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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 20, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the hurricane continues with powerful winds and blinding rain. we have pictures from the center of the storm. talk about wild waves. tropical storm jose has the threat of the shore is still not over. desperate search. time is running out following the deadliest earthquake in decades. right now at 11:00 hurricane maria roars ashore in puerto rico with winds up to 155 miles
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per hour. you can hear it ripping apart roofs and storms. it is not over yet as maria damages puerto rico jose continues to churn off our coast. you can see debris that reached 155 miles per hour this morning. right now maria is responsible for at least nine deaths across the caribbean. jose is lurking off our east coast causing problems down the shore. take a look at waves crashing in right along the jetty here. and here is a live look at cape may. that surf is rough. officials are warning people to stay out of the water because of rip current risks. we are live coverage. we begin with krystal klei and the impact from jose on our region. fill us in.
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>> yeah. we'll start with the view of the satellite and radar. the winds are not going to be as strong as they were yesterday. you can see why because the rain bands is now a little farther to our east. i measured out it's about 215 miles away. there is the center of jose. rain is clipping over parts of massachusetts and everywhere else really dealing with clouds as you go up into new england. jose, where it is sitting now is going to kind of stay there. what i mean by that is it is going to rotate around lurking off the coast but leaving us with the ability to dry out. no rain in the forecast today. we will see minor coastal flooding. gusts about 20 to 30 miles per hour not really an issue. rip current and decreased from yesterday about 5 to 10 feet. it is still rough seas.
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it lets people know the best option probably for the next several days. we are shifting gears. this is a look at hurricane maria. let's talk about current conditions. winds are at 140 miles per hour. that just came out at 11:00 a.m. you can see the track update. it is updating our system while we are on air. through thursday it will start to move to the northwest and then starting to drive along the east coast this weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks for that. puerto rico's governor is warning maria is the most catastrophic storm to hit the island in a century. we continue with pamela osborne who is monitoring the news and images coming from the island.
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>> there are more than 3 million people on the island. maria is tearing through it as we speak. you can hear the winds howling there in that video. these clips are from mike who is hold up in a hotel in a small city on the northern side. from the looks of it no place is safe since maria took aim. look at the way the storm is rattling the walls of this hotel lobby. that is coming up in just a moment. the windows are blown back and forth because of the force. outside trees and other structures ripped to shreds as the winds and rain swirl. more than 10,000 islanders have taken refuj in shelters.
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the coliseum being used as an emergency shelter. he updated us with this. heavy doors. it was ripped right from their frames. he says the power is out and the roof is leaking. they had to shuffle people around in order to shield them from those deteriorating conditions there. it isn't over yet. i'm keeping my eye on the feeds coming in from puerto rico. i'll see you back here with another update in 30 minutes. nbc 10 news. >> all right. thanks for that. tropical storm jose caused water to crash over the jetty here earlier this morning. this is the area that connects. the storm could also cause minor coastal flooding during high tide tonight. we are live in north wild wood to show conditions there. >> reporter: the concern we are
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seeing this morning is beach erosion even though jose is still more than 100 miles offshore. you would still see people sunbathing on this beach. co completely covered by water. you can see how much of the dunes has been eaten away by the power of the surf. the power of the ocean fuelled by tropical storm jose sending big waves crashing into onlookers here at north wild wood. the storm remains well offshore but rough surf continues for the fourth straight day. it is good news for daredevil surfers. this section of beach totally consumed by water, erosion a problem up and down the jersey shore. >> we usually sit right out there. that's where we sit. we usually come down the ramp
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and there's no beach. >> there's no beach at all. >> up early to watch the sunrise over the angry atlantic. she got a bit wet. >> a very healthy respect for the ocean. >> vacationers hoping jose moves along quickly so they can finish the summer in peace. >> it is the water. >> reporter: evening tide later tonight. they point to sandy as being worse. they say it could take a lot of sand to get beaches back to normal for next season nbc 10 news. >> all right.
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you track the hurricane and tropical storm. it lets you customize the forecast for your neighborhood and also the alerts as soon as they are issued. right now rescue operations are underway following yesterday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake. the death toll has risen to 225. it includes children that died inside of the school that collapsed. it is about 76 miles southeast of mexico city. this is new video of one of the many toppled buildings in mexico city following the earthquake. thousands ran into the streets yesterday. yesterday marked the 32rd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands of people. right now police, firefighters and residents racing against time to try to free people from the rubble. some victims are talking to rescuers trying to lead them to their location.
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the president of mexico says the priority is to rescue those people who are still alive and trapped and to treat the injured. as we get new information we'll have updates on the nbc 10 app. you can see more pictures and video. we have some new information this morning that suggests rain and slippery rails may have caused a train crash last month. according to a report the train operator tried to stop his train 17 times before the crash happened but the train kept going past the platform. the operator didn't have a problem again until he got to the 69th street transportation center. he ended up crashing into an empty train. dozens went to the hospital with injuries. nobody was seriously hurt. it marks two similar incidents since february. after the most recent incident
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on saturday they asked officials about safety concerns from passengers. they tell us the agency has changed its procedures and investing more money in training. all right. let's get a check on the roads with jessica boyington. >> we are watching the expressway to start. right around montgomery drive is where we are watching. this is the eastbound side. we are slow there. you can see westbound looks better than that. this is on west marshal street. police activity there. this happened earlier this morning in vineland. it is around exit 35. traffic is getting fwi scene. we have no problems or big delays there. watch for extra crews in the area. also checking in with bridges. we are in the process scheduled
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for 11:00. back to you. >> thanks for that. coming together to fight hate. a local university takes action after someone wrote racial slurs. that's straight ahead. and the local chain asking for a few pennies to turn into hot meals for the less fortunate. >> that's look at hurricane irma. we are tracking the tropics with maria and jose. i'll let you know what to expect as we move into that weekend coming up. you can't have this frenchie.
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another student rally, this is after the discovery of racial slurs written on the wall at a campus storm. three times students discovered the slurs with the words go away scribbled onto the doors of dorm rooms. it appears to be targeting african american students. students we spoke with tell us they are furious these threats will not be tolerated. >> i am out raraged by the derogatory comments left on the young lady's door. i feel it needs to be addressed. >> we are asking the faculty to give us anything they know, anything to put this to rest. >> to counter the hate speech
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students put up posters and signs in the dorms. they are countering the words of hate with words of love. all right. we are starting to look at our radar and satellite. you can see we are kind of split. some of us are looking nice this morning. scattered clouds and sunshine out there. some of us are fairly cloudy. that is up along the jersey shore coastline and then the rain itself has since moved out. there is the center of jose. hanging out in one spot. it will continue in this location. it's not going to move a lot. you can see the rain bands are extending into parts of massachusetts right now. it will be continuing throughout today. they are stretching hundreds of miles to the north. let's take a look. based off of the information sent out by the national hurricane center. it's a tropical storm right now.
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jose is going to kind of like i mentioned do a little loop here. here is the track, hard to follow. through your thursday or friday and moving back to the exact same spot it is currently in. while we will stay dry across our area, rough seas are likely to stick around as we go through the next several days. take a look at the feature wind gust forecast. we go now through 5:00 p.m. still breezy to windy conditions. it is breezy as well inland. they won't be as strong as they were yesterday. by tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. really not a problem at all. a little breezy at the shore but that's about it. we are at 79 in philadelphia. this is what i was talking about. some of us still have clouds scattered. a lot of us seeing blue skies. we are at 76 in new jersey and 80 in delaware. highs for today will make their
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way into about the mid-80s for us. it is 84 in philly and 82 in new jersey with a mix of clouds and sunshine. we are shifting gears. jose is tropical storm maria. a major hurricane at that. it is now lingering over puerto rico. it will start to make it off land here as we start to continue throughout today. as we go with the 140 miles per hour winds to the northwest watch the track here. this is the latest track from the national hurricane center. drive it up the east coast. this is now all the way from saturday, sunday and monday. it is still projected as a category 2 hurricane. it starts to hook up and run parallel to the east coastline. could it do something similar to what jose did? it 86 tomorrow. we stay droo into your weekend.
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temperatures flirt with 90 degrees by your sunday. >> all right. thanks for that. we have breaking news. this is a live picture from sky force 10. this is in the east oakland neighborhood. here is what we know at this point. there is a police investigation. it looks as though they are looking off at least one road. this is on the 6,100 block. as soon as we get more information in terms of what police are doing we'll keep you posted on the nbc 10 app. coming up the eagles are getting ready for their home opener. we are getting the inside look at what needs to happen this week to avoid a loss like last sunday. we'll talk about what's in their favor when we return.
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the birds welcome new york
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giants to town. the eagles insider is with us. welcome. >> thank you. >> all right. let's talk about last week. we have been hearing this all week. the run/pass ratio. right? too many passes. >> the dallas cowboys have only run the ball one time per game more than the eagles. it's not the run-pass ratio. it's the effectiveness of the offense. >> if you are expected to run the football. >> the strength is put the ball in wentz's hands.
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it had something like 14 or -- you know, a situation. >> and understand that there's still a discovery period here and figure out who the rotation is going to be. it would figure in eagles really didn't have any of that on sunday. they did in washington. now, this week tough match-up against a big massive new york giants interior defensive front. >> speaking of that, i hate to call the guy out because he is one of my guys. but i felt bad for him. i felt like with so many passes he was placed in a tough spot. >> he is struggling. eagles expect a big jump from ie zac
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-- isaac. on sunday i don't know which way the eagles will go there. >> we have to point out the defense. we were talk about this during the break. they will be favored, right? >> yes. >> it is a lot more than we expected. >> how do you handle that situation? how do you hand l prosperity? how do you hand l the opportunity on sunday to really deliver a death nail to the new york giants. it would be very difficult for the giants to overcome. this is a game that shows how far this team has come in terms of maturity in handling a crowd that will be bongers. beautiful day, great environment. >> i expected the team would be 1-1 after two games. here is what i didn't expect in the delaware valley. this looks like the best team in the division. >> it's wide open. >> it's not wide open. >> the best quarterback.
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the best defensive front. there are certainly areas that need to be improved. for sthur eagles off to a solid start. >> i am looking forward to hosting a game in the playoffs. >> slow down. slow down. i like the optimism. >> thank you so much for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. join us for the home opener against the giants. it all starts at 9:30 a.m. with eagles game day kickoff. joining me now to talk about a very special event is eagles club president. welcome. the team just announced details of next year's eagles autism challenge. >> yeah. may 19th, 2018 will be a one day event at lincoln financial field. it is a fundraiser for autism
11:26 am
research. >> i got the chance to hear it before anybody else because you told us everybody keep it quiet. don't tweet it out in the we have a chance to announce it. you'll ask a lot of alumni to come out and ride with folks. you'll see a lot of foreman eagles. and greater philadelphia. >> and that is very personal it is something personal and his family as well as it effects one
11:27 am
in 42 and working with our beneficiary partners. it is an opportunity to really do something special with advan advance. >> it is to raise money for autism research for the series of challenges that you will. it is a 30 mile bike challenge along with a 5k run-walk challenge. it is a challenge to raise money and it's a challenge to unlock the autism. >> it will be a big big deal. we want to go big on this. >> we would love to. it is something we want to do every year along the lines of the broad street run and really rally the community around autism. >> the eagles autism challenge
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will be at the link. we have a link on and on free nbc 10 app for anyone getting involved. thank you very much. >> thank you. fran grenier. new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant.
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this is what people in puerto rico are dealing with this morning. hurricane maria is over the island right now causing major flooding and widespread power outages. this is the damage left behind by the storm on the guadalupe. the winds ripped roofs off of homes. 80,000 houses are without power. maria killed at least nine people including two ton the islands here. tropical storm jose is kicking
11:32 am
up the surf here. the rip current is still with us. krystal klei is tracking both jose and maria, krystal. >> yeah. we'll begin locally. this is the satellite view and what we are seeing is a much better picture than yesterday. clouds over this little area from atlantic city north and east. for many of us we are seeing sunshine and scattered clouds overhead. still a little breezy and that's because it isn't too far away from us. it is kind of lurking off to the east of us. that's where it will stay. you can see the rain bands are stretching north hitting land across massachusetts but otherwise no rain for us. it is just clouds that we are seeing right now. if we look at our storm impacts we have dropped them down from mid-level to more on the low end here. isolated shower is possible but otherwise minor coastal flooding and a beach erosion to occur.
11:33 am
winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. we experience this from time to time. the focus is shifting gears to rough seas and everything else is starting to improve just a little. it will be rough waters for a few more days thanks to jose. now we are looking at hurricane maria. maria made land fall and is moving right on through puerto rico. it will start to move off land and it will begin hooking up to the north. take a look at the latest track update. wind speeds at 140 miles per hour here. it dropped dune bit from when it made land fall. it is likely to stay a category 4 hurricane right on through into the weekend, probably a category 3. we'll talk about how it could effect us coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. a reporter from our sister station is in san juan puerto rico right now. we show you the conditions there
11:34 am
this morning. >> reporter: we are right outside the studios here in puerto rico where we felt this torrential rain. these winds have picked up. they are nonstop. that was a little bit of what we are seeing throughout the night and throughout the latest hours. we'll give you a quick look at what we are seeing here. some of them have been knocked down. i want to give you a look at this. that plant has suffered damaged. some of those can be seen on top of that tree. pieces of metal there. it is just a quick part of what we have seen so far. there are far more damages around the island. there are reports that the majority of puerto rico is without power. some of the streets are undrivable. they are flooded and those are the conditions here in puerto rico. they are expected to last until tomorrow. the eye of the hurricane has gone through the south of the island and is expected to come out of the north side. these torrential storms, strong
11:35 am
winds are expected to last until tomorrow. that's latest. back to you. we have more new video into our news room. you can see heavy rain whipping around and the wind causing flooding in the streets. hurricane maria expected to with life threatening winds for hours. >> i have been trying to get in contact with a local woman in puerto rico right now. her phone is going straight to voice mail. i imagine many phones are as communications have been in and out as maria barrels through. this is the latest piece of video posted by nbc news reporter. the man you see there in the dark was telling people at the roberto coliseum the winds they
11:36 am
experiencing will last for another ten hours. after the power went out and roof started leaking people sought refuj there. they huddled as the storm whipped around them. when the storm made land fall people prayed together. since then the winds have become so strong it ripped some of the doors off of their frame. you can hear the winds howling there in that video. these are clips from mike who is held up on the northern side of the island. it sits right up against the atlantic ocean. from the looks of it no place is safe. trees and other structured ripped the shreds as bands of winds and rain swirled around. it rattled the walls of the hotel lobby. the windows are being blown in by maria's sheer force.
11:37 am
there are more than 3 million people ton island of puerto rico. thoughts are with each and every one of them. we'll continue to monitor conditions in puerto rico throughout the day and we'll keep you updated online as well as on air. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. while the caribbean is trying to get tropical storm jose is effecting the tropical storms. this is by the bridge that connects avalon. this is further south to show us what's happening there, randy. >> reporter: the two big concerns this morning, those rip currents and of course beach erosion. take a look over here. usually you would see people sunbathing. the water is pushed all the way up. you can see the sand dunes eaten away by the power of this surf. the water is pushing back.
11:38 am
we are starting to see more people walking back after high tide. speaking of the rough surf it is a great day to take a surf board into the water. all of the erosion is eating away at beaches. last flignight it caused minor street flooding here. hoping jose moves along real quickly. >> we usually sit right out there. that's where we sit. we usually come down the ramp and now there's no beach. there's no beach at all. >> reporter: just saw crews starting to head this way to try to shore up the sand dunes. the high tide was just before 9:00. that water is beginning to stretch back into the ocean. we are starting to see more people on the beach. there will be another high tide this evening. i'm randy, nbc 10 news.
11:39 am
>> thank you. you track the threats right now on the nbc 10 app. you sign up for free weather alerts so see how the storms may impact your neighborhood. now to catastrophic conditions in mexico. the death toll stands at 225. it includes about 20 children that died in a school that collapsed. steve patterson has more. rescuers digging through the rubble searching through survivors. >> it is a race against time in mexico city. rescue workers in multiple locations in pockets around the city, community and region trying to rescue as many as possible after the devastating earthquake. we are here in mexico city. there is an employment agency that used to sit where that rubble is now. it is about six stories high at the height of the business day. there were many people inside there when that earthquake
11:40 am
erupted and you can see the damage now. rescue workers on top of that trying to search through to find anybody that may be trapped inside there. we know there are people inside there alive. we have been talking to people on scene here who tell us about their loved ones. one tells us her 26-year-old son is kplcommunicating. they have not been able to get back to them. it is one of the heartbreaking stories that we have heard on scene here. as we move forward and you pan down and check out the ground here you see people on the ground who are waiting to get any update about their loved one, waiting to hear anything about who is trapped back there and who isn't. you see the lifts that are going up there identifying people who have been rescued. so that's work that will continue throughout the day. there is also we are hearing
11:41 am
about a school where at least 21 young elementary schoolers were killed in this earthquake and another 30 still missing. so that's another pocket where rescue crews are trying to save as many people as they can. it is work that will continue not only today but in the next several days in order to save lives. back to you. >> steve patterson reporting from mexico city. now to news back in our area. today the man found guilty of sexually assaulting six girls gifted to them by their parents will learn his fate. he was accused of rape, statutory rape. the girls parents gifted their daughters to caplynn because he helped the family out of financial ruin. the parents were sentenced up to 7 years in prison for child endangerment. 5,000 students are missing a
11:42 am
third straight day of classes today. yesterday the school board asked teachers union firms to join them in arbitration in hopes of working out an agreement. the contract expired back in june. happening now in south philadelphia nearly 20 employers are interviewing employees. the career fair is underway near the sports complex. the free event runs until 2:00 this afternoon. one in six children doesn't know where their next meal will come from. shop rite super markets are giving the option to round up and donate money to local food banks. coming up, walmart puts out its hiring plan for the holidays. we'll tell you the reason the help wanted sign isn't going up.
11:43 am
>> this is a look at radar and satellite. we see this off to the east of us today. we'll talk about the local impacts we'll continue to feel. >> and more on maria as it moves through puerto rico.
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this morning we are learning walmart sr. not planning any large scale hiring. the retailer will offer extra hours to current store workers like last year. the largest u.s. private
11:46 am
employer will be adding more temporary workers at distribution centers but walmart hasn't given any specific numbers. music's next big star could be right here in our area. you're about to meet a young lady with a passion for singing. vai sikahema introduces us to this week's wednesday's child. >> we are in chestnut hill college today because sierra aspires to sing professionally some day. voice coach is helping her find her range as a soprano. she also thinks she could be on tv. >> i want to be in the movies.
11:47 am
i want to be a pediatrician. >> there is still time to decide if you want to be a doctor, singer or nosey reporter. >> they would have time for me. they would have -- they would be real. i know i'm not perfect. of course i'll get consequences. >> sierra is one of the brilliant children i have worked with. she loves to have fun. she loves to go out in the community and do things. she definitely wants a family that is interested in being active with her. >> sierra is hispanic so naturally she loves her culture but a family isn't limited or defined by race. >> family is important to me because i feel like you're nothing without family. i haven't had a family in a long time. >> sierra is this week's with
11:48 am
wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make sierra's dream come true go to our web site and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. >> all right. we are looking at our radar and satellite. some of us are seeing sunshine. some of us are a little more gray. you can see the clouds starting to thin a bit. already cleared out in cape may. it may look pretty along the shore. there are still rough seas and a high tide we are dealing with and high risk for rip current development. there is the center of jose. now a tropical storm, no longer a hurricane with winds at 70 miles per hour. we still have rain bands and thunderstorms trying to develop. good thing is it's offshore,
11:49 am
about 215 miles from us. that's where it is going to stay for the next several days. this is the latest report. 70 miles per hour winds moving to the northeast at 8 miles per hour. watch the track here as we go through the next several days. so this is through thursday. you can see it is driving farther away from us. that means improving conditions as we go through your thursday. as we go friday into saturday it will loop right back around and start to weaken entirely. when you see that little l it means it is still just a low pressure center. storm, showers associated with it. it is literally back to where it is right now right on through saturday. we are not done with jose yet. by early next week it could sling a little moisture meaning we may see showers monday or tuesday. as for the winds we go throughout your daytime hours. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. it looks like breezy inland but not nearly as wind fy as
11:50 am
yesterday. by tomorrow morning temperatures die down. this is going to make sure jose doesn't come back too quickly. it is clear us out some. more so a mix of clouds and sunshine. 84 up to 86. we stay in the 80s friday and saturday. which is warmer than average. even wild wood right around 80 con strastant over the next sev days. hurricane maria a category 4. it is 155 miles per hour sus stained winds. still a very powerful hurricane and the models are in agreement that as it leaves puerto rico today it will start to drive north and then through the weekend start to move to the parallel just like jose did off the east coast. the question is into monday, tuesday and wednesday where may it spread and will jose have an
11:51 am
impact into this? it could mean more shower action for us next week. we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. happening this weekend on penns landing it is the biggest event to support people in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction. the philadelphia recovery walk is this saturday. joining me now are beverly, the executive director and philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> you'll be participating in the walk? >> absolutely. >> beverly, tell us who benefits from the walk and the awareness you're trying to raise. >> we are trying to bring about a greater awareness that recovery does happen. so we are out there demonstrating that individuals and families and people who are supporting recovery are really a visible presence that recovery
11:52 am
should be our expectation and does indeed happen. the council and who provides advocacy and recovery support services as well as prevention services around addiction. the beneficiaries of this so we can provide advocacy and recovery support services for people struggling with the disease of addiction. >> and showing this you are getting close to 50 years. >> that's true. that's true. >> and you 13 months. congratulations. tell us about the importance of having support around you to help you through recovery. >> okay. so it is very necessary to have support around you. my family is my biggest support system. i have women who have been doing this for years before me who support me as well. you know, we just have to breakthrough barriers and we
11:53 am
have to be honest, open minded and willing to take suggestions. you are -- you just want to move forward and take suggestions from other people who have been through similar things and understand that things happen to us but they don't happen for us. it is possible to get through obstacles. >> beverly and raquel, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> the information is on our web site and on our free app. it starts at penns landing. there is still time to register and time to donate money.
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sometimes messes! but always masterpieces... together. what matters most is made at home.
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all right. before we leave you one last check of our first alert neighborhood forecast looking good out there. >> it looks so much better out there. let's talk about the temperatures out there with our ten day on ten. we are looking at 84 degrees for the temperature today and a mix of clouds and sun. a little more cloudy northward along the shoreline. tomorrow sunshine and next several days fall starts friday at 82. look at that warm up sunday. almost 90 degrees. the big heavy eagles jacket.
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>> that's going to do it for us. have a good one.
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