone why you need to hire me, that they're already writing the check.
9:32 am
>> you don't want the answer in the room? >> yeah. they'll give you the answer because the process has happened. na they're nodding in agreement. >> we're going to put sully's tips to the test. we have two of our plaza fans. they're going to give sully and eva their best pitch. we'll show you how to do it, after this. ( ♪ ) a dog's big life is measured in wags. and when you feed your dog nature's recipe, you fuel the wag with our 35-year history of premium recipes like chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin. ( ♪ ) (bark) the bigger the life, the bigger the wag. nature's recipe. fuel the wag. and that's when the taco fell off the plate. spilling it's toppings everywhere! aaaaah! aaaaah! don't worry, you're old el paso taco boats. you can't fall over. oh thank gosh. i nearly lost my guac.
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9:36 am
we're back, now, with anthony sully sullivan. we're in a hotel lobby setting. >> hotel eva. >> two fans from the plaza. >> each of them are going to give their best pitch in 30 seconds to get a free hotel upgrade. this is all for fun. sully and eva are playing hotel employees to hear the pitches. try to get that upgrade. laura, you're up first.
9:37 am
>> hi. how are y'all doing? i'm great. you guys look fabulous. girl, look at that watch. >> thank you. >> awesome. i'm in town for my 40th birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. i'm so excited. i love the properties here. and i would love to experience a suite spa for my birthday. we're platinum members. we love the bars here. the restaurants. love to have amazing, amazing fun on your property. i'm hoping that you can at least give me a happy birthday, big 4-o. "cougar town." looking fabulous as you do. >> well, i think you should check the computers. >> we're going to have to check the computer. we'll get back to you. >> okay. >> next up, kendra. >> hi. >> don't you look lovely today. you're gorgeous. >> i'm gorgeous, not you. >> so, listen, this is my first time in the city, i don't travel
9:38 am
much, it's my birthday. i was just wondering, i have a very, very small, teeny favor. i was wondering if i can get a bigger room, more space. me and my husband are going to be comfortable and enjoy the city, i can just enjoy my birthday. you know, just hey. >> it's my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> okay. both you guys -- i felt pressure. >> i did, too. >> i would be a horrible hotel person because i would give everybody upgrades. like, yes. yes. >> you see why they say no right now. they can't say yes to everybody. >> yeah. >> i think first, you both did great. the compliments were great. you missed complimenting me. it's both your birthday. it's difficult. i don't know -- i'm not going to say your ages. this is tough.
9:39 am
>> they both used different things from the book. she used stop, listen. she used the compliments and so, yeah. it was tough because they used different approaches. >> who gets the upgrade? >> i'm going to say -- you know who made me laugh and i love humor. i think you make someone laugh. kendra made me laugh. she said, i want to little more space. all right. >> humble approach. >> you both did great. i'm going with kendra. we don't have a third. it's me and you. >> all right. >> i actually vote for laura because i thought she did a great job, too. we're split. >> we have swag bags for both of you. full of nbc stuff. there you go. >> congratulations. >> and we should say, your book "you get what you pitch for" is available now. >> yep. i'm donating the proceeds to hurricane relief in florida for the rest of the year. in bookstores today. and thank you so much for having
9:40 am
me. >> thank you, anthony. >> got it to work. up next, imagine millennials living together under one roof, totally unplugged. millennials without social media. that's the premise of you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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9:44 am
texting. just boom boxes, anyonintendo 6d grunge bands. >> talk about the mtv competition show "'90s house," that has 12 millennials without technology. >> with only '90s technology. >> i'm not good at the teleprompter. and lingo. >> yeah. it's phat. >> the last contestant standing will take home $90,000, a mazza miata. and a trip on the ship-hop, i like the '90s cruise. >> things look strange. it should look different. you just stepped through a time warp. this is "the '90s house." where everything, the furniture, the food, the games, the
9:45 am
clothing, even me, from the '90s. >> you need to live, talk, eat and move '90s style. >> the hosts of "'90s house," lance bass and christina milian. >> that's the best outfit of them all. if chucky and screech had a basebalbab baby. >> did you dress like that in the '90s? >> worse. i had the worse style ever. >> it was the '90s. what do you miss about the '90s? >> it made sense. there was a turn in our generation that was exciting. p. diddy and you had the fly girls and -- what else? >> it started with m.c. hammer and ended with spice girls. i love nirvana and offspring. and i miss those bands. >> and the fashion wasn't too
9:46 am
bad. i had a lot of fun -- as a girl, between "clueless" and the grunge era, you could rock it out. my mom wouldn't let me do the baggy thing. i'm doing it now. >> girbeau jeans. >> you'll see, i look horrible the entire time. >> chic. she looks chic. >> she comes out, she's like, bam. >> i was in the moment. >> weren't you in "dancing with the stars"? you were on the other side of competition? now, you're a judge. what is it like? >> it's better being the host. and i think a lot of them were thinking they were going on "real world." and they're on a '90s game show. it's fun to watch them look at the technology. >> we're educating them about how great the '90s was. music. the different people.
9:47 am
people went home to watch sitcoms. now, we're on our phones. and now, we've taken it away from them. it's forcing them to have communication and have real time. >> we do have aol dialup. >> don't forget about the chat rooms. >> have to wait for it. we can't let the segment end without talking to you both about music. what projects do you have? >> you want to go first? >> i have a show called "'90s house." >> you can say, we want a reunion. >> all the time, yeah. the guys and i, we will be together next year. we're getting our star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> so am i. >> nice. >> together. >> that's great. >> i will get a star next year. >> next time. >> music is coming soon. >> lance and christina, thank you so much. '90s house" premiers september 26th on mtv. up next, repeat after me -- bacon wrapp eped scallops.
9:48 am
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the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,... ...and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,... ...hepatitis b, are prone to infections, ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. this morning on "today food," it's chef's choice. since i'm the chef today, my choice is bacon-wrapped scallops. this is not going the be a very healthy meal. but what the heck? you don't make this every day. >> there must be nutrition.
9:52 am
>> everything else is fattening. i learned this from my pal, he does a mix between celery root and potato. it's a little lighter. >> for what? >> for the pure. you're going to take a few potatoes and some celery root. and you cube those. and then, you're basically going to -- >> heavy dream. >> let this simmer with heavy dream. >> that's why this is so good. >> for about 15 minutes. when it's set, you're going to drain off the cream and reserve that. >> reserve the dreacream. >> put this in a food processor? >> you have all this in here. butter and cream. it melts down. that's the reserved cream. >> okay. oh, my goodness. >> it's still hot when you do this. >> yeah. >> you're a chef, too. >> i know. i think it goes this way, though. maybe it doesn't.
9:53 am
>> i think it's the other way. >> you're the guest. >> i'm the guest. you tell me. >> and then -- in the meantime, you'll you're doing this, eva is taking the bacon and scallops. nice, big scallops. and you want to dry them off, to get as much moisture out, as possible. you are going to wrap it around with some nice bacon. put a little toothpick around it. if you want to save a step for cleanup, you can put some parchment paper on the bottom of the pan. >> sometimes bacon gets sticky. >> you're going to put those in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350. as you do it, you're going to plate your celery root pure with potato. >> you're smear it. >> that's very nice. tonight, we have celery leaves and apple slices and some chives and you drizzle that around.
9:54 am
and, boom, you have a lovely, kind of fancy, but simple dish. >> that is fantastic. >> and there you have it. >> it's so good. >> look at that. i like the lift-up. that's very nice. >> i stole that from anthony anderson. >> you want to give it a try? >> i want to call them potatoes. >> celery root. i never thought about that. why is that? >> it lightens it up. for this recipe, go to coming up next, two of the biggest stars of instagram, girl with no job and boy with no job. they're here with fun surprises for us. first, this is "today" obvious nbc. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama?
9:55 am
and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
9:56 am
all this week, we're introducing you to some of the
9:57 am
biggest social media stars. >> claudia and ben are the masterminds at girl with no job and boy with no job. together, they have 7 million followers. today, they're going to share some memes of us. we're going to start with al. >> my daughter, leila, who is in college, follows you guys, loves you guys. >> you take a lot of selfies. >> i do. >> that's good. >> can we see it? >> there it is. when your friend asks you to do a cleanse with them. >> yeah. >> that's a shake shack burger. >> you have a bunch. >> your dad figures out the selfie feature. >> you have a great face for selfies. >> oh. >> what it feels like hanging out with that one friend who is a little taller than you. >> that's me with shaq. just fyi. >> oh. mom, fix your attitude or leave. >> bye.
9:58 am
>> i love it. >> these are the best. you guys are getting married this sunday. did you meet through instagram? >> no. that would be much better for our brand. we met the regular way. >> you will be a couple without a job? >> i hope not. >> i have a feeling it won't be long. >> it's lucrative to not have a job. >> this is a job. >> claudia and ben, thank you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> and we want to thank eva for hanging out with us, as well. thanks so much. have a great weekend. i'm sticking around with hoda for anot
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> today on try day friday, kim car dashia, brooke shields and eva longoria. jake gyllenhaal and the man behind the movie. garth brooks shocks a couple mid-concert with something they were not expecting. >> welcome to the happiest day. >> this is the best show in the world. >> that's good. >> from nbc news. >> what? >> this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> how do we do it day after day? ♪ >> yeah, baby it's try day friday, septemb


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