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tv   Today  NBC  September 27, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. deepening crisis. desperation and frustration growing by the minute in puerto rico. a week after hurricane maria. lines for gas and water stretching for blocks. thousands still in emergency shelters. aid slow to arrive. we're live in san juan and at the white house. double-whammy. a conservative firebrand trounces the trump-backed incumbent in a key senate race in alabama. republicans admit defeat, canceling a planned vote on obamacare. what does it all say about the president's influence and agenda? from behind bars, one of the country's most notorious
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murderers, lyle menendez, talks to megyn kelly in an exclusive interview. this morning, why he and his brother killed their parents. >> i can't escape what happened, anymore than i cant escape the memories of what happened to today. >> and why if the case was tried to today they would be free men. and the scandal rocking college basketball. and why chip and joanna gaines are pulling the plug on their show. and an "today," exclusive. after six years, "curb your enthusiasm" makes a return. and we have the cast in our studio today, wednesday, september 27th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." on a wednesday morning. we appreciate you joining us.
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>> we're still talking about maria, what it did in puerto rico and it's spinning off of the coast of north carolina right now. >> al will have more on that in a second. officials say they're dealing with a growing crisis in the wake of maria. a week after that storm hit as a category 4, only 5% of the island has power. much of the water supply is undrinkable. and search and rescue missions are taking place. >> president trump is facing some criticism over his administration's response. but is now sending in more help, in colluding thousands of additional more military personnel and more ships and aircraft to contribute adistrib. >> the president has announced plans to visit puerto rico and the virgin islands next week. we will begin with gabe gutierrez in san juan this morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning.
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the lines for gas begin well before dawn. people standing here for hours. and parked cars stretched down the block. people sleeping here hoping for gas. 12,000 people are in emergency shelters a week after the storm. this morning in puerto rico, lines for necessities like food, water, cash and gas, are sometimes stretching for blocks. the desperation is deepening. this woman says she's been waiting to get a flight since friday, sleeping on the floor at the airport with no air conditioning. horrible, she says. >> puerto rico is very important to me. >> reporter: after not mentioning puerto rico this past weekend while tweeting about sports 17 times, president trump is facing criticism. and now, dramatically intensifying his focus on the growing crisis. telling lawmakers he will tour the ravaged island next tuesday. the president having a conference in the situation
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room. and congratlading his own administration in with the spanish prime minister. and offering this explanation for more aid. >> you can't just drive your truck s there from other states. the entire federal workforce is doing great work in puerto rico. >> reporter: san juan's mayor says, while she appreciates fema's help so far. because of red tape -- >> because of massive debt, they're in trouble. >> how do we get lives and the things needed to save lives into the hands of people. >> reporter: humane aid is already on its way. dallas mavericks point guard j.j. barrea is bringing supplies
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back to his native puerto rico, using mark cuban's plane. but more help can't come soon enough. vanessa said she had to stand in line for three hours to get cash and then four hours to get formula for her 3-month-old daughter, eva. how is it to go through this with a young child? >> it's a nightmare. this is not what i planned to be doing the first few weeks of my baby's life. >> reporter: now, that mom tells us she was desperately trying to get on a flight to florida. late last night she texted us, she made it. communications on this island is very spotty. here in the capital city, good news. cell phone service is starting to come back. but the vast majority of puerto rico has no reliable means to communicate. matt and savannah? >> gabe, thank you very much.
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maria is spinning off of the coast of north carolina. we're going to get to al's forecast in a moment. let's go to dylan. she's in nags head on the outer banks. >> maria is making its closest approach to the outer banks of north carolina. the storm is 140 miles to the east. but tropical storm-forced winds are 250 miles from the eye of the storm. because of the winds, schools are closed today. it's not safe for the buses to be out in these conditions. ahead of the storm, they evacuated about 10,000 visitors to the outer banks. and they worked hard to build up the sand dunes to protect against coastal flooding. on the western side of the storm, there's not much, if any rain. it's very dry. but the biggest threat is from the storm surge, down in hatteras. they had a three-foot storm surge that flooded parts of
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highway 12. maria will pull away from the coast. but the threat remains for the entire east coast for dangerous rip currents. if the sun is out, it will be dangerous in the water. savannah? >> dylan, thank you. all right. here we go. where is this thing going next? >> it's getting out of here. that's good news. we started talking about this on september 16th it became a tropical system. now, as it makes its way away from us, it slowed down, moving north at 5, 75-mile-per-hour winds. 3 230 miles out to the east. but 190-mile tropical force winds, just brushing cape hatteras. then, it pushes away. we'll be done with this by tomorrow morning. from miami to east port, we have strong rip currents. we're going to be watching that. peak wind gusts, the outer banks, 60 miles per hour. virginia beach, 50-mile-per-hour winds. in wilmington, look for
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30-mile-per-hour winds. the storm surge, two to four feet. that's going to wash out dunes, roads flooded out. as far as the surf, life-threatening rip currents, each beach emotion from boardwalks all the way from north carolina into the delmarva peninsula. once that happens, we'll say adios to maria and good riddance. >> we don't have to talk about her more. lots to talk about, including a political defeat. the candidate the president backed in alabama's senate race was soundly defeated. kristen welker has the latest on that and more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump will try to turn the page on that tough political night, unveiling his tax plan in indiana later today. the president is looking for a much-needed political victory after major defeats on health care and that candidate he supported in the alabama senate
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race to fill jeff sessions' seat. overnight in alabama, a closely-watched primary, raising questions about president trump's influence. judge roy moore, the outsider candidate, winning convincingly. >> we have to return the knowledge of god and the constitution of the united states to the united states congress. >> reporter: the problem for the president, he campaigned for the establishment candidate, luther strange. the president quickly getting onboard with the winner. tweeting, congratulations to roy moore on his republican primary win in alabama. luther strange started way back and ran a good race. >> don't let anybody in the press think that because he supported my opponent that i do not support him and support his agenda. >> reporter: for his part, former trump adviser, steve bannon, who supported trump, spiking the football. >> you will see in state after
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state, people that follow the bodle of judge moore. >> reporter: moore tried to rally his supporters by brandishing a gun on wednesday. and he's no stranger to controversy. moore has called islam a false religion. and referred to homosexuality as an inherent eevil. and was twice removed by the alabama supreme court. the alabama senate race expoesig the deep divides in the gop. a party with fresh wounds after failing to deliver on the campaign pledge of overhauling obamacare. >> we haven't given up on changing the health care system. >> reporter: the president acknowledging the frustration, pointing the finger squarely at colleagues on capitol hill. >> we're disappointed in so-called republicans. >> reporter: as for the alabama race, it appears president trump
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deleted tweets tuesday, supporting luther strange. but he is tweeting about the winner this morning. spoke to roy moore of alabama last night for the first time. sounds like a really great guy that will have to #maga. james mattis made an unexpected visit to afghanistan. hours after his arrival, several small rockets exploded in and around kabul airport. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. saying the secretary's plane was the target. that is the first trip to that country since president trump announced a new strategy for afghanistan. mattis said the u.s. will send an additional 3,000 troops to the region to help train afghan security forces. the president reiterating he is prepared to use military force if necessary in the north
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korean crisis. also speaking out, the parents of otto warmbier. he tied shortly after returning to the u.s. richard engel has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. every day there seems to be some new escalation with this story. now, it's a warning from the u.s. military, about north korea's nuclear weapons and how capable they soon could be. north korea, which has already tested long-range missiles and powerful nuclear bombs could combine them to make a weapon that could strike the continental united states soon, according to the military's top brass. >> whether it's 3 months, 6 months or 18 months, it is soon. and we should conduct ourselves that it is a matter of time and short time before north korea has that capability. >> reporter: president trump in the rose garden tuesday, stressing how far he is willing
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to go to prevent that from happening. >> we're prepared for the second option. not a refpreferred option. but if we take that option, it will be devastating. i can tell you that. devastating, for north korea. that's called the military option. >> reporter: north korea says those kind of threats and the president's repeated insults of their leader, kim jong-un -- >> rocket man -- >> reporter: -- amount to a declaration of war. the administration insists it hasn't done that. but it is upping the ante, gathering intelligence about north korea and increasing missile defense systems. meanwhile, the family of otto warmbier, who was detained in north korea and later died, was in an interview on fox news. >> they kidnapp eped otto. they tortured him. they are not victims. they are terrorists.
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>> reporter: warmbier was convicted of trying to steal a propaganda poster. when he was handed back to his parents last spring, he was on death's door. >> he was blind and deaf. as we looked and tried to comfort him, it looked like somebody had taken a pair of plyiers and rearranged his teeth. >> reporter: north korea said warmbier had become ill in custody and was released on humanitarian grounds. his parents say when they saw their son, he was shaking violently and had a feeding tube in. matt and savannah, back to you. >> richard, thank you. now, to a story out of saudi arabia that is making headlines worldwide. its king has issued a decree which would end that country's long-standing ban on women driving cars. kelly cobiella has that story. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you.
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got folks on social media talking overnight. for some, this marks a turning point for women's rights in saudi arabia. for many others, it is just one step on a very long road toward gender equality in the kingdom. driving while female is no longer a crime in saudi arabia. women in the kingdom and beyond are celebrating this morning. salma took a picture with her 13-year-old daughter to mark the day. >> the future she has will be a much brighter future than the one i had and her grandmother had. i had to wake her up and share that moment. >> reporter: what was her reaction? >> she started crying. >> reporter: the story, trending worldwide. didn't think i'd live to see this day. historic, wrote one user. and saudi arabia will never be the same again. the rain begins with a single drop. from activist manallo sharif. she spent a week in prison in 2007, after posting this video
7:16 am
of herself behind the wheel. the ultraconservative kingdom that is ruled by sharia law, is the only country in the world with a ban on women drivers. and the penalty is severe. fines, flogging. young saudis pushed back on social media with protest videos and hash tags. this morning, they fell in line with the muslim monarchy. >> this is a historic day for saudi society, for men and women. >> reporter: the white house hailing it as a positive step. saudi women were granted limited voting rights in 2014. and last weekend, allowed in the national stadium for the first time. while they may now be able to drive, saudi women still can't travel or get married without a male guardian's permission. they can't open a bank account or swim in public. they only got the right to ride a bike in 2013.
7:17 am
and this new decree has restrictions. women will have to be at least 30 years old to get a driver's license. they will only be allowed to drive in city limits and only during certain hours. and they still need the permission of a male guardian to get behind the wheel. >> kelly, thank you very much. >> progress but it's slow. the president is doubling down on his criticism of nfl players who kneel during the national anthem. the president said he felt ashamed by those protests. and accused participants of disrespecting military members that were injured defending the united states. >> and people who would disrespect that by kneeling during our national anthem is disgraceful. >> the president urged the nfl to make a rule that would, quote, not allow people to kneel during the pregame ceremony. in the meantime, aaron rodgers
7:18 am
and the green bay packers are asking fans to link arms during the anthem in tomorrow's game against the bears. residents are awaiting to return home, after they were forced to evacuate after a wild card. the canyon fire has burned 2,000 acres near the city of corona, southeast of los angeles. 1,500 people have been forced out of their homes since that fire started on monday. the flames are being fueled by very strong winds. that's a good time to go to al. that's another story we have to be focused on out west. >> looking at santa ana winds there and expecting the high fire danger to contin
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good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. another hot and humid day. the high humidity accompanied with an 89-degree high will make it feel like the low 90s in parts of philadelphia. we're tracking temperatures in the upper 80s through the suburbs and lehigh valley. we could see an isolated shower but more likely to see a spot shower at the jersey shore or delaware beaches. mostly cloudy at the shore, low 80s possible. in delaware, 86 for the forecast high in wilmington. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, lyle menendez, breaking his silence, speaking to megyn kelly about his parents, life in prison and the controversial new television
7:20 am
series about that case. also ahead, new details about the basketball bribery scandal that's rocking some of the country's biggest
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both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. 7:26. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. we'll see what's to come in the day ahead with meteorologist krystal klei. this is a live view over center city. what a pretty picture it is. we've got bright sunlight. the cloud deck is starting to thin a bit. i think today over pennsylvania neighborhoods we'll see a mix of clouds and sun. more cloud coverage over, say, the jersey shore, delaware beaches. these are the areas where we are looking at some chance of some showers. it looks like in delaware we have an isolated shower that is starting to roll through there. more chances to come as we go into the afternoon hours. temperatures hot and humid again. getting ready for rush hour? we'll check the roads with first
7:27 am
alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. watching the 42 freeway, pretty slow on the northbound side moving through deptford around route 41. that's the camera here. the northbound side you see there right before you head to 295. we're starting to see that big slowdown there. bridges are a little bit of a mess now. the alternate opening on tacony palmyra. the burlington bristol bridge opening at 7:45. >> thank you. philadelphia police questioning a person who they believe shot and killed a man in the apartment complex hallway in fishtown. the victim was found at around 3:30 with a gunshot wound to the head. police believe the victim and shooter knew each other. preparing your kids for a new age of stranger danger. tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m., why it takes an entire community to keep kids safe. we'll have another update in 25 minutes.
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we're back, now. 7:30, wednesday morning. the 27th of september, 2017. >> very, very busy morning. let's check with the headlines. dire situation in puerto rico. lines growing longer on the island for food, water and gas. as the race for relief was under way. >> we are in a very dire situation here. how do we get the things needed to save lives into the hands of the people? >> maria, still spinning off the coast of north carolina this morning. >> we still have large waves all along the east coast. >> thank you. conservative firebrand, roy moore, wins a key primary race in alabama, defeating establishment and trump-backed
7:31 am
candidate, luther strange. >> we have to return the knowledge of god and the constitution of the united states. homeland security plans to collect social media data on all u.s. immigrants starting in october. politicians throwing punches. a brawl breaks out in uganda during a debate over presidential age limits. and not so fast. >> he leaps and he makes the play. >> yankees center fielder aaron hicks makes a leap at the wall, robbing the rays of a grand slam, today, september 27th, 2017. savannah's looking like, what happened? they robbed him of a grand slam. that was a good play. speaking of sports, as savannah just was, a stunning scandal is rocking college basketball. a three-year federal investigation alleging bribery
7:32 am
schemes at universities between coaches and players and adidas. >> reporter: in all, ten people are accused of using bribes to influence star athletes. that includes four assistant coaches at prominent universities that have been suspended and a senior executive at adidas. the schools are promising to cooperate with investigators. the ncaa calls the allegations deeply disturbing. federal prosecutors say it points to the dark underbelly of college basketball. >> the picture painted by the charges is not a pretty one. >> reporter: among those charged, four assistant coaches from program innocent programs. >> i think that things like this probably go on far more often than people imagine, everywhere. i don't think it would be unique to just this school. >> reporter: prosecutors say in
7:33 am
exchange for bribes up to 100,000 dollar, the coaches steered athletes to specific companies and managers. according to the criminal complaint, dawkins told an undercover agent, if we take care of everybody and everything is done, we control everything. you can make millions off of one kid. >> for these men, bribing coaches was a business investment. they knew that the corrupt coaches, in return for bribes, would pressure the players to use their services. >> reporter: prosecutors say in another scheme, adidas executive jim gato helped fun money to the fam loifs high school athletes to attend universities sponsored by adidas. no one from the schools has been charged. but the university of louisville, a college basketball power house, was part of the investigation. adding this is a serious concern that goes to the heart of our
7:34 am
athletic department and the university. louisville's men's basketball program is already on probation, and its head coach was suspended following an unrelated sex-for-pay scandal, charges that are under appeal. pitino answered to the bribery case saying, this is a complete shock to me. as for adidas, they said they were unaware of misconduct, but like the colleges, plans to work with authorities. no comments from any of the four coaches. prosecutors say this investigation is far from over. back to you guys. >> takes a lot of fun out of the game, doesn't it? >> depressing. >> joe, thank you very much. mr. roker, you have your eyes on everything. but there's fires out west. >> we alluded to it last half hour. and no end in sight. the canyon fire, 15% contained. 1,900 homes threatened with evacuations. and this week, gusty winds, warm
7:35 am
temperatures, low humidity, dry vegetation. and look at the temperatures, in the 80s and low 90s. speaking of windy. windy city, consecutive daily highs of 92 or better. seven days. the last streak like that, was august 4th to july 26th, 1988. but the streak ends today. why? the front moves through. look at the temperatures today. chicago, you're only at 74. that's awfully nice. memphis, 88. 90 in houston. behind the system, temperatures warm up out west and cool good morning. i'm meteorologist krystal klei. today another hot and humid day. the humidity accompanied with an 89-degree high will make it feel like low 90s in parts of philadelphia. tracking temperatures in the upper 80s through the suburbs and lehigh valley. we could see an isolated shower, but more likely to see a spot shower over parts of the jersey shore or delaware beaches.
7:36 am
temperature of 85 in trenton today. mostly cloudy along the shore, and low 80s possible. and in delaware, 86 for the forecast high in wilmington. >> get your full forecast anytime you need it. check out our friends friends a weather channel on cable. as we like to say -- ah. >> that's a preview of coming attractions. thank you, al. a lot more ahead. interview with the infamous murderer, lyle menendez. and dr. oz and his daughter teach you to eat your way to better skin and energy. and let's be honest, we can't curb our enthusiasm of the return of that man over there. >> how did i get talked into this. >> larry david, pretty, pretty good in a "today" exclusive. and chip and
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7:42 am
the series, the murder and regrets. it was a case that captured the country two decades ago. lyle and erik menendez were convicted of murdering their parents inside their beverly hills home in 1989. their story is being re-examined in a new "law and order" series, chronickrochronicling the case. lyle menendez wants people to watch and make up their own minds. let's talk about the dick wolf show. were you consulted on the project? >> i was not consulted on the project. dick wolf, to his credit, they got the trial transcript and put a team together to figure out what they felt exactly happened in this trial to be as accurate as possible in the series. >> two counts of murder -- >> -- have been filed against lyle and erik menendez. >> reporter: early in the
7:43 am
investigation, prosecutors explored if they were killed by the mafia. but seven months into the investigation, lyle and erik were arrested. prosecutors argued they killed their parents to get the family fortune. the brother's defense team said the murders were motivated by a lifetime of abuse. i think it's fascinating to look at when these two otherwise normal kids decided to -- decided to not just murder, but murder their own parents. you know? like, whose idea was it? tell us about the conversation where that was first was discussed. >> i don't know the details of what happened between my brother and my father. when i first heard about it, i had some of the same reaction, that some people have, you know, how could you not have resisted? why didn't you tell me? why didn't you run away? why didn't you fight back against your father? and i kind of thought this is
7:44 am
what happens to -- as monstrous as my father was, it happened to little boys. i didn it didn't after to me after i was a teenager. this was sort of a realization of me, how he began to tell me the detail officials what happened to him. >> reporter: the first trial in 1993, was a spectacle that was broadcast live on court tv. there were two juries, one for each brother. and in the end, both deadlocked. the second trial, starting in 1995, featured no cameras and just one jury. this time around, the brothers' abuse defense was not allowed. lyle maintains the case was never about innocence or guilt, but a complex family history. >> i was dealing with just a horrifying situation. my father was a powerful man in his 40s. a threatening man. and my mother was not a submissive, battered wife. she was an aggressive, dynamic
7:45 am
person. and we, you know -- i was fearful. and beyond, really, all words. and i don't know. i can't really explain why i didn't just pick up and leave, other than i wouldn't leave my brother. >> reporter: lyle menendez, 49, is incarcerated in sacramento. his brother, erik, 45 miles away in a san diego prison. both were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. lyle menendez says he regrets killing his parents every day. do you regret the murders? >> i completely regret -- i don't think that, you know, i want, in any way, looking back, to be the judge and jury of my father's actions or my mother's. it's really -- i regret every day. i regret every day. but at the same time, you really -- i can't escape what happened anymore than i can escape the memories of what happened to me.
7:46 am
>> the prosecution's theory was that that abuse claim was completely invented. lyle was asked if the trial were held today, would he still be convicted? and he said no. in the years since his conviction, topics like sexual abuse and domestic violence have become less taboo. >> it's a case that fascinates all these years later. >> did it happen or didn't it? is the abuse made up? the jury didn't buy it, the one that convicted him. or is it real? his point is it is real and if the case were tried to today, juries would see the possibility of these abuses much more real than when he was tie ried. >> the third is that the abuse was real but the actions weren't justified. >> they get to watch tv. he watches a lot of news. he watches, i think nbc primetime programming. he watches primetime programming. and he is in touch with his
7:47 am
brother, erik. they can't speak by phone. but they write letters. >> they haven't seen each other since the trial. >> the most fascinating moment for me was, what was it like? did you look your parents in the eyes before you shot them? and what did you feel before you shot them? and we get into all of it. >> that's a tease. a lot more of the interview this morning on "megyn kelly today." just ahead after this show. the teen that was kidnapped by her teacher and was on the run with him for a month, breaks her silence. and sheinelle jones in
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7:51 am
time for some big news from twitter. sheinelle is in the orange room for carson. >> good morning to you. twitter founder and ceo, jack dorsey, stopped by the orange room last year. and you asked him about the character count limits. >> 140 characters, the limit. is it staying? if it's going away, when? >> it's staying. it's a good constraint for us. >> fast-forward to tuesday, when twitter announced they are increasing the character count from 140 to 280. it's only available to a small group of users as twitter decides to roll it out to the entire twitterverse. chrissy teigen said, literally, my only talent was to come up with tweets that are 140 characters long. and jas saying, you know, you don't have to use all 280 characters. we asked, should twitter increase the character count limit? look at the results, kind of
7:52 am
split. 58% say no. 42% say yes. jack said, we expect the snark and the love for the change of the twitter characters. we know why this change is important. jack's tweet was longer than this. but we ran out of space. what do you think? >> i like it. i appreciate all of the snark. >> that's it. >> yeah. i say keep it short. and sweet. >> yeah. >>
7:53 am
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7:56 am
that breaking news, several row homes are on fire right now in camden. sky efforforce 10 is live over fillmore street. they've got it under control with the white smoke coming out of the roof there. the firefighters are putting water on the burning moments. they've been doing that for the last 15 minutes or so. no reports of injuries. stay with the nbc10 app for updates on the fire. it's four minutes before 8:00. let's update you on the forecast with meteorologist krystal klei. she has the most accurate weather forecast. >> starting with the wide view on radar and satellite. this is tropical storm ria well to the south. take a look. some of the rain bands broken as they may be are sending a few sprinkles into sussex county. for rest of us, over parts of new jersey and delaware, it's some clouds that we are seeing, as well. more sunshine in the north and west neighborhoods north of the i-95 corridor. in philadelphia, 74. we're at 84 by 1:00.
7:57 am
forecast high today was 89 with high humidity. if you're heading out the door, let's check with the roads with first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> tracy, stop and go on the schuylkill expressway moving through cityline avenue. you can see here on the westbound side we're jammed. pretty much jammed from montgomery county drive forward and center city, too. the schuylkill is pretty jammed up now. we're also watching and on stand by for the burlington bristol bridge opening that was scheduled for 7:45. we're running behind schedule. clear on the betsy ross and tacony palmyra. >> thank you. a live look at philadelphia national airport. in just a few minutes, an american airlines flight will leave here for puerto rico. passengers will reunite with family sit living in the hurricane-damage -- family will visit with the hurricane-damaged area. preparing kids for the new age of stranger danger tomorrow morning on "nbc10 news today" starting at 4:00.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, dire situation. the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico becoming more desperate by the day. >> it's a nightmare. this is not where i planned to be or wanted to be. >> the relief effort ramping up. we're there for an emotional reunion. plus, going out in style. chip and joanna gaines announce they're ending their wildly successful home renovation show "fixer upper." >> this journey has been indescribable. the opportunity of a lifetime. >> so, why is the couple walking away at the height of their popularity? jenna has that story. and "curb" is back.
8:01 am
>> don't. go cry outside. >> you're yelling. >> that's enough already. >> it's been six years since larry david and the gang made us laugh and cringe. >> there's nothing wrong with being bald. >> sure there is. >> now, "curb your enthusiasm" is returning. we have the entire cast in studio 1a for what should be a pretty, pretty good time. today, wednesday, september 27th, 2017. ♪ >> guys, we have a lot of the globe represented here on the plaza. >> hi. >> hola. >> hola. ♪ >> we have a wonderful group of retired nurses. and you are celebrating -- >> 50 years of friendship. >> nathan's turning 12. let's say happy birthday,
8:02 am
nathan. >> happy birthday, nathan. >> cheryl is celebrating a 50th birthday. and she only wants one thing. >> a picture with matt and savannah. >> give that selfie up, kids. they're waiting for you, the sisters. >> has there ever been a theme song for a show that's more perfect for the show than "curb your enthusiasm's" theme song? >> i wanted larry david to say shut up and say good morning. that's the funniest thing i've heard. let's get to the news at 8:00. a week after it ravaged the caribbean, tropical storm maria has reached the carolina coast, with damaging winds and flooding, as well. dylan joins us from nags head, on north carolina's outer banks. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. the sun is trying to come out here. but we're feeling effects of tropical storm-force biwinds. the center of maria is 150 miles
8:03 am
from here. but the tropical storm winds extend 230 miles out from the storm. because of the winds, schools have been closed in this area because it's not safe for the buses to be out in these conditions. they did evacuate about 10,000 visitors from the outer banks ahead of the storm to get them out of here in case of a big enough storm surge to cause some coastal flooding. we'll see things improve as we go through the day today. but there is a possibility of that storm surge. down in hatteras, we had a 2 1/2-foot storm surge that washed over parts of highway 12. there's that concern about coastal flooding, everyon thoug the storm will continue to pull away. unand down the east coast, there will likely be dangerous rip currents this weekend. when the sun returns and people get back in the water, there's a threat of rip currents in the water. matt? >> dylan, thank you very much. and the president is defending the federal government's disaster response
8:04 am
to puerto rico, promising more relief and a personal visit. the rescue teams traveling to the island are making a difference until additional help can arrive. tammy leitner is in san juan for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. it's been more than a week since hurricane maria made landfall here. and we're still seeing dramatic rescues in communities that are isolated. in puerto rico, an incredible rescue mission under way. this team of new york city firefighters and police officers searching for a family of six. gabriel had not heard from his family since hurricane maria chewed up the main bridge, trapping his loved ones and their entire community. his town, one of 11 on the island, these rescue workers have still not be able to reach. >> this is going to take an hour to get up this hill.
8:05 am
>> reporter: we've been walking for about 15 minutes. it's slow going because there's trees down, power lines down. gabrielle says the last time he saw his family was five days before the hurricane. gabriel's desperation, visible. then, finally, after almost two weeks apart. an emotional reunion. [ crying ] >> reporter: everyone together, once again. his family surviving the cat 5 with enough supplies to last a few more weeks. but gabriel's parents, staying behind, for now. >> i'm a little, you know, sad, because we're going to be separated. we were staying together. >> reporter: the good-byes cut short, rainmaking it harder to
8:06 am
get off the mountain. across the river, relief. grateful but facing an uncertain future. gabriel tells me, if not for the rescue team, he fears his family would have been trapped for many more days. i can tell you guys, we've seen first responders from all over the united states, from florida, indiana, nevada, all working with puerto rican first responders. savannah? >> that's good to hear. tammy, thank you. five months after she was found living with her alleged kidnapper in california, elizabeth thomas is breaking her silence. thomas and her former teacher, 51-year-old tad cummings, were the subject of a manhunt after she disappeared with him in march. she tells "the columbia daily herald," she has no regrets about leaving town, though she says she wasn't the right thing to do. thomas is living with her brother, who is homeschooling her. she takes baby sitting jobs and
8:07 am
she doesn't like strangers to speculate about her personal life. cummins is in prison awaiting trial. it was a wedding day that a couple from canada will never forget. not just because of the beautiful ceremony. brittany cook and clay cook, in a park, posing for wedding pictures. clay noticed there were three kids playing by a creek. when he looked again, there were only two. he went over, he saw one of the boys struggling to get out of the water. clay jumped in, pulled the soaking wet child to safety. the little boy is fine. and they have an awesome story to tell. and he just talked about how it was instinctive and he did it right hthen. it changed the tonal of the day. >> that is great. >> impressive, too, he had his eyes open and acted so quickly. a lot more to come today, including the end of "the fixer upper." why chip and joanna gaines are walking away from their successful show. also ahead, why steven tyler
8:08 am
just canceled the rest of aerosmith's tour. and dr. oz and his daughter here, with foods for success on weight loss and more. and we've been waiting for these guys. larry david and the whole cast. they are here. look at them. but first, these messages. ♪ (cover of chainsmokers 'don't l♪ me down') ♪ ♪ the issues we care about can weigh on us. so lift the weight of caring, by doing. visit state farm's to volunteer in your community.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
[ screaming ] the snowman. we're back, now, with news that fans of "fixer upper" did not want to hear. jenna bush, say it ain't so. >> say it ain't so. a lot of daughters were calling their mothers across the country, after a wildly successful run. chip and joanna gaines have decided to end their hit hgtv show. they say it's family over fame. "six er "fixer upper" is headed towards its grand finale. >> this journey has been indescribable. an opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: after five years of renovating homes on their hit hgtv show, chip and joanna gaines announced tuesday that the upcoming season will be their last. >> it's a bittersweet time for us. the last five years, this has been our life, the show, the crew here.
8:13 am
>> we've become like family. >> these homes that we've gotten to renovate for the beautiful families, it's become a big part of our lives. y'all have become a big part of our lives. >> reporter: the couple says they want to focus on their family and their popular business in waco, texas. >> our beautiful business here in waco needs our attention. we need to pour into that as much as we can. we are a family. our beautiful children are growing up so quickly. >> reporter: telling "people" magazine they didn't want their four children, to grow up in the spotlight. saying, they're so young. and we want to give them the chance to have a normal childhood. earlier this month, i caught up with the couple. and they responded to recent humors about joanna leaving the show and their marriage. you're not movie stars. you didn't grow up in the spotlight. are you prepared for these types of things? >> no. it's funny. when i think about these circumstances, i think they're hilarious. i'm like, i can't believe these things are happening to us
8:14 am
because part of me thinks, who would care about that? >> but i think for me, even from the beginning, because i don't do great with seeing that kind of stuff, reading into it, i just don't know what's going on. i'll hear somebody saying, i hear you and chip are getting a divorce? where did you hear -- i don't know any of that that's going on. we do our due diligence to let people know, this isn't us. don't be scammed. >> reporter: the five seasons of "fixer upper" have brought a flux of tourism to waco. catapulting their magnolia brand to an estimated worth of $5 million. >> cheers. >> reporter: the gaines say their biggest success is one that can't be measured or made over. >> we want to take this time to really say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for letting our family become a part of your family. >> fans of "fixer upper" can get
8:15 am
plenty of the gaines family fix, in addition to partnership with target and bed, bath & beyond, chip has a new book. they want to be on their farm. >> how did you break it to your mother? that's the important question. >> laura is out of the country. and there were some tears shed. she thinks joanna is her best friend. >> all right, jenna. thanks so much. >> and, y'all, chip is going to be here on the show. i'm going to come see him. yes. i think you're doing it. >> he's going to get a restraining order for you. >> he may. >> you're not going anywhere. you're going to stick around for "trending" in a little bit. "trending" is now. here's exciting about twitter. #wednesdaywisdom. #mythirdgeniewish. >> i love that. >> those are the things that are trending. >> what would your third genie wish be?
8:16 am
>> more wishes. >> chip and joanna back on tv. >> you need to get over it. >> we all used uber, right? i think a lot of people know at the end of the ride, you can rate your driver. but your driver can rate you as a passenger. that's not new. but starting soon, apparently, you will know which driver will gave you the poor rating and why. uber is unveiling a new feature that will tell you when a driver claims your behavior was not acceptable. some of the reasons the driver can cite, wait time. patience. attitude. that covers a lot. what do you think? would you want to know? you get out of the car and -- >> i have a 4 1/2 out of 5. and who didn't give me five stars? but i'm thinking, when you load up kids -- >> or if your child dropped n p cheerios. >> i'm a 4.6. >> do you know? >> i was good for a while. i may have dropped. i'm not sure.
8:17 am
do they rate you before you rate them? or can you wait to rate them before you find out? >> that's good. i don't know. >> my husband says things like, you're a five-starer. are you saying that? >> a driver will say, please rate me. would you want to be rated for other things that you do. like, we're used to filling out customer service. what if the tables were reversed. you went to dinner and the waiter could rate you as a customer. >> i would want to be rated everywhere except for the cable company on the phone. >> exactly. >> those are the only places i wouldn't want to be rated. >> what about a date? >> we've been rated on those. >> you are rated when they don't call you back. >> message received. sheinelle, how about "pop start." every year, there's models that win the coveted spot of the quip suit issue.
8:18 am
this year, s sailor ray cook. she is the first-ever second generation model as she followed in her mom's footsteps. up next, the band aerosmith is cancelling the last four shows of the south american tour. steven tyler said the cancellation was due to unexpected medical issues. do not worry. i'm not in a life-threatening condition. but i need to deal with this and get rest and medical care. he says, i promise i will be back. health does not wait. it's something i can't schedule around. tyler is expected to make a full recovery. we wish him well. and this comes on the heels of other tour cancellations. lady gaga, and justin bieber back in july. in an episode of "ellen," airing today, eric stonestreet
8:19 am
looked to be a scary good time ellen is knnotorious to falling for those pranks. but apparently, eric turned the tables on the prankster. >> if you're a security guard, especially that age, where you're actually -- >> finally. finally. >> okay. >> weird turn. >> eric tackled the guy. all of that pent-up aggression. >> when you go back and look at the tapes -- i'm not going to give it away -- there are signals that -- that ellen might give as to when it's time for
8:20 am
that person to jump out of the box. >> there's a tell? >> there's a tell. >> that's good. you can see it today. >> just like a baseball game. she's going to change her sign. >> or get back at you. >> i was going to say. >> get the red sox to steal the signs. >> that's perfect. and the "daly click" today. >> being a parent can be exhausting. one dad found time to multitask. he took time to rest his legs and read his book, while his leaf blower pushed his daughter. >> that's fantastic. >> look at that. >> isn't that the best? she's fine. he's fine. >> everybody is happy. >> he's not the only dad that got creative with the leaf blower. they took a spin for the tricycle. the big question is whether the leaf blower is used for yard work. he was going to start doing
8:21 am
that. >> that's fast. >> he catches him at the end. it's fine. >> that kid can drive. >> good steering. >> leaf blowers, who knew? >> great. >> somewhere, some mom is screaming. no. >> we need to see more leaf blower videos. mr. roker? >> that was fun. we'll show you what's going on. in texas, heavy storms are firing up and it's part of a system laying there, not going anywhere. heavy rain for texas and new mexico, increasing the threat of flooding. we're talking rainfall amounts that are going to top out around five to seven inches in some parts, from southern texas all the way to new mexico. flooding a possibility. that what's going on aroun'sd good morning. i'm chris stall comply. today another very hot and humid day, an 89 degree high. we're tracking temperatures in the upper 60s in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. likely to see a spot shower in
8:22 am
parts of the verizon or delaware beaches. temperature 85 in trenton today. in delaware, 86 for the forecast high in wilminton. . .> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. are you feeling sluggish this morning. maybe you have a few pounds to lose or just want to feel better. dr. oz as a new book. and here with his daug , dafda daphne who is a chef. just to run over what the book is about, again. it is kind of food as medicine, right? >> take advantage of the fact that food can fix it. fat with benefits. ideal proteins. extra veggies. energizing carbs. special occasion sugar. the fixes. there they are. let's start with weight.
8:23 am
the single biggest thing i get compliants about. the reality of weight loss, it has to be a quiet diet. i don't want you to feel isolated. >> these are superfoods for weight loss. >> why are they so powerful? they look like pills. they work better than pills. one-third of the fiber you need for the day. and they have protein. protein, you get a discount when you metabolize protein. it doesn't all go to your hips. and to have half a cup of beans, is equal to three eggs. don't make it boring. >> people worry about the fat or the cholesterol in eggs. >> they get a bad rap. >> you don't have 12 eggs a day. one of the reason foods can fix it, you can turn on the food that turn on the bacteria in your gut. they turn on the bacteria that when rodents love eating
8:24 am
cranberries, they lose weight, they feel better and act better. humans are doing critical kr trials. >> i love that my dad says acro manse acromansia. >> and jeff from "curb your enthusiasm." >> i know you're a big chef. i want you to learn this recipe. >> i love healthy food. >> and here's the broth. >> is there salt on it? >> not too much. let him taste it. i'll tell you about it. part of sustained weight loss is making it easy on yourself. this is your fill you up veggie broth. >> it's great. you can't taste the salt. soup is salt usually. >> this is flavored with vegetables and mushrooms and so coconut milk. you make it once and save it for three months. >> wow. >> it's the kind of thing you
8:25 am
drink throughout the day to fill you up. juices will make you crave other sugars. >> this is what the ozes do to lose weight. >> larry david now. >> i know. >> would you like this tea? >> this is the secret. this is tart cherry juice, which has melatonin, that you will be out at bedtime. >> what about all of the sugar? >> a little cranberry. >> sugar. >> put that down. and drink the tea. what a whiner. >> this will jazz you right up. >> what do you think? >> oh, my gosh. >> what is this? >> hey. [ everyone talking at once ] >> what is this? >> hi. >> see what you started? >> savannah? >> i don't know.
8:26 am
[ talking at once ] >> thank you, dr. oz and daphne. >> it's amazing. it is just about 8:30 on this wednesday morning. breaking news of a deadly crash in philadelphia's hunting park. this involved a motorcycle and a car near the intersection of stokely street and west hunting park avenue. we know one person is dead. we also follow breaking news out of camden where firefighters are on the scene of a row home fire. the fire started in one home on philmore street and spread to one other. we're looking at clouds that are hanging overhead here in center city. not a lot of rain but we will
8:27 am
see clouds today. if you're farther north and west it's a more clear picture for camel back mountain with more sunshine there. today still a warm and humid day with temperatures in the upper 80s. by tomorrow, more cool crisp air will start to move in. jessica boyington is in the traffic center. >> we're starting off in new jersey right now out in woodbury where there's a water main break between hunter street and red bank avenue. to get around for now, you can take evergreen avenue. also watching quakertown on the p.a. turnpike for a southbound accident. we'll have another update for you coming up in 25 minutes. get the latest with the nbc 10 app.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ good morning, everybody. good morning. it's wednesday. it's september 27th, 2017. 8:30. and everybody is going to be singing that song. playing this tune all day long. i'm supposed to say, now, that the "curb your enthusiasm" cast is here. but i think we all know that, as they just crashed our last segment. it's going to be a fun morning. >> they are live. they are exclusive. this is going to be one of those interviews where we say, how are you guys doing? and that's the last thing we're
8:31 am
going to say. >> speaking of "curb your enthusiasm" and larry david, we have a crowd moment today. we have some big larry david fans. where is cheryl and shawn? i heard you love larry david. i heard you named your dog -- >> larry, yes. >> would you like to come in and listen to the interview of larry david and the crew. happy burt dairthday, you guys. there he is. hi, larry. >> all right. we'll bring those guys in in a little bit, larry. >> that's pretty good. before we get to larry and the gang, check this out. we have some iconic items from camelot, the time president kennedy, hitting the auction block. and we have some of them here. two rocking chairs once owned by the president and the first lady. the president, a famously bad back. his doctor suggesting he use
8:32 am
rockers to help with the pain. >> also, a lace cantia. and a speedboat, that the president's father won at a raffle. and a painting done by the same artist that did the official jfk portrait that hangs in the white house. >> that auction is taking place here in new york on october 6th and 7th. check of the weather? >> all right. we'll show you what we got going on, starting with today. we're looking at record highs in the northeast. rip currents along the eastern seaboard. thanks to maria, that fire threat continues out west. flooding rains, texas into new mexico. tomorrow, that wet weather continues through the southwest and a messy mix into the rockies. sunshine along the west coast. a cooldown around the great lakes. but hot and humid weather continues through the southwest. got some nice friends here. where are you from? >> from miami beach. >> i'm his mom. >> you must be -- good.
8:33 am
grow them big down in miami. good morning. i'm krystal klei. today another hot and humid day. the hue humigh humidity will ma feel like the low 90s in philadelphia. we could see an isolated shower but more likely to see a spot shower in parts of the jersey shore or delaware beaches. 85 in trenton today. mostly cloudy along the shore. low 80s possible. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget. get that weather anytime you need it. check out our friends on the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al. up next, we'll sit down with larry david, ahead of our exclusive interview with the full coast of "curb your enthusiasm." larry loves teases. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
♪ welcome back, everyone. unless you've been living under a rock, you probably heard that "curb your enthusiasm" is coming back. we're going to talk to larry david in a moment. first, just a few of the reasons that fans love hbo's groundbreaking and award-winning comedy series. >> say hello to him. >> i know. he wanted to do a stop and chat. i didn't want to do a stop and chat. >> krcrude. >> we can talk until we're blue in the face. i don't mean that as a racial thing, either. >> he was talking on his cell phone, the whole dinner. he doesn't think he's annoying. >> clever. >> a plan is a plan. a confirmation is a guarantee you're going to show up. >> "curb your enthusiasm," "seinfeld" co-creator, larry david. no matter how his ex-wife tries
8:37 am
reining him in. >> do you have anybody to clean the up mess i'm about to make right now? >> he's still not very likable. >> there's nothing wrong with being bald. >> sure, there is. >> and neither are his friends. >> just saying. >> just saying? you're just annoying. >> now, after a six-year break, they're back for season nine. >> pretty, pretty good. >> 17 years after the show first premiered. >> this is a day of celebrating kenny's life. >> go cry outside for god's sakes. >> you're yelling. >> that's enough already. i can't hear a thing. shut up. >> larry, good morning. welcome back. it's good to have you hear. >> thank you. i don't know how you can say that's not likable. >> exactly. >> extremely likable. >> you know what i like about you. you were watching that. you crack you up. >> i'm the only person who makes me laugh. >> i love the tag lines in the
8:38 am
promos. it says, in the immortal words of julius caesar, i left, i did nothing, i returned. is that how you're coming back to television? >> absolutely, yeah. it's not 100% true that i did nothing. i did play some golf. >> you did. and you did broadway. >> i did broadway. i did a movie. >> were you itching to get back to this? or was it something that was a slow burn? >> no. i wasn't really itching. if i was itching, it would have been sooner. all of a sudden, everything seemed like it was coming into place. and i did it. >> after six years, are you now likable? >> i would say that i'm not any different than before. >> so, no. >> so, yes. yes, yeah. >> are you empathetic? [ laughter ] no. no. >> i have always thought you were -- the last time we did an interview, i had a cold and you said, that's too bad. that's empathetic, right? >> did you?
8:39 am
it wasn't a sarcastic too bad? >> it might have been. i have trouble sometimes with you. >> you may have confused that. it was probably sarcasm. >> what is happening on the show now that didn't happen six years ago? bring me the secrets of these episo episodes. >> have you lost your mind? i'm going to tell you. the show is airing sunday. but i'll tell everybody now what's going on. because of our personal relationship. i'll tell matt. it's none of your business. and don't ask again. yeah. >> you turned 70 this summer. >> by the way, the show is on at 10:00 at night. i know you have to be here at 2:00 in the morning? >> 4:00. 4:30. >> are you going to tape it? >> i'm probably going to watch it, yes, the next day. is that okay? is it as funny on tape as when you watch it really happening? >> i don't think so. you're missing out. >> i will stay up for you, then. >> i wish you would.
8:40 am
>> you turned 70. >> yes. >> how did that go? >> oh, swell. so much fun. and i can't wait for 80. it just keeps getting better and better. >> did you seize the day? or did you lock yourself in a room? >> it was a combination of both. >> the two? >> there was no seizing. what am i talking about? no. there was not a hint of seizing. no. >> you're going to go kicking and screaming, as you age? >> um -- you know, i try -- i try not to think about the end. but thanks for bringing it up. that's what you're for. >> that's what i'm for. >> i don't like to be reminded of it. but thank god i came on the show. >> i like to talk to you about things in the news. the university of pennsylvania did a study that i want your take on. they found that bald men are perceived by ladies to be attractive, confident and
8:41 am
dominant as compared to their full-haired counterparts. >> what a -- >> yeah. >> so, for you on -- in the central time zone. >> i'm sorry. it was so stupid. you know? that i had to say it. the stupidity had to be met with something like that. that's the only way i can deal with it. as a bald man, okay. there's not a word of truth to any of that. repeat it. just repeat it. i want to hear it one more time. >> a study found that women perceive bald men to be more attractive, confident and dominant as compared to their full-haired counterparts. >> don't say it again. >> i'm not going to say it again. >> was it bleeped? >> for the central and west coast time zones, you will just hear a funny little noise there. for you on the east coast, we're sorry. >> i apologize. yeah. there's no -- it's impossible.
8:42 am
how can that be? no. >> i wanted your take. >> but i did -- i have heard that we do have more testosterone. >> virility. >> yes. >> yes. >> so, there you go. so, maybe. >> last time we sat down -- >> i'm an animal, sexually. an animal. at 70. i'll go against a guy with hair in bed any day of the week. >> how did a former bra salesman get to be this way? how did that happen? a former bra salesman from brooklyn get to be this guy that we all love in this studio? >> i'm bewildered by it. believe me. yes. >> we're happy to have you back here. by the way, last time you were in our studio, was to be a producer, and actually you did the jerry seinfeld puffy shirt scene with bryant gumbel,
8:43 am
yelling out lines. so, welcome back. >> by the way, i don't like the stools. if i may say. i don't like the stool thing. we have to watch where we're crossing our legs, okay? and it's not -- why am i sitting on a barstool? >> okay. i'll get you -- get up, take your place over there with the gang. we're going to take a commercial break. >> i want to stand in the next one. >> larry joins the cast of "curb your enthusiasm." first this, is "today" on nbc. facing an epidemic
8:44 am
fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible. christie: the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: to learn more, visit he's a double-dipping mepension padder.y. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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8:46 am
♪ we're back with more of the big return of "curb your enthusiasm" after a six-year hiatus. >> it follows the life of larry david and his friends played by jeff garlin, cheryl hines, susie essman, and j.b. smoove. take a look. >> this is our friend, larry. >> hey. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm going to excuse myself. >> what is -- >> you didn't thank him for his service [ bleep ]. >> thank you for your service. >> i didn't need to thank him for his service. you thanked him for his service. does everybody need to thank him for his service? >> guys, welcome back. good to see you. i was commenting with jeff that this is going to be the longest six minutes of our lives or the fastest six minutes of our lives. it's completely up to you. >> we want to go back to sleep. so, quick. >> let's start -- i thought it would be nice, let's start by embarrassing larry. okay? >> no. >> go down the line and say what larry means to you. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> i love the guy. leave it at that. >> okay. >> he's one of my best friends. >> she's welling up. >> larry's kind and sweet. >> larry david. >> larry's the most loyal person i know. >> that's true. >> cringe-worthy.
8:47 am
i'll say that. you tell me all the time. >> nicest thing anyone ever said. >> you love compliments, right? >> i love them. >> you enjoy this? >> i have a tremendous ability to accept praise. >> do you return praise? >> no. >> we know how he feels about us. we don't need to hear it. >> what are you doing? >> taking pictures. >> do you have to do that right now? >> yes. >> okay. fine. so -- you're also one of the producers of the show. >> yes. >> it is unscripted. >> yes. >> is that a thing? is that really -- can it really be completely unscripted? >> yes. well, he's -- for the most -- look. we have, i would say, maybe, during a season, 5% is, say this line. but 95% of it isn't scripted. but he writes a story that all you have to do is be true to the story and you're good. >> we don't just show up at a deli and say, what should we do?
8:48 am
we know what the scene is about. >> there are parameters. >> there's a story that's written. and then, we wing it. >> and when something -- when there is a line written, it is usually just because it's needed for story purposes. >> right. >> you know. >> so people know what's happening? >> no. it might be a line that might be said for the purpose of a story. >> not because people need to know. >> the only line i have ever written that i remember memorizing was, it's like eating a delicious sponge from the sponge cake. it's like eating a delicious sponge. and i loved it. if that's the line you learn, yeah. >> i remember, she called after the cutoff time. that was my one line i had to remember. >> that was the story. >> the story was being called after a cutoff time. >> do scenes go on and on forever? >> no. >> how do you have a beginning, middle and end to them? >> the story is written. the story is concise. and i look into the camera and say obscenities when i'm done. i do.
8:49 am
i say part of my body hurts. >> the cool thing about the show is these branchs. you get to create your own storyline. and i try, when i'm on camera, i try to give this guy something new about leon he didn't know about. which i like, to create my own branches, so the writers have something to play around with. larry can give me something back. >> you realize now, if we ever shoot the show again, i'm going to ask him, how are the branches coming? i'm going to branch you out, man. i will never stop with the branches. you said that, branches. >> it's lingo. >> larry is the easiest to crack up, though. he breaks. >> unequivocally. >> and he's -- he laughs so joyfully. it's like, you know. >> he enjoys everyone. >> but he yells at you if you break because you're ruining the take. i have to bite the inside of my cheek when he's saying ridiculous things. >> we generally don't break. >> we can't. >> show that clip with larry and the panties --
8:50 am
>> they're all actors. and i'm the comedian. okay? that's the difference. >> also, as a comedian, in my mind, i'm thinking, i like to do my dialogue as if i'm performing. so, if i'm on stage, i'm trying to make a snot bubble come out his nose. >> working with branches. he's got the branches. >> give me the camera. >> when i look at you, i think of some of your curse-filled rabb rants. >> yes. >> is it true that people come up to you on the streets sometimes and want you to record voicemail messages. >> it's like, i get paid money to do that. i'm not doing it for free. unless it's my husband. >> cheryl, the fact that you're back in this season, could we hope that maybe you and larry patch things up? >> larry? >> cheryl. >> what do you think? >> we'll see. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> he's easiest to crack up. i hear you might be the easiest
8:51 am
to break. so, not break laughing, meaning, you would tell me the secrets -- because you're the newest. you would tell me the secrets. don't look at him. >> hold on a second, no kidding around, when there's news on the show in the press, because he said it. what are you doing? >> larry doesn't like to do press. i'm like the unofficial guy that goes out there, does the press. people pry it out of me, because i'm a big fan. my black people, we love you. black people love you. i told you that before. >> i know. >> they love larry. they love -- i give them a little teeny bit. an inkling of what -- the possibilities. >> you know what's great? everybody but black people don't care. i don't have anything to say. >> are you guys at all nervous that when you go back on the air, people are going to confuse this with the return of "will & grace"? >> no. funny you say that, though. on the set every day, everyone
8:52 am
took a turn of dressing like their favorite "will & grace" character. we love "will & grace." can't get enough. as a matter of fact this year, i'm going to give it up, one of us is gay. >> okay. let the record reflect that you spilled those beans. not j.b. somebody know when you're pregnant, as soon as you have the baby, they say, when are you going to have the second baby? are you going to do a season after that? >> maybe. i don't know. >> j.b., are you going to do another season? >> let's say, gave me about four or five months, i'll know something. >> he totally will. >> if we do another someone, it will not be five years in between. i can tell you that. >> we might not be around then. >> well, on that note -- >> great to see you. >> i will always be. >> may i please do a shameless
8:53 am
plug for "the book of leon" coming out october 10th. get your hands on it. >> may i do a shameless -- >> amazing book. >> hold on. >> you're still talking? >> "the goldbergs" wednesday on abc. >> shameless plug, j.b. smoove, pop-up storm. downtown. >> i want to announce, you're going to get mad at me, he's going to have a bunch of lotions on the market. a line of lotions. >> soap's on. >> the new season of "curb your enthusiasm," premieres october 1st on hbo. for the parts of the country we're still
8:54 am
our veterans have given us the rights and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
technically, the segment is over. >> let's see what megyn has cooking on "megyn kelly today." >> we have jane fonda, robert redfo redford, bruwillis and her mom, demi. >> the "today" show, following "the goldbergs" on good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to krystal klei with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> we're looking at the radar and satellite map. wide view shows us we do have the center of tropical storm maria pretty far to our south still. a few more spotty showers along
8:57 am
coastal points are possible throughout today. in philadelphia a mix of clouds and sun this afternoon. we'll make it to the mid and upper 80s for highs. let's get a check on the roads with jessica boyington. >> watching some pretty big delays here on the vine westbound side. crawl right here pretty much the entire span of the vine towards the schuylkill expressway. just in, police released the name of the 16-year-old killed in a germantown shooting last night. his name is jai cuss tus. the shooter remains on the loose. crews are on the scene of this water main break in woodbury. the city says water shortages
8:58 am
may occur to nearby homes and businesses. also in bucks county, parx wants to fill 200 new positions as it opens a new expansion this winter. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have an hour of news coming up at 11:00. megyn kelly starts in just minutes. have a great day.
8:59 am
meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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[ cheers and applause ] hi. hello. hi. hi. [ cheers and applause ] hi, everybody. so great to see all of you. coming up today, true hollywood royalty. academy award winner, jane fonda and robert redford are here, live in studio. the film legends have teamed up again. and we'll give you a sneak peek into their new movie. and from the hit show, "empire," actress, singer and dancer, rumer willis, on her journey from famous daughter to triple-threat tv star. and lyle menendez. i speak one-on-one to the notorious brother, now spend


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