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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, the latest victim of the gun violence in philadelphia. is a 6 year-old boy. that child is being treated at hospital right now. police scouring the scene for any clues. drew smith is live near the scene ato bring us the breaking details. fortunately we know the child is expected to be okay. just 6 year-old. the gunman is it still out there. >> that's right. urgent search happening now. for the shooter. who sprayed bullets down here on the street. you can sew there's police tape up here on 24th street. we saw police in the school playground with flashlights. searching all over for this guy. around 8:00 several neighbors called 911.
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they heard the loud bangs out here. 9 yoerld was standing on the corner with his older brother and father. having a conversation police tell us. and the 6 year-old noticed he hs hit in the shoulder with a gunshot. he ran into his home which was right nearby. waiting for an ambulance. police tell us that the boy was not the intended target. >> nobody intentionally shoots a 6 year-old. he was shot in the left shoulder. but he was initially in critical condition. he lost a lot of blood. temple they do a great job. they see a will the of shootings victims and stabilized him quickly. >> the good news the boy is expected to recover. that search continues for the gunman. he was last seen running up here on north 24th street. but he hasn't been found by police yet. >> we know you'll let us know if that changes. new at 11 a vicious attack inside a delaware county
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business. take a look at this surveillance from fisher autosales. two men with guns rob the place this morning. and beat up two workers inside. police haven't made any arrests. >> new details now on the deadly shooting that has shaken up a chester county town. tonight we know how police tracked down the suspect. accused offend gunning down his victim right near maine street and phoenix ville. live there tonight. it's impossible to imagine a family anguish during a difficult time like this. you spoke to the victims mother. >> i did. certainly heart ache and pain out here tonight. i talked to the victims mother at a vigil. dozens of people out here to say good-bye to the second son she's lost to gun violence. some of the things left behind, balloons, candles, teddy bears. immediate lid after the shooting the gunman ran up the hill over there, and then got away. >> i can't explain it.
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it's unreal to me. >> reporter: a mother's heart ache is hard to forget. for the second time in two years. she has to be kvrted after losing a son. josh was shot to death last night. a stones throw away from restaurants and stores in downtown phoenix ville. >> question why. why he got. >> reporter: investigators arrested the shooter 21 year-old carpenter. near a friends house on baltimore avenue in philadelphia late this afternoon. they believe he got into an argument with the 20 year-old. and shot them. >> he better get the electric chair. >> reporter: emotions over flowing. his brother steve was shot kp killed two years ago when he was 20. shefts on the scene last night and had a chance encounter with the gunman minutes before the shooting. she claims he showed off the gun at a nearby restaurant. >> he pulled it out from his pocket. ask lifted it up to chest.
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and put it back down. >> reporter: lights and balloons surround his name. one more good-bye for a family learning to deal with tragedy. >> he made everybody smile. he had a great personality. a big dreams. >> you heard it there. talk about big dreams. we're told josh was taking online business courses. he wanted to be an account. new details now on a man's murder in fish town. police arrested a for the killing. vet w the victim was found shot in the head. his name was terry. and the suspect was his girlfriend. police haven't given a possible motive for the killing. the latest now on the push for help in puerto rico. tonight, students have came
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together to host a fundraiser in center city. stories and frustration. they fear their loved ones will suffer if the response to hurricane maria doesn't move faster. drew smith filed third-degree report earlier tonight. >> reporter: proudly waving the flal of her heritage. they held signs demanding help. >> it's unacceptable. it's disgusting. this is a katrina style hurricane that hit the island. the response has been so slow. >> reporter: rally organizers were even more disstressed by latest words from san juan mayor. >> if anybody out there is listening to us. we are dying. and you are killing us with the inefficiency. >> reporter: some people here
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have been lucky enough to finally speak with relatives. what they heard was not positive. >> the tears. that came through the phone. the desperation. >> reporter: others are still cut off. >> not being able to hear from your father. in ten days. >> reporter: the delay in getting aid is motivating people from all background to organize fundraiser this weekend. >> i have to do something. >> it's the human thing to do. >> reporter: there's a feeling of helplessness. as people hope the federal response gets to where it needs to be. >>. if you were looking for a way to help in fort reek. go to the nbc10 app. we have posted information on how to get your money into the right hands. and how to connect with loved ones. >> a south jersey father could spend ten years in prison for the death of his son.
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dj was sentenced today. after pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter. prosecutors say he suffocated his son. because the boy was getting in the way of o his relationship. despite his guilty employee, his family still says he's innocent. >> he absolutely believes this was a plea that was too good to turn down. he's going to do ten years instead of the rest of his life. >> i believe he's innocent. >> why? >> you'll twist my words around anyway. >> who killed the boy? >> please. get away from me. >> with time served and good maifr the 23 year-old would get out of prison before he turns 30. tonight a bucks county woman is accused of killing her exboyfriend and then trying to cover it up. police say jennifer tried to make the killing look like a robbery. then pointed the finger at her current boyfriend. accused of killing michael in august after he kick her out.
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they also found the series of threatening text messages to mcnew on her phone. >> you have a choice. touch my stuff or i cut your throat. i'm going to stab you. >> rite now she is held without bail. another shake up at the white house. secretary of health and human services tom price is out. after using taxpayer money for private flights. price resoined one day after offering to reimburse the treasury about $51,000. president trump had said hefts quote not happy with prices travel cost. congress has launched a wider investigation into the travel habits of all top political appointees chl the first cabinet member to get pushed out of the administration. his ouster follows a series of west wing shake up. in july sean spicer and reince we are pushed out.
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followed by steve bannon in august. and price today. all of the departures happened on fridays. tonight marks the start of the holiest day on the jewish calendar. the day of atonement is a day of intense prayer and fasting. coming up. reading the fine print. why hotels are accuse of hiding fees on your bill. plus. a mother's warning. why her facebook post about a car crash could save other children's lives. and brothers reunite. you have to see the moment this soldier surprised his sibling at a pennsylvania school. cooling off this weekend. look at this. we have chilly air coming straight in from canada. we'll look at 60s during the day and 40s at night. i'll break down your neighborhood forecast.
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if you're manning a trip for the holiday, you might want to look hard at what your hotel is charges. you might notice a resort or
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service fee. for newspaper, wi-fi and pool access. there's a nationwide information into whether hotels are being transparent and hon nest about the fees racked up in your bill. and if unexpected fee ts sound familiar. hotels got the nickel and dime idea from airlines. >> airlines prove it's very profitable to charge extra fees. they're making billions of dollars. now the hotels are too. >> the american oe tell and lodging association tells us the allegations are false. and the charges are always transparent. a pennsylvania mother wants her near tragedy to help save other children's lives. take a look at what she posted on facebook. that's her mangled suv in the back. and her kids two car seats perfectly in tact. the mother says someone ran a red light and hit her car. monday. she and her kids escaped without
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a scratch. she wrote in the post quote this is why you buckle your kids into the car seats correctly. every single time. even when they scream and complain. her youngest is six weeks old. the other is almost three. if you would like to read her post. look for the story on a pennsylvania hidle schooler had no problem answering the question, who's my hero? he wasn't expecting that person to show up right at his school. >> i'll say he's happy. eleven year-old from western pa just finished reading an es si about his older brother. when his brother appeared on stage. so sweet. he just returned from his army deployment in germany. it's been two and a half years since they have seen each other.
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so great. this weekend the monster comes alive in dover delaware. >> dover international monster mile is getting ready to host the nascar cup series. it's a big one. the last race in dover for dale earn hard jr. we spoke with a lot of fans who will miss the 88 car going around the tralk. >> it is a bummer. a man got to do what a man got to do. >> the race car, the sound the speed. >> the races run through sunday. from nascar to bumper cars. people were having fun behind the wheel tonight. these aren't average bumper cars. these run on ice. the new feature at the fairgrounds this year. you can take a ride from now until sunday. take a look at this sunset.
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the captured on the way to. gorgeous. these are happening earlier and earlier. can't beat that. we're feeling that fall chill in our friday night air. chief meteorologist tammie souza is here now with the neighborhood forecast. >> something you'll need to have a jacket for this weekend. and possibly extra blankets on the bed. we have a cool down ahead. you say i felt it this morning. you'll really feel it sunday morning. isolate showers are possible tonight and tomorrow. this is not going to be a wash out. but i want you to be aware of the fact a sprinkle could hit you. it will be cooler this weekend because the cold front bringing these showers is ushering in cooler amass from canada. you'll need grab fall jacket. and we'll have very low humidity. after tomorrow morning it's going to be dry. all week. and possible through next weekend. so if you planted any flowers, grab the hose.
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you'll need it. mother nature won't help. outside we have clear skies. 71 was our high today. we should be at 73. we were under achieving there. no rain so far. and the highest wind gust was 21 miles per hour. out there. around the area, we're looking at 59 in allen town. 61 wilmington. 52 vine land. 55 atlantic city p the rain on the realistic sky that's showers that are not too far away. you can actually see towards redding and allen town some isolated showers taking place. here's a line that earlier today was a very solid line of rain. it is now falling apart as it heads through the area. associated with this area of low pressure. that stays to the north. here's the cold front triggering the showers and here comes that chilly air. behind it. let's break it down. it looks like again we're going to be watching an isolated shower tonight. possibly tomorrow. tomorrow morning the low 50s.
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40s in the out lying area. only into the 60s tomorrow. and look at this by sunday morning, 48 in philadelphia. 41 allen town. koent worry sunday we get up near 70 degrees and some places. and on monday we get right back up to where we should be. which is in the 70s. so for tonight, we're going to encourage you to down load or app. because you'll get your neighborhood weather there. all weekend long. and possibly throw the blanket on the bed. 56 in philadelphia. 54 south jersey. with isolated shower. we are tomorrow going to be looking again at 66 in till gefl. 69 in south jersey. could see an isolated shower. ten day on ten does warm up. after tomorrow 66. we get 70 sunday. 74 monday. look at the sunshines. even a pair-over 80s into the end of next week. >> the bank was open late on a friday.
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phillies is mets in a series at citizens bank park. the final one of the season. the big story came out earlier in the day. won't be leaving the organization. that's coming up next in sports. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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oh good. thank you. because when you need help, you need it asap.
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good friday evening to you. danny pommells with you once again. phillies shaking up the organize today. announcing pete mackanin won't manage next season. they announced this earlier afternoon. he had have a role with the phils going forward as a special assistant to general manager. here's the phils general manager on why now was the right time to move on. >> it's time to look forward. that's the message.
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as far as the manager search is concerned, we'll begin that process immediately. and our goal for the search will be to identify a leader that can help lead us into the future. >> tonight phils action. good guys up 4-2. when bangs one deep and gone. 423 pete feet. phils hit three bombs off mets pitching. 6-2. up next the weekly tour around the very best of the regional. high school gridiron. our high school blitz is packed with plays on plays on plays. that's next. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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let's have at it. another friday night of the high school blitz. good one in the pub. let's get to the action. trying to take a shot deep. but that's a bad idea. scott sniffs it out and makes the pick. part of a shut out effort. 32-0. >> kiss the boy taking on ali two plays after recovering a muff punt. jackson gets free and hauls in the touch down pass. both feet in bounds as well. nice basket catch, toe tap nice play. >> taking on high school of the future. all future this this one. on wide receiver sweep. stays unbeaten. 54-0. jason davis with the play of the
11:28 pm
day. a scramble and fires way down field. to frederick thompson. who hauls this in. what a catch. mansion rolls in this one. 26-6. south jersey. maple shade hosting gate way regional. gate way knock knocking on the door. the call goes to kyle. takes it around the outside for six. gate way wins 47-12. nearly 100 points scored. pen grove, running room. gets out of trouble. finally brought down shy of the end zone. they win 67 to 32. holy cross and florence. blitz, release the hounds. he gets the sack. on offense he gets the rock. number 33 rolls in for 6. they win 14-7.
11:29 pm
>> west chester. ready to get it on. bishop was throwing the hay makers in there one. bounces through traffic and shanahan rolls 42-7. chester visiting glen mills. glen hills rocking like grandma's favorite chair. bay showing off a huge arm. number 1 airing it out down field. to thomas. beautiful pitch and catch. 22-0. look at the different view of the action. skylights for you. opening drive. three carries 61 yard. this touch down. they say upbeaten. 49-6. visiting spring ford. tj with the pitch to justin. gets hit. holds onto the pill. and reaches the end zone. spring ford runs away with it
11:30 pm
43-7. pen wood sdp getting it on. pen wood airs it out. down field. and kennedy with the touch down catch. two defenders in his wake. they win a close one. game of the week candidates for next week. please vote. eastern takes on timber creek. and downing town west vs. downing town east. oh boy, vote on or the app or call or text the number on the screen. up next, this weeks game of the week. a pair of south jersey squads lighting up the score board. don't miss the game of the week, up next.
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oh yeah our game of the week. holy spirit. coming off monster scoring efforts a week ago. we expected a shoot out tonight. cheer leaders ready for the shoot out. so are the future holy spirit cheer leaders. this lived up to the hype. running wilder than a toddler with a sugar rush. a field goal. they lead 16-13 at half. back comes holy spirit.
11:34 pm
nice touch down grab to tack on the two point conversion. they strike back. a big run. forget about it. catch him if you can. 60 yard house call. 27-21. here comes the spar tans. final minute. two point conversion heads to over time. calling his own number again. that's another touch down. holy spirit 22 unanswered. they win in over time. 43-35. >> we're out of the time on this edition of the blitz. the tonight show is up next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will forte, terry crews, comedian jack whitehall.


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