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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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its path. the entire island of puerto rico is without electricity tonight. that's not the worst of it. as maria unleashes its furious assault on puerto rico, the island is unable to fight back. winds over 150 miles an hour. tearing apart homes and businesses, and a soaking, flooding rain, swallowing neighborhoods. >> this is a clearly going to be the most devastating tomorrow in the history of our island. >> devastation scattered across the caribbean. st. croix, dominica and guadeloupe ravaged by the storm as it made its way to puerto rico. one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in the u.s. territory in nearly a century. thousands pushed into 500 shelters across the strike zone. >> we have a lot of houses over here that are wooden and in flooded areas. those houses had no chance. >> puerto rico and the san juan we knew yesterday is no longer there. >> for survivors to have a chance once the storm clears,
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officials say they will need help from the mainland. >> remember that you are part of us, even if you are not here. don't forget us. >> an emotional plea. >> i am concerned that we may not get to everybody in time. >> in the face of an unforgettable tragic storm. >> let's get over to nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza. >> the storm has been downgraded to a category 2. don't get too excited about that. it has spread out in size and the eye is moving offshore to the north and west of puerto rico trying to restrengthen. here is a closer look. the big eye is moving right by st. croix. we don't have pictures from there yet but i think there is probably a lot of devastation on st. croix. as it moves across puerto rico you see the eye disappearing, it downgraded from a category 4 to a category 3 and now a
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category 2. it has probably another, oh, 12 hours or so before it will start to re-intensify. a couple things about it. it has winds between 96 and 110 miles an hour. it's expected to restrengthen. the winds then would be maybe 130 to 156 miles an hour. headed towards the turks and caicos. it will move along the northern edge of the dominican republic and turn north along the eastern seaboard. it should stay offshore. it's the tenth most intense atlantic hurricane in the atlantic basin with a central pressure of 906 and the winds were 175. this was last night. that means it is more intense than irma was. it's not as big as irma, but the intensity plays a big role. the pressure will dictate how strong this will be. 110-mile-an-hour winds moving northwest at 12 miles an hour. restrengthening to a 3 or 4 of the move past the turks and caicos. move clear of the bahamas.
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clear of bermuda. off the east coast by monday and then continuing on a north and northeast track. let's look at the european model. this is hour by hour. look at where it goes. how does this affect us? it doesn't come on shore near us, but it could bring rain, especially to south jersey by the time we get into a week from tomorrow. so we'll keep an eye on that. we'll probably be dealing with a lot of high surf associated with this system. that's something we'll watch very closely. here again is a look kind of at the whole wider scheme of things as it moves up the east coast. you can get a pretty good eye on what's going on. it's expected to stay offshore and make a turn then perhaps make a bee line toward halifax as a weak tropical storm or maybe post tropical at that point. we'll keep a close eye on this. more on what's going on with that and crystal will be up with our forecast, our weekend forecast and what josé is doing off of our shoreline. guys. now to mexico where more than 50 people have been pulled
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from the rubble. tonight residents of mexico city are recovering from the powerful earthquake that killed hundreds. jacqueline london is live in the breaking news center with an update. >> it's a race against time right now after the earthquake killed at least 225 people. a survivor was pulled from the rubble at a school here in mexico city. that school collapsed during the earthquake. 25 people died in that elementary school, 21 of them were children. there are still 30 people unaccounted for in that collapsed building. >> take a look at this widespread panic inside the telemundo news room. and offices in mexico city. you are hearing the sirens going off and people scrambling to evacuate the building. crews have been asking for silence in the streets just so they can hear anyone crying for help. live in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc10 news.
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check cashing confusion. local telemarketing employees claim they cannot cash their paychecks from a south jersey based firm. they voiced concerns on social media. once we saw the video we went to get answers. nbc10's reporter cydney long is live to fill us in. >> reporter: it's been confusing and frustrating for brand-new employees. it was a mess enough for telepoint communications located just across the street in cherry hill to call on cherry hill police last night to calm down some very upset workers. when we saw this video. >> if you have a check you have to leave. >> reporter: the hallway and lobby area filled with upset workers. we went to the company to find out what was going on. we spoke to people impacted like this mom of willingboro. >> many people are depending on this job because we have bills, mortgages, car payments. kids. >> reporter: she was here last
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night when other upset workers posted this cellphone video to facebook. >> the cops were called. the owner left because he didn't want to deal with it. >> reporter: the police were back again today. >> ownership advised that you do not enter the building. >> reporter: moments after we were asked to leave, the president responded to my e-mail with a phone call. he first advised there might have been a watermark issue on checks and then told me we hired 1,000 people and had a late payroll yesterday. it was so overwhelming that it required handwritten checks. >> they said they're doing personal checks. you take them to the bank and they're bouncing. >> reporter: we spoke to usa payroll which confirmed telepoint had a late payroll. they suggest telepoint whose accounts are full and checks should be honored. >> we're sitting on the phone for hours being cursed out by
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people we don't know. >> reporter: the glitch to an undetermined amount of brand-new employees says might be due to invalid i.d.s or check-cashing companies who decided to not honor them. both telepoint and usa payroll consider this an isolated incident. both took ample time with us by phone and e-mail and promised the paychecks are valid and the funds are available. they advised those who were affected to dedeposredeposit th checks. >> we'll follow this one. thanks. he did not harm her. that's what the lawyer representing the suspect charged with the murder of a temple university student says he told him. in court today the attorney said he could not talk about what happened the night jenna bur
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lea -- burleigh died. his attorney asked for more time to investigate the case. a 21-year-old man accused of robbing his former next-door neighbor is behind bars. he is charged with several offenses including robbery. police say he entered the home of his former roxborough neighbors and tied up and beat a 75-year-old man and stole a woman's purse and car keys while she slept. the man's injuries landed him in the icu. violence on a septa train. philly police looking for a group of women who punched another and robbed another of her iphone. the suspect left the exit around 3:30 in the afternoon. so far no arrests. the number of opioid deaths in philadelphia is sky rocketing. the city is offering free training to anyone interested in learning how to properly use the antidote narcan. training kicked after at
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community behavioral health in center city and it will continue once a month through the end of the year. the city is on pace to record more than 1200 overdose deaths this year. a jewelry store thief is on the run. police say the man robbed gallagher jewelers in newark around noon yesterday. he made off with jewelry and cash. investigators have a vague description of the suspect. they say he is missing some teeth. witnesses saw him getting away in a silver suv. another black eye for pennsylvania as the nearly three-month budget stalemate between lawmakers and the governor pours on. standard & poor's has lowered its rating on pennsylvania's date. the state house and senate are divided over whether to raise taxes. lawmakers are looking to borrow money to help bail the state out of a more than $2 billion deficit. an abandoned building that used to be a hat factory gets new life in center city.
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a developer plans to restore the former frank p.heid and company hat factory. it will become a 96-unit apartment building. the nearly century-old building will feature a ground floor restaurant, a roof deck and a hammock lounge. the developer is offering internships to benjamin franklin school students to learn more about real estate development. this afternoon we continue to follow the latest developments out of mexico following the deadly earthquake. >> we take you to one of the hardest hit areas where rescuers are digging through the rubble right now to find survivors. plus, cleanup along the jersey shore. how one area is planning to bounce back after hurricane joée left a mess behind. then, lost and found. how a police officer reunited a woman with her last wedding ring. next at 5:00. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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on his second day at the united nations, president donald trump focused on terrorism and middle east peace. today the president said peace between israelis and palestinians is the toughest deal he has ever had to negotiate but said there is a pretty good shot it could happen. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said it would be the,
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quote, deal of the century. >> there can be no promises. so many people have talked about it, and it's never happened. >> afterward the president met african leaders. england's prime minister and the president of egypt. tonight hurricane maria is moving away from the island of puerto rico, and people are starting to post videos of the damage to social media. maria hit puerto rico as a category 4 storm. right now the entire island is without power. here are some of the video clips that we've been keeping an eye on online. you can see how powerful the winds are. over 150 miles an hour. residents have been warned that these winds will continue for the next 12 to 24 hours. you can see, again, damage, destruction, debris flying around. there is also a curfew in effect running from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. officials in puerto rico want to make sure that any residents who are riding out the storm stay inside in the overnight hours because of the debris that could be picking up. the flooding. this is going to be a concern for the next days, weeks to
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come. as we mentioned earlier in the news cast today, the governor of puerto rico asked president trump to declare the area a disaster zone. that way they can get federal aid sooner rather than later. we're keeping an eye on other tropical activity. turning now to hurricane josé. you probably wouldn't know it by stepping outside today, but the storm is still churning off the east coast. along the jersey shore, the sun, it is shining again. this video into the nbc10 newsroom from north wildwood where josé caused beach erosion. bureau reporter ted greenberg will explain how bad it is. that's coming up at 5:30. let's like a live look at the beach in avalon toward the pier at 30th street. a different picture from this time yesterday. still some clouds out there, but this time 24 hours ago it was gray and dark. we're getting a bit of sunshine.
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nbc10 meteorologist crystal cline joins us with how long the summer weather will last. >> fall officially starts on friday and it won't feel like fall. radar and satellite. this is the center of what's left of josé a tropical storm churning out to sea. we have gotten some of the clouds throughout today but no rain in our forecast. still a bit of rough seas along the shoreline. there is still a high rip current risk that's likely to stick for the next few days. tonight as we hit the high tide between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. along the shore points we still could see minor coastal flooding. but that's it for josé. looking at josé here through tomorrow evening, it will start to move farther to the east. this is the latest updated track from the national hurricane center. watch what happens. it starts to loop back around over the weekend into monday. it looks like it's heading our direction. here is the thing. it will weaken considerably as it starts to track our way. high pressure over the weekend will actually build over us, which means we'll start warming
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up and we'll see more sunshine making it feel summerlike instead of fallike. tomorrow a high of 87 in fairmount. langhorne, high of 85. east end, high of 86. we're not going to be feeling josé tomorrow. sunny conditions. low 80s. while it might look inviting at the shore, we'll still have the moderate to high rip current risk due to the fact that josé is lurking to the east. delaware, dover, your high 85 degrees for tomorrow. then let's jump to your weekend. still very warm. slightly cooler on friday. low 80s across the board. partly cloudy conditionsme. saturday and sunday. with the high building in, it won't let josé move in at all. we're looking at temperatures to warm up to 87 saturday and 88 on sunday. that's way warmer than average. about 10 degrees so. areas like the suburbs. 88. lehigh valley 86. at the shore we'll stay right in
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the low 80s. mostly sunny. on the tropical satellite view. maria again. maria is lifting off the land over puerto rico and will start to make the drive along the northern edge of hispaniola before it edges north. let's look at the spaghetti plots. the computer models indicating where the projected path is for maria. by friday it may be over turks and caicos. remember turks and caicos was destroyed by irma, so this is a terrible situation for some of these smaller islands. it takes a similar track to joée where it hooks to the north and begins to run parallel to the east coast. sunday through monday and tuesday. now, remember, i said josé would be trying to move our way by monday, tuesday as well. now we have maria coming this way and josé going this way. josé will considerably weaken. the question is where will maria go. it's a little too far out to pinpoint for sure if we could see some of the showers.
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we do know the temperatures are very warm for this time of year. in the 80s. though fall officially starts friday. the eagles game, it will be a dry one, near 90. still 80s near next week. slightens cha of a shower monday thanks to the lingering moisture from josé. your next pair of glasses could soon let you order stuff online or control your music. amazon is reportedly working on smart glasses with the alexa voice assistant built in. the glasses would not need a pair of headphones or speakers to hear alexa. the voice assistant controls amazon's popular echo device. the ride-sharing service lyft is teaming up with budweiser to help combat drunk driving. starting tomorrow lyft drivers over the age of 21 can redeem a ride credit worth $20 through the lyft app. the companies will provide 150,000 free rides across america's largest cities including philadelphia.
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a music festival is canceled. it's canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. folks who planned to go will get a refund and a discount voucher. the festival was scheduled for september 30 this. heading to north jersey where a police officer saved the day after literally finding a diamond in the rough. the police officer found kimberly garcia's engagement ring on the side of route 4. garcia lost her ring yesterday while she was changing a tire on the side of the road. she went back with police later in the day. they couldn't find it. officer john henderson, you see him right here, he spent his free patrol time looking for the ring and finally found it. i think we've all been in that situation where we've lost our wedding ring. >> going above and beyond, though. yeah. >> he did. >> good for him. new information tonight about a nursing home where hurricane irma knocked out power. >> we have been following this story now for the past few weeks. the police department is calling
5:21 pm
it a criminal investigation. we'll explain why. surviving the storm. next at 5:00. back to puerto rico where people are working to dig through the mess hurricane maria is leaving behind.
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hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico today as a category 4 storm. >> nbc news' gabe gutierrez is on the island showing us the deteriorated conditions. >> reporter: puerto rico is suffering a direct hit from hurricane maria. here in san juan we have seen torrential rain and pounding winds throughout the morning. already now for several hours. the full extent of the damage
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has yet to be known, but san juan's mayor is painting a dire picture. she says half of the city of san juan is flooded, that there have been gas stations ripped apart. we have seen debris throughout the streets, trees toppled and parts of buildings blown off. the concern right now is the storm surge here but also the effect on this island's power grid. much of the island is without power, virtually all of it at this point, and this comes just days after hurricane irma delivered a glancing blow here but cut off power to about 75% of the island. you can see behind me that the winds are still heavy at this point. we are being spared the worst of it because of a concrete structure right here that's blocking the worst of these winds. but this is expected to continue for several more hours. maria making landfall here in puerto rico as a category 4 storm in the southeast part of the island.
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now working its way past this island. but again, the governor here says that this could be a catastrophic event. more than 10,000 people are in shelters. at least that's the reported number. but it's expected by authorities that the real number is much higher. the concern now is for those people who lived in wooden structures and in flood-prone areas. did enough of them heed the warnings to get out. back to you. turning to this now. patients left in sweltering heat at a nursing home. >> new details in the investigation as we learn another patient has died from the heat. i don't care! >> a woman screaming about a veteran service dog inside a local restaurant. this video is going viral. only on 10. the veteran tells us what he wants now. that's all new at 6:00.
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right now at 5:00. deadly disasters. we have the latest developments on two big stories, hurricane maria, one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit puerto rico, and the devastation for mexico's deadliest earthquake in decades. >> let's start with hurricane maria. the storm has unleashed fierce winds in puerto rico. this video shows when the storm made landfall. the storm ripped trees out of
5:29 pm
the ground and drenched the area with rain. this is a live look at maria on first alert radar. it's barrelling toward the dominican republic. the storm expected to slam into the bahamas tomorrow. here is what we know right now. at least nine people are dead. the storm cut power to millions across the island. the mayor of san juan says the city could be without power for four to six months. more than 11,000 people rode out the hurricane in about 500 shelters. nbc10's jacqueline london is in the breaking news center. >> puerto rico's governor says it's total devastation across the island. >> it is. today the governor asked president trump to declare the island a disaster zone. it must now deal with flooding and storm surges that have already swamped at least one coastal village. wind damage from the hurricane took off roofs, blew down signs and knocked out power. residents say there is little electricity and they're unable to communicate with loved ones or emergency workers.
5:30 pm
take a look at this cellphone video taken during the storm. people took cover wherever they could. many inside stairwells. streets have been turned into rivers. it's the second time the island has been hit in as many weeks. officials say it will be a long time before puerto rico is back to normal. the dominican republic is already feeling the effects with strong winds and thunderstorms, nearly 4,000 tourists have been moved from beach resorts to hotels further inland. >> we'll continue to watch it. thank you, jacqueline. maria is one of the most powerful storms to hit puerto rico. >> in more than 80 years. tammie souza is tracking its latest path. >> it's such an intense storm that it's now number ten on the list of all-time most intense storms in the atlantic basin, surpassing irma because the central pressure dropped to 9
5:31 pm
906 millibars yesterday. striking the leeward islands, puerto rico, the virgin islands, on very similar paths. that's something that hasn't happened in nearly 100 years in the same season either. it's all very unusual. you can read more about this active season and why it is so active. i have a blog that's up on our website. the eye is moving to the north and west of puerto rico. you can see the eye as it moved past st. croix. we haven't seen much video out of there. as it approaches puerto rico, you see the eye disappearing. that's because the storm is moving over the mountains and it's kind of degrading. it is falling apart. watch what happens with the eye now. it is starting to get going again. it will start to re-intensify even though it's been downgraded to a category 2 storm with 110-mile-an-hour winds. the pressure is now starting to drop again. it is over favorable water with little wind shear.
5:32 pm
tomorrow we're looking at it passing the turks and caicos and bahamas. on the next day, by the time we are off the coast of jacksonville on sunday, down to a category 2, moving up the east coast perhaps towards the clienls carolinas on monday. around the huge area of high pressure known affectionately as the bermuda high. we'll continue to watch the storm and what happens with it. this is how it affects us. here comes the rain. and possibly a week from today or tomorrow we could be looking at rain especially across south jersey with this particular storm system, and then it moves out of here. high surf, certainly we'll probably feel the effects of that. guys. >> thanks, tammie. catastrophic conditions in mexico is what we're also watching. it's a race against time to find survivors after the deadly 7.1 magnitude quake hit yesterday. a search is under way at this school that caved in yesterday.
5:33 pm
volunteers, police and firefighters are using trained dogs and their bare hands to carefully sift through the rubble. more than 200 people are dead. those volunteers are praying that number does not rise. nbc's steve patterson reports from mexico city. >> reporter: rescue recovery efforts are under way as we speak. want to show you back to the scene we are at right now. this is the middle of mexico city. crews up high above on the wreckage of what used to be a building. used to be about six stories. now just a big pile of rubble. however, it does contain what many people believe to be people who are alive in there, trapped in there. that's what the work is being done right now, crews searching through multiple rubbles -- multiple scenes to try to find people who are trapped, trying to find people who may have some sign of life to pull them out. that's the focus, basically, of this entire region as we speak. we're also hearing about a
5:34 pm
school which is a couple miles south of here which we have confirmed 21 students, young elementary schoolers, confirmed killed when the earthquake shook and just crumbled their building. so the recovery effort, rescue effort is under way there as well. about 30 students are unaccounted for in that building as well. crews in a desperate search to try to find anybody remaining alive in there. these scenes are typical now around this area, not only here in the city but also in the greater area, as we continue to kind of follow this really desperate search to find anybody who may still be alive. that's where all the attention is so far. send it back to you. >> steve patterson in mexico city. don't forget to download the nbc10 app. sign up and we'll send alerts directly to your phone.
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a look at stories making headlines by county across the region. atlantic county. talk about taking a wrong turn. a truck stuck on ventnor's boardwalk. the driver got on the boards in atlantic city and travelled two and a half miles before stopping here. amazing that the boards didn't crash beneath him. the 18,000 pound truck was too big to move. so for hours crews worked to dismantle railings, piling up sand, putting down planks to finally get it off. >> how did this happen? >> no comment. >> reporter: why did you drive on the boardwalk? >> no comment, please. >> police ticketed the driver for driving on the boardwalk. helping our nation's veterans with the gift of unconditional love. the group "rebuilding warriors" gives veterans a service dog to help them out. this is killmer. the group presented him to army veteran john durren berger.
5:36 pm
he was honorably discharged a few years ago after an accident. we spoke to him about what it means to have killner now. >> it's incredible. he is always there for you. he doesn't talk back, mostly. he is a companion forever. if i am struggling, he is right with me no matter what. >> rebuilding warriors is a non-profit and officials say they want to do this just to support our veterans. today it's the battle of the budgets . the firefighters won last year's competition. blood donations were accepted at the moose lodge number 216 on west end avenue. villanova university giving back in a big way. >> the university hosted its first-ever giving day called
5:37 pm
1842-day. there is a meaning behind the number. the mission is to reach 1842 donors in 1842 minutes. the efforts started yesterday. you can choose to give money to different areas of the university. if you're wondering where nbc10's keith jones has been you see him right there. he is serving as villanova official correspondent. he is a proud alum. everybody knows that. >> very proud alum. doing good things there. all right. 2,000 k through 8 students in philadelphia will have a chance to earn a scholarship for next year. the application process was kicked off today at the national constitution center. the needs-based scholarships will be given to 2,000 low-income students through a lottery system. the deadline to apply is march 18th. caught in the act. a crook breaks in and wanders throughout this home. but it is who he targeted that has tempers flaring.
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we continue to track hurricane maria. the storm ripped through puerto rico. right now, 100% of the island is without power. our nbc10 meteorologists are checking where maria will move next. just into the news room, new video of the destruction left behind. that's straight ahead. also we have learned a ninth person has died following the florida nursing home that lost power in the aftermath of hurricane irma. we have
5:41 pm
story. the facility was left without ac. 145 patients had to be relocated. many, as you can see, were moved on stretchers or in wheelchairs. now a criminal investigation is under way to determine exactly what went wrong and who is responsible. take a look at this. surveillance video shows a man who broke into a house after the residents evacuated because of irma. you can see him walking out of -- in and out of bedrooms, rummaging through drawers. police in st. petersburg say he broke a window on the back door. sports. eagles' carson wentz is ready to take on the giants. here is csn's john clark. >> he is getting ready for the home opener at the link on sunday. coming up we'll hear from him what he is expecting from the giants. and eagles fans. that's next. thanks, john. can you believe we're going to have a good forecast for the eagles game, though we see right now josé hanging out to the
5:42 pm
east. pretty clear over us. it will stay that way into your weekend. we'll talk more about it coming up. hundreds of immigrants not eligible to vote accidentally get onto philadelphia's election rolls. we'll talk about the glitch that caused it to happen. that's all-new at 6:00. our veterans have given us the rights
5:43 pm
and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
5:44 pm
all right. the countdown is on. the eagles are gearing up to
5:45 pm
take on the giants. it all goes down in the bird's nest on sunday. csn's john clark joins us. carson wentz has to be excited to be on home turf after opening the season with two straight road games. >> it's been a while. the eagles are finally home. one of just a few teams in the nfl that hasn't played at home yet. the 0-2 giants are coming to the link desperate for a win. starting a rallying cry like everyone is counting them out. this is a big division game. it would help the eagles to start 2-0. the birds last year 6-2 at home. they played much better at home than on the road. carson wentz got a real feel for the link in his rookie season. he can't wait for the ohome opener. >> there is nothing like playing at the link. the fans are unbelievable. we know how electric the place can be. it will be in full effect with the division rival coming down from new york. >> it's going to be jumping. the eagles are making a change
5:46 pm
on offense for sunday. we'll tell you about that coming up at 6:20. john clark. thanks. >> see ya. one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit puerto rico, pummelled the island. the storm tore off roofs and sent doors flying on their hinges. it's a one-two punch for the caribbean. two hurricanes have barrelled through the region this month. we have new video of the devastation. jacqueline london joining us live in the breaking news center. >> we've been looking at how bad the devastation is in puerto rico. the island took a direct hit from maria. for many it's still much too dangerous to venture outside. neighborhoods swallowed up by all the flooding. >> the puerto rico and san juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there. >> wind tore apart homes and
5:47 pm
businesses, and a soaking rain followed. thousands of people rushed into shelters across the strike zone. making matters worse, the risk tornadoes throughout the evening. survivors say their only chance is help from the mainland. as we wait to see if the island will be declared a disaster zone. jacqueline london, nbc10 news. >> thank you for that. a little bit closer to home. sunny and warm. here is a live look at the beach in cape may. a few people strolling around out there. the sun is starting to set. it's starting to set a little bit earlier now. we are getting into fall. here we go. we caught a few folks enjoying the weather in wilmington. meteorologist krystal klei is here to tell us how long the dry and sunny conditions will last. >> if you dusted off the sweaters and boots, you don't need them quite yet. the temperatures right now. if you saw this temperature map you wouldn't think there is a
5:48 pm
tropical storm swirling to the east of us right now. we are at 86 in philadelphia and 87 in millville. millville got up to 88. you see that in wilmington. 85 in reading. we have temperatures in the mid/upper 80s all over the place. looking at the satellite and radar map it's a different picture once you look at the wide view. we have got, right there, josé spinning to the east of us. still a good bit of rain associated with josé. still tropical storm winds at 75 miles per hour. we have seen the scattered clouds today but we've remained dry. that continues to be the case. we stay dry and don't notice that josé is so close by. there it is. 70-mile-an-hour winds. it does a loop and moves back around our direction through the weekend, through monday. it may look a little ominous to be moving directly our way.
5:49 pm
notice it's dropped to an "l." that means it's lost its organization and what's left is an area of showers. the cone itself spreads over new jersey and into philadelphia. it could start to move some of the moisture our way. it will be weakened. we're not talking about a tropical storm impact. there is a bermuda high sitting well to the east that's blocking josé from making its direct push to the east and out to sea. there is also a blocking high forming over us. that will form warmer air and sunny conditions, scattered clouds. josé gets stuck. that will start to break down. maria comes from the south to shake up the forecast pattern but not for a few days. the high brings us summerlike conditions as we kick off fall. officially, fall starts on friday. look at that. tomorrow, 87. scattered clouds. 83 and partly cloudy on friday. then mostly sunny saturday and sunday. in philadelphia up to 88 by sunday. can you believe that?
5:50 pm
allentown, looking at temperatures remaining in the 80s as well. in 80 at wildwood consistently. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. now the tropical-satellite view. this is maria. downgraded to a category 2. we expect it to bump back to a category 3, possibly 4. the land shears it apart a little bit. we're watching for the strengthening to occur overnight into tomorrow. the computer models are in good agreement that through friday it will ride to the north of the dominican republic and haiti and hook possibly over turks and caicos. just hit by irma a few weeks ago. it hooks to the north over the weekend, making kind of a josé pattern. as it rides east along the coast. the models are struggling with next week where it may go. like i mentioned, right about that time we have lingering showers of josé sitting near us. it could force a few showers to us.
5:51 pm
we could see a little moisture next week. as of now things are looking fairly good for our forecast pattern. tomorrow 87-degree high. much warmer than average. the average high this time of year is mid to upper 70s. fall officially starting on friday. the eagles forecast, 88 for the high with mostly sunny conditions. remaining in the 80s beginning of next week. possibly showers by the end of the work week thanks to maria. >> thank you, krystal. we continue to check the damage down the shore as tropical storm josé leaves its mark along the coast. a scramble to repair jersey shore beaches after getting hit hard by josé. >> i have lived here for 40 years. they were the biggest waves i have ever seen. >> reporter: why one community is eyeing a permanent fix. they failed us. >> a woman wanders from her nursing home and is found dead
5:52 pm
weeks later. her family wants answers. we work to get them. that's all new at 6:00. fran grenier.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. we check in now with lester holt. he joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> we'll have expanded coverage of the two major disasters unfolding. our team is on the ground in
5:55 pm
puerto rico. and has the latest from the devastation and misery there after hurricane maria's direct hit. from mexico city, searchers listening for signs of life in the rubble of collapsed buildings as after shocks rattle mexico. a live report from there as well coming up on "nbc nightly news." back to you in philly. >> lester, thank you. coastal communities are assessing damage done to beaches on the shore by hurricane josé. ted greenberg shows us one of the hardest hit spots. >> reporter: emergency repairs under way on part of north wildwood beach after taking a beating from josé. >> the force of nature. you can't mess with it. >> reporter: much of the damage done last night. massive waves fueled by the storm far offshore. crashes over a seawall along jfk beach drive. >> i have lived here for 40 years.
5:56 pm
they're the biggest waves i have ever seen. >> reporter: taking a huge chunk out of this sand dune. significant erosion extending along a quarter-mile stretch. >> disappoint, sad and expensive. >> reporter: the area has been repeatedly damaged by other storms and refortified with more sand. city leaders say they're planning to take a more permanent approach this time. >> we're going to bring in large boulders and things to shore up the area after where the seawall ends. there is no way this dune system will hold up with another storm like that. >> reporter: a solution expected to cost millions to make the shore resort less vulnerable to the power of the sea. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> we're a still at the height of the hurricane season. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. an angry outburst over a service dog. [ screaming ] >> i don't care.
5:57 pm
>> this video inside a delaware restaurant getting viral attention. only nbc10 talked to the veteran whose dog is at the center of this drama. but first, communication cut off, local families desperate to contact loved ones after hurricane maria crushes puerto rico. and tracking maria is what i am going to do. we'll find out where the powerful storm is headed next and how it will affect us here in philadelphia.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
island destroyed. puerto rico hammered by hurricane maria. killed in their classroom. children trapped in a school as the deadly earthquake rattles mexico. service dog outburst, new at 6:00. a confrontation inside a local restaurant goes viral. right now at 6:00. hurricane maria devastates puerto rico. 100% of the entire island is in the dark tonight. homes flooded, roofs ripped off and rescues under way. good evening, i am jacqueline london. hurricane maria will keep bringing wind and rain to the island all night long as the storm finally moves away. here is what we know right now. san juan's mayor is fearful crews won't be able to reach
6:00 pm
everyone before it's too late. a curfew goes into effect right now at 6:00 until 6:00 tomorrow morning so people can stay out of the way of rescue crews. all the power is out on the island. many streets there look like rivers. the governor says this is the most devastating storm in the history of puerto rico. >> the puerto rico and san juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there. don't forget us. >> we're bringing you live team coverage of hurricane maria's wrath. let's begin with tammie souza. people are feeling it. >> let's look at this hurricane which already the intensity is stronger than that ofa.


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