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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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is. on this saturday night, city on edge, st. louis on alert for more protests and violence after a white former police officer was found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of a black man. an 18-year-old suspect of terrorist attack injured more than two dozen people in london while britn remains on high alert. north korea threat as the regime vows to continue its nuclear program. forces in south korea prepare for whatever might happen. jobs that find you. companies taking high tech approach to target candidates based on their locations, listings popping up on kre cellphones. and magical moment
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for home coming. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. tonight we begin in st. louis where that city is bracing for more protests after former police officer jason stockley who is white was found not guilty in the shooting of anthony lamar smith, a black man. thousands lined the streets to protest, dozens were arrested f some bring back memory of 2014 after ferguson police killing of another black man. nbc reporter has been in st. louis all day, what's the latest, people are already turning out. >> they are, you can see protesters beginning to gather here for a second night. their movements so far have been unpredictable, challenging law
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enforcement and sometimes have led to violent clashes. >> demonstrations in st. louis turned violent quickly last night. about 1,000 people converging on the mayor's house. she wasn't home at the time. hurling red paint and throwing rocks through windows. police responded with tear gas. this after a group damaged a police car and threw rocks and bottles at officers earlier in the day. in total 11 officers injured, 32 protesters arrested. today protesters were on the move shutting down a suburban shopping mall and u2 concert cancelled. this coming after white police officer jason stockley was acquit the in the 2011 killing of a black man anthony lamar smith who reached for a gun
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after a high-speed chase. >> i did not murder anthony lamar smith. >> in a new interview stockley maintains he acted in self defense, denying prosecutor's claims that he planted the gun in the victim's car. he says he is pleased with the verdict. >> it feels like the burden is lifted. but the burden of having to kill someone never really lifts. >> it all harkens back to the 2014 riots in nearby ferguson. missouri's governor is in st. louis looking to prevent a repeat. >> we have them geared up and if needed will step in. >> right now national guard is protecting government buildings. local and state police are out in force determined to quail flare ups and keep protesters at bay. >> in addition to cancelled u2 concert
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ed sheeran also has cancelled his concert for tomorrow. we'll continue to monitor. >> thank you for that. british authorities arrested a suspect in the terror attack in a london subway. the country remains on high terror alert. >> today police raided a suburban house making what scotland yard called a significant arrest after a massive man hunt to find those behind a homemade bomb that sends a fire ball through a packed subway car in london on friday. the suspect an 18-year-old in dover between britain and france. he's not yet been charged. >> at this stage we're keeping an open mind whether more than one person is responsible for the attack. >> detectives warning londoners to expect
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more police activities in the days ahead. 30 injured on friday. some with burns. others in the stampede to escape. >> he smacked his head he was terrified. >> the bucket had a string of lights hidden in a super market bag. >> the detonator fired but the main charge did not, if it had fully exploded many more would be maimed or killed. >> isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but no evidence of their involvement. this was the fifth of terror attacks sirns march. the station reopened today with tightened security and defiant passengers. >> i think it's very important not to be put off, upset or phased by this type of activity. >> they can't kill all of us, they only kill a few and try to frighten everyone and i refuse to be
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frightened. >> tonight britain's terror threat remains at critical, highest level and police releasing few details about the man arrested, their priority to prevent another attack. nbc news london. one week after hurricane irma tore through the caribbean n new images of bar bu da described as uninhabitable. the entire population is evacuated and we are following tonight hurricane jose' that could bring winds next week and maria and lee, could effect some of the same areas of the caribbean hit hard by irma. and in the florida keys residents began to return for the first time since the hurricane caused widespread damage. we spoke with some of
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them today. >> reporter: nearly a week after the storm this is what irma left behind in the florida keys, devastation. tre trees toppled. boats overturned, hundreds of homes gone. many returning home for the first time. >> what do you need to do to recover from this. >> we don't know yet. >> ivan lost his mother in the storm, spoke to her on sunday hours before the storm hit. >> i got to talk with her. now i don't have a mother. >> ivan and his mother 61-year-old marcy rodriguez lived together in their mobile home where she chose to ride out the storm with her pets. >> there was no convincing her to leave. >> no, no. >> ivan is still search forge his pets. >> lost my animals. >> but in this close-knit community no shortage of love. >> thank you, thank you. >> families across the keys are returning to rebuild their lives
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including rosy and her loved ones. >> everyone wants to get back to normal, you know, we're all pitching in, working hard. >> and kristen the hardest hit areas are still closed off. only first responders have been able to travel past this check point all will change at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow when the lower keys will finally reopen to residents. but conditions remain grim with very little power across most of the keys. >> truly heart breaking stories there. thank you. we turn to north korea where kim jong-un will build nuclear arsenal despite international community to stop him. as it escalates our reporter travels to air base in south korea where american troops prepare for what might happen next. >> reporter: north korea is threatening with weapons of mass destruction as kim jong-un watches the latest missile launch.
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validating to have equillibrium with the u.s. uck south korea remain on constant state of alert. top spy plane returning to base. the driver on the radio guiding the pilot down. nicknamed the dragon lady. first used to spy on the old soviet union. able to soar at 70,000 feet sending realtime pictures and sound to the ground back to base. now taking on toughest challenge trying to gather intelligence about what kim jong-un will do next. >> how is it different now than under normal circumstances. >> we're busier now than we've ever been. >> do you get calls from family and friends. >> yeah we do especially family in the states call the concerned. but for us our daily operation, our daily job is just to be ready. >> captain drew tailor
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flies this super sonic f-16 fighter jet would be one of the first to respond to an attack. he says he can get from his bunk into the skies in less than five minutes. >> we are constantly training knowing that every one will be the last one and we will be going to war after that. >> and you really feel that? >> we do. >> occasionally a break from the irn tensity. every pilot gets a hero's welcome after grueling solo ten-hour mission. >> how was it. >> our conversation interrupted, the pilot off to a confident debriefing. while across the sprawling base practically edgy enemy territory constant readiness to do whatever they are called on to do. south korea. north korea situation is just one of many serious challenges facing president trump as he prepares to address the un general assembly on tuesday.
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we've seen how u.s. troops are prepared for action in the region if need by, so what will craig breslow ed what will president trump do at the un. >> we know this is his first address to the general assembly first time hosting more than 100 leaders and unpredictable dangers from north korea will be issue, he is expected to say this is a global issue. to highlight that he will host a high-profile lunch with leaders of japan and south korea whose nationsing are most vulnerable and recent sanctions need more time to determine if they can have any impact on the regime. >> we will of course track that closely. beyond north korea world leaders are expected to talk about implementing the paris
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climate agreement the accord president trump said he is planning to withdraw from so will there be new pressure on president trump to change his position? >> that pressure is already starting, in part because another new leader is coming to the general assembly, french president emmanuel macron. they have a warm relationship despite their differences on climate change, macron will urge others to spur the implementation of the pact but tonight president trump said there's no change in the u.s. position, president trump wants the u.s. out of the deal unless new terms can be negotiated but other world leaders say the time for negotiation is long past that will increase pressure on president trump. >> undoubtedly. all right thank you for that. we will have much more on "meet the press" tomorrow. bernie sanders and tom
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cotton among the guests one more note from the city of washington a city that sees all kinds of protests this is one of the most unusual rallies, followers of "insane clown posse" protest the a report labelling them a gang. they have their own demon striegs they call mother of all rallies but the turn out didn't match that description. lot of activity in the nation's capitol. still ahead companies are using mobile ad technology to recruit new employees. potential job offers coming right to your phone. also last night the girl they all love also last night the girl they all love this this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and
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and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. be up for it we're back with a new technology that many companies are using to attract hard-to-find employees. it is ad meant to allure the best potential job candidates. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: mid morning at john hopkins all children's hospital in st. pete, ashley is making the er rounds. >> as a special pediatric assistant
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she's in high demand but a reason she ended here. the hospital was targeting her phone. >> i started to see john hopkins showing up so i started seeing what opportunities they had available. >> help wanted ads popping up was not by chance they are using geo sfensing technology to find people whose profile indicate pediatric expertise and zip codes in seattle, chicago, boston, ohio, and texas. kind of like those online shopping ads that keep following >> this is one of the ads, pediatric nurse practitioners and pa jobs, this is showing up on someone's facebook page. >> absolutely we specifically targeted them around the social media profile they set up on line. >> facebook, instagram, linkedin and other websites are working.
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>> with the targeted ads have already hired 18 candidates with 100 more in the pipeline. >> it's not just the medical field. in salt lake city trucking using it to find drivers. brett got the ad on his phone while at a truck stop. >> the ad offered something a little better than the other companies. >> the army is using geo fencing ads to attract recruits. >> we have to go after them. we can't wait for them to come find us. >> anyone can opt out of getting the ads. >> it it ever feel spooky that you keep getting these pop up ads. >> i didn't find it spooky at all. >> she said it led to a great job just a few miles from the beach. tom costello, nbc news st. petersburg. the hiring power of technology. in a moment before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... starting night on pbs, the vietnam war will be revisited by a ten part documentary, a decade in the making, will look at the war from many vantage points including this country and vietnam itself. ed we sat with the film makers. >> you see the footage what they were going through.
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the war fought on the television screen was quite an septic compared to what we really went through. >> we talk about vietnam was the first war american public was horrified by images of violence every night but it wasn't like that, usually it was just the body count and what the soldiers were experiencing on the front lines was horrifying and terrifying, small-scale ambushes, basically walk in the woods and draw find. >> you have an episode with the vietnam veteran now in boston and had a great phrase which became the motif in is what we do, war is about killing people. up close and extraordinarily personal. you were able to go through what they went through. >> this is an important moment for the vietnam war. our veterans are at the age they're beginning to talk. grandchildren are
6:53 pm
asking them as well as sons, duaughters and wives. we took ten years to do this. it was a research adventure. we went deep into the archives not just in america but in europe, beijing and hanoi getting the material out. this is a space where you're not making any particular perspective wrong, you're just understanding that particularly in war, there's more than one truth. the current mood right now all of the hyper partnership, seeds of that was planted back in vietnam and we would do well to study vietnam not just to know them but perhaps to say what are we doing to ourselves now. >> our tom brokaw reporting.
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and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ on the benjamin franklin parkway in philadelphia where dozens were decked out with hand made lanterns a mission to celebrate the parkway's centennial. incredible site. it was a emotional night in southern california where a girl whose been through so much and gone so far experienced a joyful
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crowning achievement. thanks to the big hearts of the people who know her. nbc's steve patterson has that story. >> reporter: for most of us life begins asset sun rises but for one california teen, sunset is when the fun begins. >> the sun is not your friend but the moon is. >> yeah. >> reporter: riley mccoy's friendship with the moon started out of necessity, she was born with a rare disorder, those with her condition could die if they spend even a few moments in the sun. so every day she waits for the sun to set so she can bask in the moonlight. >> she happy out there? >> she loves it out there. that's her happy place. >> riley's supportive family, friends and neighbors made accommodations shielding her by cover and her class mates rallying behind her nomination for homecoming court. >> let's make some
6:58 pm
noise for riley mccoy. >> but to actually win that's another story. >> did you think you were going to get it. >> not really. >> it's part of why last night in front of the whole school. >> homecoming queen is -- >> she'll never forget this moment. >> riley mccoy! >> a new queen who has already inspired her class mates. >> she's made everyone so much more compassionate, loving and understanding. >> i'm so happy for you. >> that's the spirit of riley mccoy. who needs the sun, when your light shines from within. nbc news orange county, california. >> now that is a magical homecoming that's nbc nightly news for this saturday. tomorrow with kate snow a remarkable effort by three sisters to help desperate patients with life-saving treatments. thank you for watching and have a great night.
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hi everyone and welcome to inside the eagles dplad to be with you tonight. the eagles 1-0 after the win against washington last week still on the road in kansas city on sunday against a very good kansas city team. we have a exclusive city called goal to goal, darren sproles, a remarkable story of his journey from peewee football, everyone said don't play it,


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